Simmons or Embiid?


NBA Nothing series continues with a look at the W. Seven six. When the season was suspended the sixers where thirty, nine twenty six six in the east. Philly was a league-best, twenty, nine and two at home, but fourteen games under five hundred on the road. Vastly Different Benson Joel beat both having all star season. Jay Williams back here with Steven A. WHO's more important for the sixers restart. Is it Ben Simmons Joel embiid. I'M GONNA shock, everybody a little bit by saying Joel Embiid, because this is guard, every oriented game in this day and age in the NBA, and usually that's where you lean on. Fortunately in the case of the Philadelphia Seventy sixers I think it's on and be. We know that. When embiid is on his game, he could be arguably the most dominant big man in basketball outside of. I'm talk about back to the basket player in the post, instead of shooting a their perimeter shots like Brett Brown allows him to do i. think that he defense. Obviously he's a big boy at seven one to sixty plus he could play with his back to the basket and he can play facing the basket even needs to be this back to the basket. Even more what he's dot com of dominant big man. Ben. Simmons is vastly limited by his. Perimeter shooting ability. It's not great. He's no threat from three point range whatsoever barely even attempt only took like six on the season. May Two of them which is actually improvement, but that's about it i. mean we know what he can do? In terms of Paul handling has basketball IQ passing ability. He's a big top defender, but what? You're GONNA get what you're going to get from him. It's Joel embiid dusty x factor because this guy gives you all he's got. A really is no answer for him. And you're talking about the absence of Jimmy Butler along with Jj Redick if they were there then Ben Simmons because of his facilitating ability would be exponentially more important, but because that's not the case because they're not there, and it's really about him, and Tobias his Harris and Josh Richardson and those boys it comes down to Joel embiid the sixers. Go where he takes them. He's got to be on another level. He's gotTa be a man on a mission. He's got to remember those big crocodile tears that were streaming down. Down his face with a wild in the hit the game, winning shot in the postseason last year, and he walked down the hallway, and his girl was weight limits stuff like that in front of everybody. All the cameras watching you gotta be Dude remembers that kind of pain and is hell bent on making sure it does not happen again. That ain't about Ben Simmons Hell that ain't even about Brett Brown. That's about Joel embiid. He can't just be an all star. He's gotta be a monster. If the sixers to have a chance, it's just that simple. I wouldn't dare go before J. Wheel on NBA basketball discussions J. will I relent brother. So I. Know you talking about Massey. Those that do what he's in how? How Nimble that. He got skills skill. Dallas late at. I'll say this. Stephen A.. I hear what you're saying Joel. I'M GONNA. Take! My Mba analysts had off and put on my fan Jay hat. At the beginning of the year. I picked the Philadelphia Seventy sixers to be different. I thought they had a chance to win a chip. I saw Ben Simmons was going to shoot the ball the way he was shooting throughout the summer I thought Jerusalem be was going to be that player that we saw come into the tunnel experience emotion. He was going to transition that into this season, being the best player, one of the best players in the league, just not all star, but a beast. Just you mentioned. But I think that as a fan right now of this team. Are Willing to give both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid a pass ultimately. The main x factor isn't the question of who has more Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons to put on their back. The X factor is Brett Brown Steven. A. Brett Brown. This is his year. We've been on this show multiple times. Talking about I'm tired of talking about what Ben Simmons doesn't do. I'm tired of talking about well being suman three set of being down on the block and how you GonNa, figure this out. Why is Joel Embiid all? We fell in the plays. Why Does Ben Simmons need to wait for him and all the I'm tired of it? You have to. To incredible players, one player that has Lebron James like skills to a degree that is a defensive monster that has the vision like the Brian to a degree. Yes, there are some inefficiencies of his game, but let's talk about the things he does well. You'd have all them beat that when he does play with that tenacity that bigger he has won the most dominant players there is in the league. He'll say this off the charts you have tobias. Harris, you pay a lot of money to an ELM brand in this off season and yeah, you do have some question marks from shooting perspective but Brett. Brown. It's time to go to work. It is time to go to work and is Al Horford. In Joel, embiid playing together is time to figure it out. Is it holding Ben? Simmons speak to the fire, the ball four to five times a game and make him own that it's time to go to work Brett. I'm tired of talking about what Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons don't do I want to start talking about what Brown needs to make them do in order to get this philly team to a chance where they can actually take advantage of the skill