Comments by Celebs Announce Their Real Housewives Senior Superlatives


Hi, I'm Megan Sarah. And I'm Eric day man. This is the daily dish Bravo's official podcast. You know, them and you probably follow them comments by celebs are taking the Instagram world by storm with over one point one million followers. The hilarious accounts feature screen shots of comments left by well known celebrities on random Instagram posts, the even having account dedicated to Bravo liberty comments looking through the page Bethany Frankel may just be the MVP most valuable poster. We sat down with the creators of the account and Julia talk about the origins of it, their self titled podcast, as well as their favorite Bravo, TV moments. And since graduation season is right around the corner. We also played a little senior superlative game with them, and you guys will say I have to agree with who they picked as their favorite celebrity follower. You'll just have to watch or listen to what happens. Guys, we are here with Julie and Emma from comments by celebs. Hey guys. Hi, how are you? Good. We're so happy to be here. The having of course they keep coming. So I think the first question I have to ask, is how did you come up with this idea? Oh my God. It's so what happened in April two thousand seventeen right? Scrim changed our algorithm, to kind of highlight verified comments. And we were seeing these interactions that we hadn't seen before. And we knew that we had to capitalize on it. So started the account, I brought Juliane for day two and here we are. And how did you guys know each other before we met at Syracuse? Okay. So I was senior when she was a sophomore. And I was the covert crewmen chair for our sorority kind of recruited ju- lead to be on the sophomore committee of girls to get to know the freshman, and it's a good sorority story. I went to ethica too so very close. Very close. Yes. Yes. So you guys have one point one million followers. Was there one particular post that kind of changed everything that gained a lot of momentum and brought that amount of people in would you say there is one? Post took it. We never asked about a particular post. I don't think it was one post. I don't think it was one. I think if anything it was different celebrities taking a liking, so, like Kelly Ripa when she started talking about on the on her show that get into a lot of traction, and things like that that's been definitely the moments where we've seen major surges. I was gonna also like if there's a particular post, I'd say, the peon Arianna post where they like I confirm their relationship by commenting, I was kind of the first one that went viral violence news. Right. So you mentioned Kelly Ripa can you name drop a few other celebrities that? Yeah. Andy Kelly, Guana Chris layer, Chrissy a lot. I don't know. We've been in the coolest part about this honestly just getting, you know, to know all these people. Yeah. Do you often find that like people are sending you comments when they find them? And then that's how you post or do you kind of stumble upon them yourself? Oh, no. They definitely said. Get a lot of them. Thank God, though. Thank God, what was one that you got recently that you were surprised by? Recently. We'll just this morning. I woke up to a lease rent a class act, which I always love. It was someone saying that she was too old to Coachella. And she was like listened on. You're wasting your time commenting on my post or something like he's good. She's good. I think most recently was two days got that we posted a Chrissy classic which is we always say it's always funny when the celebrity takes time to go to the trolls profile that have clapback that like has something to do with they've research. Right. So she did one it was baking girl. I don't know an ad. She talked. She said something about one of cookies or something. And it was so funny. Like you're just imagining the celebrity taking the time. Right. So is it just you guys managing it? Or is it becomes something where you feel like you need more support as or anyone else on your team? Well, it's just us an January. We hired fulltime one of our good friends Isabelle who kind of does like communications press. We needed one other person from business aspect now have manager so that's also really helpful and then the podcast you just how long ago did you launch that? He started at July, July two thousand eighteen we do twice a week. So one regular. And then one bonus episode that's kinda crashing focused. Talk about that. To gold mine. So I want to get into a couple individual like franchises and just see if you guys have any favorite moments from some of our show. So real house of Orange County zero big icon, ick moment. What was your favorite moment from OC I will never forget at whose party was at, at maybe Vicki's with Gina, and tamra and the drink. Oh my God. I just, remember watching that and feeling like I was like this is reality television, like this is heaven. It does not get better. You know what I mean? Oh my God. Those were the days, those were seriously days. If you could pick one piece of clothing from Heather Dubrow closet. What would question he's in question? I mean. Her birkin's? Honestly, I just I need one. It's not clothing, but I need one side never fit. It's clothing. Yeah. See. Oh, forget, I was like a scarf. Maybe we know how conic the trips are. So what is your favorite trip from Orange County? I mean, all the Mexico ones are psychotic it like what can you love more than Vicki Wilson dancing on a bar? Not much. There's just nothing better. There's something about Mexico. It's like a crow law franchises matter what it is. It brings out the wild side. Okay. So real house of Beverly Hills. Have you seen a lot of activity around puppy gate this season? Yes. So we have also CBC Bravo in addition to regular comments by celebs, and we always say what's interesting about having the account is that we really get to see this unbiased view objectively of what the fans are thinking based on the comments, whether that's on regular celebrities properties. But the, the good by Kyle thing. I was really I was very interested to see the feedback about that. Because people were I mean, as you guys, obviously, people were very quick to kind of judge Erica Leeson Kyle for making light of it, and then Kyle to come out and I for my perspective. I felt like she was totally justified in making light