"Are you getting this in Melbourne?"


Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show up until Baez twenty nine. She's now in the most wanted list in California because as a psychic she went to people and said give me money I will bless it and then it would double so these people GEICO. I don't see a crime. I don't either opera. Probably I don't know that is just praying. I'm not not sure that's a crock. That's financial darwinism. The Tony Kornheiser show is on now. All righty then Gary Braun is here. Excuse me for coughing worse crystallises here. Michael Kornheiser was here. Nigel's here running the board producing the show doing the news and we'll do. NFL football at the top. Except except we have to interrupt the beginning of the show just to talk about and we will get to the President's Cup to talk about Steve Sands hanging around with some Melbourne little's Australian liberals from the Melbourne area. And sending a picture out that I got I thank you you know I just check my tax. Probably got hung and made me so happy. KINNEAR's welcome to the show again. Yeah I mean I'm GonNa talk extensively about snow in my house. You know. And and they and they listen down on. I'm pretty big in Melbourne town. Maybe that maybe Melbourne Florida Art Florida war games. I guess you could count. I guess you could count the Pittsburgh game too. Because he's intercepted in the endzone late and something that could be the game. He got intercepted. Four Time Yup twice in the higher not like how bad is Mason. Rudolph must really think terrible. If Dot com scramble Graham Ward hit okay. So the Falcons beat the forty niners at the Buzzer Matt. Ryan throws a pass at the buzzer remarkable in that Ryan was the MVP to leak for five years years ago I I mean Jones remains extremely audit football. The end is how they are so bad and yet in the second half of the season. They're not awesome beat the forty niners thus scrambling the playoff seedings. The Jaguars beat the raised raiders. At that really Lee surprised nobody cares about that game. But gardening minhsiu threw two touchdown passes in the last X.. Whatever was and beat the raiders in their last home engage beat them at the Buzzer? It's a small sample but it does seem like Menchu is the better choice over falls. It's I mean it's US although it is disheartening to see that he has applied for patent protection on words like Mississippi Mustache. Yeah you know that you said he's going mustache next. Lohia rolled uneven. No all that stuff. So that's all like representation. Does that stuff name is on those petitions Gardner Minhsiu the second or the Fourth Governor Alert Flint Menchu I believe whatever the packers beat the bears at the Buzzer with with a wild play. They hold off the bears it. It looks like they're not playing defense at all West. Wilburn about this because we'll of course watched every second of the bears game. The packers just enough to win you know Uncle Milton. Just in the fullback Maybe it's Pat. I forget the name of the do but if the fullback who who possesses the ball last for the bears looks to his right. It's like a rugby plays. Alan Robinson's out. There you pitch it. It is a touchdown. They yes the Green Bay packers. It did not contest them until about the ten yard line. Well so were they do so that way. If you remember the what do that is any reads invention I think it was I don with tyree kill against the cowboys a couple years ago where they threw underneath in an obvious hail Mary right so I guess everyone's back at the goal line they said well there's GonNa give us the first ten and then we can try to get by and that was my corrected until the tenure he was going in one hundred percents. I mean very odd. By the way the the the packers are now. Eleven and three feels to me like he just overrated. I I mean a game in the workers in the forty niners they win these scary Gary. I know even though they don't look prominent at all. Well look I think one of the things I said about them on the television show. Was They outpoint you. They don't knock you out. They just outpoint you. There are fighter that does that but they perilously close to land if it is a close game. And you're gonNA give that dude the ball by that dude. I mean Aaron Rodgers at the end and of it you're gonNA average. That's that's right that's right. So those who all the games that ended right at the buzzer except for one the game where the eagles covered at the Buzzer such a dagger. It's heading down. It's absolutely impossible for that to happen. Yes it is. The last play of the game it is a fumble and a fat guy and I mean of fat guy touch rumbles from about thirty yards out. My kids love the fifty. They were midfield. And I know this because I was thinking to myself had Dwayne Haskins taken the snap taking the sack and I- rewound this to look at it. There was a time. Could've taken a snap call time out when second Marya so's about midfield that is a that is a cover of the worst warrior. If you have the Redskins who I think have covered three of the last four weeks or something like that with big points. This was not big points at all. You can live with the fact act. The Eagles get the touchdown with thirty two seconds to go. 'CAUSE you're winning. You're winning you redskin. You're winning Hashtag win and that that play away all I could think of I watched it was my God. They're gonNA cover. The Eagles are going to cover. It's just a million. I would suggest I would suggest if you are betting money on the Redskins do respect to reginald intended you you deserve you may as well be giving your money to that lady to bless it. Yes yes I mean come on. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not going to argue that point. But you'd go on the whole route. And you thought you would WANNA cow heartbreaking be cowboys drilled. The Rams Rams I'm happy I don't understand that. The Vikings drilled the chargers the Patriots drilled the Bengals but they're the bengals and that was ten ten at one the goals that was ten ten. The bills are at the Patriots on Saturday yourself. The bills can be thirteen. Ten at halftime it got ugly but it was not most defended you. Yeah I would point out if you are a patriots fan. This is the one saving grace on the touchdown in the second half to Nikial Harry Three Brady threw it a hundred miles. An Hour Brady looked like a real quarterback although Brady's QBR and I don't understand this particular metric but Brady's Qbr in the last six weeks's terrible it's like forty the only guy. It's higher than six weeks Dwayne Haskins. That's it he's the only I mean look. Is that a fact. Yeah his Brady's Ladies Numbers Fifteen for twenty nine for one hundred twenty eight yards now. He threw two touchdowns but no one caught more than three passes. You don't have anybody to receive. The ball contained nineteen bengals. But that's still a problem against a good team. Yes the Eagles wide receivers that don't have any wide receivers. They're all out so they have have. Somebody named Fred Ward Junior. He he was a quarterback at Houston whilst Scott quarterback wide receiver for the Eagles. Yeah what are you talking about the the town by him he he did beat beat Zaman Zakar take their best options. They don't have anything title. So if like if you're Patrick Mahomes you know that Travis Kelsey is the best thing you got killed starting at semi wideouts. Yes starting. Why does Philadelphia doesn't have anything I don't I? I don't know how having watched eagles now two in a row The Eagles have won two games but late they beat the giants and the redskins skins right away cow. The cowboys don't beat them. There's no way is there and I think the cowboys team so mad this week. It's recency Z.. By they were so bad and they just blew out the ram something. I'm GonNa see if I can find an early lot isn't that what is that Philadelphia Well we're in the good tight end How about George Kill? Yes I know. They lost thirteen for one thirty four. The problem was Garoppolo. D- grappled in have another completion to he. Threw you one guy to other times manual sanders but I mean thirteen for one dollars a result of everything that happened you now have in the NFC. The seahawks are the number one scene. One of US sitting at this