Superman: The Wedding Album


This episode of keep some lunatic sidekicks is brought to you by tweaked. Audio get awesome headphones. Get tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty working. Get there through the link on our website. Southgate needed group. Dot com ca. Paris annual listing in the lunatics. Sidekicks podcast leading up to get married. What's right welcome back to the final episode of leading the over twenty twenty. I am phil joining me as always is it inside the recorder. Nice asked right. So the final episode of year from the superman and lois series covering superman. The wedding album. This for four ninety modern comics could never even happened did it. Yes brown somber thousand nine hundred ninety six. I was on hold. Well yeah the whole decade old triangle number forty seven about that. You're so yes Own my lord. The credits on this. I mean literally. They're like writers and artists and there's too many they may you. I mean seriously. I mean the i mean the whole left side of the first pages just the credits jab burn. Terry us in danger against castle. Didn't actually leeson. Simpson roger stern. Just yeah bliss goes on and on and the in the art of the artists are just way more names. Our friend run friends like one special. Thanks credits are weird needed. Tricky and think jumping right into it because see lowest and a wedding gown on the first page ono no this is gonna be a prolonged event migraine. Naver you know seven bucks. It should be fabulous while seven bucks. Canadian bad looks sorry canadians. But you know it looks like lowe's as marian drug dealer would that acrimony we feel like you're watching episode of the air over. I i like how they allude to but i can barely believe. I'm getting married yet again. Because she married so many times in the superman book clark. It's kind of name. I love ebay shade. It was elected married. The leg superman clone on so many. It's been at least fifteen. The light only golden age in just getting married on his private plane. That might take up. Here dickey's anyhow. Mike tyson zoo relevant until i know oche takes takes him and the other guy thought little wine bottle pain yet zone. Stead of the lead bullet. I come so that other guy comes out with a knife Remember ray in australia. That's outlive ho fire. What the i love. I assume you're leaving for Naga treacherous woman up with wedding cake. She lives like bookies face. The iraq jets lyneham funke's took took him out with cake. This one was filled cake cau- because it was a couple hundred pounds of heroin. That's why you do couple hundred powerful couple hundred pounds of heroin man. I was getting a straight to your size straight to your heart johnson. Meanwhile clark's in charge because perry white is out getting cancer treatment. Isn't it the story line for the actual show isn't clark like the editor at that. Read that somewhere me. I'm gonna miss the crossover. I i know. It wasn't across because remember brandon. Routh was Yeah well we'll perry might have been one of 'cause age but to member because they did the whole kingdom come thing where the joker at attack killed pretty much. Everybody in the office yet budget looked together budget memo from mr stern it everyone. Cj jason So it looks. It looks so easy with his right hand. Man ben urich. Who's your right hand man. Clark alley kimmy. Should have been. Guinea is jimmy stewart. The view that that they now naringin wcbs. But now i don't know won't and alleys like no one's heard from. Lois hasn't found a story in weeks. Goes matt images a mild mannered. Reporters find her work in the second fired. They will find lows because called shrinking. He can't find her. Because after the blackest night that crossover clerk is powerless at this point. And that's why hasn't played. That's what you do you feel batteries up. You grow your hair out. That's why you can come back from the dead him in dick grayson. That's midlife crisis. After you come back from the dead girl phonies. so yes. he's thinking Couldn't find lois now. if he wanted to. Hoping the power. The press with the one power i could count on and i know at least leave you alone but these last few days and you know they're in her counterpart love how it's a vicious circle. Oleander replace it with a golden one. I was like. I don't know who had issue their marriage that does not sound exactly. Cyprus give mary lowest counterparts on the tv. Show we're getting there because decide. I believe this was close to give. Abc a superhero. Show more to say the ever notice. Yes because this was coming out around the same time as the wedding on the lowest clark. Tv show and the comic book influencing more than Area will. They wanted to ninety two but they had ended up killing them off. Yeah what he's like. Oh wait this to capture mirrors. You'd be in. I agree dr married folks burn. Well obviously it's quite in the newsroom. What happened to the supervillain break in and take over the place bird car lowest in. That's how you make an interests with the that rip dress. That's how you would get married if you to get married like black canary fish. Next xactly the green arrow special. You know the cover. Yes yes yes well. If you don't kid bullet lows were doing here. Oh so you're not happy to see me. yes era. Everyone was listening than they. All rush off. Maybe you look really