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Our Biggest Draft Hits and Misses: Jayson Tatum, Mike Conley Jr., Draymond Green, and More | The Mismatch


Hey It's Kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network. We hope the ringer can provide you. Entertainment and companionship. During this time so as always feel free to check out the ringer dot com where. We're still covering the latest in sports. Pop Culture. Tech and media and the ringers YouTube channel can provide endless amounts of entertainment. You can find that at youtube dot com slash the ringer welcome to the NBA show. I'm Chris Vernon Jordan. Means he does every Friday from the ringer dot com. It's Kevin O'Connor AK Kev Obama. Kevin Concert Kevin O. Conflicts Kevin O. Controversy Kevin Oh candy land. Kevin Camera Kevin O. Climber Kev Burn What's going on this Friday morning? Well we are getting through Everything is still very awkward. I guess we need to touch on The very beginning of the show a floated idea. I actually talked with Chris. Mannix yesterday. from sports illustrated believe. Cnbc was the first one to float the idea and the mannix attempted to advance the story yesterday for sports illustrated about them the NBA talking about if they are able to resume it. That travel would be very difficult to pull off their four. Would be looking to do it in a in one city where they could maybe stage. The playoffs in Vegas has come up. They obviously have the hotel rooms. They have the ability With their dealings with Vegas which that relationship has gotten much much stronger over the last couple of years? You know the same way they they do a summer league that you could go and stage the playoffs there and then you have a what an attempt to make the most safe possible environment with testing being able to be actively done obviously we still have fans Rather than players traveling from city to city. And what not that you quarantine them in a way and are able finish out a season like that which I found a you know incredibly interesting considering I mean you and I see you out in Vegas every summer and when you think about it they could pull this off theoretically You know obviously we're talking a lot a lot longer from now But if you are going to try to finish the season it's at least an interesting idea that's been floated out there. Sure I mean you and I have had on this from the start last month that there's a possibility when this comes back that they're going to need a neutral site a central location for these games to be played and as the weeks go by that possibility goes from theoretical to something. That seems like a necessity and asthmatics reported yesterday as Windhorst last week I believe to. You know the it's about finding that right location and getting all these players to buy in and then you're gonNA need more consistent testing as well and that's the one thing I keep going back to. Are you going to have some type of tests for all the players coaches referees? You Know Security. You know. Players have family there as well. How are you GonNa make sure that players are healthy in the day of the game and in order to that? You'RE GONNA need one of these tests that we're finding out about this past week that are in development that can turn around results when within five to fifteen minutes. You're going to need something like that and I mean it's doable. It's possible if you can put all the players in a bubble essentially like an Olympics village I mean when the for the first week the NBA. Shutdown I remember one reader. Emailed me this whole big idea and I'm sorry I forgot the name. I can't pull it up right now but they mentioned the idea like Olympic Village for NBA players. And I read that at the time and I thought so myself shore. You know. It's sure but it just doesn't seem realistic but as the weeks go by though it's I think the NBA is all in on doing something like that with at least one central location maybe to it feels like with all the support behind it that. That's perhaps the only way this would ever happen. Yeah well at least some more optimistic promising news and they're clearly trying to figure out a way to finish this thing even if it would be in you know I. I think we're looking July right by the time that something would be able to happen but this is. They've talked about having a World Cup style where they could quarantine everybody in and make it a safe environment and you know given that relationship with Las Vegas that has been strengthened greatly. All thirty teams are playing in that Summer League. Now and there's a familiarity With with the place and there are the venues where you could stage it. Maybe just maybe They would be able to pull it off and we could have a conclusion to the two thousand nine hundred twenty season. I if you're I mean here's the thing though for the players. The incentive here is that their salaries get paid out and there would be a a lesson chance that there would be significant cap. Drop right in coming seasons so you know I. I understand that there might be. You know some resistance. A player side. Like why would I why? Why finish the season you know? They might say why finished the season and risk coming back in a rush year. Potential getting hurt. Why take this time away from the family? Why don't we just you know? In the seasons. I can see the logic in some players. Want to say that however I think it's probably further the greater good of the entire league in in the future of the players coming into the league that you have some type of resolution with the Games in the regular season and with some type of tournament in the in the playoffs and as we've hit before there is a possibility that whatever the league does whether it's like a three game playoff you know in the first round and second round go to five and the conference finals and then go to seven in the finals. Maybe that format works. Maybe people love that maybe the these traditional NBA fans are into that. Maybe if there's a one game playoff plan to get into the playoffs people really dig that too and maybe that becomes something that you're more willing to try in the future so I think for the League not only would it be good for financial reasons not only would it be good for social reasons but also for the League itself moving forward. It's an opportunity to experiment and I. I really really hope we get to see that. Absolutely and obviously the experimentation in the All Star game when over like gangbusters. Everybody loved that if there was if there was ever a time to experiment. This would be the time it's GonNa Knock and it's not going to be like we're all GonNa look back on this. As a season that was radically different than every other Season Anyway Chore and Think About The Elementary and the All Star game when that was first announced people were like What's I don't get this? This is silly but the game was pretty good last year like baby. Let's just do that. And then the game happens and people saw the results of how exciting implementing can be in even then because the game ended on a free throw. That was the least exciting away. An elementary game can actually results. They're still far. More exciting games would be lamenting that can be seen with the basketball tournament. And past couple and the idea of these shortened series. A One game playoff to get into the playoffs or you know three Gamera three game round in the first round. That may not sound appealing to fan. That is so used to watching a seven game series for many years or previously five games in the first round. But if you will we actually see it happen and it makes for exciting basketball if like the grizzlies. Goethe five games with the Lakers in the first round or something like that that'd be really don't man and I think it's something that people would love and I get excited at the mere thought of the Lee getting an opportunity to experiment here. I mean we used to have best three out of five but they did want. They wanted the best teams advancing right. That people did not like eight beating one and then moving onto the next round They wanted to ensure that the best team would win the series or the best matchup Would win the series. And so you know I I don't know