Exercise Addiction. Being a Second Mom. Get Real with Caroline Hobby. Myth of Vulnerability. (#41)


As a parent there's one thing i definitely don't have to worry about in. It's our car's tires will michigan supports testing of worn tire stopping performance when warne michelin premier mirror all season tires come to a complete stop some other more tires are still traveling over fifteen miles per hour with michelin's premier all season tires parents have one less less thing to worry about knowing that their tires are designed to deliver reliable wet traction even an orange state consider michelin premier all season tires michelin performance every time time can never ak okay. Thanks for your life always thirty bohai beautiful back a little mouth sites kick. Eh new thursday who s this is amy actually and mary she's here for the intro schroeck is she's going to do a thing with us in this episode so i have also two interviews today one with lisa which is at the well necessities. She's he's coming on strong about exercise addiction which is interesting. You'll have been loving her. I love her mindset when it comes to wellness and attitude about food and working out and she just had a a ha moment isn't that oprah thing <hes> a ha ha yeah she had an aha moment recently share on instagram when she was at a friend's wedding and and i reached out to her and i said i want you to talk about that on the podcast so she came on and we discussed that and also caroline hobby is on which she has a podcast called. I'll get real and it's awesome and she interviews the wives. Predominantly she's starting to branch out a little bit more but i would say the core of a lot of her her. Most recent interviews are the wives of country stars and she lives here in nashville and they're really interesting. She comes on to talk about that. She's also like thirty eight weeks pregnant so we get it into summit. I mean we kinda talk about it all but she's she's a superbowl person. I love her outlook on life. She's always trying to be joy sparked joy more role about joy right area pimp enjoy hashtag so and then <hes> also will get into the myth like myth of vulnerability so i'll touch on that and then a little segment met with mary on me being a second mom because that's what i am because i adopted two kids and i don't know that this is the exact order that things going to be in but that's the menu. How do you feel about that. Many i love it. I'm excited okay good. If you ever are listening something i see that mary does which i think is super cool and supportive of any not just mind any podcast she listens to she takes a screen shot when she's listening and throws it up on her instagram stories with the swipe up and she'll say oh i really liked this podcast or or maybe why she liked it or something so that's just a little encouragement to do it with my oh yeah but you show you. Should i know you totally. Should i feel like that's the main way that i find different. Podcasts is because people i follow obviously interested them and i'm usually interested in the same things that they're interested in and so yeah screen shot it just tag or and then tell what it is why you like it yeah and then maybe people will subscribe and swipe up and listen and then we can and keep going the cast. I mean honestly. I'm gonna keep going with it. No matter what i mean i'm all in on this don't do above or we don't do a screen shot. <hes> might not be here next. This is what's keeping us alive but not really also who we talking but i'd rather be talking to a lot of you than none interview and getting to know more of you and creating more of a community. We were talking about the podcast being a lot of our core people to like. Mary and i feel like we have our spa people but i know a lot of people shout out are listening. You know who you are but it's not hard to get in the club. All you gotta do is just join us on our friday night lives which speaking of when mary and i talk we have a special announcement about alive. We have coming up that is going to be amazing like unlike you've ever seen before work even if you're not gonna you don't even even if you just want to pop in your right wanna see how it's going. You might want to watch the train wreck. You know could derail but it's it's gonna be fun and i'm excited about it so we'll we'll talk about that but yeah we wanna create a community and so i think even with our joy seeker occur we were talking about how walker turned our joy seeker shirt that supports eighty be kinds usually laugh la cake. That's where the that's and that's not why podcast theme song long so we have items that have that on there we have a joystick or shirt and we have joy seeker pouch which is so cute. I love my pouch. I throw it in my fourth thing being stalked things and then you can put all kinds of accessories or your chords are charging cables all the stuff in there and it's a really great right little travel thing but that's a way where you can. I feel like maybe one day stufflebeem out there and you may see someone else with the four things and you can either be the joy seeker one that and be like hey do you listen to the podcast or you know you must support shop bar whatever but i would like it to be so like <hes> uh-huh so a podcast thing too and then guess what if they're like. No i just liked this. I just support a spa then you can be like well. You know there's a podcast that was based off four things and then we got a new listener see how the community builds. It's that easy so mary. I just appreciate any and all support right now. All things are going to education in haiti through project meta share in their school which is again. We're getting phone. Call hold on place this. I have a land mine so i can do phone interviews and sometimes the phone rings so y'all are getting a little treat. Hello hello hello no kami. Oh hello oh not nasha no wrong number. Okay thanks. They weren't like i could have been good. I know it could've been something amazing and random right here but oh well okay so there you go. You know what's coming up in this episode. Y'all are awesome. You can email us which pink about this episode four things amy brown at g m dot com or send your questions for the cuban a on tuesdays all that jazz but <hes> yeah listen through and then i've got an awesome awesome awesome email shoutout at the end of this episode as well so here we go. I learned so lisa is back on. She's at the the well necessities on instagram and people talk all the time about how social media is ruining the world and and while i think there are negative aspects next to social media for sure there's so many positives like the amazing people that i've been able to meet that i otherwise would not meet if it was not for instagram like mug girl lisa for example so she's coming the vodkas twice before just back on again and this is hopefully not going to be her last time. She's i i would like to adopt you you as a regular because i i'm obsessed with your instagram and your host like people that aren't following. I encourage them to just go over test out out some of the content. You'll want to follow it again. It's at the well necessities and even before we just got you on the phone for the inter league. I was scrolling through your instagram and there's so many good wants wants to go back and revisit and i saw one that you posted back on july eleventh which really resonated with me big time and you're just a video of you eating those cauliflower pretzels you know yeah and you're eating and you're thinking you're just eating over and over just like in the bag and i'm like oh my gosh. That's that's been me and i totally agree with you. They are not good. They're so gross but why are we just just. I mean when people need to go. Check out that post against july eleven and it's you munching on these pretzels like you're never going to eat a pretzel again and like why do we do that well. It's so interesting that you bring that that post up because that post was written as a result to our last conversation <hes> on the podcast where we talked. It's a little bit about the healthy halo <hes> and you made me realize that this is something that i talk about all the time but i don't have a blog post on it. <hes> so instagram instagram kind of like a mini blogs sometimes my instagram goes to my blog sometimes instagram's instagram's but anyway just to catch everybody up to speed the healthy halo is something that i refer to where we give a food healthy halo and as a result we check out our what i call inner wisdom like our ability to tune in check in with ourselves ask ourselves. Are we enjoying the food. Are we satisfied. How fuller we because it's chopped up as healthy <hes> this may equate two free to some people you know like free calories or nutrition or whatever it is but <hes> there's really a big <hes>. It's doing a big disservice to yourself to put a healthy halo on the food and it's very easy to do so. It's something that even i can get wrapped up in very easily <hes> so just to look out for the healthy halo in your own life <hes> so what does that look like. It looks very different for a lotta people but like two thousand nineteen where we are right now what i'm seeing the foods that are are getting the healthy halo are the ones that are like marcus kito or paleo. <hes> for some people might be