Matt Minich's Bengals Chalk Talk - 2020 NFL Draft O-Line prospects with Matt Valdovinos


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But I know that fans are still out there. Screaming to make improvements on the office of line and my guest today. met Volvo Venus Is going to talk to us a little bit about some of the Office of Lament? The bengals might be able to get in the draft Matt. How're you doing today? I'm always doing good. I feel good. I'm excited talks the ball and talk about some big uglies. All right sounds good. So Matt You can find his work. He writes for Pro Football Network Also does a podcast with blue chips scouting The NFL podcast with blue chips scouting So we're just GONNA go ahead and skip As much as I like works in Beckton wills And really even Andrew. Thomas probably not going to be happening for the Bengals Every once in a while you see a mock draft for Andrew Thomas Slips but I gotTa Think. Somebody's grabbing him Before the end of the first round. So let's move into the second round and talk about often tackles So after that top four and that's been kind of a pretty big debate like who is. Ot Five in this draft class Who Do you think could be a good option for the Bengals in round two? I think it starts with really what you're looking for There are a couple of so the two that I think are the best fitting at five in six. Who I think are still a tier above the rest after that kind of you know a pseudo to your one would be Josh Jones at a Houston loosening at of TCU The only thing with those two is that Jones is a very natural left tackle. He played it for four years of Houston At Mobile in the senior week. He or at senior bowl he did move over the right tackle and a little bit of guard did not look very comfortable. You struggled a bit so if you're looking for a left tackle type of player judge probably if not if you know you're wanting to plug in that right. Tackle spot Luca's Neon who played right tackle most of his career at TCU. Who's really good and people forget Suffered a pretty bad hip injury this year and played through it so as tape into nineteen was not phenomenal but a statement two thousand eighteen was excellent and I think had he been fully healthy this year we would be talking about him as the first round pick as the best right tackle projected into the NFL. Now obviously worse and judge wills both played right tackle in their careers but the thought processes that they can comfortably plane either spot. But that's that's the two I would come right off the bat and is very depend on how they view Joe Williams Someone who is very high on who I think could be a quality In in pro left tackle in the NFL. So if they're looking to add At thirty-three you know his running mate in right tackle. I would say probably Lucas kneeing or they wanNA move Williams inside the guard. Maybe Josh Jones Phone. That left tackle spot. Yeah I mean I gotta think that as high as they drafted him You drafted him to be your left tackle. He's he's Zack. Taylor's first ever draft pick. I don't think you're not messing with that guy. At least giving him a shot you know maybe maybe in a year. You decided you can't do it but we haven't seen that guy at all really. That's what I think is GonNa Scare Bengals fans off of Yang As having gone through a year without Jona Williams You know making another pick like that thirty three this year It's pretty pretty nerve wracking. I don't know how much of a stomach bengals fans will have for for move like that in out Jones under you were down at the senior bowl and Jones is a guy who got a lot of attention down there In definitely getting a lot of positive feedback they're like is Prince Tegel when I go from from Auburn Who only been playing football for a couple of years actually was scouted by a basketball coach at a prep school. I came from came to the US to play basketball And now he's got a chance to the league. What are your thoughts on? Prince? So he's next up would be next on my list Right there Great Physical Abilities. You know he's long tall Five ish but he's still liens. He can put on a little bit of weight and will help him. He's a naturally physically gifted and it shows impact protection and his ability to keep himself between the defenders excellent I think a lot of people come to this debate whether he or Austin Jackson the. Us's better. I don't think it's close particularly I think. Btw is a head and shoulders better. And if you're looking for someone that that's going to be a left tackle Somewhere in that second round who I think personally has the ability now. Do I think you will reach it? I don't know but has the ability in the potential to be a franchise left tackle all pro level player and I think he's that yes definitely see some really really good flashes on Film You Messing Austin Jackson. An he kind of fits into the realm of guy that. I don't think it's film was great and a lot of people kind of talk about his potential. You know you see him. Thrust into that area because of what is physical gifts are similarly One of the late risers in this draft class as Cleveland Personally I I didn't like him very much on film But he tore up the NFL combine And now I'm hearing people talking about him as a valid option With the thirty third pick. I'm seeing him You know mocked in that type of area. What are your thoughts? On as Cleveland from Boise State. I'm honestly a thirty three. I don't think it would be the end of the Bengals have had worse. Second round picks within the past year In so you could definitely do worse than Israeli. Win I would probably lean towards a Prince Daniel no-go or you know a Josh Jones or loosening. How we talked but I think Cleveland what you get is. I think he's fundamentally more prepared than either Jones or goes physically. He's ability to anchor is a little bit stronger than either of those is and I think it's just because he's naturally larger now. There were some inconsistencies. A lack of a motor occasionally that. I saw Boise State. That did bother me but you get the physical ability. He reminds me of how Colin Miller was. You'd last year but I think he's better