Georges Niang Interview: Rudy Gobert, COVID-19 & Utah Jazz


All right We'll just we'll run the gamut. We'll have some fun. Go like forty five. George yes go with me. You got nothing to do so but eat as a stopping me from meeting. That's probably good for my career. Take TO LEGENDS IN BASKETBALL WITH OVER SEVENTY years combined experience. This is the Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman podcast. Nba Some college everything. You know looking to say what happened here when I was okay with it because it wasn't about talent I didn't take our let. Let's get right to it right now. Please welcome into the Ryan Goodman podcast. None other than the local boy who has not had a haircut in a while and we can't really him George Neon you need somebody to take care that mop on the top of your head man You know with my Iowa state education. They didn't have me pick up any clippers. Learn how to trying to practice social distancing jeff so just bear with me. I didn't feel like I'd have to impress you with my looks so I read the other day George an I don't ever try the bowl ahead trick. It doesn't work just in case you ever get a whim or someone tries to sell you on it. Don't do it that's all. I'm telling you wait that. Just don't do it okay. Vice right there well. It's a nice nice to get together with you here. And but you were a present at the creation George much wealth and you were there. We wondered if you can. You know if you don't mind walk through. I mean from the whole thing. What was it like that goes through that night and and take it from there You know as you know. We didn't know much or we don't know we didn't know what we know now Back when all this occurred I mean obviously it was looked at. You know as some virus that you know didn't personally affect any of us so we didn't know how to take it Obviously you know we. It was a normal trip. You know we just played Toronto the night before the next day we flew down to Oklahoma City. And you know Rudy had a cold that you would think anybody would have you know and nobody thought anything of IT and But obviously the training staff had gone in and said hey you just for cautionary reasons. We're GONNA have you tested for Corona Virus So the next morning we wake up shoot around no rudy And then we kinda hear rumors of that. He tested negative for the flu and different things like that and I didn't think anything of it. I was like oh I just must be a common cold that nobody can really test. For and Jordan Clarkson had called me he was like Nah. If he's not testing positive for those I I think he has it. And I'm like anybody who knows Jordan Clarkson and you're like all right Jordan Light. Whatever don't you're not sell to me on a bunch of knives and everything continues to be normal. We get to the arena. You know. Obviously we had been warned by our coaching staff. You know The organization you know. Try not to shake hands. Try to wash your hands hand sanitizer so we get author that everything's a little different when it comes to that and then when we get on the court you know everything's Dohrmann lineup. Get there and then you see guys in suits running out our as the guy starting to get on the court for the tip all and that's when I started to realize that I thought to myself as Oklahoma City saying they don't want to play ask because we could potentially have someone that has corona virus. And I kind of made it like a the thunder really going to be this petty and not played this game because it was a big game it was the four five game and if they beat us they move into fourth place. And if we don't play each other than you know knows what could happen. So that's what I was initially thinking. Then they send us back to the locker room and I was like I never happened in the game of basketball for me so I knew this. Could it be good so then you know guys are at a Davis as grabbed on our trainer. Like what the heck is going on. We get in there. Quinta merely walks in and tells us you know Rudy has corona virus. And that's when mayhem started. I mean all going off you know. Tv's in the locker room. They're telling us we need to wear masks. We need to wear gloves. And then I'm sitting next Savoy on Bogdonovich and he's looking at me. I'm looking ahead like the you have it. I stay away like you're to close to six feet thing. It was kind of like being trapped in your own mind stuck in that locker room for six hours. People were saying. We're GONNA get your Joe Hotel to get you tested but we know between us like what hotel is GonNa Take Fifty. Three potential corona virus Havers or or host. Just stay at their hotel. Nobody's GonNa do that so we couldn't get a hotel We didn't know what was going to happen next. We didn't know if we could even get that many tests to even let us You know get out or be able to go home. We didn't know if we're GONNA fly home. Guys were guys that have the money. Were calling private jet companies. Be Like Hey can I get dropped off at the airport so I can fly home because of us were thinking you know? I'd much rather be at home going through this than stuck in the city. No offense to the Oklahoma is out there. But that wasn't her first choice. We then get tested. Leave the arena to in the morning. I want to say it was a residence in that had taken us. They were empty in the funniest thing about this is. I don't even know if I should be saying this but the lady at the front desk 'cause we're all sitting in the lobby because we were thinking about the other night you spent six hours of somebody like shoot if I have it. You probably have it. But how are we going to get through this dog? It's anybody else and we athlete. 