obviously look the greater the stakes of every single game. The more fun it is. There's no way around that right like you. Just that's the way it is the greater the stakes and in in that particular all star game. What we saw was the greater the stakes even when it came down to possessions right it makes it more exciting and so if you lose one game you lose game one of a series where you got to win three. It is so much different than if you lose one game of a series where you've got to win four to your point about how in the past. They went from five to seven to better ashore that the best team moved on If the League in the future who knows how many years from now but if in the future they had a mid season tournament and if that mid season tournament let's just say was a one game playoff you know with all thirty teams or something like that and the top two seeds goodbyes and that. Let's say that. Let's say that tournament became something that fans and players and teams actually celebrated the F. That became something meaningful the mid season tournament. I think if that were in place then in the NBA finals postseason. You know end of the year like we currently have I think at that point. Then maybe because you had that made your torment. You could have those shorter series in earlier rounds because even though it's still incredibly important is the finals. That's what everybody wants to win that. Still the ultimate goal. I think if you still have other ways to reward teams and reward fans you could have a short series there and feel a little bit better if you haven't upset like a seven over two or eight over one because like let's say this year the Lakers could've won the mid season tournament but then they could have happened to get upset in the first round of that postseason. Some something like that to me if you have more more reward. Maybe you're more willing to have a more upsets early in the early rounds of the actual postseason itself all right well for today's show for those of you that have been keeping up with the Book Basketball Pods and what Simmons has been doing. They've been going back and they have been redrafting different drafts and one of the things that you can gain from listening to. These redrafts is seeing where people messed up Answering where people got it right General Manager Wise When it was time to make those picks and Kevin I keep up with the draft for a long time. I think my first draft was like two thousand or something like that so I had a lot to go back on. It's like twenty years of looking back on guys that I liked and guys that I didn't like and guys I would've really swung and missed on and guys that I really liked. That turned out to be a great picks for franchises. Now that being said I was happy that I clearly have learned from mistakes on a lot of these things because I go back and read some of the stuff that I wrote Or see some of the predictions that I made because it. I think it's been a long time since I've had somebody that I thought was going to be really awesome and then was just a dud in the NBA right. That's not my misses. My Mrs At least in in recent times have been. I didn't like somebody as much as I should have. Right like somebody that. I thought was going to be good but I didn't like him as much as I should have But in terms and then the Mrs are like you know the guys that I thought could be good or rotation guys that are misses. You would say I mean those are like late for second round picks I mean just throwing darts half the time in those anyway But because it's been I mean I was going back and I mean I had to go all the way back to like I saw that kid that paid for Arizona Derrick Williams. I saw him in. Person Adair. Gore's attic career. Is He still in the League? I don't think he's in a league anymore and he was okay right but I thought there was going to be good. Thought he was going to be good and he wasn't he wasn't he. He's clearly not worth to pick right that they used on that. And when he got swapped for Darren Williams or whatnot And there are other guys. He's actually playing in or was playing in Turkey the allow now and then and then I threw out the guys that are like super recent right the last couple of years. Because I'M GONNA I'll give you a couple of stories from yesteryear of guys that you proof that you gotta wait it out to see what they end up becoming. So I don't think it's fair to judge guys that are like the last few years Necessarily in some cases for sure we can already see mistakes. That were made But the book is clearly nowhere close to written on some guys so I ended up writing down a bunch of names On hits and misses some of which are going to be I. I wonder if some of the names Have you ever heard of the name Damian James? It is totally. It is totally reasonable. If you happen to me and James. Yeah don't recall that he's a kid is a kid that played at Texas drafted in the first round and that year the Grizzlies had the twelve th pick overall and I saw the kid workout. I mean he was like a huge big twelve player. he was a great great high school player and it just didn't take he just didn't even have an NBA career and was right way wrong about it but that will lead into. I am going to make you feel better to have right off the bat. Please thank you. Chris. I like the feel good okay because there is no way. There is no way you can defeat this that year. The Grizzlies had the twelfth pick. I went to all of the workouts. They ended up taking Savia Henry who I hated so I was right about that. But I want I would have taken Damian James From Texas. But how about this when you ready for this? This is what I wrote at the time. This is God is ten years ago now. Are you quoting yourself here? Like the success right word reason. Word Okay. This is what I wrote which I should have deleted years ago but I am going for the purposes of my own humiliation. I will I'll read this. Paul George has got a ton of hype. You'RE GONNA love. This is going to the steal of the draft. He could be the best player in the draft. He's the guy that's flying under the radar. I've heard it all about Paul George so I had to go see him in his workout with the grizzlies on Tuesday going into the workout. I must say I was hoping to see a guy that I would want the grizzlies to take twelve if he's available. I just don't think it's there with this kid to be honest if it was there he going top five. There's a possibility I could have pegged this kid wrong but I can't stand guys with motor problems. They discussed me. I think you lose with guys like Paul George because when push comes to shove they'll cave. I don't want anybody that's not gonNA give Max effort. Everybody can wait for the light to come on. I'll pass. I detest the fact that he was on a losing team which is virtually impossible in a crap conference. If you're a lottery guy and the fact that he was not even first team all wack get get real. I'd bank on the potential that everybody loves going unfulfilled. I have no time for lazy. My God again of no time for Lee. That's about as bad as it gets. I did see him and he just got wafted every drill. And you know what there's thing and this is what I. This is one of the lessons. I had to learn that when you could go to those there were so many guys over the years that absolutely tanked workouts when they came to work out here because when you are a loser and you lose every year. They don't WanNa get drafted by you. There's a slew of guys that never even came to work out you know and obviously this goes into a whole another discussion. But it's one of the reasons that I am so anti losing on purpose because these agents will try to direct it so that you won't take their guy and sometimes they're guy comes in and just absolutely tanks a workout completely. You know the one famously years ago. Huby Brown's started screaming at Dwayne Wade. Because Dwayne Wade. We're just wasn't even play. He wasn't even trying. I saw I saw hardened do it. I saw George do it you know. In retrospect it's like okay. I drew something from those workouts where these guys were tanking the workout so that they wouldn't get drafted by saying and I'm sitting there watching it being like this guy get Outta here. But in retrospect he don't