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Episode 135: Celebs and silliness with Magic FM's Tom Price


Hey, we guy do you want to introduce this? Why not go real short of news on the scummy coast really go up until this phone. I've been sitting hosted by DNA detained is kicking coming up. Got really dry gums. This scummy mummies. Hello and welcome to the scummy mummies. Pocus costs may hill info. Next me Gibson guess what away we've got told prize of the Ponca. Man, this guy. So that was headed. No, gosh. You go. Scooby, doo the other way, Ryan like unto death. Now I've got you, sorta. Okay, great. Budges do you think that would make it easier? Just so I can. I mean, no identity twins. That's true. I mean anything at glasses. That's what I always say. Crucial difference. Kony tonight. Well, she's glasses. People go signed. She says. Absolutely fine. Classic devil at because areas thin and glasses, and I am not that, so I'm faddish and blown. So I think we kind of. Yeah, it sounds what you need to bid up. One in. Yes. Yes. Okay, fine. It's not just the opposite would be. Bad light, airy heads. Great joy line. Anyone out of a guest who character returns. Then you just said you to show them show of knives because we all pissing around in my living room as usual with our city poker's. You're not chew radio DJ on the radio. I mean, this is seems to happen in the last couple of years. I started deejay Don how it happened was just to stand up and I asked to go in and do a shift or magic radio, Lama bits of. The phrase that we wouldn't says, whatever you say, our budget, they go on the magic, I think should be anew phrase, magic magic. That is really good because she I've loved if he is news news. And so when I first went into the magic towers, I was meeting DJ's go. Whole. Every Saturday or given me talking my so, I mean, yeah, it has for me being a literal in-country killer station. It's so much fun. They're releasing things out there every time he'd been more fun now, it's not just meeting music. There's a bit of personality you can have and still got to pay for Collins and get paid for it. So utterly Joe, could you describe the international listeners what educate him is, we know and love it in a nutshell, what is it's guilty pleasure. Songs are not guilty. Pleasure general be ashamed of liking the bangles and deacon blue and every single Madonna song. Yes. And it's eighty emphasis be ashamed but know that there are many other people say, shameful. It's a circle of musical shame with additional Georgia's because there is no shame in life. You Jezreel slightly sex. Georgia's up my case behaves been your best celebrity east them either Simon Pank I would say he's really nice. Lots of reasons. Of stuff, and when you loved some stuff and then you route with them and meet them and then ISIS positive, that's just such a kind of win. The best is being either right. Susannah Constantine off of trillion. Susanna really, really hits off with her. I could've ages that new. I just realize they're afraid song, the free more free. So nosy isn't she? She's going to be sparkle on. I really like really she remained laugh a lot, but the one predictably I've always done recently is doing French just. The, I mean, if I could have been sitting in a room with a to that entity three months ago constantly, I would have happily, what I'm saying is I'd like to be imprisoned. She would be a great Selma Terry white to your yarmulke saying. Maybe temporary reference making goes Terry Waite gave the speech at my nationalization ceremony, so, and I didn't know who he was and then and then he was in prison for five years, and now he's not like excellence rage. In my darkest times, I just thought hype rate at one day Obama to stand in Lewisham town. Whole welcome a family of Australians, the Bretton. Yeah. What you say, that's what he said. He's thank God. I got out this moment yet. Read on speech, New York. Notice we. We. Yeah, the off play me on the white stance. Fuck he rests Terry know why. Contempory stunned material. This Terry way going. Fair so concerned about the series day. A real need to grind these nineteen. Yes. If you action book says. Anyway, Terry white check done. Are you on the match? Is better. In my own, he's oh. Just put up. So I go on science on the mornings. Now I've moved to weekend breakfast, six and ten, and then everyone again doing at the moment. In fact, I sit in on weekday breakfast when the superstar BoyZone single RR harbor. Deering scare by him. Remember the wrote about it. You're saying it best when you've got brandy. They rope during the afternoon. Road he does. He referenced apparently about the fact that he seems sometimes certain psalms in a way. Okay. So growing gushed her talk going. He's, he's. And you'll plan on holiday because you get more money. We'll the right thing about radio presenting to multi-million popstar is that they want to go and also holidays enjoy the private jets and personal golf course on an island he is. He's the Donald Trump of the radio in St.. Really nice chummy one and holidays, and I jump in nice which is could maybe you're used to getting up at fuck clock. I'm used to it because in two thousand twelve, this