Episode #3: Dodge Challenger 50th Anniversary & What's a Mopar?


Welcome to episode number three of talking Mo- pars on today's episode. We're going to talk about what a Mo- par is. We're talking mopeds got its name the Challenger turning fifty a little whoopsie see daisy mistake on the assembly line. Another awesome listener story project car of the week. And we're GONNA take a look back at the nineteen seventy dodge challenger. We've kicked the tires hires. Now let's like the fires. I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the Mo par hunter and this is talking and You're listening to talking. Parts with the MOCHA hunter. Your direct connection to all things Mo- park. We are turning and burning here on episode number three of talking mopeds. And let's get right into it. What is a MO- par? I realized that not everybody who listens to this show is actually a Mo- part is easiest. You know we've got we've got some creepers. We've got four guys. Chevy guys import guys. This podcast had cast is for everybody. And I want to bring you into the Mo par fold if you aren't already if you're not familiar with Mo Pars and what the the word moped actually means. Let me fill you in. Mo- par is a combination of the words motor and parts. It was first used in the nineteen twenties and in nineteen thirty seven would be used for the first time on actual products starting with cans of antifreeze it evolved into a term of endearment used by moped enthusiasts to describe cars. That fell under the Chrysler umbrella. So think Chrysler Dodge Plymouth. AMC Jeep Ram trucks and now Fiat. What and the brands associated with the Mo par now is a registered trademark used by FCA as a resource for covering parts accessories service and warranties? So you're going to go to the dealership and you're GONNA C mo par service you know Mo- park centuries and things like that as it relates to this podcast for the most part mope ars gonNA refer just to the the generality of the cars so when I say I'm talking about Dodge Plymouth. Chrysler Jeep Ram all those. But it's important that I explain to people that are outside the Mo par world like your Chevy Ford guys. You're import guys that you know you're here now. Let's learn a little bit. You know if you keep listening to this podcast. I promise you you're GonNa learn some stuff and you're gonNA probably figure out that a Mo- par pretty cool. You know. Maybe you came here because you hate mo par and you're like let me see what this jerks all about. Let me see what he's talking about and you're here now and you're like it doesn't sound like a bad guy and you're hearing a couple of cool things and you're like Oh that's kind of interesting you know if you if you listen to this podcast and you've said to yourself. Oh that's kind of interesting. Gotcha Gotcha so go ahead and put that Chevy that Ford that import up for sale and start looking for a Mo- par. Let's shift gears here a little bit. Let's talk about something that I've been meaning to talk about and I really haven't had a chance to get to it. So let's talk about it right now the name talking Mo- Parse so when I decided that you know maybe I should do a podcast. This was about a year ago. That's when I really started considering because before that it was like Oh that would be kind of fun but I never really took it seriously until about a year ago so I started thinking about. You know what I wanted the show to be what it was four and what I what I really wanted wanted to develop it into. I tossed around some names. Direct connections a segment or an addition of this show was actually the the original name that I had come up with along with hustle. Stuff I was GONNA. I had hustle stuff podcast. I was running through some names in my head. It and I thought if people look up or C mo par podcast. They might just brush over something that says the hustle stuff podcast because maybe they're not familiar with the the term hustle stuff and how it relates to Mow Pars from back in the day and with direct connections. I know that people do associate direct connection with Mojo. But you know maybe somebody he knew wouldn't necessarily understand the reference so I was like I need a name. That's general enough. Where if somebody was just glancing through and they saw the name of the podcast August they go? Oh I know exactly what that's about because it's in the name so when you see talking mopeds you go one. You're not going to say what's that podcast about. Hey we're talking talking more cars simple so I had the name. I started looking into buying a domain. Basically getting the plan together for are executing the launch of the podcast. And I like I said on couple episodes ago I am podcast fan. I listened to a lot of podcast especially Komodo podcasts and it was almost like fate because at the time I was developing the idea for this podcast I wanted to hear what other people Komo Park community. We're talking about On these episodes and I found out that uncle Tony Fail. I don't know if you know who punk Tony Is. But he runs. Hey page on facebook called Uncle Tony's garage and he's got a youtube channel. His content is awesome awesome. I think Tony is hilarious. He is funny and I've been watching videos for a long time but I never knew he had a podcast so when I found out he had a podcast. I listened and and I enjoyed it a lot. Because he was talking about mope bars naturally I was like finally. Somebody's talking about a lot cool and then in the back of my mind I was like well that kind of defeats the purpose abyss of me. Doing a podcast. Because I didn't realize there was already a podcast out there about Mo- parks on one hand. I was a little