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Guide to New Orleans available on Apple. PODCAST spotify Stitcher Iheartradio you tune in plus Alexa or at Vr. Walking Dead Dot Com Jon Benet Ramsey was strangled with a little Miss Colorado Jon benet Ramsey unknown intruder robin the Ramsey interview. The parents. John Ramsden did anybody more than fund out to with responsible. It would be very few little girls as famous as blond six year year. Old Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey. She was born in Atlanta Georgia on August. Sixth Nineteen Ninety two parents. Jon Benet Ramsey and Patricia Ann. Dan Ramsey her name is unique as it was was a combination of her father's first and middle names. Her Father John was a wealthy businessman and her mother. Patsy was a former beauty queen. John Ramsey was a smart calculated and determined man. He graduated from Michigan State University in Nineteen Sixty thirty six with an electrical engineering degree. Five years later a masters in Business Administration from MSU. John was married before before he and his first wife had three children. Elizabeth Melinda and John Andrew but the to divorce in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight on November fifth nineteen eighty he married. What many considered to be the woman of his dreams twenty-three-year-old Patricia and Paul Yup better known as Patsy? Patsy attended West Virginia University and graduated with a BA in journalism and nineteen seventy eight just a year before four. She won the Miss West Virginia beauty title in Nineteen Seventy seven on January twenty seventh nineteen eighty-seven Patsy gave birth to the couple's pulls first child Burke Ramsey then three and a half years later they welcomed their second child. Jon Benet in Nineteen Ninety one one. The family moved to Boulder Colorado for John's business access graphics. A little background here. John was extremely hard working and driven. He was an entrepreneur. He started a computer company in the eighties. Eventually his company and two other companies merged nineteen eighty-eight this formed access this graphics the company was then sold to Lockheed Martin in Nineteen ninety-one John became the chief executive officer and president went up access graphics thus sparking the family to set up shop and Beautiful Boulder Colorado the ramseys purchased a seven thousand square foot. Home the address. Seven fifty five Fifteenth Street Boulder Colorado. The home was purchased for five hundred thousand dollars. Some reports state eight. The home is eleven thousand square feet. But I believe that would include. Maybe the basement balconies and other areas. We all know how the real estate listing game works they also did a very extensive renovation on the property as well speaking of which I will do my best impression. Here it's a beautiful. Red Brick Tudor style home built in nineteen twenty seven. There are four floors including the basement. The basement is made up of a series of small rooms the home it features two staircases one traditional and one spiral there are five bedrooms burke and John Benes rooms are located on the second second story. Job As room is complete with its own bathroom and balcony. The master suite is above the children's rooms located on the third story. The ramseys Patsy in particular loved this House. The ramseys were riding pretty high but unfortunately life is often a series of peaks and valleys sadly on January Eighth Nineteen ninety-two John Ramsey's oldest daughter. From his first marriage Elizabeth Ramsay was killed in an automobile automobile accident in Chicago Illinois. She was just twenty two years old on December twenty third nineteen ninety-two. The ramseys purchased a one thousand seven hundred in thirty one square foot vacation home in Charlevoix Michigan for three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars for those unfamiliar. This is an absolutely a beautiful area. Northern Michigan right along Lake Michigan absolutely gorgeous in June of ninety three. Patsy Ramsey is diagnosed with breast cancer. Sir For this. She will receive exams at the Charlevoix Community Hospital and treatments in Maryland. Now we're going to go through a pretty thorough timeline for for the Ramsey family. Some of these events may seem trivial however given the crime that we know is going to occur these items were included in this time. Line line because of the possibilities and the suspicions surrounding this case in Nineteen ninety-four seven-year-old Burke hits his little sister Zhabei on the cheek with a golf club. Well let's be clear. This is not a situation where burke decided. I don't like you and I'm going to smash smashing the face with a golf club. This was purely an accident. This wasn't like the time my brother hit me in the back with a baseball bat because he was trying to kill me. I questioned this at first glance because we do know that children siblings will fight with one another and they can be quite vicious dishes at times plus when they're very young as they would be in this situation. It's an impulsive thing to pick up a club