Messi to MLS? Why now NOW?! Plus, Pulisic/Adams vs. Davies/David ... Who you got?


You're listening to stress I, driven by continental you feel that. I feel a lot better. Bob extratime me see. How I find out what's going on in the MLS maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To try to cook up some great stuff for you guys. Here from New York New York, you are listening to extra time driven by continental from finally Brooklyn, in my apartment I we with my partners in Soccer David Goss David? Goss. I said same again. Doyle. Failing God did you run? I. Don't know why did that I didn't even hear it. You're staring at your little box and I just said your name twice and actually doyle was kind of blurry. So maybe It's kind of the same silhouette and it's the second shot. Joe Now it's very similar. So we fire now I if I'm well rested though like In this this meeting for two hours waiting to do this show and schedule and you come in and you're going to try and throw a flaming here I bat brown. I don't I don't. I'm not going to use the term I WANNA use with that because I think is inappropriate but it was only about an hour after we were supposed to start so not to. Away I, understand you're tired this morning. You're a little grumpy Dave. You stayed up past midnight. You'd Watch Phil Dallas I did not make it that far personally I did on the whole time and the whole time I was like I'm not GonNa Watch this I'm not GonNa stay up and watch this, and then by the time I, got the seventy fifth and I was like this one hundred percent get end zero zero now. Now I'm going to stay for the rest of it and I was pretty pissed off because Santiago Mascara, and that almost went out for throwing and I was like if I'm here you should be awaken here for this. I hate you right now geography scare I knew I couldn't turn that game on by the way those you didn't watch this thing eight thirty PM start time eastern time. Midnight. Seven minutes after midnight. This thing actually went I knew if I turned it on I, wouldn't turn it off. So I, will self care I did not turn it on. Anybody else while you watch Kaelin your your west coast. You don't me more right I know that time. What's the latest kickoff we've had so far 'cause I I feel like we had a view in. In the muscles back tournament too I think this was the latest I. Think this was like twelve o eight am east coast time I'm pretty sure this was latest in it was like who's pretty obvious Once they got two and a half hours into the rain delay that they were GonNa play this come hell or high water. I'm just that we didn't have a post game show. I would Somewhere. Chris Carriage started twitching. I watched the first fifty, five minutes it'd be. To Be Fair the first twenty minutes of the game were pretty great both getting after it in wants Dallas missed a couple chances. Nashville just got a lot more comfortable in I mean it's bunker the they played deep in. Thanks before and Dallas right now are really struggling with any of their with any of their up. So what Dallas was good at last year was shuttling the ball from the back the front. They had very clear patterns of play and very clear responsibilities and they executed that. Well, they weren't obviously they weren't as good in the final third, which is not unusual for young teams or teams that are coached by young managers they are still. Very, poor in the final third in terms of coordinated off the ball movement So they're not creating any danger hardly any danger. But what was striking last night was I didn't actually have much luck. Even advancing to the final third in the first place you know Santiago Santos and Brian Costa are playing is kind of. Santos is a true number six and a Costa supposed to be the number eight, and there's an overlap of where these guys want to get the ball and neither is really great at driving the game forward with the ball on their foot or even really progressive passing. So they weren't able to sort of break. Nashville defensive shape into credit. Their defensive shape is just like very sounded very basic and everybody's body in and you have DAX McCarty and Anabol- Godollo very good players sitting in front of that defense. They're like, okay. We know you'RE GONNA turn the ball over so we're just going to counterattack you win a national generated twenty one shots just playing off of Dallas's mistakes if they're better finishing neither directions good of ended differently. was definitely a better game than Wednesday. So gear ending forward for the other teams. You'd hope to see over the course of this week into the next week that that same thing Yao's which is more aggressive play a more open game as you said. So at least we have that going for. US although we didn't have. We of Nashville in people out there are GonNa be like Oh my God Nashville gets four points in two games a Dallas. When we spend Buri. Minutes document how dialysis shape is crap and they can't push the ball four and we know you're in love with Dallas. Paxton palm going Reggie. Cannon. We'll get to Reggie and everything that in a second but let's refocus to Nashville. Exactly who we thought they'd be. At this point if they do it well, then there are competitive team in MLS, they cannot score. They have no influence top. Balji had chances in this game. But shown I think his limitations in what he's willing to do with the ball. He's quick to shoot rather than try and take anyone on to get into a better position. How Muktar was a little bit better you can see at times if he picks up the ball a little deeper, he can turn off as a defensive midfielder charge at a backline force them to make a decision but there was no end product and that and otherwise doyle said to good defensive midfielders a pretty solid at center. Who can both S S A thing? In Kadoorie can both pass. So they do get quickly get out onto the break. No, and there was a few opportunities Dax had one that put just over bodies ad from across Mukhtar had a chance off across from also Johnson got his first ever start So they're solid defensively and they don't have a ton of ways to create goals. They need teams to come forward on them to allow them into transition but if they are solid defensively in that means legitimately getting shut outs than there every but the thing the caveat here is like this, it's march. It's march in the MLS season right now and every March we see some team get out to a hot start by playing sit encounter usually it's the impact, right? Usually the impact. Of their first six games enrolling while his teams. Awesome. Of the differences that had Yati. yes. That's the difference. But this you know the question, the question is GonNa be for Nashville is do they eventually? Find someone who starts putting those chances away. I mean Alan. Wilson. On ice pick up but it's not going to be him they I think they do probably need a a top tier number nine. They've been winked Maxxie Romero maybe that'll happen And the other thing with Nashville though is maybe they can actually do this better than most teams do because they have Walker Zimmerman Walkers of best eleven caliber centreback in his prime. So even when teams are able to get through that midfield, he's putting out fires and then they've been really good. Dave Romney was you know? Kind of maligned for that Galaxy team the past couple of years. But so far in twenty twenty, he's into really good next Zimmerman. So there's just there's a strength up the spine of this team, and if they get guys who are opportunistic it wouldn't shock me at all if they were Not, a top team, but certainly a spoiler in the Eastern Conference and there's a Chad Marshall Theorem a great centreback makes an okay centreback better next to them and like we've seen it in Columbus I, think if you times you've had good centrebacks and then Josh Williams has got a ton of minutes at everyone's like just Williams. A really good player in this league in it's like agreed but also you're playing next to a great centreback. Your entire team becomes better life becomes so much easier and I think that's what you're seeing. Whether it was a good centreback another side I just WanNa throw this out there Matt Hedges I. Remember He was drafted I, remember covering him. He was the George John Replacement Way back in the day for FC Dallas two, hundred, forty, seven regular season games for him in this match against national that ties Jason Kreis for the all time regular season record in Dallas sisters. That's pretty cool. Vermont hedges a one club Man Image League Soccer Franken Hara plan the Tan I give. A Quick Matt. Hedges Shout, which is obviously I go down two thousand DGA Cup every year and he comes out every single tournament. He knows the kids on the youth teams and they know him and he comes and watches the Games when he doesn't have to I don't think any other first team player comes and he's part of that entire club top to bottom and he's one of the best people in mls I wants Chapman that was a good that was decided like. Played Club football with that Ray, Gallison Perry kitchen same club team in. In Indianapolis. War will be. Cut City Kaelin you've been sitting back and he's been waiting for that waiting for. The right in that. Regard played the tenderness game. That's not what I expected him to play when he got the Dallas but I will see what would she decides going forward Paxton. Comical again they look best when he's there but thirty degrees busker Kinda made the allusion to this think it sounds like it's probably true easy to come off the bench coming out early that sounds like Maybe a minute restriction and maybe that means that they're trying to keep him healthy keep him