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I did Bachelor Party with Mallory Ruben that <hes> that's up we did <hes> we broke down the last episode of Bachelor of the Bachelorette threat and <hes> and everything that happened there including Jed and his terrible guitar singing but getting kicked off the show by Jed good luck <hes> so we did that and Maller is in perform as low as we are also have a new episode of the re watchable coming Friday. It is the town yeah me Ryen Russillo Chris Ryan. You think you're better than me. You'd think it better than me. I am really over prepared for this one so that's happening be ready for that coming up the one the only check closer and I are friends for in on the line chuck close to B._S. Podcast Hall of Famer and his new book out as far as the captivity. He's been on tour at Gillette last week. He played the meadowlands he played. He played dodger stadium. I know is an incredible tour. I know everybody turned up. What is it like to do a book tour in two thousand Nineteen these selfie get a picture with a celebrity era while well the pictures are part of it now when it when I was in Austin almost every person you've got a book signed also wanted a picture? I guess it's just just so easy that slows it down a little bit. I guess I don't mind. I don't know what people are doing all these pictures but they can have them the <hes> the events themselves though I I think they're more of the same different it's just <hes> it's just that the economics of selling books has changed so much which that just a weird idea now I mean you know it's like like you're going when I go on tour. It's a strange situation because so I'm selling books obviously extensively. That's the idea but the people who come to a reading well. They're probably the people who would definitely buy a book anyway right you thank you I mean if someone's willing to come to a bookstore and sit there and listen to a guy talk and read or whatever that person was probably going to buy the book anyways so I'm not exactly sure how it makes economic sense to do it. I mean only the tours are smaller. I'm only doing nine cities this year. I the past like killing yourself to live. I think I had a six week tour. I don't think anyone does that anymore right yeah. I think it's funny I I did a book tour and Oh oh five and I did a book tour and Oh nine and you don't read right. That's your thing you do not read. I I didn't really know what I was doing in. I didn't do that many any and we had enough people there that I probably should have read but it was more like I just wanted to meet people and sign books and at that point especially no five live you had no connection to people other than they read my com right. I don't even have a podcast at that point and oh nine ahead twitter for maybe maybe six months at that point I'd probably had I don't know thirty thirty five thousand followers or something <hes> but I wasn't in in somebody's life the way that really anybody can be now like nowadays people are able to be connected. Do you even if it's in that we're digital way where their follow me on twitter or on instagram and their listen this podcast however else I'm kind of in their life more back then in like oh five it was like it's my calm and that's it. If you wanted to even see what I looked like or hear my voice. This was the one chance so I do think that I I'm. I'm not really on twitter for that like I only kind of promote things so I'm more like the band tool if you find if you WANNA stop if you WanNa Tapie P me you gotta go to this thing or do they can hear you in this podcast though they have a feel for what you're late it on different podcasts and things like that so that's different and you know what bill this. Is something something I ever told you this before. Maybe we talked about this but having gone on podcast for all the years I'm sure had helped me so more books. I'm sure it has helped my career you know and yet I do wonder ultimately. Was it a mistake hub theory like I did all that stuff and all the podcasting does in that movie and so now everyone knows how I know right yeah when you read a book and if the idea like I've been if you're lucky you know and people feel like you're writing has voice but they don't know what your voice is. The holiest they create create is the best version of their own voice so the voice they hear in their head is the best version of themselves but like once you know what a person talks looks like that's the voice you hear in frankly. There's a lot of people who hate my voice. I know that's the case sure that has been detrimental to me over retire. It's like can you imagine reading Malcolm Book Now and not hearing bulking levels voice can't be done and and so I do wonder sometimes if I had had never done anything in public book readings if it would be more if if it would have been the benefit of the actual book even though I would our sold way less with or if you just did nothing you were just this enigma that just produced this book Uni bomber style every year. Nobody even knew where you lived or looked like doc. What kind of like William Boom does I mean? He's just he's like the most prolific genius writer out there who's just constantly putting books out. I have no idea what he sounds like. I have a vague idea of what he looked like. If you WANNA have fun go read William Bowman wikipedia entry. That's as good as most books you know. He's he's done exactly that like he doesn't. He doesn't go anywhere and do anything he constantly goes somewhere but it never appears in public <hes> and you know I. I don't know that's a really interesting point about hearing somebody's voice and then not being able to shake that as the voice when you read them you know in whatever 'cause I remember. The first time that happened to me was when the sports writers started going on T._v. You know in in all the sudden Mike Lupu and Bob Ryan and people will McDonough people that I'd grown up reading I I knew a Bob Ryan's voice satellite because he's on local radio in Boston but for the most part didn't really know the voices and then you would hear the voices and you know we'll mcdonagh started going on N._B._C. N._F._L. Show in the late eighties and he just I just had this old school like he's like a character from the Department or the town had one of those voices and then when you read his piece as you would kinda hear that voice so I get it yeah. I'm sure shore. Nobody really likes their own voice that nobody's really happy with anyone else's voice with about five exceptions so I'm sure it does it is probably a a little bit of a detriment. I was thinking more. The photos selfish thing just has to slow the process down because I remember when when I did my last tour <hes> you you know there's sometimes there's a lot of people there and you're just trying to you. Don't want people to wait in line if they have to do whatever and the selfish pictures thing would slow it down on even more because half the time. It's like Oh shoot. Hold on Oh my I didn't realize my flash wasn't on. There's all the in use to that concert situation where somebody's phone as a working <hes> <hes> yeah well that does it slows down a little bit. I guess you know at the same time it's like swirls. Do I have to be I time you're that either and like I said like the thing in Texas in Austin. The one that I did was shade. Okay a lot of people came. I think yeah because Shays really getting people out Okay and the bookstore in Austin they actually set it up. They have a person from the bookstore who stands in front of the table and you hand them your phone and then you walk behind the table and that person so that's ranger so well. Here's the here's the thing though by doing that. Every person does <hes>. They almost think it's part of the process I mean I I every book I signed. I feel like I took a picture with someone. <hes> so you feel like you're like you're like Barack. Obama Woah you Barak Obama at the White House correspondents dinner where you're just people aren't aligned in receiving line and you're taking the same picture with them over and over again the difference being when someone meets the president they probably think I want to get photographic person. I think a lot of people who come to my reading it never fucking occurs to them picture with him. When someone said like still try to make the system more efficient? It actually makes were yeah. That's why like those little post it note sometimes book reading they give everyone a post it note with the idea that they'll put their name on it and then you can sign their name in the book and you'll have have the spelling but then every single person does it instead of just having the book sign they think Oh it's supposed to be personalized to me specifically so they all do it and that actually makes the whole process go much longer but I can't really complain about the trim takes I mean it's amazing to me that people come and listen. Let me just talk for ninety minutes bizarre to me. I've very flattered. It's very weird but they do it so I figure if they do that. Plus they're spending whatever it costs to the Book Twenty Six bucks or whatever I can. I can sit there and put the time. You're there for the night. That's it. They gave they gave you daytime. You're gonNA give them yeah. I totally get it. I I loved I mean it was definitely it's a lot of people and you have to be on site at some of the stops but it I loved the book tour. I remember one of the stops I think New York I had <hes> in. Oh Nine I had to my buddies from college Jacko and House they just came and sat at the table and just made fun of me. Did the whole thing it was just it was it's just good to put faces two coups reading you and and and and stuff like that so <hes> that's one reason I would write another book. The reason I would never read another book is I just don't I just couldn't do it anymore. I don't know if the enjoyment of the book signing worth writing a book for the price frightens me that you have no his desire to write another book. I you know it. It would seem like that so many people would be like. I wish I could do that. I wish I had the ability to do in order to get to a position where if I did it people read it. What is your reason for having no desire to do it? It's not going to literally read about any subject you want. I know you've John it but you know things one. It's not a no desire thing. It's I know what it takes. I honestly it's it's like the same reason trying to Tuck my wife and having a third kid which didn't go well by the way it was a disaster <hes> and she. It was just like I've done this twice. I don't WanNa do it again. I know all the steps and I don't WanNA put my body through it and that the compare writing a book book to passing a child out of your body because that's still the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life but I feel the same like when she said that I kind of felt the same way about a book like I know I could probably do it but I also know like how miserable I would be for those ten to eleven months trying to get it done and being trapped in it and China come up with some angle like like the logical book for me to Ray would be to to do to write about basketball everything that's happened since I wrote the last book because the League has changed so much the last ten years and there are so many fun different ways to go and I just once I once I would start something like that. I that would be all I would be thinking about doing an eye. The what we're doing here I am not able to do that. I can't just shut down and work on that for a year. You know so that's the reason I wouldn't want to be make it be one of the seven things I was doing so yeah. I guess you have you have other kind of you know many more obligation yeah like when I wrote my last book which was way too long long. <hes> I disappeared for ten weeks in the summer. Oh eight the that was gonNA do anything I think I probably even did like three three or four podcasts and that was it but <hes> you know I really respect the people that can go through that grind and no it's going to happen and then do it again. I'm Komo is impressed by because it is I mean I guess this is one of many ways we are different like the part of putting the book out to me that is by by far the hardest part if I could just work on a book for the rest of my life and just be paid for working on it would never come out that that would be awesome like I did just processing it well I. I don't know if