Why David Archuleta Called His Album Therapy Sessions


Brighten your day with an ice, cold starbucks, cold brew, smooth and refreshing. It might just be the little lift you need like a cool breeze on a sun soaked afternoon. Download the starbucks APP to order ahead. We're all living in the ripple effects of history. A butterfly flaps, its wings in China in the nineteenth century and your Uber. Driver misses the turn for the airport or an eccentric genius Vince Air, conditioning and change the course of American politics. I'm Sean Braswell host of the thread and I'm back with a brand new podcast presented by ozzy called flashback, a series of stories of unintended consequences listen to flashback on the iheartradio APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Direct from Hollywood American idol's season seven runner up David. Archer has a new album called therapy sessions, and that title will spot on David Explains to popcrush part of my therapy was literally working on this album, being able to be open about what I was worried about what I thought about myself feeling down, feeling, anxious and depressed, all of that I was able to get out on this album and David's hope is that singing about his struggles will make a difference to similar people listening he adds it makes me feel really good to fulfill the purpose of this project to help people through whatever they're going through. Therapy sessions is out now. That's direct from Hollywood. I'm Jensen, carpenter I want you to listen to the new podcast from Fort Media An iheartradio called the no sports report with Janssen cars. You see I'm a comedy writer and a die. Hard sports fan was terribly missing the athletes I love so much so every episode I'm talking to them the best. Coaches commentators legends from around the world to see what they're doing now. They were all stuck on our caps on this podcast. Hero sports figures are entertained themselves and their families find out if they're staying in shape if their kids them during home school. Did they almost burn down the house trying to make their own bread? Are they sleeping jerseys and like I do know just meet all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing legend Sugar, Ray Leonard Talk about staying in shape in a driveway. Working now ten is working whatever you can do. Fuel kill much better or having Jay Williams explained his crazy NBA. Crucify idea. Cruise liners are massive, okay and getting Olympic Sweetheart Adam ripon critique, my foreign team V that screens to me. I don't care. Listen to the no sports report now and subscribe on the iheartradio, APP, apple, podcasts or wherever you get podcast. Jordan Magic Bird Barkley. Some of the greatest players to ever grace, the court play together as a team only once the nineteen ninety two Olympic. Dream, team. I'm Jack McCallum. Sports illustrated writer, best-selling author, and now host of a new podcast, the Dream Team tapes the real story of the greatest team in NBA history here, the whole story straight from the voices of the legends themselves from diversion PODCASTS, listen to the Dream Team tapes on the iheartradio, APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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