good. Why don't you use the off. The fish wants to our story when she's the computer. My office no clark. That's peiris office. No i'm only managing editor while perez recovers from his chemotherapy. Pairing is god. Would you've been going for a minute. Homey she's like. Why didn't you tell donald like appeared. Full ranch gotta work on spenders fundus. But she's like what anyone tell me. It's like where we have you been. No one's been able to track you released for weeks. She's like why didn't you tell me. Did you think. I didn't think i couldn't handle it. Trying to protect me and then he says like oh. You're wanna get out town the sort through your feelings perry insistent and not tell you those and trying to protect you in fact as a good chance. I'll never never mind never mind. And then then he breaks a drinking glass as you do accidentally on purpose like you deal. Sure over people's heads every it was their mistake getting in front of me. I'll just put all you're seeing. You missed a lot. Sister alive remember when the sun went out. You don't have by your cells. don't superstore that burn cape emergency rainy days. We'll what did but he. He ran out using his powers. Got pick and choose your battles but people were like you know. The world was freezing over. Henry cavill would chose themselves as band. That superman would have chosen. That's what his dad would've told them out my jonathan kid. You like that movie. But tyler's the esa supposed to stand for hope own the better things in better days at the super bowl so anyway yes. Oh i'm feeling sorry for myself. Let me flip my ponytail moment. Hair back and forth with my hands bagley. Could you imagine have been the most powerful moon like literally in the world and then you lose your powers and they choose to be reporters that you see the rain. Come across your desk every single hour every single day get into the. They may get into that. I'm sure you're trying to get your power back Oh then oh. She sees that ring. She's reaching those racing to as packet. Rude rude package. You don't know what you'll never fall for that again. That's lawn candy puppy. Let's get you in the van. Low that unmarked panel van with us spray painted free puppies on it I love you. Lowest was will. You still love me now. I'm felicia hardy. I league air by the suit the no longer. The man of steel part kit need to spokesman for a biography. I read that part. Hey subtext i get you pay at least this way. They can have real. Al putnam union beach without having to go this way up. Twilight wrote of everything being destroyed. The wake for those seen the movie you know what. I'm talking about google. It so yes. So he proposes again in like all. The everyone in the offices like what happened. She got in a quiet in hear that glass breaking five bucks says lane reached the end. The per exactly like oh what happened. You're stubborn woman lows. Will you marry me. Mooners to the moon lowest literally anymore. Say do it the last thing ever expecting an. they're kissing on that splash. Page liberals working out idaho. And your daddy. Bracco won't to now because clark's lift and he's thinking he's used to take this much effort the move a small mountain things you take for granted of. There's there's is. There's ma making some tea shimon slipped off the chair. She was standing on. Oh that'll states turn to you the copy but there's no good for you anyway. Clarkson's thinking you know before it could have just raised over at super speed and qatar but now without my powers it's like i'm deaf and blind usa living normally buddy. It's off rick though. So at least there's that long at least for now i mean he didn't he didn't get thouron. I don't think it's only been like a week. Or two seasons. he lost. i only think it was a week between movies. Her worth is like oh. I can eat whatever i once again hurt. Bring me the dunkin donuts. Then then jimmy calls cornered on. Lookit apostol as the tuxedo was married in any deal even after although the corn cakes whatnot living on that cornfed kansas night. What is a little snug. Well i guess he's he has. He's been on a diet. Well when you're on the run he had a heart attack to but who who on earth would think that. That's that tux that fit. Jonathan would fit clark. Exactly i mean it ain't made the material is kate's made from holiday the height of the the shoulders. I mean come on it's showtime ratios is very much officer for lord of jimmy. Caucases the wedding photographer. Oh i mean. I know of big tv star now on this when they actually cared about jimmy. That's right totally recommend picking up that national sincere. By the way. I cannot praise that book. Enough i r- along with the lowest book those are really don't throwbacks to the good old days of the superman mythos you know when everybody in the superman fan had like a book was good and things to do yam in jimmy should have been leviathan. I agree with phil's original theory. Has redheads getting our smacked in how you're going to get resent becomes alive like mark. Shaw who yeah known gear and then when leviathan lately or ono he's in the same Same with rhode bar drinking together right now. Middle though comes in and destroyed or poor guardians of the galaxy. This week i was reading endless winner and they mentioned ruggles arms. Like who so. Oh yeah then. Clark tells jim you'll meet them. At