bummed out on the other hand like sweet. I can save myself a bunch of work and just listen to his podcast so as I was listening he mentioned that he was GonNa do a podcast with Dave Ray from DB restorations formerly of graveyard cars and they were gonNA call it talking moped. You're talking mopeds and I was crushed. I was crushed because I thought oh well there goes that idea even if I wanted to start it has to come up with a completely different name and when I get my sights set on something you know I'm committed. I was really bummed that I couldn't use the name anymore but I kept listening and I was like all right. Let's just listen to see what it's all about. Well that podcast never came because Tony decided that his audience was better suited for Youtube so he actually stopped doing the podcast cast which opened the door for myself so I actually reached out to Tony and I asked him if it would be okay since I was gonNA start a podcast if I could use the name that he originally intended to us with his podcast with Dave Ray and he actually gave me his blessing so uncle Tony. Thank you very much watch for all of you listening out there if you like to watch youtube videos if you're on facebook and you see videos pop up. Give uncle Tony a chance. This guy is hilarious. And he's super knowledgeable. He knows so much about Mo- pars far more than I know so. He's a great resource. If you WANNA watch some videos in you you know. Get get a chuckle or laugh. You can look them up at Uncle Tony's garage on Youtube and facebook so go give him a follow subscribe like his content. He's a good guy. You know I do. Thank him very much for allowing me to use the name. Because I'm not a jerk. I wouldn't take the name you know without consulting being him about it I because if he would have said I may that may be a project I wanNA work on in the future I would have moved on and I don't know if this podcast would exist if I hadn't been given the green light so once again. Thank you uncle Tony. Let's switch gears here and talk about a new challenger that was recently unveiled. So as you know in nineteen seventy a new model for dodge came out and that was the dodge challenger it changed the game and now we're we're quickly approaching two thousand twenty and now the dodge challenger is turning fifty so dodgers releasing the Challenger Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. This car is what enthusiasts love to see from dodge a really shows the dodgers embracing the enthusiast culture. The challenge is only gonNA turn fifty wants so. This car is going to be highly collectible if I was you and I had the money I would go out and order one now. So let's break down the car a a little bit. The Fiftieth Anniversary edition of the Dodge Challenger is gonNA come in seven colors including four new colors those new colors gold rush frostbite. Hell Raisin and cinnamon stick the wheels and badging will be gold school finished which is like gold. Chrome the Shaker scoop on these cars will. We'll be body colored which is pretty cool. You'RE GONNA have fiftieth anniversary. Edition badges all over the car. Designating it as the fiftieth anniversary special edition and they're all GonNa be in that Gold School Hugh that I was just talking about. They're all going to have a satin black hood and that is going to be painted but the roof and the deck LID will be wrapped inside sat and black interior accent stitching on leather seats with Suede inserts with fifty embroidered them. There's going to be real carbon-fiber accents on the interior with white gauges that have yellow yellow accents. A total of one thousand nine hundred and sixty of these cars are going to be produced seventy in each color and all four trim packages these packages are gonNA start at four thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars for the lowest trim up to five thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars for the highest trim. Now keep in mind the challenger will never turn fifty again. Like I said these are going to be highly collectible ordering for these cars starts in December or spring shipment so get your local dealer and order today you know these are going to get ordered up really quick and you're probably gonNA see some on Ebay for exuberant amount of money. You know there are some people out there that see these types of cars in the GAW to chain and they go and buy these cars and then next thing you know they're on Ebay for double double the price or something ridiculous so if you really want one of these and you have the ability to get one go to the dodge dealer and order one today that way you have if I and you can be the first owner of a fiftieth anniversary edition Dodge Challenger switching gears again recently the NHTSA the National National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for one hundred seventy three dodge vehicles manufactured between the end of May and September of two thousand nineteen. These include sixty st to dodge challengers and one hundred eleven. Dodge chargers built with an incompatible front wheel and brake package. The package just does not allow adequate tire clearance and has the potential to cause rubbing of the inner sidewall of the tire and a steering knuckles so dealers and owners will be notified around December thirteenth. To get that fixed. What what a whoopsie daisy you know whoopsie daisy? Let's get that fixed because this is not a good look. I'm glad that I was is not on the production line when that happened. Because I don't know if it's quality control. I don't know if it's recreational use of marijuana in Canada did I say that Oh sorry I'm just kidding. Dodge is going to