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The all new Toyota RAV four asks what if what if your ride was refined Rudman at the same time. Introducing a car that's got style and substance to spare the all new wrath four limited featuring a sophisticated muscular new exterior and available options like a premium JV allowed system and panoramic roof, y'all knew raff Ford LTd, Toyota, let's go places JBL and clarifier registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. With zero percent financing our seat Stanick ends boy, Taj models, you know, you'll get an unbeatable deal at your local Kia dealer. But as well as great finance deals, you'll get something else as well. The reassurance of knowing that wherever the next seven years bring. You KIA's you covered the key seven year warranty quality redefined for more, visit Kia dot com. Lending criteria in terms and conditions apply. AP radio news. Good morning. I'm Ed Donahue. President Trump will talk later this morning about a border security Bill passed in both the house and the Senate Tennessee, Republican Chuck Fleischmann in the house with have liked the Bill to be closer to what? President Trump wanted more money for the border security more money for ice. But we came up with an agreement that the vast majority of Americans could support, and there's also would end a partial possible government shutdown. The White House is indicated President Trump will sign the Bill and the next step is the White House declaration of an national emergency at the border and house speaker Nancy Pelosi disagrees with that possibility it's not an emergency. What's happening at the border Mana -tarian challenge to us to president has tried to sell a Bill of goods. The White House says the president is expected to announce he will be spending roughly eight billion dollars on border barriers. U S China trade talks have wrapped up in Beijing. Both sides are expected to meet next week in Washington acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan says the fight against the Islamic state group has been successful in Syria and Iraq, and the fight should be expanding for one envision even bigger and stronger coalition going forward when that has evolved to meet the global threat posed by ISIS off shoots and its murderous ideology. He says Lana state militants are holed up in the last sliver of land in eastern Syria is US backed forces close in places like salsa Lido in the San Bernardino mountains in California once overrun by. Wildfires are now dealing with heavy rain flooding in wildfires. Captain, Richard Cardoza is in desert hot springs. On on this type of situation, and they have all the proper safety equipment. So it's better. Just the call night were one two people in that area have been rescued by helicopter. This is AP radio news. Facebook may not like what may be coming from the government as book has had several high profile privacy lapses in the past couple of years, including Cambridge Analytica accessing data from some eighty seven million Facebook users without their consent. The Washington Post reports the Federal Trade Commission is in negotiations with Facebook, preparing a multibillion dollar fine. The FTC may find Facebook in violation of a twenty eleven agreement about better protecting user privacy. I'm Jacky Quin. President Trump's company is scrapping plans for two new hotel chains blaming in part, a hostile political environment. The plan was to open hotels under the Cy on American idea. Brands catering to budget and mid price. Travelers only one developer in Mississippi was willing to strike a deal when Donald Trump became president. He had a day to day control of the company to his sons, Eric and Donald junior. I'm Ed Donahue, AP radio news. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates are exclusive rate shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked. But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only ballot on certain thirty year fixed rate loans. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states NMLS number thirty thirty additional conditions or exclusions may apply.

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