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Telegram July fifth. Eighteen sixty two recipient president ABRAHAM LINCOLN message Mr. Lincoln, I'm called to the country, where mrS Stanton is with our children to see one of them I will return to the office presently. Sincerely, Edwin m Stanton secretary of war. Dr. L Secretary Robert forgive me a seem to burn my lip on this contraption again. What is it mine? Hayler the Siegel Adams nebulizer. Doctors say it will relieve my breathing condition to state of the art machine as it worked. No. What do you want? I didn't expect to find you here. This is my office world. Should I'd be. I don't mean to intrude Searle, only age, forgive me, Robert, but I am quite busy, what can I do for you? Mister secretary. This is Senator Hale's daughter issues. I know who she is. How do you call, sir? I asked you for copies of all telegrams from June twenty-seventh of this year. These are dated June twenty eighth. Why are the telegrams from June? Twenty eighth mixed in with the telegrams from June twenty-seventh. It defies reason I don't know. You are in charge of the telegraph you organize the records. If you don't know that who does. I'm certain it was a clerical. I want a name, major Eckerd either yours or some. Someone else's you decide. Yes. Identify the responsible party and drop a letter of resignation by day and bring me the file for June twenty eighth spectrum fund when I'm looking for in their yes, take this with you. Nothing godforsaken thing down and shoot it out of a cannon dismissed. Yes, sir. Sir, you were saying, only I didn't expect you to be in. Why would not be in these flowers are for you, sir? We mentally them for you on your desk. I'm so very sorry for your loss. How is MRs stab? Do something else you need. Father sends his condolences, obviously would've offered them in person. But at as I said about the issue, of course, of course, he lost a child to my brother. Will do you keep telling me things? I already know I only mean well, if you ever needed someone to talk to which very thoughtful, Mr. Lincoln. Thank you for the flowers, Maceo. Thank you for your service, sir. Did you know that he talks about you constantly? Coz, you rock. I know you're not a champion of my father mister secretary that I just thought you should know that he's champion of yours. Mr lincoln. Give the president. My thanks. Be working away for a few days, if you'd be so kind, please ask the president of he would do me the honor of joining me for breakfast at my home tomorrow morning. Of course, there's a stand the eggs and coffee and whatever else he might McGuire. I will let him know. But I is it six AM sharp not a moment later Gessler, we'll be all. How old was your son? James. Tuber. Eighteen sixty five. I am here. Mr president. I guess so lost round on the treasury. I ended up wandering around Washington. Like Louis clock, only I got new veer Islandia in squall to help me find my way. I'm so we weren't able to see what the White House. Mrs Lincoln categorically refuses to leave that woman's pain. In my secretary Stanton thought the treasury department would be suitable location for your temporary office. I hope you find it satisfactory, very my liquor. Yes, sir. And then I'm satisfied I recommended the State Department at least until secretary Seward recovers, but Stanton objected? He said he was worried Seward's papers would be disturbed. I also suspect he fears certain papers might fall into your eye, which he did not wish to be seen found over Eason doubtless to Stanton's integrity. What about his politics or his pet project, Friedman's bureau? Do you have reason to doubt that somebody's got to do the work putting the cu-? Entry back together. Well, you know why Staten cold this meeting, Mr President, discuss Lincoln's, reconstruction plan, Lincoln's plan, Edwin Stanton is its chief author and architect, Mr President, with Robert E Lee's surrender, there are two paths forward and Autry the south punishment or leniency, which do you suppose Mr. Stanton prefers? I can tell you, which I prefer it's time to unite the country whose country will be Mr President. Have you read Stanton's plan, not yet? It's all right, there, sir. Stan will order the military to seize southern lands and instructive Friedman's bureau to give them away to the negro forty acres immu indeed. People are the south aren't going to like that one bit. Now. Do you suppose they'll feel about a force to military occupation? How they feel when their seat at the table of government is denied them. How are they gonna feel when negro suffrage becomes the law of the land? Hell, I love the negro no one lives, the negro more than me, but the black. Vote is one goddamn step too far. They are as a species incapable of understanding the responsibilities of the vote, and certainly not your value as president congressman Bigham, and the radical Republicans have already written a draft of the Friedman's Bill, that guarantees negro