ERP004-Riding on a Windy Day and The Gulf South Mountain Bike Series


Welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you live and direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from our home in beautiful gluckstein lockstep mississippi to where you find podcasts with your hosts. The quarter ton of writing fund those cycling good citizens the boy scouts who've never i heard a discouraging word jimbo rarely and kelvin jones remember these two way a quarter of a ton so you don't have to take it away boys so pay welcome back to the encouragement ride podcasts kelvin. How was your lunchtime today. Jimbo honor them frogs here today sadah gray sandwich from bicycle revolutions. We're doing pretty good on having a beater repair and some zaps potato chips and and rueben corny ruben ruben with spicing brown mustard grey poupon with really really tasty. Thanks for asking so well before i got here but we are taping again from revolution or bicycle revolution gluckstein mississippi. They're kind enough to let us steal a table well. We're we're trying to give them more consistent with the podcast so please bear with us and we're going to be kind of every tuesday moving forward so kelvin's going to post on our facebook at their clergy podcast for our mailbag so if you have questions please put them on the facebook page and we'll try to work them into some upcoming shows so the saddlebag. I'm sorry jay sorry about that. It is the saddleback kevin. Tell me kinda. We had an interesting ride. We've had two interesting rides with the extreme green wind and i'm gonna let them tell you tell them about the struggles of being big and being in the wind. I'll tell you it's been very gusty here. <music> now granted. There's a lot of places in the united states right now. They can't even get out and rod because still winter with a lot of snow but here it's spring pollen has exploded voted and it looks like a crop duster. Just let out a whole bunch of yellow powder everywhere but with that with the spring weather comes of some really really gusty winds. We've we've had winds up to seventeen twenty miles an hour in it feels really nice when you're sitting out on the back porch but when you're out on a bicycle you'll have any shelter from rig buildings tree lines or whatever it can be a monster to try to ride against very nice to ride with with it at behind you but turning into the wind is extremely tough so so when you look at it as we're a quarter ton of writing fun. I mean when you're looking at. I'm six two six three two hundred and fifty pounds. I'm a pretty wide guys well as jimbo is and so when when we ride we catch a lot more wind <hes> and it's it's extremely tough and the other day i was just soaking wet to the point. Where i was was exhausted. I had felt like i had written a hundred miles and i'd only done twenty and i'd actually ended up being dehydrated from twenty mile bike ride and it wasn't even one hundred your degrees. It was just that wendy. I helped you with some of the examples that i'm having well. You know some of the research in for doing this <hes> this episode i look at what is the wind coefficient or what does a five ten twenty mile an hour headwind really mean when you're going to do a ten to fifteen and even a twenty mile an hour headwind which we ran into with some gusts. It's the equivalent. If you're riding fifteen miles an hour. You're putting out the effort to ride at twenty five five miles right those of us that are really big. Don't really ride at twenty five miles an hour long sustained period unless we're going downhill for a long way and that's just is great for us but a twenty mile an hour headwind is equivalent to writing up four percent great so that's like almost going out to raise the towards france and in our size in for most people who don't train to ride the wind or ride the hills. It becomes extremely extremely daunting daunting. It's no fun. I kevin godley hydrated so we found on their website called cycling performance tips and we'll put a link to this in the show notes that just kind of gives you some basics and it doesn't matter if you're riding a road bike like we're doing it works anywhere wind is wind and now that we're into the spring. It's it's gonna be windy. All over the country and you can embrace the wind as we say embraced the embrace the suck embrace the suck or you can just put you bike up for a couple of weeks and hopefully it gets better but getting better means getting hotter so that's a whole nother set of challenges so we're just kind of go down the list and i'm gonna jump around around. Actually we're not going to go down the list one of the the best thing one of the easiest tips and kelvin kinda fell prey to it in our narod kind. It did fall prey. It says do not wear a loose fitting jacket. A baggy jacket will act like a parachute. It also flaps laps loudly. It slows you down so in lieu of a jacket where either a tight fitting shirt or kit or where a tighter fitting jacket. I happen to have that day. I had more of a lycra type jacket that was i this and i didn't struggle as much calvin had this big yellow plastic jacket and the wind would hit it it would swell up and he'd like the michelin ma'am bicycle a yellow mission so that's one of the <hes> the first tips tips the next tip is get down that means getting a better riding position and i'll let kelvin kind of talk about what a decent or a lower riding position as when you're writing into to the wind headwind is busting in the face you wanna get a little bit lower if you can you might have a bike