goods. We can make a move the summer tvd on that one we'll talk about unders reporte more. If you have thoughts FC Dallas fans how they should use him. Let us know on that one but I did get the bobby warshaw scouting in the group chat. The other night and We'll share that here. When he it's a little bit closer to playing for FC Dallas this I want to talk about it's important. They did not play the national anthem this game they were going to with the players in the locker room, and then because of the weather delays in the lightning banded up being so late that from. Just like a noise standpoint in Frisco, they weren't gonNA play anyway but you've probably seen on your social channels whether it's instagram or twitter the Hashtag we kneel together. That's players throughout major league soccer going on a border reggie cannon, and again you know we're extra time stands black lives matter mls black we stand with Reggie his words, his actions everything so commendable. But he got death threats for it and there was a statement from the beer. Guardians Joe WanNA point out and have everybody go check out if they haven't already about their support for Reggie, I, WanNa bod them the supporters Vesey dials for their. Directness but say in putting out and saying that there's also some statements you can read from mls in the Hans NFC DALLAS But now reggie cannons got transferred rumors in Tom Bogart's out here doing work as he has been doing recently same Barnsley from the championship involved Also, there was some tweets and I'm not gonNA. Say these are like you know this is a gospel here at Lewis dollar own I like I could make twitter account if I really want to. Think he's doing that this is an FC Dallas Fan who was at the game said, Reggie came over to us the hall of fame on the way out and all but confirmed his exit from Dallas one of our own Hashtag dowse till I die Oh and as far as his destination says, Louis Dollar who as far as we know as a real person. For the purpose of this conversation, Reggie was laughing with us some people around joked about learning French so Yeah. He laughed when they joked about learning French I don't know what that means. I do know the time bogert. So the Barnsley's end forum. What are we dollar? Also nobody I know what it means. It means that there's a French club in for for Reggie? Well. Yeah. But it's like a guy in the hall of fame who's tweeting afterwards and they're making jokes about French and Reggie's laughing. It's not exactly like Reggie is sitting here saying, Hey, lagoon where I'm going you know but we can bring it is we're smaller sign also reporting you going to give me your grill so. If I put out in the world maybe it'll be true. It's not Guy Lewis dollar side I cleaned the grill last night you can. You can come over and social distance grill with me but you cannot have the grill already Sign reported. That's all I'm saying let's. Talk Real quick about Barnsley is I. I don't watch a lot of championship football but a lot of people do talk to me over the past few days. Is this rumor has sort of gotten a it's not even rumored to report. Now has gotten out there artfully there a small team, but they're trying to be what Brentford were this year analytics heavy scouting the world for younger players trying to find guys that they can sell on at a profit in the idea with Reggie cannon is. That, they can get him on a good deal and then in eighteen months or twenty four months that get flipped him eight figures to. A primarily team So that's the Barnsley one for for the French one You know I think I would pay a lot of attention to that. If I was in FC Dallas Fan you know that if buzzes putting out at third degree that there's something to it, we talk a lot about the as far as sort of. Development of American players and also as a selling league potentially. But if you look at in the sales that come out of there. Mary League to. I mean it is. It is nuts to upper level, just the PSG from within the League. I mean, the amount of money flying around is pretty significant Jalen if you were Reggie and if I was by the way, if I was Reggie, I will be like, let's do this US move this summer. Let's do it right now and anybody. would. You rather go to a crappy team in the cloudy English Midland's or would you rather go to the Mediterranean coast in Trenton me to France Baby? I'm going to France if I'm ready but I'm moving, it's time he told us on this show like what was it maybe even less than six months ago is why he resigned. Yeah. This was all setup for this moment to make this move and that was a discussion with Dallas doing. What would you do if you're reggie cannon? What would you be thinking about? Why I think you know I thought it was actually surprising that he was so honest about it when he came on our show and said that yet that was part of resigning was kind of with the promise that this is going to happen at some point. Now he said he didn't know how the you know the pandemic would affect. Beings, and whether we would be able to restart a molested because this was when he was I think you said he was taking us all his garage door at this point of is. Under the direction of A. Berhalter by the which I thought was awesome awesome. But but I think this is good for Reggie and good for Dallas because. Look there has been a couple times where guys left either too early or a little bit too late, and they never really got that opportunity to to sell a player on and for that Kademi all those guys that are continuing to come through whether it's Pakistan or whether it's happy or any of these other young players that are on kill. Sad your boy. Happy. Know Edwin Syria come on. US. Outside when Syria. I mean. With, that academy I think they got to sell you know we see the same conversation around Brennan Aaronson Mark Mckenzie in Philadelphia and just the eagerness to try and move these guys on Reggie I. think sort of Said like, Hey, I want I want to be that example so I, think that's something that. would be having now as far as where goes. I don't think the Barnes move would be a problem although you know moving the weather and all that but I think he would do well in the championship and I think that if you do well in that champion in the championship. mean the primarily is right there and if you have, yeah, you can do that from league on maybe that has. Maybe. A I don't know maybe it's a little different style of play and more clubs from all over going to be seeing you play at that top tier play. But I I think I don't know it depends on the glove and who's coming in with the money and who who wants you the most at some point. GotTa do it I mean I, think. Of question marks about some of the culture side and part of that is just because we haven't seen a ton of Americans go there. You know we know that you can walk the middle speak English and understand what's going on around you pretty quickly. But speaking French is a different story and not everybody's going to be Michael Bradley and learn every language every club that they go to I'll. Rewrite it would be ready. I. Would say that he's got that like even when you talk to him like he's he sounds like Tyler Adams he sounds like sounds like these guys that are Mazer focus. Yeah he's dialed in. So I think you get as far as did that's a big part of the adjustment going abroad is is Kenya Handle and Yet and I went on trial and Dole. Jim have gone over to Europe as a young player and I just remember being. Stuck in a small small town by yourself even just on trial for a couple of weeks in behind men this is this is different. This is tough. So I think he he's ready for it and I think this is this is the right time. By the way also, you assume if you can do is progressing in the fifty s from burkhalter beginning some time with the national team with a squad full of players that are also highly rated at this point there's kind of a welling tied there maybe that helps them as well. I I would also say. I guess this is a weird thing to say because he's a fullback but we're in the time of Alphonso Davies where like Davies towns stands out as a game-breaker bridget cannons a player who's going to be better around better players I think he'll rise to the level of competition, but he's so clean on the ball. He's a connector. You see the way he tries to direct things with Dallas he wants to be in. A system that fits him around players that he can feed that feed him. So when I look at him going over, it's the fit within the group that I'm looking at not what's the highest level you can play at I? Think he can produce if he's in the right group where he has the pieces around him to play off early early betting right now reggie cannon, not really if more like wind moves the. Will he be success in what kind of success but what do you think? I. Think he'll I think he'll be a success. It young his his progress as a soccer player has been amazingly win here. If you think about, you know where he was regarded as a recruit for a college team that is one year at Ucla his first year analysts he didn't play his second year. He won the starting job struggle at the start of the season was very good at the end of the season his third year, he made it the national team and was one of the best right backs in the league's going big goals in the playoffs and You know looking the I mean if you think about how he played for the national team against Costa Rica, this was a Costa. Rican eighteen or eight minus team really back in January somebody on the US make a plight breakdown bunkered and Reggie was smart enough to figure out his game. IQ Is so high is able to figure out wins overlap in how to get into the like