Equine Forum - June 1st 2019


From the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. But. Sixty. Cut by tonight. I like turn to whatever site tone. But nothing's in his way. Well, break bricks and mortar pumps with March to the art nonetheless posing with two and a half lengths to make up at six days ago. It's curb on in front, quite bricks and mortar finding stride late in the game and bricks and mortars up in time for Jimmy Johns, Lexington studios. Welcome to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment glee. Aura, Channing hill, the site of Sarah Guinea, upper who Dixon toward the rail. These two Lydia poster the others burqa due to these two Sarah, Getty prison, who's holding off the challenge as they come down to the line serum goody, impress, take, Kentucky oaks, and being also edging away from gift box. He's coming into his own, and beano Russel at age four goes on to win the Gold Cup at San I need a now. Here's. Anthony stabile and Britney address. Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the equine forum, presented by Woodbine entertainment on the big a Anthony steel where Hollywood casino Penn national getting ready for the six annual pen mile tonight here in Granville Pennsylvania joined by Britney actress fill in for the baron like PANA pop the pick for Jude fell jewel join us later on over the cross country. Pick five but Britain here to bring you our coverage of the six annual pen mile comes up. Tonight at six o'clock. Eight stakes on the card here at Penn on a beautiful sun-drenched morning right in the shadow of the Blue Mountains here in Pennsylvania, Morin Brett can lining. Anthony, it is so beautiful here. I wish that everybody could see what we're seeing right now is unbelievable here this morning temperatures right around sixty degrees. Son is out and all. Scoring plenty horses out on the retract travelers to be in great shape, turf course. Looks great. And they'll be eight stakes races. Tonight, Britney woulda fun card. And you haven't been here for a pen mile yet. But you'll see just how raucous is the wrong word a real lively crowd here tonight. It's a lot of fun. Right. We're right on the finish line becoming propen mild tonight, come by and say Hello. Literally, sitting thirty yards. From the, the wire, hairpin national, we've kinda got the best spot best better than this right now. It's I'm excited for everybody to get year right now. It's quiet training hours. But I see picking up pretty shortly. Yeah. They have their breakfast program begins at nine o'clock. So again, if you're in the area, come on out, get an early glimpse of Brittany, and the beast, here, my piece of the Beaumont t-shirt this morning. We one week away from the one hundred and fifty first test of the champion just a great time of year. Right, return account. Today to June first Jim, where at the first five months ago, we were just act. I just backward up. Yeah, I have no idea June. I it's amazing. How about this place? This place is just spectacular this morning. I love it. The only time I ever have been here. I think I was twelve. My dad was running a horse here, and it was at nighttime. So I didn't even appreciate the mountains and everything. Absolutely stunning special. I posted liberty bring that up. It's usually not racing here at Penn. And today, it's not to forty five I post twelve races on the card. Eight of them stakes raises a program that's really grown since since the inaugural running. Back in two thousand fourteen so yeah, they've done a great job. We'll have a bunch of guests. It'll be all about Penn mile day into night here on the equal form this morning. Jeremiah angle hearts, gonna kick the show off at about ten fifteen. He's gonna talk forty under last year's pilgrim, winter hill. He'll be done in Jeremiah's forces entered for the night. Jeremiah, of course, finger lakes product, the finger lake. So he knows what it's like to come out to the smaller venues, not, you know, not just a name, but in size, I mean, feel like it kind of right on top of everything here coming from Belmont. Depend nationals. A little bit of a lanes of games, ear, three Strack Jeremiah will join us. Kerr McLaughlin, a threat of blue figures to be the favorite tonight in the Penn mile also has Allah site. You'll we've I said that, right? And that's the best pronunciation, I have no idea that she would be happy with that, that appreciation. He has also he'll of blue in the penalty in the pen mile respectively journal joins a little later on. Good friend, Eric Johnston, or Johnston. We couldn't get this out of exempting Johnston every hour. Join us talk about the entire program. How it has grown here over the sinc- inception back in twenty fourteen hour. Join us later on Jerry pack. I'll take our you'll visit association ready or national, Jerry. Stop by as we'll Todd Stoller. He is the executive director of the Pennsylvania HP, and we'll talk top on the later on the show. The pontiff it for Jud felt will wrap it up over that cross-country pick five is across country pick five today starts in the benign Rijn you know, we're, we're in the midst of three year old season. Obviously, getting ready to wrap up the triple crown next week, and then we'll turn the page and start looking towards the mid summer derby Travers, and eventually these three year olds with the older. But, and while the three year olds on the dirt of been a little, they've been questionable say the least by fans and media members of like three year olds on turf have their day in the sun today, the nine rigid Valmont the pen, mile, of course, here at Penn, national and the tail of the cat down a mama parks was about two dozen three. On the turf. Run today in two of those races across country, pick five will start with the pine ridge. It will end with the pen mile here tonight and Jude ni- who went over them on the weekends. Stakes preview last night. Judo come by the we'll get him on the horn and talk a little more pick. Five today, I can't my pick son in regular pension papers, ready will later on in the show with that. But today it's, it's really all about all about this place. And you know, it's amazing the. Slots came in the latter half of the first decade of the two thousand really revitalized, the place and, you know, the money's nice to have. But if you don't have people that can take the product forward. Money means nothing and they were able to do a really good job here at Penn turf. Course. Looks absolutely pristine really does. We got a lot of rain in the northeast and Pennsylvania up through the northeast seven inches of rain. New York City in the month of may shout. I beat them normally we got like three and a half. April showers. Bring may flowers, April showers bring maim on soon. Yeah, it was it was wacky, and it was wild, but it's June. It's a glorious first day of June. Brittany, and we said we here for the Penn mile tonight at six PM, eastern time, go over to fight nation, Sirius XM one fifty six, of course, you can stream it live on your home for all the biggest events, horse racing radio dot net will have four stakes the Susquehanna Pennsylvania governor's Cup, the pen oaks, and the great to have million dollar six running of the pen, mile that all comes your way tonight at six o'clock. You stoked for your print mile night? I'm really stoked actually like just being here right now. And the horses are like this is just the best spot. I, I didn't realize how much I was missing out by not coming to Penn mile dependent before Joe's just under a thousand horses here at Penn national. But you can really tell the difference. Right. What you're out every morning. Galloping horses for news. Assistant trainer to husband rob, and she gets on a lot of horses. I host breakfast at Belmont, Brexit developments going on right now. If you're in the New York area and you see the difference. Right. This is such a relaxed feel it's like all lots of people are on two year olds right now riding around the track teaching their, their two year olds. And everybody is so relaxed very nice very nice different different from Belmont, Pomo hustle, and bustle, hustle, and bustle in New York. This is his nice great places for horses though out of your pen. Yeah. You tell you got a lot of room, right? Everybody's nobody's Dionne top each other and mean. Obviously, it's just a different the whole it's just the different. It's it has played in a different way. Now it's nice. You'll love it here. I really do all things that you got here. I'm really really happier. It's nice. It's I'm mean part of it's that it's so sunshiny out. And we are right trackside but yeah, so nice we met Eric. It's the first time I met Eric before he's so kind and helpful. So nice to meet good people and see a nice race track. Well run, we'll talk to our later about the exact weather's programs. Other just. He was over here before started his career here. Penn national thirty five years ago. So Eric's business a long time. We'll talk to a little later on, but got a poll question for you this morning as we always do here on the form, and it's very simple HR nation, who's gonna win tonight grade to half million dollar pen mile. Will it be care mclauchlans a thread of blue? Will it be Jeremiah Ingle hearts forty under? What will it be? Somebody else. Let us know on Twitter at H, R N, three options are a threat of blue forty under or someone else let us know who to someone else is, when you vote other in the comments, and we will read them on air this morning. Let's take I break when we come back to England trailer forty under will join us, he's on the road. He's on his way, depend national. 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The university of Louisville equine business program when it comes to horses, we mean business. For more information visit business dot Louisville dot EDU slash equine spendthrift farm introduces its newest breeding program for two thousand nineteen the safe bet program free to a fourth year. Stallion and watch his first crop of two year olds have measurable success on the racetrack in two thousand nineteen or you won't the stud fee when your foal is born to learn more about the safe bet program. Visit spendthrift farm dot com slash Safet. Or call the farm today, that spendthrift farm dot com slash Safet spendthrift. The breeders farm. I am rich and I love listening to horse racing radio network tonight. Barbados. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment, spirit animals, still about seven lengths behind starting to put in a mile bit as they come to the top of the stretch. I'm like hot Brown off the ternan fronts, social paranoia to behind it. And then it's forty under an upper on the far outside coming into the final furlong some like it hot Browns, still, there, forty under now ranges up alongside and many Franko and forty under have taken the lead in late stretch, and forty undertakes pilgrim sound like hot problem was second best, social paranoia was third and operate was four. The voice of the triple crown Breeders Cup in New York Racing Association. Larry Combes on the call of last year's pilgrim forty under. Was a women. You're in for the Breeders Cup juvenile turf. And his trainer. Jeremiah Engelhardt is up next year. Welcome back to the coin form, presented by Woodbine payment Brittany in the beasts live. I love it from Penn national spent on a beauty and the beach. Exactly Britney in the beast. Here on the equine filling in for Mike and juden nice enough. The joins us now on his ride down to Hollywood casino Penn national racist for Penn mile night. He has forty under back for the coach Bill. Parcells Jeremiah Engelhardt, Jeremiah Anthony and Britney on the forum vectors from climb this morning. I are you doing guys? Doing good. How how's the trip so far just getting on the road? Now we're gonna make a pit stop at mom at first and then head down to Penn. Wow. So is this a finger lakes? Monmouth pen, try. This is Saratoga springs, vomits Penn try factor. Wow. That might be more impressive could you still gotta get you still gotta get west? Sure. Not your first rodeo. No, no. I haven't spent hold out of time a mom. But I've spent some long cold winters at Penn national. Question. How many streams do you have? Yeah. I, I have a string and Saratoga Almonte, laurel, and finger lakes. Wow. Wow. Busy busy. Almost as many strings as kids. Almost. Yeah, we definitely don't wanna hit that'd be a little too much. Forty under he came on scene in a big way last year. Jeremiah, he impressive winner when he took his maiden and then it was enough. You, you had seen enough after the maiden win his first time on the run right into