and hit your sister your brother other with because they did something mean to you. I am burke only being seven years old. He won't be thinking if I hit her in the face with a golf club. I could possibly kill her right. This could have lasting consequences however everything that we could find only indicates that this was just an accident accident and believe it or not in my own life. I've experienced a situation where one of my friends accidentally hit another friend in the the face with a golf club and the vase on the back swing because the person was standing too close as the other person was taking swing. We don't have the details of of this specific accident however again everything indicates that it was just that an accident right but it was pretty vicious. Because Jon benet would be left with scar a short time later. Johnny underwent plastic surgery at a surgeon in Denver this to correct that scar on the left cheek from from the golf club. Incident and December of nineteen ninety four. The ramseys giant beautiful home is one of just seven homes in the area to be included in the historic homes for the holidays tour. This is important for a few reasons mainly this means that approximately fifteen hundred people will participate dissipate in a tour of the ramseys property and the house in April of one thousand nine hundred five four year old Jon Benet Ramsey wins the Colorado auto state all star. Kids paget out. She will participate and win several pageants. I'm not going to go through all of them captain. Frankly when research searched well you get a bunch of different information so I will just stick to the ones that I can confirm. or at least have double-checked October of Nineteen ninety-five was a happy and exciting month. For the Ramsey family. Jon Benet was crowned Little Miss Colorado Sunburst and John Ramsay was the winner of the Entrepreneur of distinction award but to be clear. I don't think like her whole family was revolved around her winning something. I think it was nice. When she wan- they devoted a lot of time doing it but I don't think it made the families year if she got some award regarding John Ramsey's he's business keep in mind? Access graphics is doing very well in the company is growing in sales and staff quite rapidly. Then it was patsies turned to receive some recognition. This came when the April nineteen ninety-six issue of Women's magazine Profiled Patsy Ramsey this article of course will include a lot of her personal information but also a lot of personal information about John and the kids then in July of Nineteen ninety-six. Jon Benet one. America's royal tiny miss the following month. She finishes second and the the Sunburst National Pageant. This pageant was held in Atlanta Georgia. On Saturday November thirtieth John Ramsey host host a surprise fortieth birthday party for his wife of sixteen years and this is truly a surprise as her actual birthday is not until December twenty ninth. This was a big fortieth birthday celebration for Patsy held at the Palace Hotel in Denver is laws speculation though that she was not looking forward to this time and was actually very upset about turning forty then on December six during the lights of December parade. Jon Tape appeared on her own little Miss Colorado float. This is an annual parade where spectators enjoy floats created and decorated by local businesses churches and civic groups. The parade often includes marching bands fire engines holiday carolers and an appearance by Santa Claus. This takes place in downtown. Boulder in Nineteen ninety-six Burke was in this parade as well on Friday December thirteenth. There is is a big holiday party at the Ramsey home. This is attended by more than one hundred and fifty of their friends from Church so again just pointing out another event then at their house with a lot of guest so what we are quickly learning is this is a house that has many people who have been in and is often opened up too many guests over just the few years that they have owned the home. Four days later on the seventeenth the six year old was crowned Colorado's. Those little Miss Christmas. This is one of the larger pageants. She has participated in and certainly in achieving moment and and in hindsight really kind of just an eerie weird thing. The job in a would be named the nineteen ninety-six Little Miss Christmas. Now we don't have a date but I want to make sure that we include this here. There's a report that this took place some time. In December uh of ninety six and this comes from a statement to law enforcement at some time. In December. Jon Benet tells a gardener. This is Brian Brian Scott about her father John Ramsey. She says I really Miss Him and I wish he was around more. Yeah he's working pretty hard probably probably traveling a lot and later reported that his net worth at this time would be roughly six point. Four Million Dollars December twentieth was a busy day for the ramseys on two fronts. One access graphics had a luncheon party and a celebration for more than three hundred employees at the Hotel Bowl Dorado and to to. Jon Benet participates