it was just it was a high Q. Soccer pipe and I think that you could take a guy like that. Who has that I q you could drop them almost any leak I don't think he is a star for by Munich Or. Champions League semi-finalists FOR RB Leipzig type of talent. But I do think like a below that I could see him ending up at like a Moenchengladbach or evolves spurred or something like that or like a team outside of the top six in England I think that is. That is like a very realistic ceiling Karachaganak maybe a little higher level. Those teams are talking about I don't disagree with you but I think comp is a career like Toronto where like you are first on the team sheet is not gonNA. Wow you. As you said, and I don't think he makes it to that High Champions League level but I think he's a solid European starter year-in-year-out. He's in the pool at right back on the depth chart high up the depth chart for ten years. And he's a player that doesn't lose games doesn't make mistakes and I think he's a guy who if he gets to the right spot, he's a guy that like clubs and fans will fall in love with I. Dream I dream of Toronto's coming out of the. Academy system into asking I just my dream like how many run can we make like? Let's make all of the Toronto's. Let's make A. Big One day in for the national team, you know, we really need him to develop MBA starter because I think it changes the way the the rest of the team can function and we've talked so much about Tyler Adams where he can fit. But if you have reggie cannon there at right back that allows you to do a lot of different things with with Adams. I mean, it's like. Yes. We're spoiled a little bit right now is nationally fans but like think about Canadian national events, I'm watching not Byron Barcelona game and you know an Alfonzo gets that isolation against tomato unlike Mike will he is he going to do this man and he just like roasted on spits for the better part of thirty five seconds? Funds, Davies. We've just raved about him on the show over and over and over and over, and we'll do it again I'm killing when you watch this game when you think about the idea of a Canadian international being maybe the top left back in the world one of the best left-back in the world period if not be best. It's honest. It's Kinda on spiring. It's incredible. I. Mean Dave. You in DC for that opener for Audi field and we saw that incredible goal and we were both just Kinda. We're behind the goal when it happened when scored like Oh my God. Did we actually see that happen talking about leaner progression I. Mean That's how funds Davies except it's on steroids like you know the curve is straight up doing when you watch this game, what what emotions go through what thoughts go through how much jealousy do you have for Canada? I'm happy for Canada. I don't know I mean I think. Yeah. I don't know do I. Wish he was playing the national team absolutely but I mean it's just it's just amazing to see and I reflected remember back to texting Patrice Burn. A while ago when he was just starting to get minutes in mls and had some really a bright moments where I was like, hey, how good could this guy be and patrice like dude he's for real and like. Every time I feel like you just continued to defy expectations as. From, one appearance to the next and in-in-in this play. I mean. The confidence that he has now where he's just he's just wearing a guy up and then you know at each step, you're thinking that he's you kind of get that feeling as a young player especially sometimes things are a little bit rushed and when you're moving at a fast base that's even harder sometimes where you just you're just happy beat the guy but then he just kind of takes that extra momento pause and then just kind of glides by the next and then you think he's going to cross a just has that extra bit of calmness to his game to which is rare to see for such a young player number one and then. Someone who's also moving that at that type of speed and a and against clubs like Barcelona and those player. So yeah. He he just has that that confidence going and then when you when you put it into a little bit of quality, I think even the mental piece of it where he's a young guy and he fully is enjoying himself whether on Tiktok or or on the pitch but he's also i. don't know he's confident and he- He kinda knows who he is So I think it's it's been amazing to see and then the crazy part I mean on I talk about it it's site where does he go from here? Is Your. Already doing this. At at at. One of the biggest clubs in the world, and you could go on and stay Byron Win. Champions League for the next ten years But. Then also you're like city come get them. Does Barcelona does Madrid like it it's it's incredible to think that some buddy from the whitecaps academy and you know who had some great moments in mls and but is now doing it at this level. So quick. So. Can I just ask? Tyler Adams goes to Leipzig in place the national team and he's a Centerman mls and then he plays I write back and everyone. freaks out but then Davies is a winger and MLS and then goes to buy Munich and now plays left back. And like we don't talk about it, and that's fine like he's the best left back in the world or one of the top five is the progression not for him to move back to outside mid like is this is position now. My brother literally texted me during that game after that moment and said, is Alphonso Davies Gareth Bale You know 'cause Gareth Bill was kind of like that. He started in the back and. Do, just fly just fly floor, get ahead of steam be people and and run pass on your better than most in the final third. So you have the space in time get it done as Alphonso He asked me that was like my God he might be I don't know. It's hard to grapple with it because he might be the best left back in the world and that happened in like a year. Yeah and the way the game is played now is. When they are less back. Or a winger. It's you know it funked look. We just saw him do that against Sloan is so. At at time, he's going to be able to do that. I think the difference between him and a guy like Bela's. Davies willing to to defend and I think. I mean. I think he he happy to track back. I think he enjoys like running people down He's not afraid to put an clearance so or you know dig of all out with his head in the box. I think he's got a he's got both sides to his game and when you're he the with the on the clubs that he's going to be playing at, they're going to have the ball, the whole game and the the issue though is that Canada will and he's been disastrous at left back for Canada and that's something that that Herdman is going to have to figure out because it was davies well as well as well as the right. fullback whose name on forgetting now for a guy. No. No. No it was. The Portuguese not cody Davies was just terrible in the biggest moments in that game and then against the US in the second leg of that nation's league game. Jordan. Morris, just ate him alive and so. Canada's got a ton of talent in Davies and obviously for buyer. Munich because they're having. So much of the ball against everyone the perfect at left back but for him to be. The best left back in the world hands down are non. He has to he hates it. He still has to work a lot on the defensive side of his game more than just tracking runners down but being aware of the shape of the game I do think given. Given how quickly he's figured out a lot about the position I think that aspect will come in time and I don't think there's a ceiling I don't. Think that that is interesting. Here is like. This is again some Kaylin. I disgust. Byron Munich One of the five biggest clubs in the world. They also don't sell guys. They WANNA keep like they sell guys absolutely When's the last time Byron? Munich lost a guy who they really really wanted to have. I like they didn't want to keep gross which was weird but there were okay to let him go to to rail Madrid and I can't. I can't remember before that. So it's already very interesting. Sort of framework and thinking about Alfons, Davies because especially with Marcello, getting older like there is no more obvious replacement for what that guy brought to rail Madrid for a decade than Alfonso Davies on the world market but the question is, is he actually on the market? Oh, and by the way if you WANNA tampering Marcello. The Magician on twitter given Affonso Davies profit like young buck you inspire me. You get fined for that NBA. That'd be fifty grand that'd be fifty, fifty, thousand dollars out of ourselves pockets. He would never ever notice it, but it would be fifty thousand dollars. I WANNA go real quick flashback. But actually before I go flashlight, you're going through Canada. Why does it hurt? I left wing then and he's the best left-back in the world. But like why can't things changing contact why you can't just say him John David are going to run people so you can but then you put Lucas Cavalier any and Kyle Laron and Jonathan historial like all of Canada's best talent is a sort of centered around that front line and the attacking midfielder and wings and like they don't they don't have another left-back really unless Sam Kubi is going to you know take a giant step or something like that or it might be forgetting. So out tomorrow at Farsi to assist in the CPO this weekend there you go David Cpl guy so. I mean like they have a need on the back line to get some talent there y'all talking to fail to jump up on a two foot table right back. So it does make sense to play him at left back because then you're able to get all these other talented attacker is on the field. But it hasn't. Honestly has worked for candidates so