get this fixed. You're going to be taken care of. And if you own one of these vehicles you will be notified so sit tight. We'll get you. We all patched up and back on the road it's time to shift gears once again on the show and we're GONNA go ahead and get into the listener story of the week. This story comes from Andy Tans. Andy shared this story with me about the Bristol. speedway super bird and I think it's a fun story. So let's get right into it back in nineteen eighty nine. I was working at a restoration slash flipper shop in canton Georgia. One day we received the original Bristol speedway super from an auction after tuning it up. It needed a test drive so for lunch. Five of US jumped in the Super Bird and took off towards commerce. Once we got on I seventy five. Steve decided to jump on the bird. Got It up to one hundred intent fairly quickly than the weaving started and things started getting scary real fast doing around one hundred miles per hour. The car literally walked across a full lane before Steve decided to slow it down on Steve tried to turn around on the freeway. He pulled into a pile of mud and we started bog down so he Florida all week here was clods of mud bouncing off the cars we slowly got the car turned around and headed back to the shop. Stop when we got back to the shop. The bird like a jeep that had been in the swamp it was pretty nasty after we sprayed it down. Steve looked at the front end and found. The driver's side stabiliser link link was gone and the torsion bars were cranked almost as far as they could go. Needless to say the front end was shot on the car. The owner never knew about this catastrophe. I believe he sold sold it the following week. That's what we call an almost quick trip to the unemployment line. What a story that could have ended a lot worse? Let's be honest. Wow I was really entertained by the story because I could relate to andy because if I had the opportunity I probably would have done the same thing only my luck. Probably I probably would Iraq the thing and not only would I have been looking for a tow truck in the phone book but I would have been looking for a new job as well because I probably would have been fired. Let's drop a gear and disappear as we shift gears into project car of the week. Take this week's project car. I thought was reasonably priced with room for negotiation and runs and drives. That's always good if you ask me when I look at project cars a very big selling point to me is running and driving. Because I don't know how about you but when I buy a project car if I can't drive home there is a little bit of. How can I put at this in my head? I'm like God I really wish I coulda drove this thing home. I would've made this experience so much better but there is also the side that like when I bought my sixty nine dodge dart and I told at home I remember looking in the rear view mirror and seeing it on the trailer and I remember thinking God. Can we drive. The thing can't wait. It's been four years but that's okay. That's story for a different time. This road runner to me is a great foundation for somebody that wants to get into a project but wants to be able to enjoy it at the same time. I'm looking at the car and thinking to myself if I could get this thing for twelve thousand thirteen one thousand. That's deal to me anything. Anything under twenty grand these days for something running and driving that to me is a good the deal. I know that sounds crazy. It sounds crazy coming out of my mouth. I think it sounds crazy but I I've seen thousands of these cars and I know the prices aren't getting cheaper. I mentioned mentioned before. So if you can get into one of these for less than twenty thousand dollars running and driving I think that depending on the car of course you know because there are some dropbox out there that run and drive. Don't ask me how but I think that it's a decent by you know because as I've said this before I don't need a car. That is a show car. I just want something fun for me to drive. I don't need people to Polish my knob when I go get gas telling me how beautiful the car is. I just WANNA I just WANNA be happy behind the wheel. That's all I care about so with this car. I see a lot of potential here. It's it's a seventy great year for the road runner. It's running and driving. It's got a big block in it. You own it. I don't see Vin number or offender tag or anything in in these pictures but I'm going to go ahead and assume that it is a real. Ram Car the car looks like it has good bones if it runs and drives send it send it you know what I mean. It looks like a good start to a project because you can drive it and enjoy it while you're going through it that's fun to me. That's fun I would love to get this car. So if this guy's listening to this podcast. Hey Chris at talking mopus Dot com away as its numbers matching right. What's not oh the original all? It's been repainted. Oh Okay who looked. ooh We're going to need some learning some some frame rails who who trunk who who headliners fallen down oop You know after looking at it after getting closer look thinking more like nine. Yeah Yeah maybe Do you think the single single make it home. I kind of drive all the way back to Washington. You know what I mean. You'll probably safer if I- trailer and it caused a little bit of money to Uh Oh I see the all the floor pan. Oh Man. The floor PAN needs to be changed to Yeah Yeah it looks like this thing is not original not a survivor Not a barn fine I'll give you two thousand. That was a joke. Folks a lot of people what they do when they go to look at these cars is they star bashing the car not a good way to go about things look