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02/28: UCLA beats Arizona State, USC beats Arizona, which means .... five-bid Pac-12?


Gary Friday February Twenty eight two thousand twenty welcome back to the CBS Sports College Basketball podcast. Where we sometimes discussed Campbell fighting leaky black bat. Norlander WITH BEING THERE IS NO PLACE. This podcast start on this Friday. Other than inside reason Nelson Pavilion. You know because of work and travel. I sleep roughly three hours every Wednesday night so I'm tired every Thursday. I hate my life every Thursday but I still made it through the day. Put my little dude to bend. Stayed up late watching college basketball Thursday night and the game. The night undeniably happened inside historic Nelson Pavilion. It's the R. N. P. for Short First Place in the PAC twelve on the line Arizona state visit in. Ucla game was tight throughout came down to the final second scores tied at seventy two. Ucla Ball Tiger Campbell boss green from hymie hockey as Arizona state switches. So we end up with Tiger Campbell. I selected on. Do you know dead-leg do you know who got switched onto Tiger Campbell? I don't know I was barely awake for the end of it but I did. It wasn't tiger. Campbell was isolated on Mickey Mitchell. I discovered him a peach jam. July two thousand four and he's still in college so needless to say Tiger Campbell. He didn't want that. We picked back the Hami and hymie pulled it over the extended arm a forty seven year old Mickey Mitchell and he made it final score. Ucla SEVENTY-FIVE ARIZONA STATE. Seventy two so mick. Cronin's Bruins are eleven and five in a pack twelve tied for first in the league standings with Oregon with just two regular season games to play. You see you see la five five five deadline scallop one to pain-free leg movement. How why is it that UCLA team that started eight nine with losses to cal? State Fullerton and Hofstra is now ten and two and it's past twelve tied atop the PAC twelve statements. I Dunno you tell me I think it's scalable into pain-free leg movement. I think it's like it's completely pain-free leg movement. That's what I'm living with right now so I'm loving it and yes it's absolutely insane and UCLA. One again tied atop the standings trivia time okay. Let's go when's the last time? Ucla won the regular season in the PAC. Twelve don't dude been Jalen's final season and you know it so I figured I'd ask just talking to the president of the Ben Allen Fan Club. I I'm very aware of that. Trivia Time Trivia Time Bid Jalan. Ben Howland I power conference coach in the history of the sport to get fired immediately after winning an outright regular season title with no scandal attached to his program except for what. Jimmy's Nelson brought a trivia time last time. Ucla won the PAC twelve tournament championship. Yeah Alan no interestingly enough. Ucla's last regular season title was Ben Hollands. Last season in his last PAC twelve tournament title was Steve Alford's first season. That was two thousand fourteen. The bruins are now developing and a bubble resume. Here the win win a long way. They still got more to do. Seventy six in the net five and six and quad one five and one in Quad for thanks to CAL state fullerton loss. I did say it was cal. State Northridge at about one five in the morning. 'cause I got my cat states all twisted around there. What's the difference? Are we sure there's different? Let's not even go there with the cow state folks okay. Let's on your day. They were they were not John. Gas Away was on my ass though he was all over it like my favorite basketball reporter. Who in every article use the word? I've never heard that's correct but I will say my favorite cal state is man No it's UC UC. Santa Cruz. Right there the banana slugs hell. Yeah they need to be. They need to be in D one. Get SOME BANANA slugs ended. D One is that a is that fiction. What do you mean? Now that's an actual school. I know but isn't like John. Travolta awareness yes. I think you're correct about that. Yeah I think you're right. Yeah look at the poll. Look look you trying to get into the no context teaser. That's going to have to be in there all right but seriously Mick Cronin has done a wonderful job you know I spoke with the staff right on. Cbs Sports Classic. When I did very much a dead leg that was in the throes of dead late existence and at that point you know they're just trying to get through. I don't know what the season's going to be. Remember talking to one of the assistant saying like who's your best player and honestly at the time you know what he's you know. He told me I swear to God. At the time like a hawk was just developing and he still freshman was just developing player freshman on the roster and Lo and behold hawk has gets the big shot there and now they've won six in a row with three of those games on the road the Arizona on Saturday. That becomes an intriguing game not just for Ucla but Arizona unable to win at USC actually terrible now. Didn't have Josh Green. Didn't have Max Hazard because of personal reason but now the wildcats who aren't quite a lock yet. They've got a again. We've talked about a couple times. I got a bizarre resume. This a little bit urgency there with Arizona. Now it's got to go and try and win at Ucla after not getting done playing pretty poor game against USC. Ucla has a good opportunity here. A really if can get one more. We can do some real evaluation on this team and it's and it's resume and where it really stands overall like I four end to Dayton. Just on the outside looking in the lost at home not great. Lost A fullerton obviously terrible. The loss northridge obviously even worse. Who can argue that? And then they've got a you know a problematic road loss to Washington state but in doing so they get to the top of the League. Standings with Oregon Arizona State is now tied in the loss column. Still needs to get another win Arizona State of course as we mentioned the pod trying to get its first PAC twelve championship of any kind ever but credit to Mick Cronin man year one and they are playing at this stage. I mean it's a way better scenario than fans have thought and it's amazingly so much better than anyone could have expected as recently as a month ago. Dude it's more than Mick Cronin. I think expected a month ago. I mean this was know looking like a team. That just wasn't it looked like what happens. Sometimes when you hire a coach who is vastly different than the coach that recruited the the most significant part of the roster and. It's just butting heads can't connect and that that's what they were for a while. That's how you end up with the loss to Hofstra and the lost to cal state Fullerton and like you know blow out here blow out there when I saw him at the CBS sports cl-. I mean keep in mind. That's a bad North Carolina team. We now know. And and you know they lost by double digits to that team and now absolutely a role and I. I was texting with Mick Cronin late last night. And you know he was. He was like listen. I you know I talked to Jay Right. He said it's Said that one of the things I took from it is do. Don't change. Do what you do. Make you know what you've done. I'm paraphrasing here. This these are not exactly mixed words but basically what you've done is worked. Keep doing what you're doing and make those players change for you. You don't change for