far with Davis at leftback. Here's a flashback twenty, eighteen, twenty, two, hundred, twenty, two dollars revealed right here on extra time live driven by continental. In case you forgot third I that one. Davies was number one their it was coming off the Gold Cup as the leading scorer of the tournament there and then second good Tyler Adams isn't a Champions League final with rebel Leipzig. RB LEIPZIG'S I don't want rebel in there although it's implied. Election Special. So we will We'll talk about that in a second Let's see who else was in that list and university was throwing. It was three you had he just made the big move in La Liga. CFC and why can't I think of his name writing on Harare John Hell. So. Yang Harare. Would have been number three that year but he got hurt. So he only played about fifteen hundred, nine, hundred minutes for NYC AFC. He just had a huge year with Granada in Liga in there have been rumors of Valencia. And then some some of the big clubs in Italy may be after him as well like the Milan club's not not you've but like Milan clubs and and the Rome clubs as well. Granada made Europe for the first time in like fifty five years or something like that. Yeah. He's awesome. Yup Yup Persson was fifth got so down to Brazil the boat Barco was six. Then Reggie Cannon was seven. So. It gets. Sadder you imply wasn't as bad as you imply Hartson next. During? He was like fifteen. It didn't work at an La for the but look what's he was in there we predicted leave. Your sensation getting so mad that people had Latif blessing over Andre Horta on that list. Burned Sam actually has an Andre Hort that debt to anyway we did not talk much about Tyler Adams and we'll get to the debate that I have planned here, which is Adams, Pulisic or Davies or Jonathan David over the next ten years but we kind of are so obsessed Davies, he's doing some special things that Canada will get first billing over to American central midfielder scoring a game winning goal against Madrid and a Champions League quarterfinal. I mean that is. At, is unbelievable. I turn to this game off for Adams came on and then my twitter blew up and I was like I'm a Moron Doing What at this moment meaning we keep waiting for tyler to have kind of consistent stretch injuries of really been a thorn in his side for the last year and a half or so. But to see him score the goal to see his emotion afterwards I mean, it makes you feel good as somebody. Visiting your case, Dave I think you saw him as a US L. Kid who was just like Brian his way up I remember the goal at Red Bull arena against. Chelsea I. Think it was Marino I mean there's all these sort of like signposts along the way. And now boom Jamesy quarterfinal medical madrid-vigo Sony. Game winner it's just amazing. Yeah. Guy Like that was always gonNa make it but it's just the pathway now is so much simpler and like we talked about Reggie and the laser focus of tyler signed as a pro at fifteen the first signing in their US L. teams history for New York Red Bulls Sue. Gets on the field professionally sixteen and seventeen in mls and to the point with Davies figured it out at right back where he'd never played before transition back in the center midfield played left back a little for the youth national teams just like get on the field and do whatever was necessary. And I think you see in his confidence in that Chelsea game in his debut. In. The Open Cup where he made deep run. With that team at seventeen and then going to Europe like the self-belief from there from him as always there. So he always thinks he'd he belongs on the field and he can compete with everyone and he just has to wait for everyone else to notice it and prove that it's true and he's done that consistently if he's healthy, he's a starter on this rb Leipzig team this is a legitimate Champions League semi finals. This is a team that has depth at every position and he's a starter on that team. When healthy we hope we see it. We. Hope we can see it for an extended amount of time but that alone is an accomplishment all-time for us players and he still has ten to fifteen years left in his career. So it was really cool to see and he's one of the best people in soccer. He's genuine. He's excited. He loves the game you know to watch them interact with fans at red bull arena. He was always I there and Caylin doesn't even want to hear it. Out because it's on that. But yeah, Tyler Adams everything you want from a person to a player he's everything you want for the national team. I think he might be the best prospect and future player for the national team voted allowed to say that. I like the moment as the ball's coming across and direct is the late run also to him to recognize space and get into it. But the way he positioned his body and the touch that he took in the way, he was able to get his head up, prepare himself for the shot like those are the like in that moment is like this guy he looks like any other world, player. That you would buy you're watching Byron or Madrid or whatever. It is like Oh defensive midfielder just. In the ninetieth minute set himself. Perfectly. was playing at right wing back in this one right because it was the the three three. Of Him as a cinema it all the time I know you wanna like an twist, my brain, the right back I know he was there that position. The position he was playing. He has split time and I. Think it's GonNa be it's GonNa be interesting to see what comes of his career in terms of where he ends up playing because he wants to play Central Field you know as we said, we'd be thinks of Mrs Central midfielder. OR IN CHECKMARK On. But one of the. It goes back to the thing that you said like whatever the position happens to be whatever the coach needs. Tyler Adams is willing and able to do that at high level. And it's worth mentioning by the way but the assistance from. This come from Lino and Diligent. MLS almost. Nine on his Jersey Est.. The these moments are there big for the league they are to have guys like Davies. End. Angelino. In Tyler Adams not just contributing for. Champions League. But making a game winning plays it shows. The type of talent that's being groomed in this league the type of talent. You can find him asleep if you're willing to do some shopping and more and more teams are an is exciting it makes me. More excited to to watch the world's greatest competition. Debate and Kaylynn you seem bored with us right now an interface. I'm GonNa Start this with you i. hope you have some heat for this. We're Kayla's Dude I was doing the idiom. Not as long as not that long a month and a half, but it is tough. I'M NOT GONNA lie did have the caffeinate question. So, I'm watching they're thinking man Oh my God Affonso Davies like I'm so happy for Canada and just a little bit jealous but happier as you said that they have this happy to see the rivalry I think come back where it should be between these two nations cutting. It's GonNa pop these players but then I was like Dang Jonathan David just set a legal transfer record coming from did eighteen goals last year he has eleven goals in twelve games with Canada like that one two punch and then we've seen Christian. Pulisic. Really come into zone at Chelsea in the last. Six months or so when healthy and win Frank Lampard finally decided to put his best attacking player on the field. And then Tyler Adams goes in scores. A goal in the quarterfinal Champions League to push is club through to the semis, and I was like, okay to v two atoms and Pulisic or Davies David Buoy you taking over the next ten years who is going to have the better career both club international who is going to be more impactful and it's almost impossible and been bear picked it up, put the poll out, and of course, I think a lot of Americans voted in this Addison Pulisic have seven percentage of fifty seven percent to forty three percent, which is maybe a bigger gap than I would expect. What do you think you taken ten years from now? Bringing back and say these to these two. Had it better relatively speaking because they're all gonNa have a great. It would have been if it was one player it'd be Davies and pretty pretty easily I would take that take him. I mean, he's a sure thing as I mean. I'm already seeing and. So I would take him in in the one. But then when you start adding in to I think we could still see a lot more from Christian is there tyler is I think still really on the rise I think Christian is as well but we're seeing we've seen a lot more at least. I don't know at this at this stage the he's if the the question I also have is health a little bit and they're the only thing that was me for the American guys is both of those guys have dealt with nothing like super serious but consistently have had some issues here and there. So I'm probably still going to go with the American duo in tandem because I think they're still a a really high ceiling for Tyler Adams specifically I think he he's he's already doing fantastic but I think he will end up at a MAZING Seixas Champions League semi-final even at a bigger club and and I think Christian is set to I mean he has proven so many people wrong in the premiership already and I think he's still got more to come as well. So he's in a really spot as well with the manager and the way that that they're gonNA play for for years to come so. I'm probably going to take the Americans, but it's just hard for me in to pick against Davies because I feel like he is such is already such a short thing and going and already you know I think the best in his position for the world but Yeah I think John David is is He, we have seen players like him who have been successful in Europe I guess maybe