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You didn't crowds. We can bring this outbreak to it's knees and two, four, six, eight weeks. This is USA radio news. The growing list of twitter hack victims now includes Barack Obama Joe Biden multi-billionaire is warren, Buffett Elon. Musk Jeff Bezos and Mike Bloomberg as well as Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West. All of their twitter pages have been hacked with messages that say I'm doubling all payments made to my bitcoin address for the next thirty minutes. Twitter said, we're aware of the security incident impacting accounts on twitter were investigating and taking steps to fix it the number of prominent. In. makes. This one of the biggest security incidents in twitter history Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from the hospital after being treated for a possible infection Ginsburg was home and doing well a day after being. To A- Maryland Hospital for inspection Ginsburg participated in oral arguments from a hospital room while recovering from a benign gallbladder condition in May, you're listening to USA radio news a new report says that only seventy five percent of American adults are wearing facial coverings when out in public to prevent the spread of covid nineteen this according to a survey released by the US Center. For Disease Control and prevention facial coverings had become a politically divisive issue it's started to relax social distancing measures put in place to CONTAIN THE NEW CORONA virus the agency I recommended the use official coverings or masks on April third as part of an effort to contain the spread of the virus several states, New York them have since mandated the use of coverings in public spaces, including supermarkets and pharmacies where social distancing may be difficult. All scientific evidence to date has indicated that wearing a mask does help prevent the spread. Of covid, nineteen according to the survey mask-wearing remains the most prevalent in the northeastern part of the United States. Walmart announced that all shoppers must wear a face covering beginning next week calling the move a simple step for safety. The company said the requirement will take effect on Monday at all five, thousand, Walmart, and Sam's clubs locations in the US in announcing the rule Walmart Chief Operating Officer Tacona Smith cited existing local government mandates that already order facial coverings at about sixty five percent of Walmart and Sam's Club locations for USA Radio News I'm Wendy King. In Times of need. This is what most insurance sounds like. Thank you for holding. What's your policy? Number. The, when you have coverage from AAA, you've got insurance with three as and that sounds like this. Thank you for calling triple A. is everyone. Okay. So does your insurance on like insurance or does it sound like insurance with aaa a brand that's been helping members for over one hundred years. VISIT AAA DOT com slash insurance for free quote on auto and home. Coverage. The following program contains coarse language adult themes listener discretion is advised. Not. Do. This is. Came in to. Keep on doing what you do rick you're my favorite holiday favorites. I have come here to chew bubblegum and. Kick Ass. All audubon. It's time to hear the truth about America's biggest challenges you're listening to. America off the rails with your host Rick. Robinson. People like as you say, Scoop Jackson. Paul Nitz Pat Moynihan. They were you know unblinking social democratic great side liberals domestic but they had no illusions about evil. that they have disappeared the Democratic Party one by one either they. Decided to abandon that they left the the last of the Mohicans really is Joe Lieberman and the fact that he's had to leave the party was pushed out as sort of a symbol of how the the Democrats gave up on the Cold War they love to say, Oh, the Cold War was a time when we all agree everything was so simple Clinton's used to say that. All agreed I was in every one of the fights in the eighties they fought tooth and nail against every Reagan policy and they were wrong on every single one starting with the freeze starting with the buildup starting with strategic defenses starting with what I call the Reagan, doctrine of supporting anti communist guerrillas starting everywhere and they they walk around saying Oh it was so easy and we got it right they got it wrong. They were unwilling to recognize evil to do something about facing down, and that's the same problem that we have today a Barack Obama who won't even say the words radical Islam who won't identify the enemy and who thinks for example as we speak today. That he can make a detente, some kind of philosophical arrangement and went hegemonic. Presence in the Middle East with Iran. People where the leader chance death to America, and where they're building in a continental ballistic missiles, which I can assure you. You don't need if you're an Iranian to hit Tel Aviv that's not intercontinental distance of that's a short term rocket ICBM's rating of the continent meeting hitting us, and that's the same philosophical strain. That I'm afraid has afflicted the