than Clinton Miller was coming out of UCLA now. I don't think he's upside is as high because Miller was legitimate. Like one percents But and people hated that pig. Miller was actually a solid contributor on the Oakland offense this past year so I do think you can absolutely do worse than Cleveland. Would I think maybe smart move with look to trade back maybe grab him but if he's your guy don't have a major issue with especially in the second round where? I'm okay with taking high upside players especially at positions of major needed major value. Tackle slattery tackle. That's a good point in cold. Mill is kind of the poster child for that. Didn't really have the film but had the metropoles and as panned out I think from a size standpoint. You could say the same thing by Orlando Brown and there was somebody thinking. Obviously he didn't test well But you know the massive size and somebody took him in and he's having success in the League as well So I mean there's definitely value to that and I and I think that I know you you play align I- i- coach sites. I tend to focus really hard on the film But a lot of times these these measurable do project In and you see at least guys who have really strong measurable have a very high floor. doing for the beginning just based on what they can do physically that was can't Now couple of other late risers. Guys that You know more likely in the mid rounds Matt Pert from Yukon Who Actually did like film? I think a lot of people more into him after the testing but I liked his film quite a bit And Ben Barch from Saint. John's in Minnesota You know he's a guy obviously Again you were at the senior bowl He he stood out there being a d. Three football player You know you've that you gotta stand out you gotTa go to a bowl game like that and do that and He's a guy that everybody all the reports I've heard say he. He belongs so What do you think about those to so both were actually at the senior bowl? I think Barch was better overall. Now that being said he did spend a lot of his time splitting between outside and inside. Personally I think probably how he fits a. He looked better on the interior to me if it has his Mahler mentality. He's very nasty very willing to to drive them into the ground but he did also measure very favorably I think he's best suited to play right tackle. I don't know that he's physically gifted enough to be able to protect the blindside consistently But right tack was important nonetheless. I really like his motorin. How in you can Kinda tell that. He's deeply prospect with the way he plays He's very hungry. He's very willing to do what needs to be done very nasty dirty. It's what I love offensive line so really really love barge but I think might prefer him as an interior offense. Lineman haven't decided yet but I think I would rather play on the interior or at the right tackle spot that I would have to left. Tackle pert is a little bit different. He's very tall. He's gotTa lean frame. My only issue is I like to steep but you can tell that he pleased at uconn. He's the coaching was not excellent. He's very. There's a lot of a lot of Rhonda's and he hasn't been very developed. I think he's best suited to be taken by team. Who may be has an older tackle already on the roster? Look at him in late in early round threes kind of where I would look to take him. Coach up the issues that he has and then teach him how to fix some of the things that he he some of his habits that he's already developed. Personally I think he can be a really good offensive tackle but for how long he is. I do have some worker. How tall he is. I do have some worries that he's not overly like he's not super super long and he's not he. He plays very high. So I do have concerns with that at Russia's will feast on you in the NFL if you give them your interior and they will drive you back quarterback every single time so he does have a long way to go before he's ready to play in the NFL opinion. But I do think once he gets developed and once he gets he has physical tools to equality NFL tackle. I think it'd be interesting to see how it works with. Some of these guys with the new. Cba believe requiring you to have one more often to lyman Active than than you did previously. And also. There's there's extra spots on the practice squad and I think that's GonNa be really good for off line development because as we know are you're not getting as much Drop Back Pass in college football as you do in the NFL even though the NFL's teams as well it's You know I think are are off line. Development is really really behind where it was years ago. So I think that's be a great spot For more of these guys to be able to catch on hang on a little bit longer and hopefully In a pause UM careers Yeah with Barch main not You know it's not unprecedented. A curse Elia market was from Hobart Division. Three school a few years ago when the second round to the buccaneers so for a d. Three guy to be able to rise up like that and come in and contribute you know. There's there's past you know there's a little bit there Most people private Saint John's Listened to his bengals. Fan May Saint. John's is a very good Very Good Division three program. Maybe maybe you contemplate Mount Union playoffs or something at some point but Former coach there was like the winningest coach in college. Football Jangle already and That is pretty Is that is that some random D three school? It's a pretty big pretty established program So move into the inside as as you know we may very well be doing with guys like Bartsch so On Day two. There's a chance the bengals could have really their pick of any interior linemen You know the top guys that you really hear about our Caesar Ruez and Lloyd cushenberry They seem to be the ones that are disgusted. And to the first round top of the second round type talent what Let's start with the Ras. Where where do you think he fits in the NFL and You know do you think he's a he's a good option at pick thirty three. Yeah I think either of those guys are good opposite picker eighty three and I think other than those two. There's nobody in the interior offense align worth there's around selection So I think it's very much those two pick whichever one you prefer more than just go from there. Don't don't try to push the need especially. Both of them are gone because I do think there's a major off between Christian Bury's the rest of the class With RUI IS A. He's a very he's physically gifted. He's big six foot four three hundred twenty pounds a very very strong very athletic for his size and his. It showed Michigan He is still. He's very young so he is a little especially compared to some of the guys like Lloyd cushenberry like Joe Jackson entirely who've been playing for so long I think he's a bit more project ceilings. The highest in the class for the position specifically at center and I think that's where both of these guys are best But I could ruin. He's in terms of his physical gifts. Make him the the highest ceiling. Ichiro fits lyman this class. 