they have, and they can reach their optimum and recent optimize their value that they have. That's the time I. Think it's time to take this conversation towards essay. Where I'm at right now. It. Based based on watching the and listen that you guys is valid, but it's been simmons is. There's no doubt about it. No question businesses the facilitator, the facilitator coming up in. An. Injury. Steel Jake where we talking about player. WHO's giving him that fast? Who's get Simmons that pass about coming off the injury in this situation. They were terrible enrolled good at home. You you guys talked about Ben Simmons won't soup. Won't do this won't do that. Bill Simmons needs to figure out that he needs to be the most important part to what the Philadelphia Seventy six success is going to be look. We know what Joel Embiid is joy. EMBIID has, and he's arguably the best player on court majority of the time, but if you ask me, who is more important to their success, is Simmons because he has to do more, he has the not only facilitate. He has to add an increase his usage offensively. That is the issue I've heard you guys talk about this own show after show after show Biz. Biz Simmons needs to suit the Basketball Ben. Simmons needs to become more of an offense of presence I. Don't understand what's lacking here. So when I talk about when we have a conversation about most important and are related to football as well if you play the top level game, and if you have an ingredient that you can add that, you're choosing not to use possibly and I'm talking I'm making reference to be Simmons shooting the basketball more than two times a game. Then you become the most vital port to that team's success. Because you do everything else. Joylin be some of this. Is predicated on how Ben Simmons Bland and gas five hundred. Likes these. Go. Go it! The Lakers went to championship without magic shooting the Rock. It can be dumb brother it can be. Right personnel. J. Ben. Simmons is but still tater. But So, so you make that point you try to tell me. Magic wasn't the most important guy to that team success. No I'm saying, but it's not around him. Being the most important it's about what are the pieces that you're surrounded with and I think ultimately it. Brett Brown can't get it done this year. The question that this team is gonNA find themselves. Face with is Ken these to work together and if they can't. Then, who do you build your team around and I've said it multiple times considering. Joel beads by history of injuries and not knowing which way the League is moving as far as traditional bigs I would have a Tennessee if they can't get it done with Brown, and if they do have to make a decision to slip them up, I would build a. Build a team around Ben Simmons rather than Joel Embiid. A let me get in here for a second. I, Ball Swag Goo just because you once wore uniform with blue and white with stars on your uniform like is, don't make you qualified to talk about. Ben Simmons number one number two Jay Williams last time I. Round wasn't a part of the question. It was Simmons or embiid out in crash row with. A dog why? So many. Damn. Ten questions around. Every day. So. I say y'all spoke as. Turn Okay Okay because you got an A. Bluejays blow blades. Mr Captain Obvious. Of course, we know it's about Brett Brown. That's number two. That back to you swag Google number three. When you talking about Ben Simmons. You're talking about him. Employees and attribute. He may not utilize it enough. That he doesn't utilize it. He can't show. That's a problem it. Could shoot. He would be the league MVP. He's that. Brother Brother Sons special everything else he has. He just doesn't have a perimeter. When he gets a perimeter shot, it might not be fair to watch Ben Simmons against the rest of the League because he's that lethal in every other category, so we understand that, but because that is not the case, and because Brett Brown as a factor, who is the expectation, the neutral? All of that Bit Suiting Deficiency Brett Brown coaching. Al Horford. ageism kicking in and stuff like this all of that stuff. Who's the one person that can nullify all of that? And that is a monster named Joe Olympia, saying all star named Joel Joel. said a monster with an attitude with a chip on his shoulder determine, showing up in his has met suit Nolan that and other stuff to get help to put the data on one. Thing to wear cut. You're GONNA need help taking it off, but the bottom line is. You can't play bad boy. You gotTa show up and then Joel embiid. I'm telling you we ain't going to be Ben Simmons too much. Essay let me ask you this question. How much money would you bet on and be showing up in these playoffs? We're about to see. Are you betting on that knowing what you know about Joel embiid betting on that. I need you to take a stand. You know what I'm going to bet on. It I'm going to bet on him. They going to be good enough income. But I've been. No I'm going to bet on showing up I've got. Okay. Says we had a since we had a damn discussion about the question I'm holding the rundown right here. It's a rundown. Okay, this rundown. Out. More important. More important. For the sixers. Being The guy that debate everything in the NBA is the most important play on the team. And all I'm saying is that. The wrong question on rundown. That's what I'm saying. That's not the question. I take. Stephen. Wagging a finger