vegan or sugar free. <hes> whatever that sort of like label is or or whatever the food has or doesn't have that makes it like safe <hes> the cauliflower pretzels. I bad just because this brand. I think it's a oh i agree i like the brand in general but i bought their pretzels and i've eaten them and not like them and then bought them again and i bought them multiple times until finally i was like why why why am i buying these and i'm only eating and if you look at some of the other ingredients just because i mean might as well just eat a real freedom pretzel if i want the one hundred one hundred percent so yeah these this brand in particular isn't a bad brand and there's plenty of people who like the president's but they're a grain free pretzel <hes> <hes> they're made from cauliflower and as a result people are just like buying them up. The flavor is just not good however they do have other products that i do like. I just like the disclaim that like just because we're talking about the healthy halo doesn't mean that like you find a product that's an alternative or <hes> made with alternative agree ingredients and and that makes it you know some other that you shouldn't eat what i try and do is just help people understand why they're turning towards certain foods foods <hes> and really feel competent those choices because like you said you keep buying. These pretzels are eating them. They personally make me feel like very not good. Which is interesting. I think the me i think my stomach hurt yeah yeah so okay well. I just wanted to revisit that. I know that we touched on it a little bit but i just felt when i was scrolling back through. Your instrument just hit me again. That's one that just hits me hard so it's worth mentioning for the audience to just also pay attention like it says cauliflower pretzels on the on the <hes> label and that's like so you're just reaching for them thinking. They're just cauliflower but that's just a. I don't even think it's their main gene ingredients so you know they still are made. I think with like cassava flowers so they've still got other ingredients. It's pure cauliflower so pay attention to all slowed things before just eating food because it's martha healthy exactly and so <hes> one other postie put up where which is why. We're actually doing this as little talk right now is because you posted about exercise addiction in a nutshell and it. It's something that i was like. Oh whoa we we should talk about this and i think you had you were at it was a wedding weekend for you right yup and so just for reference if people want to go back to this post it was august fifth and i'm gonna let lisa take it from here on on what the post was about what the what that weekend was like for her and how it was different than weekend's past that thank you so much so <hes> yeah we're talking about exercise addiction but also i think like most importantly what we're trying to to create which is a healthy relationship to exercise the same way we're trying to foster a healthy relationship to food right because we have to eat and we should be moving our bodies but how can and we do so in a way that our relationship to these two things phase positive right then events so that specific weekend the end it was my best best girlfriend <hes> wedding <hes> and each night was like the each night of the weekends friday and saturday night thursday friday saturday night i was a little bit extended was filled with just like you know not but i typically eat at the time that i eat them so we got home from the rehearsal dinner on friday night and <hes> that we ordered room service fries. We were saying new york. It was fun and on the way out the door to go to the gym the next morning 'cause i like usually get a walk in and just as how l._a. Restart i walked past the fries that were sitting right outside the door. Look there was nothing left of fries and my response was oh yeah like i i. I ate that last night <hes> and then kind of like went on my merry way to the gym to get my same walk in and i realized a few seconds later like that was so palatable and easy to miss because that oh yeah in the past would've been a i don't know if i can. I don't wanna curse you know oh crap. <hes> you know oh crap. Oh my god. What did i do now. I need to work out extra hard gopher longer. <hes> do better tomorrow. Eat clean you know make make up for it so that was always sort of followed up by an action plan and attempt to feeling control <hes> and that usually looked like food rules and extra exercise and as a result result. My exercise was punishment not for joy <hes> so it's something to just pay attention to because exercise <hes> <hes> is never a punishment and food is never a reward and when we see them as these <hes> interchangeable things we need <hes> we get to eat because we exercise besides or we exercise but now we eat more or that food where not only <hes> losing this deep connection with our body and our ability to hone the actual food in amounts that we wanted onto need but where miserable you know like exercise is actually a joyful thing but you need to really back it up and establish your why i and come to terms with what feels good for you right. I love it. I think that's huge and you know i i think once you can get to a place where you can live in the moment like you were with your girlfriends that weekend and have a oh yeah we ate that and not have to realize that your body is capable all of handling that if you're but if you sit there and stress about it that's when your body isn't capable of cause and then and then also when you give yourself that freedom <hes> you don't go totally crazy like you. Could you like you said you could. Maybe maybe the night before it could have piled on way more than price if you put so so much emphasis about that and you weren't really in the moment you just go totally crazy during the next day. It's not really a no yeah. It's like you just feel so overwhelmingly crappy that it is it is like a no crap but even though you desperately want the oh yeah but you feel so bad but and then you're like how instantly our brain is like i can fix fix this. I can fix this. I'll just go to the gym and work out hardcore. I'll drink tons of water. I only have green juice for the rest of the day and i'll fix this. Yes and that's just not a way to live and all right you bring up such an important point and i'm so glad you did and it's this idea that we have this like overt ability to control our bodies and our minds are like so much smarter than our bodies and every time we jumped back into that cycle of okay all i have to do this and then i'll be okay and you know just to give yourself compassion that moment to like. That's how we protect ourselves. Then feel <hes> safe you know because it's very unnerving to think oh my god what did i do. I don't feel good. What are they going to do to my body. Whether it'd be for health or shape or size <hes> feel like crap and we talk about this one an instant but it stems from your overall <hes> relationship to food and exercise not just on the weekends so <hes> something that i'm seeing thing in my online course a lot now is my students are really struggling with the weekend because they <hes> you know. They're saying that they're doing really well. During the week they're our eating well. They're working out and then friday comes and they are you know wanting to not be so rigid with food rules and so they sort of go nuts on whatever they're they're not allowed through to during the week and then sunday they're left feeling crap'll again and then monday you know they're back into the a hamster wheel of being good but they're putting themselves in a cycle of like making this way more of a thing than it than it has to be your body will tell oh you when it wants to move and how it wants to move <hes> and yeah and if you do eat the fries late night with your girlfriends your body will will digest it. There's no need to go crazy over your body your body oh go ahead lisa no because your body will digest it of course but more more importantly it will let you know when it needs more food again so perhaps you don't usually eat at two a._m. French fries and the best thing you can do is to wake up and instead. I know so easy to reach for those rules of what you're gonna. Do what you're not gonna do but instead allow <hes> your body to communicate with you when hungary. Perhaps it's later in and the day then when you typically eat breakfast because you just had food at two a._m. Right by telling it oh no. I can't eat this this and this or until this time name by the time you allow yourself to eat. You're so disconnected from your own body that you're you're feeding right back into that cycle and then when it comes to moving i love that you know to you just to revisit when you walked by the fries and you're like oh yeah eight that but you're on your way to move any way no matter what because moving our bodies are it's just important and i would like to encourage people if you're in a place where you're in a rut and you just haven't been then so start small like try to go on those walks think about activities that maybe you used to be into or you. You've been curious to try and give them a try. Pick out like do a variety of things throughout the week and see if there's something that really just hits home. I'm