Episode #15: The History Of The HEMI Part 1


Welcome to episode number fifteen of talking Mo- parks on today's show we are talking Hemingway's. This episode will be part one of a three part series on the history of the Hemi. But don't worry we're still GONNA talk project of the week high performance parts and listener stories. Oh and you're GONNA learn about a new way to get in touch with me and be part of the show. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best mope enthusiast driven podcast on planet earth. And I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the MO par hunter. And this is talking. Mo- pars you're listening to talking parks with the Mall Car Hunter. Your direct connection to all things mope. We are firing on all cylinders again this week and we have a really fun episode today. The history of the Hemi is something that I feel that all no parent should have a good common core knowledge of and I hope this podcast can help you build up a good baseline knowledge of not only the Hemi but of all things Mo- par and let me say this when I say that talking mopeds your direct connection to all things Mo- par- I mean what I say. I can't stress this enough. Nope are will be left behind on this show. I want to cover as much mope our history as I can and we're going to do it one episode at a time before we get into the Hemi we have some regular show segments to cover first but before we do. I want to remind you to send me your stories questions. Comments complaints suggestions. And so on to me at Chris at talking Mo- parts dot com or by leaving me a voice message that I can share on the podcast at my new phone number which is two zero. Nine twenty eight mope bar. That's that's a new thing. I decided to phone number for voice messages because a lot of people have been e mailing me questions and things like that and I thought it would be fun if you had a way to leave me of voice message that I could actually share on this podcast. That's GonNa be fun so anything that you would send me an email. You can also send me as a voice message now. One thing I will say I don't know how long these voice messages can be so if you're going to send me a story. Hopefully it's not too long and if you get cut off call again and start where you left off and I'll spice it together. Something like that. We'll figure it out but that's the number. Two zero nine twenty mope Give me a call. Leave me a message and you will hear yourself on the show and now let's get this show on the road. It's time once again for project car of the week but before we get into it. I have to say a little disclaimer. The ads for cars featured on project car of the week have not been vetted. So if you're interested in one of these cars be sure to do your due diligence as you normally would with any car that you're considering buying okay now that that's out of the way this week. Project car of the week is a challenger in Washington. That was posted on the moped hundred facebook page on Monday February tenth at nine. Am Let's read the AD. Nineteen Seventy Dodge Challenger are TSE. Three hundred and thirty horsepower. Three EIGHTY-THREE VA consul shift automatic factory slapstick. Rt gauge cluster. With tachometer and clock air conditioning currently not working power steering remote operated chrome Sport Mirror driver's side only manual drum brakes. Am FM radio with three speaker dash currently not working but is original. Fourteen inch dodge rally wheels with BF. Goodrich tires. Car does run and drive and his new brakes and tires. This is an original unrestored car and as far as we know this car is not just numbers matching but has all the original major components such as engine transmission and rear axle. Even the license plates may be original. We have a repair order from nineteen seventy six. That shows the plate number that is currently licensed on the car. There were approximately twenty five hundred of these made only available in nineteen seventy the first year for the Dodge Challenger. Odometer shows thirty thousand two hundred and fifty five miles and it is unknown for sure the mileage but this has likely rolled over just one time given the condition of the car. This all adds up to a better than barn fine car that would make a great classic selling price. Thirty two thousand. Please email if interested. Okay I really WANNA pick cheaper cars for project of the week but cool ones. That happen to be a little pricy. Keep coming up. I think this challenger is pretty cool. First of all the seller claims that it is an original numbers matching car second. It's an RT se. These are two neat things to consider when looking at the price and getting that all too familiar sticker shock that so common with some of these more sought after Mo- parks and with two thousand five hundred or so RTSP's produced in one thousand nine hundred ninety. This makes this particular car pretty special. I do wish it was a four speed because that would definitely add to the coolness as well as value. But it's an automatic on the console rather than the call him. So that's definitely a plus. Some folks may be turned off by the Color Combo. I'm not as those of you who've been listening to this show know by now I'm a fan of. Fa Green are dart was originally triple green and this car just happens to be triple green. It's got a green body greentop and