Labour Party Conference: Corbyn gets serious about government


Into the spectator Poku on good, nothing on joined by Katie, booze and Isabel hardman, Jeremy Couvin has just down the curtain on this year's labor conference is about what he have to say in his speech. Well, his speech was all about how labor is ready for government at his illustration of how we'd be better than the Tories on health, how we best than the tourism business and so on and so on. So it starts with very long sort of values based section about Labor's moral superiority. I suppose to the conservatives which also included a reference to you, but not in the policy for the anti semitism row over the summer. Now, I thought it was quite confident speech actually was probably the the best deliver I've ever seen from Jeremy Corbyn. I think actually the whole conference certainly giving the Tories around for their money given how we expect things to be next week yet, Jeremy Piven definitely sounded very confident and he signed quite relaxed, I think is a development. I think even. Those people, he will watching saying disagree of everything in the speech was saying it sounded at least it's confident delivery, and he sided authoritative in the way he was pushing putting it about. So that was interesting. I don't say in in that who is will make sure she stood there, but you could tell that the crowd is so behind him and it so many points that he can even really finish his sentences about being interrupted by pools. And I think those particular fluids when he touched on Palestine and the fact that the ship would recognize Palestine as soon as they labor government and I think foreign policy, we know it's driving gugans big passion with most at Yemen. I'm, he talks random wisdom's and persecution that and that seemed to play at very, very well to the base I, yes, it was definitely aimed in large pause at the membership, which isn't a criticism because this is a party conferences, not an election address, and he certainly setting the membership home. Very happy. Indeed, Nye was in the hole in the atmosphere in there was very upbeat, very supportive. As you say, Katie, he did manage to recover from surprise standing ovations in a way that he hasn't done previously, and I was impressed by his ability at times to ad-lib with extra jokes to recover from little takes in the script. For instance, he just seemed very comfortable in his own skin, and I think that's really being the way conferences being ruler. She, I think the party does seem very comfortable in its new skin. There's not really that much talk for instance of the Blairites anymore whom as to so they don't exist anymore. The Corbin is no that they're in charge that is their party now and they're really focusing motley want to do with the party and in government. And I have to say there were so many references in the speech to what this shadow minister will do once they're in government, what Labor's going see, what's government that share would have sounded ludicrous a couple of years ago maybe a bit delusional. The labour leader was just saying. Because you sort of have to pretend that you're being of -ment because sense now that Germany Kuban actually is hungry to being government. And he really does think that the labor party's a chance of doing so. And importantly, we did get Jeremy Corbyn John. I think several times VN's double figures on that. I wasn't counting have to say they would also stall as well either to the sort of theme fit bull slash festival vibe going on. Do you think he looks like a prime minister in waiting? I mean, I, if he looked, he looked like he could be prime minister dating. He's everyone's ideal prime minister in waiting, but I think. As touches on, I think they definitely sound in the most serious and this conference you could criticize it by saying it's being slightly flatter than not shares last buzzy, but I think this side effect that is they seem like more of a serious smooth operation that sad. I think that they be there'll be some disappointment within the labour leash and among the shadow cabinet that dispatch has been overshadowed a little bit today by a fringe event. Last night will we had the labor MP basically say that if the Therese can again any election, they should have a general strike and you had Richard bug in the shadow Justice. Secretary stand up and applaud, and I think that means that for will have professional as party. Now is there were these didn't say loss. Jerry had Donald, say that you know, there will gaming run on the pants, and I think that this is that moment of the she is. So I think that that is the thing. I think some people mean that a lowly sounder of not more comforting is a reminder. The. To me, this is still have to radical policy for the middle England, but it's interesting that Labor's just so unapologetic about that shauwie you might have had rich Bergen saying as he did this morning that he didn't give a standing ovation to Laura Smith said when he was video doing exactly stretch connects just had a spas it exotic spreads them behalves. But she generally John McDonnell and others acquired unapologetic of quite how left wing there being, which is very different. Because normally if somebody made a comment like that, let Lewis Smith's Atta labor conference. You'd see the leadership saying, no, no, no, that's not what we believe tool, but she's been much more muted. I mean, we had Thomas and he I wouldn't really consider as being part of the leadership even though he's deputy leading operates on his own basis. Sancti probably go to carried away with herself when he was asked about on the radio, but as been no big attempt by the party to distances so because actually what we're seeing is really revelation. Of what its core really think. And very policy for that. Now, Brexit is obviously the big issue the day, Jeremy Kuban have to say about that Katie saying he did appear to move on the Lakers advocating positions. We all going to have to update the spectator. Live log on latest Brexit position. We might have to employ an extra person just to do this lifelock given how complex it is that I of these. We've had a lot to digest. A second referendum had kissed explicitly say that remain was still an option that does not seem to be of such Joe McDonald, Jeremy Kuban did not use wet remain. When he was talking about Brexit today. He said that labour party wanted an early election and he said, if you're heading to Brexit, all options are on the table, but he didn't give into lobster. General strike was remaining in the EU and he also had an audited juries