suffering at billions on my desk. I'll veto at faster than sneeze through a screen door. Republicans have two-thirds majority in congress. They can override your veto, sir. But if you pardon the south, and readmit, the southern states, the radicals lose majority, they won't be able to override me. That's right, sir toss. Stanton's reconstruction plan with belongs in the fire. We'll your executive pen, Mr President grant universal amnesty. And the south. Mr President, Mr wells, forgive me am behind my time must be something going around house, late your late. Everybody's late sit down. Let's get to gentleman Mr President, with your permission. I'd like to drive to reconstruction policy proposal for the cabinets reviewer is already reconstruction policy, emplacements to wells, Lincoln's, all Lincoln's policy was a wartime strategy to bring about peace, not a peacetime strategy for the reunification of the country as to the question of what to do with the southern state policy already answered that question the presidency's it differently surely, the president can speak for himself. We can't give away southern lands to the negro MAs. The people of the south Mona, Byd, it, the south lost the war, they have no say in the matter. They will went pardon them, sir. Dwells and I agree. Universal amnesty is the best path forward missed a president. If you pardon the south, I will be forced to return, the lands, we've confiscated from the plantation owners. We won't be able to give those lands to the freemen then we won't be able to sell them to fund the operations of the Freemen's bureau. There are four million free negroes living in the south, sir, we promised them schools, hospitals and land. We must make good on that promise. We must extinguish the flames of rebellion with harmony and Union, Mr Stanton. Porong more pitch with gross federal overreach. Give those negroes land. It's only a matter of time before they start demand in the vote, HALE, Wales tells me, the radicals are already planning to make a move on suffrage. And there's nothing I can do to stop them unless you pardon, the south the choice is yours. Mr President, draw it up, Wales. I want an executive order for universal amnesty on my desk by day's end. Mr president. Wait. What? If I can keep negro suffrage out of the Friedman's bit. The radical Republicans will not. Compromise on this issue. If we make good on our promise to the freemen, they will Mr President, if you promise to hold to Mr. Lincoln's reconstruction plan. I can keep negro suffrage out of the Bill, Mr President, the plantation owners in the south will never stomach a damn about those high falutin corn crackers. I care about the poor folk down south my phone. I'm not taking lands from the poor white farmers. Mr president. I'm taking them from the rich elites down south. These are the same people who turn their backs on you. When you stood with the north against the session called, you carpet Bagger in a traitor, forgotten, sir. Of course, I haven't forgotten if the plantation owners want their land back let them crawl to Washington on their hands and knees and beg your forgiveness. And when they do remind them that president Andrew Johnson does not forget those who disrespected him you can deliver me of Friedman's Bill without negro suffrage. Show me, Mr President, you make that happen. You in the Friedman's bureau can take the reins on reconstruction. Thank you. Mr president. Come in, Mr. Laxton. Come in. Please have a seat. Thank you, sir. You know, I heard you speak. For the first time back in sixty one, I think it was and you, you were magnificent use certainly know your way around a phrase that was warm than in particular that stood out one word actually, at the moment. I don't recall what it was. You. All right. Herbals doctors say the smoke relieves the cough. Did you know my father is from Ohio to yes, sir? My brothers told me stories about him. He ran a station on the underground railroad, right? Out of my childhood home. Yes. His opinions about abolition left him with few friends price of life of principal. He was a good name. It will he used to beat me with a switch, when are talked out of turn, which was my frequent custom, the stern man. But like you man who stood by his convictions, sir? Please you asked me here. The rights league wants to ensure the moving forward face surf that is what you called Lincoln in your speech onwards, and upwards, the DOE faces of the north oppose us I wasn't referring to president, Lincoln, not explicitly isn't he won, though. You see, that's the most useful aspect of the American politician, the pliable when I first met president Lincoln years ago, he wouldn't even utter the word emancipation, but he changed. You see. Apple. Mr. Langston few months back. I sat down with the group negro leaders in Savannah, Georgia. I asked them a question when this war is over. What do you want for your people? There answer was simple land. That's right. I made those