table about seven weeks ago said the seahawks and the Ravens would be in the super bowl and got a little bit laughed at by Wilpon. But we'll see the ravens are the number one seed in the AFC. The bills can well a patriots have to lose twice for the bills to play the dolphins in the last. Yes they want. They've won decent hard game and then the dolphins. What's the bills the bills? And that's a hard game. Yes the bills could vary Tony Cowboy Bill. The bills have made the playoffs. Their defense is dying years ago and it's two years ago two three years ago this guy the coach of the bills. Whose name is Sean McDermott? Sun's outgoing I ripped him. I made such fun of him. This bodybuilding Mook. Who didn't know anything who had said he had Nathan? Peterman was a starting quarterback. And that's the heater man was such a disaster. Well I'm wrong. I'm not wrong about Nathan Peterman but I'm wrong about this coaching football. Yeah they got a great defense. There often Josh Allen is good these appears to be good enough the one takeaway. I have from everything. Yesterday is because you saw this a lot you saw last-second throws to the end zone and people are not knocking the town. Everybody tries to catch it. What do you do all try to catch it? What are you doing just terrible coaching? Isn't it downtown down the mammoth one of those years trying to get you through UTAH. You don't have to catch it. The offense has to get its knock. Doc You town right I screw yes yes crazy. Down Games Dallas cowboys opened a one point favorite quickly. Bet Up to two and a half right to an and another line that just jumped out of me of interest redskins early two point favorite over the giants giants manager. I'm and quiet in the what could be the sticks. I don't well they edge. Jones has an ankle sprain. So you're manning won a game. Guess he did back to five hundred thirty three I t's they chanted his name going off he want. AP MVP A one one result. You did did not mention and maybe you're saving. It was Texans. Titans oh I figured what do that you know. News or solids use them. But those I watched I watched red zone The the prejudice the red zone prejudice against bad teams is so clear. Yeah you didn't see any of that. Dolphins game dolphins giants right. Yes the only points in that game and they never went to that game. They didn't want to go to the eagles and the Redskins they went nap happen in the middle of that some time. I fell asleep while you now gauge you. Don't you don't see they wanna they wanNA show you the chiefs chiefs because it's in the snow course at the backpackers in the bears patriots. So the other thing is is. What's my boy's name? Jameis Winston instant opens opens with intersects. He's the man. and then throws thousand yards and touchdown pass got close. It's just that's what they do. It's like most watchable game ever. I have great if I receiver. I'm team if I'm Tampa Bay. And I've hired. Bruce Arians wants to try to fix this guy and they've won a bunch of games calmly in him alone. I am not dropping him. I'm signing him. He's throwing slowly side hundred yards correct. It's just tremendously excited. He has forty five hundred yards and thirty touchdowns. Now we'RE NOT GONNA get into his interceptions Clemmie of them. which is he leaves? It's over twenty. Isn't it Yeah it's Hold on twenty twenty some odd twenty four twenty four twenty four thirty thirty touchdowns. Let's focus on the positive career plus six plus all right. We'll get out of here. Wilpon will join us when we return. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. We are sure that you've read all the gift giving lists but you don't really have the time to keep scouring the Internet for the perfect gift for her this holiday season and here's the perfect gift with our trendy and classic option Swarovski has all of this season's must have styles. The new holiday collection starting at sixty nine dollars makes it easy for you to get her something special without the stress on your wallet shop. The Naughty and Nice collection and other brilliant pieces that will leave her sparkling from ear to ear. And you anxiety-free free feeling like you nailed it. This is jewelry this accessories these very very beautiful crystals whether you want to go out of the box and get her something fun or keep it more. 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And when he called back the first question I said I could go on and on on this was what we opened the show with it. What were the packers doing going on the last play Mike? The bears are at the tin before they're actually contested by the packers. They were guarding for for a Hail Mary so they were stuffed between the goal line in the back of the end zone. That's what they were. That's what they were planning. There's an actual answer to this a mystery but when the pass is completed fifteen yards down you know. There's no Hail Mary it. It didn't get up to act quickly and the bears also executed. That played pretty okay. Well they blocked. They knew what they were going to do. One more pitching that in Robinson walks in though. I thought it was going to be like the dolphins play. I actually thought they wouldn't have won the game. They would have had a two point conversion to tie the game right but they they. They came up with something executed something. They clearly practiced and say okay. Yeah we're in this position. Here's what we're GONNA do and they almost put it off and you could see the anguish on the face of Little Cohen number. Twenty nine th this sort of impactful impactful Scott back that we have who just ate because he was behind trubisky he wanted to pitch. He thought he was getting and he's the bears shifty guy but but to bisky trying to get seventeen What about why receivers whose name is escaping me right now and the ball just goes goes off the foot of a packer? That's what happens if he gets it to seven seen. I think we win the game there too or not win the game to tie. Hi Game What do you. What do you think of given the fact that that yesterday had a lot of close games and there were hail Marys into the end zone? The number number one point. I want to make that we talked about earlier is nobody knocks the ball down which is insane but to to not do the Hail Mary and do this. Play that you work on privately absolutely you know during the week which is more advisable to you at depends on your team who you've got. How many guys that you have? Who can wiggle free? What's the element of surprise fries would do? What was the other team aligned in and clearly you know at that point the bears thought they had something yeah that they could get? There's no a universal rule to me. I mean you you play that one by Miami did last year so it you still GonNa get Lucky. I mean you still gotTa have you know some guys Miss Tackles or br break assignments or arrogant. Think the game's over. Maybe the packers just thought it was over every team would rather get to the thirty or thirty five because you you've from thirty yards out any. NFL quarterback can step into an zebra throw. You can run up versus being at midfield and launching a hail. Mary I mean no one wants to throw Royale Mary. I don't Wanna unless you're Aaron Rogers. Four of them including a playoff game or two so You know game in that game was about what I expected it was the packers are better. one score better. Although you know nobody will talk about this today because because bears on team the national media gives a damn about so all the know. It alls won't talk about it they got host. The packers scored three touchdowns. I scored was a gift. It was a gift from an officials. Possession change it shouldn't happen. The bears forced a fumble. And they didn't they didn't review because somebody said when they blew the whistle because the bears. There's a penalty thrown and the officials said. Well he hit the Return Mail on a punt early. No he didn't he didn't like like a like a second and a half later wasn't it wasn't close so you know that was just matthew running into that. I have a snow day. They up just like Chicago. What is it cloudy? Wet Roads Cloudy and fifty one. You don't want the kids hair to get wet well on right cloudy the fifty one in DC so. Let me go back to another