not. I guess I'm still going to go with the Americans but it's it's hard for me to it's hard for me to pay before. Doyle your dave jump in here and Dave I know you're big on the Tyler Adams super high ceiling side. Let's just make sure we do give Jonathan David some real shine here. We've seen it in Concha Catholic. He is one of the best attacking. Saying. Say his actual name Brooklyn's own Jonathan. Thank you. Thank you happened in the rundown but but yes, Brooklyn zone in caps I don't think I put it in all caps that must you put him at the same? Do you put him at the same level as a Christian Pulisic he used gives going to Gordon years younger. He's three years younger going into league on he's replacing Victor. Ostermann. Who just went for seventy million to Napoli to a club that's fourth in emily gun and he's going to be the center forward number time whatever it is if he scored in half his games with get. Organic. I never remember which gentlemen again including in Europe. He was one of the better players in Europa League and that's playing as ten in Europe at eighteen or nineteen as a Canadian which just isn't really done. So yeah, I think Jonathan Daviss on that level. He's just a little bit younger than politic is so you haven't seen it in even then if let's say, he doesn't play Chelsea if he's the lockdown ten in center forward for a top eight team in a top four league like that for Canada's could be enough and puts you at the top of Concacaf alongside what else you have and that's Underselling him does he is he is going to be in my opinion he is going to be that. Leila's is a club, but says come to us for eighteen months. We're going to sell you to the highest bidder it might have been arsenal. How do you decide on wheel? You might already be at that Jalen. Arsenals Mata Top. Napoli. That's not knocking him I'm just saying that's the reality of. Just not really they're either right now but. Just. Real quick. So I will John David is a year and a half younger than Pulisic. Yet year and a half younger than Pulisic. Now, three years younger. Second of all, we don't know he's going to be attacked I. Think it's much more likely that he is going to be a center for references to. Second forward in a to forward lineup. If you WANNA do something like that, which Canada might end up doing but he's definitely not even though he played a a little bit there this past year he's definitely not get on the ball, pull the strings type of number ten. Anyone. I mean it's a fair. It's a fair point but I don't think you see a lot of guys like him playing as a number ten in. At the top levels of the modern game plan, Glamour's the nine plan with three with to wears on the sides of him that WanNa. Be Direct yet what he's so good at making decisions speed in the open field. And he draws. If he draws defenders who make the right decision, he'll make the run straight down the gun and he's very, very good in the eighteen as far as first time finishes. Quick. Turn Release Finding finding the bottom corners I think he's going to be a huge Blair and if you look at Lille like they think he's going, they've never spent this much money and they'd Nicholas Pepper they sold for an incredible amount to arsenal very, very small club in Europe like the last couple signings sales. For them to Napoli Osman and then you also have AC Milan forward and they might sell they just gonNA sell another to arsenal. There's there's something offender for like seventy million like this is going to go for sixty seventy million in a year and a half two years. If he stays healthy, ed we know all about highly rely highly rated attacking prospects going to Lille not staying healthy because I think prior to this, the record signing was Timothy Wia, they spent ten million dollars for and US Soccer Fan. Basically missed all of this past year with a couple of back to back hamstring injuries though. From that doesn't let's get back to you take David. This do because I'm taking David's I'm taking. Davies and it's not. It's not close. I just think that those two guys ceiling wise like follow. He's already pushing the ceiling to places that we couldn't imagine I think Dave is going to be there in a year and a half two years the where we're just like my God. I think. I if you like if you force me to make a choice, I'm going to take the two guys who are not injury prone. And that's Davies and David. But this all has to happen within the context of the larger. National Team Picture while candidate isn't a really good place I. Don't think there aren't as good place as as the like the US was able to play without Christian, realistic just drop Canada four one in what was a must win game for the Canadians back in. November. So it's it's a fun conversation I think anybody WHO's realistic looking at it would take the two guys who have not missed significant time. Due to injury but it's nice to see west. This amount of talent and caucus also depends on what your question is because if it's one does things for the national team than ever done before for candidate just qualifying for World Cup the US has to get to a semi-final to do something different which I think is a little bit top. So most likely in the next ten years David Davies will do things for Canada that are unprecedented that Adams and Pulisic will have trouble to do for the US also entertainment. Like if you're talking about I, Love Center mids, I love watching Tyler Adams play but Davies dribbling guys and Jonathan David scoring twenty five goals in a European season is probably a little more entertaining. Even if you're as nerd like about defensive midfielders as some of us can be. So I think that kind of answers your question and the biggest one is just injuries because on top of. It happening to Tyler and prolific I think there's probably an extensive like tyler plays at one hundred and fifty miles per hour, and if he has problems with his body, can he tell him that down to stay on the field and keep himself from being injured or does he come back from injuries play at that speed get himself hurt again and go back out. So it's only thing that he's going to have to learn as a pro. Is How to handle his body over the course of like if he's playing these clubs, you're talking two games a week the entire season you gotta fly back to the US playing big games, Central America, world, Cup, qualifying, whatever then you go back, you play champions of Game Midweek a cup semi-final, the next mid week and a big game on the weekend. It's going to be a lot for him to deal with and that's GonNa be something yesler. Wi's mouth is just. Coming now. The baby was crying and. I thought you know I will definitely on mutants. I will surely remember hit the unmoved by right and I did not remember oral Kenneth Row. One thing in here at the end because Brennan Aaronson is GonNa get sold to at Belgium few months I. Don't actually know that but I'm just saying and everyone's GonNa Freak out. And then we're GONNA come back around in four years and be like, wow, look at the progression of Jonathan David's career which followed victor awesome on who went to Belgium scored in Belgium then went to Lille then went to a champions League team and Jonathan is going to be playing there at that time and everyone's GonNa. Say you gotta be playing one of the top four leagues immediately the second you leave. MLS and I just would like us all to remember these conversations were having about the teams that run themselves well, and finding the right place and finding your feet and then progressing your career. We should probably talk about that when it comes back up as we are now for. It and we should talk about it when it comes to imports to MLS, because not everybody's going to be Joseph Martinez Miguel on in just come in and set the the League on fire from the start can ask this why doesn't seem just do it? We'll does Leila's saying basically all the time publicly to players to agents to other clubs around the world we are going to be a team that basically just buys promising eighteen to twenty one year olds try to give a year and a half and then sells them. Oh, by the way in doing that, we're also going to be pretty successful because these guys want our quality to incredibly most. And three know that they're going to have sort of the rain that they need to develop an expressly because Timothy Way wouldn't didn't break liles backed and that if you do that and mls, it will break your back. You can't. You can't mess with the the way we spend money still you can't miss like that on ten million dollar signings and then just but what if they're not how about this what they're not tim million dollar signs of taking down a level and we're saying be. Most promising players. In Costa Rica, we are going to get that what kind of doing what they're trying to do it. Guys that are signed for two three million dollars aren't as good as the guys that you can find in super draft here. So it's it's just a different sort of ball game with the amount of money that's being spent while push back a little bit like Andrei didn't break l., AFC's back and having Barco be a super human victory cigar didn't break. His back and brought frank to Boras did know for sure broke frank divorce but like it, they're the margins are a lot slimmer and I think that. We've seen a little bit of with Vancouver being willing to sell just about everybody which is great like be that club and hopefully it's what we're going to start to see. From L. AFC because you know there's going to be interest in Rossi. You know there's going to be interested at at West that and it seems like they've been proactive about going out and getting replacements