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Hey, it's John Lee Dumas of e o fire, and it's the entrepreneurial you. The chauffeur dedicated and passionate care be an entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by Speaker Award. Winning Entrepreneur Hanukkah watkiss reporter. You must be prepared to ignite these three specific stages that we take them through which is position, so get your positioning right? Make sure you set up so that you irresistible to your ideal client step number to connect, so go out and connect with people, and that's not just direct connections. That's one piece of the puzzle. It's also about writing content. It's also about position yourself as an authority finding JV's affiliates connecting with media. And then the third step is scale. So how do you take this manual process? And you grow it so that you can actually scale your business using it because one of the big things for me is that I don't just WanNa do on Kohl's all the time because you can't scale it. I want to create a system that can bring a team that they can jump into the system and they can get colds booked. You on average, a my team and myself were doing between ten and fifteen sales calls a week. Hi, this is Hannibal. I'm so glad you took the time to stop by today. In Jamaican Parlance Wadwan McGLADE say Dale. This episode is sponsored by Hannah Cocky. Sports Dot Com as well as the. Stock Exchange now on Hannibal walkies worth Dot Com you can visit us to blogs, resources, books, online podcast courses, podcast and more, if you are new to the entrepreneur new podcast, be sure to check out past episodes with such as Johnny Zuma's but trees Washington Seth Godin. Brunson Amy Porterfield and a host of other game changes. We needed to risk capital, but our experience with local financial institutions was that they were cautious and slow to act an interest rates for far too high. We had real concerns about financing our business outside equity investors on the possibility of interference. Could we get a fair valuation for our business? We had our own ideas about the business and its value. Should I go the traditional route of bank financing or should I try the Jamaica Stock Exchange, so we made a call. An experience transformation of our business through conversations John Mahfoud Seal of Jamaica. And we're listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Give us a call today at eight, seven, six, nine, hundred, seven, three, two, seven, one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. And now Harris today's episode linked in is increasingly becoming a very strong place. Companies develop their talent plans their recruitment plans, and so there are ways in which we can track some of the momentum there, according to Jeff Winer greetings. My people former I. Just you're doing great. It is episode one hundred and Seventy of the entrepreneur podcast I'm Hanukkah. What case Porter Today's episode as with Matthew Clark and Matthews founder of the virtual edge and Co creator of the remake of system and online marketing system that helps entrepreneurs get. Get. Two to five high value leads per day from Lincoln without paying for ADS Matthew who has shared stage with the likes of Dr Phil Gt Fox Michael Douglas and many more is the author of the proven path, the automation playbook and the automated income systems so I'm excited to talk to Matthew Matthew Abodes Leveraging Lincoln for high. Value Leads Welcome Matthew. Thank you so much for having me on, Nicole I'm really excited about. Today's about today's interview absolutely before we start. Though what if anything do you know about Jamaica? But Molly comes from their. Cool runnings of course. We can do the song. I mean I was also like just doing a little bit of homework, and some some really cool stuff and I find some amazing. Rarely interesting facts as well actually blew my mind and I think one of my favorite lines is that. The Ian Fleming. Who's the writer of James Bond Right? He actually designed his dream home. You had built in Jamaica okay, and he actually cold Goldeneye, yeah and. Actually, in Jamaica, he wrote ten of his children on James Bond, spy thrillers, but the exam with flying colors. Let's. Let's go to graduation right? Okay, congratulations. Yes, yes, yes, let's know about in length in for high value leads now talk to me about your experience with your company First of all you know how you are helping persons to generate these leads meet money. Yeah, it's a good question. I think the key thing to realize. Is that I don't actually come from a marketing background. Background is actually door to door sales. I did that since I was eighteen. When I left school and said for me, I'm not one of those people who voiced grown up. You know using computers and diving deep into marketing, and understanding it on a bit I'm not the greatest on technology. For me, it's about how do I get in front of my ideal clients? And how do I start having a conversation with him? and. So that's pretty much how we built the system. Whereas how can we get people set up in a way? We can attract your ideal clients to you, but then also got and find them. So. It's very very simple for me. Is that we should entrepreneurs how to get to two five high value leads per day from Lincoln without paying for ads and this three specific stages that we take him through which is position, so get your positioning right? Make sure you set up so that you irresistible to your ideal client step number two is connect to go out and connect with people, and that's not just direct connections. That's one piece of the puzzle. It's also about writing content. It's also about positioning yourself as an authority finding JD's affiliates connecting with media. And then