in a school performance at high peaks. Elementary School patsy attends the performance the access graphics luncheon and the performance at the school are going on at the same time so patsy is not present for the business celebration because she is at the school. Now it's important to keep in mind mind that one of these events could be tied to job in as death for any number of reasons truth be told none of us really know for sure. Here's an excerpt excerpt from the book death of innocence authored by John and Patsy Ramsey in the book John says early in December nineteen ninety-six. Tom Carson Zain came to my office. John I want you to look at these figures. I looked up at him standing at the door with a handful of papers as best as I can tell. We're going to hit the billion dollar sales mark and a couple of days. It's a big milestone a billion dollars. My mouth dropped. I know we. We're close but I didn't think we were there yet. It's on top of US smile. Probably in a couple of days. I think we should do something to celebrate right. I agreed if for no other reason than to congratulate our employees. A billion dollars in sales and six hundred employees worldwide wide was a big milestone for access graphics. One of our public relations. People thought we should also contact the newspaper to announce our success success. I had a gut reaction that the press release wasn't a good idea. I didn't want that kind of visibility outside of the business still I agreed since our employees deserved the recognition. Now I wonder if this publicity might have attracted the attention attention of the killer or further irritated the person if he or she had a grudge against big business access graphics or me note note. John's memory of this party in the book states that the luncheon was held on December sixteenth. According to the Daily Camera Business Magazine this celebration was held on December twentieth. John did a phone interview regarding the company's success and on December twenty first the daily Camera Business Magazine publishes pushes the article on axs graphics reaching one billion dollars in sales. All right. So why are we going with semper. Twentieth and not December sixteenth. That's a good question. We have a couple of reasons for that one. We know that the luncheon and the school performance occurred on the same day. We have statements saying that the performance the school performance was on the twentieth and we also have the fact that the daily camera business magazine article all comes out that same year. I mean just the day after the party. John's book does not come out until years later. And he's going off of memory on December somber twenty-second Jon. Benet Ramsey is going to be in a beauty pageant and the Southwest Plaza Mall. This is the one that she sings rocking around the Christmas tree and and she has a toy saxophone sometime. In late December the Ramsey family sent out their annual Christmas card with the Ramsey family updates. It's for their loved ones. The nineteen ninety-six Christmas newsletter. Reads as follows. Do your friends and family. It's been in another busy year at the Ramsey household. Can't believe it's almost over and time to start again. Melinda twenty four graduated from Medical College of Georgia and is working and pediatric ICU. Kenny Stone Hospital in Atlanta John John Andrew Twenty Sophomore at the University of Colorado. Burke is busy fourth grader where he really shines minds in math and spelling. He played flag football. This fall and is currently on a basketball bench. His Little League team was number one. He's lost just about all of his baby teeth so I'm sure we'll be seeing the orthodontist in nineteen ninety seven Jon. Benet is enjoying her first first year in real school. Kindergarten in the core knowledge program is fast paced and five full days a week. She has already been moved ahead Ed. To first grade math she continues to enjoy participating in talent and modeling pageants. She was named America's royal tiny missed last summer. DUMBER and is Colorado's little Miss Christmas. Her teacher says she is so outgoing that she will never have trouble delivering an oral a book report Jon is always on the go. Traveling hither and Yon Access recently celebrated its one billion dollar mark in sales. So He's pretty happy he and his crew were underway in the Port Huron to mackinac island yacht race in July for had to pull out midway due to lack of wind. Can you believe that. But his real love is the new old looking boat grand season which he spent months designing. I spend most of my free time working in the school and doing volunteer work. The charlevoix house was on the home. Tour in July will likely appear in one of the better homes and gardens publications in Nineteen ninety-seven on a recent trip to NYC my friend and I appeared among the throng of fans on the today show at roker and Brian actually talked to us. We were on camera camera for a few fleeting moments. We are all enjoying continued. Good health and look forward to seeing you in Nineteen ninety-seven one final note. Thank you to all of my friends and