for those guys and getting them integrated before those guys are even born and we haven't seen that type of strategy in regards to team building before them in mls, and then the other thing is okay if. Reggie can get sold for three million dollars in does well, in two years from now is sold for ten million dollars to primarily team. Maybe we'd be spader player. Brian Reynolds will get sold for five million instead of three. So you're creating a pipeline in you're creating that sort of like proven ability to prepare players for these big five leagues and that to me is the model that you should want is not what Leila's which. Is Buying externally producing and selling it on its your academy because there's untapped talent in this area that can be produced and sold over if you're running yourself the right way, and that is the market that MLS hasn't hit. That is more realistic to me and also something that hasn't happened yet. So like if MLS just gets into the pool with, we're going to buy young South Americans and sell them on. So is everyone else? Everyone in Portugal's doing that half of Italy's doing that all of Belgium's doing that like you're not the only ones in that game, even city football group just bought a Ugalde from Saprissa. You're not the only one in any of those games except here where you control your territory and where players WanNa play at home in after to a certain extent at some age. That's the opportunity that you that MLS needs to produce on that and the Reggie Cannon Model is bigger than Leo, which is the because they sent to registered in the same way you want them to say foreign players. Let's re sign this contract to sell you like let's that is the purpose of this entire thing and I think then you have an opportunity where West, mckinney doesn't leave before and he's a unique circumstance he lived in Germany was always go whatever. But those guys don't leave before they get an mls contract then you sell them on and then as doyle said, you start to create that pipeline. GOES THE LIKE MLS clubs should be happy and wanting to be in communicating that they are and then executing on it that are dream makers like, yeah come we will make the dream come true come to us if the right offer comes and by the way, let's all communicate and define what the right offer might be. So it's weird and we're. All. In Limbo when something comes in and then somebody gets hurt if you don't actually sell them, here's our offer. When it comes, you're going we'll give you the opportunity is coaches invested you this clubs invested in you I wanna see more of that in a less I'd also of the little messy but now we have to hit that eight to. Biron. There's mark. MARCELLINA youtube headline. Here it is. Emily Salsa twenty one suarez PK. Boost. Gets. Greece men. ETR Legend. Of. Legend apparently who storage Goff spoke to. Barcelona battle funds or Davies before Byron got him and Barcelona basically said, he is Canadian. No thanks that didn't work out too well for maybe you should change your your tune on that one but. We owe messy is kind of A. Crappy situation has ever been at Barcelona. Reportedly, is open to leaving is now the time if you're MLS, it's a weird time because the pandemic and everything else going on but you do have in twenty, twenty, three, a new TV deal that you'd like to be larger. Do you come in and just like they bro, the bag of cash on the table and say Leo how much of this you want and we'll give it to you like do you do everything to get Leo? MESSI and MLS. Now when you have an opportunity because maybe he doesn't WanNa, go elsewhere in Europe. I'm trying to think who could even begin conversation. and. They'll I mean the galaxy it'd probably be what the galaxy or. MIAMI. I mean a lot of these. Owners have you know none of them are poor? Taste. If. Money's the issue I don't think anybody who's GonNa be there might be some clubs it. It's like, okay. This isn't going to happen for us like we don't. We don't WanNa do it. It's not. Now Leo Messi Offense Lady Dot Com on will we be culturally how it messy in jarred PK insecure fit in Kansas City do there are some you know there are better top in Kansas City than you would expect. Mike one or two places have top there. All right. I'm just saying they. They could like take out because there's definitely red meat so he can get his Argentine grill go. That's true. For that I don't think there's any chance that Leo Massey's last game in Europe is going to be an eight to embarrassment. It might end up being his last game for Barcelona because key absolutely loathes the board and the Barcelona board spent three quarters of a billion dollars over the last five years for I think zero starters including eighty million. Dollars on. Frankie Diong who was a nice little player. But if you go watch that Alphonso Davies, clip watch how Zhang just like escorts Khimik. To the goal but he doesn't even like this is just such a basic play in couldn't make it but I think that if lio Messi goes anywhere, it's to the other Inter Inter Miami's probably Inter Milan. I think Syria is definitely the the likeliest landing spot get. Over the MLS no but to their point if it's ever going to happen. And like you're going to make waves with it, right? Because it goes another team in Europe is going to play there, and then they expectation is is going to go to China Middle East maybe Argentina probably not or MLS. If you're GONNA make waves, it's now which is it's unexpected. and. Yes. You do everything. You can to sign him and you get every eyeball in the world on MLS for whatever months you can. Do I. Think he's GonNa come no but now is your best opportunity that you've ever had and potentially your best chance for two more years to get him in the League as well as I think right now you just gotTa start picking the bones at. Barcelona. See what else you can end up within I. Don't know maybe Semaine, once common played for New York Red Bulls who knows but you only know morass doesn't even make sense for a club right now or MLS right now is league to make a move like this with what it would cost to to get this done. Yes, it has. It always it always makes sense to go her messy. For for anchor attorney as high right. Now. Oh, for sure. It hurts that there's no fans in the state can't sell out and you can't y you're still sell. Tickets in in Los Angeles, you could sell it. You can do that all across the league. You could sell a Billion Jersey I don't know what people are. GonNa still sell a billion jerseys. You're still going to get the views you're still going to get the advertisement money and as we say you're going into a TV deal all of that still make sense it sucks but. he's GonNa get older. We can't sign them at thirty three and four years. So you can only have one shot at it. If there's an opening you gotta try and talk to us, he can. You can dictate anything HE WANTS TO DEAL WILL MESIC Nobody can sit across from Leo Messi in soccer and say, actually we need you for four years and said a two. So Tell Leo Messi Buddy all the money in the world waiting for you in two years just wait until summer twenty, twenty two. Whatever it is at that time, you're coming to molest machine got a free will make it worth your while, and at that point we alert the broadcasters and in twenty twenty three, it's a bonanza and you're like, you know you put a vaccine closet or something you know what? I mean like. When we're back to normalcy. The big money is there for you in the US man come here. You have to do everything you can I mean like you just walked into David Beckham, Alexi? Lalas by with those guys one time did this is like a mini year process exceeded now seated now we we need Z. Lio Messi in this league at some point if it's not now I hope it's later but it's not what you think. Let's get into the weekend or the week that will be Out No, it's a weird time a major league soccer the game on Tuesday and Canada Toronto Vancouver. If you didn't do the news on how Canada's going to integrate back into phase one check in dot com, they're basically going round robin each other and just play north of the border and this is the first of those games Tuesday a PM Eastern Tier Senate candidate Mlive on ESPN plus in the US. than. We see Josie in IOC in altogether up top doyle do we get that? Is that something that Greg Vanney will give us or should he give us? I mean we got a ten minute taste of that in the The final group game turnoff. Yeah. Was a final group in up the the first thing that happened was it was like the Old Josie and Charlie Davies play with. Josie check to the ball. With two defenders on his back and I o made that straight run through the lines. Perfect timing almost resulted in a penalty kick. Josie has been clear throughout his. He prefers playing up top with a partner in a two hundred setup. They've won MLS. And for shield in multiple Canadian championships with Josie playing into forward setup. I you know. I didn't seem to have any problems with it when when he got up there but also Toronto have. Over the past couple of years really tried to become more before three teen they signed Tam a winger. A DP winger Pablo Piazzi they have multiple veterans like, Nick. Daily owns Endo who given them big minutes Richie, Lereah who might be their best right back and the best left back has also been really good on the wing for them. So there's a lot of moving pieces here but I think given the way the schedule has been compressed. Will see all of it. Wouldn't shock me at all at the end of this regular, very regular regular season coming up. The best look for Toronto is Josie. An I o up top in some sort of four two or three, five two. It's