is a book about parenthood. Okay. Terry. Magic FM is about come during. Just in the name. He's wondering the feature when actual magic I. Magic hour on you. Ready, you can just say, and now I'm going to cut women in half that was gonna die. We're. Yes. So in twenty twelve, we have a first child who was a boy and he didn't sleep for the first probably five years. One of those ones. Teradyne coaching because you go to boys boys and the first one light to the first couple of like to wake up every one to two hours. Yes. Hello. And then the second one night to wake up for the first year, every forty, five minutes. I'm surprises alive. We said that about the first one, like how is he survived? Know about how was you know really damaged. We know why. So Wolford my oldest. Just it was truly horrendous. The training ground for breakfast, radio. He news, you'll destiny that you did no with is really true. Now, everything happens. You must have everything that happens off. You gone through that parent thing is is easy. It's easy like every gigging when it was happening and Twitter, this incredible period of about six months. I did shoot by any of us down counter on his book oldest. And I just gone with my stand up and it was fun of joining was before six months before he was born. I was tortured, stand up thinking about everything worrying all the time, enjoying it because I was sort of crimping act. Then the kid comes and you're like, anything I do. This is a win. Anything. Yeah, sit in that problem for three hours. A motion twenty nine year old, Stu jokes about ten. I'm having amount of the house and Facebook. On Facebook with liking pokes any more. So yet, no, it was. It's amazing the light that shines and everything else in your life as much as being a source of light itself and one we will what is great, but the effect of the professionally has been amazing. It really has took ITO took to lots of moms and dads before about going back to work after having kids. I had a whole Cup of tea. I didn't have to watch Mr. tumble and all these things you were after the house and there's a new light on the world that you hadn't seen before your house to think of the paper. Like a research is on Mr. tumble. Imagine what. Go kids. His remember I've always been this new. When you see old Brooks impacts, men generally tends to be a male thing sitting in a bite himself talk. We sad, we see couples don't talk to other using reason, then your kids and you're like, I just wanna go and sit with my wife, preferably in a pub in complete silence germy chained into that as a thing. I see why that would be an attractive thing today to just sit down just. Properly shellshocked wire. And so it was like. People on a on a train or bus coming from the the front during the first vote will just signal rocking together injuries. Many of us have been taken away will never be the same. Again. What I'm saying is parenthood is bad as the. Powertrain. I'll see freeze. I'm saying about this such anger as well. That's my stand up was better after had kids because I had such bridled anger about the world and about about parenthood and things like that was funny because I was just like a student give shit when you're angry about everything. Just, you know, like, you know, like tides had like a fierceness didn't have before. Everything is fine because I just could go home and had a sleep. But then when I was doing stand up with little child couldn't say anything. So yeah, you were kind of infre- full. You'd go take out on the audience, sits for mayors to warm up for Benneton sitcom, which was actually urge, but I was just not the best gig of my life because it was one world for four months old and we were in the middle of colic. He was just screaming trae day basically. And I've just gone state and I, I didn't remember how stuff and they were just laughing because I've connected with absolute lack of caring. And just it was really honest. This is really on the. It wasn't even like material was all about having kids tour. What am I going to change? Netflix rules. He would make company. Moral. I was just kind of, yeah, it was. It was a free was jumping out of power shoot time. Our plane and you weren't quite sure about the parachute allergy. That's how I felt Nassir, NAS wake or probably likes the Nassir. Thomas goes out to host an award ceremony for video games. So quite a men, heavy scenario woods, and I had to go on stage two minutes after England had lost their semi final Cup out to the World Cup. Yes, match was so at yet and that felt night jumping out plan here where you say, hey, guys just fee for just put machine off the back on again. Start in. This is this is no segue. I want to ask you about being the voice of next kaffa while ago. Grizzly, see the research. That was not the old gold blend one's own. Eighty. Your child is quite yes. Tiny, had some coffee. Give back his coffee. She's much nicer to me. Yeah, no, I did cafe. Five, six. You don't. You go. It's all about you. School? No, it was. That was that was a good guy lost because then. Two years. Our members doing again, home come in and the whole on thinking, oh, throw because I'm going to get in there and all I'm gonna say, is this all