want to. He don't WanNa get drafted a year. So he's he's he's half assing it right. Whereas guys like Damian James they're projected to go low of course they're winning every drill and playing like with a massive chip on their shoulder. Kazan going to get drafted. There or is that like might not go in the first round and you see them go harder than hell you know I. I had to learn like Steph curry that year. His Dad and then they didn't even come work out. Cruces had the second pick in the draft Kevin. He didn't come and work out. He didn't WANNA get drafted by Memphis and there was a bunch of guys. Were like that over the years but I learned my lesson right on on Paul George in fairness he has caved when push came to shove in the playoffs imposed on the Fan of playoff p. He says I mean Good Grief. I had to watch two years ago. Joe ingles emasculate him on national. Tv So anyways. Yeah Paulie joing who looks like an NBA player? Paul George One of my one of my worst for sure. Can you even come close to that Some of the misses that I have. I don't have one that fits that criteria. No but that could be a hall of Famer not that I saw from scanning my draft guides the past couple of years the first year draft guide was twenty fourteen in the year before that. I did have a top. Fifty Went my first year for Celtics blog dot com way back in the day All of my guys that I'm choosing since two thousand thirteen anybody before that I'd never really had definitive rankings. I would just sort of have a list and all those files are gone somewhere. Who knows but so to start off. I guess I'll go with guy. I definitely missed on though. Just stick with guys that we swung and missed that Kyle Kuzma in two thousand seventeen. I had him ranked forty sixth incredibly low behind. You hated it behind. Scenarious Thornwell Tyler. I liked but he's LASORDA. Had Coups Molo and cruise Moore. Of course today is a very polarizing player. Some people love them some people hate him and it's undeniable though that I had him too low and that's because I think I leaned on his weaknesses too much. I looked at him at at twenty two years old coming in as a rookie. I looked at him and thought to myself. Oh this guy has never proven. He can become a consistent defender. He is never shown that he has a consistent. Jump shot what I underrated was the fact that he is a guy who at six foot nine six foot ten can handle the ball and can do other things on the court. Despite his weaknesses he can still be a spark plug score. I think I sort of put him into a box as a guy who wouldn't get an opportunity because of his weaknesses when in reality it's his strengths that has given him opportunity in that has given him value on a really good team last year. And this year with the Lakers. And look he still has a week defender but he has still shown in in certain mass and he can be versatile. He still is an iffy decision maker. That has not changed. He still has his weaknesses and in that sense the evaluation of sound but the ranking was too low. Because I think I I look back at that and I was too hard on his weaknesses. Instead of focusing on his strengths as a player in his age as well and to the equation. Too much for me. That's one of the big lessons that I look back on with some of my best hits and some of my my worst Mrs Age it matters. You know drafting an eighteen. Nineteen year old. Obviously those are the guys that have the highest upside. But everybody's development is on a different trajectory and oftentimes that twenty one twenty two year old. Come into the league and make an instant impact and still have room to grow. And that's where we've talked about with a guy like Brennan Clark and Memphis coming in older but still has more upside. That was the case with Kuzma. His year in the draft that he came in he had his weaknesses. He's gotten better his strengths of gotten better and he still has more room to improve despite the facts older prospects. I love this kid. You're feeding right into my next without even knowing Because this is the argument that I made over and over again for I would say I would say my biggest hit so in two thousand twelve and this has come up before and people have been like. Oh yeah nobody saw it coming with draymond green and I will throw people linked. 'cause I wrote with the twenty fifth pick. The grizzlies should select draymond green. The official did the official endorsement of the Chris Varnish. Oh there is absolutely no way. They'll be twenty four players better than this kid. He dribbles and passes like a guard and rebounds like a big he shot the cover off the ball and his workout. Here he fits the Culture Lionel. Hollins would play him. I know what I get with him. A good rotation player for years. That'll play hard every single night. GimME THAT GUY. Draymond is yeah. He's my best one and it was and that was my argument because I remember. It's it's funny. They took Tony wrote in Nineteen Zero Point Guard out of Washington and I the argument. Was You know like Oh draymond is like whatever he was twenty two right twenty two twenty three years old and it's like Jeff. What is this Guy GonNa look like when he's twenty two or twenty three and I kept? He's not going to be as good as this guy right. Like I mean the answer for people like what GM's used to always say that it's a projection thing so you take this the young. I always get the advantage because okay. Yeah he's only nineteen but imagine what he could look like when he's twenty two and in many cases the answer is not as good as the awesome twenty two year. Old that you're passing up right and draymond would be easily the biggest hit for sure. I mean I. I loved him When I saw him and I thought like there's not a coat on the planet that won't play him outside of Mark Jackson. I guess thank God David. Thank God David Lee. Got Hurt but anyways Draymond was I mean for for for George I at least Draymond When I went back and looked I would say George. George is the biggest one that I I saw him. I would not have wanted him and he turned out to be awesome. Draymond is the one that I saw that I thought he was awesome and he got drafted obviously entirely. Too Low for my hits. I'm GonNa have a guy that I had ranked maybe slightly higher compared to the consensus and then one guy that I ranked way lower compared to consensus both of which were hits. Let's go on. Let's go with hit I. Chris named one of yours. I'm just going to read what I wrote and two thousand seventeen so this process was drafted in two thousand seventeen. A high draft pick not steal one of yours right there go to scoring is the hardest skill to find in the NBA. I'm talking about players. You feed the ball to in an emergency situation toward the end of the clock players. You Lean on and the fourth quarter and the defense is locked in in. The game is muddied in the half court. These are irreplaceable. Talents found on every championship team in league history. Nothing matters more than scoring but sometimes is more focused on what Jason? Tatum can't do than what he does. It arguably the highest level of any player in the draft class so tatum guys and I look back at. I am happiest with my evaluation and ranking of him. I had him second behind Markelle foltz which was a mistake. Everybody's mistake but I might Tade. Tatum and a lot of places was ranked the tenth or Eleventh Which was just way way way too low and I think it would tatum. So much of the focus on him at the time was what he didn't do in his single year at Duke. I wrote a feature story on him this year. On the ringer and it can't sort of came back and conversations about the conversation about how at the time. His defense was on at the level. It should have been but that was due to a foot injury that really knocked him off at an early in the season the fact that he wasn't shooting threes on the edge of the dribble as much as he was shooting twos. Well that's because he was sent. He's still extending his range every single year. His range was always getting deeper. And now we see it all manifesting for him this current season with the Celtics. There is talk about his passing ability. I thought of a Time. That was a little bit overblown. If you look at my scouting report he did make some nice passes