'cause number is a little bit different. He's still physically gifted but not so much as reading. When I think Kush does better is better. Technically I think his passage cleaner. I think his hands are a bit cleaner and it showed throughout the entirety of Lsu where you're playing in front of Joe. Boroughs moving around in the pocket constantly. Going silent the sideline in not being called for so many holds especially on the interior is a big thing and they were run the football effectively. I think both these guys are excellent. Run blockers I just think that Christopher is a little more developed at this stage in their careers navy's older but I do think res has higher upside in terms of physical gifts yet. I think on the LSU line there. There's some really talented guys. Civic Charles of tackle by I think a Damian Lewis and other interior linemen You know he was a guy that I in my rankings. I've got right up there with those top guys Where do you think of Louis Physician? Where where do you think is a good spot to to get him? A draft I looking for Damian Lewis probably in the early third round somewhere around there early to mid third round. I'm very very strong. Incredibly strong brick wall on the interior. I don't think he's overly athletic on his ability to move side to side. I kind of limits. Where or what kind of scheme he can be in I don't think you fit super wellness zone wide zone scheme getting out into space. But I do think. He excels in a power run. Put Him in front of a guy and asked him to move him. That's where Damian Lewis kind of kind of feast. He's not built to be pooled. He's not built to run much counters or anything like that It's a very gotta move forward. And that's why I think in a lot of the people in this class like that Agenda Jackson from Ohio State. Someone who I love is a lot like that Robert Hunt just like that need a moody. The class is very very strong very powerful. And it will it's gonNa Produce Mahler's but it's outside of releasing cushenberry. It's not very athletic. Nick Harris. Who's a good athlete for his position? But he's like two hundred ninety five pounds so sacrificing their yeah absolutely and the bengals definitely overall had an issue. They don't have a lot of anger in that group. Yeah so you know. Harris kind of fits writing with that now. Last year they went to more down scheme later in the year. And that's when they start to have success ought to do is look at Jo- mixon's numbers museum. Yeah and I think that's what I was getting links. It's best as well personally. Yeah absolutely yeah and and and so George. Jackson was not a guy was going to mention. But for from what you're saying. I think with with Lewis with Jackson. They might not be great. Fits for the bengals because The bengals are gonNA WANNA pull them. WanNa get him out in space and and you know we're better off going with a Ruez Aura. Cushenberry In the second round. That's a better fit yet. Another rb some options that you can take and you can take these. Some of them are going to be able to move. I'm not a huge fan of Matt. Hennessy just because I think he's a senator or bust. He's really really struggled at guard in mobile coming out of high school. He played either center or tackle. It was not. He would not play guard wherever he was going. Which was kind of insane to me until I was just. Kinda like that. A title. Who's played at? Wisconsin played a lot of power. A lot of Do of moving up to linebacker. But I do think he's athletic enough and he's experienced enough. He's played so much you're right. Yeah he was yeah he was hurt for most of the year. I had to nagging. Injuries was not great which upset me to see but he was still. I mean he's still someone who I think if you can get him at the beginning of the third round I think is an absolute robbery because I think he just. He's put so much good. Tepe on the field that I don't think you should knock him for having a bit of a down year another guy out of Limo. I think out of Oregon Quietly a really good prospect by is a good athlete as well he could be in that kind of get him out in space type scheme and I think that a little bit better than some of the guys who I have rated over him but just because if you're going for a specific scheme he fits that a little bit better. Yeah I'm going to be a a a scouting cliche. And instead of butchering name referred to him as the kid from Wisconsin. But I mean the best thing is he was a guy that everybody was talking about an all. The preseason listened even the the the list of the draft list that you were seeing in like November. 