the pilgrim talk about him. Talk about a season last year. And how he's come into come into this year after the second in the Woodhaven last time. It was voice when we started with him. I actually thought he'd run very well as first time he was working, you know, he was working well in the morning, trying to disappoint in that first start on the dirt. But then we worked on the turf, even Manny Manny. And I think it was Maggie to Maggie might have said something that he might be a little surfie. And so we ran on the turf in it. You know maiden race. Saratoga ran will really well and sometimes as young horses. You gotta take advantage of, you know, your attitude. These are you know, back in the steak and, and he ran just, you know, even better in the pilgrim and felt really well about, you know the way he was training in the Breeders Cup. But I just kind of made a mistake and changed our game plan last minute and probably had a little too close to the pace. Yeah. Then. As a lot of people like do game some time off in the winter. You brought them back this year. Second last time out he's had to he's at one race on firm ground three races on yielding ground. Now this course looks to be in grave condition. You'll be very happy when you get here today courses in grave condition. He was a good second last. I'm out. Give you notice a lot of difference from two to three after that five and a half month break. You know, he filled out a little bit, you know, he was real leggy as two year old or now he's, you know, he's got a little bit more substance to them. But you know, he's still seems like the you know horse that we had last year. And, you know, a lot of times they change from two to three some sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst. But the way he's been training kind of gives me the feeling. Like, you know, he's you know, he's back at the same, you know, same levels where where he was when he left. The, the return on the Woodhaven he reverted to his old tactics was taking off the pace Clinton maroon who turned into a nice little horse for Todd Pletcher. He'll be Belmont. Nine Reggie kinda just walked the dog on the front, and we happy with return. Yeah. I you know, he just circumstances didn't allow really to, to get out there like I wanted. But. You know, he got kind of bogged down on the fence and, you know, just we, you know, Todd for us, I think was is going to be a really nice horse later on. He's a really nice worse now. But I still think there's probably even better things to come from him as a season progresses. You know, he just outsprinted us we're able to separate ourselves from the third place horse a little bit. So I was happy with that race off the bench. You know, I really wanted to win. I thought he was training like you know, we, we should win, but you know that's that's horse racing. Sometimes, you know, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose most of the time you lose, but, you know, he was I was pretty happy with that race. For work since looks like you've kind of put the pedal to the metal now has this pen mile always been the plan. No. I, I was actually thinking Conine ridge. At first, but then, you know, I kinda got look at the race and. Yeah, I talked to, you know, Todd a little bit where he was kinda leaning with his horse. And I think he was thinking, hang Conine ridge. I, I not that I've wanted to stay away from them, by the start of a be, you know, let's, let's run on the mile at at Penn national might be a little better day. Now, you look at the way the race sets up, you know here in his horses, obviously a really nice horse. And, you know, hopefully there's enough pace where we can, you know try to catch them late. In many Frankel, ride, one this last year with hawkish. So he's looking to become the first two-time winner of the pen, now you're used to the. To celebrating the smaller tracks, right in just a name, but in facility, your finger lakes, finger lakes, grown four on the card tonight really supporting the night Dave built here at Penn national. Yeah. I like what they would they've done with the staff, followed it for the last few years and having a string at at laurel kind of in the mid Atlantic region. You know, sometimes the Trachsel, you know, run have races that kind of work with one another and a couple of my horses air seem to, to fit that, you know, the schedule so, you know, I thought timing wise, it worked out, good for a few horses, and having the PA bread steak for put the glass down might have been a little bit easier than trying to one Exxon dominant Belmont day against older. So, you know this all thought timing was was the main part of the, you know, why wanted to run Morse's there. I'm really excited about your three horses on the undercard, especially homerun maker. I remember last year when Robin working for Robert de Niro, he ran against you're killing me. And I've really liked that worse ever since been watching him hook some tough horses. But I feel like this is a good spot for him. I hope so this last race kinda surprised me a little bit. I, I know he lost, I lost a fund shoe and that race was probably hindered him a little, but he he's always forced to always shows up and I wasn't so disappointed with the General George to seven eighths. And I thought this was six furlongs fully gets, you know, a good pace to run at today and Ray able to sit an ice trip in close, like he like he like he's done before. Yeah, for sure I saw that. You're bringing Vargas here. I didn't realize you guys were thirty four percent together. That's pretty amazing. Yeah. We, we've cooked pretty well you know, I think Giorgis as young upcoming writer. That's got a lot of talent. You know, he's really good to Decatur in, and I just, you know, he, he really responsible with the horses and he gets along well with them and, you know, he's going to be one of those writers, and you'll see the at an elite level here. Probably pretty soon. Talking trainer Jeremiah hot. He has forty under in the great to Penn mild tonight here at Hollywood Sinoe Penn national race course four horses and all on the twelve race card. What's it like training for Bill Parcells? My. Most of the time I feel like one of his players I could imagine some of those practices were like I know I'm in trouble because me by my last name, you know, one of these days, I was talking because he does he do that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He. He doesn't have is his whistle with them in the mornings. But you know given the opportunity probably would. He's actually I mean he's been really, really good. You know, we've kinda clicked. You know ever since ever from this, you know, from the start a couple years ago, and he's putting he's, you know, he's putting all of his chips into this the table. He's all in, you want some wants nice horses. And you know this is this game is is where he gets his competition. So and you know excitement in, in last year's win with with forty in, in Saratoga and being with them. There was really exciting and hopefully there's more to come. I, I did. I was talking to grandson yesterday. And I'm I said, you know, it'd be a good idea one of these days if we want a big race or if I dump the Gatorade on them, I think that would be a good. Like, you know, thing to do. I thought to try to hide a bucket of Gatorade somewhere. Maybe just the twenty ounce bottle. No, I know. I gotta get this the yellow security code on, like Harry, Carson did and go like you know sneak behind like maybe section feet. Thirty one make it a little zigzag behind L gold and, and Lou from Novi. And then, you know surprise them with the with the full bucket shot. What you put way too much audited, as my friend. Well you don't I mean at you gotta be a giants fan now or jets probably jets not amount. Really a football guy. But I if had if you put a gun to my head I'd do for the giants. I guess I guess there's not much else to do on the drive from Saratoga. Mom at the Penn nationally. Got these. A lot of stuff that goes to my mind time. Do you have a cooler, ready? Pretend he's not making a trip to Penn tonight, his, his daughter is. So I'm going to be I don't know if the first time I meet her by dumping, the Gatorade on her. That would be a good idea. I might have to wait till the second time second time out. Maybe probably by the right. They're probably we'll get a safe there. Toga. Yeah. That's probably the safest I don't nobody cares. What happens in Saratoga? Yeah. I want to stay away from for two days afterwards. But I think it'd be a good idea. I bet you, if you did it after the Travers, I don't think he'd mind, too much. Definitely I wanna do later, then, like the first couple of races. Maybe. Ready to walk out? Listen, maybe the maybe the maybe the hall of fame or the or the second leg of the turf trinity, if he gets if the forty takes you there. Say thanks. Beg sometime this one of a man get here safe. For Jeremiah, he has forty under the pen, mile tonight, three others on the undercard. We'll see. But I have great Dane feel later. All right. Jeremiah Engelhardt like all of our guests will receive from power from race the race embrace your passion over and embraced the race dot com, and we'll see if forty under can add to the finger lakes legend, that is Jeremiah Ingle, speaking of legends time now for the Lexus legends of the turf, brought to you by the Lexus store of Lexington. This lady had a wealth of character, a marvelous vibrant personality, and she was indeed an inspiration to others. She was a lady through and through and the roaring, nineteen twenties while still under twenty she entered the world of racing as the owner of a steeplechaser a racing stable, Brooke meet came into existence if you years later, she was adverse the positi and feel great delight in needling and openly deflecting, an obvious inflated, ego, earn factious sense of humor provided her the tool for doing so. Actually evident in times of stress, perhaps equally as synonymous with Brooke meet stable ended success, where the names of precedent, Elliott Burch who trained her horses Preston began training for Our Lady of the moment in nineteen forty four and on October twenty first of that year, he saddle her dear me for her in the Maryland handicap at laurel. Dear me whip the redoubtable twilight tear by seven links that affair. And that was birches, first of a long, long list of sakes winners, he saddled for Brooke made Birch was very patient with young horses, and he and are subject, probably received more. Thrills from a horse named sailor than any other racing in her colors that was in the decade of the fifties, while others racing her colors included sore denser, bullet flowers and oligarchy her superb flower bowl won the Delaware handicap in nineteen fifty six, and on may second nineteen fifty nine sword dancer, won the derby for her while on the very same day. Big effort won the better roses, the old jamais. Racetrack on Long Island in nineteen thirty four. Our Lady of the day, as it were became the very first woman and American turf history to lead. The winning owners list are Bola. Flowers was voted Philly champion of nineteen sixty and sixty one and sword. Denser was voted horse of the year in nineteen Fifty-nine, this marvellous lady dearly loved the thoroughbreds and the mung, the many greats carrying her soaks to the winter circle, she considered her best to have been cavalcade sailor sore denser, and bolo flowers. But she had a very soft spot for others, including ho, capi, son, glow and high quest in nineteen thirty four and sixteen years later in nineteen fifty Brooke Mead was the leading money winning stable in America from nineteen twenty five until her demise in nineteen sixty two her horses, one, one thousand one hundred and forty four races as previously indicated trademark was a love four and the ability to just with her trainers. The virtues before. Big races. She would often break the tension in the paddock by saying, for example, quote, do you think I should put on the blinkers today or quote? Now. You haven't put that satellite right on her Jackie would appear. She could be heard to say, quote now Preston you step bec. I'm going to give the art on how to ride this horse today with a twinkle arrive course and she would go on very solemn. We say quote you just go on out and win this race today. If it was money, she would be quite apt to say. Now, don't you dare get my colors dirty today. Yes. This grand lady, and that she was an every sense of the word through, and through hell to the sporting ideals with the best characterize racing to it's very best both in victory and defeat. The mistress Brooke meet stable and the subject of this piece is available dodge Sloane. Lexus wants driven. There's no going back through inspired design relentless innovation and uninhibited performance, Lexus continues, their pursuit to perfection with not only precisely engineered automobiles but powerful profound and passionate experiences that move you like never before. Hey, everyone might penna here. 