my dear husband for surprising me with the biggest most outrageous fortieth birthday bash. I've ever had. We'll be spending my actual birthday on the Disney big red boat over the new year. Merry Christmas much. Love the rams I I kind of find this whole ritual that people do with the updating of the families kind of Dushi. Well I feel like this is a very upper class. Typical holiday thing update everybody with a newsletter. I've never and probably will never experience having to put one of these letters together. Yeah being just a regular blue collar guy myself. What jumps out to me? Is that episode of everybody. Loves Raymond where they write a bunch of really nice stuff about themselves. That's not true but here everything that patsy. I'm assuming patsy puts us together as it sounds you know she says spend most of my free time it really points due to her upbringing and how polished and Pau she really is. Yeah and I everything that she has put here is true true. And it's just it's just interesting to see how the other half lives Wa does. Seems like they should get into their deuce canoe and paddle down Vanity River. I've never lived far from family and friends. So maybe this is more common than what I am aware of on December twenty third. This is just two days as before Christmas. The ramseys hosted a Christmas party with approximately thirty guests attending and with former journalism. Professor Bill mcreynolds adults. Playing Santa Claus. mcreynolds was a Ramsey family friend. Probably one of the more alarming details in this timeline during the Ramsey's Christmas party at six forty seven. PM someone attending the Party placed a nine one one call which was answered by police dispatcher. Therese Hillary the caller hung up without saying anything police called back but when they did no one answered and the call all was picked up by the ramseys answering machine because of this an officer goes to the home at six fifty four pm the officer knocks on the door and is invited in and then leaves it seven Oh nine. PM This after being assured that there was no emergency. This has made people. Speculate was the perpetrator of this crime at this party and calling nine one one to see how fast somebody would respond to nine one one call. This is one of those items that you you look at it and you just go. What is going on here because as you pointed out it could mean something very big to this case and to the investigation right if in fact what you said? And what people have speculated toward is is true that means the killer is at this party but with somebody that worked with the killer is at this party right but you also have a lot of kids running around. Is it possible that one of them just picked up the phone and dialed nine one one and the never confessed to it because they don't WanNa get in trouble. There is a guest list that you can find online. I have reviewed it myself. Don't care to go into it here as it sounds quite boring to just read off a list of names. The other thing I question though to captain is what kind of staff was working this party. Would we have had people helping out whether it be caterers or for somebody answering the door. Valeting cars you know so it could extend beyond the guest list for whoever called nine one one. I'm with you I. I think that there's a very likely possibility that with all these kids running around one of the older kids wants to do something funny in front of the younger kids us and calls nine one one. You know get scared and hangs up one. There's two other things. Some people have nine one one on speed. Dial so you have people working party hardy. Did somebody pick up the phone to call. This is nineteen ninety six. They don't have cell phones. Most people don't have cell phone. So did somebody working the party go to make a call. Aw hit the wrong button and it speed dialed nine one one. That's something I couldn't find information from on the Internet. The other thing too one of my hi speculations. And we'll have to get into this later. Is it possible that Little Jon Benet Ramsey herself called nine one one because because something happened at that part. There's something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals better help online. 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It's been reported multiple ways that the person clean Santa Clause got a tour of the house from Jon. Benet Ramsey. Some people speculate that happened in Nineteen Ninety six. Some people say that happened in nineteen ninety five so bill mcreynolds was considered a family friend of the ramseys and someone that he he wasn't just somebody that was hired to play Santa Claus. They they knew this man on some level Ryan. He had played Santa Claus at their holiday party before four. And as you said it's a bit confusing on the stories that you hear even over twenty years later where some people will say Jon Benet gave Bill mcreynolds a tour of the home at some point during the party on in Nineteen ninety-six. Some people say that may may have happened in one thousand nine hundred five. We also have a situation where it is said. That