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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Comcast business having the nation's largest gig speed network was just the start. Now, they're providing gig fueled apps and solutions that exceed expectations and help businesses perform Comcast business beyond fast. If you've been listening to pop culture happy hour for a while. You know, we love nothing so much as a good quiz rice. Even got is. Right. And we've been doing them for a long time seeing as how our show is in its ninth. That's why at our recent show at the bell house in Brooklyn. I came up with a quiz about nine seasons. Specifically about the ninth seasons of various TV shows Stephen Glenn faced off against one of our favorite podcast teams. Brittany loose and Eric Eddings of the nod. We did and as you will hear we all played berry berry hard. So stick around. Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from first Republic Bank. 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So the theme of the quiz is television shows in their ninth seasons. Specifies thing. So don't peak Stephen and Glen, which of the following is not a sentence from a real description of a season nine episode. Beverly Hills nine O two. No is it a and now you're looking for the fake. Valerie elects to throw a massive rave as a farewell party before turning herself into the police is it Dylan takes his bullet riddled Porsche out of storage. Isn't Wayne asked Donna to accompany him to Acapulco for a volleyball tournament. Or is it Kelly wakes up with amnesia after her rollerblading accident. Oh, oh. The ninety s food is strong. Yeah. Wow. By the way, the wonderful podcast again with this which recaps episodes of nine hundred now is right in the middle of season nine. We could have prepared for this. So Glenn Glenn. I feel like the Ray the rave feels right to me that feels it doesn't feel a little on the knows. Maybe. So on the knows that that's why that's why it is. Would they say he takes his bullet ridden car garage in a little bullet description of that thing that they would say bullet riddled Porsche if that's not in the description. I mean, the other thing is I feel like just trying to parse the logic that Linda uses when she puts these quizzes together, which is where I get in trouble. I feel like it's either the Porsche or amnesia. I I'm going to. I'm pretty strong on the Porsche Porsche now. Amedure? All right. All right. You guys have no idea how rarely I come this close to being rights. What else they is? I'm now terrified for. Britney and Eric, okay? The ninth season of Grey's anatomy. But no thought of. Adamy focused on the aftermath of what event a hostage situation. Be earthquake sea plane crash de tornado. Okay. So this is the thing. I watched the first the first three seasons of it. I think if a think that a hostage situation could be it. But that might be it might have happened in one of the first five seasons. I do. I remember the hostage situation because that's where. Who died everybody on that show? The Patrick Dempsey. The Patrick Dempsey. I think that's okay. So let me about this right now. Wait. So they're in season like fifteen or sixteen. So that would mean that like because he's gone for awhile. He's been gone for a while. I think could be 'cause like earthquake doesn't make any sense because they're in Seattle tornado also makes sense because I'm from tornado country. It's usually in the middle of the country. That also doesn't make any sense the plane crash is probably happening. It couldn't be. But the other thing is like where the plane crash we'll probably into the hospital. Right. It could be the logic actually airtight larger. I I think that that's probably when make Girija me. I only he was the other guy the other guy. Okay. I think we're going to go with such situation. No, it's plane crash. Stephen and Glen, which wasn't episode in the ninth cycle of America's next top model. Literally stopped watching in season. Eight. The girl who runs into the glass door be the girl who chips at to see the girl who steps on a mouse de the girl who can't do yoga. I like everybody was like mouse. Ooh. Oh, man. Okay. Blast door chips a tooth steps on a mouse can't do yoga crappiest secrets. Crappiest secrets tattoo. Did you actually watch it? I did for like literally I seven and a half cycle. All right. I'm just going to defer to you, then it's all on you. You're just going to defer early to me an episode in the ninth cycle. I'm gonna go with yoga because it's the weirdest for some reason, I believe in you. See if it had been like the girl who poured beer on another grills. We've I would know that that's not the ninth season. I'm gonna go with yoga. No, it's runs into the glass door. Maybe it did watch these nine. After a while these just purely sad. You're running up the score in your to defeat. We're gonna do this Eric, okay? What did