men of promise that day, I swore I will deliver forty acres to every freed slave without exception that promise was solidified into law with the passing of the Friedman's Bill that Bill is up for new will in a matter of months. I've read the bills are, and it's an important deal with respect the will rights league once the vote mister Laxton president Johnson wants to pardon the south and readmit. The southern states if that happens, he'll have the power to be dough any Bill that so much as mentions negro suffrage, if he gives the states back, their sovereignty than all of that progress hospitals schools land, all of it gets dumped down the out household, and you can forget about me, grow separates, because it'll be done this women in the excrement with the rest of Abraham. Lincoln's legacy. We want more than forty eight years in a mule mister secretary, if you want to steer a horse, Mr. Lanston, I you have to get him to take the bit MENA deal with president Johnson. If I keep negro suffrage out of the Friedman's, Bill Johnson moult grant universal amnesty. He won't readmit the southern states, and he'll give me the reins on reconstruction. Once I have them I'm going to use the Freemen's bureau to provide for the Friedman and women down south, and I'm going to use the war department to put the unions boot on the south wrote, and I won't let it off until negro Selfridge becomes the law of the land. You have my word president Lincoln made promises to. Forgiving secretary I don't trust. Politicians gone out a politician. I'm a lawyer like you, you back when I was still practicing criminal defense Representative man accused of poisoning, his wife portable thing. We even imagine isn't it from time to time. I'm certain I've given MRs Stanton. Plenty of caused entertain the thought at any rate, the man swore he was innocent state recovered, what they claimed was the murder weapon from his bedside drawer, violent poison still he denied the charge. And I believe I was determined to prove his innocence, so right there on the courtroom floor in front of the judge injury. I drank from the vile and did not drop dead. And in. So doing I helped an innocent man, walk free. There was only one problem, though. What's that he wasn't innocent I put on a good face in the courtroom? But at home that nights. If is it to say I was fully evacuated. I couldn't leave the outhouse. For a week, which seems to Laxton I hate to lose sometimes in order to get what you want. You have to pinch your nose grab the poison and swallow it down. What you're asking is a lot to stomach, sir. For me and the rights league. Maybe this will help the medicine go down. A union in Signi. I'm appointing you inspector general, the Friedman's bureau, you'll serve as my specialty as onto the south the rights league will have to stand down on suffrage for a time. But in exchange they will gain the might of the Friedman's bureau. And together, we will force real change a true progressive agenda down the south throat. You say your front that didn't have many friends non about you me. I am a disavowed democrat who betrayed his own party to work in the cabinet of radical Republican. I have no friends to make good on your promise, and you'll have the. Telegram, April sixteenth eighteen sixty five the national flag will be displayed at half staff. The officers of the armies of the United States will wear the badge of mourning on the left arm and on their swords and the colors of their commands, and regiments will be put in mourning for the period of six months by command of, Edwin, m Stanton secretary of war. Secretary Stanton Robert will come in have a seat plead been may offer you anything. No, thank you, sir. I'm fine. Was your mother actually? That's why I'm here. What's the matter? She will not be the White House, sir. She refuses. I've tried to reason with her. I try begging her. I've even tried forcibly dragging her out myself, but she will not be moves zoos, ac-. I understand president Johnson is scheduled to move into the executive mansion later this evening. That's right. I don't mean to put you in a difficult situation. But might we have a few days. My mother is quite distraught. I've never seen her so severe before or of course, Robert, I'll let the president know thank you, sir. Take as much time as you need. And if there's anything I can do for you anything at all do not hesitate to call me. My door's always open to you while there is one thing. I'm listening. Sixers Stanton Senator HALE, and his daughter here to see you send them in major. You're certain you were saying I can come back another time. That's not necessary. Robert Lucy here. I'm sure she'd love to see you, Mr. Stanton mister HALE these flowers for you, sir. Thank you, MS hailed. They're lovely Robert Lucy. How are you Mr. Lincoln might you go your fiance to the foyer? So mister HALE, and I may speak in private. No, actually, sir, I should go. My mother needs. Father go on. What was that all