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HBM136: Jacobs Lost Biography


From KCRW VIS is here. Be Monsters. You tell me that. Email that you The email from my friend Carol and as a quote I don't remember the guy's name but he wrote a slaughterhouse. Five US at author. Kurt Vonnegut Kurt. Yeah and basically the quote. Was that whether you're an artist or not. You should try to create art and try to create something. Because when you're done you have created something and that's that's something that's good something to be happy about. Actually have it up a computer at here if you want to read it. Yeah I can go into the arts. I'm not kidding. The Archer not a way to make a living. There are very human way of making life more bearable practicing and art. No matter how well or badly as a way to make your soul grow for Heaven Sake Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio tell stories. Write a poem to a friend even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You'll get an enormous reward. You'll have created something. Kurt vonnegut. How did he signed his name? He has a profile face with the moustache. Also has his name's in there and the signature. Got Me thinking then. I should have better signature in my own to something more stylish than the simple jail that initial everywhere in is thinking that the only time I actually signed my name is when I signed credit card receipts mostly at the grocery store on the digital keypad and And from there I think in says signing my name I should write something and I should write my autobiography two or three words at a time every time. I signed my name digitally for credit card receipt. Who'S GONNA see? Well I think they got a hold the signatures for seven years but Nobody will see it most likely. It's just like a message in a bottle. Maybe I can report my card stolen and they might look at it to see if it's been used anywhere but if they would look at signatures for that probably no one will see it but somebody might find it in. My whole autobiography will be there. So how many do you have so far? I think I've done it three times. So far. Maybe four I wrote my name already. I wrote born nineteen eighty-four the next one father rick and then mother Mona and then I had those sought out already and then the fourth one came around and kind of caught me off guard and just wrote born in PA in Pennsylvania. So with you next to say to write an autobiography when you're little you have to go by what other people say it's not your memory. It starts my first memory. And he's too as with my mom. You're going to pick my older sister up from preschool. There's a big water tower outside of the preschool. And I remember looking up at the Water. Tower and thinking is pretty cool. So would I put next First Memory and then water tower being the next to maybe. I only do it like two or three times a week. Maybe sign and I'm wondering how how many years it would take from autobiography to catch up where I to where I am and then I'll just have to write about that day because I will do you now right now. Twenty eight to twenty eight. Start trashing those records in seven years now so by the time you thirty five. I don't know if they do trash seventies might keep them forever you know. It's it's cost nothing that store data these days unless unless all the time so maybe they keep them forever. Who knows because you at the beginning of what could be a huge project signed for credit cards? Tell tell them an old man to be like fifty years. Two words at a time added to my owner biography. Do you think you might lose interest in it in a year? Yeah it's possible but it doesn't take a whole lot of effort really Katie. Think about Katie. She's a she's too logical. She doesn't get it is he. Kind of misses the point of doing things just for the sake of doing it. What did she say she thought his silly? She's I should write about that day. Just because then you don't have to remember what you wrote last time and who's going to read it anyways. I think I'll stick with it. Why not liking this immunes of big project it is? It's possibly lifelong project. It is right now. Biography can write that thing die. I mean you understand theory what's going to happen now. Is that seven years from now. I'm giving you a call if I kept it up. I'm in the car here. Be Monsters the podcast about the poetry. Things is more entertaining. The podcast about the unknown Jeff. He Jacob how you done in a while. I was thinking about you. You mentioned you found some old audio me wonder what I said. Yeah. How's your credit card autobiography? Coming Credit Card autobiography the autobiography that you're writing on credit card receipts great idea in the year two thousand twelve. You had started writing your autobiography on those machines that they have a grocery stores where you sign your yeah with the with the signature and you said you were going to do this for the rest of your life. Probably they don't make you sign anymore. They got the chip. And it's like that's it. I didn't get very far. I guess the thing that prompted you to do this that you told me was this. Kurt vonnegut quote about making art. Do you remember that I have it up on the computer here to meet it to read it. Go into the arts. I'm not kidding. The Arts are not a way to make a living their way of making life more bearable practicing in our no matter. How well or badly is a way to make your soul. Grow FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE SING IN THE SHOWER. Dance to the radio tell stories. Write a poem to a friend even if it's a lousy poem do it as well as you possibly can. You'll get enormous reward. You will have created something Do you still believe in that quote. Absolutely I mean are is