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On an all request wednesday you know how we do it. We go to raja's instagram where the listeners speak at first off west coast stra he says can y'all wish my sister laura happy birthday birthday birthday is brought to you by jaguar land rover got seventy-three towards the visit land rover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond the pick next time yeah next time tag laura so he can also happy joe lucky thirty nine. He wants to start with the little mc hammer's pray along with. Hey man bound hand. I got a little good even this area. That's how we do it on an all request kidding. Even the juice sees he's out. There man and you know what else is good. Oh six fifty eight keys doppler in the air right now. Seventy seventy three degrees in west covina gonna hit triple digits a hundred today ralph. That's right if he wants to wish your sister's happy birthday. We joke at third time so just do national newspaper carrier day l. c.'s in the newspaper business. He's headline presented by franco cacao doodle. Do i can do so yesterday afternoon. I was hanging out at my buddy's office in calabasas junior. Excuse me berry gordy juniors. He's often known orleans. Just you can touch touch it buddy am is office and so <hes> i was sitting there and listening to conversation he was having with a mega mega mega superstar superstore and i had no idea to make it make a superstar was because the dude has stringy hair cut off shirt. You know or board shorts on fluffy just looked like he was dropping off off. The uber eats but he was the drummer from foo fighters. Okay tyler hawkins so after the conference assault listening to our conversation so i was like oh you must you a musician and that's hold on. Don't wanna you know. I don't want to get involved in animal lead out alone because because i have a story that got in trouble once upon a time is so i went into the story about bano and and being over south france in in running him brad pitt and not knowing bono was mono and so at the end of the day <hes> learn that the guy from foo fighters was like huge drummer like one of the best world stadiums a hundred thousand seats. It was crazy but that was keys headline in the morning. You're listening to be a los angeles. All right joined right now by former n._f._l. Fell head coach curley see him on e._s._p._n. Colleague of ours jack del rio joyce on the morning show good morning coach. How are you good morning. What's going on. What's up jackman. I don't off to the call you coach or jack because you know i've been knowing for a long time right right right. Well you know you talk about the former player. It's is jack works fine. If i earn cohorts to. I do a lot of fancy sean. I well so you assets a lot of things. Nowadays you sydney the obviously working for e._s._p._n. Now why you sit back and decide your future if you're getting back into coaching <hes>. Have you decided that that's part of your future. You want to get back on the sidelines. It's <hes> you know. I'm open minded. You know i'm really enjoyed this experience. Being <hes> involved you know from the other other other view you know taking view from the media side covering the game still around the game still talking ball <hes> still watching tate so <hes> staying a and up to date and all that <hes> keeping my options open to be the best way to say it coach not at your on the other side of the conversation. What did you guys get wrong about the media. Well you know you say you guys like in. All of us are as in like players coaches. Which is you had these assumptions about what it takes to be in the media that joni outside when it's not necessarily know well i think i think i grew to appreciate the role of the media plays <hes> my my second time around as a head coach i was you know much much friendlier leear much more understanding that they're really just trying to cup story and they actually can do you a favor <hes> so it. It really helps you to <hes> you know understand what they're trying to what they're trying to get to it. Try and provide them some information so that they can do a good job covering you and i you know perception. The perception is out there. They they have a they have the opportunity to still a lot so <hes> you know so you really don't win those battles when you go get it there and and and go after the media. That's never really worked out for anybody but <hes> for me. I think i learned a second time around. I think i handle myself a lot better. <hes> i'm watching the floor right now and i'm saying he'll learn you know. He's gonna learn these lessons. I mean it's all all young coaches go through it <hes> but he's gonna learn and the scrutiny is going to be there and make the story what he wants to make jack del rio joining us here on keyshawn l z and travis in coach jared goff signs one hundred twenty million dollar deal or excuse me one hundred thirty one hundred ten guaranteed and this is just the the next guy. It seems every time a quarterback comes up. He gets a little bit more than the last guy. The rams are good for the foreseeable future at that position. They entirely comfortable giving him that kinda money after just a short period of time yeah i mean that's a look. The market's not going down. It's only gonna go up so <hes> you know the cowboys are waiting on back right right now and eventually that's going to get done and it. It may be that <hes> that this this deal helps that one get done but <hes> you know. I think the rams are well positioned. They've done a nice job. <hes> obviously you know out there with sean mcvay and and <hes> and what they've done offensively and in helping this young man really developed so <hes> congrats gerry goffin <hes> you know and the l._a. Rams forgetting that done coach jack del rio joining us here on the morning. Show jack like you did it with the raiders. When you were head coach you made a decision to pay car and now he's obviously under different regime with with jon gruden. How do you foresee foreseeing year to the raiders doing especially with car on the last year of the guaranteed money that you've given you yeah well. That was <hes> <hes> that's kind of a complicated one but let me just make it simple. <hes> i think the bottom line is if you protect him <hes> with the weapons. He has if you protect checked him. He'll he'll light it up i. I think he's got a chance to really have a great year. <hes> you know he's an accurate thrower of the ball. He likes. He likes to distribute <hes>. He's a quick decision maker. You know we did a lot of things we won. We won twelve games and <hes> you know he's and ah. I think you gotta you. Gotta make sure you're protecting them. That's the one thing he's like those quarterbacks. No guys guys that are back. They're spending that ball of distributing that ball don't like we get hit and <hes> i think i think you know some are more effective than others when they're getting hit too much and i probably got hit too much last year you know and they've got to make sure showed up protecting him giving him a chance and then and then he'll be able to shine and do his thing and distribute the ball and be accurate and all those speaking of getting hit. There's a quarterback that just got one hundred ten million million dollars. We talked about it from the l._a. Rams but there's a defensive end that got shipped from houston into seattle. How does that change the dynamics in the n._f._c. west which seattle title picking up today beyond clowney and getting that pastor they so desperately need yeah there. <hes> tell you what the n._f._c. west is is all about acquiring defensive line taliban. There's a lot of talent in that in that division so you know <hes> climate going out there. <hes> you know great gets for seattle. <hes> you know i'm not i sure why he fell out of favor in houston but <hes> but obviously they moved on from him decided not to not extend him <hes> and and made moved to trade him so i think you know <hes> p carroll john schneider happy to have him there. I think when you look at what they've tried to do with their front they they they traded frank clark okay and that was created whole but then they they got a endre they got cloudy and then they drafted l. l. j. collier and so those three guys argonne have some abilities and <hes> i'm sure they feel like they've adequately address that. You know what frank clark the departure of that what that would mean to their front so you no. It's a good defense <hes> and <hes> and and i think pete knows what he's doing there. In terms of building the type of player for let's say right here in the n._f._c. west arizona draft after kyla murray that come in with this area system. You've been a defensive coordinator defensive-minded head coach. I'm sure you can't wait at some point to see how this air error rates system is going to work in the n._f._l. How do you think it will fare among defensive. Coordinator is in the league. Well <hes> this acacia right yep so okay so you know as a wide receiver. You would appreciate the fact that i've become an offensive guru. No i'm good so so i appreciate <hes> no. I think this'll be fun to watch you know to see how <hes> cliff kingsbury and and the the <hes> dolphins that he wants to run his rendition of it that he's bringing from from the college game in <hes> with kyla berry. I think it'll be exciting to watch. Watch how it unfolds. I i think it's got a chance to have <hes> a couple of defenses off balance early in the year. I think as the defense let's see what he's up to. I think there's a good chance that they'll slow it down and <hes> much like chip kelly when he first came into the league you know the first few weeks oh yeah f f then teams adjusted and then they didn't really have anywhere else to go. It's kind of he's gonna need somewhere to go once a defense adjust so that'll be something to monitor dr as year goes on jack del rio joining us on the morning show you mentioned the air raid in the n._f._l. What about the air raid at s._e. Graham harrell the trojans going to be able. Is that offense. It's gonna reignite. What's been gone for a minute. I it all depends on the performance of the offensive line. You know to me <hes> i was. I was out there camper for a couple of days. <hes> went out there and saw coach album and the staff and <hes> you know dave campos consultant out there and <hes> clancy pendergast some of the guys that i i went out there in any way saw them. <hes> man there receiver talent is unbelievable. I mean really special. They've got several quarterbacks. I know i know the starter got hurt. <hes> that was unfortunate but i think they've got capable guys there. <hes> skill people so it's really it's really depend on the line. The offense and defensive lines are are to me. You know what should be the foundation of your football team. That's where my concern is. As i watched them work <hes> and they're just need to come come on quick. We're going