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Lineman for the Indianapolis Colts in the Los Angeles Rams and current <hes> C._E._o.. Of American services and Protection Motivational Speaker and business coach Shaun Harper so we're excited to have sean on this week and we're gonNA talk we're going to talk football but we're talk entrepreneurship parallels with football and we're GonNa talk about how entrepreneurship can often be a game of inches it can often <hes> most of it takes place in the trenches and it's largely invisible to the consumers in the marketplace who observe it most of what we do so I want you to pay. Hey attention to that. <hes> also Sean has this incredible story of being diagnosed with several learning disabilities and being near the bottom of his class <hes> in every academic subject growing up and yet going through a huge paradigm shift from quote Unquote Success to quote unquote winning and we'll talk about what the differences there with him so if this episode ends up proving useful to you and I'm sure it will please be sure to leave us a review you in a five star rating on Itunes don't forget to check the show notes for links to Shawn's website and his free book as well as for the business beyond business business mastermind which you can get by going you can apply to be a part of by going to the Paul Edwards Dot Com right now. We have temporary <hes> mastermind application station <hes> button you can click on the top right there and that'll take you to an application you can fill out and you can see if this is a good fit for you anyway. Okay let's get to it. Let's not delay any further and talk about how to win by inches with Shaun Harper right well. You're in for a treat this week. We've get we're joined by former N._F._l.. Offensive Lineman Shaun Harper formerly with the Indianapolis Colts and the Los Angeles Rams after retiring from the League Sean moved into being the C._E._o.. Of American services and protection which is a security pretty firm based in Ohio and he's also a motivational speaker and business coach loves to bring energy to Entrepreneurs Sean welcome to influence or networking secrets. It's thank you thanks for having me and <hes> let's have fun and let's win today all right. I like that yeah so <hes> I've given the audience a brief little intro to you there but I always like to start with the back story and you know plan in the N._F._l.. is obviously a big thing but so as being an entrepreneur and so as being a motivational national speaker so just give us a little if you would a little bit of a back story how you got to where you are and let let's start there. Though I was probably the least likely person listen to ever achieve a measure of what the World Calls Success I was documented with forty five learning disabilities ladies of kicked out of school two schools because a disciplinary issues <hes>. I left high school the one point six two cumulative G._P._A.. Nine on May seats at one hundred fifty four seniors to graduate. My ranking was one hundred fifty four. I stuttered my entire life. I could not complete a Simpson still college. One of six kids <hes> I went out to a junior college gotcha Mason City Iowa which is a stall within itself and it was around that time I begin to make switches in my life changes and just <hes> <hes> a creating not waiting for creating paradox because I believe that all wealth in all influences happens when there's a paradigm and if if you're able to recognize a paradigm you're able to jump on it and capitalize plummet and <hes> I made a switch from the success success model to the winning model because I understand spoil or it's football but academics Neka Denia in life is teaching me. This word called success which to me is a manmade construct. <hes> the successes for suckers. Okay you play life to win. If life is a game you play to win and when I made that switch from a success model to a win model then I begin to attack challenge it's differently and I was able to go from a not starting in junior college. Starting into blocking for <hes> heisman candidate bond Dunbar drafted. They're picking a four round two rams <hes> seven years professional national football with the Rams Colts Houston for half year. Just I am right the gray and N._F._l.. Europe and then I retired and I took the same aim winning strategies and I applied it to business and I've been in business for <hes> by myself with my own firm for fifteen plus years and I will and I invest as resource which is people and I teach people how to wait so I do <hes> awesome now i. I was intrigued a little bit there when you talked about going from success to win paradigm what's a just one practical practical example of how of how shift occurs there though so we're born to win. We are borne winners that so let's say that let's say the Dallas Cowboys <HES> and they lost every game for ten years. It's in a row you could you could find a ticket on the ground and go to a game but if they won the super bowl four to five years in a row. You can't find a ticket a wise 'cause in our D._N._A.. We are created to win so the win is even deeper than your y. You are created when when I was growing up we would play video games all day right. No we're never going to get to the secret dark level rights but we would have quarter after quarter after quarter. Why because we your traffic through the