Nigeria Releases Guidelines For Easing Lockdown


You're listening to the news. At this time. On Africa Business Radio the federal government has released new guidelines for the new phase of containment of Kobe. Nineteen from May fourth to May seventeen twenty twenty parts of the guidelines signed by the secretary to the government of the Federation boss. Mustafa States at. That's anyone with a face mask in public. The guidelines were all specific about inflammation to the general public guidance to states and security agencies and description of activities allowed under the new face the SGV's the as Jeff said anyone who presents a temperature of above thirty eight degrees Celsius. We'll be dates to return home and call. Ncdc for evaluation. The new advisory also prohibited the Mascot of more than twenty people outside of a workplace while there would be a controlled access to markets and locations for economic activities. The federal government's retained ban on all passenger flights with religious patrons also restricted interest states travelling public transport guideline recommended maximum fifty percent of usual occupancy while saxes where to carry only four passengers including the driver. And that was the news. At this time on Africa Business Radio you can continue so they life online at. Www Dot Africa business radio dot com over a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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