'cause we were wearing masks like do you know what we're in here for? She's Agai you know. I mean if I get it I'll be alright and I was like Dang like what what what the heck is going on so we ended up getting results at ten in the morning. And obviously we knew rudy at had it and we're all in a group chat and all of us were texting like. Yeah like I'm good. I'm good like once. I got the phone call. Obviously Donovan had told us. Yeah guys you know I track the virus I'm just going to remove myself and just try to cope with this and deal with this and I will touch base with you guys when I know more of what's going on and that was kind of like the sad moment of the trip you know. Obviously it was upsetting. That Rudy. Had it but we were hoping that nobody else would have it. And that's kind of the story of the whole night. You know we flew back we finally got some Delta flight attendants who have been amazing. They've done I chipped before but just to come get us and bring us back to Salt Lake and then I was stuck in my You know fourteen days People would deliver groceries Give him a skirt a hand sanitizer. I didn't even have to tip about when you guys heard that. Before with the media. You know with the microphones and your reaction was Well here's a tough thing is is people who know rudy no rudy right and how much of a perfect storm was that. He got corona virus and he had happened to touch Mike like I said before. Nobody knew how serious it was right. Nobody had no we. We've seen a bowl. We've seen SARS h one n one that has never personally affected any of us to be quite frank with you so I think you know what Rudy was doing. He's a jokester he's you know he's a prankster and was just trying to show you know. Listen this is getting blown out of proportion and I you know and come to find out it was something that wasn't and I feel bad for Rudy because there is not one malicious bone in Rudy's body and the way it came off for people that don't understand rudy thought of it like that and slandered his name and thought that he was being irresponsible where it may have looked irresponsible but his intentions weren't to be irresponsible. Everybody has those joking matters that you know you kind of wish wouldn't be put out in the public. A once. He had it in. Everything started shutting down like sports. Everybody wanted someone to blame rudy. Just happened to be the easiest person to blame. There's really regretted. Yeah I've talked to him and he completely regrets. That does that make him a bad person. No but we make mistakes in life and his just happened to be in front of the whole world is unfortunately going to be associated with this for a long time. That's just the way it is Good Sidetrack it's basketball. For seconds ago do Rudy. A the is continually grown in stature. This league With with shot-blocking banning particularly You've seen him for three years. What kind of progress of in game as a basketball player? Yeah You know Rudy Gobert. I will tell you this is probably you know. I'll tell you the story. He's probably one of the most competitive human beings I've ever been around Rudy is not the most coordinated right. We're not will cost a spade a spade right so you're the one to talk exactly overweight and uncoordinated. Jeff that's why they keep me around. I tell the good jokes But so rudy had just got a ping pong table. Putting his facility was the first year I was here and we are in training camp and he was like. Hey do you want to come over and play Ping Pong? And I'm like sure like do you know how to play Ping Pong Rudy? Your hand probably doesn't fit with the paddle and he's like no. I just been learning so I get over there and I mean like I'm waxing. It's like six games two zero one more on like Rudy. I'm going home. This isn't this isn't worth my time to sit here and play you. And so every day. After that we after practice he'd text me the emojis. The young kids do a paddle and pink. Calm and like question mark and I'd be like no like because in my mind I'm thinking how good could you one day and the next day paddle with the pink palm no rudy? I'm not coming finally on the fifth day. I said you know what fine. I'll meet you over there so we get over there and this guy beats me like four games to one and I'm like you'll like how did you get like so good. And he was like to be honest with you. I was so pissed that you beat me. Six Games zero that I made my TV cable guy play me after he set up the cable in my house. He's like we were there for three hours. And after that he pulled the table up and just started going back and forth back and forth and that kind of resonates because Rudy came over. You know here. He was drafted in. Kanter was ahead of a derrick. Favors was here also. So it wasn't like he was put into a role where he was just able to have the whole franchise which that he has now and it just showed me that this guy is going to go to extreme