that has a straight bar handlebar and you just kind of leaned forward into that that did he have the kindness the kirk draw bars you down into the lower drop position. Keep your back slightly arched with the good thing about it is is one thing that i found founded helped me with. One of these tips is to make sure that you keep your elbows loose and in-inside tucker elbows to your ribs and drop them because i find signed as you're struggling into the wind he sit there and tend to tense up when you tense up guess what when you're up of bodies ten stuff you have a hard time breathing deeply expanding your lungs. The biggest thing to ride into the wind is just to get down and a low position. Relax your elbows. Keep them to your side and remind and remind yourself constantly into <hes>. Just let your shoulders droop a little bit and just relax is it's okay. Your leg's doing all the work. Your shoulders doesn't have to and when you can do that you find that your breathing a little easier in your heart rate stays at a at a minimum pace and this is something i t we ran into yesterday kevin. I did a quick sixteen mile ride. We paid attention to which way the wind is blowing and instead of coming back in the win. We decided to start into the wind while we refresh it was a strong southerly breeze bobby fifteen to twenty money and then we took advantage of the tail wind coming back right and it was much easier to make it through that right absolutely so we we worked a little bit harder. We actually put in for lack of a better determine. Put in some training. We kind of pushed ourselves. A little bit worked a little higher gear just to build up some endurance but we also slowed it down when we have so it was a ton of fun like we kinda hope it would be. It wasn't miserable. One of the things is when we get some really strong wind like when we started into the win what we do. Is we gear down. What do you mean by gearing down a lot of terminology that some of you may not be familiar with well. You look down next to your pedals. You have <hes> you may have a small ring medium ring a big ring mm-hmm or all the above. I use the smaller ring for climbing hills and for going into the wind and helps you head a little faster and easier. We've had to tell when <hes> jimbo we geared up into the big ring and <hes> we were able to get up to speed. I think we had twenty three miles an hour with a tailwind elwin but i especially like the last of bullet point in your in your article here. Jim both keep a good mental attitude. Stay positive win day after day can beat as you down mentally but headwinds actually help improve fitness. There's a saying that you know he'll work. Is hills are speed working disguise when you're running but heels and winder speedwork in disguise for biking as well and you may not go may not be to get faster but it does help improve fitness. I can guarantee you that this has wiped me out riding riding in the wind but i know that i'll come out on the other side of stronger writer absolutely so we're like the newbie guys that are out there ride the cruisers and they're just getting into embrace the wind you got time to do a four or five mile an hour ride and it's a windy day planet out a little bit put some work in because it will pay off and that's what we were talking to some of the folks in our riot saturday. That was just brutal played yeah. We're we're going to benefit from these rides. These type of hard rides in june and july. Where are we'll be in better. Shape will be a little bit lighter so it'd be less pounds on the bicycle but our respiratory auction's going to be a lot easier and we'll be able to handle the heat better because we're putting the work in now. Just don't wear loose fitting jacket like i did or else it angel it like you have a pair sale on absolutely looked like the yellow michelin man and and i should have taken a picture of it and posted it but i wanna make him cry rather be the state of martin stayed. Put the yellow state uh-huh okay true believers now. It's time for expert corner where we can impart some real knowledge. Pay this jimbo rayleigh with the occurs mirai podcast. I am with jeremy poke. Jeremy did a segment forced last week on basic maintenance and had some great feedback so if you haven't listen to the previous episode please go back and do so. We've got some great information on just getting your bike ready. And how did you do some basic maintenance signet's. Keep your chain looped. That sort of thing jeremy is going to talk today. About the gulf south regional mountain bike series he is the president of that organization and they've got races all over mississippi their mountain bike exclusively and he's gonna talk a little bit about the series itself some upcoming events and how you can get involved volved even as a brand new writer germany. How's your day going good jimbo. Thanks for having me well. It's always a pleasure always a pleasure today. I'm gonna cheer what you guys a little bit about our melt migraine series in the gulf south. We have <hes> one two three four five six seven eight nine ten races this year <hes> that are all road. All of these are mountain in bike trails <hes> that we have lineup on and go together. Well no case a raced again. There's a time trial so you you get. You've got different categories. I'm sure you've got different. Categories that are based on experience <hes> so we have a category three he which is a beginner experience race in every category is separated into age groups and most of those age groups are ten ten year age-groups we do