the seller is not your enemy and it does you know good to beat up on a car you know to try to knock the price down. I think here's a tip if you're going to look at a car think of the seller as your friend. Okay because guess what no enemy will ever give you a good deal but if you go you approach the seller. You're in a nice way or respectable way. I was just talking about that on social media with somebody where you have to. There has to be a mutual respect between tween a buyer and a seller regardless of car regardless of price. Now Hey if you don't want to be respectful. Don't even go look at the car because guess what if you come to me if I'm so in a car and you come to me Eh. Disrespectful you're not getting anywhere especially in the car I'm selling so approach with an open mind. Signed be respectable. You know. Be Respectful. And you'RE GONNA get a lot farther that way if you want a better deal on the car. Here's where my opinion gets a little foggy because I do think it's important to start low and then work your way up. I always like to promote having a number in your mind off I call it a hard out. You need a hard out like if this car. Sixteen thousand thousand and I only want to pay. Let's just say nine thousand right. That's seven thousand dollars in negotiation. It's going to take awhile while you can't just go up there and just chop the guy in half right away. You gotta look at the car. I like to gauge the seller. A little bit like what you really want to get out of the car. You know say the Guy Wants Sixteen thousand and you know he goes I really you know masking sixteen. There's a little wiggle room. I could probably take fifteen thousand and in your mind you have nine thousand dollars in your pocket so this is where things get interesting. You're going to have to figure out a way to get him to come down a lot farther now. This doesn't always work out. You know when you're trying trying to chop a guy in half that's a big reach. Maybe you know this doesn't work every time but it works some of the time I've bought like like my little d one hundred. I chop the guy in half with his price and I drove it home. That was that was a kind kind of a tough negotiation but not really told him flat out look. This is what I got. I'm willing to come look at it but I don't want to waste your time. I don't WanNa waste my time so if this isn't even there's number is something that you wouldn't even entertain the notion even come out and he said come out sells like ooh Gotcha but That deal was actually really good because I said I have this amount of money but I'm only buying it if I can drive it home so it worked out for me and it worked out for the seller. Because he was done with it and you know I was ready to buy it because I really liked it. And I'll talk more about my project truck. My little seventy sixty one hundred on a future episode but getting getting back to this road runner and buying and selling project cars you see negotiations on TV. I don't need to name the person who does this negotiating because it happens. A lot of a lot of these reality shows they show these unrealistic negotiations. I question how much editing is really involved in in these shows. Because I've never seen anybody make deals like that in real life as far as walking up going. Oh you want twenty grand I'll give you two and then the guy goes no no way. You can't do that. And then they end up negotiating three thousand so okay. Where does that happen at twenty to move to Texas assess Tornado moved to Dallas anyways? There is a right way and a wrong way to negotiate and I. I think if you just explained to the cellar where you're coming from and your respectful. You're going to get a lot farther. You might not get it for the price you want. But it's also okay to walk away from a car and here's another tip if you don't end up coming to terms with a deal if you don't come to a good deal mutually beneficial then it's okay to bring. I always say make business cards. Make business cards with your name and number right the date and your offer on this card and hand it to the guy because you never know how many people are going to try to come out and by the car if you leave and he gets three more people and they're chopping worse than you did. You might go okay. Three out of the four people that came out and looked at this car offered less than that fourth guy and I have his card in my hand. I'm going to give them a call in you know what apparently overvalued the car I'm GONNA go ahead and sell it to him for the better price so you have to look at things like that. Be Positive you know. Don't end things on a bad note especially if you want the car. If you're frustrated that the guy's not budging put your number on a business card like the number you WanNa buy four on a business card and give it to him. Let him sit. Sit on it and make sure it's not just up piece of junk business card makeup business card that stands out a little bit you know. So he won't forget you. That's the thing you gotta be memorable. These people folks. I realize that we've gone off the rails a little bit here. So let me just reiterate my tips tips. I have a hard out. Have the price in your mind. You're walkaway price. If you can't get to that walkaway a tip number to have a business card put all the information needed and give it to the seller. So that if they decide you know maybe that wasn't a bad offer after all they have your information and they can give you a callback number three. Be respectful nobody ever got a good deal from an an enemy so build that rapport build a friendship and be sincere. Don't be don't be fake about it you know. Just be respectful