just he had a score first mindset knee has gotten a lot better there in the NBA. So tatum. I think to me when you're looking for guys that can be the face of your franchise guys who can really take you from good to great. It's still those players who can be great scores. It's still those guys like Jayson tatum. And that has made me think about this year's draft class when there's not a lot of guys like that right there's some there's some that you might WanNa swing at and take a chance on an Anthony Edwards Killian Hayes. These guys who show scoring talent. But it's not all there. Those are still the Guy Even. Lamelo ball for that matter. You can look at his horrific shooting percentages but he can generate space. And that's still the skill that can set guys apart. It's just it's just about. Are you going to take a swing on that like preferred to Tatum in that year? Or you're going to go with the more safer option who fits into a team. But he doesn't have that upside it's more philosophical than anything else when it comes to rankings. I'm just glad in that year. I drank tatum as high as I did. I you know what I actually had A. When I was going through this exercise I had names written down. And this is GONNA be. This is funny so the one I had written down from that draft which I count as a win hit is Fox of the three point of the three point guards. I liked him. The most and that includes Lonzo and Foltz right and part of that was watching him throughout the season. I know a bunch of people in Kentucky. They absolutely loved the kids loved him. And I heard what a great giddy was and how smart he was and all the stuff you want to hear about him as a kid as a guy and then I was in the arena when he dropped thirty nine on Lonzo's head in the NCAA tournament. And I walked out of that arena. And I'm Mike how. How could you be sitting there and take Lonzo over him? How and by the way Magic Johnson was on the front row. And I remember saying to my buddy like what is that conversation walking out to the car. 'cause I mean he was Lonzo was going died to the Lakers if he was if he was there right if he was on the board if he will if he didn't go number one and most people had full. It's going number one but I liked Fox more than those two. I think he's all yeah. I mean those are the that's one On that note it would this year's draft class. I think back the twenty seventeen and look I had false number one and I really like the prospect. There's but at the time there was something in my gut that told me. Tatum was a number one prospects and I looked back at that at the time. And I'm like I think I had a little bit of fear because of the group. Think because of you know how is really consents. Across the board in the League that faults is the number one player in the draft? I think there's a little bit of fear inside of me and and I have removed that since then I don't care what anybody else has. His rankings. I don't care what. Nba teams have these guys ranked as either for that matter They're wrong. They're wrong just as much as we are. Just the facts. Nba teams are wrong. Just as much as the guy had real. Gm that's when posting for ten to fifteen years. Just the truth. You can look at their track. It's just the facts and so I look. I look now at this year's draft class when there is no clear number one pick and I my rankings whenever we put them out there I think they're gonNA end up being drastically different than any other websites. I love because I don't I don't look man like especially this year. There's not that guy. There's not that guy and I think if anybody's ranking players you shouldn't worry about what other people have just trust your own your own evaluation of these guys and take in information from others that's important. It's important to take information and take another opinions. But you can't necessarily that affects how you're ranking. Oh no the group think has it been killer for. I mean. Look because you're because here's the thing and this is how people think that it doesn't matter it absolutely matters. Because what the consensus becomes. What the mock drafts say your owner. Read those right and so if you WANNA be bold and you want to go off the grid and you have a conviction you have to be right and because if you take the guy that everybody should say is a top five. Pick and he's not well. It's like you did what everybody else is going to do. You were wrong but you're also not going to get fired over that maybe probably right. And that's what happened in two thousand ten. I believe this has been reported and I don't think I'm breaking anything here. But with the Minnesota Timberwolves with the fourth pick. There were some noise that they wanted Paul George but ownership didn't want to take that risk so they ended up taking Wesley Johnson with the four. Who the more the consensus high. You know better prospect all that but there are a lot of people within the organization. Who Wanted Paul George? Oh it happens all the time. It happens all the time where because it your own gets involved in the draft. There's a lot of things at your owner doesn't get involved in your owner usually is involved in the draft or has say right and if he's talked to people and he has a conviction about somebody then many times. It's just a lot easier to say. Okay we'll go with that and that's how you can make you know grave errors in judgment right just like how there's and these have not been confirmed. I've never confirmed confirmed. I believe it to be true. But there's been the reports that Sam Hinkie with the sixers wanted to take kristaps porzingis. Instead of Juliet delillo Ghafour but ownership made the push for the Safer. Pick in OKAFOR. I don't know if that's true. I believe it to be true but even something like that. There's so many mistakes that are made over the years because of ownership's ordered her pushing basketball operations to make a decision that they really shouldn't be making. Oh for certain it happened. Look I I i. wouldn't it twice once the beat? Absolutely I mean you're is that Congress. Oh that's been nine nine right. Yeah Yeah so Michael Heiser God rest Sawtooth. I love the top. The top seven that Buddy Blake Griffin. Seem to be James Harden tyreek Evans Ricky. Rubio Johnny Flynn Steph Curry. That was the top seven that year. Well I'll tell you this so Michael. Highly God rest his soul. He had he got the okay from from Jerry West and other guys like that. He was still he. Didn't he was still talking to guys like Jerry guys? You Know Dick Verse as all these guys at work for the team before you know. And so if he goes in and he says look they're all there say we should take the kid from Yukon right it. We should take the kid from whatever I mean. You think Chris Wallace or any of them are going to stand up to him. Hell no right because if you're wrong about who you take two then you're dead but if you right so and the other one and this is absolutely so was the year. They had the year before that they had the fifth pick and they took Kevin Love. Who I I mean I rant. In in the trade happened. And why did that happen because highs? Lee is a Chicago guy and high was living there and Oj was working out all summer with Tim. Grover the old Jordan. Oh Yeah Yeah. And Highs Lee went over and watched him and so is Lee wanted. Oj Mayo and so they out a way to make that happen. They swung that deal on on draft night when he got taken third and love got taken five so they made that always Minnesota in an alternate universe. You guys take Kevin Love and then you take James Harden you you have no idea does. That's one reason why you don't like James Harden because the grizzlies didn't take him. No no no I do. You know what's funny? Not even a part of it not even like just no up no Wa no no I don't know I don't like watching a guy hunt for thousand go to the free throw line all night But I also I would say that that particular draft you gotta remember Terry Evans at just played a whole season in Memphis. He just played here. So and Steph Curry. Just let the world on fire at Davidson. I saw. There's one guy on there that you could count as one of my misses. I absolutely liked the other Minnesota Guy and I'm talking about the beat you. Johnny Flynn. I saw him in the I saw him live in the NCAA tournament. I don't think he's necessarily a fair one. He made the all rookie team and he was in the worst situation ever. They drafted Rubio to. He's playing in the frigging triangle for Kurt Rambis and then he had a life altering I mean you can go read articles on him a life altering hip injury that just destroyed his career completely. He was never he was never the same ever after. He had this horrible hip injury after his rookie year. I still John his rookie. His rookie numbers were not bad. No Johnny Johnny still could've been a good player. Hiring used to be hard multiple job sites stack of resumes confusing review process. But today hiring can meet easy. You only have to go to one place to get it done ziprecruiter dot com slash ringer. Nba Ziprecruiter sends your job to over one hundred of the Web's leading job sites. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter stance thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience. And invite them to apply to your job. Ziprecruiter is so effective that four out of five employees who post on Ziprecruiter get quality candidate within the first day and right now to try ZIPRECRUITER FOR FREE. Our listeners can go to ziprecruiter dot com slash ringer. Nba that's ziprecruiter dot com slash ringer. Nba R. I. N. G. E. R. and B. A SIP recruiter. The smartest way to hire all right. I am good at. You GonNa love this so much. I'll give you my other big Miss. Right and the reason you're GonNa love this so much because I would call this guy a friend now a friend yes and it is one Mike. Conley why I why I wanted joking. Noah which in retrospect is not terrible no not bad but I resented the hell out of that. And then you've got to remember all those years following you're talking about all those great perimeter players right whether you're talking about harden you're talking about curry you're talking about tyreek you're talking about whoever you can go through the list right and I resented it so much because it was like dare going to stay they keep on doubling down tripling down quadrupling down on this kid and you know we're five years into his career and he's twelve point seven points six point five assists shooting forty three percent from the field. And I'm like pass on great players every year because he will not lose his job no matter what. They drafted him when he was very young day. Believe in him and they stood by this thing over and over again. They got rid of Kyle lowry. They got him the hell out of town. You know as to not have any competition for him and they wouldn't draft anybody that could even play point guard. They brought in a thousand horrible ones over the years as to never create a competition for him and I resented it so much. I mean I was ready. I would trade it in for anything I just. And then they gave him the second contract. And I'm like Oh my God and that's one of those where it's like you stick with it and the development because by two thousand and thirteen fourteen season. He's shooting forty five percent from the field thirty six percent from three seventeen S. seventeen point six a game a couple of steals. He's making a second team all defense team and he's leading a team. You know to the game sevens of Western semi's and the Western Conference finals this It just took forever. You know what I mean and so for a Oh for so long. I'll always you know that that that makes you gun shy on making predictions on what a guy is going to be or what is destiny is in the end. The people that believed in him and what he was going to become were right. It just took so long and interestingly enough it also took that long with Kyle right kyle. Lowry didn't make an all star team until way later in his career. One of my hits is I had victory Ranked first in two thousand thirteen. But it's also miss because after four years I gave up on him right. You gotta you gotTa stick with the guys sometimes. Oh God there's so many that I mean did when we were going through this exercise Kevin. How about one? I wrote down the name. This is from like oh six I wrote down. Pj Tucker I loved PJ Tucker and he got drafted out of the League in one year. And I was like and he showed back up six years later in Phoenix. I mean anybody can go look this up like PJ Tucker was gone for like five or six years and then he showed up at the NBA. And it's funny my buddy Chris Eric to covered the NBA for years. Here he said I remember you love and B. J. Tucker I'm like yeah all right. Well I haven't known where he was for six years. It's not really big. I'M NOT GONNA take credit for. Pj Doug are becoming an NBA player when you had to have him go overseas for six years and then show back up in now and and now you look at J. Tucker with the way MS changed he is a a player. These six foot sake. Six-foot-seven strong bodied wings. Should aspire to be like it metality and the way he can defend bigger players. That's what you wanted as league is is a PJ Tucker and that sort of goes right to my next guy and this is somebody that sorta falls under the category. We were touching on where you can't necessarily give up on a guy but also I feel confident that this is a hit for me. And that's Julius randle. I had him ranked seventeenth and twenty fourteen and he went seventh for the Lakers that year. And I was the reason wireless. So low on him was his defense. I. I wrote an article at the time called the Randall. Problem Analyzing Julius randle weaknesses on defense as I said. I had ranked seventeenth in my draft guide that year. I was not Julius randle fan just as I am not a Julius randle fan today. And that's because he's one of the worst defensive big men in basketball he just doesn't know how to focus off all he doesn't know where to be playing pick and roll is always in the wrong position accounting. This is a mess. 'cause you're just shaking scanning it's a hit. I had him low and lower the consensus but I'm sort of hedging here in the sense that I'm saying he still is only twenty five years old and he still is a guy that did score twenty points per game this season with Nixon last year of the Pelicans he still has okay. Great rebounder. He still is a guy who can handle the ball a bit as a big man. The problem is defense is still defense. And that is what's holding him back. He is one of the of if you look at the guys making over fifteen sixteen million dollars league. He's probably the one of the worst of them making high money in the NBA. But the fact is is that there is still a chance that he figures out on defense and becomes at least average on that end and then my seventeenth ranking will end up looking silly. There's still a chance hold on your seventeenth ranking look silly anyway. No it doesn't do it talking to your if you go through the twenty fourteen. Nba Draft. Randall ends up like fourteen to seventeen fourteen to eighteen something like that. If you're doing twenty fourteen redrafts I deny that. I don't know I'd have to go back and do it. But here's what I I'm pulling out what it is. I'm pulling one. This is the first one that came up on. Here's what I know he's been on. He's been on all bad teams except that once Pelicans team he played for the yet. Sorry Lakers who are losing sixty games. And he played for the Sorry Knicks. Who are losing sixty games? Put Him in a good situation. I think you'll see a different again again to your point right now. I think it's a hit for me. It can end up being a mess and and and that's one of the point. The only point is what I'm saying is that it's still early in these guys career. Oh for sure Lou how you know who I think he could end up like is a mini version is a guy that obviously. I fell in love with Zach Randolph. It was years down the road in court. He has not had the off court problems. But no keep fight for the Knicks. He played for the Clippers. And it was like yeah. He puts up numbers but he's thinks on defense and he's not this right like I mean. I could see that happening if you ever got Randall. In a real winning situation that the whole opinion of him changes dramatically in that happened Randall. What at Twenty eight twenty? Nine years old randomly. Yeah Right Memphis. Yes and those weren't even his prime scoring years