thing that we talked about. And we we have a disagreement on this. I watch the packers and I think of them in the same way. Now that I think of the Patriots that I have no particular confidence in them. You on the other hand. You think they're good. They are good. They're eleven and three and their quarterback is not not air rogers make plays yesterday gets a rival defense. No they're not the painting on the the the the Minnesota Vikings likings and the Green Bay packers. Either one could get to the Super Bowl did you. They did beat San Francis-. Don't tell me they can't beat San Francisco but your opinion of San Francisco went down yesterday. Yeah of course Yes yes absolutely it went. I mean Atlanta Atlanta's had a couple good wins but no no. No no no. They're not San Francisco's not some world-beater and they got Aaron Rogers so I don't I'm not buying that. I'm not buying that. Everybody falls in love with teams and they don't get off until they lose in the playoffs and they go. Oh well we should have seen that comment. What do you make of? What Dallas did to the rams? Cam's not much I mean. We know the doubt Dallas was. The urgent desperate team used. They had to do this. They had to do that or or their here. Season would've actually ended. I know they could've still won the division. I get that but Dallas had to respond in a way. They were tired sick and tired of being sick and tired and owner puts them in his position by running his mouth every day wrong. I thought they wouldn't win anymore. Games I thought the rams coming there and beat them. The Rams are good. The Rams have recovered to some degree. But they're not so good that you bet on them on the road like that I I wouldn't I know I I. I you know the the the confidence pool I certainly had The days wrong with with a forty niners with that was like my fourteen. Fourteen point game. I got the redskins wrong. Even though only had two points on them you know you thought they would win. Outright other gives will win so this is not. We don't do this point spread. This has confidence. How much confidence do you have your pick one through sixteen Dallas with eight or nine point so I was fairly confident I think I would have put? I would've put New England one on that one like I would put the most England was Baltimore on Thurs.. Okay right. Eighteen gene there in New England. Yeah so that was the forty nine for fourteen. You lose a double digit game. Although I gotTA look at the poll results everybody had to have them double digits over in Atlanta. So I know that you know you pay attention to WHO's in and WHO's out for teams that you like teams that you pay attention to Carson. wentz has no wide receivers receivers. He has none. They are playing a quarterback a college quarterback now at wide receiver or something. Yeah and and I'm not saying beating the REDSKINS is a big deal but Carson Wentz came back threw three touchdown passes Carson wentz. Looks better now better by far than he did. Five or six seven weeks ago when we were looking can add saying you picked the wrong Guy Redskins. Yeah well redskins will they be. Eagles beat last week. Giants giants okay late on the road arguably the tour seems now this week the cowboys you'll find out we'll find out a little bit more the cowboys while they're not great. They're they're they're awake and breathing right redskins giants. Sorry okay interesting so those are discounted for you. They don't matter they just irrelevant. You gotTa beat somebody. The matters with breathing players who are capable of winning a playoff game and the and the redskins somewhere giants now So I'm also interested in this because as you know the division and you know the team I watch Matt Patricia. A guy who I thought at the beginning of the year had something going on because he had Stafford Stafford's missed missed four or five games. They've lost every game right right. Steve Fire Him no first of all. That's not what the Detroit lions do don't don't do it. They don't they don't do that And so I don't think they will fire him. I feel I think he can walk in there and say you know you Mr Fort. Art paid this guy more than anybody in the Ford Company in the history of the company right and so if you think that of him why would you get rid of me if we don't have him and by the way didn't not you know we don't have him starting in camp. We can sort of make. Some preparation didn't have them at all. This is like when the when the when the cults even though he's not that players Andrew Luck why would you fire them aperture. I wouldn't find patrician now. Who Do you think gets fired? Oh God I think a bunch of people get fired. Well maybe I mean if we go through this the most disability Shurmur with giant fire you know gets fired because he allies now winning games now. Callahan likely not retain alley all that fired right You Know I. Ah There's there's there's some bad there's some bad football I mean. Yesterday was just a day in which you know there were there were some good endings. Two Games. But they're not gonNA fire him. But look at the raiders. That's a that's A. That's an awful I was. I was passed by. Hi Dad Watch all that crap about the black hole for an hour before became shut up fans behaved nicely after the game. Geez I oh so. Glad he made good made a run in the middle of the year and has now lost four in a row. He's not going GONNA get fired. No I've only know but you know you know they're not any good. I told you Friday Tony. This was the worst week of NFL football in two years in that there were there. Were almost no match ups that anyone could care about even locally bears packers. Obviously you know I mean. That's the oldest matchup historically workman-like everything else was junk anyway. Going in Houston Nice South and Houston all right. The Eagles Redskins you just mentioned why was GonNa be diminished going in because he has a player. Eagles Eagles did have five five thousand seats. Other people deal yesterday It said X.. Was it had to be seventy percent of the people there had to be fulfilled. Gets up and it was probably sixty percent occupied yet. Yeah seriously we're the home game. The bears game. We'll buy just just google up. Highlights of the game winning touchdown catch and listen to the crowd. I mean it's a home game. Wow game on. But I've never had the sound on because that was going against redskins. Let's get like when they last. I know last year I had a friend WHO's at the same deal late in the season. The Eagles came into town. It was total. Takeover mattered for the eagles when the Redskins were introduced they they were booed. There's there's no so that leads me. To the land of the field. Last question you prob may or may not know this if you watched a lot the TV you would know this. One of the people in Snyder's box yesterday was watch the game. I just know images I saw. What redskin game do you WanNa read anything into Urban Meyer? Being there Well he could go. He had a lot of players yes said he wanted to see his guy. Alex Smith yes. Urban Meyer added Utah. Oh how stated do not So you've got Alex Smith there and he's got a quarterback and receiver cholorine. Yes so you know I I guess what's his name Chase young probably wasn't back from the heisman yet. But if he was he could have been in attendance. He lives here. He Lives Fifteen minutes stadium so there was a lot of urban Meyer. People there I you know me. I don't like higher in college coaches in the pros and e e either sport. But he's an accepted. I would make you not Jimmy Johnson. He's not because he hasn't spent his every waking moment away from his team studying pro football and visiting camps like Jimmy Johnson. People WanNa make this analogy. No no various Switzer. He didn't do that basically. It's Paulie back on everything. Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson's in original when it comes to this and the guy after him was bobby Ross. Bobby Ross is actually coached in the NFL. This is not like you know Pete Carroll who coast I in the Nfl Urban Meyer as a college coach. But I would. I would give him a shot if I was redskins because if you can move into position if you're not already there and chase young may go three or four depending on what people think of the quarterbacks and the redskins could be very very currently four and if they lose to the giants this week they can they then. Yeah then. They're up to three well. And Yeah you need to get the giant in your rear view. You'd get them because they just took a quarterback like you did right so I I I would. I would seriously quirk urban Meyer. Now there's no reason for Urban Meyer to take the risk. And if he gets Kabwe offer none and so Jerry Jones thinks to himself okay. Urban Meyer is attractive to me. In a way that Lincoln Riley may not be and it comes down to the two of them I I it is even if it was the two of them I think I would go with urban Meyer anyway especially if I'm the Redskins and I have drafted his quarterback his receiver and I'm looking through the draft to try to get his his defensive end. Why wouldn't you hire urban? Meyer if you'RE GONNA if you're GonNa pull the Dan Snyder he's GonNa be enamored of somebody who is famous and you're not gonNA get talked out of it this time and you get the right Gruden then if you're GonNa do that. That's his formula. So yeah when they showed him yesterday I just started. I'd call Netherland. I said there's your next coast Jerry. Jones doesn't get him. I all right all right. I'll see you later. All right Michael Wilbon boys and girls we will come back. We'll do news when we come back later in the show. When we talk about the Redskins we will talk about Urban Urban Meyer amongst ourselves and the possibility of him being the next redskins coach? Because I'm I know Bill Callahan's a fine man money ain't going to be the next redskins coach. I'm Tony Kornheiser Heuser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. I WANNA remind listeners. That time is running out on simplisafe's huge holiday offer. It's their biggest sale of the year. If you're looking to fully protect your home with award winning twenty four seven home security now's the time to do it. Burglary Spike during the holiday season with families traveling and leaving empty homes inexpensive gifts beyond simply safe's holiday sale couldn't come at a better time. Simplisafe has everything you need to protect your home and family. There's a smart lock and video doorbell pro to defend in your front door. 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When he says he says it Stewart is probably the most creative person I've ever met besides recording music and touring the last twenty seven years? He also paints he invented his own language. I don't know what good does you. Wow wrote insulting arming play. Which is slated to? He's slated to direct in his currently shopping and television Asian series. He developed what she describes his orphan. Black meets fly to the concourse. But then there's this line if you guys relax your position on explicit sexual content profanity Hannity. I can send in more tracks from the album times. I feel like emails. You're actually unwittingly delivering a message to someone. It's like an art performance piece so Michael if and this is lovely music if people like Davis want to send sending their own music or have your proxies Senate in how did they get it to us. Send US your music by emailing it to Jingles at Tony Kornheiser show dot com. Are we selling anything. You know what I have a few issues with the United State your United States Postal Service so I was using a system where there are certain requirements more based on the size of the package case as an envelope rather than just the way the package. So I'm receiving hackers that have been sent back and I and I feel terrible if those who were ordering shirts parts chatting measure getting Elvis treatment returned to sender return to sender for exceeding three quarters of one inch. Now I went to. I went to my look Gary I I went to my local. USPS branch and just said measure. My Pack Yeah. Let me on airplanes package. Free money to send us back the manpower involved to stamp this with returned to sender not enough postage to give me demanding why they want to make sure eighty six cents another dollar ninety for one hundred dollars worth the man visible labor so your shirts are this is just for a small batch and this is a limited number so for those of you who received a message from the post office asking for for a little more cash thank you for obliging and paying the man if someone to take care so what you're saying is they were all packaging went up the same way and the vast majority of they were not return to you went through so we're using the the w. m. e. l. location as fixed that. We're not trying to share so I didn't want to publicly share that. No this happened so mom and I were trying to make it easier so some of the shirts were folded in half which made the package close to three quarters of an out. If I was sending more than one one shirt it was being rated at a different rice point so it was more based on the weight. It just seems like it's easier for you if I make this a tidier to your package so the saga continues. That's crazy saga continues to what have you got on. This journey was sold off in the land. Down under the Melvin. or Kimberly at some of those shirts. It's did we met. Did you mention that. I don't think you did. What's the site? Oh you can go to shop dot Tony. Kornheiser show DOT com. The new shirts are in and should have been shipped. Latest is today so those will be arriving having to your house if we have the Hopi and made some and I don't I don't know if this is why this was like a special ron and embarrassed to say I don't remember taste of it but I guess somebody was mentioning something like I was speaking the Gospel or something and the and then the result of that was and he's sending a bunch which I'm GonNa give it to my kid's Christmas because I go to no expense for my children Some Braun Three sixteenths shirts that is available that is available black Johnny Sixteen over says thank you for giving us the rights to use that route. Yes thank you by Gary. That's through his great pro. Pick you up a nice comeback. A wonderful win for your Americans in the President's Cup in Australia. The highlight of the day for me was when when sands was interviewing tiger afterwards and prompted me to throw an email attacks right adam where tigers looks goes. Thanks Sandy was just so oh great thanks. I got some match ago watcher now So I would ask Michael. There's there's some players who did very well. We did well in the singles as everybody thought we would do. Well as expected did Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed who had not been any good one in the singles. Gary Woodland didn't win singles. Sandie Shaw Fly. One Patrick can't lay those guys were good. They were good the entire tournament and they won Tony fee now who boil boy puts himself in a tremendous whole time after time and then gets out. Somehow we learn how to put on the back nine. Yeah he really does. So but but what I'm going to get to. Is this eldrick. Woods played in three matches and won the mall all won the mall In the two matches he played with Justin Thomas Jefferson. Thomas hit some great pots at the end but tiger carried those men and Thomas recognized as much Oh and tiger. Beat Abraham Abraham answer who was gritty. Who was the best player on the international squad and wanted a piece of tiger and went and said it'll be a great honor if he you got to play tiger and Tiger beat him? That was a very close match that went to the sixteenth hole. That was a very good match is tiger was the best player in the world right now. I after washing this tournament I would say yes. And you're seeing that. You're seeing the fatigue rust after the comeback and after the emotional first victory back after the first major back beginning to where off he understands what what is new body can do. He understands how to position himself for success that the takeaway for me and how he played is he wasn't out of position when he looked out of position. The announcers were smart. Enough to recognizing recognizing on the last hole when he beat answer sixteen he has the correct angle and he has the ability to shape the ball into the hole. This reminds you so much when he was dominant imminent at Augusta national where you're playing to the correct sides to get into position