win just back you're listening to this? PODCAST went on a three to four million. <hes> sales have made it to the egg. That's Your D._N._A.. It's winning and so so until Success Teachers Goals Winning teaches you strategies success teaches you to <hes> <hes> produce winning team hugh to reproduce and Phil. There's inferences and <hes> how you approach you know what really makes makes me laugh. A lot is is <hes> I do a lot of speaking corporate speaking <hes> and <hes> they asked me to speak about teamwork and you want let me to speak about teamwork <unk> from a success model. A success model is a myopic model but if you teach successful in the winning model that's ask different neither throws bigger than the collective and and <hes> now you can bring that out and now you can <hes> <hes> galvanize people's strengths towards a goal and is in in primarily in how people are thinking talking about it. They're thinking about it that they're they're automatically winning regardless of what happens. I'm curious about that. Like what's the language that's going on on your head when you're adopt making this shift <hes> winning is for me getting to a a point a moment <hes>. How can you bring an entire organization to point to a particular US US sector a section on like you making your earnings? That's a win either you because I you know I've watched stock market right so either you make your earnings earnings or you miss your case. That's the benchmark that's where you're going and once you have a finite point now you can lead you can develop you can bring your team to get to that point. The thing about successes at success is not static which means success Emanuel's were Nice. We were successful. No we lost lost yeah interesting interesting so something the audience might have heard me say what I've observed with with winning. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa lean heavily on football here. Obviously something you know well. <hes> and I'm just a spectator. You know armchair quarterback. I've never played the sport on a even in little league or anything like that. I played it in school just running around playing touch football and all that but <HES> I love how the game is so often winning by inches. I love how you know all you sometimes. All you got to think about is getting that one yard. That's left to get a fresh set of downs right and you don't have to worry about for the moment you don't have to worry about. How are we going to score when we get to the end zone or anything of that kind of thing so but you know at the same time as I've paid attention to football. I heard Ray Lewis say this. He said <hes> eighty percent of football is fought in the trenches meaning meaning in the position among other positions the one you played on the line and I think that's a great metaphor for entrepreneurs here is because I think most of what we do that generates the success is invisible to the consumer or to the client yes right now. I would dare to say that everyone listening right now. If you you know even the even even even if you're a die hard hard football fan I were to ask you right now in a write down the name of the five starting offense of Lyman they couldn't they watch the game every day. Ah every week you're watching bang. They're out there. You don't see it. You don't see the work. You don't see the sweat you don't see the stress you don't see the grind leaned three four o'clock in the morning about workers comp about payroll forecasting out two or three months to three years two years out <hes>. What's the <hes> the the the downside the upside strategies. You don't see that <hes> but the results if you have the right momentum mindset and team is monumental <hes> so yes. It's it's what I liken it can to is corporate. America is like swimming in a pool. You have boundaries in. Oh you have best practices says you know being a being being. An entrepreneur is like swimming in the ocean. You better know the difference between eighteen dolphin and a shark about a half. That's a good analogy. It is a totally different mindset is totally different strategy that you have to understand and develop over the years <hes> to win at it. Yeah yeah no I I I was so let me let me ask you a question. I know this is going back a few years but I I my guess is. You can probably remember some of it when you're on that line. All we see on T._V.. Is a bunch of huge guys go kind of close in on each other and they're tossing back and fourth but I've heard enough explanations about it to know that there's a lot more going on there. There's there's all this internal communication Salaam. You know these gestures. Maybe these slight moves. If you've got a really good strong quarterback like Brady or manning who's going to be calling an audible and suddenly things switch up right so tell me a little just humor me for a moment because I'm fascinated to get to talk somebody who's actually done it. What's how fast those things happening and what's what's. What's it like though so let's let's take a quarterback who I think is one of the greatest quarterbacks not because he with the colts but because well he was a coach on the field that was <hes> Peyton manning and he comes to the line and we have a preset <unk> set a attack which means I'm going to left tackle. I'm GonNa Block the defense event. He's writing when blocking and then he'll say a