with you and you're like okay. This is cool this whether it's a yoga youtube video are actually going to a studio and if you haven't been out and about like in in a with working out with others sometimes it can be intimidating if you're trying to get back into it but there are so many different things that you can do at home <hes> because i don't want on people to get confused with that. Were you know i think lisa was pretty clear so nobody should get confused but <hes> you know you shouldn't work out but it's more exercise addiction that were when you're addicted to. It's almost it's a it's a sense of it's a it's a way of purging like if you you may not be throwing up your food but you're trying to burn those calories because you feel guilty that you did something and we want working out to be like you said a joy. It should feel good. So what is that feel good thing for you and for me over the years. It's changed like it fluctuates. I just have to listen to my body but then you know it's not every day do i. I want to go to that once. You finish your workout. You don't ever regret having done it. I don't know how many like class instructors have told me that one but it is so oh true it's so true right and i think you bring up a really good point and i always you know lead from this place of like we need movement. I have my master's in exercise physio for a reason. We need it but so important to do to a you know like you said take inventory of what brings you joy because there is something out there whether it's walking rollerblading yoga pilates <hes> you know anything really that is going to literally alter are your brain chemistry because it feels so good for you <hes> but it might take a little bit of time to figure out what that thing is for you and the other thing. I just wanna says if you find some. I think the reason that we have this sort of like messed up relationship to exercise. Many of us is because we think that we don't like it because of something. We've done before so i mean for me. As early as <hes> like physical education p e and highschool i hated. I thought i hated exercise because i hated what we had to do in those classes in those <hes> jim jim nine p like i don't like to do sprints. I don't like to do like really you know stuff like that and so. I always thought that i hated exercise but that's not the case. My body just doesn't like to do that right exactly love it and then so what does this do you have the webinars are the webinar coming up lisa. We we should've probably talked about this before but we'll just go ahead and talk about it with everybody else. It's basically <hes> you know when you reach out to me. You said oh. I wanna talk about this. I realize you know this is something that i should be talking about because from my own personal story <hes> i have been i've allowed to be go go from exercise addicts a fitness flexible so i'm gonna call the webinar. <hes> and it's going to happen in september. I'll give you the dates and a link and we're just gonna go in-depth really really about everything that we've spoken about on this podcast that we will talk about my personal story <hes> as well as how do we make this ship. How do we bring exercise into our lives and make make it part of our health story and a way that isn't forceful so that it can like the best word i can think of is make it sustainable 'cause it's gotta be sustainable and it all comes down to your mindset about what fitness is awesome. I'm okay love that okay and you'll get us the info and then we'll make sure to have it and <hes> always you can check out lisa's website the well necessities dot com and then you're at the wellness essy's jeez i mean i know i'm telling you. She's a good follow. You gotta get into it and it is. She's got this fiance. He's a vegan doctor. I i liked but she's from new york and again. We have never met but i hope to meet you one day and then hopefully early on. I mean you but i really wanna. Meet your children. I know i know you'll get to meet them. I think we'll be coming to d._c. At some point like soon ish they and yes we will definitely come come and see come see you live and in person until excited. Okay yeah okay so for this thing. I've got mary here to join me because i got an email and this isn't you know we have acuna episode. That's every tuesday and then we do the email shoutout at the end of the four things podcasts always but every once in a while an email will make its way into a thing because i just think that it's interesting and i got this email from darcy and she had her talking on the bobby bones show about being the second mom to my kids because we adopted two kids from haiti and my son turned what he turned nine. I'm trying to think what was i posting about but i was posting about my son's birthday in august and i put it's that when i saw him that morning. The first thing i thought of was what it was like nine years ago and i wasn't the one giving birth earth them like it was his mom his first mom has haitian mom and so i consider myself to be his second mom and i can't help but think of her and wonder underway that day is like and i have never met her but i hope to meet her one day and mary's here with me and she has gone to haiti with me a bazillion times. We've even seen like we've seen stuff. Shares mom like from from afar and she was there right so we we were still in the adoption process so legally. I couldn't have an encounter with her. It wouldn't have been smart mark because it could have tampered with the whole thing because you know there's all kinds of different reasons we don't get into those now but it just wasn't good for me you too to me her and it was so awkward because i was there to pick up stash era and then i had to take her and she was there. I don't know why maybe doing awesome paperwork. The moms are still involved in the process. Even though the kids had been at the orphanage for years and years and years when you're adopting from there they still have to show up to the court dates dates and testify but yes. I i want my children to go to this family and sign off on it so how many years had to share your social your head up five years yeah and stevenson seven and his birth mom and came to see him when he was like six or seven and i think that was the first time in he's still talks about her and sometimes he'll say he think he hears sta. Sheera legit knows <music> knows her mom because she lived with her mom until she was five and a half and then but stevenson never he was at the orphanage since like a month old my dogs in here right now sushi's. What is she doing through my cock colorado to do that and she just sorry. You're not going to drink that because she just drank out out of the toilet to here's clearwater though so it okay kara. You cannot have caffeine getaway for mary's t. here. Put it on this there. You go so i mean. I think that you know stevenson. Here's to share at talk about how you know. She knew her mom or maybe she misses her mom and then he picks up on that and so and then i've lost my mom she i lost her to cancer so sometimes i say that i miss my mom so he picks up on that and now all of a sudden out of nowhere. He'll be like i miss my mom and i just like okay buddy but in my mind you you didn't know her. I hope one day he does know her but but it's that's that's for another trip to haiti which mary and i literally just cancelled. She's here with me right now in nashville recording a bunch of stuff because well well we're supposed to be in haiti today but got cancelled because it's just not safe for us to go there right now so hopefully we'll be able to go back with the kids one day a friend friend and a mentor to me recommended that i at least wait two years for the kids to get settled in america for two years before you take them back which is soon hazy yeah in december. It'll be two years. It's totally not so. I think you know a year and a half finally starting to get down the mom thing feel the second mall even though i'm the second mom on the fulltime mom right now and i'm starting to get it down like little things. My kids are in school for a year but i didn't think of were upstairs astaire's recording and this is where we were packaging some teacher four things totes and we put together gift bags for the kids teachers and i. I didn't do that ah last year for their teachers but i realized that's something that a lotta moms do and no pressure for your mom that doesn't i don't think it's mandatory but i did notice once as i posted that on instagram how much teachers appreciate that like tons of d._m._z. Comments leeann if i was a teacher i love that oh that's so awesome like this. This is so great. I love when parents think of us because you know your kids are with the teachers sometimes seven eight hours a day a lot yeah a lot so it's just i think as moms if you can take a second to think about the teachers again took me a year and a half to figure this out and honestly full transparency was motivated by the fact that we came up with a teacher for things note and i was like well this'll be a perfect gift and the kids can they they went to target with us and helped pick out a few things to fill the totes with and then there stuffing them and then taking them to their teachers at school is like a back to school gift like hey it's new year. You're my new