In my experience that I've made has been made for me because other people are busy. I guess yeah you know what I've come to realize his Kind of poetry. Things is more entertaining to me than actual practice of them. And in truth probably none of those autographs get recorded in improbably. No one has the ability to go and look them up and No notice no one will ever care. And and that's okay. Some things are just impractical arts more about the process and the result. Some people say that when the people aren't good at it would say that that's a good note to end now thoughts about that Jacob. Manzke is a retired aunt farmer living in Boulder Colorado. He's currently working on his first book. Which is about biking around the world. And he's been on our show a number of times in the last eight years. I recorded that first part of the interview with just a couple months after I started this podcast and I was supposed to follow up with him sometime last year but I completely forgot about it so I guess it's better late than never speaking of better late than never. We have a phone number. You can call to leave us a voice message and lately you've been sending us such wonderful voicemails that I want to play you. Some of our favorites right after. I the credits I just want to say. Thank you so much for sending in these little pieces of your life. We really love hearing the stories and secrets and the strange sounds and situations you come across so please call us anytime. We're at seven six five three seven four five two six three. So Yeah Oh please. Some of our recent voicemails after the credits but I do want to let you know that one or two of them talk about death and the feeling of being close to death so just a heads up on that front okay. My Name is Jefferson and I've spent the last eight years of my life dedicated to nothing else except for the production of this single episode of here be monsters and I had editing help from Bethany Denton. Our website is h. b. m. podcast dot com Music on this episode from the black spot and August freeze here be monsters is distributed by. Kcrw our senior editor. There is Kristin LaPorte and we get additional support for free. Let's contributions from KCRW's independent producer project. All right thanks for listening or opposites You're going to be CRANFORD officer ready for the last four number of your social security to better assist you. Now if I don't hear a call you really need to activate your warranty and get you arrested in good day Currently in the hospital right now and catching up on eight. Pm episodes bodies. And I've been fighting with herniated discs for the past six years now and the most recent one in the beginning of April and I can't walk anymore I've lost basically all autonomy The bathroom is ten feet away and it feels like it's a mile so I'm in the hospital right now awaiting Spinal fewing actually tomorrow and I thought it was pretty appropriate. I liked what was said about body. Machines a mechanical engineer by trade. And that's I mean. I heartily agree any the smallest little thing then. This is only a few millimeters tall and it moves in one direction and I'm completely out of commission twenty eight I can't walk it's it's pretty pretty astounding so I just wanted to say that Hoping everything goes role tomorrow. Maybe I'll give your personal call with any other thoughts that I have Shopkeeper thanks for the thanks entertainment in this time. I'm calling from a little graveyard. Wisconsin Coke Sweet Cemetery. Then I found yesterday while I was driving trying to get lost and I guess part of the reason I wanted to 'cause I saw on a gravestone that doesn't standing upright but rather it's flat against the ground like it's part of the Earth and written in the letters that are associated. I can't read them. Says Gone but not forgotten. I don't know I guess it falls just making think you know what it means to remember. Hi Guys And thinking about my buddy a lot lately thinking of leaving my daughter a lot lately more recently. I haven't felt that way so much. It feels really weird because because everybody else's scared him out to these afraid that said died pretty wrong to be afraid of things they talk about. It's not a scary when everybody else scary fell in the last few weeks has been since this whole I feel guilty for feeling I was a little girl who was out of fish came into. I had you're going today today. Strongest intuitive experience gray and I was not afraid I was not hesitant and I went out to find the house and I just shocked. They're to die for several hours completely relaxed and happy accepting and I didn't die but since then I've been house with a gun in my head. I've been she'll car crashes and they never ever had strong feeling. I'm going to die thank you. Hi I know the In the water witching Thank lived in Cini Washing. Tom And I worked as a Thailand For years Farther north from G. You up on the Canadian border and I actually had a reeler that used to have me. Fly Him around Assign properties that. He could tell from the sky whether they were viable for finding water because up. They're finding water. There's very difficult sometimes. Anyway it is true. This stuff does work Anyway that's a fight Jeff needs me again. Just call in post up call as promised Now a problem member of the Having metal in your body clubs. Kuhn screws played tonight. One FEWER VERTEBRAE THEM TO FORCE AND MY L Five S. One or now fused together makes my life a lot better and As a nice to now from my body machine and conveniently while I was under a new episode Johnson my feet. So thank you for that hostile couple more days looking for listening. I can quit work. And thank you for this time

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