Bryan Callen, Bill Pullman, and Choose Your Superpower


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The you know what this anytime like they do some of the Mexico. It was always just like kind of filter on it. It's a little bit yellow, this makes me think of, of the blue filter from Ozarks. I feel like I feel like we're like like a blue tint to us. I have way here we're gonna look Seoul. I asked Nikko Nick how we look well closed down the Irish and I opened up the restrictors on the coloring has. Got Photoshop because to make us look. Okay. You know what I wanna do for now on not be ugly? I want we just record in a quiet room, right? No cameras. No, nothing. Okay. We get to double good bodies. Yeah. Will come? They have scripts, they perfect. That'd be great actors. I got to do like the little bit of talk over. Yeah. Yeah. And some fucking supermodel be like, I'm going to kill myself. Maybe like maybe we could just deep fake it. I don't know. Depict these. Let's get. Let's go slept our faces. I think we should go model search. I think we should find the good-looking fights in the good-looking KFC. There's an idea stunt doubles. I don't like other people say these things. I can make fun of myself. I feel like maybe I'm a good-looking I know of not. But I mean this, this light makes me feel like you're seeing like inside my skin. I got this fake fucking tooth glued on. I'm sure you could see that now. Well you see the line now that way too far away. Okay. That's good. These like supersonic couple telescope lights. I thought you're gonna be able to see everything this is definitely lighting that is designed for people on the bug where make who's on the podcast say, Brian Cowen. Bryan gallon is a certified lunatic. He's crazy person Bill Pullman, and I'm Bill also crazy person. Bill. Nice guy. Brian, I Callan the term psychopath sociopath and crazy is way over used that guy has a screw loose. Did you see the video? He sent a Krista Leah. Did you see that? He said deleted just posted on his Grammy woke up. He was like I just woke up to this message from Callan, it's just Callan shirt off just flexing in every different position. And then he like comes up closely cameras, like. You don't want to see my legs due on sixteen years altered, my legs hurt feelings. Okay. Okay. Just like a fucking psycho man. I mean he is from another planet. Did you see my dad does, by the way said, you videos of herself flexing? Like he wants to be videos, but, like if I'm home, and you'll come in my room like you wanna go work out now and like fucking bust out as cash, and you don't want any of this. I noted. Yeah, you're right. You're right. Don't, don't he sent me a video actually interview I followed up with them. I just said, thank you. And you just sent me a video from the back of the cab, right? If we left, and he's zoomed in on his teeth smiling, and he was like you can achieve anything you set your mind. Bach in. No, you can't he does. One of the funnier stories I've ever. Oh my God. The story about the Viking kid is, I mean it's like you like you like if you had told me that story, I believe it leave it. So you are the Viking kid, Brian Cowen, one of the funniest interviews we've ever done, it got to the point where we just I just stopped talking like he would pause and it would be like, okay, this is clearly that now the time for the host to ask another question, we'll keep the conversation going, and I just stayed quiet because I was a little bit scared. And because I was like, I don't know what's gonna come out of your mouth next. Let you go. Just let you now run this show. Dude. So, yeah, he's on the show with the regular lighting Bill palm, and we talk independence day, a little bit of the center, a little bit space ball. So he's a fucking legend big things going on. But I just can't get over these fucking lights, man. You know what it is? We do need makeup. We are on camera more than anybody who has makeup. Yeah. That's people who do like a four minute hit on the radio. On TV get make we're on camera for twelve hours a day. And we just never thought of this show up looking ugly every day. But, like, also I came in. Okay. Head over to make no on all me. I really early makeup fucking care. Man. I know what I look like, but you will be pretty. You wouldn't look like that. You'd be Lukla. Yeah, but I know what I really get one taste of the makeup, life, and you'd be like, okay. Yeah, I don't have ever had. I had it on the one time I put it on myself and that was when I was on twenty twenty. And remember, I was trying to get that lesbian Chinese girl to fall in love with me. Yes. Yes, yes. And I was on for those who don't know for those who are new listeners do stories. Whatever you wanna call. There was a tycoon in China God, I want to be a tycoon so bad, who had lots of money, I believe living. I think it was a five hundred million dollars serve on anybody who could turn his daughter straight. Right. Hated his lesbian daughter. And, and I took a crack at it, and I guess, caught the attention of ABC. They had me on twenty twenty just a Skype interview, but it was the it was a couple of days after the university of Miami fight on a blackout tour. So I had two black eyes for. So it is rolled up like that. So I am tycoon. I put on like under I make up just went to like conceal. Dwayne Reed or CVS. And very sweet black woman was like child, what you're looking for house, like makeup. The tell this edgy helped me out like doing skin tones with me and all that. And I just got to the office of the bathroom at Barcelona Q Milton and was just like they didn't have a brush, and have anything I'd lack. I'd lack. My fingertips are just like all right. I probably like Frank Reynolds race beauties like a mortician had painted wait. A minute crack when you even just dabbling in the world and make up just like seeing how much shit there is like, when you go, your walk down the aisle. It's like they have every shade of girls are ugly all of them, and they just paint a pretty face on, like, when guys like you look so much prettier without makeup. No, they don't. I don't I think girls will tell you guys say you'd better dacha like I'm wearing a makeup still. They go to the gym wearing eyeliner and foundation and all the blush wherever the fuck it is. Before you ever settle down with a girl, you throw her in the pool. You hit her with a host. I as you don't know, you don't know what she looks like that's I forget, some of their like that will that's been like the common phrase in girl. I've forgot what it is. Now girls have something irresponsible too guys. Take your shoes off or something like that. Lifts. Fair enough. All right. So we got we'll get this invoice, males in a minute. I got I got some news to get to. This news is being delivered by post mates. Post mates. Is the most effective invention since Zuber Premiera? You can't can't it's like it's Uber better right? It's like Uber but you don't have to go anywhere. They just Uber something to you. It's fucking amazing man. That's fantastic sucks. It would take choices. Yeah. It's like like Uber. But I don't I get to lease like sit on my couch. Yeah. The goal of my life. Cookies last night. Yeah. I mean, just see and the thing is I don't feel bad about it. Like I don't feel bad about just having them deliver. Like one thing to me, because I'm like your tips you tip and like it's easier to carry less shit. And what do you care right out there making rounds? You know what I mean? It's not like it's like they get paid on, like per cart size, or whatever. So it's just like let's go grab that one thing. So I'm just sending you shopping in the less things easy for me. He gives you gonna get your tip. Whether it's ten things one thing, so, yeah, just get like three cookies delivered. I four. It's amazing. And they're happy. I'm happy everyone. 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You can't just keep getting one hundred dollars off for life dude. It'd be the greatest thing of all time. Here's the promo code. You eat for free forever. Yeah. Unfortunately they. Only give you one hundred dollars of credit one time. Yeah. The next seven days you got one hundred bucks off anything you get delivered on post meets that's promo code KFC, start living today. There's a new contender for tackiest proposal of all time. Currently, what would you rank as the tackiest proposals of all time? Jumbotron one. Yup. To I would go flash mob. But those are a little bit played out now ago we were a long on just a long time ago. You that. Oh my God. Anything with a song with a solemn? Yeah. There's be a flash mob, if you're just singing. Okay. Anything where it's like. And anywhere people already there to me. It's very intimate moment, like proposing in, like a like a restaurant. Yeah. Like everybody claps afterwards travel evenly. You have your friends over at some private place, propose somewhere. And then you wanna go meet them, fine. Yeah. They're they're right. Or it's almost like trickles. This does that to me. You're going to say. Yeah. What no matter what this want to do this. Yeah, I can't say no in front of these people. I mean the mid courts of isn't really Jumbotron, but still the same. Yeah. Any sporting events, number one over the top cheesy music. Number two, I saw guide you like a scavenger hunt. Once it was like a nine minute YouTube video, yet, or like run around town at the end was a ring too much, you, I saw a cool one where a guy is video game designer, and he redid the first level of Mario sick. And so when she when the flag went up like behind the screen ring came up, does it ring the flag was array came up behind it. That's fucking see that's pretty cool. And I'm sure that that's a game or a couple. So they're like, super into it. If I gave that to my girl, she wouldn't be able to beat the first level mareo dying giving the sticks. Fucking can't even get over got killed by the flower that clips, you what the fuck, man come on. Let's get to the end. Well, this is either I don't know. You tell me this is either this either tackiest ever, or just straight up romance. You can now propose on you porn. How? They are giving one lucky lovebird truly unique lifetime opportunity to propose to the significant other on the pornography streaming platform expectations for the most unique proposals all time, high this once in a lifetime moment will ever gotten. You have to submit a paragraph gushing about why you would like to propose to your partner on you on you porn. And then I got imagine you just make yourself. You know, you make a video of you proposing. And then they will display the proposal video for a full twenty four hours in where will the on you born, but, like how do you find it? Well, I would imagine much like a pinned tweet or something like that. Or like a promoted video like I bet you when you like it'll, it'll be like sticky to the top. Because right now, right now if I go right to UPN has recommended for you on here. You're you porn guy. I don't know. I don't think so. But all right now at the top sure I've checked it out. There are, but three real orgasmic convulsions come shots to horny mill in home. Massage therapist takes our clients and quivering Mony moaning tiny petite, skinny, babe orgasms on super thick cock those or by recommended recommended from now. That's how I know it's crazy. I mean, let's recommended categories for you milk amateur, teen Asian big, but those are not my John though. My no not my guy, hot videos in America is come for K at just wild. That's too much too much to multiple leaking loads on Father's Day stepdad blows in the girl on Father's Day anal cream pie gang bang. Don't fuck my daughter, so I would imagine on here somewhere. Maybe right next to two slots, give pleasure to themselves would be like how your proposal video now. I think most people are obviously, you this is a little. Too much for them. But if you are like kinky porn couple, I think this is probably super romantic. I mean, it takes us very special type like if you're like, or what if you're one of these, these porn couples, you know, that'd be perfect. Yeah, I guess, so. It's if no face girl got proposed to on porn site. She'd probably be over the moon. Or would she be like you're ruining my brand true? Like now they fucking. Yeah, married. But I don't know those companies are all being couples. Yeah. That didn't really matter with how the brook you. It was her husband. I had a super long skinny dick brought something to the table. The I don't know. It's one. It's one of those people want to stand out and it's just not this isn't the platform for it. Do don't have a fun engagement store. Just be normal. This isn't even a fun. You know, like whoever you talk about, or whoever you tell us do it. You're gonna think it's cool and unique. And it's just well, I mean, even that I think it's going to take a very special set of people and friends for anyone to be like, oh, cool man. You're on you porn. It doesn't. It doesn't he? I mean, you've gotta have you gotta be like daddy issues and fucked up like kinky weird couple. It doesn't work with regular people because, like I mean, even me there's, if you, it's only twenty four hours, like I'll probably won't find. Yeah. And also, you can even like if you could say you know what section it would be in. Yeah. But guess what? My girlfriend puts it there. It's not going to be in section. I actually don't know if she if it's like. Yeah. Like I watched threesomes. And it's like wow. That's not what I'm served evidence was gonna fall on fucking blind is right? I've never seen searched my secular. Okay. Then you'll find me. The. The loser. Gale. The I I, I think we've talked about this before, but just be normal just do of Rosa by yourself. I get when you're in love it feels like you want to share that with the world world is saying, no thank here world. We'll pass the world is probably rooting against. Most of your friends and family are probably this is not gonna work out. Can you believe was on porn on you on you born? Give me a book and break even. I think this'll be number I was, I was wavering on where would go this'll be number one for the qualities lamest. You think that'd be worse than Jumbotron? Why don't you propose to submit a video to you porn act? Like you're proposing to me, like, yeah, it's the same sex podcast couple, they go to therapy together and everything and, and we'll get. We'll get some. We'll get some buzz. Well, like tag case, your radio on it get like a few million views like everything that goes on a points. Like it's a million. That's true. Well just use this, like, wait. Oh, you have had this video up of the video. I saw Tun of. I, I think you submit the video, I don't think you up like the only one gets uploaded. Okay. Called you propose on you porn, and you got to submit a video gushing about me. That, that will be funny if you gushing about me, and then they were like, okay, now you make second video and on that, second video, if you were just like Dow o'casey radio falls on rather. Gotcha. Mitch. Man don't don't propose on a porn site. Although I will say this, let me just say this, if you are against that some sort of kinky couple, and you're like, you know, like let's tonight, we're gonna I'm home. We're gonna light some candles real jump into bed together, we're gonna pop some porn on and really go after it. And then there's also a proposal you're gonna get some sex now you're going to get six. If you combine your proposal sex with your we're watching porn together sex. You're going to get some sex. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You definitely are. That's about it. The rest of it is going to be a catastrophe born together. Is a weird thing. I've never really briefly done it. But I've never been like this. Well, I think it can be pretty effective. It's so it's so pressure-packed really. What? Yeah is again. You I it's like there's like you might be comfortable with your girl, or are you poor uncomfortable with your girl is a whole different whole everything. But if you find that and you can put on, like some real shit. You're gonna you know you're gonna open up some doors. I think I'll tell you what. I actually think it's probably good to do it now with all these couples, I think that actually would help if you told if you told your girl like is actually a married couple, and they fought. But those couples do some things, you're not getting like softcore shit from the, you're just like, yeah, this is like a married. Couple watch. What they do. And then you're like we could do it. Do you probably gonna learn some things by teach girls from things? All right. One more topic here we've been talking about the red at page MIT Astle, which is reversal gold. All right. I'm Marshall gold. We talked about the red at new episodes, farcical dot com slash. We talked a lot, a lot of things on that me and John might go to couples therapy together. So go watch that Portugal dot com slash KFC. But Emma Astle is a read it page, where people submit their stories about things that they've done or said and they're wondering, whether they are in the wrong, or whether they are in the clear, which is very, very KFC radio. So we're going to do a quick, I'm on the Astle here before we get into our voicemail. Brought to you by Dunkin donuts, Dunkin go To's are back. Oh, and we got the office to Dunkin go to or back. I get a great deal for two dollars four dollars or five dollars with two dollars. You get to egging cheese wraps two dollars is free. That's zero dollars. 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Go to four or five dollars to get the best breakfast foods bailable MIS hole for telling my husband to shut the fuck up and calling him a cry baby in front of his mom and sisters. What was he like so like, right there? Do you even like can I even tell you a story where you would be like, okay, absol-, okay, because the top comment says, I'm not even reading this. Once you get into calling people cry babies and telling them shut the fuck up in front of their family. You're the asshole. I'm with you. Did Matt tone matters like. Well, you shut the fuck up. Well, okay. Let me tell you the story. This is going to be interesting because I think a lot of people would know you just can't do that. And I think other people are gonna be like this. I heard this me you can't tell no matter what. What the fuck up your being crybaby? Not as a family because of gender roles. Whatever. Yeah. I agree with that. You tell a girl shut the fuck up crybaby in front of people, it's like Europe. Use. You're going to jail girl does it, but that's kinda bullshit on every the story. I think it's right on the border. My husband and I have been married for seven years, both, mid thirties together for ten years, I love them to pieces. But the thing is my man has no ability to make decisions on nothing. Not zero. If he's hungry. He'll come tell me that he's hungry. He's not disabled, he's more than capable making food, but he has to just come tell me we have bills to pay. He's more than capable of making a call. But no, he tells me we have a Bill to pay and I end up doing it. So shit like that today we're visiting his family and his mom asked him to run to the store. And of course, he asked me to go with him. I said, no, he was whining. And then asked me why for a second. I thought my I thought I thought our three year old niece was talking to me. I told him he was more than capable of going on his own his mom gave him a picture of the items to pick up, and he didn't need him to go with me. He then said, whining like a child. Oh, come on come with me. I don't wanna mess it up. I snapped I was so angry with his mom and sister, right there. I told him to shut the fuck up stopped winding you crybaby. He told me I was rude, heartless and disrespectful. Neither him nor his mother. We'll talk to me, and we're stuck on vacation for the next nine days. Am I the Astle? Guy. That's a tough one I needed, so borderline. And I think this is very much like if you just look at this one story, it, you kind of the Astle and everyone's saying, she puts an edit, she says, apparently, I'm the absolute worst Astle, who's ever walked the planet. I'll go crawling back to my husband and beg for forgiveness. And then she at it's one more time and says, I don't know if this matters, but I did ask him to stop multiple times. I was tired. I asked him to stop, please, please, please, please that wind like a child, and he was poking my arm. The mom joined in and said go with him. And then I snap. So she's just pleading her case in this one instance, I think you would be like that's fucked up. But if you live this for ten years, I think it totally just I think, if you live that very day. Yeah. I think the like arm poking it shit like you are like a little kid. You're being fuck fuck up. I think also you can you can very much tell when someone snaps and easier to forgive snapped. Right. It's like that wasn't them. You could see you could here. The voice, you could see it in their eyes. They went too far. They know it, it wasn't just an every immediately finished what you said. And like I did that with why p when I like choke them out and I was immediately like luck. That was too much. And I was like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My bad. He's like he ended up getting mad at me for apologizing too much. I snapped you know what you blackout. You see red. Yup. And deaths shit happens. You want what you could just take the words and put back in your mouth. And you know when you went too far. And when you do that you're trying to hurt someone. And that's it's not right. But it's more understandable than just someone being like like a serial killer just like deadpan your fucking crybaby stock each shut the fuck. Yeah. She went too far and your Ma you got the inlaws involved. I bet you a lot of people feel this, and maybe some of them act on it. But I bet you this is this is not like something's wrong with you. You're abusive sort of like you're the asshole, I is such a dick to my dad all the time. But then sometimes you see how w my dad is I'm like fucking get it, you know, like, if I if he was doing dumb shit like that, to me for thirty years, I'd be like your fucking. That's what I mean. Like you're the parent of someone in a relationship you sit almost. Always side with significant other because you'll get it. Yeah. You should know, like I, especially like when your mom way like oh, yeah. Listen. Guys are fucking dopey. We are not capable actually. We're capable of we just want to do this ship. Like I go to the store. But if I just bug you enough, you're going to go to the store, and that's what this guy's doing, and she's calling him on it. So I think it's all fair like I like the Bill paying thing, like if my wife in fifteen years is like I'm so sick of paying your fucking bills like shut the fuck up and just do it yourself. My mom would be like I did it right. Then if your son my son's my husband fucking thousand percent. I do think doing shit like that in front of the in laws is always a bit much or friends like like relationship stuff just say behind closed doors. I very much a locking late. Like you can be like we're gonna talk about this later, and it's like. We're never given this. Yes bullshit, the sucks right to you need to, you need to put together any sort of crying or fighting publicly. You are the assholes. So this couple, how hard is it not talking public? Mattie. Just like sit there quietly and be like that's always been the last straw for me. And when I say last year I mean, I knew that the relationship was done. I carried it on for several more years because I don't wanna bring people like the moment you're having that fight in public is just like the you, you are we doing participate is well, they all I'll just be like this is I'm just I'm going home. I'm just gonna walk and you better follow me because we gotta get the fuck outta public. So you congratulations. You guys are both the assholes you're the asshole for doing it in front of people. He's the asshole for being a crybaby and letting it happen in front of people. Your relationship sucks get into the office. It's presented by Kiwi co. 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I w I c o dot com slash KFC. Get your first month for free. And every day counts when you're trying to make a difference. So don't miss out on this opera -tunities one month free at Kiwi co dot com slash KFC. All right. The office what we got fights. Let's see today, we have today, I'm gonna I'm gonna say the one that we're not gonna do. That's an Ellie competitive baking, I, I sure not doing anything about it. That might be our worst submission ever. I, I know ace of cakes a thing, I believe that's the extent of my knowledge of there was a modern family upset about as well out. Hubs. Why do credit cards, expiration dates? I would guess because it's just a security thing. I would guess, like you just your number can get hacked after five years, like Moore's by the half more than anybody in the history, the world, I don't get hacked much what I'm going to get hockey. I act like I'll go use my car into play cards, I climbing. Well, no, it's not I've, I know what I have in there and they're like, well, it's Klein we'll call American League. It's been compromised happens. Couple of hundred that's probably because your passwords passwords, but also the no it's not. My passion is actually weird your pins, like one two, three four or some shit, right? I've been closer yet. But I have my heart silly right, right, right? I hate when I know my number, I know my expiration I know my codes my three digit code. Oh, yeah. I can just rattle that off, when I have to switch, I'm gonna hate that. I actually did it the other day I was getting. I think my car was gonna expire twenty one maybe twenty twenty one and I was like this is the closest I've ever been. Yeah. You made it having my car until the expiration. My shit is forget bars on worn down the strip some words with the expiration for oh the wear and tear. Yeah. That makes sense because I swipe it or put it in, there's like it's not reading it like I pull it out, and it's like you can see why it's not five put like our guards against the office hotel cars, like kills and big time. But the the other day I was getting close to the expiration date. And I was feeling good about it because I always like thirty years old. I'm still forgetting cards at bars and shit like Jesus Christ you lose your cell phone on your wallet. When they won the world my. Volunteer this phones forever. The people make fun for all of my phone is now. It's a six plus. That's true. It's visit oldest shit. Does. I can't talk on it without headphones both like people can't hear me. You sometimes I'll be like, hey, I'm gonna get my headphones a mile away. That's definitely very annoying. The but I always have had votes on me. So it's pretty quick to get it working. But anyway, I was feeling pretty good. It's okay. This is a step towards adulthood, where you just don't forget cards of bars on a Tuesday night, the up and. I got out of like cab home LaGuardia on the after game seven, and I was getting my bags. I was tired. I hadn't been the bed. I put my card in to pay the cabinet Newburgh to get on my bags leave the car there. And had meetings or the Bank of America. Decided that at that time, it was a good idea to call my mom, just because I was like, yeah, I got time to kill you whiny crybaby hadn't hadn't been the bed. Bruins just lost game seven Stanley Cup. I'm sitting in the Bank of America. Twenty minutes guard in thirty seconds. She was like calling back tomorrow. Like you are a useless. I didn't even tell her all that did you could tell I was like, why are you calling me? And I was like, I don't know. I guess I'm kind of irritable. She's like, yeah. Why did you think that's a good time to call me? I don't know four months, a good question because climate tomorrow is like all right. That's a good point. I get it. Well, one day, you'll become just a full-blown man. But right now, you're still manned, baby. I close so close your way it was as close as the Bruins word of the Stanley Cup and it all fell fuck it and part. Next topic. This one's from Nate. He told me not to say who it was from because he got embarrassed of it. There's some Nate. So this question comes from Nate. Do you think there, plus minus two hundred people in the United States who are sexually attracted to dogs, who's this from Nate Nate? Did this one this one? This one's barstool mate. The Eric, Eric who goes by the name name recently shaved his head. Yeah, Eric Nathan the audit. Over under two hundred out of three hundred four hundred million take the over smash smash the over, I've seen China people 10x man. It was it wasn't that evidence. I seek out it was this is early days. You remember who the it was the huge like a masseuse in Maine to. Yeah. Yeah. And I remember the details, but definitely people talk. With dogs just search that real quick. And it was a it was she was Kenny bunk poor to a nice part of Maine. She's a masseuse or escort, who was like fucking rich dudes, but also posting videos of her life fucking dogs. There's one if that, like, I almost think of it is like, you know, if you say something on Twitter, and let's say you get twenty responses that are all like, yes. Like you can extrapolate that. That's the type of people who are online who are going to reply to you. There's probably that many more people who are like silently, agreeing. Well, if there's one person who's putting it on the internet, there's thousands who are doing a behind closed doors. I mean you see it all the time. They're like reports of people getting arrested for banging dogs chili. Tell you like I mean, down in Florida alone, and that's going to be a really hard thing to get caught at. So if it's making news, people are getting caught. Plenty of people do in Oregon, call the dog's not telling anybody dogs can't report it. No