to develop -veloping and get better goes on and gonna need to play well to give them a chance not not trying to set you up or anything like that jack but would you be interested in college job. If it became available well you are setting me up. I appreciate that listen i i. I'm keeping my options open. Okay best way. I would do anything to support the program. I didn't say any schools. I don't know jackson you've been knowing me. Since i was about seven years years old i all i said if a college job became available. I didn't say any schools. I just said that's all said the. I'm throwing it out there. I am a trojan. I'm gonna do anything i can to support the current staff <hes> but i am opened opportunities in the future in the college programs <hes> around that may come available but <hes> i'm pulling for them to get done there and here and now <hes> jacker. Are you at all surprised. The key did not know who the foo fighters were. That really hurt me on you know when i got on there there are a great rock band and okay you didn't know that the only place you and timmy and all used to take me to see like the rolling stones or the who i never seen the foo fighters nope not at all yeah yeah. That's true yeah. It's been a while. I could see where you buy to let that go. That's jack del really see e._s._p._n. I appreciate it. We'll talk to you soon. Jack all right fellas good talking with <hes>. Does your new buddy who is it is your new guy. Taylor hawkins dave grohl foo fighters. There's food fighters baby. This case sean right now. They coached out really now that it was him i think he will you different voices and so you know even though u._n._l._v. don't have anywhere near the same voice but you got something in common probably didn't want. It won't make sure that it was me black so this case right. Do you feel in the foo fighters ski. I mean his co. Does sound like hoi rock like what horn horn show but you said iraq. We want me say hard rock. I'm not gonna talk like garden tool rock which is yes. Yes guys we get to that. Nugget coach drop off. Okay look did jack del rio just say that he wants to be the next head coach. He said that he certainly leaving all his options open. The college game is intriguing to him. He happens to be a trojan <hes> that the job is not open so he did not put his name in the hat for that job. Okay he did say actually no college jobs open at the moment correct correct me if i'm wrong but at the end he sure know a lot about asta it was about if it comes open at the end of the year. There was a lot of qualifiers at the end about doc. Look if a job age on becomes available at the end of the year there is hope it let let's do this hypothetically to start jack del rio had success says in jacksonville jack del rio had the raiders on the right track before they made the move to go get jon gruden chris the sound of what he said at the end there. Let's take a listen to jack thrown out there. I am a trojan <hes> i'm. I'm going to do anything i can to support the current staff <hes> but i am opened opportunities in the future future in the college programs <hes> around that may come available but i'm pulling for them to get it done. They're here and now he's about around the country jack. Stop college programs yeah 'cause i don't wanna go around the country. I only want to stay in this beautiful sunny southern california. This is a compliment compliment. I mean that was artfully done in the sense that we knew exactly what he was talking about and he didn't say. I didn't mean to set him up. So that's why i say i gotta ask you but you know i don't mean ashley but got it. I want to ask you. Would you be interested in coaching. If you know you can't availa program yet you need to do it. He said the program so ashley is something he wants to do. No one wants to kill clay. I don't wanna cure klay. None of us want to kill clay has a built in excuse so if he comes back the next thing you know that's not gonna work. Their quarterback injured stuff that jake no. That's not going okay. That's only gonna last four. That's going to get you. That's going to get you pass stanford. Hold low seconds go. The question i asked about the air raid remember what he said. He said that will go as the offensive line goes key. That is the greatest piece of code to s._e. Fans that i've heard in a long time. How many times have we had this conversation. You heard me say when s._c. Was at its best here okay. It was those five guys up front. That would just demolish the guys like you go to work right. That's how was having those five guys. It was five guys the n._f._l. Guys the n._f._l. Five guy who's just this wave of offensive offensive line year after year s._c. Was tony boselli and just anthony moon. Yeah i after guy that was a that was a siren to people goes the offensive line because s._c. People know when season it's best bullied online and he knows it and that's what he just said. It's not about air raid. It's what about this that and the next thing. It's about those five guys up front. It is about those five guys and he but he jack certainly knew a little bit about the makeup of the team he certainly knew that they had a a group wide receivers that can rival some of the best in the country and tyler michael pittman in saint round and so many other young guys that they have he certainly knew that they had a deep run at at the quarterback position so you know he certainly paying attention <hes> at the end of the day. I'm sure he'll have