them. And he just stood strong and he remained consistent and now the he's getting the results it really. It's turning into one of the best stories in college basketball and I don't know if it'll end up in the instability tournament you know the selection committee value more heavily. The way you close like the last ten games thing. They don't do that anymore. And that might be the thing that actually keeps ucla out of the incident tournament because if we were just going to pick quote unquote the best teams to fill the at large places in the bracket right now. Ucla would be one of the best they just don't have one of the best resumes. Yeah they've been they've been on a tear. It's really the best rebounding team in the in the PAC. Twelve at least in league play at this point Number one offensive rebound rate per. Ken Palmer and The number one The number to steal rate So they've been they've been extremely good at crashing the boards and then and then turning you over. It's been it's been impressive. They are still just eighty fourth adjusted efficiency margin at Ken Thompson. They you know. In terms of predictive metrics there is expected to be in a regression to the mean here for Ucla. We'll see if that winds up happening or not but getting to eleven league wins is outstanding and I think I think Thursday night was a good night for the PAC. Twelve Oregon had no issues with Oregon State. Ucla GETS INTO A tie in the loss column with Arizona State so it upsets chances in Arizona state still comfortably in the field. So they're still good the only weird bad losses and I didn't see a second of this game but Colorado fell by fourteen at cal and I don't understand it even remotely but that was a bad l. But then you see USC beating Arizona was a positive result and then Stanford took care of business at home against Utah out to booth. Gosh they won their third straight did the cardinal to get to nine hundred nine. They're still obviously fighting to get in so on the whole pack. Twelve good job in terms of setting yourself up for the best possible bubble scenario heading into the weekend by the way I was willing to facetime you in the creepy darkness in my living room at about twelve fifty at night but from what I understand. You had a random twitter user who hooked up with what was going on there. He's not random he's he's at Seattle Mayor Nerd. He's actually he's a grizzlies fan. So like I bruce actually and he lives in Washington and But he's a grizzlies fan. I he tweets often. I recognize him when I when I saw his tweet and he was like listen. I'll periscope it for you so he groped the final few minutes of it because it's on the stupid PAC twelve network that you can't nobody gets I I well. You can't get it if you've got direct TV. I got a tweet from a guy that because we talked about this on the last podcast and I said listen my direct TV bills like legit. Three hundred dollars. I I have the network. It's insane and the Guy Somehow from our conversation. What he took from it was X. Did I tell you that both of us I think so he was like he was like? Gp It's your job to stay up and watch college basketball. I I can't believe I'm going to watch the game because it's on late at night. I'm like dude. How could you listen to what we talked about and reached the conclusion that I was saying? The game starts to late like I'm up late every night. What are you talking? Even when I don't WANNA BE WE'LL UTAH. I can't watch again because it's on the Super Pac twelve network people on twitter. GonNa be the death of me just I can't. I've been trying to tell you for years. You just can't get over. You can't stop yourself. So so my my bruce in Washington he He goes he tweets him. He's like I got a scoop of Ucla Arizona State. If you WANNA watch I click on it in his. Tv's really high up on a wall and he's like sitting in clearly demonstrated so I'm watching it from this weird angle. It's like sitting on the front row movie theater right up. Yes and we're the by the way. When you do these periscopes you can see how many viewers where you say one viewer. Was it just you or did some random stray like stolen there and start. I might have just been me. I don't I don't I hope there was like a second random view where they just stumbled across. It's like Oh why not. I'm just GonNa Watch Arizona State. Ucla on Seattle Mariners periscopes twelve fifty five at night. Why not that's what I did. I did get to watch the the end of the game and it was tremendous Pauley pavilion. Look great by the way. That's a famously. A place that is a historic place and yet you go to games there and there's nobody there you turn on games. There's nobody there looked great on on television from crowd perspective. Just a really nice night and after the game was over speaking of Twitter People. That are driving me crazy. I have to the game was over. I just tweeted Mick Cronin you know better than you know Mick Cronin Greater Than John. Wooden clearly joking around right now. You aren't clearly. I could make the argument if you want me to clearly just having fun with it right just having fun with the moment. I can't tell you how many people have tweeted me and are still within minutes ago. Tweeting me come on. Gp Are you one guys like. Are you high coach? Wooden won ten national championships. Do you know how much of a nerd you have to P to see somebody tweet Mick Cronin better than John Wooden and actually try to have an argument with them about it man. That's just oh I had a good one. I had a good one. Oh my gosh this is is to buried in my mentions but I so I linked in my power rankings Thursday. I embedded my screen-grabbed tweet from February. Eighth of the Selection Committee's top sixteen reveal basically saying this was the top sixteen nineteen days ago. All but two of these teams scancen Dayton have lost a game since. Then here's WHO's lost. What and so. And I had not re tweeted at reference back to that tweet or then some random Kentucky fan comes and finds me on twitter and go because Kentucky was not in that top sixteen and go. How big of an idiot do you have to be a Kentucky's a top ten team and you don't even have them as a top four seed right now? Do you think I'm in that photo? You think that I'm Dan Gavitt right now. Is You can't sell that. This is a screen. Grab of a television show. From nineteen days ago. It was again. Just let them roll off your shoulder get you gotta let it go. Cheapie people get so aggravated would be. When I'm constantly calling people dom constantly calling people stupid but like people really are dumb and stupid blows my mind and it's the work and it's the worst part of social media the absolute worse because in real life like if you take social media and just eliminate it in real life. I don't I don't deal with people that often. They're not a part of my life. Like I if I if I recognize you with somebody who is just an complete idiot. I'll just like I won't I? Don't you have no opportunity to speak to me? I won't I won't even get involved in yet. What social it gives dumb people access to your head twenty four hours a day and so just imagine if you were walking a think of it like this. You're out in public your restaurant in every two minutes dumpers walk got to walk up to you and say something really dumb to you. That's what twitter is. I'm aware of my man. You gotta I tweeted out a semi finalist list for defensive of the