Jon Benet gave Bill mcreynolds a gift and he would say years later that out of all the times that he played Santa Claus at of all the parties that he attended as Santa Claus. That Jon Benet was the only child to give him a gift again. He's receiving this gift a couple of days before her death. So that's something that obviously would stick out to you other and the only other gift that he probably ever got was like maybe a stinky lap from some dirty the kid on Christmas Eve December twenty four th. An article appeared in the daily camera regarding the Ramsey's Christmas party. Apparently this daily daily camera is just watching and reporting everything going on in the Ramsey's world during the day on December twenty fourth. Jon benet played at a friend's home. This is Megan Kostunica's house and told Megan's mother Barbara about a secret. visit it from Santa. This wasn't just her running up in saying hey Santa's going to visit me. There was a discussion. Had between Megan's mother Barbara and Little Jon Benet Barbara questioned. Jon Benet as to win. Santa was going to pay her. The secret visit. Is it because we are on Christmas Eve. You can imagine the natural conversation that would be had adult in a small child. The adult is going to say something to the effect of. Yes you've been good all year and when you go to bed tonight Santa's going to visit you and when you wake up you're going to find all your presents under under the tree through this conversation. What Barbara would learn? Is that Jon. benet explains to her. No I'm not talking about you. You know she wasn't talking about the traditional visit from Santa Claus as we all know it right That's already going to happen. She Says No. This is going to be a a secret visit after Christmas And of course at the time this doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary for Barbara or restraint right. It would only be until a few days later that this is really going to set off some alarm bells one. That's what's so difficult about this case is so many little points of e came in calm evidence just points of speculation that could mean everything or could made nothing at all. The other thing to hear captain is. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there right now. That if they did not know of this detail already their mind. Mind is immediately jumping to Santa Claus. Bill mcreynolds who we just discussed playing Santa Claus at the Ramsey home on the twenty third. I think that's that's a natural fit. We should keep in mind here though. How many Christmas events has this little girl attended? Just in. We'll recent weeks. How many Santa clauses did she come into interaction with? We talked about the parade that she attended that she sat on the float. The main and attraction was Santa Claus. She could've spoke to a Santa Claus there or so- just somebody dressed as Santa Claus right or Santa Claus at the mall or in the mall pageant that she attended there was the school event. This is the second of the Ramsey's Christmas parties and who knows how many parties they attended attended as a family. Right Ballista say that. She spent a little more time than some of the kids with the family. Friend Plane Santa and he just casually Ashley says she she might said something to Mike. Well yeah I know you're going to visit me on Christmas. What but what about after that? He's like aw I'll I'll pay you a special visit. The after Christmas not didn't mean anything but would mean the world to a six year old just like the nine one one call that came from the Ramseys home on the twenty third. This this mention of a secret visit from Santa Claus after Christmas could mean a lot it could mean nothing at all in regards to the investigation and on December twenty fourth later that day the ramseys attended the twilight service at Saint. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder Colorado. Hello around nine PM. John Ramsey retrieves a brand new silver girls bicycle stored at a neighbor's home. This is Joe Barnhill garage any places it under the Christmas Tree Ford Jon Benet and then both John and Patsy Ramsey get stashed Christmas Christmas gifts out from their basement. It's listed here as the basement area and place these under the tree as well. This is interesting for a few reasons one. It shows that at nine pm on the twenty fourth both durant both Ramsey adults. Both parents parents went down into the basement to retrieve these hidden Christmas gifts for the kids frame. Their basement as we mentioned earlier is made up of a series as of rooms there several small rooms in this basement. It's my understanding that the large room was more of a play area now given the size of this home. I don't know that a designated play area means that it was frequented by the children often or if it was just a once in a while type thing or their house is very interesting to me because it's so large but it's so blocked blocked off in little sections. It's almost like a a maze and also when you see pictures or video footage when they had the little towards awards for the houses that Christmas Towards Their House