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The sixth running of the great to Penn mile for Saturday, June first Hollywood casino attend national featuring some of the best three year old tur- forces in the country, a day that features four match races. In addition to the Penn Lyle. Pennells plus they'll be free all snakes pick. Fours put a fifteen percent takeout with a special. I post of two forty five pm eastern guilt wanted this, this exciting day at Hollywood casino Penn national, it's the great to half million dollar pen mile Saturday, June first at Hollywood casino at Penn national our. Passion. Forment. Charrette Conti, a Bernstein out of a Sunday. Silence. Mayor with five time champion ES as his third damn carrot Conti recorded three great one victories, while earning more than one point nine million dollars. Upper coaches, juvenile CARA Conti recorded a great one win at two before taking the prestigious French two thousand Guineas at three follow by any lecturing stretch. Run in the Breeders Cup mile to defeat older horses with a final time of one thirty two and four fist first crop yearly by CARA Coty sold for up to two hundred twenty thousand dollars and his first two year olds impressed at the obese Mark sale, the Philly breezing in Dinan, four-fifths, seconds and selling for three hundred sixty five thousand dollars to breathe easy LLC CARA Conti standing at gains way, power passion performance. You know, I'm talking about gains way far. My name is a would has gone on lease into also rising radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment quarter of a mile to go threat of blue his ears up is not moved to the narrow laid king Takhar battles on second. Casa create thread on me outside three quarters one twelve and one there's an eighth of my left to go Louis science, ask the threat of blue to kick on, but Tasse creed is moving to him on the outside, louder than bonds, fared, a threat of blowing Kasa creed, a threat of blue response, and turns them away to win the Palm Beach from Catholic, creed second, then latter than bonds that I g is back in one forty one and four. Pete, I l o on the call of the Palm Beach a threat of blue figures. One of the favorites here at Hollywood scene. Penn national tonight for the great to half million dollar pen mile welcome back to the in equine forum here on. H. R. R N. Join us now the Reicher of racing operations here at Hollywood casino at Penn national race horse in the man who has done a fantastic job at growing Penn mile night on what is entire teen here Penn, national Eric Johnson joins us more buck. How are you, sir? Always a pleasure to be here with y'all. Guess why one of my favorite? Parts of the year. We'll good. Yeah. See you. We deliver your great weather. A great view a great seat for the racist. Great seeker morning trading. Where else you gonna get you brought up the weather chance some thunderstorms later on later on. Yeah. That we're not gonna worry about those, they're going to be well after the mile run. So we're all good fine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We start with this every year. I always. This turf course. And I mean since it looks. Unbelievable. Well, we baby, you know with the pen, mile this time of year, we don't take any chances with the we've had two races across the course when we started out with the, the first one on Preakness day, the rail was all the way out, and we stayed there moved back in on Monday, so that we'd be ready for today. The inside is pristine has been run on at all the sheer. It's we've had some heavy thunderstorms earlier in the week, we had some great drying yesterday that'll continue through today, so we should be on a good courses afternoon. Maybe even pushing it a little bit toward firm, but we'll see what we get the post time. Yeah, it really is a beautiful warning hit his son high in the sky. So it'll bake out some of them wishes we will talking with Britney early. We got like seven inches of rain in New York City. Most of it comes through here I. Yeah. And all it. It's been rough last couple of weeks around here rough year, since Sara toga lab. I mean, we got Sarah total and it hasn't stopped raining. Yeah, you'd look at last year's our schedule on the turf. We actually lost five. Weeks in a row on the turf because just constant rain. No harassment five week no turf for five weeks from last week in July all the way through August. We finally got back on for about three races in September, and that was it. We had less than fifty races on turf last year. Just brutal fifty racist for the whole less than fifty for the whole season, usually, we try and run about one hundred twenty that's what we can handle our so. And you can imagine what that does the field size and handle and everything card, something take it off. Obviously, they fall apart. And then it's just might and you know that's the only thing that's out of control right? While I mean, there's other things, but that the weather there's nothing we do about the weather. Yeah. Exactly. And, you know, you got people bringing horses in for the summer that are hoping to run on the turf, and they're not getting his opportunities, obviously, they have to think twice about where they spend their next summer and where they're at. So it certainly affects how horses come to the track. And typically if somebody ships in from out of town with turf wars, they're going to bring an extra horse with them for one of the dirt races. And you know you lose that opportunity as well. You guys have done an amazing. Job. Building this day in tonight's special post again today to forty five normally we kick things off your at seven o'clock at Penn national six o'clock on nights as well. But to forty five post twelve racecar memoir, I came out here. I know believe we've been here for every Penn mile. When I started coming out here for for the two thousand sixteen version for catch glimpse and. Refer steaks on the card, right? Eight six tonight and there's the this is the biggest ten mile card stakes wise, we've had right? This is we had seven last year this year, the involvement of the match series moved onto the day. We worked with the Pennsylvania breeders. We relocated a couple of their races. So we have those on the car today and a couple of next week, but the Mets series brought a couple extra racists to us. And then the three traditional races the governor's Cup the oaks and the pen mile. Those have been mainstays since day one. So we're just going to be a big day. Pennsylvania governor's Cup just five. But I tell you what, that's a nice matchup tonight and got your sensation. Hey, he's a different horse in Pennsylvania state of Pennsylvania. Yeah, see is. And, you know, he's, he's nine years old now, and doesn't look like he's planning on stopping anytime soon. Just keeps on one thing he wouldn't mind if a couple of cloud cover that sun for a little while. And he got a little guy will cut neck ground tonight is a beast on that on that on that ground. Yeah. Yeah. He's definitely be the morning, favorite Jorge Navarro and his team, they'll becoming in there somewhere close. But I think, you know, even though it's only five it's going to be competitive, and there might be an opportunity. I don't know if that's a race that I would single you know, it's small enough field that you may wanna use it in one of the fifteen percent takeout. Pick fours has an all it, it helped for a bomber to come into the drive your price up talk about the talk about the wagering tonight. Yeah, we start off. We got four three all state pick four so you start to fourth through the seventh with a pick for fifteen percent. Cout them come back with match pick for again, fifteenpercent takeout that six through nine and then the, the ten mile pick for which is raises eight through eleven with the anger by the pen mile, again fifteen percent takeout on all of them. We have a mandatory payoff on the second. Unfortunately, the pools aren't huge or the carryovers aren't you'd but mandatory Pat on the super high five on the second and the pen, pick six on raises three through eight. And then on top of all, that if that's not enough for your also part of the, the cross country pick five with Belmont today in the nine ridge, you'll get that, that necess- Kohana the governor's Cup the oaks, and independ- mile in the five at a fire away into the pick for the love to hear on ready to roll at late pick four year that cross country pick five Felton, join us later on. We covered on the weekends view last night. We're gonna talk about it later on in this program today. Yeah. I mean just an amazing job, you guys have really, we talked to Brittany, top of the show. The money from the slots, and from the casino has obviously helped, but, you know, you can put the money in some people's hands, and they'll just sit on it, and they'll take it for granted. You guys, you know, you of course, buddy are in the who. The calls a lot of shots. You guys have taken the money and you have built an amazing product, an amazing night of racing here. Really? I mean it's just a fantastic. Fantastic nine of raising a bit firm believer, you know, sometimes we get into some beefs with the horsemen horse. Fortunately, we have a really good group here enforcement, and they understand, you know, you need to have that marquee race, you need to have that marquee that put you on the map, it gets people looking at during simulcast days like this, they just drive the business for the rest of the year. And we started that used to be a time where we ran one St. every weekend. And then, you know after while you realize that you're putting a lot of energy into stuff, that's just become an another racer fifty thousand dollar steak is not driving the bus anymore. So we've created big days, you see this train tracks around the country anymore. It's counting the norm. And it's really working with games gone. Yeah. Absolutely. And you guys with a great job at, you know, following Sutin just jumping on. With everything that's gone on this year. I think it's now more than ever. We need. It's obviously a business what we need to protect a game. And we need to kind of do it together. And you guys have certainly, you know, you've even brace that here. Absolutely. We've always been safety conscious. I mean you read some of the stuff in the media net in Pennsylvania. Gets a little bit of a bad rap on some of those blogs out there. We're not gonna mention names, but now we've always been very safety conscious. We've had pre-race exams long before most people. We have a hell of a review process for every catastrophic injury that happens here. We have one of the lowest catastrophic injury rates on the in the industry. So we're very happy that our courses are very safe. But as everybody knows from time to time stuff does happen. But we do everything we can possibly to prevent that talk with our Johnston. The director of racing operations here at Hollywood casino Penn national race scores. All right. Got Chad Brown here with regal glory for the pennock. She figures to be a pretty big favorite tonight. Yes. She's looking like she's going to be very dominant in there. Got a couple of hours of I think there's a couple of outsiders that may do something impress, you JiJi is in there for air McClellan. She's day in the OT stay in any. Okay. And oddly, your is Saint Louis, you know, he he put that little Philly in there. She's got some steaks experience. I think she's great to place late early under her career south bell. Right. She came up for the demos. Positive spirits positive sphere. Yet everybody kind of chuckled at him when he ran around the country with discreet lover. And, you know, you want a couple of grade once and proved that the Horseheads capability, so we're really excited to have them in there. They can be interesting part of the plate. They going to be able to get over top one glorious. It's going to be we'll know better tonight, strong. Renewal of the pen mile as well. This is probably the best Penn mile since the, the twenty sixteen and depending on where these horses go from here in may come out as being the best of it really excited about a threat of blue being in their Kasa, creed. There's about six orces knew that