right. He's more of a a secondary player than a primary. He was on all bad teams. And you know. He's looked at as a reason. They are bad right and I do think that in the case of Randall. He spent the majority of his career in undesirable situations. So I'm just going to throw out some twenty fourteen players that I would redraft ahead of Randall. Just just for the exercise here and this is not in any order. I pulled up a different list. Joel Embiid Mickey Yokich Andrew. Wiggins Zach Levine Clint's CAPPELLA TJ Warren. Spencer dinwiddie Aaron Gordon Yousef Nurkic Marcus. Smart Dario Sarge Gary Harris Bogdanos on and show Harris Aaron Gordon and Doria Rich. Yeah Aaron Aaron Gordon. Did you fill up going? No you still love Aaron Gordon. But he's based dreadful era. His defense is not dreadful last year. You look at his defense and superstar matchups. He's he can defend elite level against multiple positions. He did a great job against James. Harden did a great job against even K. D. last year did a great job against Colli Leonard. To the extent you can in the post season for Orlando. Aaron Gordon is a stellar defensive. Plays now better than Julius randle. As a as a player you line to both on I would. I would take Gordon ahead of Randall. Hundred one hundred times the team that I'm building you and I you and I break ways there. That's for sure. And Dario sorry to guy's been in witness protection all right. So do you disagree on Joe Harris? How `Bout Jeremy Grant Dwight Powell I can get. Oh there's Randall's better in all these guys that you're talking about Julius Reynolds better than Joe Harris I mean. I don't think that there's some kind of massive difference between those two guys like it's desert is a pretty big difference. I mean Dooley's Joe. Joe Harris who is a dynamic shooting weapon who is a smart decision maker on the court and a competent defender at the wing position. I would much rather have that guy who's just a total zero on the defensive end and can't speak the floor on offense and that makes poor decisions on offense that guy and same with Bogdanovich same with Gary Harris who is struggling this year. Twenty seven twenty one nine last year and twenty and ten this year. How Jeremy Grants I mean? He's just a guy I he's a guy he's not. He's getting me twenty intend. Who CARES ABOUT TWENTY MR defense? You've never given a shit about defense for years of US doing this pod now defensive ability of Jeremy Grant like who cares how I never cared about defense now all of a sudden we're talking about how their defense matter so greatly that it won't Marcus smart as one of my favorite players ever. I care about defense if your current guys in twenty fourteen draft. Julius randle lot better than what he has gotten credit for he's been on rat teams his whole career. That's not his fault. You know I mean this guy's as guys had some really good years you go look at his years that he's had he's been bad. Bad teams. Free Free Julius randle. That's what I'm saying. Her will say so. We don't get you. Don't get to use that as a hit. That's a mess it's right it's and right now and I'm saying it could end up being a miss if he ever learns how to play defense and right now. He's one of a worst defensive players and basketball. He's a worst offender. Ns KANTER A guy who everybody talks about as one of the worst defenders in basketball Julius rentals worse than him. My God I. This is the beating up Julius randle in a manner that I never expected right. Jewish randall would not go seventeen if you did that. Draft Yeah he would know he would go sixteen or seventeen. I I want. You'd still be taken Eric Gordon in the top five though like you just deny what I want to thank him in the top five but he would go ahead of Rental K. It's Bill Simmons. I just wanted to make sure you're listening to podcasts on spotify. Here's how you do it. I search for your favorite podcasts. On spotify is apple they have a lab of seven hundred fifty thousand PAS at this point. So let's say you're searching for the Dave Chang show or the ringer. Nba show once you find them. Click on the follow. That's subscribe then. Click on those letters near the top of the APP. That's eight podcast all the pilots. You're following will pop up separated by episodes downloads shows. Wait to get better spotify. You can adjust the speed of the pods seven. Different speeds zero point. Five Times is the slowest drunk zero point. Five Zero Point Eight Times one point two times which is my favorite sounds good cup of coffee and then there's one point five times two times if you're completely insane three times anyway. Spotify APP connects directly to many best automobiles in the world. Even has carplay feature. That's pretty cool. Best of all. It's free download spotify in any device. And you're good to go should be embarrassed that you're not listening to podcasts on spotify. I don't want to but the answer unfortunately is yes. Make the move. Listen to podcasts. On spotify back years other guys that I had written down over the years for Mrs I did like Jimmer for debt and I had this moment you remember. We were talking about going back in areas in the last one like now. Speaking of defense right nobody gives a crap they bring it up but like trae young. Don't play defense right. But he was scoring thirty a gay what he's playing in Oklahoma like that's what Jimmer was and I do wonder if Jimmy exists. Now if it's looked at totally different and he actually could have a place in the NBA. But it was like you know if you're going to be a traffic cone for a defender now you can get on an NBA court You know five ten years ago you had no chance of getting on an NBA court especially early but I thought Jimmy was going to have an MBA career and thought he could be really good and it was a debacle for sure I he was one of my favorite college players to watch ever. It was so exciting and then I Johnny Flynn's name down also as one for the hits the other names I wrote down. I still get this. What brought up to be this day in two thousand and ten. I was I had my My son was born and I was up every night as it were with a baby and I fell in love with a team that I was watching it like midnight regularly which was Saint Mary's and they had this guy. Omar Samhan was there. You know big center. Whatever but they had a freshman point guard who I absolutely loved and I was talking all the time and that team ended up making the elite eight and it was always going to be a special team to me. Because you know it's just a moment in time where I'm having I had my first kid. I'm up every night. I fall in love with this college basketball team that I'm watching the time you know who it was. It was della Vedova. Wow I love JEB. And he got on he was undrafted under acted and he's got an MBA career going. So I'm out as a hit and then one that I i. I'll be mad about till the day I die. Is Malcolm Brogdon Malcolm? Brogdon was ACC player of the year and the ACC defensive player of the year and the Grizzlies Assistant General Manager. John Hollander was a Virginia graduate. And we took Rhode as Zagorec the pick before Malcolm Brogden and I went to the gym and I watch Rod- as a Gorriak in like a summer the training camp and I was like Oh my God like this is not an NBA player Yossi. I told the second I walked in the gym. I watched him do three drills. And I'm like this guy has no. He ain't got the feet four. He's not athletic. He slower than Hell. They're just GONNA put him in every pick and roll forever and he went to Summer League and guess what they put them in every single pick and roll I even. I don't think he ever played an NBA minute. Kim This is this is my. This is my right up for him. In My twenty sixteen draft guide. Zyrtec is an extremely competitive team. I player that his role that has role player. Potential has shot is inconsistent in his handle must improve but the tools are there for him to be a solid stretch forward and lead to get us. He'll need to get stronger and improve laterally offensive and the scouting notes. Go far more indepth than that but I liked him as like a shot in the dark and the second round but I loved Brogden that year I had brogden ranked twenty second in two thousand sixteen. I thought he was for sure going to be a really