year in got ratio. Though it was my list is not my list. And shocker shocker. There are seventy four fan bases that one hundred thirteen of their guys on a top. Ten list shouts I understand Tashaun. Alexander legitimately snubs Xavier Tillman. I don't quite agree with that. If you want to say. Her Jones with one hand wants to be on the list I got. I got Cairo Lewis Junior Japan Quinn early and Jaden Shackelford in my mentions over her Jones. Not Being on the defensive player of the year semi finalist legitimately. Like what is going on here so I so I hear Ya. Gp I hear you do not realize coach. Wooden is the most decorated college coach of all time. That's what my mentor all night and into this morning people would wanting to actually argue with her John. Wooden is better than Mick Cronin. Sounds like you're trying to draw so far one into your mentions with tweets like that to me. I'm imagine imagine this. Imagine you're sitting. You go to dinner tonight. And you sitting there. And every forty five seconds the biggest edit on the planet comes up and says something idiotic to you. That's what twitter is for me. That's what my twitter mention Dr. Well say man when you tweet Mick Cronin better than John Wooden. You're just asking for it. I'll try tweeted. Beg At one guy. I was like listen. Can you give me an example? John would never win a game to go to first place in the PAC. Twelve on a three pointer. John would never do that. No NOPE NOPE. Nope I so so you sure you want to engage engage in this. Mick Cronin John. Wooden debate because I already to explain the amid Cronin just won a game on a three pointer. Job would never did that. Did you see people always want to talk about what John Wooden did? Oh you wouldn't do gyp yet okay. Let's talk about what John Wooden didn't do. Did He win a game on a three pointer ever? Did He do it Scheming Mickey Mitchell? Now though I mean Jesus Christ Mick. Cronin like trying to figure out how to win a game. Imagine imagine what John Wooden would imagine. Wouldn't have you regain looks up and you got Mickey Mitchell another side. You GotTa try to score Mickey Digital to win. The game. Never had to do it now. John would never have to do that. Even though Mickey Mitchell was playing basketball with John Wooden Goshi. A lot of people don't realize that Mickey Mitchell's freshman season was I think the First Year of Tony Thinks coaching career. What most people don't realize is that Bobby Hurley before coaching Mickey Mitchell actually played against Mickey Mitchell by the way. So we we gotta move on but I have to mention this because I think I think you saw it but I did like some guy. I tweeted at Sandia. Estate was undefeated and in a deadpan manner. And some guy goes I go man like I'm seeing it on the. Espn they law student. I got like three people sending screen. That's to me of the story and I was like listen. I don't know what to tell Ya. San Diego State is still undefeated. I can't help you if you think that. They've lost a Gamer. And so then you got the people in the gut like you've got like eight people who listen to podcast mentions and you got like three of the people that come in hard like they coming in hard with this one one of the one guy. Kansas Fan bless your heart man. I hope you find this podcast. And he goes. This dude has fifty three thousand followers and his verified to cover college basketball. And it's a gift of a guy going trash that's just beautiful so yes. We have had some fun on the tweet machine this week. It's weird that people have stopped since last week. In talking about San Diego States undefeated season because like it they still are probably on selection Sunday zero in the loss column in folks. We feel like we're the only one still talking. And we are tracking to a one-seat no doubt about it. I'm impressed and I think that they can get that perfect regular season once. They beat Nevada on the road on Saturday. It's a tough one but I can get it done. I think they'd get it done. And even if they don't they will yes. That's right right Maryland. What its last two buzzer beater just like UCLA? It happened Wednesday night. We're GONNA get into that next but I take this out. Hey it's chip Patterson from CBS. Sports if you're a die hard fan of college football then. You don't need me to remind you that this fort knows no off season in. Let's be honest if you're a die. Hard Fan of college football. I kind of expect you to already be subscribed to the cover three podcast. But don't worry if you missed out on the lock fights late night instant reactions and emergency podcasts. In two thousand nineteen. There's still room for you to join us. Results on the field in the fall or the product of pieces that were set in place in the winter. So don't miss out on the moves. News and headlines that will determine the twenty twenty national championship download and subscribe the cover. Three podcast on apple spotify and anywhere podcast found so Maryland was last game on the buzzer beater just like Ucla terrapins. Trailed by as many as seventeen points in the first half just like going to be one of them nights but they rally they doubt a two or three left they cut it to two with eighteen seconds left after. Minnesota missed the front end of a one and one at the other. End Daryl. More sale buried at three in the final seconds for the wind. Final Score Maryland. Seventy FOUR MINNESOTA SEVENTY-THREE INSIDE JAN gangly Hof Arena so now Maryland is twenty three and five overall thirteen and four in the big ten to game lead over three teams. They're going to win outright big ten championship norlander. They are probably going to do it and standalone if they can get it on this weekend preview that I'll be at that game We got some running inside Jan gingell arena. I'M GONNA I'm just GonNa Cruise on past that. No one knows Django player. No one knows what that is. No no one knows who that is. I don't know how long it took you to find that name. I don't even know what to do with that information by the way. This is a terrible beat had Minnesota. Because they were favored I think one and they lose at the buzzer practically at the Buzzer by three. I know Minnesota like two got fouled and didn't call at the end it's brutal but good on Maryland. But here's the deal. Okay I got a few things with the turps one. They have come back from fifteen plus down four times two teams in the league this season. It was Minnesota Michigan State Northwestern Illinois. I think they trailed by like eight with a minute. Twenty go against Indiana and still won that game. Maryland is a twenty three and five team that could easily be about twenty eight and nowhere near the two line. But that's not where we're at. They continue to to rack up the wins and all the losses as we said before at Penn State at Seton Hall at Iowa at Wisconsin. We'll get to buck in just a minute here. That looks better by the day and then at Ohio state which they which preceded this Minnesota win but but forget all that mark turgeon after the game after one of the most unlikely winds of his entire career chooses that moment to bitch about the tip. Time to bitch about the tip time as if this was something only afflicting program and it just started this year. This has been a thing a college basketball for more than twenty five years. Nine o'clock tip times okay. And it was eight o'clock local but nine o'clock body time for