have a legitimate shot of winning and the other two or three we're going to say that they may surprise us. There's, there's a reason they're here they paid their money. They have faith in her horse, obviously, or you wouldn't be here. So it's going to be a great race. The black Adams coming up. He ran. He ran, well, a couple of conduct mistakes. Yeah, blackout them. And I meet the find out if that's named after Jay z or Metallica. I haven't able to find this out yet. Let's try to get on that today. Okay. What will put a bunch Nate PB out on that. See what we could find out. Are my on right before you came on? He's excited forty under. Obviously you mentioned the threat of blue was a wind machine. Then a golfing this year backing up to the mile should really suit him. Well, we just got caught there in the final couple of jumps his last start. So. Kasa creed comes in for Bill Motte the yeah. Like France owns a piece, am. Oh, yeah. Yeah. J. J H racing is Mike francesa, good. Good. Good. One thing about Bill Motte and watch this, you know, through my career which his career spans longer in the industry. The mine does, but I've watched him and he doesn't come because he has nothing better to do. He and Steve s few center, two guys that, you know, they show up. They got a chance to his good as the food isn't skyboxes not sky box now that amazing final cut, maybe but not this guy come from sky, sky, actually, like a price in tonight, and I like the woman ends. Luminance I think things are setting up in the right direction for that horse. Steve thought enough of them to try them in a great one last fall took some time off. He comes back wins that allowance race pretty easily over at Churchill and derby day. Yeah, I agree hundred percent with the keys. He's here for business in order, I come for the cheese steak third, the racing second. But I'll tell you which is my favorite part coming out here, and that is the crowd you guys will have out here tonight. They will be stack deep out here on the apron. They'll be inside. They'll be outside. They'll be all they make they make a lot of noise. And what it's just so good to come out to a racetrack and see everybody. And again with with the grandstand, we're not used. I'm not used to these. I'm used to, you know, bell on parks, three eight hundred miles. It's along. Yeah. So you, you come here, and it's just it's it's a great. It's a family feel and this crowd year in your out does not this point. That's exactly right in the family. Feel is really important to us. You know, we wanna make it and all all family event. We want the kids to come out and see the show of them. Yeah. And this is not a day that we drive toward the kids. We have a lot of lot of other things going on like next week. We'll have camels ostrich in here love to have the kids coming out for that. We got a little food truck festival coming up. We got a celebration for Father's Day. We're, we're taking a step back in time. We're going to run the last four Sundays in the month. You we haven't run Sunday's nineties. So we're going back to some Sunday afternoon race in our patrons told us that, hey, why can't we try this again? So we're gonna give it a shot and see what happens and hope it works out. You know, in if these four Sundays, worked at the way we're hoping it will drive what we do next year. Is it every Sunday June last four. So the ninth sixteenth twenty guard not tomorrow, but after Efremov the rest of the Sunday's tomorrow, day to catch your breath that as a lot of arc in a lot of preparation going into it, and you'll see that I'll call me that you have for last couple years. My fourth in a row hope. If the next forty four I wouldn't count. And I don't know. I don't know if I'm making eighty six I don't think it's faith, but you guys really Eric great job. Thank you for everything. You do here on the network as well. And trying to take a step back tomorrow. Trying to enjoy tonight. You guys have really built something special here at Penn try and take a little step back and enjoy a little bit tonight. We're gonna together and building something special is, is really the key till, you know, in the first couple of years, it was begging to get guys to commend. We got really lucky. We had some Tommy trainers. But you look at the trainers that are represented here today. It's I think there's five hall of famers. There's probably eight Kentucky Derby winning trainers on this card. That's crazy. Thurs thirty five triple crown winters. I don't know how many how many Breeders Cup winners on the car, but I mean it's just a who's who of the training world from the east coast to the mid west so really excited about that. I post to forty five tonight. Thanks, are my pleasure. I just have one question remaining. Sure where do I get one of these limited vision, t shirts that you wear at might be of the Belmont T shirt on this morning because, you know, after the Preakness, Zola Beaumont, I turned into the beast, this is the only one that exists, which is kinda give it a way because I've won it like three times since the Preakness. So I do wash it. Okay. Only one that exists, man. What's been a pleasure? Thank you for having me on and appreciate you being here. Thank you for having us. Eric johnston. Rick raising operations from Hollywood casino. National break. When we come back, it's time for the Stuart Morris industry star of the week equine form on the horse racing radio network. Your home food triple crown Kentucky Derby winner, or on the track his runners scored on both dirt and turf, including multiple stakes winner autumn warrior, and Sipa, Ken harbor winner of the gray ones then away stakes Saratoga on the track or continues to add winners. And in the sales ring, his two euros have sold up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars in twenty nine t classic winner, classic pedigree or stemming at Clayton talking. Springtime tips and fun facts from Paul, Kristen index ter- at total wine and more. Did you know there were over one million bubbles in a glass of champagne brunch line is made in virtually every country in the world? And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one ham. Sweet and salty richness pairs perfectly with juicy Pinot Noir. Now till locations in Lexington. Visit our new store in Hamburg of sir. Barton wing shop online at total wine dot com. Selection is ridiculous. Cheers. Author nation was the co second leading second crop. Kentucky sire with five black type stakes winners, nine black type horses, and well over two point five million dollars in earnings alternation counted great three super derby winner, libation and Gulfstream stakes winner alter moon as tops from his first crop of runners already this year. Alternation has the brilliant filly steering Getty empress, easy winner of the great, Rachel. Alexandra stakes at the fairgrounds by distorted humor millionaire greatest stakes winner alternation stands at pin oak stud. Woodford feet where tradition merges with technology, family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer service would feet specializes in the highest quality feed. He's the only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses. In addition, Woodford feet can help with all your farm needs including field seed fertilizer, and we control to whether your horses spreading around the race track, or has a full buyer side, kind on Woodford fee to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level, which would feed for sales. Kentucky. It's time now to shine the spotlight on the Darlie taking the reins performer of the week on sixteenth, Picco Citron trying to finish the job airstrike bearing down. It says prin or airstrike airstrikes getting John and strike. The final Trump airstrike. The four year old son of Darley stallion street sense, took the great to triple bend at Santa Anita, this past Saturday, earning eight ninety four Beyer speed figure and a spot in the limelight as this week's Darlie taking the rain performer of the week. Darley's stallion street cents, the first worst in both the Breeders Cup, juvenile and Kentucky Derby. Airstrike became street. Senses Bith greatest aches, winter in two thousand nineteen only tap it, and kirwin can top that number learn more about street sets and all the Darlie stallions by visiting Darlie America dot com. I am Kayla's draw and you're listening. The horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment coming to the top of the stretch, mind control, nitrous, and mutual turned for home across the track in the hopeful. It is mind control Mutuel enough outside nitrous in between those two somebody his fourth three of them, stoke going at it might controlled nitrous and macho, they continue to rates across the track mind control, as clinging to the lead Mutuel, on the outside its second best to mind control and the bowl. And then came nitrous and somebody. Lawrence calm is on the call again hopeful winner mind control getting ready for next Saturday's. What he Stephen, you'll hear it here on the horse racing radio network as part of our Belmont, Stakes undercard Steve rabasca gonna return to the next Saturday with sitting next to Steve up high atop the finish line at beautiful Belmont, Park, two to five pm for that undercard coverage next week here on the horse racing radio network trainer Greg Sacco. Has mine control getting ready for that. What he Stephen? And he is this week's industry star of the week, presented by Stewart, Martha Stewart Mars view. Teak full-service, bloodstock operation and like to thank the owners clients and team. Their success is because of you with multiple steak sources over the past three years, including Henley's joy. He's running today in the pine ridge, our brain trust. And Malagasy Stewart Morris is your source for success at the highest levels. Visit the Stewart Morris consignment at all major sales and earlier this week Greg Sacco was our guests on trainer talk. Presented by phase dip in. And now he is today's industry star of the week presented by Stuart Morris. His Greg, Greg win. Did you first walk into the paddock and look around and see all of the other great trainers that were saddling their horses in and thanked yourself? Yeah. You know what? This is pretty cool. I made it up belong here. I guess, you know, ever you know, something that, you know, you know, curling between you know, you the perspective, heavy you need the stock. It's not makes you look good and bad. You know. And so, you know, I was that, you know, might my dad's delayed somehow close and, you know, a love of horses in how we bought up and now that the work ethic, everything was there. But, you know, you have earned it you have to respect of your peers and everything, and I, you know, I know ways back that I've always, you know, you know, earned the respect the peers, and, you know, the way we run our Cedro in Vlad horses looking everything. And so I've always got that belonged in, you know, at this level, you know, stop the prove yourself and like last year in the hope it was one thing, but then develop into, it's real then and you wanna do in one accomplish. And so, you know, very proud of the Mike O in my staff is prepared them and under my guidance, but you need to staff. And of course, the horse develop, so I've never had a losing that. Wave a magic wand if it's trainer yes it's trainer. But, you know, you need the staff need the horse. And so, you know, as long as backing for us, I think that I'll be continued to grow as a trainer and, and the foreign prosper, and, you know, we can compete at these high of races, which, you know, you dream about as a kid, I'm fifty three. I've been doing, you know training to a whole life, but, you know, relatively not, you know past my prime. I think that, you know, those I, I enjoy this level and I've always wanted to race at this level. So it's something that is coming to fruition, and, and I'm certainly not taking it lightly. Will you come a long way since political pocket at Garden State? Art, I haven't heard that name along. I haven't heard that name at thirty years. What do you remember about that about that? Yeah. I think I you know, most of my uncles are in that picture because I think we thought he would win, you know, that's having a picture and a long time. But I my almost the whole family showed up for that race Garden State. Yeah. No, no, it's, it's many moons ago. Actually, never forget, my, I think to Rocco wrote them. But now come a long way. And, and hopefully you know, we continue on this path the let me throw another name at you that and tell me about this day horse by name of never my love. Never my love my first