Google Unveils Budget Smartphone


Dish in digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority, Google is targeting the more budget oriented consumer with its new pixel three ace smartphone. Tim baharan is a tech analyst with creative strategies. This is a high end phone at three ninety nine since one of the first really high quality phones, that are broken that five hundred dollar price barrier. And I think that, that could be a game changer in the disruptor to all of the companies who make high end phones, and while it's half the cost of Google's flagship, pixel three you're not sacrificing much in fact, Tom's guide rates the pixel three as superior giving the phone high marks for its camera. Solid build an excellent battery life. It does lose if you points for not being waterproof, and not having wireless charging seen. It also likes the pixel three giving it four out of five stars dish in digital. I'm Paul Dane. There's more a WCBS eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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