like you go, do something fall-back Swag Goo secondly. Last year in the postseason Jay. Williams can invest this because you don't get to take off your NBA insider hat. Analyst at J last year in the playoff. What they're Brett Brown. Do He took Ben Simmons Away from being a facilitator left that to Jeff Junior. Butler Jimmy Butler was more of enough. From the perimeter, so see Segue, SWAG For you here Bro I. I will give you. As much as Max Kellerman because he's helpless, he's hope we don't require that. Don't let them do that to you not. Asking the question, are we asking a question? About the Twenty Twenty Philadelphia? The seventy sixers on the was with with and who you just mentioned I'm talking about this. Again the damn question is. That? GonNa play off! Spur breath. All right, all I know, is this Steven. Even. Else. You don't want to instigate these guys. They, would ice get either one of them? Now and Guys. Whatever GEICO gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven, which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always, therefore, you like your mom when you fill out really really important paperwork on the first day of a new job name, check birthday, so securities thing. Hey, mom, what is my social security number? Mom Mom? Gas. Zero Zero One seven Gemini Hashtag Dad. Always, therefore you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents. In a guest appearance Friday on San. Charles Barkley said he's felt the national spotlight on awfully from the media, covering them too brightly on statements like kneeling during the national anthem for social justice messages displays on. Quote! What's happening now is we're turning into a circus? Instead of talking about racial equality, racial justice economic justice, we spend all our time worrying about who's nailing and not kneeling. What's being said on buses? What's been set on jerseys? I think we're missing the point we need police reform prison reform, those are number, one and two things to focus on. We need the cops. Good cops out there policing bad cops when we spend time focusing on what's on the Jersey that's going to defeat the purpose my concern is this turning into a circus instead of trying to do some good stuff. Right. Jay Williams still here with US Stephen I'll start with you here. Just Charles Barkley have a point. Absolutely does and that's basically what I was alluding to near the top of the show. It's unfortunate and dare I say is becoming very very embarrassing. Because we're not focused a lot of times when people talk about the black community quietly amongst themselves, or you know, some of us are fortunate enough to really hear the truth. That's that's using out of the mouths of others outside of our community. We as black folks accused of two things being very emotional. Without enough strategy! That's the bottom line. We can slice any way we want to, but that's what it comes down to. And throughout this ordeal, particularly since the passing of Floyd. That's exactly what has transpired. Let's take stock of it, so he passes away because this officer murders him by as far as I'm concerned engaging in a modern day lynching, you don't just have to tie a noose around somebody's neck about putting your knee on their neck for eight minutes. Minutes and forty six seconds as far as I'm concerned. S A modern day lynching in my estimation. That's how I view it okay. The man police officer murdered this man. Okay, so in the aftermath of all of that we have these protests. Okay, fair enough of a sudden that protests turns into riots and we've talked about black lives. Matter and people are not paying attention to the fact that you had a bunch of white folks out there. Supposedly representing black lives matter that were engaging in riots and mayhem and things of that nature, but you heard the name black lives matter you assume as black people was a lot of white folks out there doing that stuff. We don't point that out, then we then we have a situation where whether we're protesting, not then all of a sudden. What comes about now? We have NBA player standing up. Obviously some want to go out there and play. Because they recognize that if they don't collect, the boggling agreement is going to get ripped up as a result of getting ripped up. You'll have to go back to the negotiating table. Until a new agreement is reached, all contracts would be null and void, plus the NBA would try to institute a hard salary cap in the event that the season is canceled because of the pandemic etc, etc. What Do. Do. These guys do the career visit the White House Matt. Respect and love to them, because their hearts are in the right place, but then proposing not to play. Obviously, there was a divide that was there. We've got former players taking one side or another depending on whether it's the players that wanted to play against the players that did it then. You've got folks debating as to what jerseys. Jerseys to put the what what what what slogans whatever put on the back of Jerseys. We got my man Jay Williams on social media. Yesterday were appropriately. Reminding the play is in an age of a pandemic where you've got over forty million people unemployed, and at least twenty million expected not to return to their jobs that they have been furloughed from, or what have you these guys are? They're playing. Playing complaining about room. Service Hotel Room qualities and