combine a couple of age groups <hes> here and there and some of the different categories <hes> but yuck <hes> subcategory three beginners <hes> they'll line up on the line and we have aged nineteen through thirty nine lineup together and that can be ten people that can be twenty people be forty forty. People you know just depends on who shows up with of everybody starts they start at the same time and it's a a sprint it style start you start as hard as you can to get into the woods into the single track in first place. You don't want to get behind somebody if you can't if you don't have to unless you're behind me you can draft but i take up a lot of space on the trail. We we do have for the first time this year a dinner first time racer race so if you've never raced off road in you were a true beginners rider someone like me who likes riding the trails but i've never raced before. We've got an auction this year for gulf sale to do you one time only beginner true beginner race in you will be racin other people that have never raced off road before that sounds cool so it's just a way to break in a little bit and get used to riding and racing on a single track trail where you're racing. Somebody would pretty much the same just a bunch onto novices out there. Then we have different categories category three is beginner category to more of your intermediate to advanced a level and in an <hes> category one is your seasoned racer guys who do this a lot. They invest it yeah yeah they invest they trained and they're in it for the guts and the glory there in in in it or something. It's a just the joy of racing bikes off road as as what i'm gonna for. You're so what i like about. It is the age groups. You know just kind of like folks. Who do five ks. You know they've got the different levels so you can compete at your level in your age group and yeah have a nice barometer of where you kinda stand yup. That's exactly right. That's it's real nice. One of the other things seem well. Tell you just a quick breakdown china. Where our races are this year our first racist coming up this sunday. All of these races are on sunday to give you an opportunity to provide the course on saturday and then race on sunday. Curse race is tough burg at golden eagle trail system in hattiesburg mississippi. The first race starts at eight a._m. And then the category one and two they start at ten. The next race is going to be in biloxi. Mississippi brar are badlands battle on april fifteenth. That's social mississippi's shade just about <hes> our next one will be in lookit. Louisiana may six the kadian class after that we have may twentieth mount zion destined bones offer a real fun trail system down on mount zion brocade area <hes> june twenty fourth estate games at mississippi benita lakes art in iranian september nine is charlotte's rubin at the nazi trail system ackerman mississippi. That's that's the metropolis of akron city you can. Let's see it from space and that's a very <hes> wilderness type trail system. It's out and back. It's big acreage. It's a lot it's a lot of fun. Beautiful trail system <hes> our one bonus points race. We have this year as the september sixteenth sixteenth pining hills classic in lincoln parish park in rust in louisiana. <hes> we have the october seventh hill country revival in in tom biggby state park in tupelo and then october twenty first is the mcgee lung buster at the regional trail system in retail mississippi beautiful trails now ridden myself good at it but i can count the trees. I guess fast way have a makeup race. <hes> due to the spillway scramble <hes> being postponed because the bond carries spillway being opened up in new orleans and that trellis underwater right now through their last weekend drove down to new orleans and our showing my family. This is the bony carrey spill way here on the news and it was a raging torrent for miles. It was actually kind of cool. It's gonna take them mu- life sometime to clean that up and get those trails back to where we can race on that. That area's beautiful. That's kind of the great thing about where these races are. You're there all over the state of mississippi north louisiana south louisiana so you get different terrains and familiar with all these areas. They're just absolutely gorgeous now. Let's say i'm not ready to race but i wanna come. Check things out. What's it like for spectator. What's spectating cross country milk by race a lot. The times is not very good because a lot of places are big acres acreage like them winning knox me. I mean it's it's located thousand acres so you're you're only seeing the person come through you see them start and you seem finish at that trump's assist sure <hes> at the ridgeline trails it is a very compact trail system so you can go to spectator places points of interest and see a racer come through five or six different times during that so all the venues are a little bit different but there are opportunities for spectators if they want to just coming just hang out because i knew the long buster y'all got live music and i know the band they're good guys and they have a ton of fun and i know you have folks at camp during weekend. Yes we do. That's one of the weekends we allow camping. Whenever we're having an event out at the ridge on trails we allow camping the rest of the trail. <unk> systems are on their own as far as son allow camping some places you can camp <hes> but most of them you can so you can just make a whole weekend out on the gist to go and enjoy cycling and if you're if you're a first timer and you want