good player. So I I don't dislike the pig on Zagreb. There was a chance ended up a good player but considering some of the other guys on the board that was obviously a mistake to your point. I those are the those are the majority of the names that I wrote down. Obviously a lot of them were more recent names and stuff. It's been a long time though since like somebody's got drafted really high that I thought was going to be super awesome and just flamed out. You know I got. I got a couple of those dragging bender. This is going to beat myself up. I get some Mrs on the international side Dragon Bender I ranked him third in two thousand sixteen Mario has had him ranked fourth twenty fifteen. And then. Here's here's a little of a deeper cut timothy. Liu I had him ranked ninth and twenty sixteen to hi. Hey you know kept those two year. That's totally fair to your point about not paying attention to the mocks. I did this about maybe two years ago. I went back and looked at everything that was written about that draft and the argument. All out of Boston was about Chris. Dun and about Dragon Bender. Oh bent about and we got a good story about on the mocks. No but I went back and look I think the highest on any mock that Jaylen Brown was was like eight or nine on any the first for the Boston media. Snow any know any national and it wasn't until later that day like I think Jeff Goodman at Fox had moved him up but Goodman's like big buddies with with age. He's known him forever. So I mean he had a. He had a beat on that right when he when he did that. But if you go back and look at all the mocks because I pulled him up just as an exercise not one mark had the Celtics taking Jalen Brown none of them and and Chris Dun and Dragon Bender. And who else was there. They're all of them. Were ahead of the all of them are ahead of Jalen Brown. That was like a real anti mcpick. Like I don't care what everybody else says. I'm taking this Jalen Brown kid at three. Nobody had him that. You know you know who else edgy. Mcgregor to the Celtics. That Year Be Wink Wink. Wait you had him ahead of vendor. No not not in my big board. But on my my mock drafts you mentioned marks. I had Jalen go into the Celtics by story about that. Is that that year I was doing? Tv IN BOSTON. And Celtics fans booed the pick. They booed when Jalen Brown got selected. Everybody wanted Chris. Don or WANNA pick to be traded for Jimmy Butler understandable. You'd WANNA trade for Butler. But everybody wanted Chris done the more local kid out of providence not the raw shooter with Jalen Brown and the I think it was that night or the next night I went on TV and the argument was like wow with the celtics draft a guy that can't shoot. Why would they draft this guy when they already have you know Jay crowder and these other wings and forwards and it was really amazing? Feeling is the only person who was like. This is a pretty good pick. I remember I think I wrote some time. Like if you love Jae crowder. You'RE GONNA definitely love Brownie. 'cause he's at least going to be that good of a player. Well you know what else hurt him is because he did this last year. Kevin Pelton used to do the draft reiter analytics analytics. Oh Jeez and hated him. He was like five thousand. You don't like he must. He wasn't even on the grid. The analytics like predicted. That Jaylen Brown was go undrafted. Yeah I remember looking it up because I've talked to Kevin about it before. Like what are the lessons of something like that? Because it's like you have these predictive. You know again. Nothing is perfect. But you have this. You know formula that you can stick in. You could say okay. Here's what translates. Here's what doesn't these are great predictors of future. Mba success. He didn't have any of it. None of it like none of the predictors of NBA success were there if you looked at the numbers and that's fascinating to me. Considering Boston was by most counts way ahead of the game on the analytics front and you know with Jalen though this this touches on what we hit on earlier in the week player personality player personality is the secret the brain Dr Shore. You know may whoever it may be don't they? I was the I know they do. But I'm saying like we're hope whoever it may be on your team but they do have a guy that they call the brain doctor and Boston. He's had some Mrs well just saying neither neither I. I know him as as the brain. Dr John Nine Point Is. Is that who who player is as a person? Whatever way you have whether it's through interviews like the brain Dr tends to use or whether it's personality assessment tests like you see with other companies like sports aptitude the do that four teams or players that have their in house database. That they use. I believe the New England Patriots Won The New England. Patriots have an in house database that they use themselves As I think there might be a couple of NBA teams to that as well. I'm not sure who specifically but whatever way it is figuring out what makes guys tick is the key to success so with Jalen Brown. The conversation at the time was well. He has a raw handle. Okay well that's something. He's improved at significantly in the NBA through his hard work inconsistent on defense. Well how much of that was role and situation on a pretty bad cal team in college. Walt now in Boston at Defense. First Environment is become a great defender and his shot. His improved his shot was underrated if time anyway so it's the work ethic and the mindset that you really need to figure out to understand how much guys are going to make their strengths better and how much guys are gonNA turn their weaknesses into at least average skills or good skills and like the numbers of how player produces on the court at the college level. Do not touch that at all. And that's that's why for me personally when it comes to college college data. I don't put too much into it first of all. It's a small sample size of twenty five to thirty five games for these guys. The situations oftentimes are horrific so many college teams play with two bigs clogging the lane. They don't play anything like an NBA style. How much zone defense they go against compared to man defense? We're just all so many variables that diminish its value and importance to me and that's why for teams that's about figuring out how the college production on the court in Iraq's with player personality it's blending those two together to get the best possible sussman of players and that's what I'm really always trying to search for Prospects figure out who these guys are and teams. That's where they have an edge over anybody else because they have direct contact with players coaches assistance and guidance counselors at schools figuring out who they are is the key. I last thing before we get out of here Bobby Wagner producer as always. And I'm calling. You are Bob because right before we started recording today said you said you had one as a sixers guy. It was the faults year and you didn't and they traded up right end up getting fault. Yeah but tell us who you you wanted them to keep the pick and take who with three you know. I'm not even a big sixers fan. I saw we'll just say that up top and a lot of my friends are so I follow the team closely and I care about them. I wanted them to go with and I believe to. This stood by it so I guess you could say this is my Jeff Green. I wanted them to go with me. Monk It doesn't look so great right now guys but come on. He shot the ball. He was really athletic. Great one though. This story is not written on monk. That's what I tell you. I'm with you the same way that I you know. That's why I was telling some of these stories. You know these are lessons. Learned over the years that sometimes you're going to look up and five six years down the road. That's a different guy. If you would have judged a lot of guys on their first four years if you to judge Draymond if to judge Kawai if you to judge Mike Conley if you to judge Kyle lowry if all kinds of fantastic players a lot of guys that ended up being all-stars if you judge them on their first four years you would not have seen it also remember at the time like everybody kept talking about how the sixers had no floor spacing in no shooting and all you could