some options when this football season finally ends whether it's in rolls roles or college. It's after a while some pro coaches. Get an opportunity to you know to look at some of these college stuff. You can go into college man you you can win. I tell people this all the time you go into college and you win your first three years and now all of a sudden you signed an extension for the next six years dabo sweeney honey million dollars you making more money as a college coach with a little more responsibility then you are in a pros but you can coach college and get extension after every time you look up. College coaches is get extension yeah every time they went to bogey well. We just extended him because other people are trying to poach those coaches from those teams so his is certainly probably on a college college job just which college job it is. I don't really know wouldn't you. Well actually no but i don't know well. I don't wanna be that guy. If you were given a choice and you could go to school high purchase school like obama clemson s c and coaching talking about or do you go to school. There's just a step lower and lock up life for the next twenty five thirty years because he eventually were have now but you can't go to school and go to s._c. Can go to clemson. You got to do something else to. We're gonna tear down below fire fire unit arizona fire. Are you in arizona. No because the expectations of those people see that's the problem with people like you from like eastern michigan and western michigan whatever that school is your expectations are so low that you're satisfy winning six games and going to a mediocre december sixteenth bogan u._s._c. clinton alabama michigan all of those type of programs. Their very expectations are so high that if they don't hold on one sec okay if they don't win at the level that they're supposed to win they will fire you you. You don't wanna go to a smaller level because you have the taste buzz coach at a higher level because you've been there before you've been at the pros guy who's coaching the pros and have the successes jack del rio. It wants to take a job at buffalo university. It just doesn't they don't wanna do that. That's what i was asking. Do you want to go to the situation which you were saying row for for example coach at u._s._c. a lot of pressure where you can still get fired or do you just say you know what i've been in football long time. Let me just ride this out the next twenty years. I'm not a six thousand five five dollars and just frank sola then yeah. Here's the question that you asked jack del rio not not trying to set you up or anything like correct but would you be interested in college job if it became available and that was the first one that was the first one how about the second one here's the second one the program how did say any schools jack jack even nor me. Since i was about seven years old i said if a college job became became available. I didn't say any schools. I just said. That's all you said the just yeah. I just wanted to point ah to help him to help me. I'm sending this to bristol and i wanna ask you were diagnosed. You did not set him up. You set him up to help you. You ask big picture <hes> college football yeah. He said vel programs for him. I mean he's already been linked to. The program sure hit multiple times times. He's interviewed a couple of times. Whatever reasons it didn't happen but at the end of the day i don't want him. I'm not he's a friend of mine so i didn't want him to feel like like he was knifing the current staff in the job although he probably knows what's going on there have leeann but his phone is on speed cut to it if when clay helton is dismiss out so funny and they make the next higher look. There's going to be the next guy eventually. There's going to be an h._r. Is jack del rio. The guy could return u._s._c. Two pac twelve championships rose bowls and ultimately final four who who's all out there all all the big names urban meyer so if are so you make a run in an urban meyer right nervous if i just don't just not what we want to do right now me and shelly his wife we we want to do then the next line. Is jack del rio. Okay jack del rio. I from what i gather. I don't believe ever coached college. Football doesn't mean that he can't assemble staff different rules in place going into a room recruiting doing those things. It's totally different. <hes> there is no scouting combine. You have to be able to understand academics and understand what kids in college do twenty four hours seven days a week unlike the pros so he would be guy certainly on the radar. If i was athlete director i would go after him. A bob stoops mike rick a mark rick <hes>. You're gonna probably throw some mamiya me a jeff fisher stuff who i mean those guys that i would look at everybody but him. I thought you said you were trying to win. See ya but you guys p carroll. It took careful what people think about. It was horrible in his first two coaching jobs with the jets and with the new england patriots but that's not true. He was a solid n._f._l. Head coach but people swear he was the worse did he comes to s._c. He catches fire in a now and the rest is history history. All i'm saying is when you coach you can coach on. I don't believe that jeff fisher is not a guy capable coaching football with the right people around him. That's just me. It is an all request wednesday. It's also hump day wednesday. Keep listening barrage. You tell you when to call in. We