stakes at laurel. She'd it first racist. That's filler that we bought my bought with that club foot with my brother and we pay fifty five hundred something for the card state sale by wing t pretty chestnut. Selley. Krista? Karla. Reuter. Cold December day laurel, but it was a it was a good. It was a good good race. And never forget that silly now that, that picture. Is training over early on a break. Other welcome back. Yeah. That was Greg Sacco going down memory lane. He's got mind control printing Saturday in the pointed to the Woody Stevens part of that loaded undercard finally great one after a bunch of years is great, too. The mazing undercard plan for next week before the one hundred of the first half of champion enemy. Awesome. And I'm so excited to see mine control back. We over the winner. Greg Sacco was stable to Belmont. And he was right. Right across from our barn. Man, nothing. Nice worst, completely look collapse. Great great horse. I think the Woody savings will be great Buffy really willing golfing finished second who's in the teeth of the pace he was on the road hot of the racetrack. They didn't decide to go on with them. They fought the derby fever. They caught him back on the Bayshore keeping them on the path, a lot of good races out there for, for the three year olds sprinters including the Woody Stevens. Of course, the Allen jerkins up at Saratoga on Travers on undercard card. So they're content with being on the cards and winning races opposed to run in the big ones in the not getting the money. Listen, a great ones. Agreed one. I feel like this has a great summer, have no question about it. No question about it. That's all next. Week. Again check was racing. Radio dot net four the satellite information for Belmont Stakes day two thousand eighteen. All right. Great first hour in the books, when we come back here McLaughlin, Jerry, host of others. We're back with our number two right after we falls, ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network. Radio. This is horse racing radio network taking the lead you lay runs after her cookie dough stirred point of under and you'll alley down to the wire point honor, put up like I'd Susan. Enter pot writing hobby Castawano? There's about the go below keeps on Boeing river Boyne on the inside catapult for up five zero, but Pat, something left for the final sixteenth, that it's going to be coast-to-coast in the shoemaker mile from our Jimmy Johns of Lexington studios. Welcome to the equine forum, presented by Woodbine entertainment. Mr. written, Sipa, Tebbit, neck, and neck super tablet, mister Ricks. They hit the wire between the two potential instruments and a heads up. The signs villa in the eclipse, trying to hold on here comes channel makers other outside on side. Magic wand in glory closing into channel bigger strikes. Shadow maker. Lord now. Here's Anthony stabile and Britney actress. Welcome back to our number two of the equine form, presented by would bind and pertain -ment on the big a Anthony veal joined by Britney actress, where live at Hollywood casino. Penn national race course filling in for the baron like pen, and the of the pick for Jude fell judo come onto route the show, talk a little cross country pick five all about three to five hundred thousand dollars. Sixth running of the pen mile tonight here at Penn national on an absolutely glorious morning. Still have some forces training. Brittany already seen close to a hundred on this track this morning. And it's just a glorious morning here. Right in the shadows of blue mountain Sweden side blackout, the blackout training this morning jog. Get to the bottom of that cheesy or Metallica. I hope I hope Metallica. I do too. But I would think that, you know, Jay Z's little more the blackout for Jay z little more contemporary, I would think that would be the place. We have a poll for you up this morning trainer. Jeremiah Engelhardt has already joined us. He talked about his forty under who's in that Penn Lyle tonight. Right now. We are joined by care McLaughlin. His a threat of Lou is in the pen mild night. He has Alyssa, he'll in the pennock says, well, Karen, Anthony and Brittany here on the wind forum. Thanks for some time this morning. Karen you there. Yeah. Various Warren, Colonel. Morning. Where are you emanating from this morning? You at Saratoga down Belmont on that bowel Mont. All right. You coming out tonight, or you're gonna be watching it from home. Clocking one at the main track and then flipping over the train attracting work and several at nine thirty to ten. All right. You making your way out the Penn national familiar, you're going to be saying back in Long Island. Dell lease going to go that way in a little while. I'll watch on TV. All right. Tell Joe to stop by. We're right on the finish line if he wants to swing by a couple of runners for McLaughlin, stables today, we got the Philly Alessio am I saying that correctly? What's that? Our salem. I saying that properly. Yeah. How are you say it? It's okay with me. I can't. At least you're honest, we'll go with all the sale in a threat of Lou Karen this horse. He's really something on the turf. He's been good on earth service broke his maiden on the dirt, and you guys tried them on the turf before he broke his maiden broke his main in off the turf and then some winter down Ecofin with him. Three starts from part on locked e into to race in New York to second current. And then kind of trouble trip in his next start. So Florida worked out well to win. Three in a row down there. It just worked out. Great. And then second Churchill was a nice, right? Yeah. That was a big. He's, he's a versatile sort to he's one on the lead. He's gone fast. He's gone. Kinda slow. He's come from off the pace, as an easy horse to train because of his tactical speed, and how, and how how versatile is yes. He's a pleasure to train does everything. Right. And we train them normal and run every month. We had to give them a little bit of time from early March to early may, we gave them sixty days into his last race. And now we're back on thirty days, but he's doing great. And we've got to cut back to a mile would work out well. Haven't done much on paper anyway, just that one threes between the, the American turf and. And this Penn mile tonight. He cuts back to the Mark after a couple of miles sixteenth races. You think the miles is best distance? It's hard to say I don't know but it's a should work out. Welker is not that much pace, he doesn't have to be on the lead. But if he is on the Lee worked out. Well, it's hard to say he probably get him on a quarter if he's left alone on an uncontested -ly, though, you never know a little bit pace tonight. And we'll be it's hard to know what is best it since is. But he's doing very well. Really seemed to get along with Louis Sayas as well since Louise gotten aboard. He's done very little wrong in that race last time in the American turf, e even in defeat them might have been ratio. Louis is, is Tim berry. Well, and we're happy to have him go over there. He's, you know second on the one time. So he fits the horse very well. I know in that American turf was that actually affirmed her? Of course, I may fourth. I feel like there is some rain. Sorry, I wonder if here's a question. Sorry about that when he was in the American turf last time out was, was actually affirmed her, of course, because I feel like there was quite a bit of rain, and I think he might like this course a lot better today. It's very nice. You know, it was not farm, definitely had given the ground and these seems to handle farm, saw yielding all the above. So you're pretty neat horse as far as that goes. Cool. Yeah. You talk about how well, Louis fix them. Do you give them any instructions, caring Jogi mini instructions, and we'll just let them break at it and see how it unfolds early on tonight tonight, we won't have a lot of hopefully we're break. Well, where there somebody goes to clear us, then we'll lay second or third, but hopefully where they're on or near the Lee. We talking earlier about how you got the three options with the three year olds on the turf today. Could go to run at Monmouth in the cat. Obviously, the pine ridge is a mile and an eighth at Donlon the mild here. What, what brought you guys out here with a threat of blue? It worked out, well, timing wise. You know, it's back in a month, and it's important race five hundred thousand dollars and it's a mile and, and we just dot that we, we fit very well this race. And had we waited to run back in two nine rich with might catch some more tougher horses. So it just worked out, well. Yeah. He seems to be doing doing really, really well like you said, plenty of speed he has plenty of speed, but he can come from come from off his well race earlier on the card. I'll yield comes in for Shad. Well, she broke her maiden down at Gulfstream Park while yet us insatiable start to the year, especially down go free last time out she tried the mile and three sixteenths I start against what was that just a little out of scope. You think maybe but, you know, hard to say, but this was a great opportunity since we're already going to get some nice black type. And so we thought let's put them both in on the van and get them over there. So she's a nice Philly. Looks like CAD Brown. It'd be very tough. But we'd be happy. We hit the board. We'll try and win, but we take second third. Fia allot like a threat of blue. She has some speed. She can be tactical, you reach out for Julian Peru. If I'm not mistaken. This is the first choice you put Julian on in a in about a year and a half or two years or so. Yeah. We don't get that much. We like Julian and it's tough to get to him sometimes, but we're happy to have him. And he was there night until where we're we've had some luck with them in the past. Looks like the kind of Philly that would that he fit as well. You know, having that tackle speed one of the best set of hands in the business. And like you said, trying to get that black type so so important with these with these Phillies. She'll be close. That doesn't have to be on the lead, and she should be close will leave it up to him to see how the break does and how to race on poles, but we try and get the best of available jockeys, and they can make the call at after the break. Topple trainer here McLaughlin, the has all wheel in the penalties and a threat of Lou figure scoff the favorite in the great to five hundred thousand dollar pen mile. Now, Karen, of course, everybody was really excited about Haikal going into the derby trail. What's he up to now? Well, he went home Friday quantity. And once he wasn't found enough to run. He went home to be checked out, and they checked out perfect at Rune riddle. But since he was home. They decide to give thirty days to forty five days at the farm, and hopefully he'll be back pretty soon. And no surgery, just he had some beat issues and there better now. And he got some time off. So we're looking forward to getting back pretty soon. It'll be really nice to have a nice fresh horse for the summer. Yes. For the fall of the year. Yes, it will be he's a really neat horse. I'm not sure what will point him for. But we'll be happy when he shows up. Carrying a week out from the one hundred fifty first Belmont Stakes. Of course, back in two thousand six jazz. We'll give you your first win earned classic talk about jazz a little bit thirteen years ago. Can you believe that? A little scary that goes time goes by. He finished fourth in the Kentucky Derby, and we skipped the Preakness, and I remember working in three weeks after the derby, and then missing his ex work. And because the track was perfect that we decided not to work in, and everybody thought we couldn't win by not working, but it worked out, great and for an Endo HARA road him. And when he broke from the gate, I think he he lost his Stirrup momentarily. Right front of us, there was a mile and a half, and then he ran down the backside. He made a big move around turn move right up to leaders, I think was bluegrass casts and went by, and it was just a huge win. Great great to win. An American classic and nasal. Yeah. One hundred stakes one fifty one next week. We're talking with trying to care McLaughlin, that was twenty two thousand six this year is going to try and win the Penn oaks Alyssa, he'll and the pen mile with a threat of blue Kenneth actor some time this one, will you get over to the train and track. We'll talk to you thank. Thank you. Appreciate all your little work hard with our industry. Max here. Thanks as always trying to carry McLaughlin. He's not too many. There's nobody better, maybe some as good. Nobody