green guts so for me. I really dig it. It has the cool rally gauge cluster. Three speed wipers woo air conditioning and overall I think the condition is pretty good considering the cars fifty years old. It looks like it's held up well over time. It also runs drives and stops and you know how I feel about moped. Projects that run drive and stop drive them. Enjoy them you know maybe even a funds allow restore anything is better than than wasting away and not being enjoyed. And I'm sure there are those of you out there who believed the price tag of thirty two thousand to be out of line. I respectfully disagree. And here's why this is a great investment car. I think over time you could make a lot of money on this car. Should you ever decide to sell it? And what some folks bailed realize with some of these cars is that as time goes on and unrestored examples of these sought after muscle cars. Get harder to find that. Drives the prices up and I've been hearing a lot of people say that the prices are actually coming down on mopeds based on the hammer prices at some of these auctions while that may be the case when it comes to restored cars are not you know factory original or correct like Resto MODs. I don't believe that to be the case. When it comes to cars that retain a good percentage of their originality. I'm sure you've heard the saying they are only original once and I think you're gonNA see a huge surge in prices for cars like this. They are already getting out of reach for most of us. Average joes with average bank accounts and I think that trend is going to continue especially as more of these cars entered the market because there is a limited supply of rare cars retain a large percentage of their regionality. So my advice is to get one before it's too late. Thirty two thousand. Don't have the cash. Moonlight is a pizza delivery. Guy Or an Uber driver get on that Hustle and get you some muscle baby in conclusion. If I had the cash I would most certainly be interested in this car. Of course the price to be more around twenty five thousand but I do see the long term value in it. I would also have no problem buying at thirty two thousand either. I think this cars gray and if it were mine I would enjoy it. As is and slowly I would obtain all the parts needed to make period correct and try to bring it back to his close to original as possible and I think it would be fun to nitpick the car and find every incorrect piece on it and then hunt the parts down if I owned it. But that's just because. I personally enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I love hunting. The cars the parts You know what I'd actually do. I probably find some random things from that period of time. That could be fun just to toss in the car at a car. Show to really give someone a glimpse of the past you know an old roadmap maybe some old change on the floor and issue of hot rod or superstock magazine on the backseat. Maybe a Kellyanne. Some sort of you know beverage adult or otherwise. An old pack of Lucky Strike Smokes. You know where I'm going with this. Come on maybe toss on a set of vintage cheater slicks to you know I try to make it a fun. Ratty vintage display that just uses nostalgia. A lot of people tend to make display around their car car shows. I would actually want the car to be the display. I think it would be funny. If you're like man leave all this you know trash in the car and then they look a little bit closer. And then like Oh. I used to smoke lucky strikes. I would want someone who got to experience that period of time to experience at once when they look inside my car that would be really cool then of course there are some of you who would rather just spend thirty thousand on a nice unoriginal driver quality car and that. I also completely understand. This is just a difference in opinion. That's all I personally love cars that have weird nostalgic and a ratty essence to him. They don't have to drive off either. You can have a ratty looking car that is mechanically perfect and I think that would be awesome to. And that's kind of the direction I'd go with this car fare. Remind and to be honest. Car Doesn't even look that ready. So that's cool too. It's not one of those cars that is sunbaked wearing lots of Patina. It actually appears to be a car that was taken care of Pretty. Well considering it's fifty years old so that concludes this week's installment of project car of the week like I said at the beginning of this segment you can see the car on my facebook. Page the moped hunter if you look at nine. Am Posting on February tenth. So go check it out. We are back for another installment of high performance parts. This segment is a new edition of the show in about mopeds that have both big and small parts in Film and Television. If you're like me you are always quick to point out. Mo- pars in movies and on TV and that's what this segment is all about. This week's high-performance part belongs to a car. That was oddly. Both trashy and flashy it was a car that most non moped suzy's would simply think of as a PO S upon first sight. It was everything it shouldn't have been and it was driven by the character that a lot of us in the Mo- Park community have embraced. You may pronounce his name as Duarte but most of us know him as dirt Joe Dirt in the movie. Joe Dir played by David. Spade is a janitor with