teacher. Here's a gift some teachers or even like sent me messages saying brownie points so stevenson that little guy he he can. He needs all the browns share as a pretty good student. Stevenson is all over. The place just wants to dance or not. Sometimes it's frustrating ambler. He he's always socializing. He will never eat his lunch because he's too busy talking so he needs all the browning points. He can get so if you happen to be like me and you're thinking like last minute. Oh shoot. I haven't been a mom. That's done that for teachers. Just think of something little you can do or follow our lead and do in order to shop spot calmer four things dot com. We have so many ways mary that people can get to the show dot com radio amy dot com but you go there and click on the teacher tote and then go to the store with your kid or not your kid because honestly sometimes taking kids to the store is just enough enough trouble but fill-in then have your kid join you in packing it and maybe writing a cute little note i just i just i didn't realize until i started seeing all the messages the district teachers how much this is gonna mean oh yeah took me and she'd it again your mom for a year and a half year and this is the first time ever doing anything for teachers and i think now that i realize how cool it is. I'm always going to every time they get a new round of teachers. Whether it's yearly or semester however your school works try to think of a way you can do that even if it's just a card because i get it. It's it's not cheap to buy a tote and fill it up but if if there's something you can do or even a five dollar gift card from two starbucks they can. That's two teacher sweet. That's one morning they get to go through drive thru intrigue themselves to a lot and they don't have to pay for it so there's always ways to do something like that and just quickly to since we're talking about the teacher tells very we're going to try something. We'll give more updates next thursday because that'll be like the day before but we're going to do a facebook. Live facebook live yeah. Hopefully hopefully it works yeah. We've done instagram live but this'll be a friday night. Facebook live about the teacher. Does yes typically teacher teacher tow. It's no teacher four things toe project. That's what it's called in. Mary is going to be working it like on q._v._c. well. He's going to be in california so we're gonna be together yeah so i have to fly to california for tricia earwood album release party at our iheart theater there so convenient that it's at l. A. and i get to hang out with mary so yeah. I'm going to stay with her till saturday so friday night. We're going to do you hole because we've been telling all in case you've missed it or you forgot but the sponsored totes are going to really push them that night where you can finally finally log on and by baya toe that we're going to fill up for teachers and we have company teacher that are on board yes so you can sponsor a toe. You're not gonna get anything you're not gonna. Can you get the toilet in the mail. We're trying to figure out if there's a way we can. You know people if you spend money. You want to get something we get that that's not lost on us but it may be that you get of virtual hyphen from us. We haven't quite figured it out yet coffee. We're gonna on the facebook live. We're going to call people like they do on q._v._c. Where are there talking and then the phone rings and they're like oh. We got cindy in charlotte north carolina. Hey cindy and sydney's like oh my gosh gosh i just bought five ruby diamond rings or something except for this in our case it'll be oh my gosh. I sponsored two teacher for things. Totes is an i'm so excited and then tell us a little bit about yourself cindy. Mary pretender cindy well. I like long walks on the beach comparing my poor things to <hes> and i love sponsoring thing like and then also part of that night while people sponsor the link will be up to where you can submit the teachers that could possibly get the sponsor and then the cool part is we've got companies that are on board were trying to working on that as we speak to fill the totes what's up with all of these goodies and they're going to be shipped out randomly to teachers and they're just gonna get as a surprise and we just can't wait for teachers to open these up and be like what somebody's submitted fitted me or if you're a teacher and you want to submit yourself totally totally. We are not above that. I would do that so you may get selected. We just don't don't know how many submissions we're gonna get versus. How many totes we're going to have sponsored because that will make a big difference because obviously we need the totes paid for so hopefully hopefully all will join us in that so mark your calendar now and i'll give you a reminder next week next week. I have kelly back on oh. I love kelly's mhm kelly's awesome. That'll be a really good one yes. She is a doing all four things all four things so she's a celebrity nutritionist. She also lives in california. She works says jessica alba on now. I mean molly sims. Lots of people people people hillary <hes> who's the her does. She work no not hillary but i was thinking of that now now. I can't think of who but anyway it doesn't matter. She is pretty cool and awesome so she's on over things next week and mary and i will give you all a reminder to to mark your calendars for friday september her sixth a._p._m. Syndrome facebook friday night live. That's basically going to be like q._v._c. but for totes and we're gonna have so much fun so hopefully you all will join us all right over not married. You have anything you wanna say about being anything about you. Being a second mom i think and she's an awesome second mom and killing it and yeah. I think it's like an interesting position for you to be in that. You're like balancing really well by sil acknowledging and honoring their first mom not just like pretending like that never happened right and i think that's tricky because like it could be like i don't know selfishly i would maybe want to just be. I'm your mom now. Let's i totally. I think it's awesome the way you're doing it and yeah and then every situation is unique and like. I don't know if there's a right or wrong way to do it so true because the first mom situation who knows if that's healthy enough for that to even be thing yeah but just i i mean that's still something child. They know they know so unless it's a big secret and they don't know for whatever reason but most daydreaming dreaming now so there there's all kinds of kinds of dna testing kits out there and then they're gonna find out when they're eighteen and say what are probably early by the time who knows in ten years. They'll say something else that yeah. It's not even gonna be some crazy tests. Yeah you can probably just go to walgreens and prick your finger and it's going to give you all relatives great. What was that girl. Oh green oh that elizabeth home elizabeth homes if y'all have not listened to the podcast about on her what was top podcast called <hes> now oh imposter or something like that she yeah just it just type in elizabeth homes gula because you'll find the podcast that was done on her and it is crazy but she basically had this whole walgreens walgreens prick your finger for some blood bang and it would tell you all this stuff but it wasn't it wasn't real and people investing in effect people tell it it really did it affect people's health because they were just kind of faking it till they make it but they never made it like mary very pro fit to you. Make it but the boss feels sounds like life and death in some people invested their life totally so and then they never got it back so yeah fake it till you make it but not if it's affecting people's lives life or death and livelihood because that's just it's so wrong so wrong so we'll thank you dr c. See for the email about about that. I know that you know she only because she found it interesting that i referred to myself second mom and i was like well. I am so if you two are considering adoption. Just think about that as you're going into it. Everybody stories differential brady's family looks different but just try to remember that remember this remember remember back to this podcast and know that there is a first small out there and you don't know the whole if you don't know the whole story then you're just kind of left wondering but you don't want your kid to just kinda never think about them either because you know they will be so make sure you make that conversation comfortable and i think by me still acknowledging their moms. That conversation is going to be easier than if i ignored and it's an open conversations continuing going yeah exactly okay over an hour by well not by because they're still more podcast castellet. We're done with this thing as a parent. You know one thing. 