looks immaculate. It looks amazing but but when you see crime scene photos photos of the house it looks every room. Looks like it's an disarray. Looks like to me I would say every room needs to be cleaned every room. I'm need to be organized based off those pictures. So it's a it's a very interesting house. Couple quick thoughts here before we move on captain often you know this was a home built in nineteen twenty seven and often when homes are added to over the years. They end up looking like that where it's A. It's a lot of smaller caller rooms rather than a few giant rooms. Yeah and I also wondered and I couldn't find I. I know that there's blueprints of this House online and I've found like the top floors but I couldn't tell the basement and like you said this house has been added onto but a lot of times the basements are added onto onto. So let's say it's a seven thousand square foot home while that basement only might be fifteen hundred square feet. The reason why pointed out that the basement was a series of rooms as well as question. How often the basement was an actual use by either? The parents and or for the kids is it. My assumption here is that the parents are hiding the gifts from their kids. They could be possibly hiding gifts from one another as well right but just wanted to point out that on Christmas Eve. Both parents state that they went into the basement of that home. Now I question how often the children would be in the basement because we're GONNA have a lot of questions going forward about a very small room. That's well tucked away in this basement. mm-hmm if the kids don't go down there very often. There's no need to hide these gifts to that extent they could have just hid them in the quote unquote play Aroo. Yep As pretty common knowledge that this room that they quote unquote call the wine. Cellar is a room. That was unfinished. It was to be come. A wine. Cellar never happen. And that's often where they would hide gifts because that at least that part of the basement. We know that the kids didn't go to so we we have do. We have something stating that. The the gifts were hidden in this wine cellar. No but what we have from John Ramsey is when he was explaining to the police officers. This is this is what we call the wine cellar. But it's not a Finnish yet. It's GonNa be the wine cellar right now. It's just used for storage. And sometimes we put presence there for the kids on December twenty fifth nineteen ninety-six six. This is around six. AM The ramseys wake up later in an interview. Patsy will say it was six ish. Probably the Ramseys John Patsy Burke and Jon Benet will partake in the normal Christmas morning activities exchanging and opening gifts breakfast. And you know captain. I feel like the Christmas morning. Cup of coffee is the best one of the year. I love when the parents stop everything and say look. We're not opening up anything and and so I get my first cup of coffee right right. Make them wait at noon. John is going to leave the house. This is to go and check on the airplane. A plane keep in mind. They have planned flight for early the next morning sometime between two and three PM John Ramsey returns to the home from checking the plane so the family with the exception of John leaving for a bit. This is pretty much just they really great Christmas Day at home. Now you touched upon something just a few minutes ago where you said when you see the crime scene photos. The House is in disarray. That it's just a mess. Well first off with my standards with two young children in the home and having a the big Christmas I would say a big lavish Christmas because the parents have all kinds of money and they can buy these children all kinds of stuff one would in -ticipant to see a mess especially when they're not hosting anything you know. They've already hosted their Christmas. Get together one would expect to see a mess S.. However I do want to point out that there were several people close relatives of the Ramseys that stated that the house was kind of always a mess even though that the house had a housekeeper and that they had some help that would come in and take care of some things for them? The house was always a mess. Mess this again. In part two young children will do that to a home right but messy house messy mind. I also want to point out that in years past we have video footage of the Ramsey's Christmas on. I believe it was nineteen ninety four and I may be some footage on ninety ninety five. I don't know if that was released to the public. But on nineteen ninety six would they claim as I think woke up and the battery was dead of the camcorder. So that's why they didn't take a video that day between five and six. PM The ramseys left their house. This is all four of them John Patsy Burke and Jon Benet and they are in route for the home of their dear friends flee and Priscilla White. This is for a Christmas party. I've seen this reported to be as early as four PM but most often. It's said to be the five o'clock hour. This is your typical typical Christmas party by an unknown time. The ramseys leave this party right