to give it a run you can be part of the action yourself yup experience experience what it's like to be on two wheels in the woods on a piece of single track. That's only two feet wide and people are trying to get around each other so so there bonus points for knocking people down and you can't knock anybody out on purpose on purpose on purpose does does happen on occasion well. It's also nice these areas that they're in <hes> there's plenty of hotels nearby so if you're coming in for the weekend or most of the racers no but if you're if you're coming from out of town and you want to check these out hattiesburg has great hotels the gulf coast has plenty of hotels akron area not real close but you know no more than twenty to thirty minute drive to get to you know name brand hotels. We're not you know stuff way out in the woods but <hes> you know we're you're no more than twenty twenty thirty minutes from a decent hotel and good restaurants and a lot of these places have real campground saw the one in akron as choctaw lake campground. Oh yeah it's beautiful. Beautiful fixed the lake in everything fix the dam and <hes>. It's a beautiful place where it has r._v. Parking the plug ins and all that good stuff too so that's that's the good stuff yea just getting out <hes> because i know my daughter's said they want to camp out at the at the next one but i guess after race to claim spot <hes> tell stories and find you on facebook. Go south regional mountain bike series page is on facebook underneath that title and i'm gonna put that in our <hes> or to put that in our show notes so it'll be a link to that <hes> also if i know this is kind of a regional podcast were basically it's mississippi louisiana but on the u._s._a. A cycling webpage u._s._a. Cycling dot org we'll have a link you can go wendy your respective stakes and pull up different events in your area. I was looking looking just doing a little bit of research on this in for mississippi like we have the natural trae century ride which is not a race but did you sign up for it. They've got goodie bags and like we say on the podcast when you get out riding. It's not a race but if you're inclined to dip your take the competitive pool there's opportunities for you. All over the country for different levels different genre can do road cycling mountain biking cyclocross quick cross grabble. Racing is is coming along nowadays. It's a lotta fun. Low low traffic count on that. Oh absolutely i love the i've been doing some gravel riding backwards and we had a little fun last week. We saw turkeys. We had a herd of cows run alongside of us. It was kind of interesting to <hes> <hes> and not have any traffic. We saw one car the whole time we were out. That's the best thing about riding gravel racing said there aren't anybody there aren't any cars right and i'm gravitating a little bit more towards that. I still love getting out on the road and riding with my buddies but this year i'm going to diversify and <music>. I'm probably going to try this <hes> first time race airedale because i'm fifty two years old. I wish they had them in weight classes. I would really help a lot more because i absolutely absolutely be amid a mega clydesdale. They used to have clive still that. Can they've done clydesdale racist before you have to be over two hundred pounds tinny yeah. I haven't seen to ten since eighth grade so i'm in good shape there but jeremy thank you for giving us all this cool information and we're going to probably try to podcast from one of the races or do a facebook live event and just get out ride and if you have questions check out our show note coach and see if the races thanks see. They're glad to have you all right. Thanks jeremy so appreciate all those good tips. The local rides now as we tie up the end of our show always finish with an encouraging word to our listeners going to go really old school today because this is <hes> at the time of this recording his holy week we just had good friday and this weekend is excuse me we just had the calm sunday and this weekend is good friday and easter so my encouraging were to you today is gonna be <hes> out of the oldest book that i know it's called the bible and his john three sixteen for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in the him shall not perish parish but have everlasting life better encouragement. Can you have to know that you have a god who loves you whose crazy about you and want to relationship would be me and all you have to do is seek his face and have that relationship so that's my urging word as we prepare for easter week and all god's people said rotten rotten helping you okay wraps it up for this week and look you can find us on facebook at the curb at ride podcast. Also if you have questions questions you know share. Please share write a review. We're still waiting for that. I review so if you want to be the first review and i thank you on the verge mariah we'd appreciate take my wife wanted to do it but that'd be kind of cheating when you think yeah so hey find us on facebook. Find us on twitter and the wheels down. Go log some months. Take care. Thanks everyone for joining it. Be sure to subscribe for all the latest news and updates you can find us on facebook facebook at the encouragement ride and on twitter at encourage writing be sure to submit your questions saddlebag in tune in for the answers. Remember where your helmet always use your blinky until next time happy trails objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

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