I could if I I've said this before but it's true like if if I could have just made the amount of money that I would make for putting books out but all I would you is just keep rewriting and reworking Frederick City. I would be a great life if I could just kinda constantly ready to make it better and the thing that I would just write and write and right right and there would be no there would be would never leak my life. It would just be there but it wouldn't it wouldn't go to any other do I just by that would be great. I had when the last contract I signed with E._S._P._N. which was for I think like four or five years there was a book component into it and you know you know book deal you just turn in the idea and they give you like a third or whatever it is and I just didn't have an idea like then I just just never did it and then the the my contract is over? I just couldn't summon the the though I actually did. You'd have one idea that was not a basketball did that. I still think go to work and was fired up about it. And just you know at that point. GRANTLAND was gone and thirty for thirty and that was on T._v. and I was. I was just doing too many things. There's no way I could have done it and so I kind of look back at that. I'm like Oh man there. Is this one moment when I had this idea that I think would worked so. Can I ask you again E._S._P._N. Relief you you love yeah. You love when this turns on me. This is you're always happens. At the end of the I check you did now. This is purely speculation. Do you think Dan Lebatardshow wants fired because the thing is he would be fine if that that was the case he can't quit bill because for like if they've because of his contract. I'm sure locked the man that he couldn't work anywhere for like two years or whatever do you think actually he. He wants to get tired. I think the current answer is absolutely not I think when he did what he did I still have not talked to him about this so this is all speculation and I think the initial act with somebody that was like I don't care what happens in if if this goes down a certain road owed that's fine but I'm going to do this and I don't like this policy and I'm going to <hes> I'm laying it all out there and I think what happened. Is You know and as as somebody who's been who's been in a pretty similar position definitely different circumstances but you realize that when you go down that that road but you're also so you have all these other people in their lives that are professionally attached to what you're doing and you see how they're reacting to it. You realize there'd be there comes uh-huh this moment. You're like am I am. I really ready to take this the whole way or not and I don't think he was because my thinking was particularly with like with Fox sports one all that stuff now would he could move his whole show it would seem like like and and the audience for his show is big but it's not like going somewhere else would suddenly make him just destroy God thing I think the kind of people who are into that show would follow it so it almost seemed like he had this leverage where he I was hoping he'd be fired but I I don't know I don't know him. I he mailed four times or whatever I don't know him. I I think it would have been serious. S I don't think it would have been Fox you know part of the problem with that is the other people that are in his orbit all like everybody just signed new deals so it's like yeah he could go but they still have everybody else contract. It's not not that different from what happened when you know when I left grantland and and they still had a lot of different people that were under contract so it's not like we all left at the same time so I think I my guess is. He was really fired up about it. He he was at a certain level of conviction for direction that he thought he wanted to go and then when he e._S._P._N. Called his bluff at that point it becomes a game of chicken. Can you have to decide whether you want to collide into the other car or not you know and then he obviously didn't want to so I I <hes> I thought it was pretty fascinating fascinating to watch and I talked about a little on the podcast last week because you know I think if you're e._S._P._N. It's the right move to stay away from all all that stuff. I'm I'm talking to somebody who on Tuesday did a podcast where being Jacko talked about Trumpet the Democrats for Twenty Five minutes like I can do that 'cause I'm. I'm in charge from my own stuff fair but <hes> I think if you're E._S._P._N. All their ratings for all the talking head shows are up in general. They've been neighbit- shed that whole perception that they're too liberal and you know they're they want to appeal to fifty states and they just want to show sport so I think as a business move it does makes sense for them. Where what are they have to gain from Lebanon tired on his sports show on E._S._P._N? Radio just opining about the faults of the president for ten minutes. It doesn't add anything to what their mission is. Well I not even I think so much the addition subtraction. I think that there is like dissidents between a lot of of the personalities there and the people who consume E._S._P._N. Because Okay E._S._P._N. His Pin is this weird institution where it's entertainment and it's journalism at the same time. You know that that's sort of the inherent problem with E._S._P._N. In general is that they are a journalistic outlet and entertainment outlets and I think the people who work there see more as a journalistic enterprise and the people who consume it generally see as an entertainment enterprise so it's like it's not I think people are always kind of like what the politics that they're talking about how they're doing it but to a degree it's like when people went to the weather channel. They WanNa know the weather <hes> like okay. I suppose there our political elements you talk about climate change or whatever you know be on the weather channel but for the most part people are interested in the weather and I think that when People Watch E._S._P._N. Of course there are exceptions but I think for the most part they see it as like this is how I get edged access to sports these other things. I'm accessing and all these other ways I don't you know I think that is the thing like there's just a little confusion about how the network is perceived by people by the people who work there yeah I I. I think the fundamental issue is this when I was there the Times that I got that I really battled them. Were because I had been told the rules were supposed to go a certain way and then I felt like they shifted what they told me you know and I think even even criticizing gallon saying saying he lied about the Ray Rice thing and all that stuff which was a big part of wagon hot water when I was there I felt like I was totally justified to do that because they told me if you stick by the facts and it's a sports related thing and you're able to back up what you're saying then anyone's he wants fair game so I'm like great so you know when I went after goodell those last year is I was like the guy did lie like we he completely contradicted himself of we have all these testimonies of people are in the room at the ray rice saying like he lied he changed. He suspended him for one thing and then he changed his story. I should be allowed to talk about this a- and you know I my my take best spraying and I've told you this before I think it is the confusion over. When you said said I challenge someone to call me on yeah now? You say that you were talking about the N._F._L. But listening to it it almost seemed like you were saying. Hang it to E._S._P._N. And if you run E._S._P._N. There was already the situation where I know a lot of the people in Bristol I did not love the idea of Granton they sort of felt that it was given like a too much leverage in too much freedom and was able to do the things they wanted to do around allowed you know I think if they hear this and they perceive you as challenging the entire organization to sanction. You like like I do too if I was skipper yeah and my I've said this last week my big mistake was not listening to for went up because that was an easy edit and I I feel like I could have kept all that other stuff and if they had you know I know it's been told it was two weeks for the challenge E._S._P._N. And the one week for <hes> I just calling Goodell Aligarh and being so adamant insane fucking when I said he was a fucking liar. I think that was pushed over the edge. I'd always heard was the Combo of that but <hes> <hes> but when I came back you know I didn't back off from it and I remember I had done van that on a podcast where we just painstakingly Hanley went over though the whole goodell stuff 'cause they were like you're GonNa hang this guy hanging with facts we we like seventy minute podcast just like painstakingly doing all the facts to just to be like all right if you can hang them with facts. I'm happy to do that but the key is it was a sports topic and I think it it was irrelevant sports topic because the guys in charge of the most popular sports league and he was acting inappropriately and that's something you should be able to talk about any E._S._P._N. I think the people running E._S._P._N. Out A group dude that I think where it gets where it gets. A little dicey is when somebody's like here my thoughts on the on the current president who I don't like and they don't want that they've made that clear so if somebody's going to say well I'm giving my thoughts anyway. Then don't work there. You know and that's that's why I don't. I don't know how I feel morally about E._S._P._N. Just saying like we're out we're not we're not getting involved in the sports thing at all but I do think it came from a place where once you open the door and allow people to kind of you. Give them the window to be able to say in in do kind of whatever they want about non sports award stuff. There's there's kind of no put in the what is it the rabbit back in the box. What does that phrase all the Horseback Horseback at the barn? Whatever like once it's going to match you? Can't you can't stop it so they're just saying like look where out we don't want this anymore. Don't do this if you WANNA. Do this. Go work somewhere morale's. We're we're happy to let you out of your contract so I think that's where we are and it's a complicated deal because you know <hes> you know on the one hand I guess my my natural inclination is always sort of what people who are paid to be commenters sort of take the conversation wherever they want to go but does sort of create a kind of weird things where okay so all these shows. It's always like one or two people or usually to people sometimes four people or whatever if one one individual is really being political and the other people choose not to it's almost like it is seen as them lately taking the opposite -sition like like there's somehow supporting what the person is criticizing because it almost if if people start getting political in any sense it almost sort of demand that that everyone do it otherwise like okay we the ringer is a good example like you guys don't do a lot of political type coverage but you some to share the same ideology and I know the assumption is that everybody at the ringer thinks the same way politically about about everything but why wouldn't they because the only slices of it they see sort of have one sort of position the assumption is that well everyone else must be there like everyone assumes assumes that every employee at the Wall Street Journal is a Republican. That's just kind of thing because the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal Conservative native I know people who work at the Wall Street Journal that is not the case but that's what the assumption that you wouldn't work there. If you didn't believe that because for a lot of of the audience they think to themselves well. I wouldn't be involved in media unless they sort of project my world are you on to other people and a lot of journalist think that way like particularly the older ones who are sort of told that you were supposed to try to overcome your biases. I is at every turn you know in that different now but it still exists yeah. It's also so much different than it was. You know even five years ago. I think I remember I had in two thousand eight in the spring. I got Obama to come on my podcast. I and I only had a podcast to that point for like a year and <hes> and then it got next by E._S._P._N. which has been written