code word like easy easy easy so real nice simple word but that lets us know that audibles coming and once he gives it audible you have maybe two and a half to three seconds to make the adjustment so instead of me hitting now the defensive. Van I'm going for the Will Linebacker Akkar or I'm GonNa Scoop with the Left Guard to go up to the will linebacker and and if I mess up if I don't get that audible just like that a quarterback could get sacked. Running backs definitely won't get hit and I mess up a few times and I'm not going to have a job <hes> <hes> offensive linemen. We don't work together. We work as one every step pat add level <hes> actually Kinda good that we don't have individual notoriety because we do our business in the dark. Yeah Yeah loopless. It's very ruthless in the trenches that just shows I mean it's the same thing like the average consumer's perceptions options of a of a product or service. You provide <hes> the the inner machine. Whatever business will does so much stuff. It's like when I think about you know as large scale product that everyone would recognize our our iphones. You know this this thing is I mean it's it's unbelievably sophisticated but all we think of as you can look at facebook on so anyway I I was. I'm fascinated to hear I'm fascinated to hear that because the more I learn about it <hes> you know the all these little noises you hear prior to the snap and I'm saying to each other. What what does that mean. You know so thank you for sharing that. I appreciate that low problem now. I don't want to imply by ascribing this degree of importance to the linemen that great offensive playmakers defensive ends and all that are relevant you you can imagine my relief is a Denver Broncos fan that they've picked up Joe FLACCO FLACCO in the off season like squeeze at dinner. Didn't you squeeze your favorite team that you know wha- depressed ever since two thousand fifteen it was Britain's last season. I loved having it was a great run but anyway <hes> you're okay so so let's let's. Let's take this your your coaching executives entrepreneurs whatever to balance this focus <music> lineman on the other side make it possible for those long range players to do what they do but those long range players still need to be able to do what they do you better than the opponents can react to <hes> so. I've observed as as an entrepreneur. I observe <hes> the challenge for me while I'm still solo and I don't have a team behind me. Let me think of an organized team. You know you go back and forth. Do I get bogged down in the details and minutia or do I bite the bullet spend the money remain the executive and delegate <hes> so you know talk a little bit about that with with an Entrepreneur C._e._o.. What's the what consequences do we face. If we want to start doing the offensive line's job and not delegating getting into outsourcing it dangerous. You know what honestly that is bad as one of my greatest weaknesses is because I see things that Oh you know this. This is going to cost us. This is going to cost us six months from now so now I want to jump in and save the day but only have so much capacity for that so my office manager gently kicks out the office. This is what you have to leave because I'm too much micro them not focused on the macro and that that that is so dangerous because braces you in in a in a reactionary mindset and as long as you are reacting acting you can never proactive okay so you have to physically pull yourself out of the situation and allow other people to focus focus on that deal with the stress of that in bits that while your minds always thinking scaling and Growth Scaling in growth scheduling and growth this going to be fires eighty percent of what I should be doing is scaling in growth twenty percent of focusing on problems eighty percent scaling gambling and growth in network your network is your net worth so you need to have those people you can you can lean on and form relationships with and and one of the things that that I have recommended. Is You have to start looking at these websites like freelancer or fiber. Look deep find someone one. Who can maybe take a little bit of that off your plate. You have to go through about four or five of them and I went through about fifteen twenty of them but when you find Oh oh my Gosh Gosh. He's like when you find hey I can handle this. I live in Bulgaria but I can handle this handle. It less row because that sees mine four five six o'clock in the morning because most entrepreneurs are early risers is just say okay. Now I can plot knockin plan to take over the know world. I found a new <hes> a thumbnail designer in Germany for my podcasts that the old the one I had she was doing mainly for Youtube and I started getting away from Youtube because I wasn't getting any traffic out of it but on the podcast side I couldn't use youtube sized thumbnails so I needed somebody who could do the right dimensions nations in I had one person and then he kinda disappeared so then I found the sky in Germany and he's just pam like get him same day and it's wonderful yeah. It's awesome. Someone like you know what now you are which is which is another very very important word for entrepreneurs now. You're leveraging. Does your organization and more importantly. You're leveraging the most important commodity time yeah that's it's far more scarce than