things of that nature disseminating that kind of message to the public. We have one of our very own colleagues who we love, and we wish nothing, but the best to, but he ultimately ended up being laid, put off of work for the next couple of weeks, because of an inappropriate tweet at a senator, and then we got players tweet and. Free him like like he's prison or something, and then not realizing that these of things distract from the main course. Sean Jackson who thought was in the right place, even Jackson, whose home was in the right place, but they themselves embroiled in a controversy involving the Jewish community, because of what was termed as nothing short of antisemitic of verbiage. Or what have you once again talking about that? We've got a whole litany of things that we're pointing the finger at and talking about instead of the real issue at hand, which is what Barkley was trying. Trying to enter to intimate wherever our focus was in May. It's not there now. It's probably not GONNA be there next month it. They're probably going to be there. Come September you hope that it'll be there. Come Election Day and things of that nature, these are the things that we were supposed to be about. We were supposed to have eyes on a ball, but once again because of the combination of emotion and not enough strategy. We Look Lost Barclays. I'm a I'm going to elude to somebody that I listened to quite often, and I think is very profound and it it lends itself to what Stephen A. N. N. Chuck was talking about killer Mike Fame Rapa His name is killing Mike because he knows the real phone. Killing might always talks about organize strategize and mobilize, and that's exactly what took, and that's exactly what Stephen is talking about. Listen there co- compensate. Let me take people behind the curtain. Their conversations in the black community especially when people that I've talked to US talking too much. We do too much signaling. We do too much talking and not enough action, and now it is to the point where a lot of people are in this in this in this country, especially black guys like Stephen night because I understand what he's talking about. This battle has been going on for Stephen a lot longer than it has been going on for. For me, Jay will, he's seen times where they probably thought were transitioning and changing same thing for chuck. Now you can talk about the tactic tactics. They use the words they use and the way they go about it. Nobody's above criticism based on your own experience, but they are talking about mobilization was Stephen. They talks about legislation. That's mobilization. That's actual change that people were talking about so I think when we get to the point. Where we started here especially for me because I had the great beyond this and have conversations because I'll tell you two years ago three years ago I heard Stephen. They say something I heard. Say something like this? I'll be like me and ain't down for the calls man. They trying to tell us what to do. We are here in the streets. We all here doing this doing that, but having conversations not only with with Stephen. They in choke, but people that don't look like you. People that have a different experience I'm talking about black people people that have a different experience that you about how they go about getting things done. There is nothing. Nothing wrong with comparing notes. There is nothing wrong with inside self criticism about. How do we get the best results in the things that we are looking to have change so before everybody goes off on a tangent, say Stephen I. Say well need to do pitchers in. We'll need to add things on the back of the Jersey. You have to understand what the experience is I'll give this story before I. Let it go Jay my grandmother. Who just passed away? A year some change ago. We had this conversation when Colin Kaepernick kneeled, and my grandmother the black woman from Brandon Louisiana. Asked me. What are you guys so angry about? Why do you feel Chris now? Think about this. Keep this in mind. She's looking at a grandson. That's getting paid millions of dollars from the Dallas cowboys to play football. She's looking at a football player from San Francisco getting millions of dollars in paid the play quarterback, and my grandmother is was down for the calls where she was born, went through Jim Crow went through racism. WHITE PEOPLE HOMES CLEANING UP AS As a servant is what she was called, that was a little job title so her. Her progress was seeing a grandson. Two generations remove have the opportunity to take care of his family based on what she thought. Only white people could do because of her life experience. So when we have in these conversations, we can't be quick to bash the experience as opposed to have a conversation, and then I had to. To tell grandma, these are the things that we see as systematic oppression. This is what goes. Oh, in our line of work is we're seeing this society? Is She? Said Okay I see what you're saying. But if you are not willing to have those conversations and not listen to people that have experienced this longer than you have I think we're missing some so I think it's important the conversation and what Steve? Steve and they said what chuck it to not only admonish the you don't agree with, but also try to gain an understanding like I've been doing because right now. I'm going to kill the Mike. Babb organized