on the drive home from from the Party Jon Benet and her brother Burke fell asleep in the car and the ramseys made some stops along the way to drop off gifts. This is to who Stewart and Roxy Walkers home and then to Glen and Susan Stein's house because we don't know exactly what time they left the party and what time the stops took place we also don't know exactly what time the ramseys arrived back at their house right. They claim aim is between nine and nine thirty. We would have several stories about what would take place once. The ramseys arrive at their home. One of these stories says that Jon Jon Benet Ramsey to bed and then he went and played a game with Burke after word and eventually burke goes to bed. The ramseys later reported to the Boulder Police Department officers. That Jon Benet Ramsay was last seen by Patsy Ramsey in the residence at approximately ten PM according to Boulder Police Department detective. Linda aren't John Ramsey. Said Jon Benet was last seen by him at approximately twenty two hundred hours ten pm either way. Both both of these statements put job a as being last seen in her bed at ten o'clock right and a lot of people think how it went down. was they get home. She still sleep. They don't want to wake her up and John Kerry's her to her bed that's where he would say good night and then supposedly this is where patsy Ramsey comes in to check honor and and says good night tour as well. John would tell to boulder police officers separately that he read to both children before they went to bed a later he would deny both of those statements. Because I've I've heard him say several times that he carried her to bed and she was asleep when he cared bed. Yeah I just don't know here captain I could see either of these situations being very likely kids fall asleep in the car. You don't want to wake him up. You put them straight to bed also Christmas night. You know thinking thinking back to my childhood you remember when you get like something super cool like like a super nintendo or really big gift right and then your your parents are like. Here's your Super Nintendo with a couple of games. Oh we got to leave and go to somebody's Christmas party and you're like what to do. is his leave so I still yeah. They could've still been excited and when they got home either. Situation makes makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense is that the stories aren't the same or similar enough? Yeah and I would say look. If you're burke. Hey look at the story. They both fell asleep on the way home nine year. Old Burke wakes up and guess what he wants to do he wants to play with one of his cool toys. He got just like you just said Jon Benet Ramsey is. She's six years old and think about the amount of stuff she's done change. She's been On in competitions she's been an performances she had to be run all over to this family gathering friends and family gathering. I'm assuming that this six year old is wiped out and there is a picture that was just recently in the last couple of years released to the public which is supposedly the last picture of Jon. Benet that was ever taken and she looks tired in the picture and that was taken at the party before they left to go home so and also like I said early claims from John Ramsey. See this is what happened later claims from John Ramsey. This is what happened. I'M GONNA go with that story around ten to ten thirty. PM patsy goes to bed at according to patsies statement. John goes to bed at ten three to ten thirty three PM. PM What we're basing this off of is that Patsy says quote. John came to bed shortly. Thereafter then asked. Do you recall if it was fifteen minutes or a half an hour right. Patsy Ramsey says it was probably just a few minutes so we are tacking on three minutes. EITHER WAY A to that statement teno three to ten thirty three John and Patsy both claimed that they were not awakened during the night. They're both in. I bet yeah but I heard it reported somewhere. I want to say maybe it was John Douglas that John Ramsey claims that he took some kind of sleeping aid that night. While I believe that to be correct as well as I think that was a pretty regular things for John Ramsey either way by both accounts we have both of them in bed between ten ten thirtyish ten thirty three at the latest. Yeah I have not seen any reports like growing join up. When I was a kid my father would go through and check the windows and check the doors now? We don't live in a seven thousand square foot house but but I wonder if John Ramsey had some kind of routine that he would check the parameter of the house. It has been said that he did that at night and it has been said by people that were close to the family and their housekeeper that the Ramseys were quote. Good I I believe. The quote is actually really good about locking their doors. But it's interesting because they're not using their alarm system they have alarm. I'm system but it seems like that was not common practice for the RAMSEYS. It would have been at one time. The problem was or it's been reported it as such. They're having to little kids in