an epic mullet searching for his parents who he lost while visiting the Grand Canyon. The movie is basically one giant misadventure with mishaps every step of the way Joe finally finds his way to la where a radio shock jock brings him on his radio show to tell his story and he quickly becomes a celebrity through the telling of his story. Here's where I could warn you of a spoiler alert and tell you what happens but I think you can see for yourself by watching the movie. Funny Enough I can actually relate to Joe's habits with auto traders hand. Obsession with mope bars The movie starts with Joe. Dirt actually driving through the streets of Los Angeles in a dilapidated. Sixty-nine Charger Daytona which is the high-performance part of this week. It is the epitome of ratty muscle cars. It was actually real because the car used in the film was actually a Daytona Cologne dress to look like the type of car. One might find parked in front of a single wide trailer that has plastic lawn furniture in the living room as home furnishings. And to be honest I absolutely love it. Shag seat covers rusty trash on the dash barefoot gas pedal chain steering wheel eight track curve. Villers eight balls in handcuffs hanging off the rear view and with all that trashy flavor. I'm pretty sure this thing had a three quarter racing cam in it too but the truth about the car is that when it was acquired it was indecent driver condition painted the world's most famous purple. Fc seven plum crazy and it was only dressed to appear as a complete pile. It's actually Iraq free car and there are some pictures of it online. That show the underside of it. The underside appears to be surprisingly solid. And in the movie Joe. Buys this car from a shady impound lot for four hundred and fifty bucks but in real life? The car sold four drum roll. Please eighteen thousand dollars back in two thousand and two. That's actually if you think about prices of chargers today it's pretty cool that you could get a Joe Dirt Movie Car. Because there was only one they did not make a bunch of copies of it. There was only one joe dirt car and sulfur. Eighteen grand in today's market eighteen. Thousand doesn't get you much in the way of a charger. Let alone movie car so the car actually started life as a three eighteen power charger. But it's still cool nonetheless you know. Would you've bought this par- Movie Car for Eighteen Thousand Dollars? I know the answer to the question for me that would be a resounding yes and I'd be daily driving that dirt Daytona right now. If if that for sale right now for eighteen thousand dollars I would buy it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even be talking about right now. 'cause I'd be going to get so that's that that's the high performance part for this week. It's Joe Dirt's sixty nine charger Daytona. We're GONNA pretend that in the movie it's actually Real Daytona but we all know the truth. Now it was AAC alone but eighteen thousand bucks for Joe Dirt Movie Car. That's awesome. This week's listeners. Story comes to us all the way from Poland by a guy named Jacob Petrosky a young man with a passion for Mo- Parse as a kid. I had a book describing the coolest cars in automotive history. My attention quickly turned on a muscle cars especially MO- parse. This led me by foreign magazines and later onto books. Fifty Years of mopeds muscle and Hemi the ultimate American v Eight. I have read them cover to cover. I think that those books had more influence on my English vocabulary than any textbook during my education as a teen I had quite big Mo par knowledge for a person that had never had any mo- par not to mention a car. Even my mature exam presentation was about the movie highway men. Just because of all the scenes with the superstar four twenty-six Barracuda which is my dream car in two thousand eleven. I got my first job. On a car parts assembly line eaten superchargers and differentials to be specific after the first few paychecks. I couldn't stand it and I bought my first Cheapest POSSIBLE WITH CLASSIC V. Eight and drive train. It was a very warn dodge. Be To fifty nine thousand nine hundred nine with three eighteen. My parents were Matt. It was almost a copy of the situation. Arnie Cunningham hat in the Christine movie. Not One hundred percent lead but I finally registered the dodge. It quickly became my mobile engine. Dyno and testing ground in the first steps of the hot rotting world. I sold my daily ride. A Suzuki Samurai so I could buy performance parts a carburetor to get rid of. Tbi An intake manifold exhaust long tubes gauges electric fan from the Junkyard and other add ons in pursuit of horsepower. I painted it with spray cans to uniform black instead of the original two-tone affect was really bad ass especially considering. I had very little tools and the car was standing outside on my parents precious driveway after every mater fix. I made some test drives and still didn't trust it enough to go out of town however that was no obstacle to continue performance modifications. I didn't buy another daily driver so I traveled to work by bicycle all year round. No Matter Frost Rain Snow it was like that for many of the following years so for quite a long time I was literally Mo par or no car guy I started taking every possible overtime and lived like a monk with no social life. No girlfriend no