the third step is scale. So how do you take this manual process? And you grow it so that you can actually scale your business using it. Because one of the big things for me is like I. Don't WanNa. Do One all the time because you can't scale it. I I wouldn't trade system at and that's a big thing. Right for me. It's I want to create a system that can bring a team in that they can jump into the system and they can get colds booked. You don't average. My my team and myself doing between ten and fifteen sales colds a week, so we actually started the company about six years ago, and what happened was that I had a head of business a Samson dealership and we are selling. X. Switchable telephone systems. Copy is in CICI, TV. And what happened was that we built this business up. Really big I had sixty staff members, doing high seven figures and. What I really wanted I looked at it and just decided I. Don't WanNa do this anymore. I'm working myself to the bone. I wasn't really helping people. You will making lots of money. Don't get me wrong. I like the money side of things in really helping people. And I just really felt like it was something that was eating my soul, so I decided to move outs, and what I did was that I went searching I realized what I wanted to do. Really was to credit laptop lifestyle work from anywhere in the world earned multiple currencies travel all the time and have it work on autopilot so I started going on I heard that you know the incident is the way to do. This and marketing is the way to do this. And so I started attending these conferences, and we had like a lot of American speakers come out to South Africa in you know they were talking about how to be successful and had a great business and wealth and all the stuff. And I was actually looking less at what they were saying and more at what they were doing. And what I noticed was that a lot of these guys they had the Selah wanted. They looked like they were making the money that I wanted to make, and they really looked like they were helping people. But what I noticed about all that was that they were using a system cold infusion soft most of them rant. And as I started diving deeper into this I realized well. Hey, here's a system that I. can you know that that actually automates a lot of the processes that does a lot of things that I used to have sales, people and technical in stop doing. And I can have a system during the fraction of the price without the people. And I was like I'm sold. I WANNA. Do this, so Winston I got myself certified and helping people grow. But Dan, a couple years down the line, and we had many iterations in many different versions of products and services that we had, but about two years ago, actually about three years ago, we realized that okay cool. We can automate people's businesses, but now the big thing is they still need leads. How do we get these leads coming in? And we went down the route of facebook and I'm not technical a that wasn't an easy thing for me I'm also not great on social, either so that wasn't easy for me. same thing with Google same thing with Google ads, and actually a friend reached out to me, and we just got to chat on a chats, and she said I'm doing the stuff with Lincoln and it's super easy. Why don't you give these few things to try? And I did. And I started getting leads I, started getting clients, and then I was like well I'm pretty sure I need to get this as well and we started working with other people helping them grow that. And in one thing led to another we kind of switched the entire business from doing infusion soft, which was tough, it was complicated to just helping people get more leads, and all of a sudden the results grew. It was easier to get leads. It was easier to get results and people were really loving it as they say, the rest is history. Yes in the last two years. I mean since we went all in on Lincoln, we've been able to help. Thousand five hundred clients. In one thousand five hundred entrepreneurs in eighteen countries grow their businesses using strategy. So I've been really grateful to be able to help people do that. Okay, so awesome sauce and it. Someone's really good, and you're doing that from South Africa, and and you're getting. You know as you say clients from where. In in your experience, how does Lincoln works for business? Absolutely right so very simple. The big thing is most people think that Lincoln is just a recruitment platform right in used for CDs, and they use it for hinting, and they used to hire and bring on New People, but in actual fact, it's the world's largest business network right the largest professional network so people on there and they're ready to do business so the first step that you need to do is you need to get laser focused on? Who is your ideal clients? Who Do you want to talk it? Now most people are going that when Austin the question. They tell me you know anyone that can pay me money. Which is? Obviously not a great onset. But what happens, is that you WANNA get laser focused on your ideal clients, so we use what we call the power one solve one problem one ideal client. And then go look for more of those, and you want to deepen understanding who this person is. What are the big pains and frustrations? WHAT THE THE FEARS! The things that keep them up at night. What did they goals and desires and they dreams and aspirations. And then what you do is we create what we call a pickup line. And this is all about this tells people how to work with you before they even talk to you. Let me give you an example of this. So normally what people will have in the headline of linked in is that they'll have. C. O. Founder or coach or the speaker whatever it is right? But. It's such a missed opportunity. So what I've got, there