Strange Waters


in the darkness beyond on the realm of normalcy. There are mysteries waiting to be uncovered mysteries that suggest that there is more lurking in the darkness than we may think. There are secrets waiting to be heard secrets that are only whispered during the night. I tied there is something unsettling at times about being on the open. Open water the way. The waters can seem endless. The mysteries hidden beneath and the way. The waters seem to change temperament at a moment's notice. What is at one? Moment Com can turn into a thrashing threatening beast. The open waters are fickle taking jerseys as easily as they give so they can deliver us to the promise of paradise or bring us into an unforgiving hell the waters abide by no-man's rule and while sailing upon them we are often at the mercy of of their Whimsey the seas especially can be an unforgiving lot while out upon them we we can be reminded of her own insignificance in the world of our fragility and how we are but a fleeting SPEC back a mere nothingness compared to the fastness before us the seas flaunt an air of mystery and at times can seem quite sinister their deep blue waters hiding things grand things but also terrifying things as well. They call us into their waters tempting. Getting us with promises of adventure and discovery of fame and potential fortune all the while while we remain unaware of the seas true intention as those sparkling blue waters are also collectors and the relics and secrets which they keep are almost always obtained by force many a ship filled with a starry eyed crew has fallen victim to the seas need to add to its hord. Since the beginning of history the sea has sought to collect our ships treasures. Sailors adventurers are soldiers and even sometimes our cities however the C.. He collects than just the material. It collects stories moments of time. And some say say even spirits there are new shortage of tales of haunted waters of small patches. Where the waters seemed seemed to be in a constant state of unrest waters which seemed eager to swallow up any vessel which crosses over over its appetite unsated waters so violent were either sunk in collections? Seem to be the at unrest waters where spirits haunt and ghostly ships sail waters which many swear to be cursed when you think of such patches. This of mysterious waters waters which seemed to devour all that crossover it. The Bermuda Triangle wrangle is often the first one that comes to mind located in the western region of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. Also known as the Devil's triangle is a five hundred thousand square mile area. Yeah we're numerous ships and aircraft have been reported to go missing under mysterious circumstances as if breath they suddenly out of existence the most famous case is that a flight night team gene. In December of nineteen forty five five navy bombers ars set out from Fort Lauderdale on a practice mission as the bombers flew over the triangle their instruments began behaving strangely and the compasses began malfunctioning. The pilots soon became disoriented not knowing which direction they were heading the mission's leader known as flight. Nineteen was so disoriented said that he was unable to recover his sense of direction and he radioed into base frantically relaying. The situation while voices on the radio did their best to help. The team soon found themselves completely. We Lost Lee flu around for quite some time trying to right themselves but with the compasses still behaving erratically. Clearly they were unable to recover and find their way back to base. We'll soon the planes ran out of fuel and then there was only radio. Silence a few hours later a rescue plane mad with a the crew of thirteen left Fort Lauderdale in search of the men. They were aware of the planes running out of fuel and they knew that most likely the planes had went down in the waters so their mission was to look for any sign of the downed announed planes and crew however just just with the bombers as the rescue plane began to make its way way over the Bermuda triangle their instruments to began to malfunction and soon the rescue plane and and its crew of thirteen disappeared as well. After the rescue rescue plane went silent. The military began suspecting that something far more serious had occurred perhaps perhaps some sort of enemy attack for months afterwards a search mission was carried out looking thing for any evidence any sign of what had happened to the lost aircraft and her crews however after the mission had failed to recover even the slightest bit of evidence of those aircraft Speight and the navy gave up their official report on the incident stated that it was and I quote as if they had flown to Mars. It was probably this incident which really brought brought the lore of the Bermuda Triangle to life as that area of supernatural mystery. In fact the lore behind this area actually goes back centuries there even tales of Christopher Columbus and countering this strange ball of fire during his journey through the area now now while the mysterious flaming ball was most probably a meteor it wasn't the only oddity that Columbus reportedly encountered. He was set to ever recorded in his journal. A strange incident involving his compass while sailing through the area his compass began to act in quite a peculiar manner. The needle would twitch spin about a radically as if it was no longer sherve which direction it was traveling in n no while the crew attributed this anomaly to angry spirits there was actually a less spooky reason for the compasses. Strange behavior. What Columbus and his crew didn't know was that during this time there was a small fraction of the area that had a bit of a directional oddity about it? It was one of the very few places on this earth where the magnetic north and true north perfectly we aligned