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Round the ramp with let China Robinson. So one of my favorite parts of the final four is when college was rascal the WNBA gets to come together, and that's happening this weekend because see bird is in Tampa welcomes food to around the you've been here before you're like a, you know, thank goodness you came by. No, you could have easily skipped are low podcast. You just. I know. Well, they're not doing anything. They're not doing anything. What are you doing during your time in Tampa? I'm actually here on ESPN. And if people got to see when you come play, South Carolina a month or two ago, Asia Walston, and I were on the smack. Yup. Well, so it's not called smack talk. This time. It's basically called championship talk with myself and Diana. I think it's not called smacktalk. I think we're also doing like Baylor versus Oregon. It's not just your team against the other. Okay. Different twist. But it's essentially me we'll have a couple of different guests on a different points. And I think the five he'll is hopefully just as if you're with the couch watching the game, I'm already laughing. This is get right to be crazy. Now, you view wash a lot of basketball with Diana. What is what is she going to be like just give us a little preview of what she's going to be like out there? It's like. They should just call it a group chat because we've basically all have a little group chat that whenever you cons playing. We're just all over, you know, chatting saying, you know, outlandish though. Doing on air. The real no filter or you know, what I should say. There is a filter the NFL. Yeah. It's probably going to be a little while. It's gonna make you chuckle. It's probably going to make you think a little bit. But in the day, I think you'll be like she has a good point. Yeah. Well, I'll say this. I was surprised watching you because you know, when you think about sue bird. I think about strategy and analytics a little like worked up you had an energy about you know, that that broadcast with Asia Wilson, I enjoy it thoroughly like I actually turned off the main broadcast. I got to tell the way guys I did not hear any of that. I was listening to sue bird Asia. We'll say, but I love that. It's a it's a really relaxed way to listen to people talk about the game. And we'd need that around us sport. Like, I was so happy the other day after you know, one of the regional finals to see Rebecca lead on sportscenter. Like that never happens is usually the women's game is over boom. You know, then we'll go to the next thing. So to have space where there can be a casual conversation just kind of. Sitting at the ball with your friends the way you do. I think that's so cool. So humid about Yukon because I have some of my Yukon, friends, right? Who they know I work for you for ESPN. They may have known. I was at the selection Monday, but they text me and say a tooth pain. I may they are like I rave in the team has expressed the fact that yeah, they were surprised Lopez to were you surprised in. What do you think that what does that do for the teams mentality this weekend? I actually wasn't surprised. I never been in a committee meeting. I've no idea what goes on. But I was even around basketball. You I test they do some things here. And there that. Don't always make sense. But then sometimes do and I think it kept uconn in that Albany region. So to be a new seed in Albany, not have to fly yada, yada. I think that's I I was like, okay. Cool. Now, if they had a two seed in the west, then they'll wait a minute. Yes. Got totally totally screwed but to be in Albany region. I thought it was good. I think this is a team that nobody really expected to be here. So there's also an element of getting that to see that probably motivated them in a way that the one seed wouldn't have could argue that they're not in his fall or unless they got that. Yeah. The chip on your shoulder. I mean that seems yeah. Seems to be a big factor. What do you see in this team is kind of when they played well because I mean to your point I wasn't really necessarily surprised they gotta too because I've seen them vulnerable more often this season than I can remember. But when when you watch this team, what are they going to need to do that maybe have done consistently to beat Notre Dame? Before I think the only real answer have they got a ball out and ended up just like no way around it. It's not one specific thing. It's not the audio to the free throw line or they're not to stop their transition. Or what have you Holly wants Pacific thing? I think they just listened. They only play six players and four of the six or probably gonna have to have great games. Yeah. The end of the day. And yet they need to slow things down for Notre Dame a team that scores like a crapton of point. They're going to have to do that. But I don't know if they got it just have big aims and the lights are on. We'll see what happens I've seen coach Auriemma a few times this season in new looks a little perplexing. Sometimes, you know, first of all whenever you start to the the the interview with the. Oh, yeah. Whatever he does that you're already like, okay. And he's not in a good mood. But then he let the the beer grow in bed. I'm like is this team like stressing there, right? Like he is in handling like this team. And he's been you know, he's talked about he's like look players these days or differ. Like, how's he doing with? All this number two seed stuff going on. I have to say one thing about this guy. He usually knows what he's doing. It's like you may not understand what's happening at step wants to step three. But all of a sudden, you fast set tenure like, oh, that's why didn't that. So nothing really catches him off Garner's by surprise. But I think he's potentially seeing that this is gonna be different from other years. Yeah. You know, what earned has been? I should say different from other years. There's kind of this framework that he's just been out with a plug great players into. And we would national championships is what happened. You know? Obviously the team is deep is they they usually are had some injuries here 'learn deal with those. So it's just not going like the way it