lengths when it comes to ping pong that he just picked up. Imagine what he's GonNa do for basketball and develop into the player that he needs to be dominant. I mean I don't know if we've ever seen someone as dominant on the defensive event. Obviously you guys have had a lot more time to see players in a different day ages. But I've seen guys literally dribble the ball and the paint in turn rate around. Go to the three point. Line and teams really are afraid to score. The paint against is when they usually beat us. It usually over the top. Or you know Rudy didn't have a great game protecting the rim and just think his impact on the defensive. End Any improvements. He's made offensively and he's only twenty six. I mean imagine how much better he's going to get with how competitive is grown tremendous and I think that's a tribute to his character in how bad he wants to be great. He's already wanted to defensive player of the year. I see three possibly four more with just his natural ability with currently no NBA NHL or Major League Baseball. You might think there's nothing about on. Well you'd be wrong. Bet ONLINE STILL. Hundreds of places to wager from their online casino to poker and Blackjack all open twenty four hours a day and all online. Sports aren't totally done. There's still mix martial arts golf E. Sports XFL and many more so if you're in entertainment you can still get an American idol. The elections a spelling bee. And even the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Be Sure. Use the Promo code seal on US fifty to receive your fifty percent. Welcome bonus and your first deposit Bet Online. Your full access wagering solution. Now Listen George. Let's put it into perspective here from somebody that has Beaten pretty badly I mean Talia here beat the living crap out of you last time you were over here and Ping Pong. I think I was under the weather. The Levinger Twenty one. You're not supposed to say these things I thought you're on my side. Dad Can't get you anywhere it's OK secrets. Come out. Well the the. The story is years ago when she was a sixth grade going into sixth grade fifth grade. I said if you ever beat me a ping pong at your cell phone thinking there is no way in. Hell she was. I mean I was beating twenty one three twenty one five whatever and I was messing around with her a little bit and she was like fifteen five and I tried to mount a comeback. And I couldn't and next thing you know. I'm taking her to the store in Salem New Hampshire driving forty five minutes away to buy her a new stuff by her cell phone When she wasn't even the sixth grade yet so anyway I wanted her. She's got to go back to class by. Wanted her to make cameo here to say hello and into really show that you are one crappy pong plex good to see. Go get that pingree education and keep spending dad's money. I love to say as soon so you to George. You're you guys were. I don't know if you were the first. What number were you that? Open your facility. The jazz open the facility about a week or so ago where you like number one number two I think third or fourth I think and two other teams had had done it before we did. And what's it been like? Describe to me what the setting is like when you went in for the first time and what it's been like as some of the other guys have started to come back now. I it was a relief. I mean to be honest with you. I hadn't made the drive to the facility in so long and you know you're kind of anxious because it's like a kid in the candy store you want to get back out there and start doing other things that you were doing before but you can't You know we I got in and you know they have like a little ipad right. That has a face in takes your temperature from there. It has a poor lady. That's like your temperature is normal. That's the first thing you walk into. But then like guys used to walk into the facility sweats their new Nike tax lease. But now you're coming in like the clothes that you're going to work out and ask someone you know. We called the hygiene czar. Who was standing at the table with another thermometer. And you know a a checklist They text us a survey. So you're supposed to take your temperature at home. And if you had any symptoms or come in contact with anybody. Who's had Kobe? And you fill that out before you get there. So they'll check to see if you've done that then they'll give you some globs you can. You can hand sanitizer before you put on the gloves or sanitize the gloves and then you of proceed forward. Whether you're getting treatment are going to be on the court or in the weight room and for my experience. There's only one other player in there with me so I'm in the training room by myself while he's the weight room on the court by myself while he's in the training room or in the weight room and that's kind of how it's been and I have two and a half hours to get my work in and then I have to proceed out a different door which is across the gym with my mask on. And if they have food for us they have that they have the bag sanitize to pick that up. You're not seeing any of your teammates. Really no not at all. I mean from a from a distance and and literally if I'm lifting. There's a guy behind me with the spray bottle in a cloth. And every time I pick up something or touchdown he's