Democrats since the Vietnam War when that part of the party the John Kennedy Part Hubert Humphrey Park Harry Truman part, which was we will bear any burden. And that was less important than the end of that sentence is Kennedy's ought. To secure their survival of liberty. And All right folks. So there you have some audio from the League Great Charles Krauthammer that was actually from a little over five years ago today the reason I wanted to open with that. kind of thought. It was Kinda good snapshot of what we're watching happen right now. To keep him out of this from five years ago. But if you listen to Joe Biden, he's recycling a lot of the same things that this I was just talking about in this audio from before he passed away for those of you who may not know Charles Krauthammer is probably one of the most prominent conservative mines in America before his passing and if you haven't done, so encourage you to go find a lot of his stuff on YouTube because. What he's basically talking about. There's you know there was a time when we had socially liberal fiscally conservative. That's but they were aware that there was such a thing as evil but even back, then they were still fighting tooth and nail about everything because they always seem to have this idea. Well, eventually if we if we if we just do this just the right way, we can all sit around the tree and sing coon by maybe hug the tree when we're done. The problem is it never works. So. If you listen to Joe Biden and some of the speech that he gave yesterday. Where he's talking about the fact that if you if you vote for me. Then, we're going to bring back shovel ready jobs. Everything under Donald Trump is falling apart. Is falling apart. But if you vote for me, we'll fix it because we already fixed it when me and Barack, Obama didn't it back in two thousand nine? So my first thought was well, if you fixed it in two thousand nine, why only shits still broken now? Baskin I don't understand how you're saying you fixed it when it's still broken not to mention the fact that he's talking about shovel ready jobs and fixing infrastructure and and going to bring back windmills because you know this president windmills is causing cancer here. But when meals really ways to bring American jobs back for Americans Blah Blah Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada don't know what the fuck I'm talking about with L. teleprompter because my name is Joe motherfucking Biden. Oh I'm so tired of this already I. Usually I'm going to be honest I usually live for for election seasons because I am a political animal and I usually enjoy taking things apart putting them back together seeing what makes them work seeing how the public is reacting to it but this is this is a shit show. It has been a shit show from the moment the Joe Biden decided to start doing. Political campaigns groundhog day style because basically he keeps coming out of the little hole coming out saying something long enough to realize Oh shit there's my shadow go back in the whole again and hope to God that I can keep everybody detention long enough to be able to beat Donald Trump. The thing about it is if it wasn't for the fact that Donald Trump is on, you know me I tried to call it a straight as I can. So I, apologize. Katie one that I'm about to PISS OFF BUT DONALD TRUMP is a novice politician and he's not transitioning well from being a person who's running for the offers a president who hasn't been there yet to a person who is president and actually needs to not only defend the fact that he's president but explained to the American people why he needs to be president for four more years because the media is our enemy and Joe Biden soaks is not is not going to bring people. To the booths. Is really not. And this is where Donald Trump knob being very articulate. I think is going to start hurting him. Because he has so many things that he should be talking about and instead he's using the Rose Garden as a boxing ring with Joe Biden. With you taking the fight to Joe the way you are, you're giving him a munition. Look folks it's going to be completely honest as the guy at the top of the hill, he doesn't need to be the one taking shots. He needs to keep explaining to the American people. Look. This is what he's telling you. He's going to do. This is what we're going to do. He tells you he wants to do this. But if he does that this is what's going to happen to the jobs that we brought back into this country. There's so many things that he should be using the soapbox and the platform that he has for and punching Joe Biden in the face literally is not it. Because he needs to learn the finesse. Of How to do this? Because he has everything on his side, remember before covert, we had the lowest unemployment rates in history. We've already seen millions of jobs try to come roaring back before the media's that Oh, we can't have any of this. We gotta clamp everything back down again because Oh. My God we're all going to die. It's the covert again not to mention the fact that we're now up to. What you Russia collusion hoax three, point five, I mean they're literally throwing everything they can at him at the same