the tuck shop later clerks know my best friend. Works mad at me. Because i did. I need a bad piece on his friend lori. Well she deserves Something fishy about that girl. Lowest was anti as we That one oh yeah. Lo said she was swimming with the fishes oh then lows in her mom and sister a look lucy. The honor got about lane in award and then her dad's like don't you wanna rethink this whole marriage. We've been engaged for ages on level. And i would doing i like this. This is the only wedding in in this continuity. An martha kent to take. I guess. Take her shopping for address. So the lanes can get the bridal shower ready to go. Rent your talks He's working around the house. And i love the other for the bridal shower a kinda go too many brides awash sour cream. What does that even mean that boy. That break zone breaks breakfast breakfast. Salad onion soup settlements. Okay gotcha product placement Laos's mama's all horrified in. Its potluck. And i'm just like Why don't we never saw her again. Rate told lucy should add catered of like. Yeah usually putting the money up for what your team. Thank having their pearls man. What's what's the theme of the other shower. Thank heaven. they're finally getting it over with shade and burn all these decades. Look at the batman. Bowtie clark's looking at that yet. The mr mike toxic tuxedos love the way you look. i guarantee. at least it's magic. Mike's family all tuxes half off but yet clarkin. Jonathan her talking about perry someone of battery action. The chemo's on trail make the leading. Don't be umbrian down bro. I us season like green talks. We're not gonna booking like liberace. Are we such r.i.p on here comes. The here comes the father in law for on such a comedian. I know i just want to pledge some people more luck than they deserve. Damn this family boy. The reason we don't talk about the lanes on saying look out. There's laurie talking parking lowest. His mom were. You know you'd know what the exactly what to say. Are you some kind of mind reader. So you know he's evil charlie. Esser theory exactly maggie sawyer and toby. Because it's the before came would not be invented for another what ten years ten eleven year front salad get out by recruits out. The house they got to do the lows consume for her surprise. Shower little hellfire. You have that hat right. Of course it might be black. It's not purple but it is black hat not dog that dog. I don't do little dogs. I was gonna. I was gonna say who will i gotta Jack russell terrier makes are right here a husky. I don't i don't do. Little per shelves is supposed to be is an inside joke on the coups adams supposed to be. I don't know what's going on. Neither as as soon as it's way too early to be paris hilton so that's a war choubey really old by the known or day. That's what i'm saying. It's somebody's wife or girlfriend or something. Crackpot her back tucks place clark as a thirty six ways. Jonathan forty although sam wynne shoulders lays ratio. exactly sam. Says he's a forty two. He's actually a forty-six don't stuck in bird. Oh oh. Somebody was in the korean war. I know 'cause could see him and jonathan and talking about their time. The military sam was written today but we did time in the first iraq war. You never served your country did you. Can't we don't like san. We eat him. Jonathan look that donkey got him a jack ass Glasses to save and he'll think it all right now by way it needs all the discipline learn to superman. Just keep from kicking donkey's tail greater than the lanes. Hashtag fight me. Mussa argue that auto loans all thrilled with her crock pot. She's going be cooking metropolis. The coach the guys are trying to honor green. Sounds like this is what we were now. These are just get the size like a forty six medium my lord all these household roy. Sam is He he needs to go meet the parents on steroids. I'm not a fancy minutes soon. Married had to look like one light at all. I know this is where we look at this household. They got at the bridal shock. That's exactly for smoothie. Free stuff hot chocolate boot processor. Definitely need that ride maker iron a seamer or better yet washing machine. That seems in a seems the wrinkles out you're saying nobody plays when ain't nobody got time for iron saami vacuum cleaner. I see to forget the iron. Just put your clothes in the in the bathroom while you're showering old school. Give it old school. Mother sh Then lois husky to get her hair color scheme. The wedding for the bridal shower was atrocious. Never let lucy why we never seem to say what do you think. Losing his appears in limbo. Shame i'll look at never trust the lady who has more than two cans a hairspray here with hearts on her boots. Oh hell no no. No no my lord outfit. Then we get a summers no shade. Step fast day. The day cannot get back. When tv was the best tgif hell perfect strangers family matters. See what happens when we were. We review reviewing ninety issue. Kids kidding me comes out. We'll gets flashbacks. Good flashbacks the best flashbacks. The last great decade of of our lives. I'll look this dress though. We were three pages of her trying. Different chances i stress. I'm here for it bitch out old that one that one second. Oh that one okay. Yeah one was a no. No that's like something Hardy get married or google but it would be in black zipper. That doesn't work. Yeah