usually. Yes. And I think he finally to get to the final four probably just opened his mind a little bit like all, right? It's not going to be out usually, and I need to be a little bit more creative to I'm going to join a spot last question about Yukon. But. And it possible for things to be the way they used to be like when you when you look at the parody, and we'll his basketball, which is a good thing, you know, Oregon's here for the first time Baylor hasn't been here for a while which says a lot, you know, the players have stars that are coming up. Like is it possible really to expect Connecticut to dominate like you guys once did? Goes waves, regardless ready. You can look at this. So called you said and not domination. I did I did. And it. It started somewhat. When when I was there was there winning three zero. Then there was like a low. Background in the my more Tina Charles error. And there was a lull. Yes. Do we took it back up? So you know, listen this team got to the phone for. So clearly there's there's no lull, obviously, it makes me see if they win. But regardless it's weights. And so I don't think it's that ridiculous. Obviously coach CD the whole staff, they know like we're talking about the framework know what it is. And if they can just get their rooting back to to where it was a couple years ago. I don't see why can't be another big run. I don't know. They're all getting all those those. Say they did just sign a big recruit though. Yeah. Can you forward? It was he told us earlier in the, you know, the podcast. He was like, listen, I, you know, in terms of his staff movement. He was like we had to get younger misleading. We're not, you know, we're not hip to lie. The stuff that's going on. Oh, wow. Yeah. That he always looked like Fred Flintstone a little bit. You know, how he used to do? He was trying to go. You know? There was a time. I don't think we would have ever seen do that. But hey, you know, things are are tainting. So the conversation around the draft if she is that there's not a Brioni Stewart, obviously there's nine Elena della. Donna, there's not those players are gonna come in right away and have a major impact on any WNBA team, which gets harder every year with just how competitive the league is how great it is. But are there any players that stand out to you? As you've watched that. You're just impressed by or excited to see this weekend. So I think my first thought is is or anything. She's just fun to watch the game. We'll translate. But you're right. It's not there's not this like clear cut will used to the most recent clear cut this kid's coming in. She be an all star. She's gonna maybe of MVP within the first couple of years. Yeah. Have a huge impact on the team. There's not that. So my favorite would be Jackie young. And obviously, we don't hope she's come out yet. Yes. To me a player that like let's say she's going to be an all star anything like that. It's not about that. But she could come on team and have impact right away. Whereas I think if you're a star player and not the jungle invest Arner team. But you like but go on. The go-to on your WNBA team. So do you know how bit in otherwise? So I have one pick that would that would probably be my choice because I'm trying to like I'm also Seattle also position where we're trying to repeat we need that kind of play for you hundred percent. You know what he watches? Bless in this podcast because I mean what what seems to happen. And this was a trend that sometimes upsets me, right? Like when medium people vote for war or were keeping alley escape. We tend to give seniors in advantage. Right. It's like, oh what's her last year? And that person can get something next year. Or another thing we do like, we'll look at the numbers. Like, I'm a numbers person Ryan. So when I'm voting for my all American team. I'm looking at what you're shooting percentages. Like what else do you do besides score? Like, I'm looking at all that stuff. And So Jerry Yang was on my first team all American. She's the only Notre Dame player that was on my first team all American. But when you look at the numbers in how she played in big games, and our fishing see her consistency in how she just was like steady. I mean, look at what she did the other night against Stanford. I was like they just gave the ball Twitter byles to clear out like it. It doesn't make sense unless you're really paying attention at you know, basketball, so well, but I I'm curious to know, what are the qualities that you see in her specifically in her game that you think. Well, let me help. I mean, if you wanted to look at from number seven point anybody who can get a triple double d up at that saying just something about your ability. Yeah, right. Yes. We have to get specific. It's just you can fill up a statute me. It actually is to do it numbers. The reason why Liker she's playing with some some really good players on some players that we're going to have the ball are going to shoot the ball. She surrounded by talent. And she knows how to fit into that. And that is a quality that not many people possess. It's it sounds simple. And it's not like I was saying when you're the go-to in the ball's in your hand all the time. It's it's okay. Not easy. But you're probably gonna play. Well, give it right? The play. Well, but the player that doesn't have a lot of plays run for that isn't the focal point of the offense for for player like that. And that to me is Jackie except one of the Balkan. Right. Yeah. For the most part, you know, she's maybe not the number one number two option. Yeah. She's still able to fit in and be very very productive. And. Helps her team win. That's that to me is where she could separate yourself bigtime. Apparently, very interesting. So last question about the draft. I'll move on I feel like size strength, athleticism matters, right? Like, even more. So now than it ever. Did is that is great of the separator is I feel like, obviously, if you're sue bird and your athletic, AM, smart, and you know, all that stuff. And you know, you got it all. Disobeys? But like seriously is that is big of a separator because you hear things like whether it's Sabrina UNESCO. When people not knowing if she is athlete enough, and that will