tiny. All at once he's weathering every single bit of it, but he just not doing well on the messaging. Now don't get me wrong on the key when he's campaigning he's awesome. He's in front of these es in front of his crowd. He's he's working the room. He's doing what he always does, but he needs to try to be able to transition from someone who is campaigning to someone who was governing and Punching Joe Biden verbally in the face over and over and over again from the White House and from the Rose Garden isn't going to get it done. Now No that me wrong I still think there's a really good chance that he may wind up carrying the day. Because I don't believe most of these polls. But he should be running away. With this thing and he's not. At. least not on paper but he should be because it's Joe Biden. Nobody even knows what he stands for. He has morphed his own positions, fifteen times in the twenty four months and he's been running for office. He was built by the Democratic Party, a centrist. Now he's far left of Obama. Donald. Trump should legitimately be wiping the floor with this man, but because he's too busy taking the fight to joe instead of making Joe Bring, the fight to him it makes it look like he's got him on his heels. What also makes it look like, and again, this is me you know political scientists guy like to take this kind of stuff apart put it back together see how it works. The other thing is that really makes Donald Trump look like he's on the ropes right now is they just made a surprise announcement that they had of his campaign is being demoted. That shouldn't have been done in the framing of how it's being done. Because for the last three weeks, donald trump has been telling everybody. All these polls are fake where do what? Really really great. All the areas that were polling we have awesome numbers. You just can't see them because we're seeing all this stuff behind the scenes and they're wonderful and they're awesome and they're amazing and now will I need a new campaign director. That's not sending the right message to the people that you spent a month thread to convince the opole numbers can't be believed. It least if you were going to do it, try to spend it is a positive. SHAE, you're promoting into something else I mean look I get it. The critics would have chewed him up, spit him out, but they're going to do that already anyway. But now you're gonNA, people from the base go I thought he just told us. That that whole numbers were wrong. So if poll numbers are wrong, why is he fire and the guy that was in charge of the Campaign Martha I just don't understand what's going on right now because he just told us everything's fine and he's going to be president after November but he just fired his campaign manager is. The is easy. Trying to tell the something we shouldn't be worried about here. Should should maybe we'd be worried that it's about to be Biden's America. I don't know if it is or it isn't because. I didn't do very good at college when he's sixteen. So I'm not even trying to get into that boat again this year but I'm GonNa tell you I'm voting for. A mountain you that because it's going to get your opinion I'm going to tell you that because most of you know my story know that I did everything I could not only help the Libertarian Party get on the ballot Oklahoma I had the head of Libertarian Party on this show dozens of times during the two thousand sixteen run up. Basically, I got told by the head of the Libertarian, party that we don't want your car here. So I took my toys and said Fuck you. And since then I've been been in waiting we're GONNA come. Pardon me. When it comes to President Donald Trump. And I've watched him basically do things that make me WanNa. Pull my hair out. But I've also Boston pass policies and do things that it made me realize that the guy no matter how much I might not get along with Donald Trump the man I've never met him in person. So I don't really know how well we would get along but based on how he behaves on social media I'm not so sure that we would. But while I may or may not have issues with Donald trump the man I can't really have issue with Donald trump the president because everything that he's done has worked. I like everything the media's giving Him Shit for now look folks we talked about this last hour we talked about it a little bit this morning if we're right if the numbers right come on a Florida. And they're reporting things order of magnitude higher than they actually are as far as positive test results. How do we know that's not going on in other places? How much of this is Media Spin Not only is it media spend but how much of it is being fueled by the fact that the covid pandemic has been monetize D- And I'm not saying it's a hoax. Please do not put the that basket because that's not what I'm saying this is an actual virus. I'm just about a million percent positive that I had it somewhere between November January? Because I felt like crap for two months to the point where I was pretty sure it. was going to die, and then they started giving me all the started reading all the symptoms of them again had that one had that one shortness of