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I knew it was newest something catchy and good so run here to talk about that in your podcasts but also just i love your the joy that you have and honesty that you have and the cute little waddle that you have when you're walking up my stairs with your pregnant belly now depending on when people are listening to this. You might have given birth yeah. I mean you're are long thirty six weeks on wednesday so when does air i don't know yet okay y'all be. I'm full term by the time eras like we're basically full-term so it could it could be any day now and you <music> give birth any moment and you just came over. It's hot. It's a sunday when we're recording this and it is hot out and she came over straight from a walk in the middle of the day and i'm like hi. Stevenson soon was asking me to go ride his bike and i walk while he rides and like buddy. It's too hot right now and then i'm looking at you like basically about to give birth walking and i'm like you know what when we get done. I'm going on a wall. It is hot up there but i don't do any exercise and i haven't this whole pregnancy except for walking so i think it kind of keeps me feeling touch normal just to be active a little bit because i really gave up exercising before you got pregnant. We did a lot of yoga together. We're in love it and miss it right same but you were real hesitant at the beginning because you have gone through miscarriage yeah i we had a chemical pregnancy a miscarriage which i didn't even know to chemical pregnant it was it's like you get pregnant and it doesn't stick so it's like five weeks so it's super early on and then we had a miscarriage and i just like it gave me massive anxiety like the whole losing and then wondering if i will be able to keep baby if it'll stick and so i kind of just tried to work out a little bit and do do yoga and then i would have like a full blown panic attack afterwards so you know what i'm just not going to work out the season in my life because even those good for you and it's recommended to work out the anxiety audio's giving me was so much more intense counter productive that i'm just gonna take a break yeah but we've done our little neighborhood walks which isn't so fun flunk day distracting and you're about to have the baby in the stroller and stevenson's up there on his little bike and then he's the mayor he's the mayor of the of the neighborhood and he walks or rides ahead of us and we follow him with strollers or whatnot. I don't have a stroller but that's been like fun. I think just finding a community of girlfriends that you can do things with is important and that that's what i think people love about your podcast honestly is you're bringing her women together. Currently you're interviewing. A lot of your thing is the wives in the business. Yes so describe type that a little bit because i do feel like a lot of people have appreciated hearing that inside and probably the wives have. They've liked an outlet to share some things. Put it out there because some of them may choose to be whatever their profession is just not in the spotlight but regardless people still know who they are and some of them are are more out there than others but your podcast is giving them their side of the story totally and i feel that way. I sort of have a naturally because being married married to michael. Who's thousand horses like i started meeting. All these wives of other artists just by going on the road or going two different events or just like being in places where other wives of country music artists were in there so many incredible women and i know you know ten of them to so many incredible women and wives in this industry and they have huge platforms now do social media that's like so huge now but they have huge platforms and they have such a strong voice themselves that i feel like doesn't quite get hurt as much as their husbands will doesn't doesn't doesn't get hurt. Somebody is our husbands and so after getting to know these women and i was doing a podcast already i was like i wanted to start interviewing the wives and seeing their story sharing their hearts and it turns out all of them have so much to say and they have so many things things that they're doing with their lives and their stories are incredible like some of their stories you would just never expect what they've gone through how they've overcome things like their goals what they are trying to change the world and it's just so fascinating and they're so real and honest and vulnerable and they've been honest with their insecurities and their struggles else and i think the feedback i get the most is how relatable all these lies are and just like no one knew because you look at their instagram or you see them in a red carpet. You're like oh my gosh. Their lives are flawless and there are amazing amazing lies but they're also very real and so i think getting to see this real side of them has been like a really really cool experience for the women to be able to share that and then for people to be able to see that have you had any times where the husbands have gone back and listened or had found out what their wife set or something. They're like hey what wait. I need to tell my side of the story. Like why did you share that. Way does a little too much like go. Put that out there or any wives that have been like oh. I don't know if i should have said that you know i think there's like a vulnerability hangover or something that happens. Sometimes because we have a real conversation we're getting into real real topics in real life stuff and i do think sometimes women women will share a lot of things that they're not trying to hide but we're just having a casual conversation talking to girlfriend. Sometimes you just share vulnerably. Sometimes he'll be like oh my gosh. Can i edit this out or oh my oh my gosh like oh shoot. I think over shared and you know. I don't really edit my podcast is podcast is just a free flowing conversation really really so. I'm not going to edit that yeah. It's sort of a free flowing conversation. I kind of think that's what makes it special is that it's not all like piece together. It's just a conversation conversation and so i do get that sometimes the women the women and wives are like oh my god. I wish i would have said this differently or did i say that much sure but overall i feel like all of my guests are so incredible and their hearts are so good and they're so pure and they want to do such great things with their lives that them being vulnerable. Just makes people more in love with them. Do you have one like if someone's listening right now and they didn't know about your podcasts like one that stands out to you. I know that that you love all these women but not necessarily your favorite person by any means but one that stood out to where you got a lot of feedback or a lot of people it a resonated with them that people should maybe start with if they were to go find one i recommend you just always kind of start from the beginning and then you have something to kind of binge for a long time but if there was an episode episode they wanted them to look for. I think the what i deal with carolina brian has gotten a a ton of response because asia's mayor de luke bryan right. He's such a superstar but then you get to know caroline and she has so many layers to her. She's hilarious first off which i did not know until she got on instagram a couple couple years ago and started like pranking offer family and putting it up there and i'm like oh my god. She's the funniest person on earth. I know like living in their house seems like it'd be amazing on. I know i was like god. My the house is so lame like i need to be. I've seriously thought if like i need to chill out my house and we need to live more like the brian's in just praying everybody and have fun and i just want to be like her too and she's beautiful and so that to me is it starts off like she and luke or so fun and they're so fun spirited taste and they're so they're so hot on top of it and then they have this huge career but then you start getting into the podcast and you realize while there's so many layers like they've been through so much so much tragedy and from him losing siblings them adopting his siblings children to her brother losing his child who had down syndrome when she was one and starting a charity called brett sparring in her honor and mike just helping children with disabilities in. It's just like they're so beautiful. They're so talented. They're so fun. They're so light hearted but yet there's these this depth of this lay all these layers to them that they choose to view so positively positively and embrace all the tragedy that's happened with such a positive spirit that it's just so inspiring <hes> yeah i would agree and i listened to that one and it's definitely good so will agree to start with for sure britney. Kelly's was also awesome to who's married to brian kelly of florida georgia. I haven't listened to that one. Because she grew up in like she witnessed not witness her parents or her mom was murdered and then she was raised by her grandmother and dan she ended up then getting taken in by some friends and i might not be saying this all perfectly because it's been a minute so we have interview but then she always had dreams to go to college and be creative and start a business and have this entrepreneurial spirit and she made it happen for herself like she is such a hustler and she has tried kelly she started dr dr kelli that clothing line and she's just so driven and she overcame so much tragedy as a young child a young person and had no idea i know and then just to get to this place where she so positive and she's so beautiful and obviously she and brian have this