the second one absolutely favorite. Avi supposed to be our favorite move though cleavage. Having an excellent excellent boob day that day harry clerk is nice caucus. Pick up the ring once again in script. You'll laser technology the laser. They didn't need the tiffany route. But hey once actually better than tiffany's but tiffany's like you know every girl has a turquoise you inside the diamond to lowest slump be able to do that you know i could have made the ring just only two crashes coal to lois clark and can you add an s shield for hope. Hope it works out nice marriage. You got there so happy. Why do they do this to what you say my flame. Let's just say my fiance has her superman taken on. I don't think you'll get a real kick out of the inscription. I don't know what would that be a sore subject. If he never got his powers back he knew he knew he'd get them back. Intially a look at her when psychosomatic like spiderman for all we know she warns superman hunt burn. We trademark making money off of it in llc sell the charity or something living in tiny apartment your whole life holy with the count on inheriting. That terrible poorly ran farm. Retiring there. sorry you're not very good. At what did he bother with the inscription. Because he's like it's it's it's tiny infecting one hundred power microscope just to see it there inside joke. It's fine. I guess i was wondering what we're going to do to keep from being bored on our honeymoon rugby comfy honey seriously. He's got he's got time to make up for his pisa d. Power the apartment why. They didn't move in lows now. Moya we'll they're looking at. Yeah then then she was looking at one place that dr is the best ridiculous a perfectly fine apartment in. It didn't hurt absurd. what's it. They wanted a bigger one africans and the gautam fireplace. Yes chance fall fireplace apartment. Look at the address. Nineteen thirty eight. Get inch you're gonna get to your credulity miss lane. With any luck you be all settled in time to throw a millennium party. Sh okay kramer and newman new mania match. We do this is a prime location so we do something of a waiting list. Shy put you at the bottom. Like whatever fairly renew the owner. Somebody bruce wayne spoiler not really right then lewis and more could have lunch somebody break got the estimates but he's talking about for finally decided to be together even you know he was always worried about being killed and well especially these days sh I know i can be who i am and can post whatever we want to be. Look at it as long as we're together. And then she s can the marriage license and runs in the magazine complain about the apartment. And she's like i know place it's empty insurgency which leads us into a flashback because this is the only time. We're gonna see super powered superman this. I've gotta give the kids what they want. Last night it's kind of weird yak. It's like this. The only time will sees a power with art by curt swan. Sh the eighth of clubs. Ot's nascar he to save professor hamilton. A bill from the fire. Oh no that's right. Because i told him not to do. There's kryptonite inside sh- suppose owned by your number one invasion flavor. So yes superman trying to wait for. The firefighters do their job. Because there's krypton supposedly kryptonite but finally. He's like i can't wait he goes in and it's like Someone stole the kryptonite. Worry about that later. But yes superman once. Everyone's out superman smothers the flames. You basically sucks it all up. Sh sucks the air out of the building. Great soldier boy auto show was. I mean magnusson lows this whole story. Oche take acts. They apartments above the ace of clubs. Yeah i'm sure lows is gonna wanna live. There are still damage from the fire. She's all as the thought that count you down. I can't help thinking that makes me want to laugh. Department us all even more smells like the local high school held. Its homecoming bonfire. Look it's get it yet and he should have got more but that's neither here nor there Hold up and he's like gets in the caution. Even towers scare moth. Superman pull the old batman superman superman. Back rock julia. They should they should have did it on march to the fifty show and just like how the guy third gun at him or something but the guys does spook the guy. Because he's like okay. Here's the cash trade. The loot for my freedom clarkson buffalo how it works a runs after him but then the guy runs in the maxima though her green put them down. I've been she has been looking for you to superman. I've decided to give you another chance to become my life mate. Oh how coincidental with you at my side. We're here to restore the glory booth or bloodlines. And he's a lot of breath and after the guy's got a breath but no the surface of your for myself to a huge. Oh my lord this. All this is low monologue. i offered myself to human creature. No more worthy than any other retro on this backward planet how humiliating are basically girl. Single humiliating clark's thinking out was released. She's out of my hair for now. Finally being without power is actually some good see now see low health. Were not doing this because you know hot head throws himself at you. Yeah true to you me there. I love how like the top half is like armored. But she's wearing a thong on the over ear odenyemi. Yes clunky like a skirt or easy. The access