his intensive purposes now. I don't know who got to them but someone got to him quicker. He realized what he did. Because someone tweeted at me video afterward and it was within minutes where he maybe he realized it was on the big ten network. Maybe someone told him. Hey Mark Yeah you make more than two point five million and a lot of. That's because of games like this and the big ten network and all this all the money that goes into a health pay for your salary so he apologized and then because he wanted to be back in his driveway by four thirty and then that didn't even happen because they had issues with the Dushi that they had issues with the plane they were. They were there until like late. After late morning. Early afternoon on Thursday. I don't understand why more school I mean I do understand. It's it's because of code school right classes yes but more and more. Nba teams are staying the night rather than flying overnight. Now because there's just studies that show is just better for you. It's better for your body like it doesn't really like the argument would be we gotta get back and get her kids in classes if they really don't till four thirty in the morning. What good is going to class the next morning? Like what what are what are you doing? Let's not even maybe the next morning they might have two o'clock class or something so it's like if we can get back and then you can somehow if you can just hypothetically gp you can get in your bed by. Just call it five thirty. Which isn't great. I mean you sleep on the plane. You get played sleep. It's not tremendously effective. Obviously and then you can squeak off four four and a half hours and then you can be in class because again. They're you know they're not going to make special exceptions even more so than normal. I guess for these for these players. That's why but I definitely hear what you're saying. And they do have like especially at school Maryland where you have the infrastructure to support. All this from tutors to get stuff done I I hear you I. You know sometimes it might be as something as seemingly little but with when you add it up. It isn't if we're GONNA do this and we do it. Ten nights years opposed to to the hotel cost they add up and so we don't WanNa take that on like I think some of that is why a argue this that I'm in first off winter. Says you know we? We tipped a game at Minnesota. Nine o'clock eastern makes no sense. It does make sense for the exact reasons. You said that it makes sense for the big ten network. Big Ten schools. I think last year gotTA CHECK METEORITES. Check for fifty five million dollars each. That's that's how it makes sense because you you have network. You GotTa Have Games on you. Don't start them all at six o'clock you gotTa have a double header and so you know. Nah last night I think it was maybe Nebraska. Ohio state was playing in the same window. Or somebody what they did they did and I said okay. So Ohio State. Plays at Pinnacle Bank on Thursday night and his opening statement. This is a vital Matt hardesty. Who was covering the game he goes? It was great having a nine pm tip. We could get in here early and it was great having a nine. Pm Chris Holtman versus mark. Turgeon is the most unlikely rivalry of my life real quick. Gp and for listeners. That might not be aware this. They played earlier and turgeon called Caleb West and a bully Holtman took issue with. It brought it up again. I think at the next day's press conference circle back and said I respect her and all that stuff but it was completely inappropriate for him to say that then turgeon wins bitches about the tip time and then the next night inside Pinnacle Bank arena. Chris Holtman opens his press conference by saying it was great having a nine pm tip. Get these teams against each other in the big ten tournament. We need it. I had a circling back to the John. Wooden stuff at a guy tweet me last night. He said listen. It's not like John. Wooden never had to win it. Pinnacle Bank which is also true. Exactly true but it's also true just something to consider when we're discussing the Mick Cronin John Wooden legacies to circle back to where I was so it makes from a money perspective. You gotta clearly. It makes sense in charge knows that but in terms of like traveling all night long you know in the middle of the night like once we I understand. Well you know we gotta get the kid back in classes what you and this is sort of where church point what you decide that we're going to tip off games late at night and school can be secondary and that conferences are going to be realigned with no regard for geography. So you might really you know. I know Maryland was playing at Minnesota. But it could have been at Nebraska. It could've been anywhere like the geography doesn't matter anymore to these leagues like once more scrapping all of that stuff at the expense of actual student athletes and classwork. Then like let's stop pretending that the classes matter you go back to the hotel after the game in Minneapolis. Get a decent night's sleep wake up. We'll home if you can get to class great and if you can't who cares. We got fifty five million dollars coming from the victim. Meteorites deal yeah I hear what you're saying but those on the ground level working you know with the schools and universities are just not going to ever admit to that but I hear what I don't disagree with you but they're never gonna it's part of the basis of like the amateurism model and the student athlete model but I. I don't disagree but the point I used to make all the time when they do the twenty four hours a basketball like. Stop telling me. You care about academics. When you're tipping off a game three m right shouts to Hawaii. Yeah I hear Ya I hear Ya but some of what was saying was not incorrect. I get where the frustration is. But even Jeff Bowls. Who's now the coach at Ohio and was assistant for a long time under Thad Matta? He he had mentioned to me. He said the year that we went thirty. Two and three. It was the year that they lost to Kentucky in the tournament. I was actually. I was covering that regional for CBS and was when selling directly after lost. He said he was coming back to school next season. He actually did bowl said that they had one thousand nine hundred twenty of their thirty five games or whatever that season were all nine pm local tips or later so it was it just like no one outside of the teams living it notice or even care about that stuff can have an impact. Yes but the point is this has been happening forever and oh by the way it gets worse if you will next month and we're on the doorstep of Marcher win the tournament because of a function of how the TV windows work. You will have on those Thursday and Friday nights back to back Weekends Games. Tipping close to or after ten o'clock PM Eastern so. I mean this is march is when it really takes up a bit here and yeah. I just more than anything. I just found it. Bizarre that turns and chose to take that moment after a crazy win to kill Minnesota's at large hopes and say yeah nine pm tiff love it and I was just kind of it was. It was a bit weird and he of course immediately walked it back. Is it shows you how tight some of these coaches are like? You really just had an amazing moment like that shot probably ensures that you're GONNA BE OUTRIGHT BIG TEN CHAMPS. It'll be the first outright big ten regular