to make birdies and I think if you look at the way. He made comeback par putts with Thomas and by himself. You look at the nerves as to what should go when you're entering your mid forties and he's as steady over that as ever not i-it issue at the broadcast. I really didn't didn't like when it transitioned to Zinger. I thought Justin Leonard did a very good job with the early round coverage they talk about. How Tiger goes into a different zone? When he's focused in implying won't Johny slows down? He blinks slower. And you really saw that in the singles match the singles matches to me were. It's all about a wave of titus to. Where do you have your anchor points? Where you have secured secured points? The international side lost some of those secure points. The answer was sort of a punchers chance. He thought maybe gets the best of A. Maybe he gets a half. And that's going to be the emotional Oceana swing. It was Matt Ziama unable to really secure that full point That just sort of Venus. Yeah yeah well I mean. Tiger answer played great tiger. Didn't miss a PUTT. And on the sixteenth hole when he's going to win the match because his Birdie Putt goes in before it even goes in tigers going for his hat and walk couldn't answer because he know all our he knows it's going to go in. I just thought that based on and only three days I just I think tiger tiger is to be feared again feared again. And there's there is a interesting decision where he chooses to sit himself and this is where Zinger was loud and loud wrong saying when he was very critical decision at that point. This is for the early morning. four-ball in the for the foursome sessions. That afternoon any other coach would have been just attacked. Had he sat the best player and Tiger recognizes. We have a team. We have a system in place to win this. I don't need to go out in this right now and you ended ended up. Seeing the match was odd in that Thomson Fowler couldn't secure the full point even though they were five going into the back nine but that opening match is really what started the comeback and. I think it was necessary for tigers. Sit that so we could see the landscape and then he knew what he had to do in terms of going on getting that first point he knew he was going to put himself in the I. I Love Tiger after after he beats answering singers. Even recognizes to sandy going. Yeah maybe a little early with the hat and taking the hat off but We have to get to the Patrick read situation. I'm GonNa you mentioned the interview. Sands I'm GONNA mention His his other interview with Patrick read where he asks. This is an exhibition. It's a it's a the partnership between the toured the individuals. So there's a lot of trust. There is a fine line all the broadcasters half to walk in terms of their on air criticism of the talent of the players and I actually thought Sandy did a great job giving Patrick read the opening. Saying what have you learned in the last eight to nine days about yourself. What have you learned about golf? Regis bat predictable just totally walks past a going. Yeah just sort of learning how to play golf and and you know you gotta get the lead and take the lead and you're like you had the chance to just to say something that makes you a human diffuses situation. No America was already great. Michael all right get to something of course affects a lot of people sitting in this room. Yes the Georgetown Syracuse Basketball but says Nice. Nice weekend for Georgetown. Well they won. They won handily. Keenum assured on Chris now not keep my shirt on the they were up fifteen most of the second half they won by ten. What did you see the photograph that was circulating sentenced to tone? Yes I one of. My friends found that right before the game. I said I thought that it was possible that those people would would be on the other end of restraining orders by the seems to be going around the Georgetown cameras and I want to bring something up. Well two things one. If they himes kidding it'd make any points in the first-half Circus Might WanNa game. He had twenty five in the second half twenty five points. But here's the question is what not you make of this bay. I'm said Kinjo. This is a big story bay. I'm said of a Kinjo orbital shoot did make anybody better. They're better team without him right now. And why he never heard that. said they lost two games. Because we can go and remember despite my hatred of Syracuse Bay Heim I am in the thompsons. and and therefore ewing or very close. Yes so when behind says that. That's patch hatch. I read that as that is the view of Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing can't come out and say to you know you can't do that. No one will ever come to your school again. You bad mouth the transfer but that is Patrick Ewing and if you look back my friends of course did like a deep forensic dive into this when Georgetown lost. UNC Greensboro There was He says we have to stop. Were selfish right now. We have to stop being selfish and that that they have now they were assisting like they're getting assistant like six six six every six baskets or something and now it's way I mean they moved. They look better. They have without Scalpel Oklahoma state on the road. SMU On the Road Syracuse. At home they have seven scholarship players. 'cause they lost two on Friday but that debate come out of nowhere sort of. It's not as though they asked him. Really of incentives and by the way I want right sort of I watched that game They look good. Do you have any comments on the soccer. It's nice. I guess I just wanted to shout out my I friend. Dan Helfferich who played at Georgetown in now announces all that he's like the biggest Boston. DC of Deloitte but he also announces all the Games. He and another guy that I went to that I play basketball against in high school. Guy Named Tom. Green was a great college high school and College Athlete. They call the Radio Games for Jordan and they were there and they sent me a picture of them with the trophy this morning. So I'm just happy for them. My my only feeling about this. They beat Virginia. It's there the national champions of soccer men's soccer I feel. It's it's always sort of unsatisfying when it ends with penalty kicks. I totally agree. No I agree all night. If you have to seventy five especially for the championship. Unsatisfying but thrilling. It's it's an exciting to watch. It went it went past the five rounds still tied all five scored guide and it was in the seventies confess. I did my wife. I'm like going nuts as they win. My wife is the poor guy the UVA guy. And I'm like you'll be wins plant. I mean they've won multiple sock ping chips. Yes yes yes I for Georgetown ties you mentioned I should mention board of boredom. I'M GONNA I wanNA talk about soccer. That Amy Shapiro's Husband Josh who was a soccer coach. Tufts recently won his fourth national champion. How fourth g the three National Championship? You think to yourself somebody out there at a major play because shot atom redskin. Now I don't know I don't know the total work work was one four one four. Go ahead I must be reading this final school from Saturday incorrectly. The Wizards held Memphis to under one hundred and fifty in the still lost lost. The GAME MEMPHIS IS TERRIBLE MEMPHIS. A POWER MEMPHIS is terrible. The Wizards show is terrible. That I'm extremely yeah. The wizards announced seven and seventeen member. The terrible team and the wizards aren't any good wiz. Making a late. Push for that nine in twenty they are now is attainable very much so when you look at their starting frontcourt you go. Who are these people the Himani and Banga? Yeah and I don't know who's the other one is starts in the front court they don't score any points you got arena. Had some other guys. They don't score. Yon Him. Ni Bong twenty million dollars score laser though yeah lapping laser. By the way those of Smith Smith wondering. What the wizards schedule is there at Detroit tonight? Loss home against Chicago Toronto at Philly. Well they're not beating Toronto Philly so they could get those three losses to get to twenty eight and twenty. They got a they got a pissed. Probably beat the Knicks Pistons Bulls to get to nine to have a shot at nine and twenty there. You