respectful and you know find common ground. Common ground is huge in sales. But I think this topic of buying hang in selling cars and tips and tricks. I think it's a standalone episode. So let's go ahead and stop here and continue this talk on a future episode. assode of talking Mo- pars for now. Let's go ahead and get back on the rails and switch gears and get ready to close. Is this baby out. And let's talk about you know earlier. We talked about the Fiftieth Anniversary Challenger. That's coming out in spring. I've always believed to know where you're headed. You GotTa know where you've been. So with the fiftieth anniversary the dodge challenger approaching fast. Let's take a look back at the fall of nineteen sixty nine. When Dodge introduced the Challenger for the Nineteen in seventy model year the Challenger was based on the new e body platform alongside with the Plymouth? Barracuda you're probably thinking hold on Mo par Hunter Old Don Chris. I thought the Barracuda was a body. It was until nineteen seventy when Chrysler Corporation introduced this new e body platform and the Plymouth Barracuda sat alongside the Challenger on that platform so although they had subtle differences. I mean I mean I guess suttles kind of there was a two inch difference in wheelbase the Challenger was actually a little bit longer than the Barracuda. And there's some other details okay. Look let me just explain this. The vehicles that are spotlighted on this podcast you know for some episodes. We're just peeling back. The top layer of these MO- pars. So you know. I'm not an encyclopedia and we don't have enough time to get that deep into this stuff. Okay I said I said that this podcast we would take take a weekly deep dive into the world of Mope ours but I didn't say what ended the pool. We're I mean we're dive and even in the shallow end okay. There's a deep end of this pool will and if you WANNA get down there you gotta do that on your own. Because I'm not a lifeguard. Okay so really. If you are interested in any of these cars go do some digging and research on your own really do the research I mean you could literally spend hours upon hours going over. All all the details of each model these cars. That's how many facets and like I think about I think about some cars and like I'll be doing research on something because I find it interesting and five hours later. I'm like Oh my God I still really. I'm still there's so much still left to learn so if I think that's a really fun for me I just don't have that much time. So if you're like me no just take it take it a little bit at a time and there's some guys out there and Gals I know there's girls out there that know more than me and that's fine. I like that. Come come on the show. Let's Talk Doc. You know what I mean but if you WANNA learn more just go out there and do the research. We're just covering the the basics here. I can't do all the work for you come on. Let's be realistic. But it's okay you go do that research you come on on the show and talk to me about the thirty eight hours. You did researching you know. Nineteen sixty seven. Barracuda's that's awesome. I'll talk to you all day about it. You teach me something okay. But let's get back on track here. We went off the rails again. You guys let me do this every time you let me get off the rails nobody says hey Chris Stoppers second. You're going out. How much caffeine have you had? Are you okay. I'm fine. I'm fine all right. Let's get back on topic. So the challenger was Jesuit. Dodge needed to come out swinging hanging in one thousand nine hundred seventy for the pony car wars. That were you know in my opinion starting to slow down a little bit but dodge said not so fast. We're not done yet. As as a matter of fact we're just getting started here. The challenger was a hit on the street and at the track. And not just the drag strip either nineteen seventy was the first year that dodge offered a TA package for their lineup. And you know that we like some. Ta Relax people get your minds out of the gutter. I'm talking about the Trans Am series the SEC a transam series. The Sports Car Club of America had a trans am racing series and in order to be Dodge had to create a certain amount of cars that fit the criteria for that class of racing. Okay maybe I maybe a little bit off on these details but I mean who's paying attention really so let's get serious again. Dodge offered this. Ta Package in the TA. Package was like I said a Package for entry into transam racing but it was also available. It had to be a model available for the street. You know. And it was de Itunes and Gosh you know I'm going off the top of my head here and I'm thinking about these details and I'm like I could do a whole episode just on the Ta Challengers the AARP. We are Kudos. So I guess I'm just GonNa Skim the surface here a little bit so the. Ta Package was just one of many different variations of the challenge. Or One could get in. Nineteen seventy I will say that it was the only challenger that you get with three forty six pack okay and when I say six pack I don't know how much you know about Mo- parts you know we're still getting to know each other here so I'm just gonNA pretend like you don't notice six packs a six pack were just talking about three two barrel carburetors he following or lost yep no no yeah yeah it's just like the try power yet. Yeah Yeah Okay. So you fall are Okay let me talk another interesting detail. Is that the Challenger. Ta alongside with Barracuda a our model. was that it was one of the first American cars to have staggered Eggert tires with e sixty fifteens in the front and g sixty fifteen's outback. That's cool the challenges