season title for Maryland or conference title of ACC. Tim Doesn't matter since two thousand and two. It's an incredible moment and just pissed off because you 'cause you're getting started at nine o'clock eastern it. It was. It was funny. It was funny to me. It was doing it to have all the things to be at an an in your head at that moment being angry that he started at nine pm. Eastern is hilarious but whatever he walked it back and he walked back we should say walked back with a smile seemed to be laughing at himself a little bit and I thought I thought he handled it. I thought that's fine in the moment. It was weird after that he that he walked back shortly thereafter. Fine with me. Yeah yeah and but then the irony is like. He wants to be in his driveway by four thirty. Which wasn't going to happen no matter what it was way too late. That wasn't happening and then they can't even get to get out of Minneapolis for twelve years. The other dateable tip tip off at seven eastern. So what? You're still not back in your driveway till two thirty. I know well. Yeah I mean there is a difference between two thirty and four thirty although you may you may know better than anyone but that's pulling in four thirty. That's that's some rough stuff they're just just drag your ass on the house at four forty five in the morning. That's that's just terrible spot to be in yeah. I don't like being awake at four o'clock in the morning because I'm still up or because I just got up. I like I don't like seeing for you know what that's is four if you were to round it to the top of the hour four. Am is probably the worst hour of the day. That's that's like the most depressing like that's the hour. You don't want to be conscious ever you do now that. I think that that is exactly three. Am maybe you're on the tail end of a really good night? Maybe or you know it's it's it's it's a matchbox twenty song. I I must be lonely but four. Am you're in some trouble there? I don't I don't think there's anything good that can really happen for anybody at about four am yes like it's three a m. I I must be lonely. And then the it'd be like it's four. Am I must have a coke. Probably WanNA kill myself right. Yes it's four am. I must have a coke problem. Yeah like I used to have six. Am flight to New York. Every Monday morning and I would get up at four. Am and it was miserable. I just stopped doing it. It just decided. This is no way to spend my money morning. That's okay so I mentioned Maryland's got a two game lead in the big ten standings over three different. One of them is Michigan State. No surprise no one of them is Penn state surprise based off preseason expectations not based on what we've known for a while about Penn state and the thirteen that is tied for second in the big ten standings right now. Is Greg Guards? Wisconsin Badgers on a five game winning streak. I have inserted them into the top twenty five and one on Friday morning. Nice story you don't want cocaine quits. The team it's reasonable to assume the season might go the wrong way. They were already shaky. Anyway they're six to since he quit there on a five game winning streak headed into Sunday's game against Minnesota that is turned into a nice story to it is right now Wisconsin. We'll see if they continue to roll and they've got a good chance of doing it. They wouldn't be considered the dark horse to win the big ten tournament but in the here now Friday February twenty eighth. The badgers are your Your sleeper pick to go ahead and and And Take that big ten championship once again to bracket play here one five in a row. The remaining games home to Minnesota home to North Western so really chance to win both of those to get to thirteen and six in the league. And then there at Indiana. They can certainly pull that off. So Wisconsin has kind of a sneaky chance to take second in the League here and what they've been doing as of late has been ultra impressive. There are still three forty three and adjusted temple so they're still like The tempo the pace of the team is what you think. It is but they have been exceedingly efficient as of late the past five games. All of them wins Wisconsin as average seventy six points in those games. They can actually fill it up here. They have this is per. Wisconsin have had eighty plus points in back to back road games for the first time. Since many trivia time you want to toss a toss at what season was the last time. Wisconsin had eighty in back to back road. Winds Ben Howland final season. Not a bad guest but you are way off chefs to Michael Finley. Nineteen Ninety four ninety. Five was the last time. Wisconsin did that so Demetrios Aleem Ford Michael Potter all solid there on Thursday night. They've been playing very well. Wisconsin this season. See it's got really good. Wins over really good team? So if you're looking for a good value play for sweet sixteen. Maybe even if you want to get frisky and flirt with something elite a bucky is a pretty solid. Pick at this. Point has beaten Maryland Michigan Michigan State Marquette and has a sweep of Ohio state. Gt those are all teams that if they played their ceilings are going to be six or better potentially even five seeds or better on the whole and now they have five. Rank wins over over five. Hundred rank teams as Wisconsin. The only how about this. How about another tra- Trivia Trivia Time Trivia time okay only three teams have more than five wins against ranked opponents this season. Who are they? How Ben Allan Man? I wasn't even listening to you. I love it throwback. Okay I'll take more than five wins over ranked teams. Yes Okay Kansas. No no this is. This is per Wisconsin. That I got this is per Wisconsin Stat so Kansas and that's wrong blame Wisconsin but Kansas does not have more than five against ranked opponents. This season coach. I got a decline. Okay go ahead clearly. Wisconsin's one of them yet. They have five. Th there are three teams with more than five. Okay more than four Baylor correct. They have six and the two others also have six. The two others also have six When we just look at the top twenty five and one and I'll just pull some teams should be should be light work. Florida state. Now Seton Hall Seton Hall. No Give Care Iowa and Oregon Iowa Oregon's apparently all six. I didn't I'm just going off Wisconsin's were there. If a listener wants to fact check and tell me I'm wrong. Tell Wisconsin strong but yeah. They're doing they're doing mighty well for themselves and as you mentioned no Koby King. They've responded well to metric was awesome in this game and they they win. It see the reason why it was impressive. Was they win against a good opponent? Trice head twenty. Eight was overall with five or six from three point land in ten sixteen from the field. He was fantastic but Michigan per torok. Michigan had been playing the second best team in the month of February only behind Kansas. You go into the building you knock them off right. When I put Michigan into my power. Rankings a goes and does the damn thing so credit to Bucky. They are really playing extremely well as of late obviously comfortably in the instantly tournament at this point and our tracking to potentially at twenty one win regular season if they win the last three entering into the big ten tournament as I said at the top. They do have a chance here if they can. They can make things happen in Maryland. Beats