put are no. Meanwhile the old people get together. Oh yes the kenton. The lanes ladies did the kitchen for coco no coffee. This is a family book. Say they the coffee pot earlier to. There's a thing and i love. Thanks for getting me to quit. Smoking books still got lung cancer. Who me it's the whites now tells jonathan. Thanks for convinced me to give up smoking. But you've got lung cancer. Yeah but got a chance to beat it. If i haven't stopped i'd be gone now. Just being afraid up in beating tape. I'm the dorothy. Let's be real at the teen. Titans go look lucas. Enter the day. Go man you go be ortho. There's hope baker we off. There's hope for the kid aloni. Seventy s probably flood with jennifer aniston. Something if he's not a fan of monica phoebe either a baby. Or your mind auto. I think he's i asked which one was his favorite. He's of said phoebe so the secret sauce of friends you see. Why did you end up with any of the other friends. And i just don't watch it which you know. I don't appreciate The other guy she won't she should've dealt with michael rapaport from to stand. Luckily no nut jobs to be the patriot on conversation. Say they're your kids. Are friends podcast. Perr you're feeling for clark's bachelor party tonight kidding. Nothing but old people back edit stag parties superman couldn't keep me away wowed horses per wild horse close at the ace of clubs yes all. He's got a superman shirt. Were they shoot so mad because they can't come in she goes. Writer emblem wayman flaming skulls navy on betas lineup. Definitely goes oh. I was going to say this lineup. They probably in everything. The egli I just love Me and the boys play pool here friday night so yeah the bikers all mad which is kinda stupid. Has like all these guys in here. I think the isn't the chief of police here. And although the police commissioner. Not jane's though cheap henderson sh get outta here scrammed. Thursday through the window scrammed. Look at my pound. Jimmy lynch crashed his motorcycle over a classy core. Cousin showed up yet. But jonathan shows up yet in the banker right. Oh the bikers ride ride to the window and stuff so big so big bar. Fight breaks out. He gave the kid headlights. That's fine double the old guys just sitting at a table. everyone else is just fine. Aren't you can do something about this. Brawl commissioner what bro. I don't see any real Selective vision gorge is parties causing a friendship. Devo knee is what this little thing. Jimbo meet nago through this every friday night. Wow the guy's name is meat. I love how like what an even evening. there's no way the latest capacities after the in. Honey you've never been to a bachelorette party never wanna know what goes down at. A bachelorette party is opening her laundry. Wait is this ladies night out. We are never forgive. Never forget we are superman. That laundry was john. Byrne probably then. Of course you have. To have maggie's worth saying men. I just don't understand them at all. Okay thanks for that exactly than this guy comes over and hits on lowest at her. Brian looks like you need a real to go along with that. As a in the net sack lewis one you can take home for the whole night. Yeah yeah ten minutes. Has she tells them. Only if you come with me baby baby cakes come with you get up. I and she trips him his face. 'cause right in the kink haven't i now have a nice stretchy in exile. Now make a now make like a tree. What wasn't forget now. Make like a tree and get out of here next to wonder woman. You handle yourself better than any woman alive. Would like to have a word with exactly and then. She's wondering clark's having as much fun as she is as we see still running the twenty four blocks his bachelor party he and who does he run to in a back alley. It's not naga from from the beginning of the issue. Get it bourbon. We did the dog kid for man because he's just like Lows told me all about this guy uh creek. There's three of them and they're probably armed or call the police and hope they don't escape for the here or do i handle this myself. You know some self defense lawyer comes. A tragedy comes in cape wrapped around the guy's head without the case caper on places head. And then he picks up a trash. Can lynn ten guys with it. Make it. he's like. I hope i can love them. Meanwhile it's like you're using the trash can lead Dive in behind the trash can when they start shooting at you. I think they know you don't power is more than advertise and the berry because the places about hit him over the head with a big chunk of concrete or something. Yeah all that's right. You live your life without superpowers clark. Who always has the polls fat in the fire man. Mice big splash page as you do. His accidents routes doubt so yes so batman helps in pontiac than the police come and take them away. Give the planet a cone. Ask for low lane. I'm sure can give you plenty of third on these guys will use. Is batman here hiding in the shadows. Shall we talk up do batman. You're much of clinton come on this photo app. Doing he's like like you. Change your mind about marriage. I have truth is in. There have been sure of any decision in my life. More have been happier. I know that feeling that. Billy is not what foreign to you. Saves you clark's out. Being petty. i know he dated lois. You know read so it took me a lot for me to realize. There's no doubt that. Lows