one's. No one's Brad. You're, you're selling the. Fucking dogs like you're not even making sure your loan. I mean, the panhandle alone has two thousand I mean if you just search sex with dogs top the top link dirty dog links. That means there's a whole website, dedicated to the links to the dog porn free BC -ality porn at beastie girls dot com. Sex with dogs on animal sex porn tube. There's something called animal sex porn tube, there might be like ten million. Yeah. I was just a I'm over. I'm over one hundred thousand how about this girl have sex with horny dog now. The dogs are the one who wants dog with girl sex. It's now it's the dogs weren't the girls. This is crazy filthy dog compilation. They have enough to make compilations. There are so many people man, filmed girlfriend having sex with dogs gets no jail time. How about that? Forty eight year old businessman accused of filming his girlfriend having sex with dogs. It was given no jail time. Good for him. Yeah. Fifty million take the over. Now, let me clear my searches or he so I don't go to fucking jail. Oh, look at that browsers. And you guys the last one here from Casey. Would you have survived the Titanic? I would have survived the Titanic because I would have gone full Costanza on everybody. We'd be stepping on babies and kick in women and shit. See, I would have found a way I am a survey. Like I am a cockroach, I like male time. Skills would have come into effect there. Like I would have found a way to weasel myself onto some sort of life. Right. I am decidedly not survivor, and that's not even speaking to expect or what, you know, like my current state of mind, is or anything like that. That's just I've been in situations around guy. And then I guess what you're still here. You're survivor me, but no. But I, I didn't do anything to get out of this tuition. But maybe that's what I went to Columbia, where it's going to happen to Columbia, and I got the cabinet. I, I was told do not get in that cab and gotten one. Yeah. And I I just sat as well. It'd be rude to gas to get out. Now, I've I really put a damper on his night, if I asked to leave here, if you like what if he's a nice guy, and he's going to be well, like I that American was really rude. So I was like, I'm just going over this guy takes me now. Luckily, he took me your is your luck. I did nothing. Yeah. I'm I'm extraordinarily luck. Yeah, I'm up. I'm probably the luckiest person ever lived when I was a kid, we would put my name in, in raffles and say, you always want always one, and you win championships, and all that shit. Like your as lucky as gets very, very lucky. I'm not a survivor. So I also my fear of being rude. It'd be thought of as I'd rather be dead than someone thinks I'm rude. And like I would I probably would have been first-class, obviously, and I've see you would survive because you were white male year, but I wouldn't know because everyone was white ever Titanic, right? Yeah. But I, I would have been in line for lifeboats, and I'd like, oh, you go for you. You go right ahead kid. Sure, sure you. I do women and children and your way because I to live for your wife and Kennedy left, like go get now I would wanna live, what you're saying. I would find a way to get on there. Like I would be like, oh, well, I like I, I invented these liferafts. Are you need me? Like I know how these function like put me on there goes by the time we get out there. I would lion. This really low paddle, man. Yeah. No, we don't have a bigger one. It's just going down. So we're getting a smaller one. Now we have it's always had some brilliant insight. It's remember the guy got a tub. Buoyancy. I think. Yeah. Like, like literal survival mode, like if you put me in the jungle and tried like, I would die in a heartbeat, but, like scheming scamming survival mode. I think, you know, getting through things profanity and socially, I'm just like you do that never snake until you make it the same thing is anytime. I, I was at lunch on Saturday afternoon. Beautiful lunch right by the water and thought it was terrible terrible. And I was in the middle of like complaining about how this fucking discussing. It was like all really thick sauces like basically lead Zina's, like fucking fifty dollar Ma and. And the as on like, in the middle of ranting. And bitching, the wages comes over and see. Absolutely. And tasks like the best meal comes your biggest tip ever you. So I will recommend restaurants, if I was in the Tanic this is so good. I let you go in front of me. Get into these voicemails. They're brought to you by. D. H. A M. The hangover pill is the go-to for preventing hangovers. 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And if you've -ccomplish that goal food free for the rest of your life. I know you guys I think oh, granola bars are easing the legitimately like. You will get mountain Orest like you'll become a kid from Kenya. So let me know if you think granola bars and only granola bars, and then you get food free for the rest of your granola bar, and I do not economic bars. The delicious. Well this one was chocolate chip. Yeah. Granola bars trumpet chip doing this fucking nature valley. Oats and Honey fucking would should've Bolsheviks in your bed in your car and goes everywhere. Okay. Down a couple the guy knows I e now you know how reckless I am. I've had a nature valley, oats and Honey bar in my bed before. Cautioned Italy bad, ask them on the Walker did people who jump out of buildings don't fucking know what guy for weeks after that because it takes me weeks to wash my sheets for weeks after he wrote, this schist, counting, every by half a trial. That's terrible. I mean I, I don't even necessarily really like the chocolate ones. But what I just ate. It was perfectly serviceable. I was looking for pop tarts. We're out of pop tarts grabbed a granola bar for I mean, I've only had probably three granola bars my entire life. What I don't fuck granola bars. Why don't like him? He wasn't like you're like I mean, this one was, I think it was ever up to me. Well, you know what my mom she didn't get us. She got his neutral grain bars. Eight those those those are sneaky like they're supposed to be healthy. They're not those like pop tarts. Nothing anything that tastes good is not healthy, basically. But my whole point here is that I don't have much experience granola bars. I don't really like them that one day eight was fine. And by the way, I don't think you end up nurse. That'll get that I have if I get to eat like one of them per day, I understand. But if I can have like a handful of granola bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm pretty sure you'll be fully nourished fully. But like you're not going to be starving. I won't get my vegetables recommendation also get that anyway. Yeah. Eight with it. I like cheating now I'm going to allow that why it's visas juice, now because because you'd literally ask the question, am I allowed to so no but yeah, but you know that it's a loophole it's not a loophole. It's getting your vegetables. But it's like it's just juice. Legit usually get on airplanes. All you can do watering granola bars now. That's different. That'd be my ninety. Taking alcohol, I'll call was never stipulation here, finding alcohol, but you can't have blame Aries. I mean yeah I give it a whack. And there's no no, no downside, right? Yeah. I mean it's six months. Anyway, I need to. I mean it would be terrible. Don't get me wrong like anything you shit in your fucking pants all the time. The shit fiber fibers. But, I mean, the free food for life is a man has been so much money. I mean that's literally for millions and millions of dollars. Yeah. Right. I mean free the. Three it's like I'll get lobsters my man like take a bite of it. Like I need another one. You know, it's like when you're on an open bar, and you're like how was this, my drinker that doesn't matter and a do? Food is that my cheeseburger around, I'll get to, like whatever fuck it filet Mignon every night lobster every night. Kobe beef every night fuck you. I think I, I like granola is a kid. It was never those of us I actually, I didn't have like fruit snacks. And, and I guess, on Hollywood. But like that those just fed us donuts, those were special occasions, cookies brownies, chrome cake Danish. We ate like fucking white trash fat people. Aureus. Go into that friend's house. We were that house, or that, but then when you went to any other house off up. So let's go back. All my guy. My friends would be like the parents big let you have some like carrots with peanut butter fuck. My mom low finance on a log was that, and a like celery peanut butter in the middle of the raisins on top. I would legitimately not be friends. I wouldn't go to your house. It was. Yeah. Golden run a strict house back it no fat. Yeah. At least you'd also like my mom was like go play outside. Yeah. Like, like usually that person's house that you're describing your own was like you can play video games, all say, we had intended sixty four we had all the snacks all the soda and a pool we were the house to be at. We would like I, I had. That's I been very much. My friend's house was all the snacks. Also all all my BJ's to like, not like a little bag snacks like monster size, every size gallons of Hawaiian punch all that ship had dad's wore it was all cool, but you could watch like horror movies at my house, like watching nightmare street. You're seven that's okay. That was the first place. I saw porn at that house. And it was it was totally my grandma had a black box. We watch porn amac, grandma's house. We were watching wrestling on the blackbox, and it just I still to this day, just kind of flipped over. Yeah. And it was just like, oh, it was porno, and they leave with pay per view, probably end. It, it, you know, and the it was never mid match. What the fuck okay. Let's see what happens, and it was like it was it was a secretary with the Bush getting fucked in the ass on a desk. And I was like dumbfounded. I was like that's six crazy fuck. Putting on the but that's that whole is the one you do. No kidding. This is pretty pretty well. What was going to guess that the skin against that's the one you go to the good thing. I saw that. I was going to do it way differently. He is going to put it in for China Lincoln idiot. The but yeah. I try, I think it's I think I've spent a good amount of my life training to this. You know, I've had a lull, but my, my stomach from young. We're talking about the granola bars again, not the buffet. That's okay. No, I spent not much training for that. It's just crazy. How close the button, the vagina, it is. It's so close. It's a piece of paper. It's a nice close, though. It's convenient at times it's like it's time right there. Also. Now, you have to say it is funny to figuring the but Bill your own. Or you can send your finger oak it out with your finger from the inside funny. It's very it's not even around this is funny. It's, it's, it's almost interesting science. I'm like, wow. I feel it's like, hey we're actually maybe you are. I'm busy. I'm out. I'm writing an experiment. This, this is a scientific experiment. Like my fingers that control and my Vickers, the bug and Barry. Girls. Funny, but's. Specie I was thinking about this, and you'll take on it. So we're unique ability from fictional character or group of people, would you guys wanna have without the social or societal responsibilities? So a lot of people naturally would probably be inclined to experiment, or any of the other vendors or superiors anything like that. Personally, I think I wanna have a abilities Janai worse and monitoring and whatnot awesome. I'm sure guy so won't be able to jump high and dunk on people on frame, basketball, stuff like that. Also being like right. So across the superpower, but without having to, like, actually, you know, save the world, sort of thing. No responsibility that comes along with, like, guys. Use your superpowers regardless. No. But, but, but Jessica Jones go, I don't wanna do shit leaving. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So you get to be Jessica Jones, you get to you're just going to deny the I don't even know what her superpowers which she just tough right? Yeah. I think so she just weird like she she's like the anti, yeah. She's so hot though. I love her. Yeah, I love Chris better or great Christian Ritter. And then there's another one who looks like what confused with love to she's a new girl. She was Knicks lawyer girlfriend in new girl figured out, real quick. Y'all by the way, I watched an episode of the Netflix series, what if it's going to be, it's a terrible show, but it's it looks like students rain on the cover. It's Renee Zellweger is in that there's a hot Kaplan. Lizzy Caplan is. You know, her, I think she was in masters of sex or better. Not all that that's not Chris around and all that the I think the, the premise of what if this chick party down was the most show ever in that this girl owns a, like biotech, medical company, and she's desperately trying to get it sold. Like she's like leverage dollar money in loans, and can't pay her employee's. And Renee, Zellweger ledger is like a baller. She's like this rude nasty tycoon businesswoman, and she flat out, propositions says, if you let me fuck your boyfriend, your husband like all by your company for eighty million dollars. Like no brainer right? Yes. All around no brainer. But like as long as the glaciers we to stay together. With the girl, I'd probably end up breaking up, my friend. If I watched her have sex with somebody else. No. So it was just like, so they signed me if I knew okay? Well, that's what's. So that's why. So they sign a contract. It says you are not able to speak to anybody about this even her like if you speak about what happens there, and to be honest, I think later in the series, I think it's gonna turn out that, like they didn't Faulk I think it's much more like nefarious using him to, like kill somebody or some shit. But it says you can't talk about it at all. So one night, it's your company. So let's say we're dating your company. You're the one who's like dream is coming true. You're also the one who like fucked moneywise and somebody fucked me, but we'd never talk about it again. You don't just think the doubt would yeah I wouldn't be able to do it. I, I, I would take the eighty million dollars over the relationship would if I have to stay together. I'd be like, yeah, you could talk fine. We're done or or say together a little bit. I was gonna say fake it for a little bit. I try and get through it. I wouldn't. But. I actually think that knowing would maybe better, I think the only way that it could that I could even potentially make it and that's like a one percent chance is if we talked about it, because if I just was my imagination was running wild and you were never able to talk about it. I would drive you crazy, like if I something I knew Abbott puck and tell me and then I'd probably would then I would probably still dumped you a but I mean you didn't you didn't have to fuck him in the ass. You know what I mean? Like why did you do it like that? But. I at least would have to like let's try to address this because I think just leaving it in the dark would eat at me even more. That's kind of like an episode of thirty rock. Called fuck. What is it? Something, Larry every but the it's a Holiday Inn. It's like anything can happen on that day. Liz, Tina Fey runs into one of her guy that crush in college. He's like I'll give you a billion dollars assessment right now. And she liked calls. Her husband, her boyfriend doesn't say that she's like some really crazy. And he's like just do it. It's what it's a leap day. Larry, they Larry every every leap day you're supposed to, you know today. You don't usually have. She was crazy and all that. He's like do. I don't even care what it is. Just do it. And she doesn't have doing it. I wouldn't even call anyone. No. You do it, right. Then and there and that would be better. I would ever tell you. I mean you probably have wonder where I got a billion dollars. I worry about it. I'm a little worried about it. Yeah. That's even more concerning like yeah. Like for billion dollars such absolute anybody. I can have sex with my girlfriend if a girl propositioned me like I think that's you know, what's funny is your dick sauce to get hard. You know what I mean? So you can tell you wife all you want, like, Honey on, I'll do it for the money. It's like when come time to go down. You wanna fuck her. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. But that's that's, that's just the I mean that's hormonal. That's not really psychological. That's like getting hard not psychological. No. I mean it can't it certainly can be. But like I mean like when men can be raped and it's not like you're not MacQuarie of love you. Rape. A guy you can't lose hard. I don't know why not. I kinda understand that defense. No. The it's I mean it's if a dick is like manipulated in such a fashion. It's gonna get hard if you just sit here and start stroking me thing I'm gonna get hard. 'cause I'm not. John book through. But I don't think I would. I would speaking of barstool gold. This fucking don't. Fleischmann. Does needlepoint that is wild? So it's like a I mean I don't know how to describe needlepoint other than saying needlepoint, and it's like kind of like yarn and thread that she has threaded together, the KFC radio logo. I mean, look at that shit. So I by side it's fucking spot on. Really real. And as you look further away, like the sneakers become like even like they make more sense. You know what I mean? Like it looks even more realistic as you see it from the distance and she throws down the presented by was pretty fucking dope. So shout out to Fleishman salon. If you're in the New York City area when you get a fire haircut, you, you go get your cut from her. And if you wanna get a want to grow your hair out and get that, healthy hair going. Go get the Fleischmann gummy. He's gonna Fleischmann salon dot com. Use the promo code KFC get twenty percents off when you sign up for some monthly shipments of the Gumy's as for actual answers. Yeah, as the actual answers, what was the first question was the original quite a Yusup surpri-. Oh, yeah. We went way off track here. I and I didn't have to use it. Like for good. I don't know enough about superiors. I don't think you don't know. You're going to throw out some power. So I, I know like the main ones. All right. I mean there's super strength, there's flight, there's super speed ability to read minds there. Maybe do doctor x professor x you can like make people do things right. Yeah. You get like jump into their brain right? He definitely read minds. He can move things with his mind. He's got telecom sees that done. That's absolutely. What I do. I don't know if I want to be in people's minds. I he can turn it off. Yeah. I don't think it's like he constantly, here's I think he has to act if he goes in and gets a helmet on he put he put the helmet on any catching holding line in the whole world of guy. Okay. So that's not what he home if I'm just sitting next to you. And it's like I just think about, like I mean, I we're talking last question every meal. I'd be like this is copped, they complement, anytime. I have Dave when he can't make people do things. Right. He's pretty powerful. You probably some people do something do I would just hopping your brain. Mickey dick get hard. I was just like oh yeah I can't watch. They never really do like Jean grey, and cyclops, their relationship. But in the comic books like she's constantly yelling at him for thinking about other girls. 'cause you very real way. The other superheroes because, you know, they're all like real, super high. I wouldn't looking at it'd be thinking about storm the in your brain. What are you talking about how it'd be thinking about storm? All my law storms storm multiple men. I think you guys like multiple calls yourself definitely valuables like senses. Clones do only definitely that definitely. This show over I read ons, I'd be able to tell you thank. You being funny. I was funny joke, could junk you? I mean, the only ones that are really practical like super strength. Fucking cares. You know what I mean? Yeah. If you're not saving the world. But what good is super strike? Yeah. Like it's only good to use that in, you know, it's like fun like go to a bar and like beat everyone at arm wrestling, and there's always like a ceiling doubt in the movies, right? Where it's like you know, they make a bet and then he like throws something like picks up the car, but kicks the bullies ass when the boys like legitimately two feet taller than. Yeah. Scrawny cake. And right beat by would be. And then there's some convenience in that kind just like. Fly there instead of? Of, of and speaks to how things change like, now when I think, of flying thinking to be I want my carry you, why are you to because like I would go vacation was, oh, it's just like I can fly but you still gonna plane. Yeah, I'm gonna carry a hallway that's true. Well, who could tell a port nightcrawlers could kind of teleport? I don't know if you could teleport him in a room, right? Yeah. I don't use large distances. Somebody's gotta be something. I'll tell you what this new office. I'd love to be able to teleport back to my desk. I forgot my phone. They're back. That's what I would do, just for this office boosted board. Yeah. Was the board fucking that boosted board. Basically, is teleporting in my mind. By Steve fight cookie Canty and super Nintendo the things you miss a couple of ways. But ongoing, I are your mareo BSE your super smash broS VC anything with super you. The people are gonna while hook like seven years, if he decided to say, like just anything, anything related to super you are now that name. So my linens. Panicle would you rather in your car out of traffic light for change straight, you can't get out, can't go anywhere he stuff that you have to sit there for two weeks straight and never have traffic again? Or, or just go back about your regular shoe talking life. Say it one more time. I'm stuck at a light for two weeks straight. And what do I get out of it? I think he said two weeks. Two weeks in traffic for no traffic ever again. Yes, because the problem with traffic isn't the sitting there, it's the unknown. It's, you don't know why that they're, you know, when it's going to although the GPS you kind of do now, now, now, I never checked that. I don't believe in it. I don't believe GPS pretty dumb. I don't trust you. We thought that the other day with -nology I don't trust. GPS obviously, I'll be you're stupid person. I'll be driving in his exit that doesn't know what the fuck it talking about. It's not the works every single time. Radically accurate. The only the only time it's not like in Manhattan. It gets dicey because traffic it just builds. So in the moment, it's correct. But it's just like, well, now, now this cop decided to direct people down the street because you'll Manhattan like everywhere, else, listening can change. This is talking about, like, like broad like, you know, like, you know, if the highway is backed up right? Yes. And then everything is I mean, I check GPS every single time and I feel like I'm getting like worse with directions because it. Oh, but, but only because it's like, like they're just might be a better route that I like, I don't know. That's gonna give me their fat. I know how to use ways. I, I use Google maps, but I don't use ways. But I would ways I don't trust that either. I don't I don't think women, they're the same thing about no ways is different ways will tell you to be like, like ways will update all time like well you can save three minutes by, like this now. A little back up. I mean these are all good things I wouldn't I wouldn't do that either because, because because ways will do it like sometimes I'll drive home with I drove him on my sister from Father's Day. And. Drew about New York, whereas and. It'll be like get off this exit in Connecticut. And they go down like a rural wrote for a while. And I'm like this doesn't know because it doesn't know how many cars are going to get off and it doesn't know how the look the lights are on those streets. So he goes, no lights knows that. What you're going to get that looks company cars are getting off because then, like we follow like sixty cars we start going for the exit like, oh, we're all using ways. It doesn't take into account that it does. No, it doesn't refuse to believe that definitely does it does. It doesn't waste doesn't go with the lights are going to change. It does it takes into account like on Google maps. It's yellow when there's like when you're near lights, which, like blues, I completely smooth sailing. Red is like stop traffic, and yellow is usually when there's lights or there's like some sort of stop and go and it accounts for that. It doesn't it can't it can't count. It can't count. Why not can't account his computer? No. Because it doesn't. No. It doesn't. No, it doesn't. No, you have not given one. Actual answer your repeating. I just know yours is because no. But, you know, it did the computer, but you couldn't beauty. That's not an answer. Either it is. No. That's like that's like me saying, like, well, if I said the world is round, and you said, why it's so it's like scientists have proven. No. I've seen pictures of it. Like we know I. Worded. There's traffic and when it says blue there's no traffic, so it knows we just know for, but it doesn't know how many cars are about to get off, but doesn't you'll just real time. Sixty cars, get off, then gets red light. Guess what? We're stuck in traffic now. Right. And I it will update like immediately you haven't already off, but the first who later I sixty people are probably going to be smooth sailing. I bet after that it's like they're going to be sixty people just got off John one of them. Well adjustable turn it yellow now now there's a little bit more traffic in the time. We'll update it it is scary. Accurate. The other than in Manhattan, where things get dicey other than that. Like I drove Virginia the other day. And it got it like a five hour trip to the minute. It was dates. Yeah, I know. That's why when you. Five and a half. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They'll say you're going to ride at five twenty three and I did like five twenty three. It's wild five hour like multiple states. But in that you'll be like, oh, there was a car crash, and it's going to add thirty minutes if that happens in the middle of it. I mean, I love what it's like you know, it'll be the only time I get scared, and this might be more of a New York thing. But like I'm going from Manhattan to the Bronx and it tells me to go through queens. And I'm like. I don't want to cross that bridge. I don't want to go into a borough that I don't need to go into, but it works. Well, I'm like, John, where I don't I want to say, I always unless it's like absolute gridlock. You are. You are parked on the highway. I don't wanna get off and get back on. I'm just like, maybe I'll just that's fair. So that's will. Largely have just much eclipse, John. No. I mean like no trust me, this going to save you ten minutes. I'm like ten minutes. Like stop and go at lights is more aggravating than necessarily everything. No. You're saying that it like that. No, no, no. This is your. This is saying that. No, it doesn't own the lights change and stuck in life. No, it knows when the lights are going to change. It doesn't it. Does it does it takes that into account? If you know if you personally, don't like that. I understand. But don't tell me that the computer doesn't know what's going on the computer? I mean, they're Google amount of choice who Google maps will say stay on highways, like it'll just do that, right. I know. So, like it knows all that shit and can take into account your preferences, but it's not that it doesn't know you can do the void. You'll fuck. Yeah. Totaling avoid toll roads on these are all all pedestrian updates towers. I mean, knowing what the department of transportation lights are going to change. It does not know that it does not have access to the department. Why, why would why would the department's vision ev- access to Google ways all like when, when the beaches says yellow traffic over it says give you the yellow when, when your yo- line. So it's like, hey Jude. It's always happen here or auction. You might catch a green every time or you might catch a right? I don't know when it's gonna I don't know what's gonna end up. So I was gonna say, yeah. The other day I was driving at night, and it was taking me a weird route. I didn't know why and it was because like the Henry Hudson was was shut down. It's like a new that it has that day that different than knowing how life change every three minute. Why does it? No one is an accident though. They'll tell you like there was a car crash hasn't no that ways ways people update themselves. But I mean Google maps probably played into fucking Google man. Plugged into the internet. But soon as something that's in real time, like a car accident happened. There's always somebody uploads to Google. Well, I think I think they immediately know that there's a backup and then like rhythms. Yeah. Like probably just like through internet. It's like you get the information that it's because of because of an accident, you guys realize that sitting in traffic for two weeks straight is hard. I've been a can't get out of my car, and piss. I'm assuming there's like food, and like you're not going to die. But for the payoff. Yep. Traffic fresh your life. It's not easy. It's not easy. Well, look, if I, piss out the window, I mean pooping stuff pooping really pooping to see Jonah poop twice. But say. Say I need I need like some some like what makes you constipated? I need a bunch of that. And, and I need a bunch of booze and then you just need to be able to explain to everyone on highway as you're sticking your pooping out the