money. Anybody hasn't noticed yeah okay another another <hes>. Actually you know what you've already answered that question so let's let's move over here and talk a little bit more about what you've got going on Sean Number One. You've got this great business that you're running there in Columbus and American security and protection services so following the N._F._l.. Tell me a little bit about the story there. Why did why did you go into that particular line of work well once <unk> I retired my brother actually owned company and I had brought into the company and so I was more more like a silent partner with a travel and do it? I have to do whatever I was in town. <hes> you know what I'm I'm in the office. I have an office you know. Make things happen and you know throw the Pencil at you and you back on the road and so around two thousand thousand four hundred of situations stanzas I basically took over the entire operation and so I've been running it every since and so I was running and I rehab I am running the company since two thousand four been speaking on the side running the business and then speaking on the side and slowly begin begin to mushroom any begin to grow and begin to consume my passion. I love investing in new rose graders resource for just people and so now I'm at the point now where you know what I need to head on out someone to run the company. Here's Oughta make drinks. This is what I'm looking for and allow me to pour in invest in people full-time <hes> because I because I've learned and this is just one hundred percent honesty. Is that if you're not all in it's really hard to balance the two. It's really hard to say I'm going to be a professional will be handled a professional full time C._E._O.. It's not fair. It's not fair to people who I work with and it's not appear to community flying somebody who can handle it he or she is GonNa make a lot of mistakes have a lot of grace but you capture in recaptured time to invest in people and that's awesome process of doing right now yeah yeah no I agree with you. I see people and I've known people who are entrepreneurs and they've got their our hands in like five different pies and wonderful people but what ends up happening is one of those pies usually gets the bulk of their attention. Maybe two and then the other three. They just you know get to imagine when you can and doesn't doesn't really pan out Oh so on the speaking side I I've seen the same thing right whenever I get up and speak whenever I volunteered to M._C._a.. Local event like I've done of M._C.. Miss America pageants out here and stuff like that that happens. It's amazing who comes out of the woodwork who was watching. You're listening to you wants to build with you. How's that been free? I mean you carry some degree of notoriety already having played the N._F._l.. Talbott what's what's the return like for you not that you're deliberately doing it for the return but because you know it's all about sewing into people but what's the return like for you in speaking aging in and going out there and in investing in people so <hes> about two hours ago I said and I hope this is not been your your audience like God. I want to bless five hundred people board day at WanNa be able to have the numbers to Shaun Harper has invested in order into five hundred people a day and whatever ever comes back that's fine but one thing I've learned is this it doesn't come to you can't get through and so instead of looking so much after return turn just expect to return in keep plowing and keep moving ahead. I've had wealthy for podcast. People asked me to come speak events and you know purchase my first book from working on the second one and <hes> some events are are very awesome. Sleep vents are challenging but I'm just just throwing it out there. I'm just like throwing it out there. Just throwing it out there. <hes> and I'm not even worried about the return is going to happen. It has to happen because I believe in loss I am activating the law of sewing and repeat and you know what he will come back to you you know and and by the way that the language of sowing and reaping and God is more than welcome on this podcast as well you cannot shut let me up about the roots of Jesus Christ to talk about that but <hes> but yeah no exactly that's that's the same principle I write about my book is you. It's the whole concept of what I call radical generosity right. It's not something that a lot of people when I say say that people think guys who write big checks to foundations and stuff like that and there are people I know who are radically generous who also write big checks to big doc foundations but that's not what it is I it's any number of things and I think probably the most effective one <hes> is is flapping your lips on behalf of somebody else you know taking time to promote publicise and and prosper another human human being besides yourself yes yes that's huge and and <hes> unfortunately in our current society that's lagging. It's lagging big time. If you just look at the titles Iphone I had ipod me <hes> I I need to take a Selfie just individual the big individually and honestly that's not that's not the way we were created loop. We are as interactive being and <hes> I mentor a lot of us do tons of like school assemblies also right and <hes> whenever I see a youth in trouble having issues at home or what the first