could also be ordered edge it in several pack. I mean Gosh here we go again. We're going off the rails again folks. Don't say I didn't warn you so there was so many different ways you could build one of these cars. If you walked into a dealership you know and you're like Kinda WanNa let me just order one of these. I mean I couldn't imagine what it would be like ordering one of these cars because there's so many different I mean you've got the base model our team model. SE RT SE. Challenge your deputy. You could give convertible you know not all packages were available convertibles. You could not get ta convertible. I'll just say that. Gosh my brain right now just thinking about this. Because I'm like Gosh I don't know if I can cover all this this and I'm not intending to cover all of it but I'm like you know what's the most important things that I can cover about this car Okay here so as far as engines go you know. Take your pick. What do you want you get everything from the tried and true slant six all the way up to the elephant the four twenty six cubic inch Hemi As a new home on here we go off the rails again. Doesn't it does sound cool to say heavy rain. Sometimes it's like you know if you say you know someone goes. Hey what kind of engine you got. Nothing what's under the hood and you know it. It comes out tough like Oh yes just got a little heavy in it and like even in that commercial the dumb commercial commercial I gotTa Hammy Yeah. Yeah it's gotTa have me as I'm being I'm being stupid so so you okay where were we. Oh yeah slant six all the way up to the hamming you got options people you got you got options and like I said it was just a car that you really could have built to your specific needs. You could also look at doing it. Because in nineteen seventy there was some new high impact paint colors and those new hughes were are. How many were there? Let's see for nineteen seventy. This is nineteen seventy editions. Let's go F- Why one top Anna that's yellow F J A six Sassy Grass Green F J five sublime. FM Three Panther Pink. And I mean of course the infamous this FCC seven plum crazy Turn a thing in my head and my missing. I don't think I'm missing any. I'm sure there's somebody out there right now. I just beating their radio gone this guy. He doesn't know what he's talking about If I missed any please let me know I'm a little tired now now. It was it was early but I had to. I had to stop the podcast and go take care of some grocery shopping and I came back to record this last part the so. It's a little late here in good old Washington the wife and cater asleep. And I'm here staring at a computer screen anyways. Let's so off the rails so off the the rails that's okay. The Classic Challenger lasted until Nineteen Seventy four and that classic. Styling wouldn't reemerge until two thousand eight went dodge reintroduced induced the challenger. When Dodge came back out with the Challenger I was? Oh man like I'm reminiscing right now in my head I just remember I think it was motor trend magazine and I saw for the first time and I was like Oh my God. It was is one of the most beautiful cars as far as modern cars. Go that I've ever seen I think you know what I'm GonNa go ahead and say it was when the Challenger came back out it was the most beautiful modern ricard ever seen. Because that's how big of a fan I was of the nineteen seventies and just looking at the car was just like you know if you took a nineteen Seventy Dodge challenger New took a two thousand eight Dodge Challenger and you park them next to each other they were so the styling was dowd on. It was extremely reminiscent of the original but modernized and I would be confident in saying that as far as a modern muscle car renditions of classic muscle cars go dodge really hit the nail on the head with the modern challenger. And you know it's still going strong to this day. All the way into Twenty Twenty for the fiftieth anniversary. You know there's gotta be something said about that. You know good job jaw or a good job job job. Good job good job. Good Job Dodge. We're taking this baby home. I'm tired I'm going to bed tomorrow. Sunday Sunday. Let's close it out with saying that just over eighty three thousand nineteen seventy challengers were Were sold the Challenger remains lanes in American muscle car icon to this day. Okay Dow wraps up episode three. We did it folks that last. What was it towns? Years Seven minutes was rough. Actually I think it was more like ten minutes. Oh man that was a ten minute diatribe of me spewing moped stuff out of my mouth. I'm sorry I apologize. No why don't I don't apologize for anything. I'm unapologetic when it comes to my passion for MOPEDS. That's why I'm here talking to. You could be asleep so now that we've gone fully off the rails. Let me just say thank you once again to everybody for listening to the show. If you have any good Mo- par stories. Please send them in Shoreham with me and I will share them with the world on this podcast. Because guess what we've gone worldwide. What do you mean worldwide? Yes worldwide. Let me just name some countries here. Obviously America Canada Mexico Brazil Zil Germany Denmark Sweden Norway Australia New Zealand Trying to think of the other ones Holland Poland so the Netherlands I think that's it all. There's one guy in Antarctica. I think he was a streaming live. That's IT folks. Thank you for joining me on episode number three. I'm your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- Parse I thank you for listening to your direct connection to all things until next time remember. No more par left behind Yeah.

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