about like why they gave me back going duty talking and you know, there's a button, the press Clemson DongA enticed. In a. They didn't have the bone. They didn't hit them and they went his voice Richner for this, isn't it? It's not working Terry. Sweat. If you can get to, I think we should because this isn't working for. And it came back to high Thome that study search coming in. Kaffee gig. A month later woken Potter. I needed more money. Pace accident often in central London's terrible. It does happens to lost the other one Bela was the monkey PD tips. Ben milita normally Braves, brilliant. But everyone again, he decided not to do various political reasons cash. So he drops out of it, and I hope to do it for a little bit for years now, actually, and I was doing it for whole year doing the monkey. This is amazing and Quanta cash survey where I wasn't my stomach or even quadrupled my income overnight. And I lost that gig on my wedding day. Day. Monkey to your wedding. That's why I lost it. Now it because Ben had agreed he wants to do again, Johnny Vegas, underestimated that already recruited something only find out because it was thinking the radio times saying during Christmas season Miller meeting times on your wetting. Time, the inspiration from speech, what everyone is ready. So you're in a similar time of parenting area, so you need that, Eric? Yes, the clever one. I got two hundred year old. Yes, and it does that one sleep. He sleeps much better than the first one to recall them thunder lightning on them, and he is he's a big Rotan's kind of lagged creature. And then lightning here is six BBB if he was in this room, like everything would have come off that mantelpiece around the back of the teddy, it'd just be like a critic for the plow yard. Now, any of you to children? Six. That dog? Why did he do that talking? I, yes. She was still big baby. She's like she is. I can tell who my wife is talking to based on her tone of voice. Yeah, I just noticed the dog because he's like, oh, I love. That's not one of our kids. If the kid working the room is like, what is it? What's wrong? I don't know. Goski father. Don't tell him not to do it again. She's Roldan folks. So we really love Polly who is a nearly twelve start diet. It's going to be awful. I know. I know. You should do this once podcasts, kids guys. Harry, I will be on this. So desperate gun grief cost to kill someone in my family. Yes. So probably labrador and it's just amazing getting a dog especially in London because it just unplugged a whole community of great people. I met lows of cool people would the dog in the park every day, and we would just hand people weren't stand-ups but was still creative at someone someone's share from after Tokar fashion expert, like random people doing who will happen to have dogs and just so of plugs into whole new world. People connects you to people because you know kids right into your kids. It's a different kind of love your pet. You don't go shit having a dog because you think it's awesome having a dog, sir. What do you do? Because we're never focused is the reality with Richie approach share on a say exactly. What's your approach when when someone who has the phobia is the ten thousand milestone, whatever the phrase is, which is like, I'm not saying anything negative child. You know what I mean? Anybody's. He's being towed and they go. More honest. How to darker. Break you shit little come. Docker, Docker, Docker, until they walk away. You never see them again. Yeah, exactly. That's very efficient. Yeah, heard fronting. And also because now. Law live comedy animal ways. In lack of he, the comedy casting thing never turned off at the swimming pool of the day, and I got there too early. Also, you can't go in because it's seen as out it's sixties. Fuck off. Such miserable comes. Strums them. Hold on turn turnaround. Yeah, she's a very, if you're coming writing, casing tomorrow, maybe down that road. Explain to your list that you guys came on my radio show and producer items like these guys get one on this. I was like to lead to these guys. They never sweat it. Okay, fine. On Hayes, marines. You're on magic and I suck at how. All in one. Jordan absolute after the first. Jobe prerecorded. And the fact that. All right now. Yeah, we're gonna say that twists. Such liability again. Don don't have strive dying mistrial through. Downer Amri bit off. Honesty is the best thing, isn't it having kids? I love that every morning when our playground in the parents has, yes, sir. This eight minutes ago are actually if I had a gun to kill myself. No. Today, Twitter, all my daughter, seven today, and I cannot say a bad thing. It's just being all wonderful. Castro, the Nydia. This, the unbridled rage, you have towards your partner, wonderful. The smell disappointing holidays that she had to take away from term to my genitals, ruined my one. My marriage is in the toilet. I mean much Akot. It has. But then there isn't it back doing that on the state as you go full circle, do absolute of this. Yeah, salute of these kids is brilliant, but I really got that point of the much. I loved them by going through. It's like supporting football team. The arc? Yeah, I wanna see the lose at