the difference between the two. Is that the true. North is what were referred to as the North Pole. True North is a fixed navigational point. Magnetic medic north however is not fixed. Magnetic north is a wondering point or the Earth's magnetic backfield travels down through the earth and it is indeed always. I'll be at slowly at times movie. In fact right now. The magnetic north is moving. More towards Russia are directional compasses point towards the magnetic north. Not Towards the true north so when these two north's collide it can affect your directional navigation. It causes a bit of disturbance in the magnetic netted field which can cause a compass needle to do some pretty crazy stuff including suddenly out of I know where pointing towards the south. which if you're traveling can be quite disorienting? So when using instrument that guides based on magnetic north there are calculations you need to make sometimes in order to ensure that you are indeed traveling in the desired direction. Now most navigational shnell systems today especially our GPS. And especially those navigational systems used by aircraft. These are tuned to true. North not magnetic north so that sort of confusion doesn't happen but during Columbus time and for quite a long time afterwards. We didn't know this. So when the kneel on the compass began to behave in such a strange way it was attributed to strange supernatural natural forces. It also didn't help that. The area was also known for its sudden sudden storms storms which could create raging winds and waves. That could sink ship in the blink of an eye. Oh entire battleships Renault to just disappear without a trace and many believed. The triangular area was cursed. Or perhaps it was even hiding some sort of sinister force though. The many disappearances can be attributed to those unpredictable. Storms the worms which create suddent violent waters. And that blip in the Earth's magnetic field. There's no arguing doing that. The waters of the Bermuda Triangle are indeed greedy collectors and it seems that got some of the spirits of those. The water collected are not at all at rest in their underwater grades. The shores of the triangle area are full of tales of gooseflesh ships and wraiths on the shores of Bermuda. Legend has it that when an unusually low flying rain cloud appears and floats over the shores. During the summer months. It is not a mere weather anomaly. It is the ghostly Lee manifestation of an old whaleboat captain known simply as Old Morgan. The store is on old. Morgan vary in some his ship. One of the greedy triangles many victims while in others His ship was attacked and destroyed by smugglers. Either way all the Morgan ever. The dark and brooding spirit is said decree bend to the land as a dark cloud during the anniversary of his name is Uh well it is the most famous. The Bermuda Triangle isn't the only unle mysterious triangle were vessels and their crews seemed to disappear without a trace in Japan. There is an area of mysterious and unpredictable waters known as the Devil's sea or you're the dragons triangle some have even dubbed it the Pacific's Bermuda Triangle throughout history. These waters have been the source of legends prone to violent storms which create deadly typhoons. The waters of the dragons triangle have claimed the lives of many so. The dragons triangle gets its name from the ancient stories of water dragons which inhabited to the area. Now these of course. We're no average dragons. These dragons were Shinto deities the eighties. The water dragons protected Japan from invaders brought about the rains which nourish the crops and they protected nature the waters of the Dragons Triangle where the dragon sacred domain rain and it was sad that traveling in these waters without paying proper respect could lead to great misfortune in the late twelfth. Hundreds between twelve twelve. Seventy four and twelve eighty four Kubla. Khan the grandson of Genghis Khan and the fifth Khan of the Mongol Empire Oh had his sights on Japan he readied his powerful and fearsome Mongol Navy and sent a a siege of several thousand ships to the coast of Japan however much to this Mongols dismay may on Egypt his ships and their crew were obliterated not by Japanese fighters but by the waters near the coast each time the mighty fifth generation Khan attempted to lay siege aged to the land his ships were downed by the violent waters and the sudden typhoons several girl. Thousand ships were destroyed and over forty thousand. Men were lost eventually. Due due to the extreme toll it was taking on his fortune and resources. Cruel Mikan abandoned the idea of conquering Japan and instead said his sights on fully conquering China. The Japanese believed that it was the water dragons these Shinto Deities which had protected them and spared them from what would have been the end of their way of life. It was believed that when their protectors had seen the Mongols is coming the rose up and unleashed their fury wiping out the massive fleet of invading ships within minutes after the ships were destroyed. The dragons then went back down into the depths of the water. Were they remain only to rise up during moments of great payroll. It's sad that the dragons still dwell in the waters and the proof of this has been attributed to the strange appearance and disappearance a what looks like small islands in the waters. It's sad that those islands are actually the the dragons themselves whose vast coils occasionally come up to the surface. It's so that the dragons do not like to be disturbed especially by those who do not honor them first before doing so and if disturbed they will use their powers to take down any vessel which ventures too close to their territory. Often they will remain submerged either sucking in the ships and devouring them or shooting eating out a quick burst of fire to punish