about? The engagement is off since when a few days back happened with respect. I'm not here to talk about my daughter. I'm here to talk about this Faustian bargain. You've struck with Andrew Johnson, the White House leaks drunkards bladder, always has. Who told you it doesn't matter who told me it matters that they think I'm important enough to tell if you go down this path, I will not follow neither will the Republican party. I will make sure of that, John, please. Let's at least discuss this, you wanna strike negro suffrage from the Freemen's Bill. There is nothing to discuss. I don't have to explain to you the significance of keeping the southern legislatures. Impotent have to explain to you the significance of the vote, if you think the party's going to fall in line with suffrage off the table. It'll be a lonely road for you to haul Stanton. Do you know why you got voted out of office because I stick to my principles, even when it's unpopular. No. Because you think bending and breaking. Self same thing, John. Please. I swore to my father and against slavery. Let the father of Hannibal against Rome, and like Hannibal. I've spent every ounce of energy, I can muster in rabid pursuit of that goal. But Hannibal loss, John from Spain of all places he began a direct assault into Rome, and as resources as he was on the field of battle, and as committed as he was to his, 'cause he still fell. Do you know why I didn't come here for a history because the Romans were patient, they waited out the enemy until Hannibal exhausted himself. And when the time was right. They crust beneath their feet. I will do the same thing to Andrew Johnson. But I need your help the Friedman's Bill is up for renewal within the year. Congressman Bingham is already working with the radical Republicans to revise, the Friedman's Bill to and food, negro Savary. I'm advising congressman Bigham advised him to stop if the. Republicans load that Bill was suffrage provisions Johnson will kill it dead and the bureau will not be able to achieve its purpose. Why not speak to Bingham yourself? You're very persuasive. He despises me. He always what did you do a best of them in a debate? What did you do? He says cheated, what did you do a cheated insufferable? I'm not asking Bingham to stand down on suffrage forever. Just until the Friedman's bureau is fully operational, once I command the reins of power on reconstruction that the path for suffered will be clear, and there's nothing Johnson will be able to do to stop it. Please, John, you promised me support our do, I haven't if Johnson doesn't want suffrage in the Friedman's Bill, let him register his displeasure with veto, we have a majority. We can override it. If the southern governments restored you won't have a majority do not be a fool. I believe that all men are created equal, white and black. Until the day that all men can vote, I will not compromise. And neither should you. Mister Secretary Robert come in please. I'm so sorry. We were interrupted early Audi. You left. Senator HALE told me, the unfortunate news about you, in Lucy had I known I'd, sir. It's fine. We'll all the same business Stanton often remarks that my foot has rather unusual fund us from my mouth. So please, forgive me. There's nothing different. That's actually why I'm here. There's something that I think that you need. No mister secretary about Lucy. All right. I recently made some rather unpleasant discoveries about her character discoveries that were made all the more unpleasant. Father's murder. It seems that miss HALE is not who she appears to be. Do you mean? Well, it was brought to my attention that she has been. Carrying on with another man both before and after our engagement behind my back and needless to say, I called off our nuptials the moment that I heard Robert. I am so sorry. I almost didn't see anything. I almost didn't come to you at all. I suppose because even after everything I still feel this. This full hearted to protect her protector. From what from you, sir. I don't understand. Lover the one that she's been seen behind my back. It's John Wilkes booth. Eighteen sixty five is an airship starring Jeremy Schwartz as Edwin Stanton. Also, featuring in furnace Stephen bolt. Jessica Renee, Russell, Bruce L j Michael Tatum million Jackson, and we'd burn created by Stephen Walters, and Eric are written and directed by Stephen Walt executive producer Lindsey Graham co executive producers, Eric are Chila, Robert McCullum, and Stephen, Walters music, and sound design by Lindsey Graham to find out more eighteen sixty five go to eighteen sixty five podcast dot com or find us on Facebook and Twitter at eighteen sixty five podcast. And if you're a fan of the show, consider supporting us become a patron at Katri on dot com slash eighteen sixty five podcast, new episodes, air weekly, and look for special inside the episode interviews with the writers and producers of the series. 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