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I'm a big fan of And I haven't really seen too many people Is nearly as high as I am so interested to know how you feel about Daryl Williams from Mississippi State Daryl Williams like three years ago was viewed as a coming potentially like really really good prospect. So I always think it's really funny to see how a career arc kind of goes down in terms of draft stock because I think it was Richard Senior this year so then he would have been draft. He would have been eligible like two months ago. and I remember talking about him. I remember scouting then the issue I think people have is that he never really got much better than what he was. Which is understandable right? You're into your offensive line. Play if you get to a certain point you're not going to unless you're gonNA be a superstar. You're not going to get that much better than average to slightly above average blame. I like him. I think he's I mean I like the physical traits. I don't think he's an elite athlete. But I think he's good enough to to be scheme verse. Tom My only concern is. He is a little bit of eight in terms of how he plays. I do get pushed into the backfield now. Playing the SEC does mean that you're commonly playing guys like Darren Brown Marlon Davidson Gwyn Williams Ridwan Davis. Ms Just two teams right. Where there's so you're GONNA be playing a lot of talent. I think he's a guy who especially if you can get him in around five or six is the guy that you can. Because he's got some experience be able to plug and play him pretty early on in his career and while he may never be a top five garden the NFL. If he's a top fifteen right or left guard for the Birdie. This grids are really good. Leap David Yeah. I was felt like maybe this. Kinda back to the experience but when I see him I feel like you. See Him picking up blitzes. It seems to have a really good understanding the way he's coming off a double teams in Of a particular pass pro- So I mean I can't speak to be more experienced being a guy that go with with that so Yeah he he was gathered. The stuck out to me. Another guy I've I've heard him project and I think he actually. The senior bowl went to a guard. Played left tackle. Kansas Akeem out an edgy. Yes he's someone who? I'm a huge fan of more. People talked about him yes not he's not going to be ready to play guard year one in the NFL. He's to light and he got I think he's like three hundred. Was his playing weight right around there for the majority of the season. I'm not sure what he weighed in at the combine. But I could pull it quick. But he's his hands yet. He weighed in at three hundred pounds at the combine. You'RE GONNA want that if you're going to have him at guard you're going to want that to be up to like three ten minimum. Probably closer to three twenty. By the time he's had his actual plainly But his hands. He's a four year starter at Kansas is one of the most decorated players in like big twelve football history. It just happened that he played at Kansas so it doesn't matter. He's his hand real active. He's got excellent feed. He's got very high. Wariness is grateful accurate. He's really really good football player. He was very consisted on tape. The only major major issue is that his anchor is not great now in the big twelve. You can get away with that plane. Left tackle on having a bad anchor because you're playing against two hundred and thirty pound defensive ends half the time moving to guard in the NFL. It'll absolutely. They'll feast on right we if he gets drafted team like the bengals in. They're playing the steelers week one. You've got cameron heyward in front of you what you're GONNA do. So yeah. That's where the issue comes from. Now I do think that if he's if you sits learns you're too you can start to plug them in play him. He's athletic so he can play in that. That wide zone scheme get him into space. Have HIM PULL. That works in that he'll also have built himself up to be able to anchor. Better practicing against guys. Gino Atkins can only help. So that'll be really really good as well for him. I really really like him. My only concern is that. How high can you take a player? Who was a senior in college? Who's already old? It's not like he's not is not like he's raw. It's just that he's underdeveloped from a size perspective because he was never asked to put on weight in college. We've seen number two. So how high can you value player like that? I would take him relatively early. I would be more than willing to spend a fourth pick on him if I felt comfortable that after a year. I know that I could develop him. I could help him add weight. I can help him as a muscle and that he'll be ready to go after one year because I think he can be high quality starter. Yeah I'm with you on that. I think you see like you said in the zone game. He he's in great. Reach blocks on film I also thought again like Williams. I think he's he's really smart and pass protection You can see a lot of guys will a Lotta guys kick step and they got a good kick step but then they have trouble with the with the post when the guy trustworthy inside move and I felt like he was good transition. Kick step to post and being able to adjust to those sort of moves I actually I. I'm really I'm glad to talk to you about him because I you're always looking for bias when you're scouting like you're looking for your own bias and I washed my muscles. This guy's awesome. Why is nobody talking about? And then I realized his office a line coach. A guy named Luke Meadows and I I formerly worked for Luke. Meadows He was offered accord South Dakota coast when I was a graduate assistant there so I'm In my head I'm thinking okay. Do I like this guy. Because he was taught by the same guy I was. We'd like just consciously. I'm seeing everything I want to see. Because that's the guy that taught me off of line play so I'm glad to see you know somebody else On the I came out on the train with me. So I'm big Fan. Asked awesome so one guy who was Like like the Wisconsin Kid will say Was kind of big early but his kinda fallen off is Salman kindly from Georgia. Where do you think he fits into this? Why do you think He's he's fallen. I was never super super high on him. I think he's just a longtime starter at a blue. Bud Blueblood like Alabama players get the same thing right like a lot of people thought Lester cotton to be a top fifty pig. He got benched like three weeks into the ear If you played a lot of games at a big time program people are just GonNa automatically think you're good I think he's also very scheme dependent. He's very strong He plays a lot of power. Have Awesome Punch. They don't commonly see for guards But I don't think he's a great athlete. I don't think he's quick enough to deal with the