and i belong together. We're better team than we are individuals but she let hebrew gone. Bruce don't be don't be afraid. I know the bachelor party brown old. Be that mates can heal the stress lifelike. Mind can put you through pamela. I've noticed might want to have a word with you. Oh are my debt has increased Without each other we were both miserable. We want to be married. I've ever called vince. Lowest can handle whatever comes our way. Oh yeah they're just coincidentally they are on rooftop right next. The lowest getting guy thrown out picked the wrong woman annoy time. Lows can relate. I can i guess. They thought they had something. You wanted lowest. What i want is panting is required it at almost cry every single time. Almost gloria steinem. Talk me after married. i'll. I'll let that comment go batman. Congratulations i think you'd lows will make the world's finest team take that bruce. Bruce says it. I know self deprecating humor in clark i wish to worry about getting my powers back thinking. Hey bruce. can you help me strange. When i first proposed to lois i lost my powers then two psychos. The baby remember my next year seems history. As way repeating itself batman enjoy. Enjoy your honeymoon. Arrangements up made the protect metropolis arrangements. What kind of arrangements. Justice a double splash page. I think that's wrong. That's not my favorite outfit for someone but will let that go. They they had to throw in seal. It's fine it's a superman book. Are you talking to green bay talking green arrow connor. I know i. I don't go let it go but you have to say that name feel better. You'll see it but that was so sweet right. Got harder go when he wants let employees. That's every single orphaned in gotham relaxed. They don't know anything about your upcoming absence. They've improved that you'll be gone on a secret mission secret michigan. Oh one more thing. Fiance was apartment hunting the other day and found a place. She loved other people ranches as well. But you two were accepted as the new tenants. Congratulations how'd you now. The building is owned by bruce wayne. Who's not above doing a favor for a friend at me but okay this. Keep an eye on them that we have a place bugs. Lucky man you get that x ray vision more checking the walls for cameras. Br clark especially lewis a shower. You better watch this stuff. Before trashes your ingredient invite to a bachelor party kaz clark finally gets there and changes clothes because the fights over and jamie's asking why didn't you let me photograph the wedding. I mean i would have did a great job clark. I know you could handle it. No one can you jimmy. You know you can't handle that. No it can be a decent photographer and best man. You want me to be best man. Yeah bruce's busy. of course i'll do. Wow why so surprised jimmy. You're the best power guy could want. I'm a golden age job. I know okay. Lee meal loan then we get the wedding rehearsal dinner. The worst part of the wedding procession on different parts of the wedding rehearsal dinner. Don't get faster. I've never not not be a disaster. Just an excuse to get together and it's just it's just like okay. Here's what you're going to do tomorrow f. it up Do you. that's way too much shrimp. I specified no seafood on the bump day for reason lori is allergic now. She's up spending. Oh i get it fucking twenty god. His mouth is full today. Oh he's going to need a second. I'm not allergic. Oh well now a look. Jimmy was like bought the takeout shrimp and then the guy's like oh just take them away among allergic award eloy forgives him perceptive but strange when she looks at me i feel like she could see right into my mind. The best villain people getting aaron sees perry now yup perry and his wife alice and they're not that son he's telling his story in so cute stoke you jonah. Jameson could never talk. Jonathan much-maligned there was twenty thousand feet up in the air no parachute but luckily i was wearing. My light falls suit. Jonathan is where that joke is sold with. Jimmy olsen had run into you or you'll right. Yeah he didn't know chemo. Either see what kind of friends. Lows jin chemo. Under wraps and clark is a good print. Keeps you business. Underwent chemo for cancer. But the talker same approving. I didn't know there was no news. News health is hardly. News was twenty twenty third. You'd be rolling over map. I just wanna feel well enough to attend this wedding friend. Lamar jackson see people. We know black people see see. Get on the. Oh then who's zia. Oh lawn and peak if they were married at this point introducing them out introducing. The chief of police isn't it. How bad is it like to that high school friends. They get married the girl that you were kind. Kinda weird john weird. What happened was at ginger now. She's she's a blonde very one and she might find. It is easier to be on dot instead of maintaining the red plus. Jimmy was there so you know like a holding too many gingy on blaze. Bad locker invoke. The spirit of hope are probably alert than samling gets a horrid clerk. Somebody get fed. Drink away from him. Hope you know how. Like your can't special after what you've treated my little girl and less rather you marry lucy. 