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What Stopped Lisa From Asking for Help After Her Husband's Brain Injury?


Traumatic brain injury recovery. In the course of your spouse's recovery. What would you have done differently? One thing that sticks out is because of how I thought I was going to take on this role and be the power woman. I completely took over everything in my husband's life. I just thought it was easier for me to pay bills make phone calls yard work things in the house, dealing with doctor appointments, I took on every task because I felt that if I asked him to do something first of all he struggled with it, then it would make him very upset that he couldn't do it, and he used to be able to do all these things. So I took on that role and if I look back now I probably shouldn't have done that because it would have been good for him to struggle a little bit. And I think I took the feeling of him being important out of a lot of things because I would just say, oh, I'll do it. Don't worry about it. All take care of it. And I think that wasn't the best thing that I did or you're saying. Involve him in a greater degree to the extent that he was able to that would have been more useful. Absolutely. I think it would have made him feel more important and more. And also that I needed him because I think he was feeling. And I think sometimes he still does that I can do everything on my own, and that he's not really needed. And she is when you took over at least part of them was being like, well, what value do I have in this relationship? Absolutely. Because in the meantime, of his rehab, he was never able to go back to work so that was taken from him. And then I took control of everything in our lives, that was really difficult. And that is one thing that if I could step back and change anything that I would definitely change that at least it's often the case that caregivers are reluctant to ask for care for themselves to that. Apply to you. Absolutely. I should've asked Moore for help, but I didn't I didn't want to bother anybody. I didn't know what help I needed. It was so new to me. I had never been around. Anybody that had an illness had an injury like I was facing, and I did need to reach out more, and because there's so many emotional issues that come along with it. And it does hurt your marriage at times. But really, if you have a great therapist that works with you and your husband, it can work, and it could be better than before. So you're saying, don't give up hope. Please like subscribe and comment.

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