smarter Twitter defensive tackles who will give you a lot of looks I also think he can at times especially against higher competition kept blowing right back into the now this unfair example because I think he was his best player in his class but Clinton Williams in the SEC. Championship game against kindly was was dominated. County couldn't touch them so there that is a concern but I do think that he's another guy that because he's played so much I think he's redshirt junior rates. He's played for like four years at Georgia. He fits into that. We can take him this late round. Use his band aid and worst case scenario. He's not it. We look for a new guard. Best case scenario. We haven't at minimum average guard that we got on day three that we can plug and play charity. Yeah it's a little confusing with him because you see him in like he looks like the biggest during the field and Drummer Jim. Yeah he's like three thirty five and But then yeah like his anchor isn't great debt. You do seem to push back in time so His tape is a little confusing Like you never never really sure what I'm GonNa WanNa see with them You mentioned lemieux from Oregon before Now lsu won the award for Best Office of Line but Oregon was was aligned. That got got a lot of talk. you know you've got Jake Hanson in there And Another person who probably just because he has a cool name but was very popular in mock drafts. Early in the process. Calvin Throckmorton What do you? What do you think about those guys? I know Throckmorton at least was down at the senior bowl as well You think any of those guys could be you know regular. Nfl Stars but the interior guys. Two LNU enhancing care I think that has the best bet to be taken early and be a very productive into your offense in the NFL. I think Hanson was good enough. I think he was consistent enough that I would be comfortable taking him in physics seventh around to me. He's either he's really really quality depth As like a sixth offensive lineman that could plug in any of the three interior spots and becomes through with him being a backup. But I think that you know he could potentially at best niche crude or be a solid quality consistent. Starting piece on my office declined by everything. He's GONNA approval. No but I do think that may be plugging him in already. Having other groups offense Lineman on my team he could be a producer with rock. It's a little bit different. He at the senior bowl played everywhere like they had him snapped. They hadn't reps garden hadn't take reps at tackle off the line with because of interest on the north. Yeah Yeah it was interesting. I think he's a good player but I think his best in the NFL has as swing tack. Will you know you're left? Tackle her Disney early in a game. You play for more than for the rest of the game. But he's not someone that I would want to rely on to be like. I think he's a great piece from NFL team. I just don't think he's GonNa be a great piece for an NFL team as a starter and quality death especially on the offense line I always breaches very very important. And having someone who can literally playoff positions is awesome but to me. He's like the best case scenario for his career is going to be like a a big. V formerly of Philadelphia Now Vita I started to flex up From Philadelphia now in Detroit. Who got a really nice contract But I think that's the best case scenario more likely than not he's just GonNa be a perennial seven. Three thousand two lineman just providing death of her civility. Yeah and those guys. Do you have a lot of value in something? I mean we're talking about the CBI's hopefully going to help a little bit with that but You know that is an issue that they haven't. I felt teams. They don't keep that many lyman in and they're going to get up. They're not going to keep in other going with eight. Maybe nine guys An end of the week. So you've gotta be able to have some flexibility there Whatever it is an and the especially being able to snap Let's it's a bigger deal than people realize it is 'cause a Lotta guys just just can't do it so you are. You're in DC. You're you cover the Philadelphia. Oh you're in Philly okay While I'm from your report Landon I'm from Texas currently reside in Philadelphia. And I'm a Washington Redskins Fan. Wow so meeting so where you were born and where you currently live. They absolutely hate the team. That your report yet. So you like to vacation in New York City But the most recent Redskins Game I've been to New York I do okay. That's not too far of a drive for yourself. Now What's going on with the REDSKINS I mean first of all Trent Williams There's lots of trade rumors. But then there's also the Trent Williams agent saying that they wouldn't even talk about treating him And I I hate to pick on you. But the but the bengals ownership is is constantly ripped in called the worst ownership out there so I I gotta ask You. What's what's going on with With ownership and how the Treating Shep Trent Williams in there. So here's how I view the the the owner separation between now I can't speak very closely to the bengals because I don't know just based off what I hear from Bengals. Fans of mines of all of the bingles. Is that Paul Brown rate. Is that correct? Mike Brooks dealer over the founder. Mike Brown's My Brown is the owner curly. Gotcha Gotcha so Mike Brown isn't he? Comes off is not someone who's super interested in winning right. He doesn't really care he just wants to use it as that. That's added the VIBE that I get from when I hear Bengal fans talk about my ground is that he's not super committed to winning. He's not gonNA go out of his way. To produce snap is out there you know. Yeah so. I don't believe that about Dan Snyder. The redskins owner. I think he's he's very interested in when he loves the REDSKINS VERY MUCH. His issue is that he has always been to invested in thinking that he's smart enough to help run a team And He lets his emotions get in the way and it can affect the teen right. He went out and said we're going to go get rg three. We need a quarterback them all these draft picks. Get get it done. He went out and he said. Hey we're going