strategize mobilizing. What is the actionable items and I need somebody to teach me because I? Don't have enough knowledge to leave in direct thousands of thousands and masters of people to what to actually do. Tug, you said that so beautifully. Bro, the men it's. We all have room for growth as we continue to educate ourselves what the process, but. This has be real right now. Let's. Swagger, you mean Stephen, a Smith Graham of real real conversation right now, and it's probably GonNa go over the time that we need to. But who cares because I think it's worth having. I've said in multiple. I've called essay a big brother to me. Okay and Steven A. You and I have a radio show that I'm about doing August sixteenth. I had a really deep conversation about what comes along with that responsibility, and you put me on because of your experience, we've had multiple conversations also about how it feels sometimes to be the only black guy in the room, and how you need to navigate that how you need to position yourself, you know, I did an interview with Bob Johnson on the ballroom, and he really broke down to me is like Jay in order to be heard, I had to play the game I understand that a lot. People don't WanNa. Play the game and how you get in there, but like I I needed. Needed to make people feel comfortable with the way I was articulating my point to them and I needed to map out strategically how I was advancing the ball down the field. So so I go when you talk about killer Mike, strategize organize those words so import, and it means now more than ever because we have to think holistically everybody yelling and we echo chamber that's created within social media where we get distracted by so many different things. That's why when this whole thing popped off Stephen as we, you and I were on I. Think and I say what is the plan? What are actionable? Trying to actually accomplish. How do we label those things out? And then how do we go? Get them now understand that to degree. When you, we have protesters out there. That's that's actually that's one of the angles of attack that you can have, but we have to submit. What are we actually asking for? And I think that Charles Barkley is so right essay in what are the things that we're focusing on? How do we go out and get that? That's why I'm can go back to my comment about NBA owners. It's great with the symbolic names on the back of. How are we forcing owners to put lobbyist to actually push for legislation that actually affects the bottom line as it relates to systemic racism and social injustices. We need to put out there and then strategizing, organize and go after that and hold down the fort about what we're asking for. Because if we don't do that, then it becomes all over, and we need to do it in a way. That is playing a game. I'm not saying that we can't be disruptive in that and I don't want to. To be able to take this out of context and take it the wrong way because we have to be disrupted, but we also need to do it in a way where we're here to line items almost like a lawyer here line on this what we're asking for. Here's the call on how we're going to do that. And we all need to strategize not demise together collectively to go on, not that Steve A., and you've been talking about this from day one day. And I was thinking man. I I've been talking about it from day. One fellas. Here's the reality of the situation before we can do any of that. The word thing that we've gotta learn is that you can come together even though you're going down different avenues. If we all go on to Washington DC, for example, somebody might take Amtrak somebody might drive. Somebody might fly on a shuttle from the Guardia Airport, and we're go to the same damn place. You don't resent somebody from going a different path on our far too many cages in our community, even though we might have the same objective because you're not watching down the direct same path as others believe you should or would want you to. To Your excoriated an ostracize because of it, it's not only immature. It's counterproductive and that's the thing that we've gotta learn. You talked about Corporate America, and what have you listened? White folks make up sixty percent of the population. The power structure in this nation has been built and such to such a degree that you don't get to omit them or removed from the equation, and then you automatically sent to it without suffering. That's why I. Tell people all the time. I'm not about and I tell you guys all the time y'all will laugh. Laugh when I say this. Because I told you all this on many occasions, when both of Y'all have come to me for advice about your careers, I, said I'm not about black appeal. I'm about mass appeal. I don't just want black folks. I want every body. Because that's how you win with what doing you don't limit yourself or pigeonhole yourself to one community. You get them all you make sure your message is consistent and profound and substantive, but you get everybody you get as many people as you possibly can. You can't pull that off if If you're engaged in alien nation, and obviously stigmatizing and ostracizing people, just because they don't think one hundred percent of what you think, you're also pigeon holding yourself when you have that kind of mentality because you're not thinking beyond yourself, you so caught up in what you want to think that you don't want to hear what anybody else