home to stoke. Doing my shit on the new sofa if that's gonna make them all the more by in season as I made you cry. Have you got that the joy of Christmas concert or something like that? They with that like the something in my eye girls. They call the amazing head other school. She's incredible. She's a brilliant really woman, and she does the speech every Christmas, the Christmas show, which basically involves telling the parents time is running out on children's running at these babies reception now you will back on this girl can't believe how quickly has gone wears his tongue to really enjoy this coun- really guys all sitting watching his Christmas show. Enjoy it goes in the organ die. One. Yeah, everyone. Death is coming. Death is coming for. Yeah, Christopher yard cried, wash, credible, the move off Beth. She's the and our relationship. She's like, she, she's ship, she's on. She's real person. And so she does what baffled on me Bon just weeping. Have you seen Westworld. She's more asylum about stop. Yeah, reference fighter. Get. Oh, no. Finds the remake is favorite television series of all time into everybody. Off that will. Jacob, it's. Reince. Stopped caring. Nude label. Can we just touch on Torchwood because it will be. Can we talk about that? Of course now now he's been fucking nowadays. See, I'm most to deny really, really enjoy us remiss ones and tell us about two yet, too is the spin doctor who which tortured is an anagram of doctor who. Now, again. The best place. Actually fledged and looked at any shitting me. Actually, cheers. Undergo. And it was conceived by the incredible Russell Davis genius, and it was designed to be kind of more adult grown aversion. Talk to some people really did market Michael Legge who the Sifford's leagues down to its several times. ABA at all people loved it because it was a grown up version of two and also because it dealt with a lot of sexuality stuff. There was a lot of ships in it and it all happens. He's having that seven. Kevin Jaguars NF. That's the environment. Yeah, he's, he's good, always fabulous. He's yeah. I mean, he's piece of work so now because as in Missa gone, which varies today is an anagram of. Utilize. Winning world Kazakhs expect going. Dachshund anyway. Be fun about this like along the way. So it started around the magician. I'm Welsh overseas d- roszak these of native shocks did that, and they were all great and my counter strike was supposed to die industries and luckily din and then ensues four. Thank you walls. We got to America, so I got an reformed on the Warlock and I was like. It was. I mean, it was one of the bits bits. Just be like, this is this is gone fine, but it's just say, well, done that. You know, for I would Asian happened tonight after that will dish in, they did make a call to Terry. Enough, actually, Terry white. All the tear. Next kick every that guy. But a more since that way, more time to conventions and actually spent doing the show at the SCI fi conventions like a you that like people out of battle star nyc. Are you saying that the chief backer and fucking stocks. All the best thing about it. I didn't really do done them for like three is not because it got embarrassed higher. This is no point in doing it financially. People didn't know north, absolutely fine. I'm sitting next to Chris bury rim from his right next to me was like a thousand people sitting by yourself like this. We experienced that 'cause we did the hay festival. Okay. When next Monty don't. Yeah or you're absolutely do. We end three people wanting to sign out book or a Buday wanted Monte dot your. If you did scummy grandma, these, then you have a massacre. Yeah, we didn't stay. 'cause we go cap seeds. This ran behind doing lewd and from them. Yeah. Honestly, how was he ever. Discredit for gesturing behind the greatest. We're like Saudi, the book. Tiny homes. He was Monte. He pretended to be mouthed amazed. But I think he was two women protests by this Justice. Are you saying. Mentioned. So these conventions. And what was I going to tell you about the conventions? Half a story pops in my head. Yes, the people have met early sheet, so the cost of a low low. See tha. Fuck you. Moan. All four of the main ones with half Catholic. Are you kidding me your half, like get a sheet over here on that and when you got the pass and you get to run around on the, then I met the going from Boston who's got the cat. You know the British actor who was sunglasses about thug let's go, gosh, head like an egg. He's lucky, bold, and he pops up five or six Colin counting your nerdier listeners. Now we shunting device together guy when you met him at one of them that was beyond the exciting that was really Iago bitter by that. So yes, it's great to go to conventions and be found, but to go as a historic scifi doesn't eighteen when took finished in two thousand eleven is a tricky sell. Well, I think it's time for gay. Oh, good at the game as if I'm Jay. This game is cold. This heavy petting. So I put together a group of celebrities and they're famous celebrity pets also ones that aren't true, find that in a really long way yet. But I think we, I think we. Well, I'm gonna test is with a, you know, with this liberties pet