to go. Draft Wayne has that we don't know that was a bad move yet but there are going to be talking about that until doing haskins bruce himself or or dozen. So what's neither his at least done that? It doesn't seem that Brown is done yet is understand where he's making mistakes and then try and fix it Snyder went out and hired. He he fired Bruce Allin right which was a big time move. Bruce Brazil was a major issue with the redskins. He's the one who caused the rift between Drew Williams. He was If the redskins twitter account had to shut down for a couple of months because they couldn't tweet anything without getting a couple thousand HASHTAG virus Allen tweets to literally every replied The stadium was terrible. Going to game sucks. The team sucks. It was it was pretty brutal and a I would say at least seventy percent of the blame should have been put on bruce out he was fired. Dad's neither rotted Ron Vera and said. Hey you're going to do what you think is the right way to build quality. That's a huge thing. Because the redskins have never had someone like Ron Rivera who has proven to be at least not recently where you had Joe Gibbs Mike Shanahan in two thousand nine or two thousand ten coming let was twenty years fifteen years off of Super Bowl Win Rate. Ron Rivera has been to the Super Bowl. He's one to coach of the year. Awards all within the last decade which is pretty huge. So I think that's the separation between the bengals. The REDSKINS OWNER. Dan Snyder wants to win is just a he made. He forced moves. He thought would have helped the team to win when he's not a football guy. Ready never played. It is never in front office. He just became a billionaire and purchase a team Just disembodied team doesn't mean you can run whereas with Brown I get the sense that Bengal fans feel that he really doesn't care team to ever win the Super Bowl Yeah. Let's let's talk. Obviously the last two weeks have made people's opinions of him change a little bit anyway You know out there. Spending a lot of money appears to be doing what he needs to do I think he kind of hit the nail right on the head though that Snyder changes and Brown really hasn't Well I'll take that back. He has at times They have a general philosophy about things and is to build through the draft. And the packers. Were doing that for long. Time as well have started to spend more free agency so really with the bengals. I feel like you know like you know when you learn how to drive in. And they're like they tell you to maintain small adjustments like veering off. You don't make a big adjustment like that's kind of their approach to team building is all right. Well we'll just do a little something here. We're just do a little something here which it makes some sense like okay. Well let's not go radical and you know if if you're the redskins like net let's not just say on this. Haskins thing isn't gonNA work to pick two of this year. You know completely change directions. Every time you know some maybe just needs to work itself out. He did however after they hire. Marvin Lewis and Marvin Lewis came in. And you know Marvin Lewis. Kinda ran the show I think Lewis probably got a little complacent and stopped asking Brown for as much Towards the end and there was definitely some some some cheapness that affected the oft of Lyon. Losing Whitworth and Zeitler were Played no small part in the the bengals demise over the past couple of years But but yeah I mean it looks like you know. It's a delayed effect me because he got hired late but it looks like now. Maybe Taylor is pushing And Taylor opener out there and getting guys in and making some adjustments so fingers crossed In an ad say the same thing hopefully was snyder now bringing in an established football guy. You know a guy who's been there. It's well respected like Rivera. You know you. You hope that he gives him either. The rains a little bit and let him take it and make it. What's going to be because it the browns? The browns are a football family. You know and I don't big problem with Snyder's an example of you know people that ran a business and they come in and they can run a football team like like their business the browns are one of the old families? And you mentioned Paul Brown founded the for the Cleveland Browns in you know He he coached the Cleveland. Browns coach. The bengals founded the bengals obviously And you know he's a guy that bill belichick mentions like in every other interview so He is a true football guy and his family. Obviously would Mike Brown with Katie Blackburn. His daughter grew up around it. But not you know just like just like Mike. Mike Davis not not to the same extent as their father perhaps but So yeah I mean I think both Kinda look the same thing You know how much control we're going to give the coach 'cause Hopefully they both have a have the right guy in there and can can move forward with it so I think the big question is Andy Dong for Trent Wayne Straight up. Let's do it thrown William Jackson. You gotTa deal you know what? I'm not a hundred percent. Sure that's off the table with the moves. They may recently in the fact that they said they're not going to get rid of Kirkpatrick. He's only got a yellow contract they wouldn't I wouldn't shock me if they did move in but More than happy I don't Well especially with the on the roster I. I don't think get rid of other. They could give Williams the money he wants. But Hey while you're listening to this PODCAST T. Mobile was busy building the largest five G. Network in America. I well into it all during this podcast spent years improving their network to be ready for the future. Wireless Five G well futures here and it's nationwide T. mobile's five gene network is over five thousand cities covering more than one hundred million. Americans. It's five g service you can actually use even in places where other signals. Just get block like living room or a bank vault. Okay well not the last one. Now's the time you get ahead of the five game. Pick the first largest and only nationwide five G. network go T DASH MOBILE DOT COM DASH mobile dot com capable device acquired coverage not available in some areas downlink. Only some uses may require certain features. Ct DASH DOT com. So what is you know? Obviously being bengals podcast. There's a lot of Ohio state fans that are crossing over as bengals fans as well What do you think is going on Haskins? How do you think do with a new coaching staff in place so I tell us to be a lot? I didn't ask you. This is going to be the redskins starting quarterback in twenty twenty. I am ninety nine point. Nine percent sure There's a couple of reasons for this. One runner veer literally said it in an interview yesterday where they went out. They traded for Allen. 