about? This isn't a new story but I was always really confused and angry that 'cause I would have been the biggest podcast of all time until that point. It wasn't like a really big medium and I was pretty certain he was going to win. The presidency and I was like every chance to get this guide six months before it becomes the president like this is amazing and that you know the reason they squashed. It was basically we don't want to be perceived as leaning one way or the other but when you think about it in retrospect what E._S._P._N. Is doing now with all this stuff really is much different than the mindset they had back then you know and and when they had Obama coming on to fill out the march madness bracket every year. Maybe that's not something they would do now. You know it stopped because trump didn't wanna do it but even that could be perceived assumes trump I would I would. I really thought I was like it'd be anti like I'm not doing it but <hes> that wouldn't be very entertaining to see that would have been the best ten minutes TV all year trump filling out march madness bracket would have been incredible can they. Maybe they can can still do that for two thousand twenty so my point is I don't like I look at <hes> a show like Mike and Mike which lasted forever and it was always a show that people you know it did it had its audience. People kind of appreciated it. I there wasn't like a rabid Mike and Mike Fan base but it did what it did and coincidently he talked he gave gave an interview today. We're taping this on a Wednesday where he is basically saying. I'm not doing politics at all and on get up and I'm I'm fine with that and he gave a quote. When I go to McDonalds I go there because I have a hamburger and if I walked McDonald's and they said to me we're not doing hamburgers today? We're doing pizza. I'd say what are you talking about. Your McDonald's would G._D. Louis Hamburgers. If I WANNA pizza I would go to one of the places where they make better pizza than you. It's a depressing quote but it's kind of it's a fair quote too because people the go-to e._S._P._N. For Sports and if they wanted to go if they wanted politics they would go to one of the politics stations so would you think of that quote right yeah. Just the quote the mindset well. I mean I think in a way sort of I guess reflect what I was saying. Thank earlier that I. I don't think that people go to E._S._P._N. For the most part for <hes> the idea that they're getting even though there's a lot the journalism done there. I think that they see that is <hes> if I'm watching E._S._P._N. And a game is not on this is the material that connects to the game like I'm just got. I got I gotta wait through or this or whatever or or I want to see what people are talking about <hes> and sometimes I guess maybe I mean I I don't know if if they're political coverage which gets them more attention or if it does I mean they did they had that poll or whatever where they were like. Eighty four of conservatives and sixty nine nine percent of liberals wish there was like less political content on E._S._P._N. Or don't want politics in there so that would kind of suggest it was most people I mean it <hes>. That's a pretty big thing <hes> hold on. Let's say let's take a break. Hey voodoo is a leading streaming APP elaborate over one hundred fifty thousand TATA's available to rent or buy like the critically acclaimed smash hit avengers and game. Wow voodoo recently launched an ad supported on demand service with over ten thousand dollars. You can watch four free including classic movies and T._V. Shows L. Man we've done. 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I didn't my bandit mental. Watch it five times. He's weird head to Voodoo DOT COM SLASH BILL Simmons to sign up and start watching today catch up <hes> well fatal attraction should be catching up on because that's coming and that's going to be an all time podcast beating up on the town and a whole bunch of other ones at Voodoo dot COM mm Slash Bill Simmons View Dot Com Slash Bill Simmons back to check speaking E._S._p._N. Wanted to talk about so we're in this dead content time right now where especially for a site like the ringer and some other places where you know you yeah these runs September October November December. That's great April May June. We're just lack on there's playoffs. He got drafts. You have award season <hes> <hes> biggest movies coming out all this stuff and then you have the dead times you have we had last week where there's just nothing going on and fortunately only for the ringer and for a lot of people may content Tarantino a new movie coming out and it turned into a whole Tarantino we. I'm surprised you have shocked. You haven't seen that while I was away and I was yes in Hawaii and and it was not playing in a movie theater that was within ninety minutes of us so that was a problem <hes> I'm seeing tonight but but <hes> this week is even more dead than last week was because there's no Tarantino movie we basically have Hobson Shaw and then the Major League Baseball Baseball Trade deadline and the training camps starting. I guess maybe you could argue this week slightly better than last week but just slightly hard knocks her too hard knocks as correct yeah next week next week. Things started feeling like normal again but my point is so this Lebron thing happens where he's cheering. Cheering is his son Todd and his A._A._U. Games a little too vociferously for some people's liking and he went in the layup line. Did some dogs and I I feel like if this happens in November. I don't even know if it makes P._T._I. It might make the third segment for thirty seconds when they do one under those buyer seller gimmicks that but because it happens this week it suddenly becomes the Big sports story for today's <hes>. Are we just trained now. Where we ages need content every day? We're like a shark swimming around eating fish and it's like others fishing here. I guess I'll just eat this license plate. You know we're we're just conditioned. Eat every four hours that you just spent three minutes talking about the periods of no content <hes> and then the effect you write a website would be that you have trained yourself that way. Yeah I think you are no. You're describing the shark that you are. I'm talking the whole the whole medium machine because this was like this became the dominant story yesterday on all the E._S._p._N. Shows it was the dominant story on any sports website you you went to it was Lee topics on podcasts. People are going about this. It's little compelling because it is something that people who don't so follow sports have an opinion on. I have found like I it's a situation where it's like. You don't need any knowledge of basketball all to sort of have a response to it. What would your response to talk about it? Let's talk about what was your response well. The reason the real reason is is because it ties into sports parents which is yes U._C. Topic that everybody who is either had kids are bent to their nieces your nephews game or their cousins game. We've witnessed sports parent behavior and we have opinions on it so now you have the most famous active basketball player whose the sun is <hes> a seemingly good prospect and he is acting like you know like he's the guy is big brother and really seems to be getting genuine kick out of everything that's going on to the point that he's becoming as big of a spectacle as the actual game so some people are like what's he doing. That's not how parents should have to act and then other people are like this is Great Lebron's in a dunk line what's wrong with that but certainly Lebron dunking for crowd just randomly because he's happy to be there so it is one of those classic sports stories where you can pick aside which which is I think why it became a two story you have inside. My side is complicated because I think if anybody else acted that way they would be mocked on the Internet for five days but it's Lebron James and the rules are just different firms so you know it's exciting to have the guy there I went to my daughter played a game last year when the game before it was Lebron's younger son was playing so Lebron was there there and when he's in the gym it's like you know it's a thing you can. Everyone's talking about. Everybody's feeling it. It's impossible not to concentrate on the fact that Lebron James as six 6-foot-9 he stands out it. Here's what I would say. I 's okay I it. It might have complicated too. 'cause it's GonNa seem like I'm kind of hedging but this is kind kind of my response. One thing I think is you know it is pretty interesting that who would have been the model or the example of an N._B._A. Dad in the nineties Shawn Kemp near the players were literally the worst dad that they just went from city to city siring children and then having no relationship. I mean even like I mean for me. It's the hardest thing about Larry Bird. I hate the fact that he has no no relationship with his daughter who looks just like him and worship stemming he has no. I mean if he does now for a long time. He didn't yeah okay so in that sense. It's like well a brown. Not I like that right. Lebron seems like a pretty good dad. I also will say that I understand and empathize with the fact that that literally nothing more exciting than watching your kid succeeded something yeah. It is the best feeling I have ever had. I think like my little guy's taekwondo. Oh and twenty does he really couldn't memorizing stuff and I I love. I love watching it. I don't I can't think of many things that make me happier but but here's the thing I would say this is like when that I feel that way when I see him but I don't think you want to ever make the events <hes> kind of about your enjoyment of it or or have the interest in the event sort of swing to you and Lebron is very smart. He knows who he is yeah. He knows it's done this. This is GonNa happen like you know I like I you know and he will just suit arguing series like I'm just excited now. I'm not telling people to fill me. I'm not signing a contract with that but he has to know that like he is. You say say the most famous basketball player I would say the most famous athlete in America <hes> and if he does this you know he if he dunked him the layup line of course you know where everyone has a phone. That's going to become a story now for the other kids playing. I'm sure it's awesome. I bet they're like Lebron James. Is that this game you know. It's it's like you know like I'm playing there and you know several million people might catch a glimpse of me you know getting dunk time by his kid or whatever it be kind complaining but there may be a point later in their life when they're like Kinda odd that that happened that like my experience as a youth basketball player ended up mostly being a platform for somebody WHO's already super famous and super successful and I I don't know I I my thing. Is I just like I always wish athletes. Were more like Robert. Parish wish like I don't like I don't like people displaying a motion comic. It seems performance to me right. I'm really happy that Lebron Rob loves kid and I hope kid as I hope they play together in the N._B._A. I think that would be amazing that something could happen to baseball ever possible possible that it could happen in pro basketball <hes> so I'm not criticizing him. I I you know I just I. I like Lebron but I would. I wouldn't do that. I mean it. I feel different about my life. Be In that position but I don't know it. Just it is a little odd well. I just wanted to know that if view did that it would also get a tiny two views. I do think people would be blown away. Chuck close German dunking in the layup on in Taekwondo and the constructor whatever's going on <hes> I see the thing for me is and I think Lebron is a good kind of a case study for this topic. 'cause I was reading G Tolentino new book which I don't even know if it's out yet <hes> but the I haven't I haven't opened it but they send me a copy. Yeah I going to be good. She's real talent yeah. She's great she <hes> I think I've grantland had been around a little longer. She would have better next higher. We loved Sir but <hes> we this first chapter is about basically how she grew up in the age of the Internet and then how the Internet kind of changed over this decade. I don't WanNa step on it and you know I want people to read the book. 