breath yet check dry cough check fever off and on couldn't get it under control check went to the doctor three times being told well, we're pretty sure I was trained to the flu just here have this CPAC in these steroids are here what you should be should be good in a few days. Pretty sure if I went back to my doctor and had them run the antibody. They would find out that I have coveted antibodies in my system because I'm pretty sure had a months ago but the reason I bring this up is because first of all, there are too many stories that have come out now about this thing probably being in the country much earlier than we realized. Which means China was again lying to us about so many things. Because, remember according to China up until even January human-to-human transmission was impossible. Now the WHO trying to whitewash that change. Well, they actually told us about that and December that they had their first cases human-to-human transmission. But yeah, that's not true because the story came out just a couple of weeks ago from WHO that said you know that time that we everybody from December, it turns out we honestly didn't even find out really for sure what was going on until we heard from Hong Kong. January thirteenth. So the entire time line that the Democrats have used to try to spend this Donald Trump's sitting on his hands since the last week of December. Seeds because of his failure because we should've locked everything down back in the end, of December, we would have been fine if he would have done that. But let's not forget. That is soon within a wake of the whol making the announcement that they made January down from certain locking down travel to China, and he was a racist for doing it. So this revisionist history from the Democrats is really starting to Piss me off. The idea that we now know that big counties in Florida, have been reporting numbers incorrectly and I don't care how much they try to spin it. You cannot tell me it wasn't on purpose I'm not necessarily saying whether it was on purpose to damage the president or not, but I can tell you that I'm a thousand percent certain that one of the reasons they were reporting everything as high as they were is because it opened the floodgates for government funding. I've seen the way the numbers work. You guys have heard the way the numbers work. The simple fact of the matter is they started monetize. Results and somebody figured out how to open the floodgates to hell with the fact that terrifies everybody. It makes it look like on paper we have one of the largest spikes we've ever seen since New York City. padding our wallet who the cares. All right. So we skipped the first break because they're gonNA late start where the bottom of the hour. Officially, we need to go and take a break. We're going to get things reset. When we come back, we've got a of the week they're going to finish up a little bit of fun because. Someone who I don't like to talk about because we shared name kind of added to buy cartoons earlier. So we are going to be talking to you about that anyway. So. Let's see what are we wanNA. Why don't we want to go to break? Let's do this one. All right we will be right back ladies and gentlemen. This is America off the rails I am host Robson, his Wednesday night otherwise no one is chat matter day right here on Keilor radio team no pay represent back on the other side. Off? If, you prefer real mornings. 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A pill call one, eight, hundred, five, one, six, seventy, six, zero, two today and save up to five hundred dollars and get forty pills for just ninety nine dollars. Healthy man is fast easy and affordable operators are waiting at one eight hundred, five, hundred, six, seventy, six. Oh to to take your call right now call one, eight, hundred, five, hundred, six, seventy, six, two that's one eight, hundred, five, one, six, seventy, six Oh, two, again one, eight, hundred, five, one, six, seventy, six, oh to. A we can do. We could fail from. Say we cannot auto. Bill. And you'RE GONNA build. Up to. Say We. Relates out of control. The doing. Everybody knew. Everybody the job. Welcome back to the Program Ladies and gentlemen this is America off the rails. I. Was a new thing every Wednesday night at eleven pm Eastern and. Without further ado here's this week's buffoon of the week. Hello and welcome to before the week we're a show that reviews last week's news and current events searching for people who did or said something. So ethically more onic that they earn a chance to be enshrined alongside of some of the biggest buffoons memorialize in the angels of annals of history and the best part is you get to choose the winner just leave us a comment right down blows with you with your choice or head. On over to any of our social media and sound of their with your vote flew the week. The last time you voted you chose NASCAR driver bubble wallace out of a bunch of choices in our first ever free-for-all feel free at checkout that video for that whole is it a news? Is it a rope drama which split both America and our nominating committee? I guess you thought that the double down by Wallace was buffoon