'cause i don't care about her studies you decided you finally wanna mayor woman such a prize. the ponies out obviously seabrook often case subject award lucy saying he's all bent on shape because he was will let them give her away at the wedding daddy's number that never happy unless he has somebody something to complain about me. Now burn then. Ron wonder what he'll do wonder how he'd react to things. realizes younger daughters dating a black man. Ooh the archie bunker. She's on a racist bone in his body. He's very consistent. He's aided hated. All of his daughters bows uh-huh sure he is racist. Heeds black guys and crip. Tony's the mom razor role. But i want to go out and work because not because of houston winning and let me give her away. She's like would you give a sunway all again. He calls them data. Don't bother sam already knew the answer. Listen dad going out here though. See here try your best to make me into the sun. You really wanted a good job. I'm just as stubborn independent as you. Levy dad okay. Clark and i aren't taking any money from you for this wedding in amman. About the given away. I'm walking on the opposite side. The airing hope you can accept that if you can't too bad i hope hope you can accept that and if not ceiling a funky real even the wife's like no we're not it's their wedding. They can run else about damn time. It only took thirty. Five years has backup. Yeah so he runs out laden. Take your money so what you do so seriously sorry. Excuse me sir wants to be a full burn. That's his problem you have. We never saw mris lane again. Oh my lord and the riot girls. Were playing the reception as you do. Is you know lucy. Higher though because lucy's lucy. Oh my god and jimmy so wanted to photograph this wedding. He still get like video outside. Like maybe just a few quick snapshots because pinky manuals a camera. L- elect like man. I had her personally. Jimmy olsen dc comics king of the celtics but actually people claimed award winning photojournalist unlike p where he works rag. Let's be honest. it'd be iraq. Been a book book. But he's a best selling author tour. Of course we get out one page of lax being penny. Oh i wonder who drew this because they made short. Show the red eye the ginger. I did that whole nor on deal. You know so now. He's xactly his bodyguard. Gotta another deal with the devil. I'll listen if she marries superman omega allen. Why who is that was tuned for next month. Kids we everybody. Oh course Because oh jimmy comes in and talks starts talking to clark about losing his powers. What but now it's mixed pillar clark secret still safe from olson Like are you the one responsible for me. Losing my powers for the modern. No i don't know what's wrong with powers clark boys. Oh back-offs he slams nowell imagine. Beat up by this gags imagine whereas powers means basically at his mercy. Right now so disgruntled. I'm sure you'll solve the problem eventually persons. I figured out your secret up and keeping an eye on you. don't be cute. He helping looking gaunt face. Which your you always have one big piggly. You get so cynical you can't. You can begin to perceive method dimensional board but of course as the dow changes we get another look for him. What's ambush buggy. What's a matter. Toss stink bomb in your wedding party. Even i would. That mean though. That idea isn't tree About the what. I wanted the last time i. Oh yeah he was trying to get lows and clark together. I couldn't be happier. I'll look at him. Blow a smoke. S s symbols remnant. Just think the look Olsen davor while he's dated. Everybody he gets you all the sisters and cousins. It's fine cause middle pops out after saying after the honeyman i'll be watching me me in that wayne guy rock and me watching lacks finally get to the wedding. Mohsen clark walked down the altogether. Oh and hey. While won't powerless. Let's cut my hair for the wedding. Garrett that police The polio exactly. Come on it's ninety s. It's the end. The nine nineteen ninety six already. Ponytails out you get another ten years for the man but becomes thing so yeah basically. I mean this thing ends with the wedding. Watch the gate fold ready. Is you'll ever be those whom god has joined together. Let no one put asunder looking at. You denied a new fifty two in margaret. We have with asto in bc. We have Get an ad on difference. Bite me then you get the ad on the back for the honeymoon issues aerial heo and then it's like a new life for clark was. This is the end of superman month after it gets him killed real. This ain't going to be much saying that honeymoons going to rejuvenate him. Saying it's the juices in if you know what i'm trying. Yeah i know exactly what you're saying so rob house. Mary way we'll find out more royal anyway. So yeah what did you think. Love how far. It was an epic epic oversize journey. I was here for a loved every except for saying you had to make him so abrasive. You need some kind of obstacle. Since he does have a happy day. it's comics. I know plenty of wedding with perfectly fine. I mean outside of the rehearsal. Actual wedding was perfectly skew guest stars. I'm kind of glad that there weren't like modern comics. Could never this will be a spiderman all day every day it was. Now this'll be a series of mini series and again. I understand like they wanted to get all all these artists in that narrow but like just the shifting arts now some pounds off just like kind of took me on a little bit the expected now the bigger books that we've done like you