really amazing live but she just overcame so much and that's a big part of the podcast series like you would never know these women overcame so much went through so much or dealing with all this these other moments that aren't that aren't shining. That aren't happy happy. That are sad that are hard but yet they're persevering. They're learning from them. They're moving on and making great. Things are life and using all this as just inspiration ration- to be better you know yeah. I think it's ration- for others and i love that. You're giving them a place to talk. I mean and i'm sure they have other places that they talked to but yours is the place where or people well if we wanna listen we can go and we can hear all these stories and all the different layers and each story. You never know what listeners that's going to offer comfort to yeah and i feel like that's that's why when i'm sitting down to do what i do. It's like we just wanna if i can bring comfort to one first of all. I like to pretend one person just listening anyways but thankfully there's more than one but i you know i i if i connect with one person or like on their drive to work with her listening to the bobby bones show or they're listening to the podcast now now like whatever that is maybe someone right now needs to hear about the importance of community and women and sharing and being vulnerable and not that that means you have to share your story with the whole world within everybody has to know but like not to keep stuff in because then you know it's not helping you to stuff it down but then you're missing being out on an opportunity to help others and it's scary to share. Being vulnerable is very scary but i agree with you. I think it is so helpful and so important a for your itself to like he'll and get that out there but also when you can share something that so vulnerable it. You're going to touch someone else because that's the thing i've learned for doing all these protests were all in on this human experience and nobody is getting out of here without some scars and bruises and pain and so we can share it and like big come together <hes> it makes us feel not alone yeah and sharing like you may be listening to this and again. I'll reiterate because it doesn't have to be you. Don't have to be on a podcast to share you. You don't have a platform to share. It could be just reaching out to a family member to share or a friend to share and i'm bad about that too. Sometimes i feel like i share. There's so much at work because it's my job to share it and we as a show from early on bobby. We laid the groundwork for. We're gonna share our lives the good and the bad add since i've been hard. Is that scary for you are used to you know. I think i it was hard. It was hard for ben my husband because he's through <hes> and so i would put so much out there that he'd be like i mean i would come home from work. Especially early on we've been married twelve years so rewind twelve years ago i get phone calls after the show and he'd be like my friend just called me and told me that you said this on the radio about our life and like he's like that's that's art and i'm like babe. Well like you know my job is is to share and i want to put it out there like i. I want to share i mean we don't share every little detail. Don't get me wrong because there's some stuff that should be kept private until maybe it shouldn't. I don't know but that that was. The hardest part. I think was sharing things that other people in my life that warrant okay with and then i would have. I'd feel bad so now. I do move through that i think now we have a better system. Hey are you cool. If i talk about this okay you can run at my own but i still mess up because sometimes we're just going with the flow on the show and i'll end up saying things and he'll he he sits on stuff for a little bit 'cause he really likes to think it through and it happened just last week we were on a walk in the evening and and i know what i said i won't repeat it here just because then then saying not to say it again but it had happened like two days before that walk and he said hey you know i was listening back to the bob. Oh replay and you kinda said this he goes. I need you to understand like for me. That was something that was a really big deal and and when it's i don't want you talking about it. Yeah and i was like oh i thought it was. We were kind of over that and i talk about it and again. Maybe somebody else else could relate but he's his story right right mine right. Now i know and i'm not going to bring it up again and it was that i mean but he we've. We've matured a lot. I think back in the day he would hit me right away right and now he's like. I'm going to think on this and when i do bring it to her. I'm gonna stay calm and i'm going to say hey you. We know when you did this not like already get mad. That's amazing because it is. I'm sure it is difficult because the thing that makes y'all show so great and you so great is kabila and your willingness to share but yeah i mean when you have your family involved in. Maybe someone else isn't as comfortable. I could totally see how that could be and sometimes that's what i'm saying. Conceiver some of these wives or sitting down with you and it's like get real and then they're like you. Already are their friend so it just seems like friends just chatting and then when it airs they might be like oh my god right you know and that's what i was thinking sometimes if their husbands ever get wind like even when you were doing the carolina brian one like luke was there and he walked in yeah he was there in the beginning and actually we he had carolina gone through miscarriage to you and i had just gotten pregnant when i was interviewing her and so i was like super pregnant again not after the miscarriage and a super excited but also super anxious because i was scared it wasn't gonna stick and luke was like i just think people. He walked in his eyes. I think people need to be open about it and talk about these things. It's important to share this. I was like that's really awesome. I mean it. I know it took incredible strength for you to come out and share that and i think i i can think of a handful of girls that have done so because an instagram gives a platform to do that too and share and i do see more and more women talk about it and i know it's not easy but so i do commend it but i don't know because i've never experienced it. I don't know but i feel like it's the more when one person talks at it can be like a domino effect to where the other because i feel like so many women suffer in silence yes and they don't they. Do you feel like they're alone and then they there's a cycle. I'm sure of blaming yourself and not feel worthy well and also like the thing that it's also also is to is just the pregnancy journey in general and just like i you try your whole life not to get pregnant you know and then all of a sudden like you wanna to have a baby and it's like wow this is not easy you know and it's like i just gives me a lot of empathy for the whole experience of parenthood because you know there's like a million ways to become apparent and it's just like it's not it's i have so many friends who have gone through so many things in their journey and it just makes you realize we are all in together and it's emotional and it makes me cry. It's like the whole journeys emotional because it's just like you can't play in it. You don't know what's going to happen and you just have to deal the deal the cards you're dealt and just trust trust in the bigger picture and just follow your follow your journey and just you know see see how it all unfolds but it's emotional. It's really a emotional journey and a lot of women men are on it. You know it's not like i would say this. It's less normal for people just to get pregnant. You know you see people getting pregnant all the time it still you you don't know all the women in it suffering in silence or because you don't know them and you can't see that their belly isn't sticking out eight months big but they may hey have infertility may have had miscarriages. You don't know the whole yeah yet. There's probably a lot more women. It's harder to get pregnant. Yeah it is yeah so i've actually even though it's been like a a an emotional journey that whole process to get pregnant i really william grateful for it because it's opened my eyes so much to just just having so much grace yes into. I feel like it. Has you like loving your body like you. Love love your pregnant body and i love doing that and your vocal that on instagram which caroline's and scream is at carroll hobby c. a. r. o. h. O. b. b. y. and and so you can go check it out. Follow her whatever but you you are. You're like okay here. It is like your china on swimsuit all pregnant at walmart and you're just like you know and you're dealing with changes in your body that you haven't had to deal with but but you're like i'm carrying a baby. I'm bringing a new life into this world. I don't care yeah is giving me a gratitude for it because i think before i mean honestly before i was like i would kind of obsessive about like weight weight and appearance and stuff. You know you and i talked about two. We both have a pass eating eating disorders and all sorts of stuff you know just so the caught up and all that and after