window. You don't realize. One more two more. We got one more last one is up. They be a. So I had a question for you guys. Some personally on my way to see this girl. I've been talking to talking to you for a while super cool. Pretty hot thirty down for only issues. I'm like, terrified open up my Snapchat around her. I got like these two sometimes three girls so semi like news on occasional basis. And I'm like, terrified to open up myself. Them like beyond m I go in search of those predatory now. But, like sure what am I supposed to do like, do I delete, these girls like we're not like superficial yet, you know, Saikal I keep them like on the back burner, but like, would you guys do you guys like ghost? Or I don't know. I'm sure fight still had his fair share woman before woman. Then you must not listen. I should've had his fair share need. Never had this is this guy is all mixed up. He's in a weird spot. I don't. Like, if you're with if you're, like dating the girl, I totally understand this. Like, if you're going to be like official with his girl, and you're like sitting on the couch with their around her a lot. When your phones out I can understand that doesn't tell me he's like that. He's like it's not really official. Also, who opens like snapshots in front of people like you can't, but like girls, girls are crazy girls are looking. I guess I was trying to catch you there trying to catch a glimpse there. They will catch a glimpse stills sneak over your shoulder. They'll, they'll do whatever I think, like, if it becomes official, I should tell these girls, you don't like it being just delete them. But I get the like. Unless there's girls constantly looking at like your phone. All right. You can just open those time. Yeah. Like if you were in a relationship, the right thing to do would be like, hey, listen. You know, I'm with somebody now. I was a viral. We that was like me, nothing. I haven't talked to in two years. Hey with somebody. Somebody now which sounds like such a I think, if you are, it's a weird Texas said, no matter what. But if you are a little bit like narcissistic, a little bit like, assuming that, like, if you not even in two years, if it's less time if you've been talking leave, you're still like sending texts or whatever just like. Like I have a girlfriend, now, friend now I think that's I think that's like it's a weird text. But I think the thing it's like the nice and proper respect. It's definitely weird. That's always nice and proper is always weird. Yeah. For sure for sure. I think if you do it to, like, someone who is out of really out of your way, it kind of comes across, as like good for you, dude. I haven't even thought about you in like six months. But if someone's still talking and are sending the occasional picture, I think like the smart proper thing to do would be to tell them but. If you're not official with someone and you still wanna like still get some news. I think just like open those when you're alone. Yeah, that's obviously these yet I, I don't think he had to go around blocking people. If you're not dating this girl, I don't think you should have to go around block and people period. But I can understand like the it's like less of a headache data new girl. She's like insecure, about social media just to. It's a hate that shit like that was a big a big part of my, my divorce was like, like control like that. And it was just like no, I don't even care about that girl. But the fact that you are asking me to unfold or delete or not engage or not. That's bothering unfolding on Twitter is like on Facebook or anything like that. I mean I you Xs on Facebook or on Instagram Twitter, whatever on follow. Just because I feel like of makes them feel that they want him don't do that. So I just but I think it's weird eve on those I get on someone just fired off new where we don't even follow on social media. Snapshot as isn't it even? So I don't know because there is social media, it's just like video and picture texting it's not. Yeah, it's a messaging app, you can be. It can be. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Right. Like just like reach me liked or promoted or fair or whatever it is like you, can you can show that with everybody comment about Sanford is just, just texting someone right, far as I understand Snapchat, despite I feel like Snapchat is pretty. I've said like unless you're doing a show like ours, where it's like people going to watch like you're there. It's really nudes and hooking up. That's yeah. That's what I saw like to me. It's like you really want. You really wanna go a step further. It's like your date in this person who your exclusive while you and have stopped, which is kale. We're gonna hear somebody's girlfriend came up to me, and said, I, delete, Jack what you said. So, but yeah, the younger generation for sure. But when you're not that age. And it's like why do you Snapchat like there's basically one reason why? Right. Yeah. But I if you're with somebody if this is like a hookup, I don't think you have to go rearrange. I don't I don't like I think it's easier deleted than go having the argument of like, what stage of the relationship. But it sounds like he's doing some self. Did he say that like this girl was pressing him on it? So it's like I don't know just fucking literally of your life. Until your girl. So it's bothering you. Which is like the answer to all questions until someone else raises an issue with the way you look your life, just live, your you would makes you happy until your girlfriend makes you stop. When someone raises the issue and change. Everything about yourself for them. It's insole crazy in this kinda ties back to a couple of episodes ago where girls are like able to yellow guys in public, unlike berate them, and we're like, okay, it's like the amount of shit that I think guys kind of cave to or it's like I don't think many guys make any of those demands. I'm sure there's, there's definitely controlling boyfriends, I get that. But I think for the most part, guys are like I don't care who you follow on care what you like I don't care. I don't know followed them, right? Like I, I would never like go check my girls following lists right now. I would never look at her social media activity. I wouldn't care if I if I felt if I saw her phone Boza window who's that just don't fucking care. I don't wanna know I wanna know because I don't want to hurt. I don't want them fucking business that we know what you do. You were fucking. I, I know you know what bothers me is like, they're, they're savvy that are getting smart, or the girls revolving, they're adapting they presented in such a way. That's like I know it's just like it's my insecurity, and it would make me feel better. If you would like help me with that. And it's like not your insecurity. Is that a line? Bucked up my insecurity, is that I'm not having threesomes girls home. My insecurity is I'm not doing enough anal open that buttocks. Like, no, you're, you're building things that are like school. That is true. It does get sponsor you. It's like this isn't this is I'm sorry. I want to be a Tron accommodate. I want you to be happy. But like you can't that go see a therapist, your insecurity, is a therapist issued not who I'm following on social media. Right. I mean, and that's where like going back to Taffer too. It's like there was a time where it was. Let me see your phone and everywhere you're going, and I didn't have anything to hide at that point. But it was like, I don't want this precedent. I don't want you doing that. And I'm not going to do, and she said, well, now you clearly hiding something it's like I'm glad to me, I'm not anymore like God, and it was just, like I don't that's not the dynamic that I want my life. So we're not doing it. And, you know, people have dealbreakers I get it. But. That's also again, when you're with somebody, I think, if you just like hooking up with somebody fire off those deck, but. All right. That's it for voice mental today. Let's get into our interviews. I up Bryan Callen, certifiable crazy person very funny guy. You know, me, I'm, I'm obsessed with the notion of like people in celebrities and comedians, who are just naturally funny, and it's not always just like about their written material. And I throw Bryan Callen into that up in the pantheon up on the mount Rushmore of just naturally funny guys where everything they're saying is coming out hysterical. So I up Ryan count. We were actually told before you came in that you're clean comic. Gen our Booker sesame. She's, she's a woman, she's a chick. She goes, she goes remember, Brian is clean, and I was like, no, he's now she was like I vividly. Remember, an Email, and we were like do you mean Brian Regan because he was in here a few months ago, and he's a very famous clean very famous clean and I was like, I think he'd be Brian Regan. She was like, Nope. Bryan Callen is a clean comic, and I was like, I promise you, I sure back. That would be like if we went somewhere and said, don't don't know, cursing around was clean, dude. Who had who wasn't, you know, who just had some self control? Absolutely. I wish. Hi. I mean, my, my, I remember my wife one time looked at me and she was shaking her head. I just want my friend and she goes, she goes and I go, what she goes, you know, you're just a bad guy. What do you mean? She goes, would you set any of your closest friends out with your sister, or with your daughter? And I was like. No, it's not a shock one friend, all complete why the company Yuki man. You are realization that when that's like pointed out to just like, yeah, it was like, really not a great. Great more. It's more fun. I get paid for what I got in trouble for my whole life. And amen. It's so much easier to, to not have any standards. It's like I can never be let down. I can never be. Of course we have standards, but just to be honest honest, right? Like I'm just saying what you're thinking. That's right about anybody who's ever. If you're a bad person. As a bad person. I'm saying with good people have those thought I saw as dying of cancer. It was very sad. But she said, what would you do if you could do something different, and she said, I would do nothing because it made sense and me and Joe Rogan had that twenty years ago. And I was like, dude, I don't. Yeah. I don't want to sensible, be instinctual and intuitive and sexy. You just stood over the over there. And he did literally raises eyebrows. A tiny bit here. I was just saying radio. Casey, if I could be like an instant thought I would do that in a heartbeat live the life in, like Dubai. Get flown around the world live like the most luxurious life in the world to just post some fog in, like, no sensible. Yeah. I've seen that ends though for those, that's like, that's like it's like the equivalent of being a journeyman boxer. And being the guy that they throw in there despite what the pros and you never really make. Yeah. It's not, you know, you come out with a massive head wound. Does it does it does it give me a hard on? At the end of the day, it's not gonna work out. So you got your show with big Brown. Brennan, Brennan big fucking meet by the way, he said, like you're a nice guy. So what does your wife know that at Brennan says you're a really great guy? Shop is like my brother when leg. When Lago shed. Your brother and your guy, friends always like your wife and your girl hate. You. The reason why Brennan likes him and thinks he's a good guy is what his wife hates about probably not gonna say. A traitor. Shopping. I just we get along. Man. I don't know we just get along. It's we're both a couple of eighty what's fun about him. Is that when he likes to be he likes to dress like Jared Leto? He's looks like he's in a boy band. I don't give a shit. What anybody says? I think he's got the worst taste in clothing ball time, he'll spend twelve hundred dollars on a pair of boots with a fucking buckle. And I'm like, how am I friends with you? But what's, what makes him different is that he can. He can he can come in this room and not only could he beat us up. He could fuck so. Then that's a, that's a fact. Six blonde wigs and be like, guess who's gonna fuck party with me? We'd be like, no, I got shot up. That's how tough he is. They would like to come on. Red silk button up that have dragging on the back or some shit. Have you an American? I mean he dresses like candy. Because like a giant muscular parrot Knicks Worden's call them in Italian LEGO. Who is it said something like you look like you? I feel like you look like you make really strong smoothies for P Diddy. One other smoothly guys. Yeah. He says that you think you're tough. He told me that you think you can beat up any comedian in the game. Let me explain something, please. Do keep you busy. All right. Asked me what I do if any of you guys came in. What did you do meet you have way? And asked me what I would do if you guys all surrounded me, and you about the fight me in this room. What would I say that? What would you say if we surrounded you about the fight you in this room, look at you and say you guys wanna dance at the same time? I works. Right. That's right. That's right. That's what well there's a better way to do it. I think if you're surrounded, you can just look at Bill. Well, looks like somebody's gonna lose an eyeball or knows. He just stand there with your teeth. Bared was gonna fuck. I, I like to throw one haymaker then turtle shell. Well, that's not a bad idea. I happened once when I was fourteen five kids around me, and I was like I was gonna hit one. Get what are you? One, I like to I like to, like, I box and get into raise sometimes and move around with guys, and but then I'll get in with my buddy like Molly who, who, who got Sergio Martinez ready for fight, or we'll move came out of Mayweather's Jim and Faye. He thought at one forty seven. He's about six one. It's so hilarious because I'll talk trash, I'll put on a headgear mouthpiece. And I'll just start talking trash, and then he'll just turn it up a little notch not even hit me just hat bub-bubba about you, like, oh shit. Oh my God. Oh, I'm not a boxer at all terrible. I guess I could be alright. If a guys my size and he's never bought. Throw a haymaker and turtle up. But if he's if you drives a Prius, these vegan. Biz. You were in a warrior. Right. I was in wars, our your toughness, stems from the fucking mode. For real man, you're pretty I put the writer and director together. I was friends with the writer director, and so you're like the most important person bothering I kept bothering Gavin O'Connor. They talk about it on the DVD the DVD, like, what are we ninety nine where do you go about finding one of fifty two or one hundred fifty two? Crazy. Right. I'm trying. I'm look I'm shopping for a few for my candidate. They know whereas good cannon store. Chef Ross is choke on this other comedians jokes, by the way he told that joke in the nineties. But yeah, you beat them up, though. So you're going to do I keep them busy Ross smack them