the home. The children were constantly setting off the security system which created all these false alarms and anybody that has a security system knows that those false alarms they start to come with fines that can get fairly fairly steep right fairly quickly from law enforcement now we move onto December twenty sixth captain sometime around midnight neighbor. Scott Gibbons says. He looked out his kitchen window toward the Ramsey residents and observed that the upper for kitchen lights were on in dimmed. Low again. Another one of those things. It could mean something comed- nothing at all now. The the whereabouts of John Andrew Ramsay. This is John's son from his first marriage. His whereabouts will come into question so it is important for us to know here that between midnight and one. AM At least three people. Put Him at the home of Lucinda Johnson in Marietta Maryetta Georgia later. He is at another home again in Georgia. Just to be perfectly clear here captain these sightings things these alibis for John Andrew Ramsay are one hundred percent confirmed bright yet. There were actually cleared by the police which they haven't cleared a lot of people in this case for them to clear him that that's important and we have confirmation of people being with John Andrew Ramsay up until till eight thirty six. AM At one. Am Neighbors Andrew. Vermeer in Luke for mayor they went to bed. This is after watching movies. They say that before they went to bed all the way up to one. Am they did not hear anything unusual. They didn't see anything unusual. All everything was typical for that time of night according to boulder detective. Steve Thomas Neighbor Melody Stanton tune says she heard a scream between midnight and two am. This seems quite interesting to me but I do you want to take this a step further and point out that this same woman did say at the very early stages of the investigation that she had nothing to offer she did not want to get involved then later. She claims that she heard a scream. Between the midnight hour and approximately two a M. Yes yeah I heard I heard about. These screams is that they heard some screams multiple screens. Not just one but they heard multiple screens and thought. Okay yeah well surely. The parents of this girl are home because they she thought the screens were from a little girl that the parents are home. And they'll take care of this. That's why they stopped hearing the screams also around two. Am I WANNA point out that the whites regarding the activity at their friends flee in Priscilla White. Everyone including their guests are reported to have gone to bed by two am at five thirty. Am I'm John. Ramsey wakes up the family plan to get up early that morning because they were to fly to Charlevoix Michigan for a family vacation. Patsy patsy Ramsey got up quote a few minutes later while Mr Ramsey took a shower. Mrs Ramsay put back on the same outfit. She had on the night before she put on some makeup and she went down to the second floor and then went down the spiral stairs to the kitchen. Now well there's two different versions of this story. There is one that states that she went to check on Jon Benet on her way downstairs and Jon Benet. The name was not there right. The other story says that she went. She attempted to go straight down to the ground level floor now either way there on the spiral stairs. She found on a step near the bottom of the stairs. She discovered a handwritten note on three sheets of paper laid out side by side. The indicated that Jon Benet had been kidnapped. Patsy Ramsey told detective heart that she found a no at the bottom of the staircase at approximately five forty five. Am she says she read. Only a few lines stating being that Jon Benet was kidnapped but safe and unharmed and demanding one hundred eighteen thousand dollars for her return. Mrs Ramsay immediately screamed and then ran to check job as room which she found to be empty after hearing. Mrs Ramsay Scream. John Ramsey ran downstairs and met patsy Ramsey in the stairwell together they checked on Burke who appeared to be asleep in his room. John Ramsey then went downstairs to read the ransom. No he told Patsy to call the police. Nine one one logged the call at five fifty two you honey. What's going on okay? Because incurred and noteworthy daughter. How old is your daughter? How long ago was this checker? The same the ransom note here. The ransom no okay. What's your name? Are you for my okay. Do you know how long she's been gone on here. I am hunting tapie. AP Breath Kathy. Introducing the Jeffrey Epstein. I knew a new podcast from CNN. Hosted by Vicki Ward this seven episode series takes you behind the scenes to hear a one of a kind of count of Epstein an individual. Who's more myth than man Vicky Ward has been reporting on Jeffrey Epstein for almost two decades and takes listeners beyond the headlines to explore four? Who Jeffrey Epstein really was where he got his money and the circumstances surrounding his death? Subscribe to the Jeffrey Epstein. I knew wherever you get at your podcast. 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