got rams sates tickets for rance opening week. That's week two of the season thanks to corona extra corona extra game on lime in guys you know sometimes we give jabe long the voice of the rams a bit of a hard time around here we have of them come in and then mysteriously appears mysterious game markets worried to get <hes> coming on the voice of the rams but we got to give them credit this morning on instagram. He's throwing shade at mike for gloria. Why it's really good so he puts in here. He quotes might fauria there was on the dan patrick show on may twenty johston mike florio about mike mike orioles well. I'm very skeptical about jared goff. I would not be surprised if he doesn't get a second contract with the rams. When did he do that but i don't like. The twenty thurn was year this year but you do realize mike florio half the time doesn't he doesn't know what he's talking about it. I'm i'm one to say that i don't care. We're doing a bit here so credited j._v. long throwing shade using receipts and he says we've got receipts. I think he picked up for months. Yeah that's good. I'm glad he receives he should find them all and post them every last night floreal and you could hear jeb long along with travis as part of rams opening day really yes some damn seven what seven a._m. Seven a._m. Seven a._m. Premium cut down on saturday morning and then we'll seven to ten saturday night. We're supposed to go to keyscafe either all up well. I'm i'm gonna i'm not gonna wait. So why is this saturday sunday. Who's all i know. I heard you say something about going meal saturday so i'm like wait a minute. I didn't invite you invited him. All of no i invited travis just the only person that can go so now you like. I can go if jen's there. You can go wrong well. I gotta be an urban. I'll be going to go down to a big party of the coaches talks with the orange. I will be your right near me right but now that the corrosive volley no. I'm in orange county ca. I'll be there. She got to act appropriate. Though you can't come munir appropriately him yes ask you for miracles and saturday and i'm gonna be warmed up already. Gonna get some extra security. It'll be fine. You'll be fine. You'll be fine guy again. This will be fine. I fit in down here. It's in orange school but show hair and stuff like they've got to figure out how to fix. It cannot bring some talent. You know why because they know no all right. I'm flipping through the the body issue. Of course you've been flipping the last forty five minutes this catcher in dabid daughter who's a cross fit two time champion of whatever she's got more muscles from yeah. That's intimidating to me. I'm from right yeah. I'm conflicted inflicted. Yeah my eligibility all right so jared goff like gbi was saying scientists extension yesterday. Dak prescott is next for sure. Dak prescott is the next guy that's gonna come up and then the next guy will come up and they'll keep setting a new bar right new bar new bar new bar. The question is key. You convince me that the idea of will he get it is yeah. He's got it because he's next so he's going to get the question of should he wrote to performance relative to jared goff that you look at just saying. Is it all the same remember seeing dak prescott in the super bowl. Hey what what happened. In the superbowl double they scored three points and he had the worst gang. Jared goff had the worst game in his n._f._l. Career even worse than when he played with jeff fisher considering the circumstances says they were in the super bowl. He had a bad game but the reason he had a bad game in the super bowl because he went off in the n._f._c. championship retire no it's that he had a bad game. He's got he got to the super. Bowl played really well against this. Also you get with jim. Does won't you get okay. It's a bigger medal title than getting to the second round of the playoffs and lose okay well. I don't give metals alpha losing in the super bowl. I'm sorry i'm sorry you the same as me. We both at the end of the day. We're not the ones holding the lombardi trophy fill in a vacuum and i know that stylistically there are a little different about whether they play the position but are they are. They ju- you have just as much chan. What does it have to be in a vacuum. Why couldn't it be like in a broom or something. It's not a vacuum like in a mop in a bucket in a vacuum are the same guy that i got just as much a chance of winning with dak prescott as i do. I feel that way and i'm sure there's a number number of people after that first season feel the same way when you look at all three he's quarterbacks carson with jared golf and dak prescott. What if any of them done you say well one would do. He lost who went to the super bowl. No one would was on the team. He want to punch game okay. The other guy won a bunch of games. It was just like it's just like all of a sudden. That press guy wins a bunch of games. He gets hurt right before the playoffs and hooper rush cooper rush rush takes them to the super bowl now cooper rush better than that prescott orson okay. It's nick foles better than carson wentz so why would even have that argument humint. Why even say what super bowl. He went as a spectator. No but i'm what i'm doing is. I'm giving credit. Carson wentz would be the quarterback of a team that went to the super bowl same mr. Oh god i can't i can't i can't give i can't give carson wentz credit for super bowl peterson. He never appear true. I cannot on his way in all likelihood