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Four people killed at family gathering in Fresno: Why we need to emulate the kindness of Tom Hanks


this is the daily Article podcast published by the Denison Forum or culture changing Christians to receive the daily article directly to your or email inbox. Week Day morning. Visit the daily Article Dot Com. Now here's Today's news discerned differently. I had planned to begin my article today by focusing on the kindness of Tom. Hanks whose portrayal of Fred. Rogers will open theaters this Friday then. I opened my computer later. This morning to learn that another shooting was making headlines. Fresno police lieutenant. Bill Dooley described the tragedy. This was a gathering of family Leeann friend gathering in the backyard. Everyone was watching football this evening. When unknown suspects approached the residence snuck into the backyard and opened fire? Ten people were shot and four died the more that violence fills the news the more we need examples to give us hope. That's why Tom Hanks is such an important model for our culture. Hanks movies have grossed nearly ten billion dollars worldwide. His portrayal of Fred Rogers will be at least as seventy first film but hanks's known at least as much for who he is in real life as for who he is on the movie screen. His powerful recent interview with The New York Times is subtitled untitled. Hanks's playing Mr Rogers in a new movie and is just as Nice as you think he is. Here are some examples cited by the Times reporter when hanks was is shooting angels and demons in Rome a bride and her father couldn't approach chapel because of the film crew so hang stopped filming and escorted them to to the altar. He wants bought some boxes of girl. Scout Cookies then offered southeast to passersby as an enticement to buy he found a woman student. Id and I used his twitter feed to get it back to her Time magazine reports that researchers asked twenty seven hundred college students. It's too narrow down the characteristics that were most important to them in a lifetime mate and one emerged from all cultures kindness. Kindness works for searches. Congregations in California are responding to the states housing crisis by sharing their parking. Lots with people who live in cars providing mobile showers as for the homeless and exploring ways to build affordable apartments on their own land. One minister explained. This is just part of how we live out our faith. Kindness works for managers according to Forbes Science now shows that it's more productive to praise people for their successes than to correct their mistakes takes kindness even works for popes pope. Francis hosted fifteen hundred homeless and needy people for Lunch yesterday as the Roman Catholic Church marked. Its it's World Day of the poor last week. A mobile clinic was set up in Saint Peter's Square where volunteer doctors give free specialist healthcare to the poor. Why is kindness so newsworthy? One reason is that it's so rare. The Times reporter tells us that Hank's altered altered his schedule for their second interview. They were in Santa Fe with an elevation of seventy two hundred feet and the reporter had gone to an Urgent Care Center for Oxygen Oxygen. That morning so hanks changed his plans for the day and met her ahead of their appointment so she could leave town earlier. She contrasts his graciousness business with numerous other celebrities. She is interviewed who were noteworthy for their rudeness. A secular culture that defines our success by prosperity. Doesn't leave leave much margin for helping others find prosperity and our expense. That's the negative side of our subject. So so here's the positive when we treat kindly those we don't have to treat. Well we obey and emulate our Lord considered the obedience of kindness in Luke. Six thirty five. Jesus taught us to love your enemies and do good and lend expecting nothing in return and your reward will be great and you'll be sons of the most high. His best friend reinforced his message in. I John Three eighteen. Let us not that love in word or talk but indeed and truth now. Let's note the way kindness. Emulates our Savior James Caster of the Society of Saint John The evangelist. We live in a world where me is king but our citizenship is not of this world. We are citizens of another country whose king he is a servant whose ORB is a towel who sceptre is awash basin whose crown is humility and whose motto is service as has citizens and subjects of that kingdom. We cannot swear ultimate allegiance in any other way than taking up our towels holding our basins and getting down on our knees. However let's remember that one of the fruit of the spirit is kindness? That's why we should pray today and every day for the spirit to help. Let's be kind to those. Who Need Such grace on February fourth? Nineteen sixty eight. Dr Martin Luther King Junior junior delivered his last sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church. He preached remark ten forty three where Jesus stated whoever would be great among you must be your servant. Dr King offered these observations. Everybody can be great because everybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree eighty to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agreed to serve. You don't have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve you don't have to know. Einstein's is theory of relativity to serve. You don't have to know the second theory of thermodynamics and physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace a soul generated by love and you can be that servant will you be that servant today. Did you know that the daily Article Article podcast is available on most major podcast platforms. 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