Louise plan for Georgia's birthday during the ninth season of the jeffersons? A swing party be a murder mystery crews, see a roast or d a facelift for herself. Okay. So I don't think it was a face-lift. I don't think it was this way or as party. Actually, I don't think it was the same as part of either. Either the murder mystery crews are the roast. But the thing is is that Georgia's so he he's not the type of person I think that like we see with no not to throw him a roast. Yeah. I don't think that he would have taken also his life is a roast like anyone, you know. But also also murder mystery cruise though is such a good bottle episode for a sitcom, which makes me think that that is probably I mean as a strong choice, I will second that murder mystery occurs. Yes. Basically now all Brittany and Eric have to run out the clock. So breeding. How're you doing today? All right next question. Stephen going in the ninth season of happy days. All right Fonzie falls for whom a police officer be an army nurse. See a ballerina de unknown. All right. Let's you wanna take none off the table. But just because it's a little too in your face. Okay. So here's the conversation. We have we take one of them off the table. Then we spend like we do the whole like who wants to be millionaire thing where we draw out. Yup. Choosing among the other three choices. And then at the end, let me go. And the crowd. Cheers. And we look like fools. You say that I want to say none now. I want to say none now is what I want to say. Answer. Brennan, Eric in the ninth season of little house on the prairie. Also known as little house in new beginning, Albert, encounters, what difficulty? See some of these people know ready. They're like, I know what it is in the day malaria, be infertility see compulsive gambling de opiate addiction. Now, this is tough. This is tough. Okay. So I don't think it's inferred way so Albert specifically or Albert and a partner because infertility seems like Albert who is our. Isn't that? As a slew Bill to that. Albert is the kid that they adopted from the city, it was their son their mind, son. Sure. Okay. So I don't think Albert had layer till bro. Maybe I would that's why was going to say I think geographically malaria is. I think that was thrown in there as like a red herring to make us think about like Oregon trail like cholera dysentery and Terry. We all been there. If it's if it's someone who they adopted I think the compulsive gambling zones. There's probably the opiate addiction addiction is common for the time. I think you're I think it's compulsive gambling just because it seems like gin up until like this. Okay. Opiate addiction makes me think. It's not it's not an acronym. Stick because like Sherlock, Holmes and all this type of stuff people had snuff. It just seems like a lot for a child to get a hold of. He's an adult now. He's he's an adult. Little half problem yet. So he's a young adult when this drug since seasons. I think is where right, okay. He's still on the because I think then that makes me think you don't you don't need much to gamble. I think it's the gamble. See you're going to go with what C compulsive gambling opiate addiction. All right. Okay. So Stephen and Glenn the night and final season of family matters saw steam Erbil rescued by. Very aggressive Steve urkel rescued by what government body the FBI. Be nasa. See the army de the US postal service. Actually, I mean, it would be on brand, right? But NASA doesn't as a rule to a lot of rescuing less, right? The wise. I would say logic doesn't matter right. While trying to parse by the postal service has a nice ring to it. We have that can has like he got caught in a mailbox. Wouldn't he caught in a mailbox? This was about this is after he had started cloning and building robots. And so I think he might have gone into space, and they rescued him in outer space, maybe move. It's a wild. Guess. My genuine racks and just was. Yeah. I think I think NASA NASA. The ninth season premiere VR featured a grisly injury, courtesy of what's a a helicopter be a parachute. See a boa constrictor a subway train feel I mean gruesome helicopter. Hurry, very we'll go. We'll just honestly, you know, what was just won't do it. Give it to fate give debate helicopter helicopter. To to to type. Thank you, Britney, loosen. Eric. Thanks again to Brittany loose and Eric Eddings. Thanks to our producer, Jessica reedy. And thanks to everyone at the bell house. We'll be back right here on Friday with our Oscars preview. When Colin Kaepernick stop standing for the national anthem NFL games. It sparked a nationwide debate about patriotism and police brutality in the next through line. We explore three stories of protests that are rarely told. But essential to understanding the current debate through line the podcast where we go back in time to understand the present.

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