just going to be interesting who goes to the bench then because if PR healthy. Sarah can't probably be on the field because Puello on your right side if you're playing two forwards up top. Bradley and Delgado half to be together in midfield at this point. And so you gave a bunch of money though, sorry Oh, he's a big part of your team I think the person who has the least ego to be in the team canola NPR was good when healthy in the tournament they just played he's never been helping his career. He's never done it for a sustained amount of time and I agree with oil. What's awesome about this is going to have to play all of them in the end it might be canola who's playing the most minutes and Joe's he's coming in to play alongside him in games where they go to stop because of health history for those guys. But. If they're at their best in a big game, they'll be interesting to see if he can get himself on the field full side. Vancouver whitecaps got a little money to play with their. We talked to you about the volume bom. Move. So he's going to Russia and it looks like they'll get ano- depending on your mask somewhere between four hundred, thousand and GAM and maybe more tvd but haven't opened. The bank hoover whitecaps. We'll see what they do with it. Any summer months after Tuesday's match thing up Canada Toronto Vancouver we go to the New York Darby. We call him at the Hudson River Darby now have they have they allowed that is that Stars I'm concerned. Yes. Great Name for I. Think it's the perfect. Traffic. But it's more hyper genuine but. A home. It's a home game for both teams. The rebels, the nearest city of say. Yeah, that's the that's a new side of New York, their rebel arena in it's obviously the rebels home. So this is a booster place nearby red bull arena now. So if anyone needs to get hooked up, let me now. Imbecile has been plus turning mostly zone in Canada. Kaelin remove Maxima Morales from the blue side of New York. Does NYC AFC need a big season from the most. Say. Ring. I think. A ring has been win. They have been great when not even with Maxie. They've needed ring at times I think he has been maybe their most important player outside of Maxxie. Even the past connecting back to front winning balls and then also actually getting more involved in the attack, and especially if you don't have Maxxie or if you're gonNA, take him out of the equation I, think they've got nice peace in the middle of the midfield whether. It sands or parks and others but I think being as the one constant that I think takes them up to the next level I. Know They have a lot of pieces Janos in ever and shoddy and and all the rest. But I would say ring is probably after Max's either next most important player. So different peoples like the practical right vic. It's ever. It's ever like like rings great in Kaelin is right that he has to be really good and obviously this is maxi steam. But if you look at the difference between NYC last year and NYC AFC this year in terms of results, it's ever finishing like NYC AFC against Orlando City and against Philadelphia they had great chances ever didn't with them away. I think he will eventually find his form in front of the box, but they've like he's played seven or eight games this year he has failed to score in seven of them and if he had. Those chances away not even at the great rate that he did last year at like seventy, five percent of that. Right. Then we're not talking about NYC struggling with this adaptation to new coach in a new system. We're talking about how well it doesn't look quite as pretty as it did under domain, but they're still getting points may still have a lot of talent ever got gotta be something close to what he was last year or NYC crn decent amount I'm rooting for as Medina I'm just GonNa say that I want more Galanos from Hazel Medina who found himself buried on the bench I want him to succeed Zeus I need to see the best from you on the flip side. Dave I don't really know what I'm seeing right now from the Red Bulls in every time I get on rebel twitter their gnashing their teeth as well, which is basically just like transfer window normality like any time in and around a transfer window. Happy. We had a cameo in the bone around nickel which. Became crown either live performance exactly right around that Ah. What what's going on with the rebels would have they done in his transfer window what are they as a club where they headed? Should we be confused or is this just what it is? No it's a little confusing I mean it's a change of what they're doing one on the field and then to you brought in a new academy director and head of technical director. So they've changed a lot over the last six months and they've continued to move out these guys robe blessed. Now Be WPA who are central parts of their team they brought in to signings in Tetteh and year would. They feel like you're what does things that they don't have in midfield and ability to be a little bit more aggressive pressing when they do in those moments and then being able to transition that into possession they feel like he was under looked and you bring in a guy and well who was in England was watching these players specifically for a long time and look at what's happened in. Germany where Germany was producing the best players in the world, and now they're going to get young English players and bring them into teams because they feel like they're as close as you can be coming out of the academies at the technical level. So rebels feel he's a player for now is a guy that can compete for them in central midfield and bring something. They don't have John Davis and and Kosovars, next to each other I love Cassara she's a great possession player. He just doesn't have the ability to add up to temple if they need to Davis is the same next him. So now you bring in a new option in year what in a guy who you paid a little bit of. Money Four. But if he goes on the level, they think he can go on. Then you're gonNA make that money back in more in the future and probably have someone was legitimate part of your team for three or four years going into that and then on Saturday listen we just talked about a Manchester City are sorry nyc AFC and all the things they've done. These clubs have huge scouting networks tetteh in Red Bull Salzburg, he went out on loan but they get to see him up close including a Guy Jesse Marsch booze vouching for him and saying this is a guy who can compete at the MLS level so they bring him in and I don't think they have anyone in the attack. Can Be guys one V one and create chances out of nowhere Kaku can do it in the flow of play if it if it happens and Roy irs clean finisher and can be the guy every once in a while coming inside. But if they can bring something new, you've got a two players who changed the way you can play and I know Chris Armas as a lot of little things that he looks for. Any feels like both of these players can step in, which is I think he feels like they've transitioned to slow from winning the ball into the attack and these are two players who have high IQ's can do it quickly but can maybe make them more effective in possession should be fun on Thursday seven PM Eastern it is part of the. Predict six percent of my bet mgm this week, six games predict results. There's little props for each of them. In this match, it is the first goal score. Bucci guys take from this game. Win Lose draw. Kaelin. What do you got? River Darby. This for first goal win lose draw but you give me the first goal to I'm open to that if debutante. Not. In bed and GM. Book in my book. I'm going to go with NYC AFC I know neither team has has really showed their best but I thought I thought for a second things had begun to click in For NYC AFC and How I guess just how anemic that attack look for a red bull was was concerning for me, and then even the way that they can seated goals was sort of uncharacteristic where it was just either mistakes and in the back, and then a failure to kind of track they conceded off throw in conceded off. A lot of mistakes that you're not accustomed to seeing. So I think overall I'm GONNA have to give the edge to NYC, AFC? Just because the debutante stays got me sold now I'm on the bedroom even playing this year. But you know but just being on the bench just looking from afar that's going to get the boys gone up tempo just to go against on the other side just to get my you know probably more points they're gonNA go rebels I'll take them. I do think that we have a week of AVARY games coming out of we have no idea what I think it's going to be chaos. MLS, which I'm here for so I think team chaos is the ultimate victor and all of this, but I'll take NYC AFC as well. I actually thought they finished fairly strong in. ORLANDO. Found their feet a little bit and. With Red Bull starting Tarek is seems like there's more moving pieces than I expected coming into this season for them even in places where I didn't think it would happen. So NYC AFC probably at a higher level right now will give me the goal score scores. The first goal ever macgyver Jeff and I. Just said I, think the do it he adds you. It was perfect it perfect. I predict sex presented by 'em Jim The MLS APP go get that going money to win as well through that seven thirty pm we have Columbus. GRASSI in Chicago fire on Thursday crewmates moves traded Axel Shubert for him. A Boy Tang also got great Lillard fritter Miami for a Super Trafficking Twenty, twenty one on the fire side. We didn't talk about this. They lost the starter I think last week the week before goalkeeper. Kenneth Braun home out for the season Bobby Shuttleworth is going to be in goal. says Raphael. Wicky