going over to spray and pleaded off and on some of the other day. I was like the facilities were made for guys to feel like comfortable right otherwise we just go to like you know twenty four hour fitness in workout there because we go there to have that sense of privacy that sense of security where you know you can act the way you want. Have you talk the way you WanNa talk in that? I don't WanNa say it's all been robbed from us because people that have suffered illness from covid nineteen or or people have passed because of that's insensitive to that but it's like almost not even real because we can't experience that you know security in that ability to just be laid back of being in the facility not having to worry about the fears that are outside of our facility the fears of life. That is that it's just moved on. The road. Sure examined any proposals that they made about how you might you zoom play which include sequestering situation somewhere Orlando for example Regional that I mean you had any discussions with your teammates or about the viability of any of this. You guys buy in any of the season is GonNa go forward. I think I think the guys are are pretty buddy now. I would say that would have been in the last two weeks with Adam. Silver's phone call. And then Chris Paul being in touch with a couple of guys on our team in you know. Obviously I think we're GONNA play I think we're also going to take the necessary steps in the longevity or tie however long of time it takes to make sure that it's done the safest way possible. I don't think NBA would ever put us out there to be at risk or you know to injure ourselves so. I think there's going to be a time where we're going to be made aware that we're going to be allowed to do you know group workouts. Um whether I think they'll give us a two week notice and then from there on out. I think they'll let us know that. Hey this is the day where aiming for have teams come back and practice and then we'll go from there. I think you know they'll probably give us twenty to twenty five days as a team and then from there I I see the Orlando thing you know working out you know. Obviously we're we're going to be a bunch of millionaires at a playground At disneyworld it's going to go back to the days of where guys are hanging out outside other guys are watching other teams play. And you're just going to be in one constricted bubble and I see that being beneficial especially if no outsiders are allowed in you know by. Now I'm finally doing something about my weight and my hill. I studied Wake Wendy. I've already dropped about eighteen and I'm not the only catered perkins down about thirty. Two of the eleven thousand found solution weight loss. No care no medication. Combination Science attrition. One on one. I recommend you call age urging. You'll lose weight starting the first week and each and every with the to get to your idea weight. Get one eight six face during this luck virtual as appropriate comforts of your simply log into a awaken lot. Yoke weight loss. Transformation await your weight weight. Loss program was the red sox. Your juice you'd see if you can be a like a guest broadcaster when you're not playing seriously. Yeah doubt that would actually be good and I think what I've learned you know what the little experience that I've had is the more practice you get. You know the better you are and what better way if they could throw me in and not bring in another person playoff game. I put that on my resume that put me right above you right. You're already way above me. You're already way above me. Listen all I know his right here. I've got I've got some strawberries. That's what I'm eating here. I'm trying to stay healthy and not gain of weight. I don't know how you doing without your twinkies without your all the other garbage you eat your cookies. How many pounds you gained through this thing and have you started to kind of take it off your by getting back to to work over the last week or two man the first six weeks You know were tougher me. Obviously you know you didn't know what was going to happen so I was. Kinda you know living in off season mode like Hey. You know that. A one cookie. Why not three you know but then you know obviously you know you start to have hope in you you see A Vision in the future and I tell people all the time as a basketball player. My whole life has run on a time line so for this to happen. I've never had something where I don't have a time line in high school. I knew I had to be on campus for college in College. I knew when conditioning started in NBA. I knew what my off season was. I knew in Summer League started. I knew this was something I had no idea when the end of it was going to be to be honest with you watching. Cnn and Fox News might have been the worst thing I could because by that I didn't know if it was going to end by twenty twenty one or twenty twenty twenty-five so at that point there'd be some days where I'd be motivated and get up and be like all right. This is going to happen to be other days. Might Man. I'm just GonNa sit and do nothing because you know this is never coming back and now that there seems to be a timeline. I've got the gym for a week. And a half and dropped like eight pounds just by being able to be on the court and have