may which was the Atlema, but we are definitely gonna vote new deal. However, if you managed to bring back a deal, which fixes Irish, Buddha. Has custody and these other take this of no reduction workers rights, no reduction in stat, food standards, and so then we could get behind. I mean, this is an offer to resume OB mulling over too heavily. But it was interesting that he said that the Brexit vote full because there was some people leave a party for him. There was no bricks they would ever want to Brexit thicket ever really happened, though is well, I mean, in terms of the six tests that labor have said, they all this Jeremy Kuban struggles to you. Remember which no one can really remember from hopefully kissed on given. He wrote them, but they all now basically impossible to me. So I, it's a, it's a slight of hand really to say that we'll support your Brexit deal if because it very difficult full that Brexit deal to meet those conditions, I think it does show that Jeremy Kuban is quite Kathy wants to show that this is a party that does respect the referendum result and is not trying to rope Raxit. Because they're being quite on. Big use will run. I think that was clear on the fool. The hope that this is going to be a big change in that policy and a big suffering that has not happened. There is nervousness. I think among the leadership, they'll be accused of being anti-democratic if they used the wrong messaging on a second referendum. For instance, on his vote, Brexit wasn't anything about while the policies to t- to the unveil, any big new announcements in the speech in the sense that we got them overnight didn't win. Katie did trail of that on coffee house. They were announcing some green jobs on child care, for instance, and they went particularly surprising. So previously, believe is, for instance, have tried to make surprising announcement to move the party onto new ground. Mila Banff rinsing, one nation, labour policies. It wasn't like it was also wasn't the suit of the big announcement. John McDonnell both out in his speech. I think the speech really was about values as opposed to policy. And there were some, I think, disappointment. So frustrate. Rations for those listing who might be hoping labor could suit up some of the problems that the conservatives of failing to tackle labor has been very weak over the past few days, for instance, on welfare because the party hasn't really worked, what he's going to do that is not going to the Tories doing. And so it's going to have a very long review of people for their views before it comes up with any sort of replacement reform, which isn't really the Mark of a party is going to go straight into government and change things. Similarly, social care, which is one of the biggest domestic policy crises of all time and has been for many years. Now go to very fleeting reference when Jeremy Kobe made a promise to Oaters that they would have national health care service that protect them, which I think is really a big solutions base speech from a party ready for government. That says the party has been working hard on domestic policies and can probably talk about them in a way that the conservatives again more struggled to do so next week, but it's much easier to do that when you're in opposition. And do you have some things they saw. I think we'll be very popular. So this idea free childcare of is a cliff, and I think that's about identity Weck maybe have it's being paid for that has crippled. And I think you see that to Levy. They gonna have on second homes, but the way they branded that as a a trust to help those one. Is a clever internet, and I think Dallas series questions about how Elise police there, Nancy, which seemed to be big, give for everyone. Kuban is very into, like you say, we took the welfare system will he seems to be very into his giving every single person the same thing, Roland doing it in a EMMY two-tiered way, but when it comes as the presumedly cost money, but I think it does pose a problem food, the tour, which is these all probably the policies and the Tories needs. The conscious CEO will how they're going to pay for that owner is gonna go. There promise is going to renege on that likely to student debt. I think that next week, in theory, you would want them to not some of the road policies that seems probably quite ambitious and optimistic hope, conferences finished, how pleased you think the labor leadership be with helping upon that unlivable I think reasonably pleased. A think the way the party is presented itself. It's been much more professional ISP. We've said, much more confident comfortable in his. Skin, but I think it would be a risk for the leadership to walk away thinking that this means things are going well. It is still in disarray over its Brexit policy does to account whether officially or that she wants a general strike if the Tories cool general-election election given it's been pushing so hard for a general election and actually something that hasn't been discussed that much this week. We've had a few references to it from front benches is the possibility that some labor in peace may leave the party as well. And this is something leadership has expressed. Well, expressed worries about, but it said that it's been establishment stitch-up and so showing this very worried about the possibility of this happening because it could conceivably rope, Jeremy, Corbyn of majority when not general-election does come say there are still big problems at the party has to tackle. But I think thou fail is they really set the conservatives up foot for quite a tough conference week next week because you are not going to have a conference hall in. Birmingham. Next week, this full of people chanting, trees, May's name. You're not gonna have a conference hopeful of people wearing Theresa May skull, so you might say, probably son, conservative party onto coat. But I think there's Tories would probably be quite keen to get at least some of the labor vibe that we saw in the conference who this week. I think that maybe we very happy to have this conference go on, but what's quite interesting to looking at the motorists. He was at hand because they're not NBC haven't come to conference this year. They decided they're back to things to be doing with every time. Some of them got holiday, some damages to constituency work and do questions. What's going to happen to these people? Are they gonna come next year or at least thirty moving away from the posse and we gotta have party in the feature Frankie Frankie as abo-. Abo-.

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