Michigan State? On Saturday Wisconsin could actually angle on wind up being the two seat in the big ten tournament when it starts that. That'd be quite the turnout. Compared to where this school was five weeks ago Michigan. The records a little misleading. Because they entered last night's game Thursday night's game thirteen and four with Isaiah livers in the lineup. Just five and five without him and so that was a really good team playing really well and it speaks to the way that Wisconsin teams come together in the absence of Kobe. King that they were able to go into that building. You get that win. That's not an easy place to win when Michigan is operating with it's With Isaiah livers in the in the in the lineup. Because just a quick thought on Michigan Eighteen ten nine eight in the league. It is No liver has has definitely made an impact in some of these games. There's no doubt about it. And some of this has crossover but The win against Gonzaga's good win against Creighton earlier in the years. Good but is it's it's tacking up a lot of its losses against a lot of really good teams and a lot of its wins have come against teams that project outside of the top thirty thirty five of Ken Palm so I still think. Michigan's solid team. Don't get me wrong but I in light of the loss in the way it came. I I don't know what I quite make them. Overall they've got a game on. Cbs on Sunday at Ohio State. Which will which will be big for just big ten seatings and and all that stuff and if they can get another quality quad one level high quad one win. That will go a long way because Michigan staring right now. Two of its final. Three Ohio State and Maryland. Both on the road and then they got. They Got Pinnacle Bank in between that on Thursday march fifth. So it's just it's it's it's not an. It's not an enviable situation for Michigan. Right now just answer one question for me. Did John Wooden Ever Win Inside Pinnacle Bank? Yes or no. I can answer that easily for you. The answer is no and so when you take that into consideration. I don't even think. Sat Davis included that in his extremely impressive and long biography of wooden. But I think if you're going to find the words Pinnacle Bakery in that book. Gp Let's let our when we're talking about John Wooden and we're just GonNa Ignore Sam Gilbert and the fact that he didn't win inside Pinnacle Bank. We won't not on this podcast. Cast nope not on this when we get to the final four and one. Let's get to the final four and one and the records are okay me. Yeah I gotTA update you stop keeping track. I know you've stopped. You mentioned this every so I had a good week last week. You did not. I am forty two thirty seven and one on the season. You Are Thirty. Five forty four and one. What is your first game? Hold on where Pete. My record thirty five. What THIRTY FIVE FORTY. Four and one seven seven games back in the win column. Yes that would be correct. Also seven games back in the loss column. I need Kobi Kingdom. Quit my team so I'll get better to hit the nail on the head. That's exactly what you need. Id Kobe keen to quit my team. That's going to be the key to turn this thing around all right first. Game game number. One Saturday noon Eastern Number Sixteen Penn state at number Eighteen Iowa inside here we had woodbury arena all right okay. Well when I thought I usually something just POPs into my head going okay. Pin Stated Iowa. What what what pops into my head and nothing nothing popped into my head about Iowa and then the and then after I realized nothing's popping in my head I said didn't they have a duty to poke everybody in the eye of Woodbury good. I definitely thought you were going to like when you say Iowa. I think luke record so luke record. Maybe we'll go with Luke record. Adam would bear. Do you remember when he used to poke everybody in the I do. I do but I can't. I can't believe that they poke three players in the eye. And you're going to name a Dan Marino after him. Yes he he he. He poked three different players in the eyeball in a two week span. What we've learned here is a talk. Show hold on what we've learned here in light of Brandon Davies and Luke you like to name arenas after dudes I'd like to poke. That's what I've learned to. Can you name one player? That Adam Berry poked in the eye poke three do trivia time that I thank everybody was Allan. This was poking people's pupils. Oh Man I can't. I can't recall wonder Wisconsin player. I know that you're Wisconsin. Two of them are Oh did uh I WANNA Josh Gasser. But that's not it He's got Josh Gasser Energy. I Dunno give it to me. He he poked Nigel Hayes in the eye that I hope he poked Frank Kaminsky in the head. I don't remember either. And he also post poked. Mellow Trimble in the Mellow Trimble idea. Remember yes I thought that. What's the line on this game? I minus three. According Kim Palm you can watch it on the big ten network. What Times the tip? It's noon Eastern. So I'm just wondering if we'RE GONNA get Penn State winning and Pat Chambers having a problem with the tip pet chambers is like. I'm not going to be back in my bed until four. Pm It's been a big week for complaining about this time. Third Happen exactly. We'll wait at a whole deal too but we don't even go down that road it's been it's been quite a week for coaches complaining about scheduling I'll take one the spot and I like your beat three. Yeah I like that easily kick against Iowa inside Adam Woodbury arena. That's an ex- it's not crazy but in this spot. I understand why you wouldn't okay. Minus three is also my pick Saturday two thirty eastern number thirteen Seton Hall at Marquette Inside Travis Diener Forum Marquette minus three. You can watch it on Fox. Definitely love it Marquette minus three This is this would be marcus. Howard senior day you got Howard versus powder this is a wonderful game Seton Hall's seals got a tricky spot. Here coming up too. Because they got this. And then they got to play the two teams behind them in the big standings Nova and Creighton so the Big East actually has some good amount of drama on there Wants tough GP. I would say by the way. This is vanderbilt court just so we're clear court inside tranquilly it could be. It could be nothing but vander. Blue Court I am a I'll say Howard has a really nice senior day. Goes FOR THIRTY ONE. Seton Hall wins by six. So you're taking Seton Hall plus the points. No sorry what what are you doing like I. Here's what I did. I really say Seton Hall wins by six. That's no I met. Marquette wins by six so yeah no there Marquette's GonNa win on Howard Senior Day. They're going to have good. It'll be a good game but they're going to have a little bit of comfort down. The stretch can't pick against marquette inside Travis diener form on Marcus Howard's senior day so yeah I'll take marquette minus two three as well Saturday three forty five PM Eastern Number Fifteen Auburn at number eight Kentucky Inside Randolph Morris Arena. You can watch it on. Cbs. America's most watched network is the network stars Kentucky Minus Five. All right. I give Kentucky fans furnishing just Fletcher mentioned. There are so many good options. And you pick first of all. We already did this okay with this. This is already named like two two two weeks ago. We naming after more Randolph Morris. Yes raised Al Morris Morris Arena Kepi. He faxed he sent a fax to Tubby Smith telling me with entering the