physical training with the right equipment and that's been a huge step for me because obviously you know the the bigger I get the less of longevity. I'll have In this in this in this career that I have so It's been tough. It's been difficult but I think the fact that the NBA opened up the facilities is given a Lotta guys. Hope is GonNa help you know a lot of guys going forward to continue to better themselves. You know further season because I don't think MBA wants to come back and put out a bad product especially when they've waited this long to to get through. This pandemic go back to the basketball was played this year a little bit and a stunning announcement to some people who are listening but when fake ceased the UTAH. Jazz had a forty one and twenty three record. And we're having a pretty damn good seasons you put it out where number four and had home court. If they were to start that night you I just wanted to get at is you've got defeat. I saw perpetually under the radar you guys. Can you use that some kind of a nightly motivation or is that south not self pity but that self analysis among you guys what were you feel like we can blame people? What people don't you know he said well we'll show them nobody. Nobody takes US seriously but yeah man. I'm saying not. We don't get those go to do you get your proper respect. Is that something that motivates you guys used that word in discussion about where you pick in the NBA firmament no one hundred percent. I mean Bob. We're being honest. Nobody's really talking about us as being you know a team. That is headlining the West. It's always you know the Lakers. The clippers the rockets the nuggets have slipped in from that sleeper into that you know projected role and even NBA. I mean you know obviously you. People CONSIDER UTAH. A small market. And you know. Do we have the ability to bring in free agents in have that talent and that is something that you guys talk about and that is something that you know. Even our coaching staff would even bring up not on a consistent basis but I think the thing that makes us unique From anybody else's we have a culture that's built With the jazz and guys are constantly buying into that culture. That Quinn is set where you know. The strength of our team is our team. You know the fact that we have you guys that could be more. You know dynamic than other guys you know where we talk about Mike Conley Donovan Mitchell Rudy. We have guys that really complement each other. Whereas other guys have flat out superstars that have to fill huge roles. I think the biggest of the Utah Jazz. If you notice you know with the synergy between all of us in the years guys come in and play here and have the certain roles that helped the team win. It's not you're coming in to build your brand or help better yourself or look better and I think that's what makes us successful and I feel like we are turning the corner on getting to the point where we're going to be able to win championships in. I think some people think that we're further off But I feel like we're right there because to be honest with you Bob. I think we're closer than a lot of people think we started off the year. Slow and you know we had a five hundred record and ended up going on a twelve game winning streak and really kind of separating ourselves you know from the bottom a conference that being said You know I think that gained some respect from some people that are basketball junkies and and and really follow the game. But I don't think you know you're going to top the Lakers Lebron because signing that superstar that kind of takes over the whole organization. I don't think that's who we are in our DNA and I heard people say this before it's were not gonNA fit into you. You'RE GONNA fit into us and I think that's why you know we've had a lot of guys. Dennis was in San Antonio with RC. Buford break up which I feel like. That's the kind of identity and culture that were building over here in Utah. So I know who I pretty well Melo is get up steep prom you play it for mellow. I don't know Quin Snyder. I don't know just because when he was in Missouri I discount. It started to get into college basketball. Never really got to know him. You know he was kind of run out of college and he's got that kind of slick back. Lok Mike. Who is Quin Snyder? Who He is and what he's about. Yeah I I would describe him. You know I think one of his best attributes is he does a great job of one in the best out of everybody but can also take a temperature of the team in build relationships with guys. you know the first moment where or there's two moments I signed on a two way. Utah was one thousand nine hundred twenty nine at the time. There wasn't looking like they were gonNA make the playoffs. He comes up to me. Hey I'm Quin Snyder. Nice to meet you. I I watched film on your game. Larry Brown had talked to me. You just basically going on in the death and I'm thinking to myself like I'm the seventeenth guy on this team. I'm the last person you should probably you know. Be Talking to right now and you know he of like would have like small talk with me here and there and has small talk with everybody to make everybody feel as if they're important and they're part of something in the moment where. I kind of felt were everything