is I help coaches, consultants and advisers get two to five high value leads per day from Linton without paying fads. And value proposition is right there front. Boom exactly. People know how to work with me before they talk to me. And so what that does is that when my profile comes up, that's the first thing people see in the like okay. I get it. And that brings views brings more connections and brings them messages, but then you've got to set your profile at full conversions now these ten things that you need to do on your profile, but I'll cover the top three. which the most important you know. You actually read my mind because that was my next question to you in terms of how do we get the most of our pro from our profile, so you're adding to it? Love it love it. Love it. Love it. Cool we on the same wavelength. So the top three of the most important have a banner that brands you and that positions you as the expert. That's at Dacron, Bene-. Most people just got it blank right so put something that is GonNa Brand you, that's GonNa speak to ideal client that maybe we'll even show them at desired outcome. And have your contact details on there with a bold slogan on top very simple. Sake and things have a professional image up. You know one with you smiling racing professional, not something with your cattle with your kids or something like that. You unless you're a vet, then it makes sense. But you know have some professional image up. And in the last thing is the pickup line. So make sure that you don't have O. found or something like that. Put to pick up line and it's very simple. He has the formula for it. I help who have your ideal client is achieve whatever result you help them achieve. You need to have a measurable. Mexican a timeframe through whatever system methodology is. Those are the three most important things and just getting that right. You'll have twenty one times more views thirty six times more messages. Absolutely any seem obviously been working for you. Talk to US Matthew about investing in Lincoln. Premium Ya It's a must without dots. I mean if you are serious about growing a business, it is the easiest and cheapest way to find high quality leads. You'RE GONNA pay I think seventy dollars or seventy five dollars or something. Right. But if you had to spend seventy five dollars, and you can literally pull up lists of hundreds, if not thousands of ideal clients, and I'm talking about the exact person that you looking for. If, you go to spend seventy five dollars on facebook ads on Google ads on instagram or whatever it is, it's going to take you a lot longer to be able to reach those people, you won't get near the amount of numbers near the amount of list, and it's just a and you need to have a lot more to make it work. You need a funnel to make it work. So, it's a must for those who have not yet invested in it. What it is that separates the the free profile from the premium. So the biggest thing is your ability to connect with people so on the free profile I think you can do a buck fifty connections in a month, and that's just starting out in just a couple of connections a month. That's absolutely cold, but if you really want to grow it, you want to be able to connect with a lot more i. mean some of the strategies that we're taking people through with showing them with sending connection up to one thousand five hundred connection requests in a month, so it sounds like a lot into Mike, but it's only sixty a day. Takes less than thirty minutes, and in terms of the Algorithm, so we know that all of these social media platforms the the work with Algorithm and one day. You think you figure it out and the next minute. You have no idea what's going on. How does that work with Lincoln? So it's very simple with Lincoln right? They don't want you to become another facebook. They don't want you to spend people, so they want you to go and build connections because it's professional network, so keep it reasonable. You know if you if you're connecting with people saying you know city to between thirty and sixty connections day you. Some people go when they do like one hundred connections in a profile gets blocked. Think about it as quality over quantity. Go in with that mindset, going with the mindset of look actually going to go in and build real relationships with people, and that's when you can see Right and Ho does like your your posting your messaging defers from for example comparing again to to to facebook. Definitely great question, and to how it differs is very simple linked. You have direct conversations with people, so if you're connecting with somebody, you want to have a direct conversation with them. You got to remember people there in the mindset to do business facebook. They socialize right. It's a social network visit professional network. And so you think about the difference in that to social is people sharing pictures of their kids of they family of the pits of the travel. Whereas Lincoln is business, and the mindset around is business, and so when you connecting with people have that direct conversation, because that appreciate it, and so in terms of your content that you put on new posts in that, you WanNa make it about the problems that you help people solve. Make it about things that can actually move people forward. That solves big problem. And that's also why you're going to be so specific about who you're targeting because. If you try be everything to everybody, your message is just not going to resonate with anyone, right? You can't be all things so all people right. Percents I love. I love at one point talk. You know that one problem for that one idea clients like you finding your Avatar now. I've had some questions mats, and going to allow you to share just