Israel, not. Sure. John Travolta's poodle. Thanks. False tearful, so you need to budget. Okay. So this is first on the podcast. It's cold heavy pester? Yeah, we ready yet. The governor hydro Jacob people off just say, again. Minutely. Thank you. Yes, good or true. False Eminem has a pig cold, Kevin, bacon. I'm going to say both just to be different. It is false. Cool actually called from, yes. Okay. Does. Katy Perry have a cat called kitty purry. False is every time. I think you're onto tell them. If you take. Left of me. I'm going to say I need your brain could come up with that spouse. It is true. Fucking kidding. That is a cat kitty. Parenti Peres cat's. Okay. No wonder Russell brand could let. Denny Minogue has Chihuahua cool. Jesus is I just go over some googling time, six years, Google. Fourth, fourth, yes, dammit this grid. This guy vanilla is has a kangaroo called Bucky buck, ru. Recalled pocket Puccara Dennis. True. It's tricky to weigh on tour there. Isn't that already face? For me, go people to look off the come with another ice was in punt and chessmen two thousand. True. Yeah, you're early through. It's true. He bought a pet kangaroo named Bucky Karoo when the little girl was just a baby. Now, Bucky has grown up vanilla wanting to live a comfortable life. The rapid confess that kangaroo spoiled rotten. He lives in his own enclosure even has a lover a popularly pig. Nova. Lassus sleeve in the pig jets into species, incest. The. Kazakhs porty. Bring vanilla ice as kangaroo Bucky bucket. Fucking kanter. Coast choirs. The heckler to hook a candidate of FOX pig insane, which what website. I need to get this possibly going to sleep. He has a record and called bullseye Bob. His team similar to Bucky Bucky. It's like you've been imagination a bit and you just go for number alliterative. Baby names love the way you're going onto the bone. Oh, yeah. She does. I'm true because I think you up steady growth was fell. Kids. John Collins has old people. Deigned balance has a whole food soci- Sally. Together. His mind. Yes, this every that's true. That's Martine. Mccutcheon has a hairless cat coup Jeremy Scone. Because she's. Not cow full Monty mccutchen we'd have a head. I'm going to say, change the way she walked chops. Say. That's the nose of the question walking with a Hollywood. Funny. Correct him. Last one. NNcholas cage has a king Cobra called Justin Bieber. Yeah, is it goes. One. Nick cave for tied by the way the other day he's retired. She's oh, real shame. I on the comics. I'm going to say is. That's why it's actually called Sheba own kogo see, and he bought it to mimic the movements to be scary for his part in ghost rider. Okay. Yes, it's is acting trying over the out. Yeah, that was a fairly mediocre game. We have the results. Nine competitive on the winner is just my, we actually read it. We actually read it to. Sure. Go anybody experience. The truth on live radio. So we do winter is the prices. It's gonna take, oh, there we go. Covered, say not Jimmy. We haven't tools about my favorite magic and saw when I think of it as a magic having some because it's always on within forty minutes of turning magic song. I think going then here is it TOTO Africa. Do do. One of the best ever recently? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Buying Mudgee listeners, but it's it's an incredibly popular song and it takes you to different place. It's a really great song and sometimes different places, absolute radio kiss just to get away from the noise of whom there's actually a Twitter kind which you should follow type. Yeah, there's a, which is magic playing Africa. Tweets constantly. No. Yes. For as many years, don't do much because he's a baby. So I feel surfing. But every time I heard Africa him, where was I bring my friend only and just hold the fine just say nothing. Darren today. Time magic on just. A great. Yes. Great. For me on the punt the bit where it compares, it uses the simulate of comparing kidding. I'm John to mountain imprest. Concept welcome. Anjar was like competit- to mountain your. I can see it now it's in my brain. Join the Google earth of songs isn't as their Strauss's fair. Looking around the world is really pick on there any songs that come on a magic pay on today. Like I'm gonna take my friends on news Vandross Don through my father. Into such a passion. Got danced and how I love dance with my father. We can cover that babies. What he's the, he's the Irish News event. Notre get in here. Most roller coaster aids chess who he's a dreadful song, but it we have to you call choose budget. You have to pay the people wanna hear some people, especially the record label really wanna hear. From out genuinely. I think I really like this become mysteries. And this day someone on his part for me that you just wouldn't play refuse. I would refuse to play. I don't really know. At least what I, I'm no big fan of she's tasting. I don't really night, but would never did work with Mariah Carey last year, two days, filming I've, oh for hostile world, Google guys. Is a price comparison site for youth hostels and be honest guys, we didn't. He's about anymore. The first part they will do hostile gives away one and we went adver in Spain. When