worthy. Pretty bold choice. If you ask me for those of you, check us out for the first time. We released weekly videos on Mondays at ten am eastern time. So if you do smash that thumbs up button and please consist describing to the show as we continue our march towards our next minor benchmark of two hundred subscribers. Help US get there. Will you? It's just a small click of a button for you but to us, it's a signal to really kick things up a notch. You'll see what I mean once we get there. Before. We unveiled this week nominees. We're going to salute those who really put in an effort this past week, but just came up short of earning one of our top two spots hero. This week's dishonorable mentions. Last week. The band formerly known as lady antebellum continued the worst PR stunt in history by filing a lawsuit against Anita lady a white to claim usage of her stage name after the original eight demanded ten million dollars to share the name. This. Is like that kid in preschool stealing your favourite toy but then thinks he's so good because he agreed to share it with you. It's my toy damn and AL decide who I want to. Sorry flashback. Really story will get worse before it gets better next we have to WANNA be politicians we start with K. W. Miller, a Florida Republican congressional candidate who launched a tirade on twitter claiming that Megastar beyond say is an Italian deep state globalist Soros operative who buries coded Satanic messages in her songs and keep satanic symbols in her purse. That may be the biggest Lotta crazy. We ever put into one sentence and keep in mind we once nominated Alex Jones. On the other side of the aisle is Democrat Jonathan. Lopez of Oregon who admitted that he sent himself in anonymous racist letter during his own race in an apparent attempts to drum up sympathy and to leverage today's heated racial climate, his advantage, and he's still ended up losing anyway but it goes to show you folks buffoonery is bipartisan and is not exclusive to just one party in other news photo surfaced last week a perennial the AFC on the campaign trail and the People's Republic of new. York City. Pulling down her mask true blow bubbles towards a little girl who was wearing a mask lava science on whether Cova bubbles exists is clearly unsettled AOC opened herself up to the argument from the opposition that wearing a mask is more vow people control than it is about disease control speaking of hypocrisy we are back on the Bozo Watch last week. Good old the BLASIO. Made it clear that large gatherings for events around the city including little Italy's Feast of San Genero and your city fashion week are canceled. But the woke crowd that he panders to they don't need to worry because protests are still allowed. It is simply amazing to see progressives like AMC and Bill de Blasio thinking that Kobe doesn't affect political activities. As you recall if you reach Blasio said that contact tracers can't ask people if they attended the protests. So here's what we're GONNA do if you're. Looking to have a lodge group together be sure to call it a protest to slide past this genius. But then again, he might just show up for a photo off and final checkout. Don. Lemon's Daily Double of stupidity I don Tokes over black actor Terry crews by blacks cleaning the real mission of the black lives matter movement. Here's what I have to say. The black lives matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. All black lives matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities including black communities. This start that movement with that name. But that's not what black lives matter is about. It's not an all encompassing. So if you're talking about if someone started move with that said. Cancer Matters. And someone comes into wide you talking about HIV it's not the same thing. When you look at their organization police brutality is not the only thing they're talking about i. Agree, but that's what the black lives matter. Movement is about. Black. Lives matters about talent and Browde in about criminal justice it's not about. What happens in communities when it comes to crime black on Black Hawk people who live near each other black people kill each other same his wife. Then later on last week lemon goes from blacks plane. Take. Jesus cleaning but here's the thing. Jesus Christ if you believe in it do. You believe in Jesus Christ. Admittedly, was not perfect when he was here on this earth. So why are we defying the founders of this country many of who owned slaves and in the constitution, the original one they didn't want they they put slavery in that that slavery should should be abolished because it was the way the King Juan and then the congress said no way and so they have to come up with an alternative about we should have cost point out that the Bible actually does say that Jesus was woman original sin and is indeed perfect. But clearly don lemon knows better than all of us including God In the face of this week's nominees even lemons double dip fails to make the cut. As this week we nominate convicted Liar Michael Cohen and Hitler quoting Football Star Sean Jackson who are both hen shoulders above the rest. This