thing is. I attacked his number one. What's going on with your your mother? Relationship was going on with your father. Relationship 'cause rebellion opens a lot of doors but the second thing I attack is what's going on with your associates associates. Have you withdrawn. Are you isolated and that's my major red flag out. Hang out no more you know I just exit a lot. I in oh I do email had read that is a red flag because we need communication where we also need intimacy actually see we need that connection. The sit next to a person have a cup of coffee and say you know what I'm having a rainy day or you know what this is happening in that energy as is is able not only to uplift live it will encourage it will transform so I am big on connecting with people <hes> you've probably read <hes> my strength is made perfect in weakness. That's exactly what that verse means is. We are open to sharing the uglier side of ourselves not not not pride fully right after you have to be sorry that that's the way you sometimes feel but if you're willing to put that out there if you're a here's here's what I've done. Yes I'm proud of it. I'm I want to do better but I know that if I keep it bottled up inside all it does just fester like a wound that isn't being treated hurt. Rejection anger always destroys the container that it's held got it radiates eventually it will leak out you know you'll be surprised of of some of the high energy people motivational speakers. Here's keynotes that I speak to privately. They're like you know what man this is. This is this is what I'm dealing with. This is what I'm struggling with in and and I'm so angry inside the angry because we will have a platform to share that and still be humid. It's just like going to church. That's one of my knocks against I mean I I love God. I Love Church. What am I knox is that you know what where can we share our weaknesses at by can't stand up Sunday the morning but you know what man I'm struggling with alcoholism? You know I'm struggling with drugs. The number one prescribed medicine in America's antidepressants like really you know. We're struggling yeah I I have I have somewhere. I have a somewhere for you to start on that mentioned that and I and I'm not implying that you don't have an answer to that because I know there's a rhetorical parts of that but <hes> a couple a couple months ago. A friend sent me a youtube video and I can send it to you on email of T._d.. Jakes and Stephen Fertig have you. Have you heard that they had yes in T._d.. JAKES actually says there's greatness in your pastor and I wanna be a soft landing place for greatness to come and say I'm mad or I'm this. This is what I got a revelation from God or I'm I'm hurt because sometimes being great ain't so great you know that's what he says. Yeah it hurts and what even hurts more oftentimes as lonely at the top is very few people who you can just say you know what this is what's happening because everyone is pulling everyone's pulling on it went pulling on pulling all u <hes> in his Berry. Dang is very dangerous to give from an empty space race is yeah you go you go and you so all of this love and to people but it but you walk home Amta yes especially especially entrepreneurs. This is how we get caught up in a lot of stuff a lot aww stuff and a lot of unhealthy stuff because Around like who am I gonNA talk to Yes. That's a very lone spouse to be so then you look for things that kind of take that pain away you know now we do. We try to medicate consolation for for for the greatness that you've allowed to flow through you know and it's coming. It's it's one of those things it's not like. God doesn't see what's going on but as a as a as a means means of refining your character even further very often we have to we have to go through that and I you know I would join you in saying look you have to find people along on the journey who you can go to and you can just you know let all that vomit out for a little bit. You can get back to because you know we're told we will we will reap a harvest in due season. If we don't give up a lot of people are are tempted area especially entrepreneurs to to give up. Yes yes ninety over ninety percent. Don't use the word small business. I think that's a horrible word. I used to wear emerging gene business so ninety percent of all emerging businesses fail within the first five years sin actually and <hes> it's it's it's because of a lack of skilled resources in network and a part of that network is someone who you can say hey. I need help yeah for sure well. I'm past year one. Ah Worried about you. You got the you got the heck yes. You got the IT already yeah. It was like I was like man. You guys are professional good yeah. I've just you know if I'm I'm using what God has given me. I have been through a lengthy trial of the kind we're talking about and and that's what gives me a lot more strength but you know I mean the reality is <hes> just two days ago. I was in southern California. <hes> and I talk. I shouldn't give this away. 