and subsequently destroy any vessels which come into their waters. There are no shortage of tales of ships disappearing in these waters. Some seemed to just vanish without a trace. Well others have been said to be hit with a fiery ball of light light right before sinking and surprisingly most of the notable stories are fairly modern from the nineteen forties and well into the nineteen fifties there was a surge in the amount of fishing being in military vessels using the waters over the years a disconcerting amount of those seemed to disappear here without a trace to investigate the cars of these alarming disappearances. The COYO- Meru a research ship was sent out in attempts to locate the missing vessels or at least determine a cause for the disappearances this unfortunately this ship to would be taken by the dragons triangle which was now now by this point being called the devil's sea shortly after setting out into the waters radio. Oh contact with the Meru was lost following this incident. Another vessel was sent out on a search and rescue commission. The wreckage of the Kaya Meru was eventually recovered but all thirty one of its crew members had disappeared without trace after this incident. The Japanese government was said to have declared that the area of the dragons triangle was too treacherous for marine rain travel. All vessels both military and civilian were warned not to travel into these waters This morning also put the end to any research being done in the waters to determine the fate of any of the down ships and their crew Of course this warning hasn't stopped ought scientific research from being done on the waters. It does appear that there is something quite unusual unusual about this area and its waters for one thing. The tectonic plates in the Dragon's begins. Triangle are quite active which has led to a string of underwater volcanoes. Some scientists I believe that the eruptions of the underwater volcanoes can not only be the source for the mysterious islands which seemed to appear and disappear but it could also account for the disappearances of many of the vessels another anomaly detected by researchers is is the presence of large deposits of methane hydrates on the seabed in some parts of the triangle. Methane hydrate is an ice that forms when methane molecules are enclosed by interlocking. Water Molecules Molecules. It only happens naturally in subsurface deposits where it's cold enough and where there's enough enough pressure for it to form now in Warren pockets develop in the waters and the methane hydrate warms warms. It can be quite combustible and when this happens it does some interesting things it can can affect the buoyancy of the water which means that instead of the water pushing back at the boat with equal force and the boat floating Lebowa would instead dropped down and sink much like it was being sucked thin and swallowed up. These anomalies would also explain why so many have claimed to see fireballs coming out of the sea and seeing something large appearing to suck up a ship. There is another her mysterious triangle whose waters prey on those brave enough to travel through the Michigan Triangle Triangle found in Lake Michigan. The Triangle Spans the states of Illinois Michigan. Indiana and Wisconsin. The Michigan Triangle is quite an unusual body of water especially due you too. It's temperamental nature. It's quite moody for a body of water and it has been known to go. From turbulent want to eerily calm and then suddenly violent and turbulent again it often seems as if there's no warning for the sudden change and many feel almost as though the water is toying with them batting adding them around the way a cat will play with a small rodent before it finally kills it. The lakes fierce reputation began in eighteen. Ninety one when a schooner the Thomas Hugh set off to the other side of the lake to load and deliver lumber however well making the journey during its first night out on the lake. A sudden windstorm in storm came in as out of nowhere wrecking havoc on the boat. Other vessels out on the lake watched as the high winds winds rocked the boat about and as the waves crashed over the sides. The crew could be seen scurrying about in a frantic attempts attempts to steady the boat and perhaps fine protection from the crashing waters. Then suddenly it seemed as if the ship just disappeared and the boat and it's small crew were never seen again in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. The testy waters of the Michigan Triangle decided yet again to add to its underwater collection in one thousand nine hundred ninety one rose savell set sail in the waters carrying eleven eleven people. It said about on calm waters and everything about the ship's outing seemed quite ordinary and smooth sailing as it were however some time later when the ship hadn't been seen or heard heard from and those close to those who were on board began to worry a search began for the vessel. It was soon found but in a most peculiar state this ship was found overturned yet. Still floating the water while it showed some evidence of being involved in a collision of some sort. There were no other reports of any accidents or other damaged vessels in the area even stranger. There was no evidence evidence of any remains on board. It was as if all seven of those aboard. The ship had just vanished changed as if they were just erased from existence. When makes this a particularly pick yearly? Good story is that the ROASTS Abell heads been supposedly rebuilt from the pieces of nineteen seventeen and ship which had met a very similar fate. Not only only has the Michigan Triangle stolen a frightful amount of ships and people it also seems to like to play with time name some of the ships and their crews. That seem to disappear in the waters aren't always lost forever. Some pop backup weeks sometimes even