'cause they desperately needed the backup quarterback hall of Fame Coach. Redskins coach. Joe Gibbs once said the backup quarterback is the second most important position on the football team. They needed one pretty badly. They went out gave up a fit for Kyle. What that does is it brings in another young guy who can't compete with twin haskins through training camp but is not so talented. Like maybe Philip Rivers. would have been where people just think that okay. He's just GonNa win the job. The expectation is that Dwayne Haskins will go in win. They're going in with the thought process that he is the starting quarterback though if via training Camp Kyle Allen is just head and shoulders better than Dwayne. They'll go with him. I think that more than likely takes the option of two off the table or just in Herbert or they wanted look that way at to the only way. I think they would at all consider quarterback too is if the Cincinnati bengals decided that they wanted to take a chase young. I don't think they would like ninety. Nine point nine nine. I'm a hundred percent. Sure the take quarterback right. So odds are Dwayne has twenty twenty. He was also in my opinion. I think Dwayne has was put in the worst possible situation of all of the higher tier rookie quarterback's he was brought in by coach. That didn't want him In a system. That is not friendly to quarterbacks early. Alex Smith struggled heavily when he came over to Washington really really struggled to pick up the system early Kirk cousins and robbery. Third Colt McCoy were all horrendous earlier. J. Green System. It's a very quarterback friendly system but it takes a long time to learn and for haskins coming out of in Ohio State. Offense that is not a it was a bit of a transition now. I also say that when you see Dwayne Haskins if you go watch. The first appearance. Dwayne Haskins made week five against the giants and then look at him play the giants again week. Sixteen in his last appearance of the regular season there was no quarterback in the NFL that showed more improvement from their first week this year to last week this year that goes for Cuyler Murray that goes for Daniel Jones. It goes for drew lock Haskins was not good to start the season. He was his first three appearances. Were as emergency backup. Quarterbacks that's not good for a rookie quarterback you don't have the game plan set for you. You still haven't learned everything. Defensive are just GonNa come after you still struggle in his last games. In the last four weeks of the season Dwayne Haskins was second only air rogers in qb ratings and completion percentage. There's a lot to light from last year but you have to look at it in a vacuum and you have to understand that with context on numbers are not equal so coming in this year. I think the Redskins are going to view this as a is doing Haskins Our Franchise quarterback or not if you really struggles. Then they're probably picking top-five they're GONNA go out. Get a guy like Trevor Lawrence. Justin feels if he's average to above average there picking anywhere from like ten to eighteen. Then you're thinking okay well give it another year. We'll try and give him some more help. We'll take good player here at the next year. You know you're three in his career will really know what kind of quarterback is or if he has a major sophomore. Leap under new coaching staff. Under team that's really invested in him as the starting quarterback. Then you know you have your franchise guy. So that's kind of the situation with where Dwayne Haskins is and I would. I would bet a lot including probably my life. That dwayne Hassans is going to be the starting quarterback in twenty twenty unless Kyle is a god entering a couple of things. Number one will say is that. I'm not saying it's an easy system for quarterbacks but antidote what nine and seven and went to the playoffs as a rookie plan under under Jay. Gruden bingles roster was noticeably better than the redskins roster. Yeah yeah the very very valid point. I gotTa give me some love. 'cause we're even more than usual because we can't go away but Well we can get him to go away. They're just they're just not getting anything out of them right now. It's a bit frustrating. I don't know I. I think it might just take a little time because I think people are waiting. 'cause obviously you know people talk about. Tom. Brady was the first domino. But that doesn't mean any of the second domino and and it's going to be tough because I think everybody should be interested in Cam. But they're GONNA WANNA they're gonNA WANNA give them a physical they're gonna WanNa see him throw and you can't do that right now so. I mean something could happen late. I haven't I haven't completely given up on it. I mean I'd imagine that they're going to get some kind of draft capital. It's just it's not gonna be what it should be because I do think that Andy Dalton is still like a. You know. Top twenty five to eighteen quarterback. It's it's very obvious the bengals are gonNA move on. They're going to take a franchise quarterback Replace Dalton why don't why give up much resources at all right when you could just wait. See what comes armed is like just signed him without having the pain. Yeah absolutely and and it is certainly a sexier pickup to edit. Pr Better Eighty. Don't might win you more games this year than Cam Newton depending on what Cam Newton situation is But ended don't necessarily put butts in the seats and an even if he's not as old self people come out to see Cam