has to say. Therefore you inhibited, prohibit you ability to grown, and you're stuck in the same Rut and the world moves beyond you and leaves you behind because you was stubborn and you didn't want to say. That you end up being stagnant, and that's the problem I know. We gotta go one statement statement. I know we I know we gotta go one statement when you got somebody private phone number. Reach out to stop doing all this over. Social Media. Policy from state farm gets you collision coverage and this radio ad from state farm gets you coverage of this beloved ninety six. Off. It's GonNa. Be. schooled. My. Healthy for more coverage isn't state farm, DOT COM. That's all I got. Our next guest is arguably the best coach in college, Basketball John Calipari with us now coach. Thank you so much for being with us this morning and let me just set this up because we've been having a lot of conversations on this show about not just symbols, not just rhetoric actionable items, and you have one, so let me describe this. You're joining us now. Now on behalf, the mcclendon minority leadership initiative. This is a national program funded by predominantly college basketball coaches to create postgraduate internship opportunities for minorities in athletic departments. I applaud you on this. Taking the steps garnering the troops to do this, you said recently that your success is based on African. American families trusting me with their child. What does this initiative mean to you? My hope is ten years from now, and it's not just me. This is I knew this would have to be fifty one hundred coaches, and eventually two hundred coaches, but for me personally. Tommy, Tucker, organizing with me with this I hope people look back over my career and say that's the biggest thing he's done. Forget about national titles. Forget about what he's done within College Basketball Hall of fame this. Has Changed what the landscape in college athletics looks like. It's changed diversity on college campuses. That's the big picture. Coach I appreciate you being on the show and Molly and Swag Goo. Just for your purposes, coach knows this John mcclendon who this initiative is named after he was a mentor to my late great coach Clarence Big House Gaines, a Winston Salem State, he learnt the game of basketball under the create the founder of Basketball James. Naismith coached at Tennessee state. This man was the first African American, coach collegiate basketball when the first African American coaches in pro basketball, the inventor of the fast break. That's how break this man was. John Kerry tell me talk to me about what the what the motivation is behind this because a lot of people are hearing coaches, they don't realize this is really about getting more coaches. Also and more people involved in basketball to become athletic directors from the minority community. Can you talk about the agenda? This initiative overall? Yeah, this. This is not about creating basketball coaching positions. This these may not be athletes. They may be leaders. We're trying to develop the next wave of leaders. And decision makers. In athletics, and so you know we're looking at this saying. How do we get candidates that understand postgraduates that WANNA get in to athletes and want to be the next athletic director WanNa be the next decision making to hire more minority coaches, and so we're saying are avenue. Is this coaches are the point of the funding? We're going to mentor. These young people they're going to be mentors within Athletic Department. But this is a project. It's GONNA take time. The coaches involved have committed to four years. We need data in four years to say what's working. Let's look at this, and then we go from there and we keep making adjustments. Coach, I've had opportunity to to come around. Be Around your practices and I know you. Players not only have a tremendous amount of respect. They consider your family talking to you and a lot of those guys. You can see it. It permeates through through the gym and being able to sit on the sideline and watch practice I understood that personally my question to you is what have these conversations been like with your African American players in this time would have possibly learned. What have there been hard conversations tears. What have these been like for you this time with you and your players? Well, there's two pieces of this Marcus, what what I can tell you after sitting back for a couple of weeks and just listening and trying to learn and and somebody like me who I feel. That you know maybe I get this, you know what you figure out. I really don't understand and I may never understand. But I stand with you anything I've done including this initiative where we've organized this with other coaches. Run it by my team. Do. You think this is something I should be doing. For the bigger picture. Any statement I'm about to make or made. How do you feel about me saying this? Because I'm representing those players and I'll say it again. The success that I've had my family anything that's happened for me. My children their grandchildren. It's because African American. Families have entrusted me with their child. That's it bottom line and I understand that and that's why for me. This initiative go to minority leaders DOT ORG, if you're a candidate. If you're a coach that wants to be involved if you're a business because what I believe, this is GonNa