'cause it's get but she has this whole thing. In there about performance give the performance formative personality of somebody versus their actual personality in how the Internet started emerged that you know because by the time we get to two thousand eighteen. I was thinking about last night. I was watching Rafael Devers up my favorite red SOx poor bases-loaded. He's three for four. He's on this three Monteiro. Unlike anything I've I've seen with a young red sox player it really since Fred Lynn and and it says really big moment they're down around there have to be Tampa and the pitcher on on the raises taking forever ever between East pitch is taking forty seconds forty five seconds so it's just a lot of like nothing happening and I was looking in the background behind Denver's and all these people are standing standing watching the bat but they're videotaping it with their iphone. All of them and it's like this this whole whole so basically stands of people that are all standing up taping the at Bat. That's also on television and I just think that's what's happened with everything. We do now. Now where it's they they tape that a bat they put it on Instagram by the way I've done this too. <hes> and it's kind of like you're you're performing your own life your of your urine version of yourself the performance you're putting out there whether it's on instagram or twitter you're have a podcast. You're writing reading. That's your perform live profile basically so when Lebron's doing this sports parent thing he's performing the role of a sports parents it to some degree. I would think I my question is would he do that if he didn't know people. Were going to videotape it. I have no idea well even a more complicated. Question is does Lebron believe you can go public and not videotapes. I'd say it's been does it happen that he is in public and someone is not taking his picture right so when he's doing the Dunk Land Lane thing which by the way I approve again. I'm I'm pro Lebron James James and all dunk lines but he knows how it's GonNa get real high on for a second. I was like eight and a half with basket or something I wonder if not playing in the playoff APP give Lebron just like two extra months of rescued GonNa come back and just rip the league apart but anyways back your point yeah. No you're right he hasn't he played fifty five games since I'd never handed twelve years damn mid June two thousand eighteen all the way through today which is now you know fifteen nine months later. He's only played fifty five games so are now. He's playing point guards on like if he is he despite his age is the number one pick in the fantasy league if he plays point right. Maybe I don't think he'll end up paying point. I think he's too old but <hes> I don't know but back to the basic question that the sports parenting thing what you said before about how the most exciting probably the happiest thing you've seen in your life was when your son was succeeding at something in sports wise and watching compete and just how thrilling that is I think that's why I do think this really is genuine. I think he loves the fact that his sons good basketball asfaw and he gets to be a fan. I think he can't contain himself. I I don't question do the as and there's another clip of him talking to his kid once you've probably seen it's like the kid has Mr Shah lost the game and he's like actually you made these three key plays you hit the one guy on the outlet pass. It got that lay-up shut the kid down the corner and he's like he made that skip out. It's like he I it. It's not as though you know I I have a feeling that their relationship relationship you say like he seems like a big brother. Well I mean what is the director of parenting. Every generation of parents is closer to their child emotionally and also like interest wise and all of those things and the previous generation always says like you know. You're not supposed supposed to be your friend. You're supposed to be your kids parents and yet you can go back generations upon generation everyone that's closer to their kid and they work to their dad and the dad was to their grandpa like that's how it works. You know yeah well the other thing I would say we. He's not that much older than his kids so he really is in some ways he kind of is that in that big brother Range Lebron's thirty five and his son is fourteen so you know like I'm my daughter's fourteen and I'm forty nine. I feel like more like we're like the the old way a older person but he really is more of a contemporary. They probably listen to the same music. My Dad was my dad's only twenty one years older than I am and we were always like really close like that so <hes> but the one thing I would say with the Brian when he was at that basketball game when my daughter was playing the next game his sons game ended and and then we had warm ups for my daughter's game and you know it was like ten minutes and Lebron came back out because his team I I guess they were talking to <hes> the team whatever packing up getting ready and the bronze came out and watch the first quarter of my daughter's game and there was no reason for it other than he just just likes basketball. He was like in a gym and there was a basketball bouncing and he just Kinda was like I'm I just Love Basketball Mino- watched it. He's watching an eighth grade basketball game game girls that he does not know it was just like I'm just going to watch this so I really just think he generally you. You were there sitting like with the guy became thrown. That's basically their short and you're sitting around and you're like Oh look. There's with Ron Paul Lynde the whole life the fraud watches your daughter play basketball normal things we can all relate to everyone looks tie like that's why we agreed story this shit that happens when you're in L._A. But I was so proud of my daughter's team I thought they would just throw every ball out of bounds and just be completely nervous. Step it up you know she was like she came in after they played because Lebron was watching all right settled out but <hes> yeah he he does <hes> I think his love for basketball has always been really genuine from day one and I think that the Zion would would I've seen from him. So far. I feel like is very similar in that respect where you have these guys who are phenomenal athletes but who also seemed like they just genuinely like the sport I just like playing and being around gym and just being in the mix and I think those are the guys that end up usually making it like in in the biggest possible way I saw footage of Zion <hes> throwing a football around the drew brees pretty good spiral. I was looking at my phone so I couldn't see that tight but <hes> you know it looked okay. Oh Yeah you wrap. If you act like I didn't study that one yeah I to me like watching watching guys like Zion Dan play another sport. I would just watch hours and hours of that like Zion playing hockey's iron playing baseball whatever <hes> hold on let's take another break. A shady raise is not some big corporation over charges for shades there an independent sunglasses company and that's out to do it differently. 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Manson family and helter skelter book and the two part movie was Steve Rails Back Act like I was in on all this stuff now we have this new book comes out that takes all this stuff that ad already thought about digested and accepted in my head that Charles Manson was this crazy cult leader who had this band of woman that he would have sex with and who were just completely loyal and faithful to him and he decided he would start this helter skelter war between whites and blacks and then they would they would recede into their ranch after it started wait for for everyone to kill each other and then emerge as the new leaders of this whole revolution is the single craziest <hes> heat check theory. I think anyone's ever had an an awful for different reasons but <hes> this was actually what carried the day in court Vincent Bugliosi. The prosecutor convinced the Jerry say that this was Manson's plan and it seemed like the evidence was there that this actually really was the plan and now twenty years later this book comes out and the Guy who's who spent way too much time and basically his life fell apart as he researched it and reported it and hit dead ends and all this Steph and then ends up releasing the book and has now turned that history on its ear. I know you care about this. There's no way you don't what are your thoughts. Well okay. I haven't read the book yet okay. I haven't read this new book okay. I'll say it okay the idea that Manson did not really mastermind signed the Labianca murders and all that then existed for awhile there there was a long sort of <hes> held belief that maybe Tex Watson was doing speed spe- deal and it was that it was spiel that went wrong or whatever and the whole idea of this of of you know Manson listening to the white album thinking helter skelter was a description of this coming race war <hes> that really was entered into the conversation by believes that was sort of his Bam he wrote the Book Helter Skelter <hes> so is it possible that the the that that that these murders actually played out differently than sort of our historical record and that that <hes> that you know he they were closer to just like bad hippies and not better. I don't know possibly I will say this. Though if the book is you stay in indicates. That Manson was actually a C._I._A. V._I._S._A. Operative there is a lot of evidence to contradict that particularly his whole life growing up I mean there was a very good book about Manson. It came out five years ago because they're really I think it's just called that. That really does a pretty granules. <hes> you know investigation of his early life and there's absolutely no way that the C._I._A. Would target this person to be their operative. I don't even know what the to understand the counterculture they were using him in men in order to make sure the cover works they put him in jail for the rest of his life and he's like sure I'll do it. Obviously he was in a cult obviously squeaky Krom Nak with all these people had it would carve exit in their heads with knives to show their support for him. He was obviously leading this cope so I'll probably read this book but it's going to be pretty persuaded to wait the raiders Tom O'Neil he gave an interview with the New York Times a couple days ago and he said they asked him why is the reference in the book title and he said head as it may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory. That's how he starts but I discovered a lot of evidence that right after Manson was released from prison in sixty seven he he was spending a lotta time in the same medical clinic in San Francisco where it's been documented that A. C. I. Employee Recruiting Subjects for Studies of L._S._D. In its ability influence behavior coincident on are not Manson suddenly transformed from a harmless little ex-con. Nobody ever gave a second glance to an all-powerful Guru surrounded by a Harem of women who would do anything he asks including kill complete strangers so the time says okay Manson as a Manchurian candidate. That's pretty crazy so this guy responds well. It's a documented fact the had a program called chaos in the F._B._i. Had One called co Intel pro the object of both at the time secret operations Grayson's destabilize the left wing movement may hippies appear dangerous and at this was a government operation boy. Did they succeed t believe this now more were less after I read that I mean okay. He's right about one thing. If this was the plant it works like it's the Mo- it's a one time the C._I._A. Did something that succeeded in you know like they could not kill Castro. They considered trying to poison his mustache but if this is the one that worked it worked very well the I'm sure I mean everyone else now. The C._I._A. Was Giving People L._S._D. To See what would happen if the used to create create the super soldiers or the truth firm all that stuff but at the same time there are many many many people who have taken L._S._d. and has a big trip and then became themselves again right. There are many more of that than there are people who become you know <hes> <hes> and it also so you know in nineteen sixty nine L._A. About like I L D was very very accessible like you need the C._I._A. To give it g like you could get it <hes> about the Tarantino movie. I'm not going to give anything away as you have yet but I will say this is. There's one a lot of interesting thinking about it. I really liked it but it has been a very long time. Someone made any kind of arch that was this anti anti hippie because that has really fallen out of favor especially among young people and we talked to young people about the late sixty. It's pretty clear who they you think heroes were. It is really surprising to see like a like. It's almost like mad magazine from the seventies like it's like they like they hate him. Episode Movie <hes> It it was jarring might be too strong of a word but I was surprised by like I I I did not <hes> <hes> I mean granted the Hippie that they're using are the the worst hippies that ever lived. I mean unless this guy this book up end of this but I mean yeah but they a sort of you know like Brad. Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are people who like we're of the fifty. This is how we think of Hippie them. That's it yeah I'm I'm surprised is the fiftieth anniversary of just a lot of stuff summer sixty nine. I think it was one of the most iconic summers that we've had had and I'm surprised that Manson had a bigger shelf-life with the whole nostalgic crowd this summer than Woodstock. Did I really they expected Woodstock the fiftieth anniversary and all that stuff to be this but it's interesting woodstock ninety nine which quit so they were doing a podcast about for luminary read right now but it seems like woodstock just because it was closer in time it was only twenty years ago is more interesting to somebody who's under thirty then woodstock in nineteen sixty nine and all these bands are and I wonder if that era is now kind of dying off well particularly also with Charlie early Manson never disappeared from the culture like he was a very prominent culture in the eighties. When the relationship between heavy metal and say was common you know axl rose covers Charlie Manson song on their covers records? It's like track. Look at your game girl. Actually kind of a pretty could song that you don't have to say that now because trolling wrote it <hes> there was a release of the music he had recorded in prison. I think I got this in like nineteen ninety nine five or one thousand nine hundred six like he was on the cover spin magazine once like like Manson has always been <hes> like a a figure in culture because he seemed to sort of obviously embody a lot of the qualities that are incorrectly incorrectly applied to counter cultural activity yeah but he actually sort of embody in a lot of ways like the worst nightmare people would make up about rock. Are you sick or whatever where woodstock music like you know crosby stills Nash and stuff like that like that was that was just Kinda gone from like the Middle Eighties well into the ninety here it a little bit more kind of being re appreciated now but there was like a lot of the artists who performed at the original woodstock that was it was not like nobody was listening to the Woodstock Soundtrack early ninety that was not like an artifact people cared about yeah I will so my son started playing bass about two months ago and is really into it and a lot the songs that he likes her these classic rock songs and I there's just songs I haven't thought about bands I haven't thought about in years because why would you but like he's playing sunshine of your life by cream and the heart Bunga plate. Jack Bruce was real good bass player yeah yeah well. He likes that he likes eggs. <hes> there's a few of them but it's just funny that like when I was growing up we had is so we're talking like eighty one eighty two. I started getting the music nineteen eighty one nineteen eighty two and we just didn't have a big library of music to kind of dive into right so classic acid rock had this incredible power and kind of ease fourteen years of music. You know like the Steve Miller greatest hits bannet Senate that that's this that album is just kind of disappeared at this point but was one of the biggest albums of the eighties and album that was on it every day. I went to high high school but now I look at the kids. If you're if you're like fourteen now like my daughter and you're really getting a music <hes> you have fifty plus plus years of music to draw from. It's kind of staggering like I don't even know where you'd begin. So you have stuff like the whole classic rock genres. Just Kinda gone because somebody like my son would have thirty plus years of hip hop to go through to. He likes hip hop more than rock so I it was just kind of startling to me that we have enough music now to last for the rest of our lives basically but when I was in nineteen eighty three I didn't feel like we had enough. I was as I was always like excited to discover new album. Well someone you were when you first get into music eighty-three holder you eight three like thirteen or something like working arcane thirteen four hundred yeah you know when I was getting into music in the eighties bands like Black Sabbath and led Zeppelin and rush to me seemed too old for me to be into <hes> like I was into Motley crue and guns and roses poison and Tesla and all the bands lands that were happening then because when you're young it doesn't take a lot for stopping to seem too old now black Sabbath doesn't seem any older now than they did when I was a kid in nineteen eighty five because time has changed with this like the the ability to sort of troll we listen to increase so much where it's like you don't have to worry about like whether or not you're being exposed to this on the radio or records or whatever <hes> what I think also kids just list now because of of of downloading music minutes everyone has said this is like people really get into Jay album ever ever. It's like it's just individual songs so like it's your son probably knows does maybe one song by cream or chew songs by cream. It would have been very weird for somebody. Having that experience in nineteen ninety two only know to cream aw that would mean they consciously did not play the rest of the best record nick. Oh yeah that's true and I think Queen is the best example this like my my kids absolutely absolutely love Queen and they love the movie which is hilarious. I think they would probably the I q level of of the audience for that movie but <hes> there's Queen I would say had like five or six really really iconic memorable songs and that's all you really need they do queen was around for. I don't know when the I can't remember when they started with Iran for a solid decade I when I was in the moment more than that yeah yeah well. Then Freddy did a couple albums all that stuff but in the moment I never considered them even remotely on par with somebody like out John I just didn't I just felt like they were a level below. Two levels blow rolling stones they Bohemian rhapsody was obviously you know an Alzheimer but they were it was just the body works was there and really the live aid performance in a weird way was kind of their apex Balance Barroux watchable term where it was. They just blew everybody away on a day when everybody was there and now it's been funny to watch that evolve over the course of history were now. My son assumes they were probably the biggest band of that era. They're they're bigger than the rolling stones bigger. I my son was like Dad. We we just watch me wraps this weekend. Say Dad had when they played live aid. Was that like the biggest thing ever and I was like no. It's actually a much bigger deal. That led Zeppelin was there. The Queen was fucking afterthought. What you're Zhang is kind of instructive? First of all. It's like Queen probably was the biggest ban the world that England because even like Robert Plant has a certain degree of like jealousy. Let's see towards the amount of coverage that would get because they were just seen as sort of more. I don't know like <hes> like like a more polished less. You know even in a more polished and more like sort of I don't know <hes> when she say there are more more leg than beloved like just appreciated in U._K. So you say when you describe queen you're like so they had like four or five kind of kind of thoughts and these they're like you know how we understand queen. What is interesting is that if you were a queen fan in the seventies or the eighty you would have never the thought of them as a singles album band if you like it would be <hes> pretty uncall- Three Queen and fan in nineteen seventy eight seventy nine but he mean wraps favorite Queen Song that would suggest you really wasn't a queen fan or if you're bite the dust that was that's that was actually probably a bigger spike in the moment than any of the other songs but that was like a that it was sort of seen as outside of what was good about the band but now you're probably right now for most people lean is a collection of five or six times and what that does Pru it is that top music is more important than rock is like like rock music is cooler? I obviously prefer the pop music is more important because it sort of transcends time when you think of the biggest part of the twentieth century. It's like Sinatra Michael Jackson. You know it's like people Elvis. <hes> these people who are famous people who have no relationship to the music you know because top music means that popular music is popular. What people you want is popular thing so we now when you think of them historically the average person not somebody who thinks about rock music for a living but like the average person and what they really think about is the extension of their rock Cadillac the song they made that were played on top radio <hes> I always wanted interesting things about debate between like rockets people and top to Mr whatever you these kind of complicated argument explain why Papa so important Oh they say is it affects the culture more like it doesn't matter what the reason it's just something in pop music is important because it's important talk to people who barely care so I mean I like the way your son was clean? That's probably how queen will be thought about going forward yeah Oh. I don't think it's even probably the by the way just for the record. I always thought Radio Gaga was a terrible song even in the eighties. I'll never on ever change my mind on that one. I not a fan but what do you think a one vision. One vision used really well in the movie I are that is true well. I don't I don't feel he he'd be my case for Queen was a level below like Freddie Mercury released two solo albums and I think like eighty five eighty seven and you know I'm sure it was a pretty big deal in the U._k. But it just really wasn't a big deal in America Erica that Mr Bagai record actually is great okay and then the second record he made with a popular opera singer from Italy and people people kind of critically like that record more. I don't like it as much <hes> but your argument is that I just wanted to make sure that I stay so you're saying he made bill solar record. They weren't huge well. I think he didn't stand out in the mid eighties like about ten thirteen other people because that was also you know you're talking about. One of the most action packed loaded air as we've had of just stars you know you like springsteen. Madonna Michael Jackson ladies are like Alzheimer's and they were all kind of peeking around the same time <hes> but I just felt felt like the live aid thing the movie as one of the only good things that movie did was do a nice job of pointing out that they kind of needed that performance. It's you know the especially broken up and they lost momentum and they weren't even after the booty has not together for a period period. They put a record out like it wasn't it wasn't like they came back together again for live eight. It was like it was just sort of the most for whatever lottery the most memorable performance I mean like yeah definitely department that live aid was terrible like savage. Wasn't that good. <hes> you know there was a there was a handful of people who who performed and it was like a weird deal because it was like the short twenty minutes set in like the ultimate festival situation and they performed real well see my emerald live aid my memory live aid was it being pretty disappointing and the sets feeling like they weren't long enough and the Zeppelin thing was such like a Dan rea the hype for that versus what actually was delivered. I remember like from a musical standpoint. I like the prince's trust concerts more because they would put the CDs of those out and those had really good bands our kind of on their way up and they're those are like good compilation albums but I I'm. I'm the weird thing you know I didn't <unk>. I