of it happened to her, like it's her. You know, being able to frame it the way that she wanted to. I felt like was whatever she wanted, right? Right. I loved Leeson Kyle back in the day. I'm not happy to see them break up. I know is really rough. Season watching them because I feel like they had all these great moments between Lisa and Kyle this season leading up to that sort of big explosion. I mean, I think the class act, I really do. I'm a big fan. I think she tells it like it is. And I thought when she went to Lisa's house that, that was she made the best of a really bad situation. I felt like she the respectable thing. So let's talk a little bit about Rony. So with the Burke shares Halloween, what do you think about the fish room? Yes, we had gifts. Don't tell me I'm in the fish. If I'm in the Fisher. Would you stay in the fish room? Dane, any any room in that house during the now on the head when she said, she's never seen this type of poor matters. Right. To me, it's like you're at this stunning home in the berkshires, God forbid, there's a taxidermy swordfish on your wall. Like I don't wanna hear about it, right? I mean right out of Ralph Lauren category. Catalog that room. That's true. Yeah. And it's sort of one thing for luanne to kind of be a bit of a diva about it. And you know, kind of fall back on. Well, last time I was in the room. It was like hard for me. I wasn't sober. You know, like it's triggering whatever. But then I think for Barbara to come in with kind of like the attitude that she had like immediately off the bat being like I guess I'm stuck in the fish room. Come on. Yeah. That's exactly what we said that. Yeah. Furlough and I almost see it. I was like, okay, fine. I can give Barbara walk. Did. I was like, no. Who from the Rony cast has been the most sort of active in comments? That's an is active definitely. He's pretty. I was gonna be my guess I feel like I've seen a lot of those definitely because she's thing about a lot of them is that they're active on their own pages. The Bethany is active across across the board. We'll come in on initial comment on Drake, like she doesn't care, right? Yeah. She into a lot of conversations. She has a lot of opinions about other franchises, like what's going on in the news. So I always appreciate seeing what she say. I also wanted to do a little game. You know we have like graduations coming up. So I wanted to do some senior superlatives for Bravo talent. So who would you guys pick as the most clever? Bethany? Did you go to Columbia the country? I just wanna make sure because there's no f in ways that broad went to college at all. She didn't go to Mickey Mouse university. Yeah. Good answer. Yeah. I totally agree. Here's the thing. That Bethany you can say what you want better. She smart. Yeah. She's quick, and she's smart. Yeah. She she likes screams clever and wit I feel I mean her interviews or some of my favorites just because I crack up at everything she says the one liners I di-. Yeah. So good who is the class, clown? Kind of sometimes think Vicki I wanna stay here at the hotel, and I want to put out the whoop up dream team is here, we're going to up tonight, because you not the other laser probably gonna we'll put up wind up with open it up. Interesting. It's not the typical answer, but I feel like she's, she's down for anything. I think that's a pretty good answer. Would you say Vicki? Yeah. That's a good answer. I'm trying to think hard one it is. It's hard one back. Would you say my first thought was kind of Porsche just because she does make me laugh so much. I feel like she kind of doesn't take herself super seriously, especially with these reunion episodes. I feel like she's giving me some really good one liners that are just cracking me up. That's true. Okay. We gotta check this ring out now. This. 'cause it's private. I read seven hundred and fifty thousand you read it, it might be true. What about Mr. and MRs popular? You know, Heather and Terry. Oh cycle. Down. You're right. There's no better Leonhard trust. Car their whole families hot like it's just yeah. It's not fair. No, it's really not. Who is the most likely to repulsed you guys? Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. Honey? I will buy it quicker than anyone on our podcast. We've actually become kind friendly with her, and she's she we could not speak more highly person. Honestly. Yeah. Really? Really great sense of humor. That's what I appreciate about her unapologetically herself, which I think, especially in today's day and age is so apply. You know, I, I love to see that, but also she's really real, like, she's, we got conversation with our where you get to get to see, like I feel like the inside of her, and she's awesome last one who is your favorite of all the sled followers that you guys have. Wow. Okay. We don't like to play favorites. But I can definitely say we feel the most sense of loyalty to Andy and Kelly Andy, because he was our first liberty follower ever. He fought when we had twelve hundred followers and Kelly because she has been the most unbelievable support system in across the board, publicly privately, just really, she's been incredible. So we are always appreciate that's awesome percent. Cool. All right. Well, thank you guys so much for coming in. Fun to that outcome. I am shipping and common and Kelly Ripa. I wish they followed me, make sure to tech out comments by celebs self titled podcast, where they discuss everything pop culture and make sure to give them a follow an Instagram you won't regret seen some the funny post that come from our housewives, and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled episode this Thursday by. Three. And remember watching Bravo, isn't a guilty pleasure itself care. Guys, let's keep the conversation going. We wanna talk to you all week long. Not just Thursdays. You can find us on Twitter or Instagram at Bravo TV, don't forget to use the hashtag Bravo, daily dish or reach out to us, personally. I'm everywhere at Mexico. An I'm Eric j MAC. E R, I K, and if you're on Facebook, join the daily dish Facebook group, you can post about what you're watching your favorite shows, who's your favorite housewife. Ask a question start some drama. There's a lot of good stuff in there. So check it out. You can also learn more about the podcast at Bravo, TV dot com. Girl. Get into. Me.

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