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Here in the Denver Area Scott against joins US next to thirteen sixty Scotty this is Darren Smith thank you very much in your hometown. How are you? I'm good man. Thanks for having me on. Realizing Pedro Gomez just on public. Wow, I'm GONNA, have to follow Pedro Gomez on here. I appreciate you chatting say. Well congratulations. It's a good story here at Torrey Pines High School via the academic in athletics powerhouse. That is Arizona. State University now gainfully employed at nine news in Denver. Let me just start with this? Whose job are you going for? Like? Whose job will you be stealing in a couple of years? I hope it's not mine, but the winner of the Jim nance award I don't want to put anything past you hear, what are you? What are you going for in your career? Nothing specific by land like how you say the at the academic, and let powerhouse of Asu. That's fun for me to hear nothing specific I'm still really to be honest with you figuring out what exactly I WANNA do and world of sports and entertainment broadcasting I kind of my style. I'd say mold the two together and I'm try a little bit of everything in my what three years of school I did. Radio videography did some new stuff sports so nothing set in stone right now. Just kind of figuring out what I enjoy doing. All Right? We'll tell us a little bit about the Jim. Nance award I you know I, compared it, and I don't know that I did this accurately or not. Scotty so correct me if I'm wrong, but I said it sounds like for me. I'm not one hundred percent familiar with it. Sound sort of like the heisman trophy for college sports broadcasters, so tell us a little bit about the Jim Nance Award and how it came to be part of of your resume. Yes, so that's a pretty fun way to describe it. But my brother always likes to call it that way so basically. Yeah, and and like you said it hasn't been around for all that long and the digital age and being able to post broadcast real and highlights on Youtube I've just done throughout my entire use, school and kids at Cronkite AF. Around the country when allowed to broadcast rail of some of their work throughout the school year ended, and it's super easy. You just posted a link on the web page. And at the end of the year they recognize thirty to forty collegiate broadcasters, and it's kind of a way for FDA, the company that sponsors it to connect people and get a closer look at Hey, you're a sophomore junior broadcast with this war. Here's somebody that you might WanNa work with might WANNA connect within the next couple of weeks or years, or whatever so yeah, that's what it is I sent it in I. Did my work over my my last year at. I was lucky enough to be honored with. It represents like you said Torrey Pines, the academics athletic powerhouse, Asu and my family to. And this is like an actual physical award. Right because I saw video of Jim Nance announcing the winner of the Jim Nance Award, which was kind of Jim. I'm sure that must've been a thrill. But this is an actual physical award that you actually have somewhere in your possession correct. Oh, my mom didn't let me take it to Denver. She wanted to keep it at home in San Diego. It's an actual awarded laugh. Like eight pounds but if that home in San Diego Right now. Okay, and how do you get? Do they just pop it in the mail? And then it shows up one day at the Games, household or what? Yeah normally. There's a national sports and media nation. There's a special events every single year in Raleigh North Carolina, but of course as all events are not happening, not happening this year, so the CEO of the company actually lives in Carmel Valley and so I met him at Roberto's for a California Burrito and you give me there. Wow. What am I mean so true to your roots? Back in the workout any better for you right got a lot of it to. This has gotta gain. She is the winner of the Jim Nance award. He is working in Denver at nine news via Arizona State via Torrey Pines High School. You grew up here in San Diego I just wonder and there's no pressure on a question like this. I don't know where it's GonNa. Lead us, but is there any sort of local sports broadcasting influence that you had growing up here in San Diego County that maybe help steer you in the direction that you're heading. I mean I always. I always liked watching different stuff I really really love I. Think my favorite sports segment to watch in San Diego as Foxworth San Diego Post game show of my comrades, and he hosts that I really really enjoy watching it. I think he's great on air and Scott Caplan you know the. Guy To I was trend football team mates with his son Justin. I was just one year above him so I got to be close with him. I sat in the in the mighty to ninety studio a couple years ago and watch him up close so. Those together just kind of made me realize how much fun sports broadcasting and and producing, and all that stuff looks like and so I think that was that was that helped me out a little bit and deciding what I really wanted to go to college for. See, I thought that experience. Because you know the mighty tonight, he experience almost drove a lot of out of this business. Now it's fun to watch I. Remember. He brought in. Guy? was playing some Guitar Piano Harp Mixed, and it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen and I thought to myself. Wow, this