months later and give strange accounts of how they were transported back into the past many of those who claim that say that they felt helpless as they found themselves in a seemingly unsettled area and even worse spent frightful nights being followed by strange orbs of light. Those who told such tales were often written off as having been driven mad by exposure. Even today those who travel in the waters of the Michigan Triangle often report odd occurrences as many have claimed to have seen strange orbs in the sky right before the previously calm waters became violent and turbulent others claim that while out on the waters of the triangle. They'll suddenly become overwhelmed by a strange an uneasy. Feeling it's a feeling that they don't belong all as if they're an unwanted presence in the water some even report a strong feeling of fear a year and a need to escape in two thousand seven and underwater. The discovery was made that only added to the mystery of the Michigan Triangle Forty feet below. The service of Lake Michigan lies a strange stone structure similar to that of Stonehenge. It is a forty foot long string of large rocks which you're laid out and aligned in a fashion which is shockingly similar to Stonehenge even more astonishing shing is that the rocks appear to have carvings on them one stone which is located. Just outside of the Circle Erkel is decorated with carvings which seem to depict a Mastodon an animal which we believe to have went extinct about ten thousand years ago this discovery. He has only added to the supernatural lore which surrounds the Michigan Triangle. There are some who believe. Ah this stone circle carries a curse. And it's why so. Many ships and their crew seem to disappear ear in the area and why so many seemed to experience time slips well out in the waters it seems that no one can quite agree on a natural cause for those incidents which occur in the Michigan Triangle so the sudden storms are often attributed to the southern clash of hot and cold air pockets and outside of that back. There doesn't seem to be the amount of natural anomalies located here as in the other bodies of water mentioned. It seems that the waters of the Michigan Triangle is also a keeper of secrets Do Not all strange waters occur in triangles some are rather small self contained little patches of water for instance. The SARGASSO Sea is one that has quite a reputation of being a collector of ships. The only see without shores wars the SARGASSO is a small region in the middle of the North Atlantic. It's surrounded by ocean currents elise these currents bring the see all sorts of gifts including ghost. Ships the vibe Abe of this is somewhat haunting one and there's something a bit disconcerting about the stillness the currents that feed into the circus. Oh deposit into the sea large amounts of Seaweed tweet it's Dark Brown Collared Siwi and it's also highly invasive and because of the large amount of seaweed read in these waters even though the sea is surrounded by the freezing waters of the Atlantic its waters. There's are actually quite warm. Is there also eerily calm especially compared hurt the temperamental waters of the surrounding Atlantic. Of course this haunting vibe live is only accentuated by the go ships the end up in the seas waters four centuries ships ships have been spotted afloat in the seas waters most seem almost immaculate their sales are still still hoisted. Everything inside looks perfect. But once the ships are boarded they're found to be completely devoid of a crew often. When the ships are explored dinner places will be found to be still sat as if the crew had just disappeared right in the middle of a meal often signs of pirates or smugglers? There's or any other form of foul play is never found those who boards. Such ships are said to feel dark presence they feels if something unnatural is lurking Abou- in fact finding these odd abandoned go ships in the Sargasso Sea was such commonplace occurrence that in the nineteenth century sailors believe that there was something nefarious lurking about in the waters. Some men believe the disappearance of the ship's crews were due to sirens of mermaids tempting men and stealing them others blamed sea monsters like the crack in other sailors believed that it was the dark brown seaweed. That was the real killer they believe the seaweed was not only carnivorous versus but it had the ability to climb up into the ship and grab the men whatever it was the water is oddly. Still and if you ever venture into the sea and see one of these ghostly ships floating about in it. You two might feel that strange feeling that haunting feeling that there is something whatever it is this lurking about taking people. Canada's Lake Superior is another body of water her that is known for its harsh storms in unforgiving waves. The waters of Lake Superior have claimed their fair share of ships often swallowing up entire ships and their crew in a blink of an eye never to be seen again. It seems however that some of the spirits of those who were stolen by the waters in added to its sunken collection haven't given up hope of one day being recovered in nineteen twenty seven the SS Kamloops set sail on its ill-fated journey. As autumn was giving away to winter traveling on Lake Superior was risky business. The lake was well known known for its sudden. Winter storms storms which could form even though the sky above with still a bright light blue the winds of these sudden storms created deadly waves waves. That were deadly not just for their size. But also for the icy waters the hurled forth on the ship's crew one day as a particularly nasty storm storm was brewing. Two ships were making their way through the waters both doing their best to weather. The storm and the turbulent turbulent waters it was creating the men on both ships curried about in panic as sizeable waves