around my favorites. I say this to crisply I go, I wouldn't have to close. My hand just slap you down to your knees. Say a kick, I'll take you out with, with a leg kick. I've never say that say what you got the line. Yeah. You do. You're an actor. Well, natalie. What are we talking about here? Did you see me when I took my coat off? I can take my shirt off right now. I mean prove it. Me over there. Got a fucking laugh out of that guy. He's just sitting there looking at me if he wants. Fucking rocks. Yet you not do. Fucking everybody wanted everything step up your fucking camera over there, and your youth your youthful face. Sorry. Sorry. Guys, let's get to substance seriously. You get to the real. No. I feel like you would Shaab do have a good thing going. You said you just kind of kind of click, right? And act like I got the same thing going with this guy, and he periodically will drop a story on me. We're ten years deep and like just yesterday. He told me that he used to throw chairs through the window as child's because his parents, trying to force him to go to therapy. Okay. So, like every as you do funny about that I made a speech go on. I'm sorry. No, no, no, please because I because when you hear about kids like that, that can be a positive thing, like I just made a speech of my nephews graduation because I knew he was going to be a success when they were worried about him, right? He was just a fucking. They call them the python. He was a little kid athletic is shit. And he would grab kids and squeeze them with no expression on his face until they cried like. I mean I was he would just sit there like this and he lived on sugar he lived on sugar and did what he wanted behind. The is a little kid. And took the violence, like a fish to war. I mean grow. He just was so comfortable in the violent circle so secretly, I was like I want this kid is my own. But, you know that's a liability. Yeah. But one a force of will. And he's a little kid and we're in London. Whereas parents live my sister, and my brother in law. And one day she would live, I let them have a pop tart or some shit, and he decided that wasn't going to be. So he is a smoke. It probably four, maybe five the probably four, but, like just just all ass and chest like looks like the letter s and just, just a little fucking like bam. Bam on his dad is a so-fi king. Swedish is the days, long play pro soccer just to thirty five like a soccer player to thirty-five just fucking big shit. So, so the kids starts to flip out and he starts screaming and his my go to your room now. He's standing room and he's blowing his nose at his mother. I've never seen anything like that. Like a bull does going. And not shooting. She's got it out to all right? You've got to come out that you close the door. And now it sounds like you know, when you open the door to the portal to hell when you. Hear that shit going on. And he's four years old. I'm like, what I'm kind of like this is insane. And you start to hear him. What's he doing? Because he's probably pulling all the clothes off the shelf. And then, then all of a sudden you hear Google Goco cocoa. And he's pulled all the shows. And so she comes in she sees him. And I'm talking about, it's it is literally like a bomb went off. It's crazy people say that, but clothes, and the shelves and he's trying to pull the bed down, and he's completely naked. And she goes, all right? That's it. You're a travel had it this time you're really in trouble, and he turns and looks at her, right? Knee. I was snot coming on his face. And he turns looks for ages. Pissy. I mean that same Basie. What are you used to like strangle kids like the python? He just piss and she's like that. And he finishes he finishes on a fuck and road. And I went well that kids going to be a fuck and success. And he is. He is he's going to Williams so kiss my ass could've played soccer in any school he wanted. But now he's decided to chase the I don't worry about that, kid that, that force a will fuck you how what about us just pay? God, that's a good way if you really pissed somebody and you just you're in a fight just pants on. And just. What do you do? Do you just looked me in the cold his pants down? But it was in the office he doesn't care. I want to do that before I die. You start nothing from the kid. What the fuck is. His name golden cone, crocks crocs up opening. Of course. He wears crocs. I'm open to the Fe and I get nothing. God, dammit, if he says one thing I'm throwing my fifty two year old frame right at him. Oh, I'll go on you, because I was a wrestler, and a boxer. I think I'm pretty tough. Tell Sean shut up. You see me hit minutes. Now. You haven't balk at lunatic. Allen. Sorry, it's barstool sports. I get excited let it rip. Man. I heard is this all stemmed from a summer camp here. There's a summer camp story, my molestation. Mean originally went off on the Viking python. The guy had that was when we were going, so this guy, he's been all words molested. Babysitter used to make him watch like murder on the internet and porn on the internet. And I was made to watch a clockwork orange. I was like, I gotta protect my mother from rapists. I swear to God this. That's why I'm not. Well, that's why that's why train guys. That's what took my Musleh training to the next level. You know what I'm saying? How many instances, do you think it took as a child growing up to make you? That's a great. That's a great question. Well, because you're talking about turning points, right? Yeah. What does the average person have? I don't know. I bet I have way more. I bet you have like five times need, she said for the people, I love the most, and those closest I wished to Previti an isolation and failure. In other words. I'll bring him, he's got the brains to upper on the brain's shit, what happens a man can't fight an read to say. I can't read it until you know, I can't read niching award shop. Right. I can't hold the horse stance with a Tesco sent John Reid. Nici good. Good discipline. Yeah. But I think I good question I grew up all over the world. I was moved every two years to a different country. So I had to make friends. And the way you make friends is try to be not the last guy picked on the sports team and make people laugh. So I'm going to let it clown to that's the way to be right. Let a clown the guy's gonna like it the girls gonna like you. What sport you want volleyball on? Don't try don't step on the fuck in court. We on tennis. You wanna play tennis? Why your tennis guy bro just just know this, if you want to return my topspin if we're playing in New York be somewhere in Kentucky? Because that's what you're going have return. And yeah, I make noise. I come over the top of that Faulk, and it's the same knows make roundhouse crocs, the head paying attention to me. Spectacular idiot. I love. Two, I can't believe I've sat is. No, that's fucking incredible. It's just the goddamn energy. You have it, fifty two, when I'm fifty two I'm going to be dead legit. Now man, I one maximum. I'm cashing out guys don't intermittently fast. I have. Ego say intermittent fasting is such bullshit. That's either called like being poor or being hunger. Yeah, it's a nice to mentally fast one, I didn't have money. Yeah. I was like, oh, I guess I gotta eat now. I never I never had that I come from family money. Why don't you just call your dad? Yeah. Yeah. It's good. Just all Lao. I'm gonna. See where it goes next. I might turn my microphone off. Okay. I bring it us like a song. To stay away. And I have a beautiful voice, I opened up with a beautiful voice, a dude. What? Are you? I mean at this point, you guys have had such success with the podcast. But I'm assuming you're still acting and, and like do you, do you have in your own TV show with Tim meadows on ABC? Yeah. Yeah. Is that good? Selling out all over the walk. Stand. Try on the podcasts. Or is that just like a hobby, like stand up and acting as your career? And then you just do the podcast outside. I'd cast people rely on you get people. Come and go, dude, you get me out of a dark. Yeah. Laura you guys too. It's a lot of fucking responsibility. Talk about my dick and stuff. Correct. Can't stop doing that. You can't start thinking about that, either. You gotta just I just try to connect with shop. And we talk the way we talk. Anyway. Yeah. And people like that, like funny guests on. Right. But I mean I don't know. Man, I try every time but I don't try to do anything. You can't try to be funny, right? You gotta you're not. Yeah. I think what you gotta try to be as authentic. You can't be funny, but you can always be honest, right? See, that's, that's a nice little loophole to though, it's like you don't even have to be talented. But if I just fuck you, some brutal truth, then I'm still bringing value because we all think it. Yeah. We just live in a world more and more where you can't say it, right? But by the way, very interesting to Boston sports is crushing, and we have a very politicized Hollywood. That's losing its relevant. We're like the only people left who are still saying who were the who were the four Oscar winners this year. Oh, wait. Oh boy, four Oscar exactly. Exactly lack. Yeah. Guy, jim. That's his name wrong. Regina Davis who I love amazing actress. Right. Who's that? But Hollywood is becoming. I'm not saying they don't deserve the Oscar, I'm just saying, yeah. Never been so such an it's such a different. It's just I don't know. You guys are talking still to a lot of the world normal people. Yeah. I mean Hollywood definitely runs. They can't really tell you buddy rovner for that, though, the OSCE the Oskar is never been. Aby. Movie star movie stars or movie stars Hollywood has become a very activist sort of it's a really rare. Navigate they, I feel like they had flicked so you go in there and they're like, there's a certain. There's a certain diversity we need. It's not even about. It's like who's the best actor? I don't care what they look like I don't give a shit at all right? Give me the best. Actor, right? Doesn't exist anymore. We saw with rocket man, right? Recommends school. Yeah. Were they good? They was no Elton. John should've been played by a gay actor and Elton John was like fuck off. This kid is a good ACA laid me very well. So like cares. Yeah. What do you mean? So he's got a fuck guys, right, fucked by. That's the metric I it's actually acting as a really hard thing. Be good at. And it's a really it takes a long time to be good at it, and it requires a very specific peculiar set of skills, and it also requires ability to do shit under pressure, blah, blah, blah. But now a now I have to add to that the fact that I fought guys where I don't fuck is right here and color, or have to have a certain amount of melanin my skin, or not what the fuck are you talking about wrong? That is that is the dumbest shit. I ever heard like. There's some how you're going to be more authentic or somehow the gay actors are marginalized because they shut the fuck up. It's called acting. I can act like a gay person. I can act like a straight person. You know what I thought was Bryan Cranston with the upside, where para-police shot the fine me dude in a wheelchair who's as good an actor. Is that Ryan, right? Yeah. I'll be Brian shook him fifth took him forty years to be that good. Shut the fuck up. We are talking about a acting. I love. That's why I love stand up. What do you say? Come. Come come. Follow me motherfucker wh what do you wanna do you? Okay. Let's see there's nothing politically fake. Let's see how good you are. Right to laugh, you don't. Right. Take I'll do an hour and then you come into our and then you do an hour and I'll do an hour. And lets you can just dog and Joe coy in here last week. And I said, one of the best, the maybe more so than any other profession in the world if you don't do it, or you haven't done it shut the fuck up about it findings our too. Yeah right in the ring with a good fighter. See what is getting good ring with a good boxer. Good mega. Right. What do you wanna do? You wanna you wanna create an MA. You can't fake it. I don't care who your agent is. I don't care who you have advocating for you right on time money down. And I'll tell you something else about being a feminist and everything else, you know, who's at the forefront of the feminist movement. Nobody ever talks about MMA fighters women women who get in that cage and fight, like, why are we not talking about them? They're not. They don't need anybody holding their hands. They just got in the ring in the most male dominated Rena ever. And we're like so can I on the fucker and guys like us are just as excited to watch rose NAMA, Julius who's fighting with the same skill a man of Nunez, rose, number Junius, and, and Michelle Waterson and Valentina shifts Shangqiu sexy, and can punch you in the face? I talk about this on my special, so I'm not doing a bit. I'm just saying it's like you know, that's where violence against women. Do actually gets women as bad unless it's being televised. And it's in a cage being done by another woman long way and changing the hearts and minds chauvinist, like myself. Special. Do you think it's ridiculous? How like regular guys will still have debates like we could beat them up. We hear that shit all the time you think you could take Rousey was huge. It was, like, come on. She's like Joey look a hundred and forty five pounds where the fuck it is. She will murder me in under ten. If you haven't fought. You take her see. Abor busy. I was gonna say if I had the guests I think he'll keep amiss. Ronda run all they do is roll around catch, you and should they take you to the ground. You're getting the second I've done. I've rolled around with certain women Emma may when the I've done a little sparring with with female good, female, boxers. They work you pack a lunch. Is it just you just done just wrestling with them? You haven't done like box with was that is that we're like I've never I, I don't know what I would be like, even if even if it was a serious fight situation getting jumped by, like a tough woman. I think still. There's still a lot of times as a guy. You're a big if you're an athletic guy, and you're big, you're, sometimes you're way, bigger than this person. So I don't know. But don't be surprised if you're on your back. Don't be surprised to be getting choked on bar. Don't be surprised if she plants a right hand in your chin, and you go to sleep. Right. None of that would surprise you. But I fighting instinct or be it'd be fighting thirty years of training like don't don't, don't. Oh, that's maybe until you get clock. It's trying to trying to survive, even though I've been hit by women for I'm still like in Canada times back. Can't handle that can very different when you were in a sanctioned ring versus like. I just keep my head moving like a Cobra. They keep they keep missing until they guess how affiliate gas out. And then I hold them we cried again and then the love making starts you mentioned your special. What is it? What's the name of that