Mushroom into. Is Businesses are going to get involved with. US and they're gonNA WANNA. Look at the student athletes or these these future leaders are decision makers, and it's going to be filter into business so I would tell anyone if there's anyone that wants a partner with week coaches because we're not trying to tell, athletic directors create more positions. We need money. We're saying we're going to give you the money. We need you to create positions and mentors. We're going to stay involved in stay active. We need to change what athletic departments look like. What these look like, so that I sit in a room and I don't see one minority coach or two. It's crazy and I've known it and here's my one regret. Stephen! You've known me a long time. Might regret. Why didn't I do this ten years ago? What did I not have the courage to do it? Did I not see. There was a problem was I. Tone deaf to all this, but let me say this by bringing this to the forefront. Every coach. That's here heard this said I'm in because this is needed right now. Right coach let me I I'd be remiss neglecting to bring up age us because I'm thinking about the southern intercollegiate athletic conference conference and I remember they would. They played a major major role in leading efforts to get form. NBA, play jobs. They will also instrumental they also the first NCW conference to provide women football official opportunities, so we can't forget the role at HSBC. US have played and we'll continue to try to play. What's your communication been like with them? What level of involvement will they have in assisting this movement? This initiative on you guys? Would you guys well? Greg Moore Gregory? Moore and I have talked. A bunch. Because I wanted to run this by him and say what are you? How do you feel about this? We want their schools involved, but I want those schools sponsored, so we're out getting sponsorship, so these schools had the opportunity to tie into this program. Be sponsored, but I also want their talented candidates to be applicants in this so. Again what we're doing for all of our schools, if there's a Kentucky Athlete or student that wants in this program does an applicant. It won't be it Kentucky. It'll be another school, and then you do your thing. We can always hire you back. And these are positions of employment, access and opportunity. These are typical quote internships. These are more than that, but Greg. Moore and I've talked about that, but here's the other thing. He has a great. Picture of what he wants all of this to look like the inequity in college sports I told him. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Let's get this thing underway. What they done in the impact that they've had and let me say this. Damn been treated as fairly. In ways that I can tell the NCAA and these APR rules in some other things. It's just not been fair, and I've said it all along. If you don't have the money for summer school and to do certain things. Your academic stuff is not going to look the same, so is all over this and I say Gregory he's. He has and I told him. I'm going to help him and we're going to try to. Get this sponsored, but any applicant that looks at this. Any minority that says I need access and opportunity I'm that person, man or woman? Twenty percent of these should be women. We have some of the great mayors in our country right now or African American women. They should look at this and I'm telling you to apply. It's going to be fifty seventy positions across the country in all kinds of different fields apply. Minority leaders dot. Org is where you go to. All right minority leaders dot org. We implore everybody to check that out coach I applaud your efforts, and all the other coaches involved for mobilising to make this happen quickly. you know I gotTA. Ask You. Huge College Basketball Fan over here I'm a Yukon. Grad. Sorry, so huskies Fan. We going to have the season. How confident are you? Well. You know anything that I would say. Here would be a guess, but I will tell you my hope is yes. Yes, we do. We're all following the NBA in what they're going through I. Don't think we could do it like they're doing it. But there's gotta be ways. For All of college athletics all these athletes who have trained and done all the. Things that our whole life. You're looking at this same man I hope this goes because it just would be fair, but we've got to listen to the science on top of that, too, and I trust our league or President or athletic. Director the medical people involved my hope is. Plus have a really good team. So my hope is please. Let's play. As long as we can do it safely, coach appreciate you. Stay safe and hope to talk to you soon. It's your home speaking and I need you to do me a couple of favors I. could you get that blueberry that rolled under the fridge last week? It's throwing my functions. Way Off second thing. Bundle your home and car insurance with GEICO. It's easy and we could save money. Lastly I know you're thinking of painting the nursery back to off white, but I'm actually feeling. This baby blue didn't think it was my color, but I am pulling off Gyco for bundling made easy. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. What is he bringing to the Patriots? It's definitely terrifying to think about if CAM. Newton's healthy and he's in Belgium. Offense you know in my division is going to be could be a long year for the other teams because he's a game changer. He came into the League. You know he's a league. MVP brought Super Bowl. He's just built differently than a lot of. Of quarterbacks and he's a headache, the game plan for so when he's healthy. You can stop the run from him, but then you've got to defend the pass, and if you can stop the past, then you got count for the Rod so. It's basically you know. Pick one thing and he'll do the other, and then you a couple of him with ballot. Check who? Cares about winning and Cam really wants to prove himself, so it's definitely a recipe for. Disaster for the rest of the League if they can figure it out. Greg van row in woods on cams align with the panthers for five seasons. He's seen this firsthand now. They're both in the AFC east. Good stuff, Marcus. Should the NFL be more concerned about this duo of Cam and ballot check? They should molly from a football standpoint absolutely listen Josh mcdaniels, obviously the office coordinator for the Patriots is going to have the extensive time with Cam Newton and trying to formulate a semblance of an offense that Cam can operate from and look I know we've we're having the conversations. About will cam starred as Jerry Steadham Cam Newton I think it'd be Cam Newton health barring it'll be Cam Newton starting, so they'll have to formulate this plan. What has bill check done his entire career? He's morphed into whatever he's needed to be off for his team to. To Have Success Cam Newton being healthy, is still one of the top fifteen quarterbacks. Let's just go there because we hadn't seen him. Play a while. Cam Newton being healthy gives this offense another dimension. We talked about her Stephen. They talked about i. told you about it. Withdraw Talk to make about it. This team being devoid of talent outside of the quarterback Cam Newton, does he kind of insulates you from that? If he is the Cam Newton, that we're expecting him to be, this will be a great marriage and don't tell me about all the water. Bill Belichick Science Chatham Cinco. He signed Randy Malls these guys that you wouldn't cliche. That New England was signed and Bella. Check would be able to coach. No dues win. They bought the business rented Moss was about his business ocho Cinco de Laszlo, but he knew what planning New England do this is Cam Newton's revival tour. He'll have a successful one because he's one of the best coaches of all time, and this is Cam Newton talking about a healthy cam. Newton is still a top tier quarterback in the NFL. I don't disagree with you Marcus what I would say to you. However that I'm worried about emotion I love it. Love it a lot what I'm seeing from. Cam Newton and the combination of an and bill belichick being on their own mission is something that's just marvelous to fantasize about, but the is such a thing as being so height so ready so anxious day could ultimately derail you remember when we praised football players or elite athletes in particular thing that we praise the most about is their floors, and so you gotta think about those kinds of things. Things, it's all nice fine and Dandy Training Unit preseason. You get ready, but when you go out there and things don't necessarily go the way you plan. Do you have do intestinal fortitude to overcome that I'm not saying Cam Newton. Doesn't I believe in him? I think he's GonNa, have a monster year, but I do concern myself in terms of him being over hyped because it's not just about him performance, he has to somewhat at least live up to the legacy. That is Tom Brady particularly if he is the direct successor to Brady which we anticipate. This is your apartment I need some favors from you. Your cat keeps rubbing against the kitchen island and I can't return the favor. Can you give her extra pets for me after that? Could you bundle your renters and car insurance with GEICO? We could save money and it's easy to do online. At one. Last thing could leave the TV on during the day. I need to catch up on my soaps. For Bundling. Go to GEICO DOT COM today. Meanwhile, the bottle the bedding favor Lakers are down another point guard. Rajon Rondo broke his right thumb last night during practice in Orlando. Booby out six to eight weeks avery. Bradley has already opted out of the restart. Due to his sons, health conditions Stephen How damaged or the Lakers championship now. Significant damage I'm telling you right now. Stuff like this keeps happening. I might have to go with the Clippers to win the championship. Instead of the lake is because the more guard you lose, the more pressure that puts on Lebron. James WHO's already your point. Guard point forward. What have you, but that puts an immense amount of pressure on them playing time and beyond? This is not a good thing for the Lakers. Because Rodney has experienced knows how to run a team. It's an incredible loss of. He's not ready to go come playoff time. To, as point to take pressure off Lbj, but you think about regional Rondo to. He's already champion his experience. Let alone his ability to facilitate on. The court will be sorely missed. I'm interested to see how this is going to play out. Stephen Hope Lebron got a lot of risks. No question at least. Howard I WANNA I want to remind everybody at home. I take is on at eleven tomorrow eleven eastern after soccer. Don't Miss It. Stay safe. We'll see you tomorrow. Might, not be please.

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