translate like, isn't it really? I think the big separator. But you know, I mean, you can overcome it other qualities. Yeah. Right. So the are smart, you're you're able to kind of get around things by using your head set, a graph classes. I mean, honestly, but I've leaving my career like avatar because you're gonna lose a stuff. Yeah. But can you kind of get her either high that were find ways around it? So I think it's tough because the league is so athletic that if you keep up in that way, I mean, sometimes it doesn't matter. How smart you are? If you keep up to some extent, you're gonna really struggle because that is just where it's trending it. Just this seems like just the speed. And quickness is like I was looking at some of the post players in the college level, and unlike boy, you're going to have to come out of that pick and roll little faster leg bigger, you know, the foot work. Favorite thing about the WNBA is like it's literally blood in the water the minute or rookie gets in that league. They might you know, if if they're good and they got like something to their game. They might do some of that in that first one I'm onto we all know what you're going to do. Like, I don't know. Whether you want kalani Brown. Those little chicken the game Berea out. Yup. Pigging roll. Here. We go. Yes. We score. Do it again if we score keep doing it. And that's like like, I said blood in the water, we will find the w bay find your weakness and exploits the hell out of it. Yeah. And that's just how it is. Yeah. So it can be tough. Again. You can't keep up. It can be tough gray coaching Ray players. Okay. Last question. I'll let you pick. I'll let you pick which one you would want to give me a thoughts on. So we saw with soccer did recently. Yes. If there's partner privilege here, then you know. I don't know what that is. Like, you know, you don't have to speak on something. If your significant other is involved, but the whole Luna bar deal is interesting. You know, and I'm curious your thoughts on whether something like that could emerge for the WNBA. The next option is CBA. Are you encouraged about where things are moving are headed for which you know, your third option is. Yeah, you you hit all our Theresa Levy talk. We got some time. But. But yes, but the the last thing would be this WNBA president searched that is still ongoing. So what do you wanna go soon? But. Three. Okay. Okay. And they haven't. We're that the union will be included in the talks. But they're just not at that point. Yet would he's obviously interesting with the draft coming up. I know. Yeah. Do you know what you wanna see in that position though? I don't you know, it's like a hot sure part of the things like we should some totally different name stern toward that. Thing. You know, do you want somebody or business year? We're basketball basketball business. So I don't seventy two to share. Okay. Not cross that off the list. Number two yarn. Perched very good. We've just started the process with the lead like actually sitting across the table from them. So we have a year to do that. So a lot like you got time. So I think we all we also did about it. And then oh, yeah, lavar. So I mean, obviously, it's amazing for them to step up and do that I know men in her teammates are like beyond thankful so excited about it. It's always great to partner with a company that's helping push things forward as it pertains to us and without ever happen on the WBZ side. I do think this is an assumption. That meghan. I'd you talk about I do think there's like a factor that needs to be talked about. And it's US soccer is one and we're MBA or two separate Korea. The NBA does old part of us. And there are like a lot of like gray area blurry line. But for you a soccer to pay them in one thing and not the woman another that's like that is an equal pay. Correct. Ours is it are very different rela people like kind of like to compare them. It's harder for for the eight people to explain that's not the same like, we're owned business. We don't just because the NBA. It doesn't mean we get it. And that's another thing. I'm just going to address this while we're here. Yes. Like set it on the table about equal pay equal opportunity lease gentlemen. We are not saying we should get paid the same as the NBA. Thank you. So thank you. I mean, drives me. Yes. To hear it. It's ridiculous. It's not worth saying you can invest in us the same right? When he's can give us the same opportunities to have commercials and be marketed and things of that nature topic. But anyways, but so talk amazing if a company would look on the other side. Yeah. Sponsorship of right now that makes sense. They would be almost like USA basketball treating treating them in the women you guys differently. And they don't do that. Right. Which is different. And that that's not. That's the right. That's not their professor which. Yeah. The game. In terms of treating us soccer is just kind of getting their obviously now with the help of Luna bar, which is interesting. That'd be goes a little bar. Yeah. But that that I think sometimes because to us US soccer is like women's soccer is like the WNBA like for us because they're professional women's league is not as popular, you know. That's not what we know. As the pro. I mean, I I'm just saying it's a casual viewer. I watched all the time now the negative and for is. But you know, so I think that was the first thought for most people it was like, oh, okay. So we can do this. And I'm like, no, that's USA basketball. And this is a pro, you know, structure were it'd be I sell, but thank you for sending record straight on that too. Because people keep saying, oh, they want to get paid to say. Like, it's not the same. Yeah. Like get educated on it. Phone investment Sandpoint. That's where the inequality really. Yes. Which it starts? And that's what they're that's the point that they're missing thing. Queasy frustrating. But we set the record straight of around slam Ripley shit, you stopping by talking to you. I could do this. You know, we we can hang out and talk. All right. Thank you. Thank you for listening to around the rip checkout more podcasts from ESPN on the ESPN. 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