complicated? Eight eight. Where did that name come from because we're complicated? Because I think I feel like we live in a time where we break people into nouns it's like we got a camera on your phone. You can catch somebody having a moment ruined their whole life back this, that we are sinners saints and everything in between. We're not now. We're verbs and everybody has at least ten minute that we get you fired. And that's just what it is to be human being. Good side badge. Deep within high poa rapes. Yeah. Man, I it's just that I as I could older, I start seeing the wrong ideas gaining foot a foothold and we're not being honest, the debate out, there's not honest, don't treat me like I got to be one thing you know what I'm saying? You can be a feminist and still enjoy being tied up once in a while. Hell you right. I mean right. Man. Can you can be in a sexual slavery at night, and March for equality during the day? I'm doing bits. It's so embarrassing. But it's true. It's like what happens if you win a team you left he like? Yeah. He's doing bits. Wires thought crocs wasn't even real. He was just made a Bs. I don't know why it's supposed to face off and bees fly out into my mouth. Stunt from the inside and dive and allergic reaction, reaction reaction. See what happens did I don't I? I guess. Pissing my girlfriend for fucking doing this cover Camille Mazda. It really it was a problem for us. We fought, she swung at me. I ducked. She punched her. We cried amid sexual slavery, I would have sex with their only in missionary style because I'd have to look at her face. Could be able to be women. Are that pretty? Geez. The Rockies uncomfortably pretty actually like it's not fun. When she's here too makes you feel better than regular guys like us now. They don't day, rob gronkowski. I'm afraid cronk. I mean I am physically. Bugging better be mad. Our guys were six six millionaires. Fucking wisdom and wrinkles. We actually we will she used to go on a podcast, but she still goes on. But like by three years ago, it was all your first time on, and I guess we were I forget, what we're doing oh, we were doing ASMAR. So I was like whispering to her and she was like God. This is kind of working for me. And then, like people kind of, like really got a little thing go on to go like fights and Camille, have a thing, and I have never liked Blake back when I, I never had I hadn't hadn't had sex in high school and leading I'd let people know I didn't until by summer before, call it today. See, I, I would I Brad let people like like what did you last time? I don't worry about it. Not. Since then had I not addressed rumors. I would just like do you community. You got something going on on. Look. I'm not gonna talk about this right now. Do you believe with you? When I when I when this guy was passing counterfeit. Money in the comedy store, and I went in the back, and he was running in this giant do tackled him and held on the ground. And he couldn't hold him down. So I said, you're under arrest and I jumped on the guy who give me your hands, and they got that I was a cop and the guy got off from it. I was it was like a raft. The guy was so big. It was a raft and long story short when the cops came, and they cut the guy, the guy who tackled him down as a bouncer at a club didn't want to get suit, so he said, yeah. Tv tackled him and held him down. And so he told the cops so other comics were there. And they heard that Bryan Callen had tackled his giant dude and held him down with, like jujitsu. So when I came back the next day, dude, I heard you used to jitsu or like your martial arts to hold us. Do down was a huge guy and held him down to the cops came. And I was like. So I go people exaggerate it gets crazy. That's all I would do. I kept them busy. Know you wanna dance. All right. Do we proceed come in through? We're gonna go put you the test and do some questions on answer the internet. But the specialist complicated apes, it's screaming right now live for free on Amazon. Go get it. And if you wanna see me live. I mean the Tempe improv Tempe, Umbro, June twenty twenty one twenty two. Come see me, it's going to be great. And then I'll be in Spokane Washington in July. Look at my website, Brian Cowen dot com. Go to go do it or fat, K dot com. Fighter in the kid, the Viking kid. I'm still not convinced that was like you and humor and coots told her story about yourself as he repeated it. He just pays. It was very funny. His answer, the internet is outright now also very fucking funny. Some of those answers are watching it back. We're just like fuck dude. Raise. Yeah. Totally crazy person very funny guy. Him and Shaab or quite the dynamic duo. So shout at the Bryan Callen goes. So make sure you go. Check out his new special complicated apes. It's outright. Now, streaming on Amazon for free. And now it's time to talk to a mother fucking legend of the game. We got Lone Star from space balls. We got Harry Ambrose from the center, we got president, Whitmore from independence day on the show. It's Bill Pullman on Casey radio. All right. Let's KFC radio, featuring Bill Pullman, who you're looking very clean cut right now compared to what I've seen on the center, usually, you're looking pretty haggard Lee and run down, and we'll crazy. A good reminder that acting is. It's acting and that you're, you're not living like Harry Ambrose. I was actually thinking like, oh. All right. Well, this is for this play, and the, you know, when you're gonna play in the forties, they do kind of, clip the sides. So it got the sidewalls going, you know I thought it was for us. But sure I like. Try to clean up a little bit. Is that what's going on over in London playing? Yeah. It was in London. Just got back about four months of they're doing all my sons with Sally field, that the old Vic theater, which was been, it's like going to mecca for me. I was resit really. Yeah. Is there in the seventies when I was a student and went to place at that day hitter with seeing great British actors? And so we were just kind of running through your resume, and we realized that, I mean, you've done, you've done it all from the from a point of view of John road to the medium like whatever maybe enacting you've done all of it for comedy and action to onstage. TV movies, every different variation of acting you've done, what would be your number one? Oh, anyone you got to pay? They couldn't give me out of all say, you know, it's great to be able to flop from one to the other everything in or you're doing a play like this, where there's some good humor, but it's tragic to, you know, so, but I always like I feel lucky to always when I'm in something kind of Nawar because I liked that sounds like the word if only. Yeah. Right. Anything? Inference sounds dirty. If you go in. Speaking of your character on the center, Harry embrose is. Actually, how would you describe Harry? If you were just trying to give a quick one over because I was thinking him, and he's, he's tortured, he's dark, but he's compassionate. But he's also a little bit kinky and likes to get dirty with it. So I don't know what the fuck you. How? The right hand isn't always admitting with the left in doing so they usually the hands getting smashed by a hammer or sit down by Hooker or whatever. Yeah. Dr. Yeah, man. Yeah. The masochism pain, the pleasure of paying maybe some of those scenes, I, I haven't seen season one in a little while, but some of those scenes I feel like it's he's one there was a scene where you're the overweight Hooker is just sitting on. Yeah. Yes. She stamping on me. Fitting a yes, really like on my nails and my hand isn't it? She just sitting on your head. Maybe maybe I'm making it up because like the nail said Wrangler ax you strangling? He's like, I'm liking it. Is that acting for you? Bill. Decide at least you have to make you try it out. What happens you walk away from the set of work one day, and you're like shit? I kind of liked it when this heavier girl was joking. Me. How do you do? Well, it's when you're walking away is when you're experiencing all the crew members going. Oh, didn't know you could I don't know. I thought you were different person. You didn't realize what you're doing the scene. It's only when you're walking away you go. I guess there's a little dissonance there. They don't really expect it to me. The obviously, this is all you know, we have the he's coming up and things like that. Are you a TV guy general, you seem like a guy who consumes everything he can do you, do you have show? Isn't that nice of you to say guy who consumes everything? What if you're in everything? Right. You're not just trying and blind. Taking it. I, I have a friend who said, you know, he doesn't go to listen to other musicians because it's like food. That's already been masticated. While. Well, sometimes I see stuff, and I feel like they had the fun of figuring it all out. And watching it is good. But I get a little envious of, like, oh, wouldn't that have been fun to be part of this? What's a role recently that you wish you were in? Oh, I don't know if I was in necessarily wishing that role, but that process or that story or something like that. I'm just thinking about this movie the square you know that was done by Swedish guy. It was in part. I, I don't know if it won the Oscar nominated, but those move boss was in it. But one of the few Americans Brits, and then the rest of our series, but it was such a strong movie. I just thought why was that like to take on this thing out? So everyone's well, you think people were were looking in on that watching space balls back in the day? I the time you know, I thought that's I second movie I wasn't really isn't this from now on. It's going to be like this. We're going to be right now with little people on Dink, dune buggies, and shooting, scenes with the date. Your second movie second movie Brooks. Now, Brooks, the last full movie shot by MGM on the MGM lot. So you're, you know, it was like the studio systems, the makeup guy worse, blazer and tie. All that disappeared right after I never saw it again. But I thought, oh, this is the way it's going to be like show biz. Yeah. It was. Was not. What was the? I mean obviously baseball's is cope classic. But in the beginning was well received like right off the bat. But no, it was learned. It was mixed reviews. They were saying how it was a sign that Mel wasn't up to par so vicious. Yeah, that's crazy because that was when I was a kid. My dad used to always make me watch. But he was like sit down with watching this. It was space balls and all the Monty python movies. Whoa him in a way, that makes sense to me, like similar type like spoof comedy. And that's that's wild to me. Because it parodies the, the Star Wars universe like so well, like every word every scene. Every piece of scenery is like, you know, there's not a wasted moment in it. I mean jamming the radar wolf forever just being. And. Unbelievable. I didn't I didn't even realize it and know what the word like combing men at that age. But I figured it out. I was like, oh, that one too. It's really because those would have been I like VHS, right? Because I remember making the movie, and there was a long dry, period where no one mentioned that. And then there was some my wife's cousin young kid was at the table. And I said, something at dinner about something was from space, bald eagle. Okay. Can we talk about it? He knew all my lines. What happened? Realize VHS has their rewind rewind. Have there been other films or other things you've done that maybe weren't as well received off the bat like likes baseball's where where you're like, look, I know we nailed this. I'm sure there are some times where you get done with the movie and you leave your trade trailer for the last time you like that one was probably a little, wishy washy. But there've been some that weren't loved, and you like I crushed that I know. I always feel that way about Mr. wrong, which is this movie, I did with Ellen. Oh, huge. It was not like the I like still like I don't think you know, Whitman is crazy who starts out as Mr. right? He's so. Right. And then becomes so wrong. And she's so funny to work with and everything. And I thought we know it I think something in there. That's worth what, but and then The Last Seduction was a movie that was couldn't sell. I thought this is a norm movie that really kills. It was the scrape performs Linden fearing Tinos, and it's now, kind of especially among writers, it's got a cult following and everything. So what a one of yours that had a cult following with my friends, and I, I don't know. I think I think it came out when I was a little younger. And then by the time I got I think ninety six maybe if I remember AB goes down. Oh, yeah. Love he, he goes down. It's like every single day goes down yet. I, I don't know how that one came out. I don't know what it is. I whenever I talk about it people like what's that one? I haven't heard of that AB goes down is a clean. The cast is unbelievable. Oh, good in it. I mean, it's cure Kokin, Amanda Claire. Hey god. What Susan Sarandon? Oh, bloom. Yeah. It's unbelie rightfully pay everyone. He's so good real written by bursts deers. So was really good. Really good writer, and he hasn't done a lot since then, you know. Movie wise, but he nailed it with that. You're kind of a little bit like catch twenty catcher in the rye for for that generation. Yeah. It was it was one kid hot. I went to I went to a boarding school. So me and my friends would watch it. And this is where like the bad asses. We run away we go, go to New York and drink a beer. It was little of we like the picture ourselves as being in that movie. It was. I mean, you, you actually kind of I feel like your character. And that Jason right. He I think he kind of reasonable Harry, Harry embryos in a way where he's a little not, not totally. But he said, you know, he's he's like you said, but he has illness. He's got these gutter terrible monkey on his back. Oh, guess, like Ambrose? Yeah. That's true. I never thought about that. And I couldn't remember the name for life may of the character. You remember. It's jason. Your whole movie. He's got. You're listening to this. Go out. I go out to sit if you haven't seen yet, then go watching it goes down. It's unbelievable. And I you know, it's amazing the number of people. Remember that shower scene. Right. It was incredible. You were really haunting weird thing. Yeah. Anytime you wear. He's out walking guys anything close the show. I actually I'm watching the sopranos and Tony recently one episode the saw. Just got in the shower in his robe, and you're in your pajamas. And they're crying. It's a very powerful team. It's one that sticks with you a lot. Yeah. With Rory right? Kalkin watching it Marya. Have you stopped man? Yeah. You have you have a lot of kind of heavy stuff. I feel like on your resume. And now you're in the BBC not now but you were in the BBC in Torchwood. Yeah. Is there anything that you've thought is like that, because you're a pedophile in a