better better person trainer than here McLaughlin, so nice so good with his horses. So approachable. He's great person. You got a great feature if I do say so myself. Feature a great feature lined up on him in Rajiv Mirage for. From Belmont Stakes broadcast fraud. Kentucky Derby broadcast, unfortunately comes down with the foot abscess and south. Yeah. I okay on one wouldn't win when Haikal came out, it allowed me throw my fifth pick and to all the main plays that was country house. There you go. You one big time I o I o the kernel of Piccolo Busa feast that. I'll be collecting my Piccolo Busse lefay from Kentucky Derby from Steve Dudin this Wednesday night, because he told me Bob Baffert win the derby. And I told him he was not going to in the back on January twenty fourth call. Written down have all my fan wages down this actress. They try to skate on you. You can't let them be skating on. You remember that always remember that? All right. Like all guests McLaughlin will be getting some power from embraced the race embrace your passion for worse racing over it embraced race dot com. I guess we've got to send Ericsson stuff to figure it out, and I'm not saying that because he's all over my shoulder Dr Jerry, Dr Jonathan a little bit after the break before we go to break, though. It's time now for the Lord's news update and a look at the top headlines from blood horse dot com. War of wills Belmont. Prep work won't include a breeze. Knowing the recent racing history of war of wealth, and the mile and a half classic that awaits Trina Marquez is more than comfortable just having his grade one Preakness stakes when a Gallup in preparation for the great one to eight Belmont Stakes. Presented by naira bench Warhol's. Expect me to lone horse starting all three of this year's five six. He placed seventh in the grade one Kentucky Derby presents why would reserve Churchill down for students terms? He was fouled in the far turn by maximum security, then scored a clear victory in the Preakness hat. Kemoko race forces guy bombers, Laura will looks to become the first source since a fleet Alex in two thousand five to win the Preakness dominant coming up short in derby. Cassie certainly is concerned about the fitness after his three old competed completed the mount according derby and won the mile and three sixteenths creek nece in fact, son of war of front has not reasons. Earning among seventy nine workers, April twenty-seventh Churchill when he completed half. While in one forty in, in forty seven and three. I didn't read them between the derby, the frequence as some do. And we have an extra week this time, but I kind of look at the positives and the negatives. And here's a horse that, if he's not fit my now he'll never be fit. Cassie said, if he gets beaten a Belmont, it's not going to be from lack of fitness, I promise you that. That wraps up this warnings edition of being blood horse news update, are you using the blood Orson, whether these global stallions at has a wealth of, continuously updated information over eight hundred signs including racing starts for their foles upcoming entries. And results, the app is free and worked with both phones and tablets now will be today, or go to global stallions apt dot com to learn more. The only one sprinting that will run all three triple crown races this year. We picked up another star for the Belmont Stakes for the test of a champion next week in bourbon war yesterday. Mike Smith will ride war will come in Tyler Gaffney Leon will be the only ones run all three legs of the triple crown. I'm pretty excited. I'm I'm really excited to see him in person. Abell monto. I don't know if he's he's either already vickings coming in the might become tomorrow. Yeah, not certain. It'd be pretty cool if he could do if he could take the Belmont to I think it's an interesting approach the marks taking breezy in between, but he has a point. He's he's fit. He's raised it will be interesting, if he wins the Belmont Stakes the amount of what if from the derby, derby for sure. For sure. Very interesting. Very, very interesting. Only time will tell I for one thing. Things might have been different amazing. It'd be amazing to have to, you know, because we've seen so many near misses and so many horses win the Preakness and the Dom on after, you know, a misstep in the derby, you know, and the point given just was ranked that day. And, you know, a fleet Alex, maybe the best trip in the derby, and we've, there's been countless risen star, of course, started before you will porn, but yeah. Just so many. And now none ever had this. None other were involved in inquiry that took down the winner. Say that peck picture that was all over the internet was pretty questionable. So I it was different. I don't know. We'll find out in one week and your home for all the reasons big events right here. We'll have you covered from two to seven thirty. Wow. Leave on the five on coverage from five seven thirty coverage presented in conjunction with Westwood One and NBC sports. All right. We will take a break when we come back Dr Jerry pack. Join us sociation vet here at Penn national. 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Oh, Ponti is higher of eclipse champion on Canadian classic winners deadly digs and stakes winners this technicality. And America's hail, Justin up is represented by exciting stakes winning filly safe to say and stakes place runners, just a holic flushing Justin and upset. Ruing proton Icho, GIO Ponti and Justin Phillip standing at Casselton lions. Steve autumn in the official bugler Churchill Downs, and the Kentucky Derby, and you're listening to the horse racing Radio Net. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment. Here's hawkish making a bowl bid the far outside. He's bankable as draft back next Colt Mississippi and way early as they turn for the wire in comfort Murad here comes hawkish the outside these three paddle in the final furlong that hawkish takes over Merav back the second and covered as weakened Colt Mississippi coming on. But it is hawkish and Manny Franko to score convincingly in the pen mile might have been way early getting second. He's in the photo with Colt Mississippi. Murad checked-in fourth. Welcome back hawkish took the twenty eight team renewal of the Han mile. Me. Many Frankl's tried to go back to back. He writes forty under tonight. Welcome back to. Hollywood casino, Penn national race course on an absolutely brilliant, Saturday morning to forty five I post, if you coming out to Penn national. Today normally I would say tonight, but you got to forty five I post will go on the air at six o'clock here on the network, Sirius XM one fifty six fight nation. Live coverage of the Susquehanna. Pennsylvania governor's Cup the pen oaks, and that grade to half million dollar pen mile nice enough. Join us now for our annual visit thought Jerry pack, the association vet here at Penn national vintage off to Todd Maas dollars a little bit, the executive director of the Pennsylvania VA. Hi, doc. Good morning. Sarah, welcome to pin national. Thank you Britney. Great morning. Fantastic. Morning always good to see you sunrises sunrise breakfast programmes already underway. He s are it is they will walk succeeds interesting things over there. When I came in this morning, doesn't impair legs that I'd, I sucked it out when I was in veterinary college for education of my clients. So they've been a real big hit here at our Sunday morning. Sunrise, yet, you know, I host a breakfast program at Belmont, and we don't have we don't have likes. We don't have likes after that in the steel that idea from you. How's it been up here has everything going, right? Very good. We've had last couple years been pretty tough with all our rain, turf course numbers are down as far as our about that earlier. Yeah. Fifty less than fifty races down from hundred twenty last year. Normally we run about twelve hundred stars year on our turf. I think last year we started five hundred forty horses while. While that's tough. That's tough your side of the ball. Side of the balls of news, a lot this year. We're under a real scrutiny, you know, we've got a lot of armchair, people out there quarterbacks in football here I guess we call them owners trainers. And veterinarians that don't understand this game. They don't understand what we try what we do to prevent all this bad, publicity that we've been getting. Yeah. I'll tell you what you guys really do a guide to fantastic job appear. How's it affected? How's it affected? You guide. How's it affected? You, you know, I take it personal. When I get abused for some of the decisions, and I have to make you know, I don't have thirty minutes examine a horse starting gate. Tis to say whether he's gonna run or not. That's kind of a snap decision. It's based on experience. I have a great jockey colony here. They know that if they bring a horse to me and say, doc, it's not right. Whether I can see something wrong with him. We're not gonna take the chance. I'm not gonna put that jock nor that horse in jeopardy. I'm not sending him back for rider change. He's out he'll lived run. Another day. And whatever going on to you, do you pull the trigger on that a little sooner now. No. You know, I have always considered the horse on that particular day. I don't want the back history. There are some signs that will tell me maybe something up. But I might get decision based on what I see in what that jock stone me only been doing this. I've been in this profession for longer than you are old. I've been here pin national about twenty five years. I worked as a private practitioner for number years. I worked for the commission for about fourteen years. And I've been with pin about ten. So your life. I'm a lifer. You know, I left a commission and took the job with pin national. I thought there were some things panache would allow me to do that. I thought were very important. One of the first things we did in twenty ten was, we started a review process, and by that, I mean anytime we have a catastrophic injury during racing during training. All our horses go in for autopsies or crops. He's we've been we have a database. It goes back to nineteen ninety seven over twenty year show in twenty ten with pins, backing we started the review process. So now with our injuries after we get the crops report back, we'll go through the medical records on the horse will watch the replay the race and we call trainer in and we wanna know what that trainer new did that trainer miss something. Was it just one of those things where we? We had a catastrophic injury. The program has been phenomenal. If you see, now it is almost standard operating procedures across the United States at all race tracks the trainers like it. They like to know what was going on. You know, it lets them know that pin national were concerned about what happens on our restrict. We want them to know that they're not going to walk away with an injury and say, well, unfortunately, took a bad step. So it's been a tremendous program. We feel it. It's been very beneficial over about the last five or six years, all-race tracks has been reporting their catastrophic injuries to national database and back when we first started it, we were looking at a rate of about one point eight catastrophic injuries per thousand starts the past year that rate was down to one point four thousand we have made some drastic steps in the right direction to try to prevent catastrophic injuries all-sports injuries, occur racing's, no different. Unfortunately, we're dealing with a thousand twelve hundred pound animal that you can't say you're going to lay down on that bed for six months to you hill. And there are injuries that we can repair. There are injuries at certainly are to the extent that there is no hope of repairing those horses. It's unfortunate. We've all loved to get that number down zero. But it's we don't live in that you Tope. In world. So we do we can. Right. Absolutely. You know on these horses. Tell us when they don't wanna do things you see horse. It's been loading in a starting gate with no problem. And all of a sudden, he don't wanna load r he's bad in the paddock in and they're telling us if we're Dismore noth- to listen to them, that there's something going on that we need to address. Talking with Jerry packed association vet here at Penn national what's it been like for you before we let Todd jump in for a few minutes? What's it been like for you to be a part of this night? Now day and night starts out with three states right in the one now, eight stakes tonight, one of the richest cards in history of Penn. National race was what's it been like as you, you know, you do a lot here? You guys gotta be real proud of the night and day in the night, you guys created Email where we are from when I started here, ninety five is phenomenal. Pin, national support racing contrary to let you might hear pit national supports racing. They support everything, you know anything that I feel we need to do from the health and welfare of our horses. They're right on top of it. Not only here but it all racetracks. If, if we said, a, a some kind of policy here pin national, it's Dopp kit at all our other racetracks around the nation. So. They absolutely support this racing industry. Dr do a great job. I love seeing you, walk does like because, you know, one of my favorite gigs is hosting the breakfast. It's all about getting the fans to come out and into learn more about our great sport. And we appreciate you doing. That was really nice to see this morning. I appreciate you all here. I know when I see here it's a great day racing. Always a great day racing at Penn national. But this is our best day of the year day, rations great. They are. The way it works talked to Jerry pack the association vet. Thanks todd. Won't you come on in for a few minutes pod? Maas dollar the executive director of the Pennsylvania, h BPA. Morning, sir. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing well. How are you? Never better best day in my life. How great is this day, absolutely have, I was telling somebody at breakfast worn on the feet, hit the ground three quarters at our battles over? When you get up to over fifty I guess that's the way it is. But. Spy sweeper for yourself. Left to go glorious morning. Great day and night racing. Coming ahead. What's going on? How's everything up here? Hi, everything's a lot better than people. Wanna say it is, you know, you just had a conversation with Jerry pack about horse safety, and as aboard the Pennsylvania HP board of directors, we've created initiatives. We've we are one of the first to go to the third party. Ministration lasix. We also our sister track press cow downs who are board actually overseas, also and not many people knew this. But at the pet service up there. The association has horseman association. We actually paid three point two million dollars. We paid for half the expense of track that we had no equity ownership in. But that's how much safety is, is on the forefront for the board of directors. And I commend the board of directors for having foresight, and be willing to put their money where their mouth is. And you know, press cow speaks for itself as far as safety record. You look at safety record there, it's third, you know, unfortunately, or fortunately, catastrophic breakdowns happen to Nath lettuce event, but at Prescott were third of the national average, which is, which is phenomenal. And I think it speaks volumes of the surface that Michael Dickinson created. And I guess, at the moment he's up at dependent ten because he keeps making keeps making improvements. But Madonna, Houston reinventing, it yeah, absolutely. But. So the board of directors have been supportive in, in all initiatives in we'll continue to, to put horse safety at the forefront to mazing when you look around this places, and then I remember when I was a kid we drove past here on Hershey Park when I was younger and. Come up here now, I remember my first trip here about eleven years ago with my girlfriend and niece and nephew. Hershey sedating to do around here nine, the case like gambling, as a good chuckle. I said, Yang goes great bar food and good gambling about ten miles north came up and man, even from ten eleven years ago, it's grown and I mean this day and night racing is just really second to none. Well, we, we, we try to we don't everything we can to create this marquee day the match series. We've been involved with the match series about that parmi talk about that. Sure last year we reinvigorated the match series. All the executive PPA's race tracks t h we sat down and we decided we wanted to recreate the match series last year was the first year, the one major change. We made this year was previously, there would be racist at different racetracks on different weekends. And we made the decision it would benefit if we put all all four races of the series at each race track so that horseman could ship, three four five horses, and participate in all the races at one time. And this being the second match series event of the year we think it's, it's paid dividends. I was a little disappointed with the entries in the governor's Cup a little bit with only five horses. Five eighths on the grass. But overall, it's been a success. And I think it'll, it'll that will continue to it. It's nice for horsemen to be able to throw moldable horses on van to compete in the series in the kind of money and again our board they ponies money comes from the horsemen associations. We all agree to put up a substantial sum of money to create that bonus and to create that excitement for the match, which is really, really makes the match series go or the bonuses. So, you know, all the all the horsemen groups have made those contributions, and I commend all the all those groups in the mid Atlantic for having vision to, to create something that I think can be special for a long time magin that everybody getting together and driving towards one goal. When we seem to be able to do it on the horsemen side on the racetrack. Operators side with all the tips that go on between, you know, the gorillas in the room that Churchill's, stran-. And I don't like to get involved in it too much, unless we're forced to. But as horsemen I think we're on the same page on a lot of issues. And this was certainly one of them we just wanna play. Right. Kind of like that. Just wanna play. We wanna play him. We wanted to be fair, and we want it to be safe. Well. Good looking out as we say in the street, appreciate it. Good looking out. Great job, let you get going. We'll get to a break in what about Penn mile. You wanted you got one for me. What do we like? Oh, let's we could use all the opinions around here that ends the y'all stakes one of the all stakes fours and into cross country. Pick five I'm looking for. I like a little bit. Yeah. I think it's a I think it's a very competitive field. Especially when you when you look at the weight the weights, I think threat of blue, obviously, you talked to Karen earlier. I think he's definitely the horse to beat the same time. I think he's a little vulnerable got away with some slow fractions and the American turf the horse beat him. I felt going into that race. I felt was one of the best horses in the country. You watch vegetal one hundred percent. I mean, the races second race at Tampa. I still don't know how he got along with that race race. Again. They were both might be the worst winning rod in the history of the world. They were both pretty amazing. So he got beat by decent buddy else. Everything goes on way, torset interests me a little bit at a big numbers, the blackout will be to. I think he was. He was sitting a trip down on the end sign when he tried to make his move in that particular race he went down to the rail, and I don't think the rail actually third graph gave it a dead rail rating. And I don't know why on that particular horse. He doesn't have a dead rail rating, but that horse tried to make. Move up the inside the last eighth of a mile and looked like he was running in quick, sane aren't many guys. Right. A bit Kendrick right now. It's gonna be interesting. It's gonna be a great race. We got a, a great great weather day in the mid Atlantic seems like it's under stormed every night for didn't last night, but five six days in a row and I think we're going to avoid that and we're going to have a great day. And hopefully I'll come home safe. It'll be a great day recent here. Hopefully this weather stays, the course that we got right now Stoller the executive director of the Pennsylvania, HP ventures. Silence morning. Thanks for your time. All right. We'll take that break win come back, pontiff pick four jute fell, he's going to expand his arises. We're gonna come pick five. She'll talk a little cross country, five only return, this equine forum on the horse racing radio network home for the triple crown. Adena springs. Stallions Muccio macho ban is cyber in the making a precocious juvenile plastic three year old and dominant older horse Lucho macho man wins the one hundred and twenty six Bergman dazzling time new Joe macho man Wednesday star. Macho man, I prop includes great one place, three year old. Puccio. Gustavo Mu-chou Gustavo impressive in victory. Bruises home by five easy, and talented, three year old filly Muccio unusual. And this is going to be an authoritative score for Mu-chou unusual the way, the Calcutta, a top five second prop sire in two thousand nineteen Mutuel macho man, standing at Dina springs is Dina, stallions dot com. The sixth running of the great to Penn mile for Saturday, June first Hollywood casino at Penn, national featuring some of the best year old turf forces in the country, a day that features four match series races. In addition, depend mile and Pennells plus they'll be three all snakes pick fours, but a fifteen percent takeout with a special I post of two forty five pm eastern. Do what wanna miss exciting day at Hollywood casino at ten national, it's the great to half million dollar pen mile Saturday, June first at Hollywood casino at Penn national, the national HP is the coalition of over thirty individual affiliates in the United States, and Canada comprised of thousands of thoroughbred owners, trainers, and breeders committed to the positive future of thoroughbred racing while working to increase its popularity at uphold the highest standards of welfare, and integrity. Stop by the visit CEO Eric Hamma back at the national HP headquarters in Lexington Kentucky and see what the HP is doing. You. Fans. Come join us for great racing and good times this weekend at Santa Anita on Saturday. We've got the great three honeymoon for three year old Phillies and the great to Santamaria stakes for fillies and mares infield general admission and parking your free each weekend. So bring the family and interview gate, six off of Colorado place. Visit Santa Anita dot com for more information I post time this weekend is a one o'clock CNN Nita racing and great value in a world class setting. Broken bow continues to deliver rock solid results. The top ten son of bridled has hired nearly one hundred fifty black type stakes horses seventy five black type stakes winners and over seventy one million dollars in earnings among those sired by broken vowel last season. We're chocolate MARTINI winner. The grade to fairgrounds oaks and life. In shambles winner of the great three fall, high weight sire of eclipse champion champagne room broken vow his sired additional grade, one winners, unbridled Belle, Rosalyn, sassy, image and cotton, blossom, broken vow standing at Pinot study. This is Chris McCarron and you're listening to the best horse racing show on the radio on horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine, entertainment there into stretch. Clinton rules, Ryan. Oh, hold on here is five star. General is taken second on the outside. The click role has now kicked away five star. General dull middle under his tone further sign. It has moved up into second empire wars, taking third, and five star general effects port is Clint maroon takes the Woodhaven, pulling under the wire by four and a half link. Sober forty under and it was pirate of war, and five star general. Back. To the equine form, presented by Woodbine entertainment here on the worse racing radio network. The big a the beast, that's me for the actress, that's her. Fill in for Mike panel. And our next guest rely that Hollywood casino at ten national, he is not Judas down in Kentucky. It's nice weather there, too, 'cause it's pretty perfect here. Dude. How's the weather down there? Welcome to the program. Thank it's a beautiful day in the blue grass that sun is shining. Hopefully it stays that way the rest of the day. All right. Well, you and I have been talking about this cross country pick five mostly me. I'm really excited about this thing tonight. Started. That benign ridge. We gave out ticket last night on the weekends takes preview, presented by naira bats. We are going to talk about a few at a racist today. I know you're excite you loved her phrasing more than anything. And it's, it's. Al- stakes pick five on the turf. You gotta be pumped for that. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Happy that the great are on the graph. How's the weather up there? The course going firm or what we looking at our was talking about good to firm. You know, I would you and I've talked about this, too, probably good firm. I refused. I think I'm ready to, to start really raging machine coming up on my own turf rating system. I think it's good firm today. Well, that's good. That'll bicker bicker ticket as small as we could possibly make it. Yes. Exactly. Are let's off with the prime richer. You like Belmont. Well, Clinton Rune has best her figure coming out of his last rate, twenty points higher than par for the level. So he looks like a formidable foe seismic Wade had a terrible trip last time. He's come to wive horsey, six to one in the morning line. I would imagine, he's going to be half that or even less I wouldn't be shot. He went favored, the way people been talking about them. So those are the two that I that I like best, I think you proposition and social paranoid you both have a chance. They're going to have to improve the figuring run down Clinton. Opinion this actress. I am really excited to see seismic wave. I hope he's not the favorite one. The gates open and close it. It'd be nice to get a little better than even money has a price that I don't know, even money but he'll be he'll be three to one. Like Jude said he's not one to one that's not six nine. That's happening. All right. Let's attention to right. Here ten national, we'll go on the air at six o'clock. We'll have all four of these steaks. We're gonna talk about Sirius XM one fifty six Susquehanna for the older fillies in. There's. Which Alantheia pontiff. Well, I think this is the toughest race of the sequence is pretty wide open. I thought Dinah tale had a chance smoking patio Lassie that she might might have a chance. I'll take the cake. And, and she goes to chain of ghost is my top pick had some trouble last time, I think she's, she's got some races on her chart that would win this if she has clear trip, she's outside. I don't think that's going to bother heck of a lot but I'm spreading. Secret secret message in Rauma native. That's tough row to hold who the first time he tried to care for. Isn't it? Put her in there. Nice. I think she's going like to little putter into the deep end of a pool any real. Yeah. We had we had, Eric can we had Todd moss. Dollar on a little disappointed by the fact of Pennsylvania governor's Cup only has five but no matter is the two inside orces Pearson. Sation and completed pass their plenty of pure sensation. Eight years old now, multiple graded stakes winner. You know, I don't know what's going to happen to Penn. But he's a different horse in, in, in the state of Pennsylvania is one of the turf monster times. He's won the parks dash. He loves the he loves the air here out in Pennsylvania, yet brotherly love. He he's a he's a very good horse and me over a million and a half. So we have to respect him. He he he has. He's over class wise, say, but completed taxes, solid. He's been running great since last year. Actually from twenty eighteen on. He's just been a machine. So I think you gotta use them both. Yet Bel Air, on the side of coffee, and then kick yourself, cutting your ticket at half and not getting alive. Right. I don't think I I'm I don't think I news anybody else. He doesn't need to complete a pass. Nice worse. Station you have to him to Bob own will be today as well. We'll be here today. All right. Two big ones, pennock spend mile penalty remarkable soul, obviously gonna come out. We'll be on the turf year. They've only runs you'd say, no. They've only won two races. Over this course so far in the rails came all the way out. They put them back. So the inside, of course, has not been touched yet. We'll have some races on the turf this afternoon to the evening. Obviously, Chad Brown's gonna be six to five morning line probably going to be less than that regal glory. And you know, we always thought about the triple advantage. She might be quiet on the buyer scale. She's like a quadruple advantage. Is he really? Yeah, all of a sudden, you'll ran a seventy five and she hoarse number was seventy five. So she's a Padres advantage on the on the buyer scout. Well, that is very talented Phillies, she's done. Little wrong to wins t seconds and four starts. You gotta like her. She's got a nifty pedigree by animal kingdom out of a more than reading there. You know you not love with the price. But you know what do you expect? When you have a horse with that kind of record. I thought ala feel care McLachlan's Philly had a shot, her main breaker was pretty nice on the crafts. It's came back and Rian third in a in a good allowance race at Keeneland, and then I Khana is a horse kind of interests me. She's another one. She broke her main. First time out came back up eating knows Arnaud, Delacour, doesn't great jobs. He cities Philly out of the rich mayor. She had a best of the morning blow out at fair hill. So I'm gonna include her us to five six and seven. All right. Brett is this the signal is this Britney actress single vase. Is that regal Laurie? Probably yeah. Yeah. I mean, if you're going to try something I'd throw I'd actually throw your is worse in there because he's always there. He's always picking up a track somewhere. Trainor your is Saint Louis count on about this yesterday. Dude, I Horsman we saw this morning. He was in the hotel writing as well. And your eye has to be used in any kind of. In the in the penalty. The big one the pen mile to half million on the line. Good bunch in here. Karen, Jeremiah were on earlier. They both seem pretty confident in their colts. Like the way they're coming into the race. Who do you like in the pen mile? Well, you know, I think the race goes through threat of Balu Neath arguably that, that most accomplished horsing year got a lot of town. I know it's been high on his whole life, basically the horses whole life. But anyway, he's good horse. Forty under is also a very nice horse. I think he's a must use, but I like real news, you'll do great last time. It was the first time around turns rain into English be who I loved on the day. He had the highest number in the field. And this, this Heus roommate he Haber hard, re really good racing in. I understand from the barn that came out of the race fantastic. That's why they're running back in two weeks. They're having a hard time hold them on the ground. And he's just. At the top of his game. So they figured why not he get. He's a big strong. It looking horse, you'll like him when you see him and I'm gonna I'm gonna put him on top. I know you respect britney's opinion. You'll be happy to know when you said, real news, she, she was very giddy and happily, nodding up and down in approval. I like. I think you're, you're making a decision there two weeks while the Jude. I think that's you know me. I don't mind renting the back, I hate I hate training, I like I like horses run regularly and don't spend, you know, forty days in training that's to the detriment of the horse really. I don't mind running them back, quick, if they're good and sharpen L, stall, the sources in tastic. So why not run run on their hot? You can give them a rest anytime, you know, town, the country form that owns the horse, they spend a lot of time, but bringing horses back to the farm for like a month. Little turn out or something freshening. It's not a not a big deal to run back into our hearken back to my kids mom, who used to run seven miles a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, didn't bother her anything until she was about fifty eight. I think real news can handle it. That's twenty four hundred miles a year more than I run. Yeah. More than most people right now used to have trainer. Friends of mine, say they were driving down the oh, my God, I was driving down the road and your wife passed me. That she seven out every day. So, yeah. I think horse back in two inches of deal. I'm so exhausted thinking about it. We gotta let you go. I gotta get to a break, I need to decompress for a few minutes. Thanks year. We'll talk to you. All right. All right. For the one and only Jude fell take one more break when we come back. Brittany our wrap up this vision of equine forum on HR, and presented by Woodbine entertainment. Record prize money for horsemen and great basing highlight the one hundred forty six bring meet at Churchill Downs Churchill. We'll be offering more than thirty million dollars in total purses an increase of nearly eight million dollars over two thousand eighteen million dollars stakes purses and eighteen billion dollars in overnight, races, they'd races during the spring, meet will be worth eighty five thousand dollars up from fifty three thousand dollars last year and allow its persons will range from eighty seven thousand good ninety four thousand record prize money and Griffing. This ring at Churchill Downs springtime tips and fun facts. From Paul, Kristen index ter- at total wine and more. Did you know there over one million bubbles glass of champagne brunch line is made in virtually every country in the world? And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one ham. Sweet and salty richness pairs perfectly with juicy peanut. Dr now till locations in Lexington. Visit our new store in Hamburg of sir. Barton wink, shop online at total wine dot com. Selection is ridiculous. Cheers. Airdrie studs summer front is poised to skyrocket to national sire prominence with his first prop of two year olds in two thousand nineteen a multiple stakes winner at to this talented son of warfront when onto winner place in twelve greatest steaks with lifetime earnings of more than one million dollars with an explosive turn of foot summer front routinely recorded times mile and thirty three in some of the best rate, one mile races in the country and possesses everything it takes to be an important sire for years to come Airdrie studs, summer front. Think about it when it comes to buy tractors, mowers and former equipment, look no further than locally owned central -ment on red mile road in Lexington third generation family business central heaven servicing. Equine industry for more than forty six years, working closely with the NTR a to ensure their equine clients. Get the best pricing on their new John Deere purchases at central you'll find top brands like X, Mark coup Bota, still, John Deere, and woods stop in today, an experienced. Family owned atmosphere or visit central acquit, -ment dot com. Power. Passion. By Netco performance. Jerry Conti a son of Bernstein out of a Sunday. Silence. Mayor with five-time champion ES as his third damn carrot Conti recorded, three great one victories, while earning more than one point nine million dollars up for coaches juvenile CARA. Conti recorded a great one win at to the we're taking the prestigious French two thousand Guineas at three fellow by any electrifying stretch. Run in the Breeders Cup mile to defeat older horses with a final time of one thirty two and four fist first crop yearly. Vicary Conti soul for up to two hundred twenty thousand dollars. And is I two year olds impressed at the OB as Mark sale, the Philly breezing in Dinan, four-fifths, seconds and selling for three hundred sixty five thousand dollars to breathe easy LLC CARA Conti standing at gains way, power passion performance. You know, I'm talking about gains way far. Hi, this is one of those how you and I listened to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the equine forum presented by Woodbine entertainment. Exactly. Welcome back. Fourth. We are live. New color from. National hollywood. You know, at ten national. Brittany actress the big a. Wrapping up, really fun Moines. Don't forget, you can catch us tonight at six PM Sirius XM fight nation. One fifty six six to eight PM Susquehanna Pennsylvania governor's Cup. Penn mile penalty and the great half million dollar pen mile run for the sixth time. What a fun morning how Brett it really is training. I'm still so excited to be here. This is a nice place. These looking at real estate as we speak cheaper than Long Island. Everything's cheap at the farm for the cost of a one bedroom apartment, exactly. Won't thanks to guess germ. I angle hot. Care mclaughlin. Dr Jerry pack. Moss. Dollar my men, Eric Johnston rate hospitality here at Hollywood casino. At Penn national race. Course we will be back just about eight hours from now, for the biggest night of the year here at Penn national lots of great action today. We can stakes preview podcasts available over at force racing. Radio dot net for Britney actress on the game. And he's still talk to you at six tonight. HR a nation.

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