Newton. And I don't even think it's debatable. Right if cabins fully healthy if you get one hundred percent game. Numerous one hundred percent eighty dollars and I still. That can be used to better quarterback. Oh absolutely absolutely in these. Quarterbacks rates have been crazy I mean you know the the the top guys top guys who are on the trade market that is going for like fourth round picks and then exactly. Didn't you guys give up in fifth round? Pick for for Allen so it's Probably THAT'S THE WINDOW. It's a pretty tight pre title window in there But yeah you know you make some good points about Haskins too and it always bug me. During the pre draft prospect process. Last year the the knock on Haskins was that he have enough experience and people wanted him to go somewhere where he could sit for a year which makes no sense. He doesn't have enough experience to. Let's put him on the bench And that's essentially what would happen with the redskins and when you're the emergency quarterback you're not getting reps in practice you know so It will be interesting. It stinks just like it stinks for everybody but that he's not get a probably end up getting OTA's But having him as the number one guy throughout camp getting all the number one reps you know having the game plan built around what he can do what he likes. Now you're putting him in a position where yet you can actually see if he is the guy giving him a chance to succeed and give them the experience like like people say you know. He didn't he didn't have enough reps. Ohio state will he's GonNa get perhaps in the NFL or it's not gonna get better by By watching Cole McCoy you know what I mean exactly and I think it's going to be huge and honesty. The quarterback play cannot get worse than it was last year especially given how dwayne improved throughout the season. So we're talking a lot about one. Ohio state one former. Ohio state quarterback The one that won other competitions. So let's Let's talk about what? What are your thoughts on Jober? Who is your job borough? Nfl Calm so when talking about allowing Michael was Miller. Tony Romo which people here are like a wonderful Tony? Romo is not a good quarterback with while. I don't remember Tony Romo was a bit of a Ed Gaze. At times in terms of how he played Sometimes as you saw some dazzling of sags making beautiful play forty yards down the field on something. That really should have happened at all. You get that from Joe Borough a lot and sometimes you also get the you try to make that play you get picked off that you didn't see that from Joe broke often but jober also wasn't playing in the NFL right. So I do think that the idea of these capabilities lacks real elite armed talent but is a very intangible based quarterback. I do think that Juba Resembles Tony. Romo a lot in that aspect. Yeah and that's that's a pretty common one of us want to hear quite a bit and Indefinitely you see we're talking about there and there's definitely a solid one so you know he is a He's a welcome new force in Cincinnati. And we're all looking very much a forward to making it official so I now I do have to admit I kind of want them to take Justin herber. Only because I have a lot of tweets saved saying that there is no plausible way. The Justice Herbert could even be considered And it would be really funny tweet those out but I do think that jober should be picky one and marketed on twitter for a while. Oh I don't even know what would happen. I mean Herbert. Jeez young anybody like I don't I. I don't even know what would happen in this in this fan base. If they didn't take Joe Bro. At this point it would be pure insanity How people would react me and maybe crazy to not lick at least be hitting it by now took to lessen the blow of it a little bit that could that could definitely get ugly Now I mentioned pro football network blue-chip scouting were working. They following on twitter or anywhere else. They can find work. Please please. Please follow me on twitter at M. V. Scouting If you have something irrational crazy to say and you don't know who to say to police tweeted me I would love to argue with you for hours is my favorite thing to do. Is My favorite pastime Jeff Legal Follow Me Adam vs gathering. Check my work at pro football network and then make sure you're listening my podcasts at blue chips county. Nfl All right yeah. Lots of great football content out there and You know lots of us are are stuck at home. Some of us are working from home of his aren't able to work Obviously these are crazy. Times and This this there's some good stuff out there you know if if you're really into football if you really under the draft you know this is you know you're going to be able now to to soak in a lot more content than you have in the past so Definitely a great follow very good office of line. Follow and Dra- follow in in general Sets AT CHECK HIM OUT HERE AT CINCY. Jungle will put it out lots of great content Just in the last couple of days Some of my My Fellow podcasters on the CINCY jungle network here of interviews with With former Bengal. Tim McGee Guy Remember. Washing was very very young playing receiver in late eighties Well they also Austin gale on a two days ago that he was actually talking about binds before they even pick binds up So some really good quality content out there From since jungle and other sources. Well so make sure you give matt a follow and You know make sure you are taken in that the content because you do not need to watch the office for the fourth time right. Nothing's going to change the last season. Still GonNa Stink without Michael So you know. Make sure you check out good football content and Yeah keep it Keep it right here on syncing jungle. Keep putting out the podcast as well so thanks for checking us out to the crowd. It there was a spreadable Cookeville Akabono plant face butter. That was better for your body and the planet. What would you make with it but our cookies butter pie? That's a thing by the way whatever it is country crock plant butter makes it happen and bakes it. Delicious Country Crock. 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