trying to get pregnant not being able to and then finally getting pregnant and i was like you know i just i'm grateful to be able to carry this baby and and it's crazy what's happening to my body and yes sometimes. My vanity flares up a little bit and i'm like oh my god. This is insane but it's also just like <hes>. It's such a wild ride that i'm embracing. I feel more comfortable being naked than ever before and sorry that i sent you like three dozen tiff streets. Oh god that was such it is also. I dislike if everyone's like. Have you had cravings when you're pregnant and i'm like i. I think it's more of a excuse. I have always had cravings but i just had more disciplined before. I got pregnant and now that i'm pregnant. I'm like oh yeah. I can eat six cookies in one setting or go to chick-fil-a get a chocolate chip oreo so milkshake every day because i'm pregnant yeah. Why not whereas before i. I don't know if it's if it's the baby you know before you like you know it's you right and now you have the baby plame right little bit. I i love your honesty. I also love again. You're positively i said at the beginning. You're someone that's full of joy and i know that that's i feel like the more where i get to know. You and i know a little bit of your family and like i feel like that's probably just your your spirit your vibe you kind of always been in your mom's very like very much. Josh joined the joy big not love. Everybody and i think that that's great but i also to admire that you you wanna put the positivity out there yeah and you i so i encourage people to follow along with you to check out. Get real to check you out on instagram because you you know you are joy and positivity and light and what are your so sweet. I definitely have the other side to like and i guess i didn't finish my sentence. I got sidetracked because of the thinking thinking like i feel like some of that is just you know there's nature and nurture. I feel like your parents like positive people like you're. You're raised to be that way but also i can tell some of it's a it's a choice that you could choose to be one way or another in you. Actively try to be that light to people. I can definitely sink to the bottom of the well and to sit in my deep dark feelings of just. I'm so emotional that if i let myself just ride my emotions down to the bottom i mean i could get lost on there and i have like especially in my twenties i would get so lost in my feelings and just <hes> i could just get wrapped up in these waves as of emotion and just feel so sad and overwhelmed by feelings and so i think that i have definitely actively worked on always choosing the positive you've because it feels pretty bad when you're really like sad and let yourself sink to the bottom and get stuck in those feeling so i think through therapy you growing up just getting older and like living life. I'm like okay. I actively want to see the positive side and not get swept away with feelings that are morley depressing. I love it. I feel like we had a little well rounded chat here. I hope people learn to find the girlfriends that you can go on walks with and share things with and and talk with or whoever that looks like in your life. Maybe it's not a girlfriend. Maybe it's the guy friend or maybe it's a spouse else. I feel like sometimes even your significant other. Your boyfriend like you're not being open. Yes sharing and for whatever reason sometimes we can be guarded head so whatever that looks like for you. This is our encouragement yes and then also to don't say stay stuck in the bottom of the barrel. I guess the joy the positivity and you do that. You are so good at she's enjoy. I don't feel like i'm as good as you. You know you're all about the no you're so oh good about your hinton joy. Yeah i'm enjoy my mom was the original joy pepper but i feel like i can get stuck in a rut. I mean yeah. I have to have probably all rely on each other for encouragement and inspiration of like i._c._u. Doing at maybe you see me doing it or another person doing it and then we feed off of that so that's another good thing thing about doing. It is because again it's domino effect. It can spread but i do think it's okay to feel both sides because we still the other side. It makes you appreciate appreciate having joy and it makes you really want to have joy. You know if you just knowing both sides is not a bad thing and also gives you a depth of empathy for people yes and i think even when i talked about my mom being the original timber of joy like pinball joy started with her because of her motto of choosing joy during cancer and that was our that was our motto that was our theme but it certainly wasn't every day and she would even say it was important for my sister and i and her to remember like like okay yeah. We're all choosing joy but right now the sucks yes and these are my real feelings and i'm going to go cry and i'm angry mad and we would it was important. You're one hundred percent right to live in that just because you're a pimple enjoy doesn't mean you can do all the time i saw l. Say that on her. I watched her like inter l. Joy no joy yeah but she says like be kind one another or whatever at the end of her show. She said it's so frustrating because now she's like the kind girl like she's not allowed to not be you to be in a bad mood because she's behind one another. She's like sometimes. I have a bad day. Trust me like mary and i talk about how if we're wearing or or anybody else for that matter sometimes she knows all the customer service emails for the shot and someone will be so upset about their pimp enjoy order and they'll be like cussing housing and saying that things and all the stuff and she's like wait. Do we even win a male you this enjoy hat or whatever because like you are not representative of join which i get it. We all have bad days but like maybe when you're ordering shirt about choosing joy in spreading joy you should like exude the joy but then there's even times where i've had to check myself and i think even posted something on instagram the other day 'cause she was at the airport and she had on. She's like probably shouldn't have worn a joyce her to the airport because yeah it's like you never know and we worked with this guy to. He used to work a lot with bobby bones show into a travel a lot and he had the worst airport temperature and you would wear a pink enjoy high. Hi and i be like before you go talk to the airline. People off your hat because you're i know you and you're not about to be representative of joy oy like it is that i feel ellen on that like yeah be kind. Oh shoot oh shoot. I've had a really bad mood today right. I know that's what's that fine line. I know humanity but i have to say what you what bobby and what y'all show has done all the love and joy. I'll have spread is truly remarkable. Yeah well. It's because of our listeners like they're using but it's amazing that you guys have given your listeners a platform to be able to get involved and help spread joy and give to causes. I think that's just its incredible popcorn where to go. You guys yeah all you listening. That's the way to go. I wanna thank you just this for bringing that thinking then bring opportunity thank them. I think that's what mary will post that a lot too on shot forward. She'll just be like when she looks at the donation. Amounts just like this is insane. It's crazy and it's literally only because people have wanted to come alongside and and represent whatever we happen to be putting out there so i think i was going to kind of do a recap it knowing us we could probably could go in and going and going and i started to recapture drivers. I know uh-huh but now now gone. My walk has now motivated because there's a lot all over here to the pregnant girl out leading me so but i think i recapped a little bit about finding your group yet. I'm trying to think of like the takeaways here is like find your someone share these vulnerable with like so you can have that connection and you don't feel alone and then also too and then we covered a couple of the other ones but then i just encourage people yes. They haven't checked out your podcast. Hey it's amy yeah. It's get real and you do interact a lot with people on instagram that send your comments. I love your your screenwriting. You're like this is awesome. They love the interaction. Once that baby comes it might change a little realized with my two kids. I'm like oh man. Sometimes i see things people are doing on instagram but that's another thing we need to not do as we can't compare. Oh god let's just wrap with that. Because that is the truth like i try so hard not to compare but sometimes so you just can't help compare and social media is so amazing because it's such a great platform for so many such a great outlet in such great popcorn so many ways but it really can make you feel bad about yourself too so that you're not doing enough or that. You're not enough or you know who knows what so. We're just going to end up by telling everyone listening that they are enough. You are enough. You are enough. You are enough and just because someone has an awesome social. Media post doesn't mean that they don't have a bad day to be kind he he kind but caroline and i are allowed to not be kind some days. If we don't want to yeah just like ellen taming okay so vulnerability