'cause I talked about this on Friday's episode but I downloaded the song and I suddenly realize caught up in the spiritual realm and I realized realized I was looking at eternity but the lyrics of the song were out. Have you been praying and yet you haven't seen the promised promised land you know I was weeping gently through this whole thing not because I was angry but just because sense the longing and there's nothing you can really do with it so for what it's worth I mean it's it is something that that you continually go through but the nice thing is the longer you stick with it. The the less <music> the less it becomes a problem in the more it just becomes genuine union and intimacy with God yeah and and honestly I'm the strongest when I'm on my face I I am laying on praying mezei listening. I'm listening that that is that is that is a skill set that every entrepreneur have to develop apt to be able to see what's not seeing and you have to be able to listen to what's not being said in the the end in the spirit and have to be able to listen like you know what I'm getting a download or I'm getting this or something's happening here. Something's happening there. <hes> <hes> that's huge in be able to to to to not react but respond according very very good advice to listen to what's not being said most people only listen to what's being said and that they don't interpret very well as as it is but we have to listen to the silent voice and then interpret what's being said in the process so yeah and then half the time Info that silent voice contradicts all Lod Dick and rationale right. It's like I want you to do this or I want. You did give thousand dollars here and like I'm trying to make payroll right now. I want you to forgive this person like you know about half hour our right right before this podcast little blow up with my office manager you know because right your numbers from C._E._O.. And <unk> I'd come in the office and I'm like disruptor office and I'm like yeah blows up and then I blow a weapon and I walk out in that still small voice call her make peace and apologized. Do you apologize to her like no yes I will. I guarantee you this. I guarantee you now that I've now that we are talking. We're talking right now. Had I not listened to the C._E._O.. Is podcast has probably would have went totally different totally different directions yeah oh absolutely yeah and I and I'm just meeting for the first time but I've have I have been in enough leading up to is situations leading up to an important station or conversation or something like that and and if I have poisoned the morning with Nat interactions and it's not always stuff that I've done it. Sometimes it's stuff that other people have done in two weeks but I haven't handled it correctly and and and the things he asked us to do I I like it when you ask him a question and he the answer you by asking another question. That has what you're talking about. I mean clearly clearly mouth. Manager was long you know but I right but that's but that's good see 'cause with looking from outside the Goldfish bowl ice. I know from numerous times. I've been through that that that is a positive thing that's happened even though in the logical the naturalize is yes it was the inverse of what you might think should have happened so it's that's a fascinating subject. We could talk about that for a while so I love that yeah also yeah it's been it's been great having you on Sean. I'd love to have you back some time but <hes> where should we send people if they want to get to know you more. Maybe look at bringing you on a speaker that kind of thing. What's the best place for us to send him? My website is Shaun Harper Dot Org Sean with a W. S. H.. A. W. and H. E. R. P._R.. Orgy or you can go to any search engine and type and Shaun Harper. I got tons of great content on social media via facebook instagram twitter shine with a W. Lincoln <hes> you have. There's information on there. If you want to reach out you can definitely just you know fill out the form <hes> I will probably call you. Although I have a staff. I'M GONNA call you because I want to talk to you. I WanNa hear feel your presentation to discern whether if this is an engagement or is this an assignment vince difference difference and <hes> yeah I'm still at that personable level not pray the got always be at that level <hes> so yeah anytime just reach reach out hit the website Commie and we'll win and if you are a public speaker or if you are an entrepreneur you know if you're struggling you know don't listen hit that website up call me <hes> no charge. Just you know I will talk with you out. Pray with you. You know <hes> <hes> in we'll get through we'll get through it and that's awesome awesome love at Sean. Thanks so much for coming on <hes> any final final thoughts any final words you want to pass on. We got a few minutes here <hes> well. If life is a game you play the wind will you will you will get knocked down in life. You will get knocked down like that's just the resistance. That's the filtering mechanism that filters out the pretenders from the winners you will but when you get knocked down if you can look up you can get up mhm speaking from a spiritual perspective. The Bible doesn't talk about success. Paul talks about Iran. The race I one talks about winning is not success. The fullest expression of who you are mentally physically spiritually emotionally socially and let that is winning yeah what we're here for. Don't just produce me produce as what we do like it. I like it. My friend will thanks so much for stopping by and we will forward to having you back again soon or right. That's a win. Thank you so much. 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