Go And I know you WanNa you WanNa talk a little bit about the The PELICANS who lost to the magic. aww when the Pelicans made the trade the Anthony Davis Trade Got Josh hard and they got Lonzo ball and they got Ingram there was a an draft Zay on there was a you know. There's a lot of chatter that they were a playoff team rounds. Seven rail seven six seven eight something like that they stink. There's six hundred seventeen and I grant you that Zion Williamson has not played any games but if you six twenty one twenty six and twenty one. Wow If you think that Zion Williamson by himself a rookie in a league is going to walk in there and reverse that you're nuts. You're nuts agenda doesn't doesn't work that way kit. Can we conclude at this point. I know you're hesitant to conclude this before. That Lonzo ball is not not. I don't think he's very good. He was plus minus. I know you know it depends on the court minus twenty two. Now he does not start. He played twenty seven minutes nine points. Yeah not not a number two pick. Good no you're not the worst team in a league. What else that's it? That's our news fence on news. We'll take a break and we will. I love when Edwards run goes good ideas tanks tigers. I love that So we will come back and we'll do the old guy. We'll talk about the redskins and we'll talk about a couple of other things that have occurred to me I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. I want to take a second to tell you about the city. Business Advantage Platinum select card. This card is perfect for any small business owner. Especially if you love to travel with this card all of your business expenses this is can turn into advantage miles that you can use towards your next adventure. How awesome is that racking up? Miles is so easy because you can earn on every purchase. Plus you get two times the miles gas stations on car rentals and on select cable and phone bills. You get great travel benefits to like preferred boarding on all American Airlines flights. You I checked bag free free on domestic travel and savings on in Flight Wifi when you use your card so you can stay connected to your business while you're at cruising altitude pretty awesome and for a limited time you can earn seventy seventy thousand bonus miles after qualifying purchases WANNA learn more about how the city business advantage platinum select card can put your business to work for you had to city dot Com. MM Slash Tony Today. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show so this is Chris this old guy radio for the day. It was Nigel's idea in Christmas week is. We're not going to be on Christmas we. This is our Christmas week to play holiday songs. And he's asked me as he does every year and he forgets. What is my favorite holiday? So it's the John Lennon so and so there's this Christmas I love this song. Oh that's because it's the best Christmas. I just Israeli grant. I thought I was the singing. Dogs was wrong. It is terrible but it's not terrible but I just this is you know the referring with and I guess Yoko singing is well. War is over if at so it's it's it's just a beautifully beautifully produced song and I like it whereas I don't really you know I'm used to the little drummer. I'm used to all of those songs. Their Mind Kristie. I recommend instincts. Merry Christmas happy holidays to you. Nigel's favourite is baby. It's cold outside he really endorses. That that Phil Spector produced. That Phil Spector who's no longer produce and that's that was part of a relationship with Lennon because they use them for the let it be album and did some stuff with Linin afterward. I don't think anybody would say the Phil Spector was not a brilliant producer of museum mendes. He's also a murderer. Questionable exclusive all right. So let me get to a couple of things one and this is very very localized so that sands POWs in in Melbourne dismay not affect their your lives as directly as it will affect my life. The friendship heights giant which was remodeled. Maybe fifteen to twenty years ago here in in the same space but remodelled. I've never I've never really understood what happened. They are because the remodeling didn't make any sense to intake but giant has been. That's been an anchor of this particular Complex of stores. It's right on the corner of Western Wisconsin. It's in the same shopping center. It is the lead dog in the shopping center where clydes of Chevy Chase's that China's going out of business. Why dawn really he said as your bucks going out of business? Yes they said affect they said that the rent is too hard. The Renton run now to me. When Your supermarket you negotiate the following way? You say we're going to draw every single person you've got. They're all coming here. Because the bus your other stores will exist because of US center is no rent there is no rent. We're not paying any rent. Because we are the beacon for this particular com. That was the chatter went. Went ten learner. You Ain't win supermarkets withdraw now. I know there's a whole foods Two blocks away two blocks away but whole foods is not giant it draws a different type of person is a safeway three quarters of a mile away. The refugee the refugee Safeway. Yeah but in myrlie refugees refugees saved the on Connecticut. That's that's the next big road over just have operated so. I am surprised. Shocker I I wanted to go in there. Another another thing would be another superman but yes I would. They pay the rent if if giant feels like they can't justify it giant giant supermarkets. Don't do this all the one change that I don't think you're recognizing. Is that down Wisconsin Avenue again. This is super local. They just redid the Cathedral Commons giant. Right which is probably taking some of the business from that. This this giant question is very small and you also sparked John. You're under the westbound for giants about three miles up the giant Down down the street. You're driving past the friendship Pike's giant to go to the Cathedral. Giant actually are so nicer. It's a beautiful. Your comments is is way nicer as beer and wine. This one this one is never been well stocked. You also have a new player entering. I think in a year or two right across the street from Sidwell's Wegmans is going to change the way Tim Sidwell in Melbourne again. Actually to your point so I don't know how giants our own I but I I. I assume it's corporately. Not like franchise while so maybe they're doing the calculus insane officially closes that's going to you know a bunch of that business will be siphoned off for others. There's in the area you know there'll be some that wagner that's GonNa shake it up now beyond build the supermarket world this complex I would call it a glorified strip mall. When I was a kid it was just a strip mall? It's changing every year. Full stationery store. There's no such thing is that is that is that where the diner is right there on that same mm strip diner. No mom I must be thinking further north. The one right here this discharge comm comments but this old the US to have a cut through with the quarter means coffee the bakery and the bass line is and that's when that's when it actually drove out. If you have a supermarket the supermarket goes out and it is replaced just for argument's sake with a tire store or you know or or an appliance source of something that you need. Whatever you're you're saying all of those stores that were on the back end of the giant? There's a you know a confectionary store. There's a pizza place place. There's something else they're dead. They're dead because supermarket. The supermarkets draw. Would you be okay. If a trader Joe's came into in which has a smaller difference right down the street. There's a trader Joe's within a Mile Yup and that's right so in the O.. Town where I know you frequent you went to the town only just over you into the office bar and Grill and Layton weeks ago there was Melissa Mullane. She got what you need is that there was a very. I actually have heard from Melissa. s something she wants to bring by for you but she said she can't till nine fifteen days it's going to be get up earlier. There was a giant. There was an old giant that moved into a vacated shoppers food space to make a very nice new giant and in the old giant to your point is a huge opening soon. Jim and I mean this is a huge huge gym. That doesn't drive shopping. Traffic People in like a supermarket standard. They moved into a strip from a freestanding. Wanted to fascinating stuff to me. Welcome Australia but you don't. You don't see supermarkets go out of business a lot. I mean it's like a McDonald's or a starbucks they usually grow go out of business. They're not renewing their lease it. It is it is a reminder that we have a bounty of supermarkets in this pocket of the city which we should be grateful. I wanted to just briefly. I'd almost without comment. I am so confused. The story that has exploded around the army navy game with the white power hand signals to me. He just sort of look like okay. There is apparently in the story I read there are databanks that record what are signals rose. What are what are out there? Were I guess. White groups are black groups around groups or whatever and I sit here I have no idea I've have no I know it's A. I'm an hour Saturday now. Afraid to use my hands or in any way. 