week's first nominee is former trump fixer and convicted liar Michael Cohen back in two thousand eighteen cone was sentenced to three years in federal prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations. Wing Kobe nineteen broke out combs many nonviolent prisoners afforded the privilege of serving house arrest out of concern for their health and wellbeing quite the step up from federal lockup. What is being thankful for the breaky God Cohen? You'd like he was a freeman going on social media whenever he wanted. So it can post what he sees while strolling down Madison Avenue and even getting caught out on the town with friends by the New York Post which plastered photos of his late. Night Social. Activities on its front page Oh yeah. This totally seems like hard time to me. So on his next court appearance days after this night out Cohen was taken back into custody when he refused to agree to written terms of his house arrest, of course, cones legal team was taking totally by surprise with one attorney. Raja Adler claiming that it is not a crime to go out and support local businesses during the pandemic. It is when you're under house arrest Roger as we released this Video Cohen is currently in an apartment New York prison in Corona virus related solitary confinement where he has plenty of time to think about how his own arrogance landed him back here. Like what you see so far go ahead and smash that thumbs up button also leave us a comment and tell us what you're thinking and don't forget to subscribe. So you never miss another show. This week second nominee is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver to Sean Jackson last week. Jackson. Posted anti-semitic messages on social media which included a fabricated quote attributed to Adolf Hitler that has been promoted by the Black Hebrew Israelites a group that's connected to a deadly shooting rampage in a kosher market last year in Jersey City New Jersey. He also posted and deleted other posts expressing. For Black Nationalists as well as known bigot Louis. Farrakhan obviously the show US thinking. I don't know what Allie stinking. As you can imagine the backlash which quicken painful but it wasn't as one side of that you think other former sports stars like MBA, baller Steven Jackson, and NFL Hall of Fame Shannon Sharpe actually stepped into somewhat defend. Jackson for his part Jackson posted a subsequent semi apology pleading. Quotes origin's behalf of myself I just wanted to let you allow pleasure is I've been. Intended? Any harm. Any hatred towards any people for one of? is stated every every day with a number. Of My heart never try to. Put another religion downside of. Mar Religion Array. So different about a more hurt I just want you guys understand that in this for me and my feelings and Hopefully everybody respects. Powerful, Pinson, try to just my people and there's just let everybody knows that. Snow history. But, even at the apology, the damage had been done as the eagles and the NFL all came down Jackson with the very strong penalty of. A stern talking to. I mean seriously guys we give out bigger punishments, two children but don't you worry folks we gotta to keep a close eye on the situation to see if the NFL takes away Sean Jackson playstation or intimate privileges any amount of time in the near future. Hey don't forget that before the week is all over social media. So when you're online, make sure you like us on facebook you follow us on the twitter's and gone over the instagram and like there too. But the most important thing you have to do is remember to subscribe right here on Youtube. After a few weeks away it's time once again to break down the nominees so you can make an informed choice. So welcome back our trademark pending Sharpton scale buffoonery I it'll measure the buffoonish nature of each nominee I comparing them to the only non perfect buffoons, the Reverend Al. Sharpton then we'll measure the magnitude of each nominees actions using our custom unit measurement the sharpen time to put in that work. To say that, Michael Cohen let his arrogance get the better of him. Maybe the understatement of the year all he had to do was keep his head down show a little humility and stay out of the limelight. But much like his former client, he craves being a somebody. That's why he was out on the town. That's why he's on social media hosting videos and talking about a book deal, and that's why he's now in federal lockup. Cohen earns a person scores seventy eight while his actions rate, a wapping two, hundred and seventy, seven, point zero, two, Giga sharpens. This may be the Sean Jackson's first political before entering, but he is not a stranger to controversy on the field reports go back as far as two thousand nine about Jackson's alleged gang connections after an arrest in La and he was once cut from the Eagles in two twenty fourteen for his alleged bad attitude that said, this social media posting has less to do a bad behavior and more to do with being ill informed like many before him Jackson didn't have a clue what he was posting about but you think the word Hitler appearing in the Post would raise a red flag. So Jackson