beer for the hard earned money I bought and installed myself a twenty five hundred stall speed converter. Shift Kit quite hot camshaft vow springs and the biggest possible valves. At that time I did my very first porting job. I grind it out so much iron. I think I was very lucky that I didn't break into the water jacket. After solving whole series of problems I made it and built the ultimate burnout machine very loud high revving and turning tires into clouds in a matter of seconds. I always got lots of attention every car show. The interesting thing was that it always spun both tires even though it had a stock never opened. Ada a quarter axel with three fifty five gears. Maybe there's some sawdust inside. I tried to compete a quarter mile race. The results were miserable enough to not brag about them despite the removal of about a thousand pounds of weight so it was close to big block B body with a passenger. It turned out quickly that my laborer salaries were not enough to further my plans so I changed workplaces to one of the deadliest and well-paid. As soon as I got a lucky contract I bought another cheap mo par this time classic one for cruising and keeping it mostly original. It is a white nineteen seventy-two Dodge Polara Ford or three sixty with seven twenty seven one of the previous owner styled. It like Hazzard County sheriff's car even though it's not correct. I guess it stayed many years in dry garage because I found plenty of dried wasp nests. After reviewing the carburetor I also found the reason at state so long rod knock all the vowels and push rods were bent engine. Rebuild wasn't cost effective so it was easier to get another three sixty. Luckily my colleague just posted for sale his three sixty with Dome Pistons more souped up than I needed but I could live with that to make the Polara get back on the road. Even sooner hastily traded my muscle van which turned out to be a tragic decision because I- recouped only a quarter of the money I had into it. The player was still staying because of other issues. I started to drink a lot and smoke weed. Forget the loss of the van. This year I went back on the straight path and finished the Pereira enough to run on. Its own power on a gravel. Parking lot no shelter and with a trunk full of tools. I made it. I visited that place so often. The owner was sick of watching their at last this year autumn. I rented a normal garage that can fit American full size and all tools. I have also bought a daily car so I can travel there because the garage is far from the city. I live this year. I changed jobs again and now I work in a restoration workshop. Doing vintage American muscle cars boss knows what I mostly skilled. So usually I do the carburetors heads. Everything mope related for example. Now I've assembled freshly powder coated sixty seven suspension and soon I'll be rebuilding a five point. Seven Hemi with the infamous. Valves he problem now. I'm poor again but at least I do what I love and I already have skills also. I'm very happy relationship with woman. I can marry immigrate to the United States. Start a company and have lots of kids that I can raise to future. Mo Par lovers automotive champions or at least give them chances. I never I'll be thirty years old soon so I should be fast. Wish Me Luck Jacob from Poland a Jacob Great Story and you know my story you know that I have a soft spot in heart from oh part band so I think it's very cool bought one and put so much effort into making it a Kumo part that you could learn and have fun with I am of course add that you ended up trading it to get your going but it sounds like you have a pretty cool. Pereira now so that's a positive that you can mind from the negative letting go of your band. It was tough hearing about you falling into drinking and smoking weed to cope with the loss of your Van Buddy but I was happy to hear that you are back on the right path and now you have a good sized garage to work on your project. So it's good to hear that you're following your passion with your work in a restoration shop and I was also pleased to hear about your plans to raise a family and start a business here in the US. It's great that you want to start a Mo- part family of your own and that you have good goals. I wish you nothing. But the best in your future buddy. I also WANNA say that. It's funny that you actually happened to mention the Barracuda from the movie highway because that car is on my list for the high performance parts segment of this show where talk about mopeds used in films and television so naturally. I guess that will just have to be the next car. We talk about Our next week segment. So thank you for sending in your story Jacob. That's the listener story for this week. And if you WanNa hear your story on the show email it to me at Chris at talking MOPEDS DOT COM or call. Leave me a message that I can share on the podcast by dialing my new number and leaving a message. The number is two zero nine. Twenty eight Mo par. Its dominance changed. The rules in racing. Legend has withstood the test of time its name is synonymous with the word mo par. It was the leader of the pack until it went dormant then it returned with a vengeance more technologically advanced but still carrying the essence of its high-performance heritage the Almighty Hemi when it comes to the iconic elephant of an