didn't watch the live aid. Oh really weird your we well know wasn't age. It was on T._v. But I was just like Motley. Motley crue now playing like none of the band's I wanted to she were playing so I was like I was like I'm not watching. I want you know like I I want. I don't want the next ever want to see you know Elliott guns or whatever so I didn't even watch it. <hes> I do think it's amazing though that event said to you two years ago there's two movies coming out one is about the life about John and one is basically the the life of Queen only the band it is really heavily involved and they're not gonna go into any of the really interesting Freddie Mercury stuff. It's just going to be a hagiography. Which one do you think will do better? I I think John would have been like a ten to one favorite. It'd be particularly if you include the word. Hagiography is like probably going to be bad but you know people like hagiography about people like that's kind of what you know they they <hes> like this. Mr Rogers movies coming out like I have to say this movie like if it's like GonNa problem so much is mister Rogers. I don't fucking bitch. I I have no interest in seeing a movie that complicates the identity of Mr like on. I mean maybe it doesn't I have no idea I really <hes> I saw I saw the doctor really let I really liked the documentary. I just don't feel like I need to see the movie well. The thing is when you watch the documentary does raise this question at talks very little about his childhood and the childhood sounds real interesting but like it could be too interesting interesting like it could be in a way that like I don't WanNa be that you know so I was like I don't WanNa know hold on. Let's take a quick break. Hey you love to Cook Tuck. You're not in the mood to do the dishes tonight. Well Watch your favorite show. Their favorite people instead get it delivered door dash they connected with your favorite restaurants in your city. Ordering is easy. He is the DOOR DASH APP. 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I WanNa talk to you about something out that that it captured on book tour and some kind of doing this to promote the release of raisin captivity thought I mentioned okay don't do in an event in Boston. <hes> and <hes> like COMP radha providence onstage real cool within the two that I'm actually doing. What David did you in Seattle? That's Kinda upsetting next week but anyway yeah exactly yeah <hes> any have you seen as marshawn Lynch show and it's pretty cool now <hes> but regarding <hes> <hes> the people coming up asking lots of questions and this guy asked me what you think about the people who are going to storm area fifty one and I was like what <laughter> and he's like yeah. These people have gotten together on the Internet it kind of made okay dis-decision that <hes> that they're going to storm area fifty one in Roswell New Mexico and I was like I I don't know much. I don't know anything about this. I haven't heard about the guy goes back is chair and I'm kind of just making jokes about it and I'm like you. I wonder when is this going to happen and then a different person in the audience yields out September twentieth now. There's one hundred people at this now at least one fiftieth of this audience knows about this year on and September twentieth mentioning. It's my anniversary but it's also going to be the people apparently are going to get together outside of maybe Las Vegas or something. Supposedly Rosalie go to area fifty one and just kind of they say like they can't stop all of us. We're just going to come in math and like inside there and see see what they've been hiding and the military. Now is basically said well if you attempted which I'm sure you're not but if you do we are going to shoot to people like we're GONNA shoot people who try to <hes> now maybe they're just trying to be threatening or whatever but I get I mean it's a military base <hes> I'm. I'm just curious. What do you think about the idea of a whole bunch of people trying to get an area fifty one? Well isn't as we head to the end of this decade. Isn't it the logical conclusion to a really bizarre decade of people mobilizing with weird causes on the Internet and then actually actually following through with weird proclamations like this is pizza gate but like a more relatable pizza gate where we've all had we have thought about fifty one and had takes on it and wondered about it Sunday of other people who have just said were fucking go in there her and it might actually happen like my kids asked me about this a couple of days ago there like much bigger deal yeah leave that to people at least elites but I don't know how many people have this reading stayed quiet. After I sort of acted like what in the hell is going on why why are all the people here knowing that it is a you know except for the longest time you know there was you you'd hear about an airforce guy or something saw something he couldn't explain you know it's like that will use your this lot but prior to the early nineties. The assumption was allie probably Russian stuff right like it's probably it's probably you know Russian military personnel like that's probably what we're seeing and it's kind of scary because you know what they have. Well then Russia Falls Soviet Union fall. We now know all about their technology technology as it turns out for the most part they were ahead of us on some stuff but mostly behind us and definitely like didn't have anti-gravitational drive drive or anything like that now even the New York Times you will see a story about like what information does the government have about extraterrestrial terrestrial beings visiting earth. Whatever let's say you were President? Okay your President Bill Yeah and you're you were briefed that it was like we know an area fifty one. There is a crash spacecraft and we did find the quirks of an alien and we dissect him when he's not at all these things but the the information you've found it very trouble like it's something that would definitely cause people to <hes> be very alarmed. Would you say can you suppressing it or would you feel as though well. This does seem like nothing of the national interest. It must be told so you've had had how many presidents since since this allegedly happened <hes> st well at least like eight nine ten three the four five six seven eight nine nine or ten yeah I think I think if I'm right so your theory is correct which I enjoy the theory in I'd debating about whether I wanNA support it. I'm very close. All those presidents would have come to the same conclusion that people can never know about this because they'll be really disturbed. Now we have a president in office now who doesn't care about stuff like that and probably wouldn't mind people be disturbed about something like this and would bring it up Ab- when he kind of needs something to flecked everybody from something else. He doesn't want people talking about for two days so I could see him if it was that disturbing I think he's is the one who would who would kind of tell us about it. Which makes me think it's all smoke and mirrors? Nothing actually happened so well. I mean so much time has past though it may not just be like we're GONNA win. The president asks what's going on area fifty one to go like nothing. You know. Nothing does often yeah they're. They're like you know what they're doing this because it's a kind of a curious thing it's like if you were present like would you be interested in saying getting more into reinvestigating the J._F._k. Assassination area fifty one or any that'd that'd be wondering if this is one of the many reasons I can't be president because I would take office and out immediately. Try to find out the answers to eight things that have always bothered me. I'd be like a just just can you just show me how the J._F._k. Steph can you show me the stuff. Nobody seed the stuff that can't be released to does twenty-five at the desk by by Monday and <hes> just the actual video of of the first five moon missions. I JUST WANNA look at it shoot. Just excuse me give me a gander. Someone check it out. Let's see the unedited met the director's cut. I'd WanNa see all that stuff but that's why I can't be president the bridge the real president should have should be China. You know go through his agenda. <hes> we the ability data videotape everything thing immediately so the whole thing with you have ots was it was always somebody grabbed their camera at the last second and there's something up there. They were able to get like a terrible video Jio camera footage of it but now it's two thousand nineteen we live in a world where Rafael Devers is up at bat bases loaded and every person the ballpark is videotaping taping it. Wouldn't you think like the number of available cameras the number of times people are just shooting things with their camera which I would say has increased by. What a Billion Times what it was twenty five years ago wouldn't it wouldn't the number of of accidental dental U._F._O? Sightings have also increased proportionally. Wouldn't we be getting one every six weeks. They actually have apparently like a particularly literally within in in Russia and Europe. It's much more common to have those dashboard cameras yeah. They have a lot of people have dashboard cameras and that seems to be where a lot of this is coming from there there I mean I think there has been uptick in this. <hes> I don't know if it is commensurate with the number of people who are now kind of random thing with their camera but <hes> I in general there does seem to be <hes> a more of a willingness for kind of credible military and political leaders to want to have this conversation you don't and we because they've always always sort of worked from this interesting premise mathematically. It's almost a guarantee that life exists in the universe outside of US ran like like the math demands that that'd be the case <hes> if if there aren't that's the best argument for God possible that that that this would somehow only happened once in this place however while conceding that the math says there must be aliens. The idea is like well but you know we'll never reach them. They'll never ever reach US spaces and then so it's like who knows the distance is kind of interesting to have both of those thoughts at the same time I mean if you accept that within infinity everything that can happen will happen. There's actually a lot of opportunity for life to space so wh Whoa why why is it so unthinkable that that there would be cultures could travel at a much higher rate of speed and we can't like our understanding of science it could be very primitive to some of the world I mean these are all obvious that people said a million times but <hes> I I would be surprised if in my lifetime contact is made with aliens but I think there are other things that was surprised me more I just looked over and Efi Kyle and if there was a giant bowl right now that he could just just smoke from that monologue you just had he was like it was the only thing he was missing. Here's A. Yeah he was Israeli into it. <hes> I think it's interesting how many people care about aliens vs how it's dispersed in popular culture because you know think about there's that famous will Smith story where he wanted to be. The biggest star in the world that he looked at the box office and realized like five of the top top nine movies were alien movies and was I just I need start make alien movies and just that became a critter active and it is true. If you look at the biggest movies of Wa time it's basically aliens and superheroes so people do care about this stuff and we do have the technology <hes> that would be able to capture any any weird event but they always seem to be happening in Russia at these countries. That aren't here the area fifty one thing. It seems like people are now trying to force forced this to happen there for their forcing alien encounter they they want to manufacture it themselves because they've been dissatisfied that they haven't had that <hes> MME and avid so. I don't know that'd be well it. It is a it is an odd thing when I was in college. I I took a class on you got a U._F._O. Class by a guy named John South Indian studies program. I guess it'd be native American Studies Program now he he was a big Guy Vulva civil rights maker ever she all these things <hes> he was very political but he also was very insistent that he had been contacted by alien early in his life and we had this so he was a two credit class