hear about. Was this dude who came hockey. Who could stay? I'll tell you something. How lame thrower. I see him. You know I see obviously seeing them at Summer League and I seen I saw him play for Kentucky College and then I see him is Easter conversation so I really only see him. Once a year in person he is so much smaller. Then what I thought what I envisioned him. Being like a real shooting guard and shooting guard size he is smaller than a. Lotta Point Guards now yeah? He's not toll. Bobby that that year in the twenty seventeen draft. I was arguing about. How teams should trade down before the lottery. I said whoever wins the number one pick should look to be training down this year teams that when the number three pick like the sixers did should look the trade down and one of after the lottery results happened in. Philly ended up with three. I believe it might us on a ringer livestream that they should trae down and take monk and I didn't see listening to ideas but I like the guys. I really liked that year in that seven to fourteen range. I liked Donovan. Mitchell lot. I liked Malik monk a lot. I like Frank Ntilikina. Allot frame book. Everything you're saying Chris. Think about Frank Ntilikina in the same context. Join me join me. Join me please. Them the whole reason the whole reason you're shit non Julius randle because he's got to play with bums. Julius RANDLE CAN'T DEFEND DEFEND? I like defense. You're telling me you're telling me that's what I love. Free Mill. Akina. Come on. Let's go now. I don't know where you pull out of a class. One question. I I have a question now. I want to know this is for both of you guys. Does this count as a hit in two thousand thirteen I had Jaanus rank ninth that counters s counts as a hit. Nobody even knew who the hell he was shore but I still had him behind this. I still had him behind. Trey Burke I still had them behind. Anthony Bennett is talent. And don't keep going no then. This is what I'm saying when it comes to you can say like the bucks stole yards but who today have Janas right behind. I'M NOT SAYING A Cup a couple of a couple of weeks ago or no whenever this quarantine started so one of the things I've been doing is cleaning out game rooms addicts etc and found all this I- memorabilia that just collected over the years. Because I never thought anything away and I don't know if you saw this but I posted it on twitter about. I don't know a couple of weeks ago whenever the quarantine started I've found this poster that I had from Janas rookie year You could probably find it on my feet. And it is a poster that they gave out. And it says Greek and still growing and it's side-by-side Jaanus on draft night and Yoenis at the beginning of their season and it's like almost like a growth chart and he grew like two and a half three inches from June until when he when he You know started plan for the bucks and so did the bucks predict the honest going to be six eleven instead of six nine like I guess you could say that you know but how could you have known right and he was going to be growing three more inches. I mean and a sixty nine or six eight Jaanus. Is He honest? He's look six eight. Yana still a great player but he got six eleven on that right. Of course of grace that makes a difference. I mean that was Brits. That's the difference. That's what makes modern shock though. And that's all height in the four months. I mean they gave this poster. I have it in the four months from. They drafted him to when they started the season. And it's a side by side picture of Janas on draft night and Jaanus in his bucks uniform significantly taller. You within four months and it's like okay like that's just lucky. I'm how could you know you can't know that somebody's going to grow to that tall? So who knows in an alternate dimension? Maybe he stays the height that they drafted him and he's pretty good but he's not you know frigging best player in the League. Mvp Hall of fame talent at or no. You know it's fascinating like Janas. We're going to look back at him whenever his career is over and think about all the mystery that surrounded him when he was first drafted and think about how he did get taller and stronger. Any more athletic to show you. Remember those old films Kevin. I mean he was playing against nobody. I know he was fighting in the Greek. A two league at the time and just a bunch of Scrawny Little Waco. We're the competition. It was fun to watch back now crazy but but but the thing is is like at the time Mike skimming through my article I wrote at the time one paragraph I wrote most likely honest will will be a solid two good role player. Like Nicolas Batum Lamar Odom. But once again it's hard to pinpoint both his floor and ceiling as a player due to his age and lack of experience with time his potential become much more clear. This is what adds to the mystery Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. But point. Is that at that time? There are a lot of Nicholas took comparisons another bigger overseas player. You know you mentioned Chris how he was only six eight six nine at the time like a tomb is there were. There was cops like that or good results for him. If that's what he became as a player I would have been a good pick at fifteen for the bucks. But nobody could have seen this comic. Nobody Oh if you're six but if you would admit you're six eight six nine you really got to be able to and so that would have showed that would that would have showed up a lot more because even now he still is a guy that people will let shoot like in the pick your poison. You Know Decision. He you know it's gotten better. You're right you're right you're right and that's that's what I wrote about this week of the ringer. Janas last week on instagram. Posted just got done watching Chris. Bosh Paul Pierce highlights. Who should I watch next? So my editor Justin barrier saw that posts and got the idea of who should you hunt? Us Watch next and so this week the ringer I wrote about what he could take. From Bausch and from bausch. I mentioned that he could develop the face up. Po Scoring Janas never faces up in the post now because he hasn't established as mid-range jumper which is better this year shooting forty two percent from mid-range which is not great. But it solid. If he establishes that he can do more face that moves and be more dynamic post threat from Paul Pierce. Take the ability to hit more. Tough contest jumpers off. The dribble was can help him and playoff situations. And then I mentioned Kevin Garnett the passing ability from Cagey one of the best passing. Big Men we've ever seen in the week as Janas continues to get better and better as a scorer and keep in mind. He's still only twenty five years old he will get better. That passing ability might be the next thing that continues to separate him from nearly everybody else in the League as talent and it's it's really amazing though. Just a look back at what he was what he facing those little. Greek is Chris. And you see the you see the glimmers you see the transition ability back then you see the length you see how quickly he covered ground. You still couldn't have seen what he is today to. Still be thinking about at twenty five when he's about to win his second consecutive MVP. It's really remarkable that it's still fair to think about how he's going to continue to get better. How lucky are we to watch basketball? Only age of Cuneo. What does he remarked? East twenty-five what's he gonNa look like you know when he's three years old five years now? I mean it's it's going to be a great great story someday when he's getting a hall of fame we're looking at him when he was a rookie and he was so skinny. It's really thankful to watch a guy like him today. Not Today though I look forward to when basketball is back and watch him again. I Miss Watching Janas. This Kevin have a great weekend. It has been a fun one Chris. I I'm I'm still having fun. No Basketball Games are being played out. I'm having fun talking. Hoops of you guys twice a week. Thanks to Bobby Wagner for producer another episode of here and go give us rating interview on I tunes by Stars Five Stars. It really helps and we will talk to you on Tuesday.

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