rates of sixty five and his subsequent apology takes the down at the fear to Amir eighty-eight. Gigi Sharpe's. And so the stage is set for yet another titanic battle of epic buffoonery. But only one can we? Tell us who you got for this week's but for the week. Hey, thanks for sticking around until the end of the video we really appreciate it D- short a hit that plums off button and please if you haven't already subscribe to the channel, you have a lot of great places for the rest of the year and we want you to be a part of it come back next week we'll have two more nominees, but only one can be before the weekend. All right folks? Were sorry didn't realize I was. For second thing was like in my mirror, it might not meet it than the levels. All right anyway. So we're back to this that was before the week. Make sure when you guys are done here. Go visit on the Youtube Channel. If you haven't yet go and click subscribe they're getting pretty close to the two hundred mark and I'm kind of curious to see what he's GonNa do when they get there We're GONNA take a quick break come back and finish out the show we've got a few minutes left. This is America off the rails. Visit back before you know it. Think. Paul? 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I literally had to beat myself this morning because I almost choked to death on coffee. This is the one the only the irrefutable Rick Wilson getting his ass handed to him by a bunch of tunes. Here we go. On the sites, you guys can actually hear it now. Let's talk about the Lincoln Project. It's burst onto the political scene with the series of viral anti trump videos that have even caught the president's attention trump tweeted this about you and your colleagues quote I didn't use any of them because they don't know how to win and their so called Lincoln project is a disgrace to honest Abe low trump is not usually so sensitive, how did you get under trump's thick? Skin. It is amazing that this man of such a sterling moral character and constitution was irritated by a few political consultants who made some viral videos about him. He's normally very, very much the the robust strapping man who stoically takes any adversity or he's a winding bitch addicted to twitter. Is a bitch that is the biggest insult comparing someone to a woman I. Hate Us. Now let's talk about who is involved with the Lincoln project at least seven members of leadership team are Bush Cheney campaign alumni and I got to say we really Miss Bush. He always did what was right for the country that country being Saudi Arabia George, W Bush had such skill unlike trump he knew how to keep human suffering a few more degrees of separation away from us. There's no president in the history of this country has done more to abuse the the office of the presidency to treat Americans in ways that are racially and morally and economically divisive and he is. Unquestionably the worst president or history agree with you rick trump's failures are much much worse than George W Bush's trump is responsible for bad deficit increases bad corruption bad racism and bad countless deaths thought to George W, Bush. On the other hand is responsible for good deficit increases good corruption, good racism and good countless Dad's know I missed the Republican Party before in brace trump back when it only laid the groundwork for him moving on, you've received glowing reviews from the MSNBC. Let's take a look at this big at Mar of these never trumpers at a bull walk people in elected project I don't give money to local organizations I've given money to the tilling project because. This Lincoln project is like watching a Jay Z NAS rat battle, I mean they don't let up on this President I want the Democrats to pay attention to the Lakers project to doing superb job the Lincoln project. Those are good commercials Rick. How. Rewarding is it to win over the people? You've demonized your entire career you know what? The person I'm interested in demonizing right now is donald trump and the personal lincoln projects focused on his donald trump. And the fact is that Americans, from all walks of life have recognized that that every we need all hands on deck in this fight to save this country and you know what I allies come from all different stripes in all different walks of life and I'm happy to accept the support and encouragement from folks across the spectrum. Now, you've written tweets, disparaging Muslims and members of the LGBTQ community but we. Have to take issue with your remarks on attendees of the Liberal Net Roots Conference. You tweeted dear nut roots, lefties you are Barack Obama's bitch pathetic little horse satisfied with crumbs and head pats Rick. When was the exact moment? You realize those pathetic little horse could be tapped for money. You know the fact of the matter is everyone on twitter has lives lives in a culture where there's a lot of fronting. Talk Okay and not a requirement that you have on twitter from the past is something that you're gonna live with forever. These things are these things are a culture that runs both ways. The Lincoln Project has been wildly successful and is growing faster than ever. The