engine known as the Hemi most people who fancy themselves car enthusiasts. Think the four twenty six Hemi or at least they had with the recent developments in the world of modern engine performance. The HEMI has once again. Reclaimed the throne which it relinquished Salang ago. But its beginnings are sadly not widely known the next time you see a modern mo par with a Hemi respectfully ask the owner if they know the heritage of. What's under the hood? They probably won't be able to tell you. In fact there are probably quite a bit of people in the moped community. In general that don't know the complete story allow me to say here that the breakdown of Hemi history featured on this episode is going to focus on Chrysler Hemi v eight if you actually dig into hemispheric combustion. Chambers used an engine design. You'll find that. They were used as far back as the early. Nineteen hundreds and used long before Chrysler. Sorry my fellow parentheses. But that's the truth. The truth is that no one. Did it better back in the day than Chrysler and in the modern era. Fca before we get into this quick history lesson though. Let's talk real quick about what makes a hemispheric combustion chamber so special in the first place simply put the hemispheric combustion chamber allows for a high compression ratio and a high volume metric efficiency combined with larger valves sitting opposite one another at fifty eight and a half degree separation within the combustion chamber and with the spark plug in the center between the intake and exhaust valves cross flow from the intake to the exhaust is more efficient creating a better squish bang and blow. And what happens with better squish bang and blow MO- Power? It also helps design created a larger surface area promoting transfer and large cooling passages. So now that we have a better basic understanding of how it works. Let's rewind the clock to the beginning. When Chrysler I discovered the magic of Hemispheric Combustion Chamber Design Technically Chrysler realized the benefits of a hemispheric combustion chamber when they were testing them in ero and military applications. In fact the first Chrysler engines with a Hemi were used in applications both in a tank and a fighter plane but this history lesson really begins in the late forties. The Knowledge Chrysler gained with the tank and fighter planes carried over into their automobiles. It wasn't until nineteen fifty that all the research and development at the tune of about eight thousand hours of Dino testing in five hundred thousand plus miles of road testing for reliability. Paid off when Chrysler introduced the three hundred and thirty one cubic inch five point four liter one hundred eighty brake horsepower firepower for the nineteen fifty one model year and officially the first overhead valve. Hemi v Eight in Chrysler history side note. The nineteen fifty five Chrysler C. Three hundred was rated at three hundred. Hp utilizing dual Carter W CFP four barrel carburetors rather than the typical two barrel carburetors. Used in the other models that car will most likely be featured on this podcast in an installment of high-performance heritage sometime in the future because it was so cool okay back to our history lesson the firepower spearheaded. What would become known in Mope our history as the first generation? Hemi after the three thirty one came the three fifty four and nineteen fifty-six horsepower ratings for the three fifty four. Were two hundred eighty three hundred forty and three hundred fifty five. At three hundred. Php three fifty four became the first American V. Eight to be rated at one horsepower per cubic inch. It should be noted here that these cars were rated in be. Hp which is brake horsepower. Brake horsepower does not account for power losses attributed to power sucking components accessories. It's just a measure of gross horsepower. That was used prior to nineteen seventy-two after that power was measured in net horsepower at the crank which accounted for those losses confused great. That's how we do it here at talking. Mo- pars because you know maybe pause the show here and go have a drink and Cathy. Your thoughts. Okay are you back good? Great moving on in nineteen fifty seven came the three ninety two with power ratings at three hundred and twenty five v. Hp three hundred forty five the HP three hundred seventy five HP and a very very rare three hundred ninety be HP offered in Nineteen Fifty Eight Chrysler. Three HUNDRED DS. That had a Bendix. Electro jeter fuel injection system that suffered in the reliability department due to its primitive computer. Only one of the sixteen cars built with the electro jeter system didn't get recalled and have a carburetor swapped in so there's one out there that still has that electro sector. I'm GONNA do some research and see if I can dig up some information about the whereabouts of that car because I'm not quite sure where it is or what the story of it is so I'll do a little bit. Dig On that but back to the lesson to Soto was also in the game in the early fifties right alongside Chrysler. It was in nineteen fifty two that Soto released their version of Chrysler's firepower which they called the fire. Dome the placements of the fire. Dome were two hundred. Seventy six cubic inches rated at one hundred sixty. Hp Two hundred ninety one cubic inches three hundred