'cause I don't know what I should law singling anymore. There were words that I have used that people won't say them on the air that people at the PTI who are in the twenties and thirties recoil from in horror. And I go. It's a real word. What is the problem here? Is it hard hard work. You're not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to say things you know I get. I'm I'm a little too old for that. That was that's what they we're doing. No tone. I mean that's a known thing they knew. Ron Camera is reese Davis was in the they knew their on camera that was purposes. They were putting their an okay. Sign is like up high. Right with your FA- I mean. Obviously only a new. Can you see this with your fingers pointing up to the sky. They they were doing it upside down. It's purposeful came up with that. We can look it up. You know what I mean. Long time zone white supremacists this white and these people are in service academies at least yeah. It's I mean I don't know that you say I mean they're on camera to Gary Point era who they are going to have to be some discipline. I would imagine now. Maybe there's Oh here's the story in their times when okay sign is low longer okay interesting. Yeah there's some there's there is some argument that there may be plausible deniability kids you know. Typically that's what I think. I think the gesture itself can be like. Oh no I didn't know it was right trying to give you enough wiggle room to make gestures with your hands ends frequently when you don't know precisely what you know what I mean. It reminds me of time that spike came home and maybe he was in sixth or seventh grade or maybe even younger her and referred to something as a do chip bag do chip bag was term. That was the German and I said you know like what does that mean. Where'd you hear? And of course he had heard it from some kid at school and I asked him what it meant and he didn't know and I made him look it up in a dictionary and then I described it to him in detail which was very confusing and upsetting China and the lesson was you. Don't use words if you don't know exactly what they mean and I would say the same hand signals. So this is I got one hand signal that I use case Luebeck Obama. You know what that is so this is interesting it is not it is the Internet is the worst by the this is according to types. It started in early twenty seventeen as a hoax. Some users of four Chan anonymous unrestricted online message board began what they called Operation O. K. K. K. to see if they could trick the wider world and especially liberals in the mainstream media into believing that the innocuous Cheshire was actually clandestine symbol of white power. The four Chan hoax a hoax neo Nazis Ku Klux Klan. Another white but national news gesture in public to signal their presence and to spot potential sympathizers and recruits. I don't think I remember. I remember when the Maggiano's thing happened and people we're talking about the old right movement Tila Tequila and they said well. Yeah right dope on what they talked about how. A favourite of the alt-right movement was new balance sneakers. I wear new balance I liked me and are now members of yeah. I'm not a member and I'm not dumping those sneakers because they're wearing a very comfortably. I'm not GonNa do that so at some point at some point to sensitivities overwhelm you and in your desire to walk the correct path. You have to. You're putting one foot very very gingerly in front of the other because you don't know what you're doing you don't you let me get to the redskins and Urban Meyer. There was when I was when I did have that game on. Whoever was doing the game talked about how Bill Callahan was really professional coach? And and I think the Redskins were winning at this point and how how he should be a candidate to get the job and I wanted to throw my foot at the screen. He's not he's not getting the job. Okay he's not. There's zero chance he's getting the job but bourbon. Meyer was in the box. Urban Meyer was in the box and we talked with wilpon about it but we haven't talked about it amongst ourselves. What thoughts on urban Meyer Well to clarify nice coverage by Josh Norman when he finally got in great job terror. That guy was a quarterback in College Harry McLaren Clark Terry maclaurin who's rookie from Ohio. State plays favorites as well as As well as of course Wayne Haskins. Who's been one of the term McLaren one one of the very few bright spots for the redskins? This season has a fifty plus catch eight hundred. Something Yard handful of touchdown season. Yeah said after the game specifically typically that urban was his guest and in the box because he had an vitamin he was there to support he and Wayne Haskins and of course he coached Alex Smith and in college and spend time with them The Urban Meyer to me sounds like the exact kind of higher that that Daniel Snyder would would pick and Daniel Snyder's And his his love of Dwayne Haskins has been reported. Dwayne Haskins reportedly was his pick against the head coaches will. So I mean it's just it's just it would be the most red skins thing ever I don't know why Urban Meyer frankly or anyone would take that job now. They'RE GONNA get a head coach and I guess you could pay or urban Meyer a ton of money But if Urban Meyer talked to other people who had taken that money I don't don't know if they would tell him it was worth it I mean do you think Mike Shanahan's glad he took the money. Do you think Jay Gruden glad he took the money. I don't know So what I like to see. Urban Meyer would make it would make insurance it. Let me say as someone who has claimed to and I'm struggling with actually doing but someone who has claimed to have gotten off of the Redskins Bandwagon. This season might get you back. It would get my attention would get my attention. which is which is why? I think it's the type of thing he would do. That's that's what I was just GonNa say I mean you have a we. We talked about this but the it was was it. Two thirds eagles fans history gear. Worse I I mean I I would. I mean they're overwhelmed overwhelming. So you have a hugely demoralized fan base right. No one the energy around on the team for the last few years has been really down. You need to do something I I think. People are interested in Dwayne Haskins but Dwayne Haskins is not like if you drafted borough. I mean. They're not going to. But if he drafted borough or two or something like that so you need to do something a coach is. I don't think there's more than about five to eight eight coaches that would really get the fan base back interested at least give it a second look and I think he's one of them. Now let me just say this there. If there was someone who was going to look at Dwayne Haskins and think I can win with this guy you would think that would be urban. Meyer him over. Joe Joe Borough which so let you pick them over that what that is history. We fired coach. I guess six years years or five years after being hired to quote win with this guy because this is going to be the guy and that did not go on it. Essentially just set the team back doc. Essentially half a decade while they tried