like clicked and I felt like I was brought in by organization was our first game or second game of the year. Two years ago we played the Golden State Warriors. I had eight points. We ended up losing Tipped the ball in the buzzer in. We lost he. Text me that night it was like I am so proud of you you know. I can't wait to continue coaching. You and really had sent me a message that no. Nba Coach assistant coach. Had ever done to me and basically let me know like know. I believe in you now. Let's continue to grow. And I think Quinn does that with everybody and it's just a relationship that he builds with his guy is that are in his his camp and in his fort. Yeah he looks like the guy from the red eye. The movie with a crazy slicked back hair. Any looks when he gets to yellow and spasm but he's addicted to being successful and there's no limit that he wouldn't go to to be successful. The Guy will stay up till four five. In the morning you know watching film to try to dissect what we did wrong to make us look the best we can be the guy. I literally had happy when he was like George to work on You. Getting in the lane and using your face literally had me all off season workouts driving in the lane pivoting like doing small things that he felt was gonna take to the next level and to be honest with you like we know like. I'm not one two three four or five on this team. More like eight nine ten eleven. It depends on day and the fact that he's taking the time out to do that with me is just amazing because one fifteen or seventeen. He wants his guys to all be in check because he's be checked when it comes down to anything and above all that. He's a wizard with a clipboard. I mean he's he's done it overseas he's done in the G. League. He's done it you know in in college basketball and I think if people really want to get to know Gwen because he's Kinda you know behind closed doors and and Kinda he cares and cares more than people could even imagine but he's also going to push the limits. You never thought you could get to because he believes in you and if you're on a team that he believes in you I love your description of the passion because what his struck me going back. When I first discovered him as a player in insisted under coach cake is a movie famous movie called Elmer. Gantry about wild-eyed evangelists in the eight by Burt Lancaster. And he's got this curl his. I said it's Elmer Gantry. That's when I see Quin Snyder. I A good use my. This is a story that was told. And I hope I'm not you know ms telling this but the Stanford Coach k. When he was quince assisted by his sister. Who say he's GonNa make someone an excellent head coach someday but he's Gonna a really good compliance officer. What it's worth man and he's a he's a he's a great guy and obviously he's been through a ton of his life in. I'm just so happy for him that his addiction to being great is being appreciated in. I don't think people understand how appreciated he by this organization by this community By the guys that play from Even guys that are on other teams every guy that I've seen comes up to him and gives him a hug. Because I think when a coach coach gets vulnerable with you and kind of tells you his story and believe me he has stories from La. Mike Brown Atlanta's stories when he worked for coach K. When he played for coach k. And I think when a coach gets vulnerable like that because as you guys know not too many NBA coaches get ball. But it's more like show up. Do your job I go home. You go home what he builds that relationship with you over a period of time. It's allows a player to get comfortable and in this league. You don't have a lot of places to get comfortable so the fact that he can get comfortable with you and you feel like you can get comfortable with him. It's that bond that you build. That doesn't really get built in the NBA. Because it's more looked at as a business sometimes that it is a personal relationship. What's it like for you now George? I mean you're you know we've known each other a long time and you know first time we met actually was at Tilton Bob. So I'm interviewing New Orleans. Well they're playing pick up and and I was there to talk to New Orleans. Wayne Selden those were the headliners. So I'm trying to get New Orleans in between Games For a few minutes and all of a sudden I hear some guy yelling at New Orleans and yell at me to get back on the court that we're taking too long and I looked over and his chubby little kid and I'm like much nordhoff off. You didn't have Michigan Spelled the wrong way on your on your on your body at that point in your Gullit I seen that one. Hide it so anyways so it's George I'm like. Who is this kid like? What is this? This full pay kid yelling and screaming because his parents got money and wants to start up the game again so that will start paying attention to them. Does it lose a game like those lose a game? He's got these you know up and unders norlander trying to block his shot. He's making Maryland's look bad. I had never seen. I still say this day. New Orleans is a top five. There's there's the picture George. There's the picture of all Geez sight. I wouldn't even offer me a scholarship after that. Can you believe it so be be now for you? I mean you've had that chip on your shoulder is what I'm