out of your share. Experience of using to get high value leads just share on some of the things that we have not yet talked about so that you can inform or or perform community. The biggest thing is that you want to go in with Carritti right now. If you going onto Lincoln the mindset is around. It's always about consistency. Okay, and I think anything really. You've got to be consistent in what you doing, so you want to set your goal. Goal of what you want a cheap, so as an example. If you wanted to get three new clients this month, you need to know your numbers so in order for you to get three new clients. How many conversations do you need to have? So you can actually work your way backwards, and you can say well if you get have a twenty percent conversion rate your so that's one in five means. You're going to need to fifteen conversations to bring on three clients now connected. You need to have to get to those conversations, and let's say you have a ten percent connection right, so you need to have a hundred and fifty connections to get to those fifteen clients. You want to work out day by day. How many connections do you need to do a day to get to that? And the key to all of this is once you know those numbers. It's about being consistent being consistent with your message, being consistent in connecting with people and the most important thing is to focus on building relationships. So don't just go into. Try and spend people, but actually go in caring about the people you talking to go in looking to build relationship and having conversations open up conversations. Don't try and close sales. I think that's the biggest mind six shift around Lincoln Open conversations. Do include sales like that, too. You're. You're making some really nice point. Line hair you. Love it I love you, too Put Position in connecting and scaling those three things that we need to be thinking about when we're using Lincoln. In in a short time, you have indeed said a lot and I am sure that's or community wants to to know more from you, but that final piece of advice that you want to give I, mean you know you just talked about you? Know opening conversations, and not closing sales and stuff like that, but that final piece of advice and also homemade person get in touch with you to to connect to learn more to perhaps do business with you. Definitely, so the final piece of advice is focus you know, go focus on that one ideal client, and this is the most difficult thing that we see with people. Is that you know they say well, if only focus on these guys, what about everyone else right well, that one niche that you focus on this hundreds, if not thousands of people in the definitely big enough. So choose one and focus on one I. Would I would say the biggest advice on going on Lincoln. Because if you do that, you can create the message. You can set your profile. You can connect with them. You can create content that resonates with him. That is the biggest thing. Get that focus and go into one ideal client. In terms of connecting with me and finding out more I think the best thing to do obviously is linked him. I'm sure obviously. I had to say it though. And so you look for Mac clock, Lincoln and also just the thing. If you're going to connect with me, please send a message. Let me know that you heard me on Hanukkah. Show and I can lay Tenneco that. You know that there is that there's some good traction coming from there as well because we are also going to share this with people as well. Hanukkah absolutely in Africa and all over right. All over the world. Eighteen countries. Absolutely, that's so great. Thank you so much for your time. Methods been a great time talking with you and I know that you had provided value the value in it and I'm sure the community does as well so thank you so much. Absolute pleasure, and there's one last thing. Would you like goes like? Share a gift. Guests with with the listeners. Yes, yes, please. Okay Awesome, so you know earlier, we spoke about the three things that they can do to start setting the profile bright. We've created a something called the twenty minute profile makeover. And you can actually go download that full free on my website, so it's www dot the virtual edge dot com, you can download it for free, and will actually take you step by step on sitting a profile at the correct way. Twenty minute profile makeover, the virtual edge dot com right absolutely, and then even after that is a forty seven minute training. That'll take them through even further on what to do now. There's no sales pitch. Pitch or anything like that because I believe my belief is that you know come in, were come and take a what we do in how we do it, and if you like it for, we can talk all right. Thank you so much again. Matthew, thank you. Matthew Clarke you have shared a lot with us and know that you know much value. Thank you so much. Thank you to my former tuning into this episode with Matthew. I look forward to connecting with you next. In the meantime you know that the kindle version of this book podcast our quickstart guide. It's launching living up. Your brand is available for purchase on Amazon of course. As well, but if you're a person that. They're just go to. Amazon or walk is working dot com, and you'll find right there and took. That teaches why you need start upon class. No hold one. Hold to find this whole to make money. Lebron and so much more so. Go get it. So that you can. I continue to. I want to share a point of. This week is that salvation is one else, but there is no other name on a heaven given to mankind which we must be. According to ask for versus I twelve. That's it meditates on effects on AIDS and what good thank you so much.

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