is definitely something that we cover a lot on this podcast. Ask myself with you guys with guests that we have on big fan of rene brown up in here which if you're familiar with her work you know it centers around being vulnerable and also follow this life coach from austin ramos sarah sherwood. I met her at this retreat. I went to a couple of summers ago. Jessica hunters ranch which several girl she had out there and sarah was kind of like our life coach for the weekend and she's awesome and so smart and amazing and she just was able to like put things into perspective realize <hes>. I never looked at it that way so you could follow along her website sarah dasher dot com. She's she's great. I sign up for email blasts so i get little emails from her every once in a while that just kind of stick with me and she stood out one talking about vulnerability and how one of the myths is weakness and i know that that's a common thing for people to think like i don't wanna get vulnerable because i don't wanna come across as weak so i thought i would read this mrs cycle quick little thing here and maybe it's something that one of you needs to here so here's what sarah wrote culturally we are raised to believe that regardless of what is going on we need to armor up brace race against the difficulty soldier on and push through if we're not able to do this then we are weak but this does not bear up under the research findings of what it means is to live courageously inverness brown's research on shame vulnerability encourage. She says you can only imagine for me. Personally what it meant to look back <unk> over thirteen thousand pieces of data and not be able to find a single example of courage that wasn't all about vulnerability vulnerability isn't about weakness. It's about outs strength at exemplifies. The courage to show up take risk be seen even when there is no certainty of the outcome courage is all about telling <music> are stories with our whole heart we find connection when we are present in our lives in spite of the imperfect messy parts we sometimes faltering are attempt to live wholeheartedly because when we believe vulnerability is weakness we can also believe some paradoxes vulnerability. We may think vulnerability is courage in strength and another person but it is weakness in ourselves often. It is the first thing we look for when meeting someone new. We want to know that they're real but it's the last thing we want to expose within ourselves any of this resonating with y'all so anyway. That's what sarah wrote and i was like. Okay wow how like thank you for that like just think about it. Think about what you expect of other people and then what are you willing to show up with an open up about when it comes is to yourself so one of the myths of vulnerability weakness and that was supposed to read that for you then hope you take it with you. I think we all can kind of try to keep that in our back pocket as reminder to be open we need to be it doesn't mean we have to walk around being vulnerable all day long to anybody and everybody but i think you know the right times where you need to open up in. It's okay it actually takes courage to do so and you are strong. You are not week so thank you. Sarah era sure would for that okay. That's a wrap on today's episode. I've got an email shout out here a quickly before yeah i get to that. Thank you to lisa for coming on and caroline hobby. Y'all come follow them on instagram. That would be awesome if you listened and you really enjoyed them and send them out like hey heard you on. Amy's potash your great. Everybody loves a little encouragement. You never know what kinda day somebody's having an a little note like that totally brighten their day and then also mary still sitting here for altro but sent her a note. Hey loved one thing you did with amy. She's at mary underscore on instagram but what the real where she does like a lot of stories in the post stuff. She's always over on the shot ford as well so you can hit her up there too so email shoutout mary. You're gonna like this because it has to enjoy. Hey my name is hannah wiley and i'm from a small town in kansas. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you. As i just completed my first of many college assignments the assignment asked me to share a story that is impacted my life. I chose to write about pimping joy and how you and your family have changed changed my outlook on life completely. Your story is incredibly relatable humbling and inspiring to me. Is i have a similar story. My grandmother just passed away after battling brain cancer cancer for many years towards the end of her life. She suffered. She couldn't walk talk eat. My family relied heavily on the bobby bones. Show for our daily dose positivie tippety my family's conversations or an are like seventy five percent talking about y'all my relationship with my grandmother was and will always be a big part of who i am because of you and the pimp enjoy movement. I began to see the importance of finding the good in every day. No matter how big the struggles were my perspective on life changed tremendously as i was no longer longer dwelling on the negatives but began to see how i could impact the lives of others by choosing joy although my grandmother may not be here with us anymore. I'm comforted knowing that i will spread joy in her honour although we don't personally know each other. I feel like we are b._f._f.'s l._l. I can't thank you enough for everything. You've done for me and my family. You have truly changed our lives. Thanks again hannah and hannah. This email means a lot and i know that you were. You're writing it to me so there was a lot of like you but the pimp enjoy thing is such a it's start with my mom and it's her story and then like through the bobby bones show and then mary with the shot ford we brought it to life as a movement like with the hashtag and putting it out there and the apparel the hats shirts the sweat shirts the totes the coffee mugs dijana enjoy coffee mugs. I've edgy didn't but there is the license slate covers the sticker decals. I mean there's all kinds of different ways where you can just see. I love when y'all l. c. pimp enjoy out and about randomly and you take a picture and send it to us that will i mean i love that don't yeah it's so cool so i just want to thank you for taking the time to email hanan. I'm sorry that you lost your grandma. <hes> i know that just sucks like i hate that for you but yeah we got to look for the good no matter what and i know that she would love an appreciate that you are now spreading joy and choosing joy in her honor because she would want that for you so you were doing the the right thing for sure so shout out to my mom the oji paper of joy i know what would you say if she liked. Do i mean i feel like my my mom would freak out because she she passed away unfortunately too early on in it but she she saw she was already freaking out at what was happening. Then ends with the hashtag just put the hashtag because she wasn't. She passed away a few weeks before he launched the first hat so emerge so yeah she would. She couldn't believe bore gravitating towards it and actually doing it. Sorry my dog just took a deep breath and snored but she i think she would would just i feel like i don't know she handles everything so well and she was a humble person anyways so she would probably find it pretty unbelievable unbelievable but she would give glory to god i. I think that's exactly what she do. She was like well. This is god not me and she would think it was amazing. She probably cry freak out especially because like millions of dollars now been donated to various causes that i mean it's because of you shopping shopping you guys doing it or spreading the word about him. Enjoy are using the hashtag or wrapping your gear or doing like hannah just a <hes> looking at tough situations in your life and being like this is this is how i'm gonna handle it because it's really really easy to get set and there's going to be days where it's not easy to do that and i get that we're not perfect in it's okay to have those tough days and just live in those emotions and those feelings that maybe aren't so so joyful and positive but i think if your overall theme right when you agree is to choose joy and make the best of things you'll just your life will feel a lot more better and fulfilled and not so like i just want to crawl in my bed and not ever come out although those days either okay those days are fun especially if there's really good binge on that flicks okay thank you hannah for the email and thanks for listening to this episode especially listening right now yeah because i mean jewish thing out. The little you saw life ain't always beautiful old thing little mouth because a kick with a eh with amy brown in the montgomery county maryland courthouse. There are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific thicke murders of three innocent people soon as i heard the details i knew my dad was involved right away. Instantly assumes lawrence but at the time of the murders murderer's lawrence horn was clear across the country. I'm jasmine morris from iheartradio and hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe describe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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