the before he got hurt okay and dak prescott was well on his way likely to go to the n._f._c. championship game t renison rams. I mean coined no. It's not totally different. It's not one long got hurt. Okay whatever man at the end of the day. He deserves to make more money than jared goff because he's the next guy. That's the bottom line if you don't like it didn't watch it. I feel travis. This was our our walkout music music. We ran onto the court when i was in basketball high school. Basketball is school. This was it which caesar bees come on now. I was good. I was skinny back then. How did you say what you play. These bs you said high school basketball us on the season two bs on the as not we go sees bees j._v. varsity. I was on varsity the last two years j._v. first year freshman team. I you up for first year. Y'all call y'all a freshman. We call the season bees because they didn't know me. He had to work yeah. I had to work my way up but you know me as i did on this show. I'm a hard worker. Our way in were you work the system. I'm like that rooster. We talked about yesterday. I'll keep chopping drug in there in nineteen ninety-seven guy way back when mo money mo problems nineteen ninety seven debuted this week. Did you know what that was yeah every once in a while not often but yeah i was planning new york was hot hot. This video was amazing to don't remember the video <hes> <hes>. You know what else amazing what let's start with cowboys and zeke. Here's todd archer talking about ezekiel. Elliott's new contract and the cowboys were willing to make him the highest paid runner but they didn't want to do it in fashioned where it was a up at receiver money or clearly near quarterback money or anything like that so this comes in i if you look at it from six ninety fifty million in year a little bit more than what todd gurley got tug early guarantee was forty five million. This one is as i said earlier this morning. It's fifty million so they're in that neighborhood there. In that ballpark where the cowboys can claim victory we did truly over set the market and you can say i'm the highest paid running back both the cowboys anna hannah's yukio elliott or happy with this deal ticket or shake it. Take it take it first then you can go. I think they both are happy. Although i will say this zeke comes out in front based on being the highest pay the cowboys don't come out in front because they wanted to not set the market. They didn't want to go above todd gurley but the member what i told you the contracts right <hes> the backs to the left in in the middle. We gonna slide the contract. If the contract gets to the middle i got my hand on the back full the money that i didn't tell you ahead because i need you so bad on this wednesday to come in. I'm dig dig into that bag of them at a little more to the contract. That's all they did. They already had the money on the left. They wanted to see how bad he was. In terms of staying out the zeki oily how bad ed did kenny stay out kenny sit out he couldn't do it. He couldn't withstand just remember. I told you this from day one. He will not be able to sit out and guess what they got the deal done. He's in. He's happy happy day making money. Let's move forward next. Contract's extension was jared goff. He got his one hundred ten million dollars guaranteed. We've seen carson wentz. Get all of his money. Zeke has gotten his money. Dak prescott is up next if it doesn't happen before the end of the season dak prescott should hold out shake it shake it shake a hey. Here's what i'm going to tell. You and i'm telling you at this time at seven forty four on wednesday. The data zeke goes to cowboys camp bought a four game. This season season that prescott deal be done just bought a four game of the year. It'll be done because at the time because if it doesn't start if it comes into one of them shaky daiki they might they might just sit tight for a little bit but if all of a sudden which i predicted i feel he is going to do glided up. They're going to start talking because he now starts to say all along arkansas just wait. They don't want that. They don't want him wait. They want to get it done and if he starts to show him by week four or five that he looks like the pro bowl quarterback. They'll write jedi if he does have the shaky daiki. Well you know our phone right now. We've got to pay the phone bill. We're gonna just sit happy so the extensions predicated much more on how he does through the first month of the season anything else well. No what it is is extensions dear right now. If you want this but if you want us to do you're asking us to do. We need to see about the first handful of games to get to that point so you need to convince for what you need to convince us us that your worthy of that type of money. That's what's going to happen right back to college football. Here's nick sabin talking about what positive attention can do to your team. I'm trying to get our players to listen to me and said listen to you guys. You know all that stuff you write about how good we are and all that stuff they here on e._s._p._n. It's like poison. You know what i mean like taking poison like rat poison so i'm asking them. Are you gonna listen to me. Are you a list so these guys about how good you are. Positive attention is rat poison for football team taking her shake it. I'll take take in in nick. Sabin is right when you start reading your own press clippings and you start really believing in height and you