and thirty cubic inches three hundred and forty one cubic inches and finally the three hundred and forty five cubic inch rated at three hundred and forty five HP dodge entered the Hemi game nineteen fifty-three when they released the Red Ram. It should be noted here that dodge trucks were using the name power dome for their heavies starting with a one hundred and forty. Hp Two hundred and forty one cubic inch followed by a two hundred seventy cubic inch with one hundred eighty three HP and a Super Red Ram version of the engine that utilized a four barrel car to bump power up to one hundred ninety three HP then came the three hundred and fifteen cubic inch which was available with Polish feerick heads with the exception being the high performance e five hundred engine that utilized a four barrel carb and a bigger valve dodge. Hemi head finally the three hundred and twenty five cubic inch which utilized a Hemi head only on the Katie five hundred in the Katie. Five hundred one that also had the Hemi but also was topped with dual four barrel carbs. There were several details within each of these years and sizes of engines between nineteen fifty one and nineteen fifty eight. And I would encourage any of you that want to look more into this first generation of Hemi to go out. Do some research learn more because a book could be written with all the little intricacies of these engines. And I'm sure someone out there has already written one so go try and find it and read it. I myself learned a ton when just back checking for this episode. Oh you thought I had all this memorized. Now that's funny. I've said that I know a little bit about a lot. And that's the absolute truth. But one thing I love to do is learn about things that I'm passionate about like mo parks and I'm hoping that you will join me on this podcasting journey and maybe we can teach each other stuff because I sucked in school but if there was a class on Mo- pars I probably would have paid attention a little bit more and I probably would have average to be your a B. minus. I'm by no means an expert but I do my absolute best to provide you with accurate information and I am not too proud to admit when I'm wrong so if at any time you hear me St something wrong on this show you know what number to call two zero nine twenty eight mo par leave me a message in school me and I'll play your message on the show getting back to the HEMI history. Here it's funny because I knew a little bit about the start of the Hemi like the first generation. I knew a little bit of this stuff. But there's really really a lot of information and there was a lot of stuff that I learned Just doing the research and I did not realize that there were so many other companies before Chrysler that actually used hemispheric combustion chambers so it was really interesting to read more about that. I am thankful that Chrysler really did take the research that they had done on the tank and that fighter plane and adapted it to Kars because if they had never done that we may not have the legendary. Hemi that we know and love today. You know could you imagine what would have been and what drag racing history would have been without the Hemi Ford and Chevy guys could have rejoiced because then they wouldn't have that kind of competition to deal with but I am so thankful that we have the Hemi today? That concludes the first generation of the hemmings. We still have two more generations of these marvelous wonders. But you're going to have to tune into part two of the history of the hemming next week when we get into the most famous. Hemi of MOPE Legend and Lore. The four hundred twenty six cubic inch elephant now. You might be sitting there after having listened to the first generation. Hemi story and to yourself man. He left out a lot of stuff. I understand where you're coming from. I did leave out a lot of the details surrounding the first generation. Hemi and it was more of an encouragement to get you to go out there and do some reading of your own because chances are I mean I could have spouted off for two hours about the stuff and you probably would have retained a a small percentage of it so go out there and do some your own learning. I'm just giving you the baseline knowledge. But now at least when somebody asks you about the first Hammy from Chrysler you have a general idea and you have a good answer for him. So that's that and that concludes this week's episode of talking Mope ours for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the show. Please visit talking. Mopeds DOT COM also. Don't forget you can send me your stories. Questions comments complaints suggestions and everything else. You can think of that Chris at talking mopus dot com sharing the website. With all of your mobile addicted. Friends is the best way to help me. Spread the word about this podcast or sharing it on social media just letting people know about the show you can also leave me voice message. Now that I will share on the podcast and my number is two zero nine. Twenty eight Mo par so. GimMe a call. Leave a message and I'll read it on the show until we talk again. I am your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- parse thank you for listening to your direct connection to all things until next time. Remember no more par left behind.

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