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The Best Sleep Hack to Drastically Improve Every Area of Life


welcome to a healthy bite. Your one nibble closer to a more satisfying way of life a healthier you and bite size. Bits of Lt motivation. Now let's dig in on the dish with Rebecca. Huff do day we. We are talking about sleep packs and before we get into this episode. I want to let you know that we are doing and give away. We will be giving away one and me chilly pad sleep system and I will give you the details at the end of this very short episode. So make sure you listen all the way to the end. I don't spend all night tossing and turning you know you spend a third of your life. Embed so let us help you make that time. Count whether you're going for gold climbing the corporate ladder or chasing toddlers. You won't reach your peak performance if you haven't slept well like I had to tell you that but don't worry we have a solution since getting a night of deep sleep is certainly not getting easier. Let's take a look at some sleep packs that will help purpose solve the problem. Did you know that your sleep temperature is more important than the number of hours. You sleep at bedtime. A sleep switch occurs that releases melatonin. That prepares you for sleep during this time. Your heart rate will decrease your brainwaves abate in your muscles relax. The first half of the night is super important. Deep Sleep occurs during this period and is known as Delta sleep during the sleep period everything drops further heart rate breathing blood pressure muscle activity and I and body temperature. Deep Sleep occurs right before the body drops to its lowest point temperature-wise. This stage of sleep is deeply Lee Meditative and dream free. During the last part of the night the body begins to warm up and come out of the core body temperature. Face warming is part of the waking up process. Some people may struggle to wake up during the stage and when using a traditional alarm arm. They can feel groggy and confused due to a disruption and sleep no-brainer. I know but that groggy and confused state is why. Hey we need to get into a deep sleep. There's a lot going on during the deep sleep stage and all of it is beneficial. If you've ever had a rough night of tossing interning or experienced insomnia you know affects cognitive performance especially for your short and long term memory. As well as your brain's ability the absorb new information since glucose metabolism escalates during deep. Sleep it strengthens. Your memory and overall learning capability other benefits of deep sleep include cell regeneration increased blood flow to muscles a stronger. Immune System Energy Renewal Development growth and repair of tissues and bones. That's why our favorite sleep hack is temperature related in fact you can trigger your brain into fall asleep ninety eight percent faster. Did you know that sleeping. In colder temperatures also promotes weight loss. Researchers kept sleeping rooms at a neutral seventy five degrees for the first month and then in the following month reduced temperatures to sixty six degrees for the third month the temperatures were returned to the neutral seventy five degrees before being increased to a warm eighty one degrees for the final month following each month during the study the amount of brown fat was measured. The results were that the colder temperatures noticeably changed changed the participants bodies after the month of sleeping at the colder sixty six degree temperatures volumes of good or brown fat had almost doubled. They had indeed lost belly fat from sleeping cold and they're asleep packs for better health. If you're sick looking tired of being sick and tired we get it and we're here to tell you. Health starts with a good night's sleep getting more deep. Sleep is is essential for your long term health so you should be taking every measure possible to ensure you're getting it consistently wellness isn't all all about having the perfect diet or the best trainers it's also about recovering and adding to your overall health with sufficient quality quality. Sleep better sleep. Can dramatically improve your quality of life. Staying cool during sleep helps you. Stay Asleep and also boosts your restorative sleep by double. That's why temperature control is vitally important to your sleep. When our body can't efficiently shed heat. We struggle to get to sleep. Any mechanical engineer will tell you that efficient heat exchange occurs when there is a significant difference in temperature between two elements. A cooler bed. Greatly helps the warm body. Shed its heat. The quicker the body can shed heat the quicker. It can get to sleep the faster it gets to sleep the faster. The sleep cycle kicks in the sooner. The sleep cycle kicks in the sooner. The body can begin the natural process of repairing cellular structures making sense of the brain's memory of events and preparing the body to power or through the next day one terribly inefficient and expensive and not so environmentally friendly way to make the bed. Cooler is to you cool. The Room temperature a superior solution is to simply lower the temperature just of the bed. We believe in the power of temperature control sleep so much. We want you to experience it as well and that's why we are giving away one me chilly pad sleep system. You can find details for how you can enter for a chance to win this giveaway. I going to and that organic mom dot com forward slash. Sleep Sleep Dash Hack and if you have any trouble finding that just simply go to that. Organic Mom Dot Com and you'll find the episode by clicking on the Sleep Tab where you'll find lots of other articles all about sleep you can also find details tennis giveaway on all social media including instagram facebook. Twitter for listening. Thanks for listening please. Rate and review so other people can learn about this. PODCAST is to find out more about sleep. Hygiene eating healthy tasty recipes. Zero waste lifestyle and lots more on that organic mom dot com helps spread the word be blessed and stay healthy

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