start a peer magazine covers and e._s._p._n. L. z. granison column pitcher with the dreads on the side and he's writing a big story about you. You've played in one game. You start believing hyper. Sometimes that can really elite cloud your mind about the path that you should really be taken. I mean it just he's. He's a hundred percent right. He is one hundred percent right but there's a new model out there. Oh god he's not because he's old school. It's not that no it's not we're talking about davos well. It's it's the new model is because of social media the business. The structure is is important individual ever to be responsible for their own branding. It's not responsible for the old brand. You shouldn't even be paying attention at garbage. Clayton clayton sports catch up to you. You'll do hassle you. Don't catch any school right there. Why play sports and then mike work out for you to step away from shut up and dribble. I'm not saying please sport play sport art in everything else will catch up to you. Don't try to put the cart before the horse right. Don't don't try to put the cart before the horse. Why why. Why do you guys do that. Why it's coming because the car but you're gonna get it but it comes in waves. It is the first wave we see who you are the second wave your worthy of our attention but if you don't get to the point and get the second way at least cash in on the first way nah i way you'll never if you mess around with the first second and third. Are you know i'd rather get to the second to the third to get to the fourth and fifth. I'll give you those me. I'll give you the fun example taking. If tim tebow was able to take advantage of his popularity he would be a much much richer man today as opposed to just play sports and hopefully a kick in because guess what happened. It never kicked in all right. Here's diana rossini talking about the houston texans in their trade it houston texans are giving up so much. This just reeks of desperation. The saying is you don't go to the grocery store hungry. These people are acting like they're starving at at this point with what they're giving up for laremy tunsil and kenny stills by that being said i just i don't like this plan. It doesn't make sense me. They're not thinking long term this is there's a team that wants to be the patriots right. We always say oh that the patriots of the south this is the complete opposite of what the new england patriots would do making decisions wins now route leveraging their future for the short term decisions and i think this isn't going to this won't work out for them. The deal to bring laremy tunsil and kenny stills to houston was a desperate desperate move. Take it or shake it. Shake it shake it. What was so desperate about the move. You're getting left tackle to protect your franchise quarterback. No left tackle in the draft. Is this guy mary tonsil glare fell in the draft because he had <hes> smoke mask on two three days before the draft that was linked to the yeah that that was leaked by somebody that had envy of him and try to hurt him so he's one of the better tackles that are in in the league so i don't understand then you get a very viable option again for your quarterback deshaun watson and kinney steals that was going to be on his way out of florida because he went against the owner in the head coach based on his injustice in injustice and jay z and all the other stuff kapernick all they got tired of them so they packaged him up and moved so i don't understand why such a bad deal for the houston texas to get rid of today's cloudy which had nothing to do with the tonsil deal right but they they certainly gave up some picks to get larry tonsil to two first rounders and i think at the end of the second was more for kidney steals. Yeah i think at the end of the day they deal with a pulse to protect the left tackle their leader protect. A quarterback quarterback left tackle. This feels to me not so much move desperation but a move of opportunity with andrew luck retiring. The division becomes much more open if i can keep the shawn watson in one piece. I'm the best s. t. They're gonna get better. I don't understand why people and they're not trying to be the new england patriots of the the south just because they had new england's expe coaches coaches there doesn't mean a new england coach is coach with coaches that they know and a half million so of course <hes> o'brien's going to go out there. They get romeo cornell 'cause he. Coach romeo cornell makes all his into the world. Take shaking made possible by blue shoe b. l. u. E. chew dot com. Use the promo code seven ten and you're only gonna pay five dollars shipping and then you too can chew it and do it and you know what else you can do. A little take that's celebrating hope day wednesday and giving away tickets every hour to the rams home opener against those hate it saints and that's on sunday september fifteenth at the kelly or somebody gets called the coliseum now. Here's how you can win. Call number eight seven seven seven ten e._s._p._n. Caller number seven who can answer this here. What coach did we have on earlier that threw his name into the u. s._c. Coaching hat gob is even available but he did anyway. That's my answer that question. You can win a pair of tickets to the rams versus saints and that's brought to you of course by our friends corona extra game on live next hour for another chance to win taken away at them.

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