to figure out what to do so Gosh I don't do you see. Urban Meyer is the guy who want to make the leap Gary. Have you ever shared the advice. That Dad gave you about a certain Radio Job Contra Publica- I'll just move past that we've seen this iteration a a number of times as to get the right coach for the right team right now. It never seems to work. Will it bring back certain fans to the fan base. Sure but the first question and may be to say this with with a with a knowing grin how many years how many dollars just because this free week to week year to year league this is not going to be a one or two season Turner on even if you think Haskins is the guy he can win with and at that point. How many times have we seen four or five years any then realize it's not working I wasn't I will? I'm not getting as much freedom as I. I thought I was so at least I'm going to cash the check. They're going to get the fan base back. There's GONNA be some bigger changes in the front office and just bringing in a name does is Bruce. Stay I mean that's the other thing is is does does bringing in someone like urban. Meyer Move Bruce. Out is that a precondition of it happening Dan and go along with Urban Meyer. And you want me. I tell you what we know rent. Okay right I tell you. There's no rent on this. I I tell you that I have all the power and every and and if you don't WanNa do that Viacom Diaz and I'll go somewhere else. I won't go anywhere. Doesn't need the money with Michael. Everybody does have some level of price. But he doesn't he. Is there a guy like urban Meyer. There are legacy considerations. Alice Dallas Sousse. Yeah Dallas is going to want I will just say this is the lone Ohio state fan in Ohio state if he were to return to coaching so soon after he said he had to step down for health reasons. He's a four year cooked. Yeah it would be very disappointing to me that he would go back to the ranks of coaching me. Like you said that if you did that you were going to die you know so stale. He is GonNa die when we all will but seemed like that was his main concern rather than now especially because back to the Redskins redskins but that would be better as a state Ohio state fan then seeing him. Go back to college somewhere for you. There's no expectation of winning here so it could be a good choice all all right. We'll get OUTTA here. We'll come back with email jingle. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony. Kornheiser show Tremendous bagpiper covered on the Bagpipe. Donald mcphee Scotland in Scotland. Zach place you'd want Bagpipers Bobby Australia Israeli. What Close enough to the mail bag. We'll bond for coming on the show today. I'd also like to thank our sponsors simply. Safe's were off ski and Citibank. Remember to listen and subscribe to an archived episodes. Tony Kornheiser show wherever you listen to podcasts including apple podcast. spotify Google play radio DOT COM. If you listened to show to I tunes. Please leave Sir. Review from Bob. To freight's defrays in Tucson formerly of Kensington Maryland t woods to the world. I am the captain now Ed from Tim and Lagrange Illinois after listening to today's podcast and his longtime listener and post reader. I wanted to email to say you're not eventual person on a different note. I'm contemplating open up a dry opening up a dry cleaners in your neighborhood. Any advice. It is an anchor store. Yes holidays and keep us less. I'm just not going to come here anymore. More Joe Farrell Mandatory Maryland. The Fox broadcaster said urban. Meyer was in town visiting friends. You think he visited Jack and Mabel down there in the northern neck or maybe tried to visit Agnes and lester sure hope. Urban new agnes in less than move to Burn Boonsboro and by the way everybody who talks to me about listening to Kevin's forecast loved it beyond nailed. It today loved it beyond words. Peter Poke in southern Connecticut imagine my surprise scrolling through the TV channel guide. The hallmark channel had embraced the horror. Genre there it was starting at eight PM when any child or wife of ESPN superstar might stumble upon it and be terrified quote. A town without Christmas hallmark is hallmark is marks in the news and not in a good way hallmarks getting hit by a a bunch of people who are seeking to revise the liberalism of hallmark. Wedding may police. They pulled a same sex kissing ad and then they put it back and apologize last night. Yes Duff mcduffie of course from Virginia Beach Virginia President the Chuck Giselle Fan Club on Friday. Show you read a ban joke about how French horn players kiss like you. The joke joke was lost on me but over the weekend I signed up for -sition and after only two lessons on the APP I played the joke again and now I can't stop laugh. Yeah From chief in Somerville Massachusetts who sits. Please tell Gary that at least some high school students are getting educated on budgeting as well as resume writing and other life skills by the woman to whom I'm related by marriage she. He teaches seniors at acton. Box Row high school located just west of revere differ in Matsuyama Japan. Doc Kornheiser Hoff. I'm writing to answer your question that you had actually on the P. T. I show you asked for who came up with the word emoji. I did the Japanese did it. It is a Japanese word. They were the first to create picture characters for cellular phones. The word emoji literally means picture characters. E means picture emoji means character actor. Wow so I did not know that. Thank you Walter in Arlington it though. Tony My mother-in-law is an art critic. I love listening to show. You can imagine how excited I was when our worlds collided. I asked her about the banana and sheepishly said do you want Oh and then sheepishly said do you want to hear what Mr Tony to say about it and she would no discernible reaction and then when Jeanie said Sebastian whatever should stay in his lane. My mother-in-law said so should tony then the winter weather forecast came on. It's GonNa take a while to claw back. That's funny Ed but now you can insist that your household boycott the hallmark channel next EPA controversy about over-heating. Your home finally. We need to fund a study on health benefits of Johnny Walker Blue From Jack Quigley in Byron Bay Australia Channel Surfing during a commercial break. Rake in the bill steelers game. I stumbled upon Chris. Liz's Georgetown Hoyas playing in the national championship soccer game. Oh Tony should've seen it. The perfect tango dances both teams crafted there novellas with each attack off the pitch. I sure up somebody take that game. So it can be displayed in the National Gallery. Were truly believe past this other man leave Boynton point and Beach Florida and West Hartford Connecticut. We know that somebody paid one hundred twenty thousand dollars for a banana duct taped to a wall but something you said on Friday show. Got Me thinking if if we could get Chris Dutta. Wrap those bananas and plastic. We could sell them for two hundred forty grand This is from boot. eighty-three it's about. Luke you mentioned Luke Russert floaty the picture sorry but most of US liberals think that Luke is a floater. I don't know what that means. I don't know how to say that the Wailing Luca the Wailing Wall Gram. You're missing the greatest instagram account of. Here's one from J. Code S.. Hey guys my name. Is Jake sending you the attached image from Cincinnati Ohio. I received this boogies diner leather jacket as a bar Mitzvah gift in nineteen ninety-three here. We are so many years later. My father kept the jacket I think he's been wearing it since. Nineteen Ninety eight made me think okay you guys love what you do thanks for everything and from. KB in Austin on Fridays podcast. You discussed a psychic. WHO has scamming people out of their money? They can kiss their cash goodbye. That lady will never be caught because she knows where they will be looking for smart. You're out on your bike. Everyone is always wear white and boom goes the dynamite man. I remember this joke and I'm gonNA bring custody. Go uh-huh when you buy did you. They go nick piteously. uh-huh and Scott Including uh-huh shoot. Yeah This show shoot this drops in the the

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