NBA draft. How is that that is funny? That is funny I I actually I worked at last night. Look at it. Look at what this thing says. It says dear coach Smith. It's a fax their coats man. First of all I would like to thank you and your staff for the many opportunities and benefits forwarded me this year however I would like to announce my intentions to test the waters and the two thousand five NBA draft. My intent is not to obtain an agent so as to maintain my collegiate eligibility that became like a big controversy because he was one of the few people these days folks just into the draft and going all the time but back did it was not a normal thing he entered the draft did not get picked and was able to go back to Kentucky and this facts that he's sit to Orlando Smith was Was was one of the pieces of evidence because it seemed to prove according to whoever needs to decide such things that he was just going to quote test the water so I think he ended up with a fourteen game suspension. Came back but anybody if you fax your if you sent a fax to your coach to tell him you're testing the waters in the NBA draft. That's you get an arena named. After far as I'm concerned well we did previously dubbed this. Tony delk arena. Just say no so. No no no no no no no no no no no clinic. Buki Court. I mean he's Buki is an all time name too so it's not. It's not it's rained. Off More Serena Tony Delk can get. He can get something else all right. Well we might as well. We'll have to figure that out. I got Kentucky easily though GP. I got them win by ten. They've been awesome menu quickly the SEC player of the year at this point. And he's overtaken his own damn teammate. Nick Richards and quickly have been amazing. This season on the whole. They've developed nicely. Credit coaching staff were doing that and quickly turned into like a top three or four. Three point shooter. The cows ever had a Kentucky. He's averaging nineteen point two points in his past. Seventeen Games Quickly been an absolute stud here and Yeah Kentucky's been a top five team across the past three or four weeks to get the game at home on Colona as a bouquet court. I Got Kentucky Big in Kentucky by double digits. I get Kentucky to win Auburn Cover. I'm taking Auburn. Plus the five points I believe in Isaac a coral. He's back Albert. Just a two loss team with Isaac Koro in the lineup now projected by our Buddy Jonathan. A top five pick in the two thousand twenty. Nba draft the best NBA. On the court. Inci Randolph Morris Arena on. Saturday will be the young man in Auburn uniform. Isaac or Koro Okay Scheme for gave four Saturday six PM Eastern number seven Duke at Virginia Inside Ralph Sampson Arena. I like it. I like Trivia time. Okay before we make the pig I need the line before the Trivia time. Okay let me look for some reason. I didn't write it down probably because I was arguing with people about Mick Cronin John Lewis last night The line is according to Kim Palm Duke minus four Duke minus four on the road inside Ralston arena right. What's the Trivia Time Trivia time only two players have ever been three time naismith college players of the year one is Ralph Sampson in eighty one. Eighty two and eighty three. Who was the other three times? Three Time Naismith college player of the year. Can I get? Can I get a cheat here? Well how long is the Naismith award been around? Do we know longtime all right. So I guess is Walton. Correct boom the seventy two. Seventy three seventy four. Give Me Cronin Bill and see what happens. You know people. Don't talk about that either. They don't feel well not in the same building last night. That's Mick Cronin either. Give give give John Wooden Yancey Gate give Mick Cronin. Bill Walton and see what happens. That's quite S- quite soccer prior probably a fight. What happened It's quite swap Probably a fistfight happens. Yeah Listen we're GONNA give We're going to give Tiger. Um The love here it's GonNa be tight around court. It's we gotta after a tied Jerome Still big for that and that's championship. You Know Kyle Guy Shots John Jay. Hunter you were good Kia Clark Momma Dean you still on the team. You're not eligible I Have Virginia straight up by the way straight up. Virginia GonNa win. They're getting five. This is an easy call but I got him to cover but yes I'll take who's straight up. It's Virginia minus its duke minus four nine five. You're just making up numbers you said five did not say five. You said five. I don't I think you said five Matt how you know what no. I think you're right. I think you said for I got but it is for four the record to be straight duke minus four. I'll take Duke. I'll take Duke on the road. The Blue Devils need the bounce back. Loosen too much. They've been losing a ton. Yeah I keep losing so much. That's the existential question. Okay they They are wanting to pass three games to double digit losses to unranked instate rivals. And yet still. Do you want to know another thing? That's in my mentioned nonstop people. Think the net rankings are rigged for Duke because Duke Lost Awake Wars and they? They didn't actually drop in ratings. All people were mad at me about the net rankings. Gp What's up with these stupid? Never I'm like I'm not in charge of the net rankings for crying out loud. I don't know why I didn't drop in the net rankings. At set for their efficiency numbers are still very very strong. There's only three teams right now in the country. Top fifteen in both offensive teachings efficiency one is Kansas San Diego state and one. Is The Duke Blue Devils? So you'RE GONNA Take Duke. I'll take UVA. I do like yeah. Listen cavs. They held Virginia Tech to eleven points in the first half earlier this week and then Virginia Tech scored like forty four in the second half so we'll see we'll see which version of the. Wa who show up. They are They've got some some breathing room here in terms against the NCAA tournament. There's no doubt about that six weeks ago but they played well overall All right so we got four down And I got to pick my my one here. I'M NOT GONNA pick Michigan State Maryland. That's actually not my game. I thought you were going to give me that game. But that's not my game because I got I got better dudes I got a name. Korten arena after here and we're going to attend a second but I will be in college park on Saturday. Four Michigan State at Maryland Maryland. Wins THAT GAME. As you mentioned it will be assured a regular season championship the first time since it got into the big ten for the first time in almost twenty years These teams played two weeks ago and Maryland had a crazy rally at Breslin and they came back and they were able to To get a huge win there. We'll see if Michigan state can right itself and get good victory. That's that's the big game. It's eight o'clock tip on on Saturday. I kind of think Florida's states on upset. Watch at Clemson. That's a two o'clock tip. Keep an eye on that. Love Me. Some knowles they looked awesome this week. But I kinda feel like that might be a thing we mentioned Arizona. Ucla that's a ten o'clock late tip so after Michigan State Marilyn's done Arizona. Ucla inside reason Nelson Pavilion is what you definitely want to be keyed in on sending chime in undefeated at Nevada and I wanNA stay at. Usc also takes on a certain urgency A lot of PAC twelve loved this podcast here. I think that's the majority of like big ones. I do Kinda sorta