getting at here. Is Everybody's doubted you pretty much at every turn including? I think a lot of people didn't know you could make it in the NBA or stick in the NBA. Did you question yourself whether you could stick in the NBA You know it's funny. I was just telling someone The story the other day when I got drafted right you know I kind of did a good job and I was in high school. It was like when I came until I was like. Hey I just WanNa make the basketball team. Then it was like what's I made about as I wanNA play every night then after that it. Kinda got down to. I WANNA be a division one. I want behind Major. I want to be all American. I want to win a this or that and then I I WANNA get drafted. I never really saw past like getting drafted so I told him the other day. Ask when I got drafted? I was like fifty percent. I made it because that was like my end goal. My angle wasn't like I wanNA play in the finals against the like. That wasn't like it'd be like come on let's really Hone in like your your kid from a doing Massachusetts and fifty percents like I made it in fifty percent like okay. I'M READY TO GET BETTER. But that was the problem is I don't have that leeway in the NBA. To just be fifty percent body. And I needed one hundred percents be like all right. I reached that milestone. Like what's next. But I didn't know what to expect next. When I was in Indiana I was Kinda just fitting in doing the damn thing. I didn't know what role I could fit. I shot the ball well in college. I shot nine percent my rookie year. So I didn't know really know what I could do. So being cut and being sent down to the G. League Kinda made my career because it made me realize okay to get Outta here. I need to have a routine. I need to have something where I go in every day and I do every day. 'cause I'm tired sick. Don't feel good feel great. There's a job that needs to get done if I have this routine and you know my routine down at the Santa Cruz Warriors While also why I got a routine because when I went to training camp with the State Warriors I got to see Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Draymond Green Steph curry and we were going on a trip to China so I was lucky enough to be in there every day and the old warriors facility is out staying in the hotel and the facility was right above and every day at nine thirty without rhyme or reason Kevin Durant was on the court nine thirty nine thirty point zero one nine thirty and he was on the court and he did his routine for like twenty five to thirty minutes are every day after practice. Klay Thompson was on the same. Who and Steph curry was right across from him. On the same who during the sane routine drown was on the far court working with Mike Brown working on the same routine and in the whole time I was with them. They did the same thing every no matter if it was. We only had two hoops. Twelve guys were shooting at one hoop while Stephan Klay. We're getting their routine on the other. I guess just how it was. They were never stopping like we had just flown into China. And they're still getting their routine so it made me think like okay. If these guys are the best of the best and have a routine. I need to figure out something so I did that. I went down to Santa Cruz. I gotta routine and like I said before it just lets you realize like a job that is it needs to get done. Whether if you don't feel good or you're feeling great. You just need to improve one percent every day once you start stacking days on top of days on top of days shoot two three months go by and I'm like shooting forty five percent from three in the G. League a marriage in like twenty points in my team is the second best team and you know my agent calls me and says hey you know Utah is call and they WANNA sign you to a two way and it just made me realize like it's not GonNa be easy and there were days where I didn't think that you know I've ever get back and that I blew my only opportunity in the NBA. When Utah Siamese the two way you know I kept working and then got signed to a contract I back and I was like damn like all the heart that I put in. You know. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. You know it is because it's what I WANNA do and now I look like what the next milestone is like. I want to be a part of a championship culture. An organization a continue to build on that. Because I I know growing up in Methuen Massachusetts. I've never had anybody to look up to be like. Hey that's who I WANNA be like. That's who I WANNA be. There was Chris Ahrens and different things like that but there was nobody that like I got to be like. They were from Massachusetts. They took the same route that I did. And that's why I want to be like so I kind of like had to pay for myself. I think the thing that keeps me motivated. Yeah I I want to be that you know role model for that kid from you. Know the Merrimack valley area that is like. Hey I can't do this. Anything is possible because if you look at that Michigan picture of me. Nobody was predicting that kid would be played in them yet. Not Everybody in the G. League is therefore reason which is to get out of the G. League in their minds. Of course when really watched the be there? It's not a goal cow much. How possible is it to attain a team feeling in that