know action one thousand one solid continuous story. I don't like the little mini stories because like okay. They're getting married. Started off with action to that was pretty cool exactly and and it's not even like any of the styles were bad. It was just like the differing arts. But everybody's Such a momentous is joyous occasion. That i won't felt the for that because everybody got invited back in. Everybody probably wanted in on it. It's always fun to have you know the big lake. Congress of writers for any character new and old come together like get to work together and see what they come up with a specially for the winning thing again for me because it's just been so many great writers that have come through and really put their mark like really like excellent additions to the mythos or just even just the site resulting like brandon. That just feels man. Modern comics could never. They just couldn't ego now. Like you know what i mean. They go like pride of a job. Done leaving a positive legacy behind. Not just doing something for the sake of doing it. I think real art has been lost in modern comics. Unfortunately yes zorkin's like respect the lower respect. What's come before you a lot of people just poop on now. I don't like it. call me old. Hold her so. Is this a plus but definitely. Yeah definitely agreed. Family thing i get. We need to come conflict but we you know too much aren't so tell kitties what's coming next. I we got on the site for twenty twenty one. Yes scheduled for twenty twenty one new year buggies so next episode of legend of the air over. We'll be back for a flash review so flash one eight we'll be back And then we after that we will have will we are. The night will be back for death in the family. Podcasts suck it right and then the neck and then the next legends of the arrow verse after that the flash will be the superman tie issues for us zero hour. Wonder why we're doing that yet. Ready to be while. I feel our was a necessary. I find that it was one of the better kind of late quote unquote refreshes. Yes because we'll be doing a big zero hour crossover in january. That superman ones the batman ones then. Oklahoma capers will be doing the actual miniseries for our one hundredth episode of comic as i one hundred big numbers all over the place. I know man one hundred nights long ago over ultimate span cameras. That's right and i. I believe this might be the same month also The hundredth episode of comic capers are also going to get the one hundred fiftieth episode of the quantum zone. They out that long young keep going. What about our quasar podcasts. The guam zone one a. Bonar quasar stretched it out. Ok time for retaliation. I mean all right. So let's get everything increase. Just because quasar showed up one panel come on. Hey rain courreges anyway. Yes let's get outta here alright. Everyone so yes. Send your thoughts like you said zero hours coming in january one eight so send your thoughts on all. Those are an overrun. We are the night redoing. The death in the family yet. So e mail us capes in lunatics at jimoh dot com with your thoughts or call the voicemail one four three eight two two seven three seven. That's six one four thirty a. Capes each user probably preface that with the original data family by the way what they redid death in the family. So you should say the original one of that death of a family or whatever clarify the original. Yes crowbars and yes. The original see exactly vitamin had wanted so anyway. so yes. The batman ritual death field but and follow legend of the air over on facebook twitter Come join our star. Labs facebook ru by defining all those links to all the various social media links to merge links to youtube channel. Please go subscribe links to the patriots. Were big things are happening soon so we can tell you what exactly what that means on. The patriots leaks to everything can be new place. That's linked tree l. a. n. k. t. r. e. e. slash came san lunatics and remembered as support our sponsors tweaked audio headphones kids when here crystal-clear hd audio or if you've lost your super hearing get yourself tweaked audio headphones and a great wedding gift for superman beyond exactly and pretend you're an investigative reporter and hunter killer michelle gray house. 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Help doesn't affect human helps us support this show the network and and that may out pen style bra master tomb southgate so says master do please kicked in the fans fido i get so much right lilith. By words you should be following me on twitter at lapel buyer on the real. The cool kids in his grandparent's at local pursue these puppies at lopa sits on instagram means. Whoa whoa honeyman. Ch- bruce spike hammer. All right. everyone thank you for joining us for this happy celebration. What a way to end our superman. Well completely yes blood so yes come back in january member. We are the of round all four years. So yeah go read batman four fifty four fifty one son this feedback then come back in january flash twenty twenty precious flash one death in the family zero hour. Don't call it. Reboot can be big kids. Wandering sliced bread our kids toward the honeymoon combat. Don't forget the look up in the sky. it's not a bird is not a plane. Podcast case of lunatics.

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