for the fire seven thirty same time. ravs union. ESPN plus it must have undesired known. Best Eleven player out Carla. Hill. injured. Achilles. Tendon free to say well, frizzy Chiba basketball. Too Far sorry. He was gone to that was a late add though for. Counts, but it's a little. Hurley. Still Dwell. What's this mean to the ribs? A lot we saw them struggle even figuring out play out of back without a without him because his ability to drop deep get on the ball and sort of change the geometry of the game. You know change the shape of the opposing defense without that. New England I thought struggled doing the basic stuff that said, I do think they'll figure that out especially now that Matt Pulsa there because Matt polster was getting on the ball is very good distributor. So it means much more in terms of the attack they don't have playmaker they don't have playmaker without Carlos, he'll like Christiania said some good moments in mls yeah. Really good. First Year You know if he's on the run he he can be devastating in terms of finding the final ball. I like what I've seen from John Buchanan. But he's more of a wide guy does not gonNA come inside and dictate the game Gestapo. Bo is a classic second former not much of a playmaker at all. There is no replacing Carlos he'll like for like on that team I like maybe this is a chance for data for Grandes. But even like He. Like Diego forgiveness hasn't been close to that guy in the past three years. So it's it's tough in it's GONNA be a big test for that Rauscher's could be bruce arena wouldn't be surprising to me if they go a little bit direct. Yes Minnesota. It's all of them be more of a pressing team actually in in molasses back without Carlos. He'll do have the weapons to do that but it's a huge question for a team. That was a playoff team would've would've is our year for college by the way he was injured at the first because he had cleats that didn't fit him. And then it's just has not been a great year for him on the Union side. Forgive the mailbox hearing get Outta here. I've been like I saw I'm not as big up guys you are dave. But when I saw his name, I, thought it was like the weirdest thing ever Paxton aaronson Paxton with an e are we mixing together prospects like what is this strange alchemy of of US Soccer Development? But the Union signed a younger brother Brinson is beginning all the hype. What's this guy you gotta go to doyle because dial is going to give you a the The high level high mines. Mine's a little more water down if you want go main. I think toils one. Pack you asked me up. I think that at a similar age, he definitely finds more of the game and finds more of the ball than Brendan did for for those union. Academy teams. He's all over the ball, which is what you want to see that the issue with him is like he's so tiny he's grown with over the past year, but he's still about five foot one. Like he he looks like a child out there. So there there's still just huge questions about whether he can have the physical. Capabilities to be a professional player in terms of of doing all this stuff that you wanna see from the central midfielder he seems to happen. He is a true ten. He's so much fun to watch but I don't think Brennan Aronson is going to be a ten in his career at the highest level. So that comp it's yeah. He's going to be more fun to watch and Brennan Anson, which is saying a lot 'cause Aronson been pretty awesome at times throughout the last month and a half two months. But but physically, there's huge question marks if he can contend at the top level but you gotta give. Respect to fill because they're signing the next crop like they're not waiting for Mackenzie and Brennan Aaronson to go and fill their spots specifically, they've got Danny Flora's they've got Huckabee centreback prospect that they think replaced Mackenzie. They've got fullback prospects. Isa. Riaan as well as a wing back on the side. So they've got that next level of guys that they're ready to bring it. All right. Let's the nobody can get Outta here. We know you've taken a lot of your time it's been fun Monday or one zero. Six zero mls extra time soccer, dot com literally anything you want us to talk about you can send in if we're not talking about your team and you want us to like there's twenty six in the last one more common. So prompt us make us do it, hit us up we'll start or maybe end I should say with a very easy our special one close to our hearts from Carter Hastings based exclusively on the food in their cities which MLS clubs would make the playoffs slash winning company decided. that. We are going to the the conference finals. So we get four different cities that can talk to me. It doesn't have to be I. Don't think we can make. This is Moss's back rules basically. So it's just whatever you want whenever you want it just throw it all together. They when you've done a good bit of traveling in this league. Maybe, not in this latest era of expansion, but you have as A. As a capital J. journalist here at soccer. I would love for the last part of this to be and you have to do it on and MLS player per diem. Today that would have been the the clincher on this all you gotta do it within Tam you can trade for more game if you want to. That's your restriction where you going to and what's the number one food city in the molasses get our get our conference final started here man. Portland's pretty high would probably put Portland as number one I. Think Portland Scott like you got the high brow the very like you know you can go off into a top chefs cabin in the woods is GonNa, make you some type of bespoke mushroom. I was just thinking the mushroom that he gathered that morning on a walk with his long. Yeah. Border. Collie who wears a BANDANNA around its neck. I think Portland's probably I think just nationally if you were to talk till I have a friend the listens to the show shot frontier at the realist-. Yes. woo-hoo wrote who wrote a really good book earn the ICE. I think it's called earned the ice and he talks about Portland's food seen how it's kind of taken over and change the American culinary experience. So I probably I defer to him and say Portland Number One. I really like Houston. I think Houston. Like it has all the coolest all the best places that exist in Austin are also in Houston except there's you know just designing Austin's and early favorite to come from expansions. There was there was be some Austin slander there before you interrupted co and I felt I was ready to go but Yeah. Houston School Austin can. I just make make this point I don't even live in a particularly good food section of New York City. But I look out my window and I could see a German beer garden a Rahman shop as a Michelin Star one of the places considered one of the best Peruvian places in the entire United States of America a classic fifty. Year. Old New York City Italian joint. That's right. Next door to an Okinawan. Sushi. Joint this does Obama's is one of the only places in the city that does And I'm a block away from just like classic Astoria Greek. Food and a Michelin starred Mexican joint and like this tiny little Korean hole in the wall Deli. If you're doing best food city is New York City by a thousand miles the only way to do this. Equitably to be like, okay, the signature dish of each city we put up like a New, York slice vs Nashville hot chicken versus you know bossio mainland clam chowder versus Patine and all that like that's the proper way to do this I gotta disagree because when you go into the city, you might, you might get the signature dish. Let's say you there for forty eight hours David Lucinda Dave around the country how they're getting the signature debt. You'RE GONNA get the energy dish, but you're also going to have the two places that you like. So, and so my network told me or this is the spot that has like you're going to do both. So I don't want a hamstring, I don't WanNa make Kansas City, just a brisket city I don't WanNa make. Probably. Should because it probably pushes them higher up on probably that's fine. A that restrictions on what we're doing I will throw in their Toronto competes with New York in terms of international cuisine and quality of it and do and do some better like Carribean. Food Than City does way two, hundred percent west Indian food is better in Toronto than it is New York. Yeah. Facts. I would throw some non-jobs anymore I was gonNA say, come on down here come down here from down here. I don't I don't know disrespecting it, eat it all day and New York. But it is still better there and then I throw in Montreal which gets respect. But I don't respect Montreal staples because Montreal's staples are bad fake versions of New York staples and it makes me angry and disgusted and I would throw Atlanta in there because they have great local cuisine and international cuisine 'cause it's such diversity but you have that like southern food that they are the sita. So there you go caleb the West Coast from me negotiate denise or what now that you're back out in Berkeley I. CAN'T AFFORD IT doyle not everybody's taking like you bro. I'M GONNA. Take it landed right now because every time we've been to Atlanta in the last like three or four years, which is a lot. Every single time there is a meal that I like look across the table at either Dave or abner or somebody else say, Oh, my God this might be among the best meals in my life. Let us know what's the best food in the last we're going to get Outta here but you enjoy your week we'll be back on Thursday. More trance rumors more games review enjoyed everybody. We'll see a real soon. Before.

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