weirdly in the Indian studies program about but <hes> if we talked about all the different kinds of encounters Yali. I'll never forget this like for kids so much stuff. I learned in college but I remember this is like he was describing like <hes> like things that were different about him after the U._F._O. Contact his argument was that you contact the most open minded people that that's that they're that they're that they're very good. They're not here to hurt us. They're slowly contacting the most open minded people you know to teach you SORTA. Kinda come cars fighting so he had three things that happened immediately after he was contacted by the deleon one was that no longer heading died it was completely at ease all the time wow all anxiety he had ever had gone the second one was that he had never been able to grow a beard but now had shaved every day it could grow a beard in a week if if you try if he's like he's never been able to grow a beard now after the encounter but the third one was always the strangest one prior to contract he said he hated peas but now was revenue forth any opportunity to eat A._p.'s he would although growing up he despised them either three speed of the three things that happened. Apparently if you play your phone so it's almost like when somebody when your wife is pregnant and they have like a craving for boneless chicken wings or something I think he is a craving for the rest of his life but then you know come from pods right so we have to talk about U._F._O. pod people correct so maybe the FO sees the peace on earth is like the closest extension of who they are and therefore they have some kind of kind of metaphysical connection with apiece 'cause they kept and therefore if you meet these aliens and you exchanged ideas and you change promotion you will then WanNa consume. You know the Alien Life Force. which is the Common Pete Amazing? Let's take one more break. We'll more break to talk about Mizzen and main pain. Have you ever worn a dress shirt. That subconsciously reminded you of a straightjacket. 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It's never felt better to look your best all right last topic then we're GONNA go deep. I texted you. A bunch of possible. Topics I talk about in one is that's. Why can't we find a presidential candidate that everybody gets excited about it and is that even is that even possible anymore in two thousand nineteen and if it was possible? What would that candidate look like oh I misunderstood? I thought you were saying like I'm looking at these candidates and like they also be bad because I will. I gotta say I've been pleasantly surprised by the candidate. Let me like I don't know it's been a long time since I have like a candidate as much as I compete but again I just I think he's I I think he's a real thoughtful person and <hes> you know and and like even in the debate last night I mean there's another one tonight but the one from Tuesday when but one sanders we're talking about the idea of trade how like if you give businesses the opportunity community to to build a factory in Vietnam to save five cents. They're going to do it every time. We almost have to create legislation to stop doing that. The other cat is we're sort of like well. That's a physical trait is like gotta be able to trade with them allies. I thought it was I I've been for the most part. Maybe I don't know I I I. They had the kind of found a lot of these individuals more competent than I would have guessed yeah so you're comparing them to years past just like even forty competence watch I watched all the Republican debate when trump was running and and these debates are so different. I mean like they're they're. The people are so different. You know I mean he's still get some stupid stuff. You get like Oh people arguing over what's really patriotic Adriatic like he is this patriotic this action patriotic. It's like the difference between patriotism and nationalism semantic patriotic stupid okay. There's no reason to love a place more because you happen to have been born there. That's just going to have rational sort of reaction so don't try to build into your policy about like what you know. What's the most patriotic thing like you are? Human Rights. Patriotic is the economy patriotic. It's like that's dumb. You still get some of that sometimes <hes> <music> but in general I find the sort of the the discourse pretty good like <hes> like pretty interesting wow we it will so going back to my the the question. Do you think will ever have a candidate again that people remember you know finally years later for whatever reason it could be republican or Democrat because I think you know I think Reagan is somebody that whether you want to pick apart part how his eight years went and especially the last couple I think with somebody that most people liked and just for like I like the guy and is that even even possible to have anymore. I mean it's Kinda to question. Is it possible to have a candidate that people in the E._E._O. In retrospect will look back at Bodley. Absolutely I mean look at the way people perceive George W Bush you know that you can go back and read village voice from like two thousand three or two thousand six and the language they used scribes Bush is identical to the language now you describe trump search and replace Bush and trump would not know the cover of the village voice where Bush was the vampire biting the neck of the Statue of Liberty then with the cover of the village voice but now it's it's like he's a painter and he's not bad at it and he gives you know Obama's wife a Mentos at the state funeral and doing interesting Kinda reasonable and you could speak Spanish edition like that's already happened. I think for the most part Bill Clinton being the example because of how culture has changed in terms the sexual politics for the most part you know anyone who wins the presidency as time passes tends to kind of be beloved. I mean Jimmy Carter one of the worst presence of the twentieth century in terms of how much success he had as brandon but he's got a great post-presidential beard people working now now if you're asking could there be a candidate in the present tense who is below as he or she run no way I mean partially partially because the system is set up against like how could there be. Someone like like you know. Even like Obama was pretty popular popular president. I think he's reputation is is about as good as one could hope having been you know away from that job for less and years or whatever but he was in no way of beloved candidates I mean there. was you know he was criticized in the same degree. Anybody else's so like I'm not sure if you look at somebody like okay Marianne Williamson okay she after the debate last night I which I had to kind of see on tape than this one it was live but I was looking at twitter and and checking my twitter feed. She won the debate okay. It's like if I if you use my twitter feed as an example of the world it's like Elizabeth Warren already president evident and now Marianne Williamson has died president or whatever you know so she like she seems like a cult of personality around her that that the it's it's the people are just terrific charmed buyer and they're like well like her ironically. Do I like your seriously <hes> of course not a serious candidate but I think that she's he's pretty close to being widely right candidate well. It's funny how as the years pass when somebody's not in the spotlight position that they are in then we like the George W Bush things a great example this happens with N._B._A. Players right did this happens <music> with this can happen with Chris Webber this could happen. It's happened with Vince Carter this could happen with we saw Kobe Bryant the last few years and how the people just choose to remember either what's happened lately or how what their feelings were near the end of the career and the throw away all the other stuff and then this this alternate universe happens about how this player how their career went versus would actually happen in the career first of all. I commend you for always being being able to bring it back. I listen I know my basis chuck. It's SORTA like iomega basis. Well I know but it's it really interesting thing. It's like your ability to see the world the Lens of basketball validates the success of your basketball is how you understand life like I would. I think that the reason that you only had two kids instead of three. I would've thought it was your choice because you're like we have three. You can only play zone all right now. You're getting carried away. No I think basketball is the only sport where an especially now just distract well well. Maybe maybe that's maybe that's a book now. I think the personalities are so powerful that sometimes the career takes a different form form. I don't know if this happens with other like in baseball. You're just trapped by the stats right where whatever whatever ends up being your legacy is is the stats stats not whatever however feel felt then versus now and then football you know their careers are so short and eat eat out. Joe Montana was great. I don't feel any differently about that. Thirty years later twenty five years later than it did in the moment but in in basketball for for some reason it can really shift and the one person that has shifted for for whatever reason is Carmelo Anthony. There's like this really that I think I find very bizarre. It is but I mean he's still going to try to play this year right. I think it's over but well you. Don't I mean I I. I've been watching him work out. He was pretty good working out in the empty Jim but <hes> I would think somebody would say well. You know the thing that was it. I think it was Chunky billups. There's Chauncey billups. He said something oddly candid about Carmelo Anthony which was like he was just she. It was too interested in getting thirty points. Yeah and it's like it's something everybody knows but it was really surprising to hear teammates say that right because I feel like and a lot of ways like they feel like the like you know the the the lock is is shut on my teammates like I'm never gonNa say these things until like we're really old old people so that was pricing. I mean but now so let's say is ten years from now. Okay so come out of the League for for eleven years or whatever yeah I can certainly see whatever version of us who's kindly in their twenties or whatever you know. They're running earning their. I don't know podcast will exist or whatever will be and they'll say like. Do you remember how everybody was just like. Camello is terrible and then let's call up his his numbers. Oh my God look at all these. I could see that changing we sent I think sooner than ten years I think it'll I think it'd <music> when he retires. I think there will be immediate shift and pupil back. Hey you know what Carmelo Anthony actually was really great and it'll totally shit for him but for some some reason because he's still trying to play. There's I'm just amazed by how much shady takes 'cause you know. He came within two wins of making the finals in Oh nine a. and the two thousand thirteen next really good. I think he was the number two M._V._p. Pick one year wasn't like people make it seem like he was well but the overrated eh died the analytics guys hate him and that's a bad group to have turn on you because you can't defend the guy like if the analytics as people say like Carmelo was actually fraction of is good as Tobias Harris or whatever the case may be. You know <hes> any argument you use to sort if you spend that they'll just say like what you're not a rational person that you don't you don't care about evidence you just you. All you care about you. Can't he has some good analytic years though that's the thing it's that's why I feel like it's irrational. You did make me think of these. You're talking about that. If if we had add in analytics like we do sports it's for politicians and people were being like look. Jimmy Carter's wore was way higher than people realize and seventy eight he had incredible here. Where did this this that the other thing 'cause? It's either the perception of how somebody did as Carter was I thought when I was really he ended his stuff when I was a political science major in college all that stuff Carter was I thought the most riveting president to study after the fact because he was the one guy <hes> that would end of that presidency with real ideals and tried to accomplish salmon just got demolished