context? It's tough it's tough and I think the most successful people in the G. League are people that can understand. You know what's going on. Take it for what it's worth right the G. League. Nobody really wants to be there but have relationships and it sounds Kinda messed up to say but manipulate those relationships to get people to do things that they think benefit them but also benefit you. You know where it was like if I wanted to report a man the way. Throw it though. Seems that I I nobody better than you because I mean nobody wants rebound for a guy in the G. League that's making G. League money. But you know you gotTa Cheat People Right Way you Kinda of a cheap people in ways that they feel good about doing things for you and they feel like it's benefiting them like you don't know how many times I said like. Hey I got you man. You know like just silly stuff like that. You don't want to say like a year old car salesman but like that's how it is because with the G. League. Nobody wants to be down there. Because I was looking up in Santa Cruz. We gotTA turn a Fan. Santa Cruz was just all bought in on the warriors. But when you go to Reno I'm played an old convention center and there's twelve people there knew you gotta muster up your own energy and obviously you know it's a tough situation down there but it makes you appreciate what you have when you get up here in up and thinking like man. I never going back down there. I ever go whatever if I have to fight someone. Kloss scrap play player. Gi One on one with my arms. My back I'm doing that because I'm not going back down there in New England. Kid was there any culture shock. You when you got there off I mean I love Ames Iowa now but who is driving down on ninety three. I could see houses off the highway and and trees and you know there may be a a burger king when you land in Des Moines airport and you drive forty five minutes north to ames Iowa you could see as far as the horizon on both sides. You may catch a windmill or a couple Combines machines out there working but you know it was tough for me on. I'll tell the story. They have A. They have a convenience store. There called come and go with a K. Come and go and you know in Boston. You know when you're walking it's kind of like head now like if you know someone you're not making eye contact with them you're not waive venue when Iowa. It was like everybody was like. Hey Hey how're you doing? How're you doing in my head? I'm like I'm from Massachusetts like nobody says hi to anyway. It's like what are you want like. Let's just keep it moving? At first I thought it was. You know they know this big recruit on campus. But nobody knew who I was. But that's just how they all worth. Hey how you doing? Hey how's it going? Oh great to see you. You don't even know me but that was like the shell that every Massachusetts kid has a what do you want from me and I kind of had like. That's all that's actually. We have that name for reason. You drop that guard and you know. Obviously that was that was kind of the point of it. You know I was walking into a situation where everybody was gonNA love me. Even if I snuck or not you. You play bad for BBC. You have guys like Jeff writing about you time you. You can't jump over a credit card. Yeah well I want to say that because I like. How did you get the? The nickname mini mini van the mini van. So that's funny I was in another rotation last year. We were playing Brooklyn at home and I just got in the game and they swung the ball over to me and I had a I pump fake by Rhonda Hollis Jefferson and kind of like hesitated and then had a chance to like wide open. Jeff I go up there and just hammer at home and I tried to go up and get off to dunk it and I like like lay the ball in the hoop and everybody on. The bench stood up when I was about doing. They're like Oh like what the heck I gave back to. The locker room guys are like like what the heck what was that like. Hey Hey hey listen I know you guys are all Ferrari edges over there and to get revved up really. I'm like a minivan need a couple APPs around the block. Before I hit top speed and then our sideline reporter found out about it and then it just Kinda took off and what better marketing tool than the minivan. I mean I think the best way you can nickname yourself or have a self-proclaimed nickname is if you're making fun of yourself as I. I know what I am and I know who I am can at myself and I think that's a a good you have like it'll be like can we get on some sort of mini bank commercial and like Danvers. At one of those. When you come back home was a dealerships. Hey Man Herb. Chambers is paying. Yeah listen we appreciate you doing this? We really do. And and whatever your snack choices just lay off it like I said go go. The strawberries go with strawberries. They're healthy. They'll keep you as then as you've been in years. Which and GIG get an ping pong table. Well yeah play Rudy. He he seemed to go. He had gotten a lot better in six weeks. My daughter can take radio at least and maybe maybe thank you guys for having me on this is a this is fine best. George appreciate it. stay healthy. Stay safe and open. We'll see on the court soon. All right sounds good. You guys take it easy like.

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