guy's getting paid to to watch this guy play music studio It was ridiculous, but it was supersonic rare painting. What I can't answer this question. I'm asking to paint with some pretty broad brushes here, but having just recently graduated. Arizona state in three years. CONGRATS on that most of us. It's like five seven years getting through our curriculum. But. It was different twenty five years ago when I was in college, people primarily wanted to be play-by-play people or wanted to be sportscenter anchors anchors on their local news channels. Now we've got a completely different landscape. There's the sports radio. There's podcasting. There's a different different types of websites. There's debate shows. Just, if you wouldn't mind, just give us a glimpse inside of the world either at Arizona State just across the board. Like what what? What are the kinds of things that the college broadcasters want to become in two thousand twenty? That's a good question. I think there's kind of decide you. WanNa go along the same path of the traditional quality, broadcasting and journalism right being prepared being as well spoken, and you can having good questions ready knowing whoever it is, you're talking about trying to be witty and not say something that other people have said before, but also especially at cronkite it's so digital now, and how can you make? Make a story that's going to go on the you know cronkite news on Arizona's PBS Five PM newscast, and then how can you alter that and put that into a two minute twenty second twitter video a one minute, thank you engage with other people or finding a way to put it on Instagram TV, or getting your podcast on spotify, and do you WanNa make it really long for people doing long. Long Car WanNa make a five or six minutes thing so there's so many different areas that the cronkite school was kind of pushed us into Oh, experiments and inside I'd be lying. If I said everything I tried and school works out perfectly, and everybody loves everything I would try different things and a lot of times. It didn't work out, but realize okay I did this podcast nobody really listened to it? It but the first two minutes were pretty exciting. What have I just made that into a video? Put myself in front of the green screen bragging and put it on twitter. People people would watch that so yeah kind of what is being taught as a young broadcasting. Going up is just getting many tools and sharpening as many edges that can spine so many different ways and directions to take content. And that right there. That's why Scott won the Jim Nance award because I'm telling you I remember the cover letter that I wrote to ESPN and said I'm gunning for John Miller I want John Miller's job. I WANNA be the play by play Guy Sunday night baseball. That's my dream job. Obviously, that didn't happen, but it doesn't mean that it hasn't been an incredibly successful. Run here in my career I'm really really thrilled with the way. This turned out as much as I- bellyache from time to time. Flexibility is the key in sports broadcasting as as you know. What are you doing with nine news in Denver? Starting production I heard. You say earlier in the show that what I think. This is show sixty eight out side of studio for you guys outside of the IHEART. Radio Studio and so I'M GONNA start in production for a couple of months. I just learned a couple of days ago I've got three to eleven. AM shift so a lot of it kind of up in the. The air because we don't know when sports are really gonNA. Come back and when it's going to be a fulltime reporter. Deal if I'm going to be able to do feature stories on the side, run a podcast specialty show on Sunday night. Stuff like that, so we're it's I can't really answer that question right now. which is both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time? Three Am until eleven am. That is those year your shift hours. Yeah, it's pretty good. That's not bad I. Mean I'm telling you Scott it could be a lot worse. Could be too. Yeah! Did. You know that that actually was my shift when I started at ESPN Two am until ten am. Wow. Yeah. It's. It's what you do what you gotta do. You gotta pay for going to be in this business we'll do. We're going to check in with you from from time to time and find out how life is going in Denver, and it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for joining us. Thank you for the time there and I. Really appreciate it. You got it. She is the winner of the Jim Nance award again. If you didn't know what that was and truth be told, I really wasn't too clear on what it was. A couple months back, but a company that Jordan caruth networks four called S. T. A.. This is what they present to the best young college sports broadcaster in the country and the winner this year from Torrey Pines High School via the academic, and what was it from Giancana? Against? Since I'm reading this Vadim and athletic powerhouse that is Arizona State University is a Scottish. So good for him I will say this. Glad that there's no draft because otherwise he would ended up in Tupelo Mississippi. Since that radio station or television stations out there probably needed all the help. They can get good for him. I have a feeling. We'll hear more from that guy headed on down the road. Be Back after this with the tax contests.

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