child killer? Yeah. Anything where you're like look. I'm not even gonna play that everything have a long standing theory that like any of these people who write some of these movies, and the people who can portray some of these roles as good as scars guard and big little lies like he does a little too. Well for my liking, you guys are weird acting weird with it. I don't know how you can pull that off. Yeah. Has there ever been something like this is not for me? I think so. For sure there's been, but I put him out of my brain so fast because I just. The pedophile child killer. I mean well, Joyce. That one, you know, 'cause he starts out those are deeds done. And now he's going to be killed. He's being lethal injections got any and that starts the movie, but he doesn't die and starts this whole realization that from him on no one is dying anymore, and they call it miracle they at first, but that ends up being the real curse suddenly all the resources being sucked up by people who are not going to get better, but they aren't going to die. So that sounds awesome. Yeah. See does great. And this Russell t Davies. He's a brilliant, producer writer, producer and he, he kind of reinvented the doctor who series and now he did the humongous was an English scandal, the thing with Hugh Grant, Bruce that. So he's got a great imagination. But I thought that's kind of like a Ray Bradbury concept. You know, you know, I don't I don't know who Ray. Oh, you don't go with a few things. I'm I'm gonna chime in. Fiction though, you know, this verse he wrote all those great early stories about science fiction has its own genre science fiction. I've never been sci-fi. Baseball's got not aside. Bill sci-fi, we're talking independence day pow that that's where it starts. And stops for me when it comes to Elion movies. I mean just all time blockbuster cult classic all of the above big small, and otherwise. When you were president Whitmore, and you're doing that movie. And obviously there's there are big stars. You know, you're part of something big, did you know what it was, Gino? Exactly what your report of no one really no. And no one at that point none. None of them are big stars will wasn't really no come on television, following and everything, and he'd already been cast, but there wasn't an Jeff yo was just starting on his epic journey. You know, and there was because I remember that year there was there's always those forecasts the twenty movies to watch for and that year at the, the January first and it wasn't on there. Really? Yeah. Nineteen movies more. Your day just wasn't on it. But then by then they started to run that ad campaign to lie. Second. They came third. They attacked July fourth the day, we fought back like great like whole, and I mean, the, you know, the bean will light and the like all the famous building on the world exploding. It's it's like the greatest movie ever I thought for a long time that there should be a channel that runs. Exclusively independence day, the rock and Jurassic Park twenty four hours a day. I would watch anytime you turn it on. You're guaranteed to get one of those three movies. And I also think, and I think maybe somebody started to do this now. You know, on on Christmas and the do a Christmas story, twenty four hours. Oh on July fourth needs to just run independence, twenty four hours. Anytime you put on your TBS, you get independence and maybe we even cut it down to just your speech. If there was just a channel that did your speech constantly. I mean that, that speech will live on. That's I think you should be the resident or at least like the leader of army because if anybody ever. Needs a pump up speech when they're about to go into battle. Would you be interested in such a position, man? No, no. Got the best deal already from now. And the reality of that is so miserable, but fun to play. Yeah. Fun fun to play in net. Definitely is that something when you're reading, that like speech, you know, that they knocked it out of the park, and, you know, that you're like you're about to knock out of the park, or is it just kinda until after the fact until after you do what you realize I think, back of the reminds me of the other good speeches that I listened to to get ready for it. With wanted us, and the really mazing one was Robert Kennedy. He was slated. Speak us already at the podium when someone came up to him and said, Martin Luther King has been shot. So, you know, this is extinct extemporaneous, this him speaking to people who were shocked who are feeling very. Divided suddenly black and white was, you know, on the table and he went to a reference, a Greek scholar and had a quote, and he said, you know, I know how you feel I recently lost a brother and he. So he went to this place of such composure, but so much heart. You know, and that was a great speech. Listen to that, when Bill Clinton had an amazing speech after the Oklahoma City bombing, you know, just at a time, where is this American terrorist, killing Americans? What is this, you know, and his, we gathered the spirit of pain and loss, and everything, but uniting, people at that moment. And so I think about those how hard it is to give a good speech, and you circumstances where, you know, especially something like that, where you've got to come. You have so much responsibility, making sense of something to people, you know, you were saving the goddamn world. Yeah. Now where do you go for something like someone like Harry embrose? Where do you go for inspiration for that or for, you know, something to, to look at for inspiration because that's not? Your heroes and, and, you know, like very strong. Yeah. Yeah. Police stations like who here likes hookers who wants to tell us. Ars and alleys. Yeah. You, your son is something to be easy think of finders, and Haider's, you know, there's people who are finding out things, and then there's people who are hiding things and the burden of hiding things is because so complicated in human mind. You know vista investigating that aspect of being someone who's hiding something that they know about themselves. They can't stand. But yet, they're protecting it any cost which ones Bill Bowman. Mary ambrose. Yeah. I think that's what's so brilliant about the peace to have somebody like that at the center of it. You know, it's a it's a great series. It's I think recently with TV sometimes with, with all the new channels that are coming up on the new outlets people be so used to certain channels have dramas and certain comedies and certain are big important pieces. So I think in the beginning, it kinda threw some people off. But when you watch that, I mean, it feels like you're watching a premium show, or even like a movie in a sense, people were surprised by Jessica Biel, season, one like it was just such a pleasant surprise where it was like holy shit. This is something different and that you come in so hot to start the series. It was like a while. You know, you get the feeling this is something different than whatever I've used to watch on this channel, you know. Good. I was surprised how in Europe to really haven't been just in England for these four and a half. One say it was really almost more than here in the states. So much product in the states, I don't know, whether it's just less or something. But there were a lot of people coming to the play. And then wanting to talk about the center after the play because of Netflix, almost like with your nephew earlier with VHS was baseball's. Yeah. Netflix almost kind of new age of that, where people are getting a second run at it. And like it's getting put forth. Go find USA a little bit right? Yeah. Yeah. Every time it's exactly what I forgot. This was that because in the states, they haven't dumped the second season on Netflix, they're holding to try to get the revenue out of it or whatever, they have a strategy, but in, in England, they can watch both season. So there's more people probably tuned in because. Yeah, but then you, you hear them say, and they say, oh, you're on that Netflix sees. So whatever. However, they're watching. Right. I feel like you're busy man and doing some heavy roles. What do you do own wind poems? Like done with Harry embrose for a little bit. I'm done with five and a half months on stage in England sports guy music guy. I, I know this is sports clip here by the fact, there's a swimsuit, that's very indicative, more of what we are cana- beard, but no. I do like to have an orchard, you know, away and get back to that, I got of ten to I like being outside working on things, I hate apple picking all really did you grow up on? No. I just when people want to go apple picking. I just don't see the appeal in it. I'd rather sit at home and watch the center. Indoor's picked the apples for one. I don't get it. Yeah. But hey, but I've had some great sports thing thing you go and see soccer, which I have not been a soccer live going to soccer. But I did movie in Poland last year for about three and a half months, and they are all about those more saw teams and all those different. European different is. The World Cup starting right now for America, the USA women's started playing their first game three. I think playing came Bodey Columbia something to forget, but even office here which isn't typically soccer heavy into it, very, very into personally humongous Liverpool fan, and that was you burnt all my God. Our stage manager was not attending to show. There was great concern that the things wouldn't work, right. Because that, that was, it was air at eight or something like that. We were on the ropes about whether you know, Greg was going to be phoning in or is he going to be missing cues what's going to happen now? Use sound like the now you went to the zoo, right? Yeah. Zoom you went to the zoo as now, I don't think of you as not seem like zoom. Ask anyone who zeal graduate? You said what do you do on online? It's not they don't go hang on their orchard. His own onto undergrad. You're not through you don't you don't seem like one of those guys, but university has the largest program in the east and have great agricultural, Visu have, and they're that I've gone to and geniuses that are making rate site with the largest agriculture in the east because all the we say. Every part, I'm from Fall River southeastern mass Rhode Island guys who went to Mizzou though, and anytime we've ever done an event or a party at Amherst, it's like our biggest craziest shutdown. Oh, I mean they live up to the zoo. So were you like a Big Apple orchard agriculture guy going in or discovered at their had it, but it was closeted. Over. Call were experimenting. And hiding it. No. But I didn't go to any sporting events when I was there anything it was terrible. I was just in the theater. So that was pretty much my life there. But let seem to work out for you. The minute do theater people ever regret. Now. Would you play sports? Did I do? I was my best was wrestling. Really? Yeah. A weirdo. Weirdos. Wrestler's wrestling. You guys read I couldn't shoot bask. I played a lot of basketball. I really wasn't that. I never got better really better enough to really do it. So I turn in the winter if you're not basketball, you go to wrestling and hockey. Oh, yeah. We, we only had hockey team play hockey a lot, you know, in the reflecting pools zoo mass that when they first built that, you know, used to play hockey out there all the time. We actually I'm gonna I'm gonna everquest right now. There's no better time. Come to tomorrow is game seven for the Boston. Bruins Stanley Cup final winner. Take all winner take all window when you take the Cup lose. You go home. Huge thing. Now I've tweet the president more speech a little bit for. Oh, god. I know I think you've got so much taking that speech and tweaking you could do it. You to and get more hits than me. Did you ever see when I think famously one one guy just ran around New York City in different spots with Bullhorn just? Super viral and like he just pops into touch apart. I randomly in people's faces we will not go quietly into the night. That's lived on and probably will forever. I think it's going to get the people think it's real. For that we get away from the movie. What war was this? Like, what president actually said, this movie, man. And there's wedding speeches, but best man's doing him and really what he's doing. It is great. When you get sick of it. I don't blame you for. I you know it's just it it becomes like. I think of a dog biscuit, being held up for dog gotta jump again for the biscuit. Want wanna be the dog in the biscuits better? But I know I think that there's so many other people doing it so well, and I do, but I did think about that. Because of my daughter's getting married in June twenty second at the house. And so everyone's going hey, you're going to give the speech going. Oh, I have to this is a lot of pressure. But I thought that may be the one time it could do the speech, I get off the hook. But I think coming up with good. Words is always a good thing to have some motiva- thing like that speech, it or something to think about trying to take everybody that's in an environment and bring them into one place. Great. Well, I mean, from Whitmore to Harry Ambrose, I mean Harry is an all time character, my mind, even just from a couple of seasons. I was a big detective fan as well. And I feel like you would have did you ever. Watch that fitted with McConnell. Hey with your like weird philosophical dark, tortured investigating soul. So it's, it's from when I watched it. I remember thinking this deserves awards and recognition and nominations good. I hope you guys get it because there's no reason you shouldn't. Say you good good thing because. Yeah. And it's this New York state, which is really good. You know, it's like so close to the bone all the time and get the live in New York while we shoot it. So we're going to go starting in the fall, we have never shot. We I do season. We're in summer in New York. So all New York. Gets bleaker believe. I always forget it doesn't really Jesus Christ. Once a rom com or something you're done with center on wine wrong, too. Mister, I have I can I can picture being younger walking Louis theater and seeing both posing said I could sip of the poster by have not seen it on the list. You think you crush it got us? I think. Some of these scenes in, there are like gotten point where she realized I'm not Mr.. Right. And but I still pursuing her, but you still have the line still coming coming on. And I meet her in a restaurant, I say, how much do you think I love, you know, please women don't do enough to break my own finger because I will I will, I will. That's like weird com. Jaw line what you have to you got a great squint squint. Yeah. Harry, you squint. Yeah. You know, something figured it out. You crack the case. All right. Well, the show's great man, we come through, and we hope for the best with the awards awards and season three coming up. Thank you very much.

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