Ryan Carey hilarity stays our youth, hostel ninety hotel the hostile manager, how how I have signed an NDA. Oh, I can tell you, I'm Ben, she, and that was absolutely. Wonderful person. To this, retrieve me is oppressed home. She's known for being a bit of a diva so many things along those lines lines. Did she actually show up. Eight-hour wait. Did get to improvise the beginning of the ad. The the, my sister in the ad runs in and tells me that carries coming to stay say, I provide this lime state, and it was just fantastic. Mariah Carey off of Christmas. Brings joy of soapies stated because that's his thing. Now it's coming me, confessions. Wow, right? Yeah. So we're not. So this is my bad parenting. So this is like this isn't a genuine, Ethan, come from tastic apparently where you like, I'm really fucking good at this. And then I sort of dug into my experiences those, like, yeah, after it's about things. One of his gave my, I gave my son coffee when he was three, and I thought it would be funny, see has some coffee for free. Exactly. Juice and he didn't sleep. I think until one in the morning. Generally coffee. He had probably he had my movies trying my mother. I just kind of let it. Yeah, not sort of on going to be standoffish parent and he'll be fine. Explo-. Sinn came to learn. I don't want to be a helicopter Paran and talk in the morning. He's crying for walls. Even the fairness, just the head coach always crashes. So that's one. And then another one was probably the time the he was Wolford was about eighteen months old and just walking on the kitchen floor, and I was trying to, I decided he could play on standing up. We were not on that. He lies down wiggle, the trans onstage. You starting at you step into the day that he did it. And then I yanked try up and he had a big head. So as I try to the waiver Sedgwick. Sorry, ropley. Flipping a weed. Yeah, that is where sound in the world is your child hating anything to silence of two zero. Join him breath. All the in the world goes into this is the next twenty minutes. Ipad. This is actually becoming case of visit. About the dole that you had to cut a hole in. Ever seen on Facebook friends. Did some way. Story. It was Christmas and we had friends over because that's being parent. You make friends with other parents that you like, and they bring their kids over and their kids with your kids, and they will put and then author who's one of his best friends. He's absolutely go to the door, will quiet. Literal boy went to use the understood Toyota. I was run extra in the kitchen and we kind of forgo by him for all Rhode drinking and being married, and we were corpus by the station. And then ways author Shosh because shop is often because. Oh. Equal anyway. He's banging on the due to. And he was in the instance toilet, he'd he jemmy the law and the of fallen down the number on the locker to slide backwards and forwards that let will nothing afford an act and falling between the cracks in the floorboards. Absolutely. Look basically throwing FAI orca was. The were also studying office been great buffet. It wasn't upset. He was retailed. Mosey your k- often using. Yeah, yeah. He was reading genuinely find. This isn't traumatize child story reason, but the parents way which want him because we like to go. Once they justed stocking. Could you make me subsoil chewed? So just in decided, another dad decided he was gonna do charge the door and he was literally at the charter door of an understudy, do the oceans out. Into and also Charles Marie to be delivered into a space, the signs of miles. It will be blitz rated everything inside the room, and he was literally start doing. He was like running this still under just any country that you'll squash off. They will have a pancake Patty child. If you did. They, we were trying to present the anyway was all hands at the bottom of the door because it's really pathetic. Crappy little internal door wasn't a vital, and we just started to try and pull the door off the hinges, and it was just share Miami. It was just past desperate sweaty. This really half also addressed as we've been back in on newly refurbished highs six weeks. This is almost almost not far of housewarming party hands under the door off. Can you see fingertips? Yeah, they started the back and then we just pull go door and thinking the whole thing hinges come away in fucking hinges. Uttley resilience, snapping the bottom of the chunks of the bomber door start to pay until we have like a giant massive. How. Outer space, the description of like drunk people like knowing it the bottle. He owns that we were queuing take your into. Saturday, the brides opposite Djelic face of blonde hair blue faces to pay it. Crew from under name? Oh. The hug each other up to a little bit. And then if polls life being is the door, stayed leather for six weeks. There's no way people. People would go have reason. Mooney Beffa can see your leg cough. Nothing picks naturally watching you the cereal, having a easy right through the door and then eight musk cool pay Victor. Musk day off Ehlo mosque. What's his name is. Duquesne's today, talking saying that the signs of a church ballads much nicer than the sign of Akbar. John Cleese real