Washington Post reports that quote advisors. Lincoln project, which they say has about thirty employees and raised sixteen point, eight, million dollars. This quarter will expand to include ground operations. Now, give him a half worked for Bush for these new ground operations how people expect to die. All I can say we'll be greeted as liberators had worked last time right let's talk about how the Lincoln projects spends. All those matter of yours money here is how much three other top liberal super PACs spent on operating expenditures compared to total disbursements. In other words, the percentage spent on overhead costs including salaries over their lifetime Senate majority packs spends sixteen point eight percent on overhead unite. The country is fourteen point seven, five percent in. American. Bridge twenty-first-century is forty, six, point seven percent. What do you think the percentages for the Lincoln Project? Well, you're going to see our new report coming out in July, which represents our first. The first major. Period our campaign that wasn't involved in startup cost an acquisition awesome data data costs, and you're going to see that we are we are putting eighty five cents of every dollar voter contact eighty, five percent with fifteen percent going overhead would be a lot better because right now it's the opposite eleven. percent goes to independent expenditures. An eighty nine percent goes to overhead eighty nine point three percent on overhead sounds like a lot. But I can't get into the right head space to make ten second ad without wolfing down endangered molluscs in a titanium catamarans with Bush administration buddies. Before you're looking at the start up an acquisition costs from the first quarter. The second quarter is GONNA show that we have a massive amount of money escrow, the bank for media and for voter contact this fall and our numbers are competitive with any other pack and in fact, much better than most. nope. So that's a lot of cash. All right. Well, given all this. We had our media arm, which is me and I'm expensive make new Lincoln Project at Table President Trump is the most incompetent corrupt president in history and we need to do everything. We can to stop him after compensating our strategists complicit in the deaths of countless innocent lives and paying for overhead such as lodging at the w hotel and the standard both of which have fantastic roof decks stop this corrupt Griffin ruining America donate to these savvy grafters who ruined before and hope you don't look into them. All Right, Rick. Hoover up some more route cash. So that's all the time we have. Thank you to our analysts and guests Rick Wilson of the Lincoln project thanks a lot rick. You. Really should go look at this because right now he looks like. He's me. On inside the hill now Rick I. Actually I don't know if you've seen this on the Internet, but there's a lot of take videos going around and I actually did a reverse where you cut into the cake and there's a shoe inside of it. Had you ever seen anything like that? Yeah. There's this funny trend where when you look into the details of something, it's different. So they have. One. A Stephen calbears projects was apparently is called tuning out news apparently available in CVs, all access, or you can actually find that clip on. If you will look but yeah, basically show Rick Wilson. Handed to him by a bunch of cartoons. Now just because I was in a bit of a mood today and I don't like Rick Wilson because he called me basically a cell at once when I was in wait-and-see mode. Regarding the president. Once he got elected when we were still speaking to each other. I started having a little bit of fun. Is it an expense today? Just for fun, it never really took off, but I try to get a Hashtag started called Hashtag ponce cartoons. My most recent one which was about three or three hours ago at the Rick Wilson was. Was Recently Ponce Cartoon. So hard I hear the Scooby Doo villains have. Sympathy gift basket. And probably a little too dry humor for twitter but I was having fun with it. They're actually if you of those, I put out today feel free go check them out if you want that is going to do it for this particular episode of America off the rails I be back with you guys bright and early tomorrow morning at seven am eastern four, the daily dose. This concludes Chat Lives Matter Day. No guys just doesn't mean you have to put your pants back on don't panic. Everybody asked me that at the end of the show this mean. Matter and gives you. Know I don't care Muslims are working from home right now. Anyway where what you want just don't send me any pictures I don't need to know. All right we're GONNA GET OUTTA here. But as you guys are aware that does mean that this particular show as of right now is officially over said as I say, that's right this one's over. Over. Over Nothing is over until we decided this. Was it all? Germans bombed Pearl honor. How Closing time. All the doors and led chew out in two. Closing plus great. Don't. Don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't know go. Ahead. Very. motormen over.

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