think that Villanova's going to get a push from Providence. Noon tip on Fox on Saturday. Keep an eye on that wraps up against Saint Mary's which was going to be my backup game. If you didn't pick my first game which I didn't think you were going to but will sideswipe. Saint Mary's at Gonzaga my game Sunday Jesus Christ I like to inform the people as they prep for a good weekend. Hoops here by the way I'll be in studio for. Cbs Sports HQ. On Sundays. I'll be taking the train back. Gps taking the taking the train loving it. Like James Bond. You know you know. I've never like all you guys always take trains like the DC and Philly wherever. I've never done that. The only train I've ever taken a memphis to New Orleans train and it took forty hours definitely did not take forty hours probably four. That seems legit eight. That's you you can drive to New Orleans quicker than you can get there by train at least when I did it and you did it when God was when my wife and I were still dating so twenty years ago. Twenty years since you've been on a train it's been twenty years since I've been on the train but you take a train like when you went to Europe. No we flew everywhere Man The train. That's that's really when you feel like you're in a born movie though like you're searching around you're seeing who's the undercover agent on this things that just me okay so it sounds like that's just yeah. Well you know what is all right so yeah I will be taking the train back Sunday morning up to Stanford Connecticut. Lbs Studio for pregame halftime postgame analysis of the bull. Cbs Games Savior Georgetown's too and then Michigan Ohio states at four. So keep it locked in there. the most watch. No that's right so the game I have though or his six o'clock tip on. Espn you got the Colorado Buffaloes. They're going to be playing inside. It can be no other Josh Children's Pavilion on. Don't even try and bring the slander against Josh childress right. Now don't even try on Brevin Knight Corporate Night. Probably one of my favorite players in the nineties and College Basketball Rib Brevin Knight Color analyst for Your Memphis Grizzlies. Boom look at the synergy. We got going on right now but not as a Memphis Ian did not realize that dig it Brevin Knight Court. Let them know when you can. Police inform Mr Night of what we've done in his honour here on this podcast. By the way the line is Stanford at home minus two against Colorado that's an important game for Stanford and it's turnament chances. I didn't take it I I offer the game. You take the pick take. I know my pick but and I won't change it no matter who it is but I want your pick I I I in Colorado. What are you doing lost two straight loss? The cow man. I mean shells to mark Fox. Sure but like can't do that. That's a good way to get addicted from the top twenty five one which is exactly what happened on Friday. Morning has it. Should've Yeah Stanford minus two here. I'M GONNA I'm gonNA take the buffaloes on the road so my buddy so the last time I pick Stanford they lost by forty seven thousand points to Kansas. I do think that's the last time we actually inject Stanford into this kind of segment here so I will also ride with Buffaloes that means that we have agreement on three Games Iowa against Penn State Marquette Against Seton Hall and then Colorado Against Stanford. We disagree on Virginia Duke. And we disagree on Kentucky Auburn. I'll change takes right now. That's not going to happen. That's not how this works. Got Buddy. I'm excited to see I've never covered a game there. Have you been there have you been? Have you covered a game in the finnity center shore? I've not been to the extent of the I've been there I went. I was there for I think Gravis Vasquez Senior Day. I think it was there for that. And then I went back there to do a story on terge. I remember that was like three season. Like two thousand fifteen or something like that. And then my wife and I went to a restaurant called minibar Jose Andres minibar. I was just Google unlike nice restaurants in DC. Because I went through this phase where I was just trying to everywhere I went. I was trying to nice restaurants. Like top one hundred restaurants in the world so it was like minibar top twenty restaurants in the country. I said okay cool. We'll go there. Guess what the bill was me and my wife. Just us Three hundred seventeen dollars. Twelve hundred dollars. That's absurd and how about you another that city attic? It was like a Google mini bar in DC. When you get a chance it's like twenty seven courses okay but but like a course might be a noodle a big flat noodle I mean one little noodle you sit at this bar and they make everything right in front of you. It only has like eight seats eight people in the whole restaurant at a time. Maybe ten but it's like a small number you're all sitting at a bar and they make these little plates for you and then you like God this they tell you exactly what it is and then you put one noodle one little bitty noodle imagine chicken noodle soup out of a can it's like one little noodle that's what you eat. It's a banana Michael. What can cost ten dollars? Yeah I know that's crazy so the noodle costs you like fifteen bucks. Yeah gas and probably more and so we we spent like it was over grant and we got back to our hotel and ordered pizza those ridiculous ridiculous dinner of my night but I've been to the xfinity center at least twice. I'm looking forward to To be in their hope we get a good game and I hope margins okay with the. Apm Time what time do you think you'll be back your driveway after the game? I'm not going to be back until Sunday night. I'M GONNA be. We're GONNA podcast late on Sunday because I'M GONNA be as hot after that. After that game I will be in the Courtyard MARRIOTT AT I. Don't know twelve fifteen or so but my own driveway. That's not happen until Sunday. Night my Matt do you. Would you like to about it right now? I have no intention on complaining about it. It's just part of the show the Devon down just Carolina Shelter Terry M. F. Legend. Please go subscribe the Island College Basketball Pockets via apple podcast rated favourably five stars with nice calm and it's an addition to the CBS games. This weekend remember we gotta quadruple header Saturday on. Cbs sports network one of the games seventeen. Byu At Pepperdine. Byu nationally ranked fifteen and two with only child in the lineup. Tippin that when it's scheduled for six o'clock eastern at Byu at pepperdine so Enjoy your weekend a college basketball. We will talk to you again on Sunday night 'til then take care. Hey y'all it's chip Patterson from CBS sports. If you're a die hard fan of college football then you don't need me to remind you that this sport knows no off season in. Let's be honest if you're a die. Hard Fan of college football. I kind of expect you to already subscribed to the cover three podcast. But don't worry if you missed out on the lock fights late night instant reactions and emergency podcast twenty nineteen. There's still room for you to join us. Results on the field in the fall or the product of pieces that were set in place in the winner. So don't miss out on the moves news headlines that will determine the twenty twenty national championship download and subscribe to cover three podcast on Apple. Spotify anywhere podcasts are found.

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