stop these guys Morrissey. Sure, sure. Fakes why man you've had German. I hear any more from, you know, including down. Pre to be silenced. I'm I'm ki as I said, silence men so we can sit in the public silence. I haven't got my in conventional. I wanna share on that. We had the show the home in which one which was the child did a shit on the carpet resolve, been there forever and the mum. She just, you know you just when you at the end the right and she just couldn't face it and she just closed the bedroom. So she left it and the dad research then case around it jumps deponent's and he got a Stanley knife and. In the carpet around Joyce three, like a circle of confidence out and just into pin true. The whole is still bad to this day. Fuck it. Extraordinarily what it is, what this shithole. She told that to people. I mean, I mean, this does all I would not have just come up with a solution. Yes, shoulders in analogy or some so high. We deal with kids in anything that they do. Then they break just take the broke it away. Don't need it that much. That's basically what done that with my life. They tonight with my social life. If I take my social life, I cut away my social life. Never used that gun copy. It's like a Swiss cheese. Feature. Offending kids to shit elsewhere on the carpet. Much. I have a confession. It was. It's another waxing confession LA oh, lovely. You're heading story. Radio, four. Just fifty minutes. So I've been to get a half leg the other day, like, who aren't I'm no instamatic on never to get to home. Like, why would you not so sure Justice the knee because that's why you know expose all right. Yes, yes. So just want some of them with me talk bits Harran. Looks like a fad. I'm picturing weddings when men kills kilts list. Exactly. Anyway, get a nice beats off late to the knee and the lady he was. He was Razzi made lifted up my said, one food when the pool. Choice. And then because my may. Oh, all right then. And then she calls a friend in and then. Like. Set my hours are like like sip like Langham tummy Wednesday of separating my thumb. Contact. Hope. Harms is appears ripple my buttocks trying to getting onto bits and stuff, but just at the end, she just finished with, oh my God. She start doing a huge from. Just hear both. Today. Okay. Terry white when. Stay of Harry. My legs like terriers as. Would do a sexy with buddy piper. Secret diary of Cuco. Oh my God. Yeah, to get fully naked. We've pretty piper which genuinely horrendous an entire show by this. So that guys to. And do that. I haven't incredibly monumentally depressingly Harry back. It's January. Horrific. A welcome mat. Exactly. So I ate go before we shoot really badly exit. Pulls every. Imagine it was so painful. It was so fucking painful icon. Leave the payment through to then go to mini Pipo. It was in moment on the second of today's show, we're basically both thank you for the holidays and on second day there's we're in doggy position and she just started. We waiting for south and we were in the position and she started eilly binding her was the point of our own. When I got point, I'd be like derived of movie. But when Beatty starts basically simulating sex in a really upset minded moment, I was like, holy shit. Do you ever do and then, yeah, it was really difficult to a whole new put coast. Drop that late story. Next hug goes, Dan start with the butting with amazing saying what is because end, but we have to end LA it must end and it was standard always with admin, had an. WWW dot scummy, mommy's dot com. That's WWW dot though. Never find. Colon slash. Full tickets all our shakes again around the country. We'll be Christmas tool coming. Yes, we're just ten dates Christmas to be going to Cambridge Winchester Hartford, share all ever going back to bath. Thankfully, please on the Instagram and all the rest of it at scummy mummies. And I'll book is still in praying. That's right. It was fifty one on Amazon. The other day wasn't LA rasonable race, soccer, oat, milk laude. Tom Price, what would you not to plug would love if you follow me on the twits Thome on places into a magic show, I guess the which is to my medleys. Take my. Coming every week, Spain. Doc NATO play the space will realize a call. Well, there we are. I the drums echoing tonight. Thank you for being amazing. Guests summarize for having me. Enjoy sweating on your cellphone quite clamming. Climbed up. No word, awful sort. All right. Well, you have been knighted. Peel myself. You're welcome until next time. We have a guy in cooled, anything for money. We have sex at a bowl of celebrities and some money, desribed money figures, and you have to pick from Asian with you. Do this. With my favorite one was everything was fifteen thousand anti thousand pounds that Saito go. Would you rim Biddle d. Bill d.. Fifteen. Just a new kitchen cost? Yeah, I would have to remain for. Can I have a. A minute. If it was like five seconds, so little let three type. Then they become about twenty kitchen. Rebuild for this. Take away from the petition. I wouldn't want my kitchen to taste. He's also. Someone's eye continous cafe gonna pay. This coffee does taste of -bility. Those.

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