and he it's a really good case study for everybody that came before for an after but I'm sure there's some at some version of politics advanced metrics that could be that could make a case that he was better president than we thought well. You know no actually I would say that they're probably be version of that any bad because his own analytic only seemed to work in sports. They don't even work that well impolitic in terms of polling they end up giving us the state of giving us like a specific scent of something that we already we sort of agreed on our own like sports has the most at yeah time you see these things like let's try to do look pretty use analytics for the Oscars or like. Let's let's try to use analytics to like understand like Oh. I don't know what the <hes> like. What what's the best way to do anything that is not that beige that we don't have number yeah you know like okay so Carter? One time went on television and it was was Kinda during the oil crisis and he like look into the camera and he was like everyone should wear a sweater. Turn your thermostat down where sweater right okay okay so now that is an attempt to sort of human is a real issue but he did it did not come across well. You know so it's like how do you how Oh you somehow quantify the fact that when Nixon talks about his dog people love it and when Carter talks about sweater people think it's crazy or like when Carter order says I was on a boat I got attacked by a giant wing ravage okay like I bet that did happen to him. Why would he make that up but people are like the president the tech giant women are avid like not very presidential or whatever like I'd hoped wait a measure the things that we act us to understand these people like like there's no analytic that would describe why Williamson did well on the debate last night you know how like with <hes> like basketball or baseball father able to put whatever was going on in the era and then adjust the stats that way so like in basketball they have like the pace of possession baseball drinking do it? It'd be funny funny via do that with politics seemed like well actually Carter few look at the late seventies like yet the the oil and Iran and you had you had a ton Hanako Cain like he had a lot of obstacles so we gotta factor that in his case of possession for versus Regan comes in the eighties. Everybody's happier <hes> yeah I I the Malays speech was the other that killed him. I mean that was that was that now when to have a president just stare in your T._v. And just be like you guys suck we gotta do better people are like no no this can't no you need to go. You have people you cannot do that. You cannot kill you cannot be honest people if the honesty means that like there's something sort of wrong with you inherently right right every hostage the hostage situation was bad because it made him seem real powerless and then the attempt to rescue them failed so then it was like bear not trying again Dan the fact that they released the hostages on the day Reagan is being inaugurated which was the same day as the Eagles and the raiders played in the Super Bowl so there was all this stuff going on and I like the fact that that it happened at the same time it just it it almost made it seem like a rant was basically saying like we we waited for him. Well they did like we waited for him to be president to release them just so you know it right him seemed like figure <hes> even though he really did all the work to get them release working twenty hours a day up until their release tough on Jimmy Carter Poor Guy <hes> all right so what what are your book tour stops on August sick next to today. I'm in Portland on the eighth <hes> I'm in Seattle and then the following Monday Sunday which I think is twelve and outside. I mean like Parma Ohio Cleveland Ohio the last three one yeah did you when you were on the last time you hadn't seen Chernobyl yet. I have seen it now and it was everything I told you it was going to be wasn't it was very very good. I mean I'll say this. I've never watched a dramatic theories like a non documentary where I learned so much as it turns out I oh I did not know how nuclear reactor worse right. I had no idea whatsoever <hes> I will say to somebody who's listening to this. This and they're like oh man. I've got the time for that if you watch the first episode and the last episode you get almost everything yeah. It's helpful. Oh Pogo Watch the whole thing but there's like a lot of expedition particularly in the last episode in the courtroom. That really explains a lot. I mean you'll you'll miss. It's like the personal relationships or whatever <hes> but it was very good you know nick did never go watch it. I watched the first episode knows it never I'm not I'm not out but I just want tough. It's tough to regain the momentum. I don't one criticism of it that I thought was real interesting. Somebody said that because they used all British actors actors yeah it really sort of you the way it was total because they say that depressed British people are very different than depressed rush the way people express express depression is very different than the way British to British people do <hes> i. That's kind of you know that kind of an interesting idea. I never know what accents somebody should have in a show like that. I don't know what is like a Russian accent. Excited British seems try why fantasy like why why why did he most fantasy involved people speaking vaguely British I mean and granted they had kings gettable stuff but game of thrones is not in England but everyone's Kinda great Bush. I loved her Novo though the last thing and then we'll go is just. Are you watching loudest voice or now. What did oh it's? It's it would be the most closer mini show of the year Chernobyl. Go ahead and come out. It's Russell Crowe playing Roger Ailes. Oh yeah you know I forgot. I didn't know what it was idle. I saw the trailer sport. I'll probably watch that oh I would probably watch that I would say it's in your wheelhouse way more than you realize it is because it's really a history of of <hes> Fox News and that how they put that channel together in the mindset behind it and how that channel channel of of through the air but also ensure me too stuff going on and its way out of that I've been watching this show years and years two years yeah <hes> and I have really enjoyed that Kinda melodramatic some of the storylines that crazy but like for people who are kind of interested in like a distill be around the guerin right very well done in that regard a lot of action in terms of Newt and we both watched a documentary. That should have been one part in being too. I love you now die which I th I found I found has been a real interesting reflection on somebody's relationship what they whether they think the girl was guilty or not or what should have happened to her. It's it's it can end up turning into like <hes> an argument between a couple because some people some people think yeah put her in jail. Other people think actually site she she shouldn't have been convicted and then there's the third party which is the correct answer. Which is my answer which is guilty by insanity? I don't know what happened to guilty by insanity sanity but she seemed like that should have been the verdict. Well okay for people who don't know we're talking about. There's a documentary about a case that I think have pretty reason twenty fifteen yeah where a girl at a relationship with a guy I mean I guess they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They'd only see time here but they texted constantly and and then he was suicidal and she supposedly convinced him to commit suicide. <hes> you know it was the two part documentary like you watch. That's the first part is like she's obviously guilty and you watch the second part is just like Oh. Maybe she's innocent. It was like it was really wasn't very directly. There's about what really happened also. She doesn't talk in this documentary right. I guess you know I can understand why this is probably kind of an arrogant thing to say but I feel like if if I talk to you for twenty minutes but no I think it would be real telling what how what she likes person you know yeah. <hes> insanity is odd because what you're kind of arguing is in a way is that being in Highschool makes you insane that that instead of a high school we'll kid the then a normal school kid is kind of insane by standard and that might be true. I don't know you know I thought I thought her behavior was way was way past the normal level behavior and they had a lot of stuff in there that you know she's pretty off the rails and their relationship was off the rails and and and the the poor kid who ended up killing himself you e- would he had a lot of stuff going on and it was just like a toxic batch and well I. I don't know like I I I have found that as I talked when I talk to people about it. I am surprised by how many women I've talked to a lot of impetus border and said like that that's not thus far removed from the experience of being like a female in high school or whatever the the way that that you know the importance silence of your friendships and and also like the idea of gene things on television and sort of adopting it as your own narrative like I i. I didn't feel that way but I I've. I've been surprised by how many people I've talked. You have expressed that was he was basically he convinced she was one of the characters from Glee that that to me. That's like the insanity defense is we've been really helped with that information but no I don't think he was convinced eventually the character frankly I think she longed to have the life that she saw on a television. Well yes that yeah that when it's when a person is an adult that's weird when they're fourteen. I don't know I don't know what you like. I you have a better sense that you have a daughter. Maybe like like you know your daughter. Watch it. I I can have her. I wish it was an hour shorter but <hes> yeah I'd actually that's not a bad idea. It's pretty it's it's disturbing Manatt like super disturbing. I really want to watch them into. I saw you saw long. Talk with the girlfriend Alfred about it Joe did you did you disagree and whether she was guilty yeah yeah we kind of met in the middle but yeah see this is the thing about this documentary is I don't I haven't heard of a couple yet who agree completely on the on what they think. The verdict should have been. It's a good like we'll see what the thing is. It is a new problem yeah like that. It's not like it's not as though there's some version of that that happened we're in high school. There is none there is no version prior to this period of time where where people who only seen each other five times in two years could have that intimate of a relationship right. They wrote a letter every day. Yeah people used to do when their boyfriend or was in the army or whatever it's not like annual exit. It's just not like that you know and <hes> I I kinda pretty mixed about like in some ways. I feel that just having happened to her is almost enough of a penalty. I mean I mean she was in jail for what like a year and a half as this thing was going along and it seemed like and then they let her out they did the time serve thing and then the family rightfully hopefully was like what the fuck and then she ended up going back in but yeah I mean if she had she had no like she had no teenage experience. Really I mean you know it's it's like you're her current. The memory of Grad lessons is going to be completely negative. I guess it almost seems like enough to me but wasn't isn't a feel-good documentary <hes> but what is feel good is chuck. CUSHMAN's book tour co still go right now. Raise the captivity <hes> chuck a pleasure as always look for doing this against him. Thank you very much. Thanks to check thanks to Ziprecruiter. Don't forget to go to ziprecruiter dot com slash bs thanks to Voodoo will leading streaming APP elaborate over one hundred fifty thousand titles available to rent or buy like the critically acclaimed smash hit avengers endgame in over ten thousand dollars you can watch for free and they're ad-supported on demand service blockbusters indie films. Whatever you want no subscriptions or contracts quench the departed right now for free in August as as well as clerks Jerry Maguire fatal attraction wow had doodoo dot com slash Bill Simmons to sign up and start watching today V._U? Dot Com Slash Bill Simmons kamins. 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