crashed up against them. The captain of the smaller ship the K.. Dot did his best to steer the ship away in hopes of avoiding the brunt of the storm the captain of the Kamloops however he took a different approach. The Kamloops captain decided rided to continue on course in hopes that the ship could sideline the worst of the storm and reach calmer water sooner as the Kamloops soldiered on they were completely unaware of what was waiting. I'm for them as the captain of the K.. DOC watched in amazement of the ship's course of action. He spotted a massive Asif wave forming off in the distance one who size and measure would be both terrifying and devastating to behold the captain knowing that the cam loop was endanger radio to the ship frantically urging them to change course But sadly his warning was in vain a seconds before the message reached tale faded festival Kamloops had already ventured too far into those treacherous waters as a tremendous waves swelled in rose the men of the doomed ship clamored frantically securing. Life vests the reading the lifeboats and finding protection to brace themselves for what was coming. The great repave crashed over the ship causing her to lose structural integrity as the ship cracked and broke apart under the strain and as it began to take on more water the crew was left with no choice but to abandon ship. Several lifeboats filled with crew members flung themselves into the thrashing frigid waters as the rain pounded down and the waves violently knocked the tiny boats about the men breathed themselves for the worst miraculously however the men made landfall on a tiny island and after a brief had count don't it was determined that all of the ship's crew had survived the harrowing endeavor. Oh but one that is a senior crewmen had stayed behind while the others had escaped. He knew that the men's survival level depended upon a distress call being sent out so that a search crew could be able to locate them so he stayed behind his stayed behind in order to ensure that that distress signal went out as the ship took on more and more water the crewmen calmly repeated out the distress. Call a a lonely voice pleading for help calling out last known coordinates into the darkness. The brave crewman's efforts did not go. Unhurt and a search party was sent out as soon as conditions allowed but they were unable to locate any of the wreckage and as conditions continue to deteriorate eerie eight due to the harsh winter weather. The search was called off a months later. After after spring had sat in the search continued while no trace of the ship was ever found. They did retrieve the castaway crew. Well the remains that is EC- while the crew had survived the sinking of their ship and was able to cheat death momentarily. They ended up dying of starvation and exposure sugar on that little island. What they had thought to be their salvation was only a slower? Her perhaps crueler means of death a year later. A message in a bottle was was found on the shore of the lakes. Other end the message was a plea for help from the doomed crew it told of their location and other dire situation. The sad part is the island was in in actuality not too far from where the message ended up had they been able to whether the waters a little longer so they could have made it to safety but the story of the Kamloops. uh-huh doesn't end there in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. Some divers were exploring the area when they came across the wreckage. Wreckage of the ship. Due to the lake's frigid waters. The ship was extraordinarily well preserved in fact much. The ship's cargo was still scattered amongst the wreckage including candies shoes and even barrels of molasses while exploring the wreckage and searching for anything thing of value. One of the divers was startled when they came upon human remains. What was so startling? Was that the remains were surprisingly well preserved and they were of an older man perhaps in his sixties who appear to have been seated in an engineering area since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven over fifty dives have been made to explore the wreckage during those dives. Many of the divers have reported reported a startling encounter. They find themselves being followed by an older man. An older man who is strikingly similar to the well preserved remains that are found on the ship he often seems to follow along shyly often with almost a hopeful. Look on his face. He's seen in. Every every area of the wreckage but will most often appear near the remains of that fallen crewman many feel that. He's waiting. He's waiting for someone to bring him back to the surface as if he never lost hope of being recovered. The strange thing is even divers are not safe from the triangles. Odd waters the fifty so dives have had their fair share of bad luck. There have been equipment failures and even a loss of life and strangely enough the diver who lost their life there remains are not too far from the crewmen. It's believed by some that. The appearance of Old George as the ghosts of crewmen is known. Breath is a warning some believe he appears in attempts to try to help to give some sort of warning of danger. Sure and to this day the remains of old George and the other diver still remain at the bottom of the lake nestled in the wreckage of the SS cam loop I want to thank you for listening to this episode and hope you enjoyed hearing some tales of strange waters. If you enjoyed this episode so please feel free to visit our website at night. TIDE RADIO DOT COM. That's in I G. H T E T I D radio DOT COM. Here you can find archives and other goodies you can also listen and subscribe to the show on spotify I tunes Pandora and many of your other. Favorite podcast replaces nightside is written produced and voiced by me. 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