57. Sarah Reck MD and Her Anesthesia Residency Mishap


You are listening to the fancy free podcast where my girlfriends and I tell our most embarrassing funny stories so that we all feel less alone in our imperfections I'm Joanne Jarrett and I'm your host and today I have with me a neutral friend that I met on a physician facebook group. Her name is Sarah Wreck md. She's an anesthesiologist she went to medical school at the University of Wisconsin. Madison did a General Surgery Internship at Indiana University. School of Medicine and her anesthesiology residency at Northwestern University school. Of Medicine in Chicago she has four children. She's an avid exerciser runner and Pella tonner. She loves spending time with her family and traveling and she blogs Sarah Wreck MD DOT COM. She's active on facebook and Instagram, and she writes about fitness nutrition medicine in parenting. So clearly, she doesn't sleep. Sarah. Thank you so much for being with me today. Thank you so much for having me. Absolutely so fill in the Blake's what did they miss about who you are and what you do by think you'll hit just about everything. So I currently practiced anesthesiology Milwaukee Wisconsin and otherwise I think you hit the highlights and all four of my children are boys which people find to be a very interesting fact about me because they think that I'm absolutely crazy. Well, you can't really control that you know can't they keep asking me if I'm GONNA have another one to try for a girl and I'm like absolutely not four boys is enough I. Think you're crazy yeah, exactly. Actually get that question too i. have two girls just the other day I was in Dillard's getting abroa- fitting 'cause. You're supposed to do that once a year I haven't denigrate fifteen years and I I was I was completely gobsmacked by the way at the results but whatever there's probably something I should do I. Don't think I've ever had a BRA fitting. That's. Four kids and nursing for kids. That sounds like a recommended thing. One should do kind of like a yearly paps. Mary. Totally. Because if you're wearing the wrong broad, not only are you not looking flattering as you can in your clothes, but it's not as comfortable. However, I do have to say that unfortunately, the Bras that I purchased are not going to work I wore one yesterday and I've never been in such brought pain all my life I was like, well, this is the way Lebron's are supposed to fit them I reject. Yeah seriously the whole reason I bring that up is because the sweet gal that did my bra fitting by the way if you decide to go for a profiting, it's embarrassing they just measure you around. You don't have to stand there with your boobs out for the girl she just Gone faster shirt on if you're really modest good to know. Yeah, and then they just bring you in a bunch of different stuff. So you don't have to go back and forth and then you find one you like. But Anyway, she said Oh you have two girls or you going to try for a boy I'm thinking to myself your is work I'm forty seven years old. Done exactly and that would be the other part of it is physician user to think about all those risks I had my last one I was six weeks shy of being forty and I was like, Nope, not happening again for multiple reasons. Yeah. Yeah. So that's another reason why you're braver than I am because I was like bape if we don't have a due date before I turned thirty. By then it's not happening just can't. Yeah. But I do have a girlfriend from college. He's forty eight and pregnant with her third and every sign I. Know I think about it like every day I'm like you're so amazing I can't be pregnant right now I feel exactly the same way I didn't start until I was thirty four and then few how four obviously it takes a little bit longer. I can't even imagine starting over at this point in my youngest is not quite two and a half and I'm just like, no, we're we're on the growing up phase now. You're still in the throes of potty. Training? NAPS. That's About a decade passed that thing. Good. Well as you know, the point of this podcast is to share are not so fancy moment so that everyone listening feels less alone and can kind of nod in Giggle and say me too and. Maybe they'll be encouraged to share their funny stories with people around them so that we just create this ripple effect of laughter enjoy an connectedness. So what do you have for us today what has happened to you? That is not so fancy is so my embarrassing slash it's funny. Now it was super embarrassing at the time goes back to when I was A to resident and just for those who either aren't at Madison Center aren't familiar with the terminology in a siege as a four year residency. A you do a one year internship and then you start your PG wire postgraduate year to you start your anesthesia. You do your PG by one year, and then you're PG I two years you're see A1 or clinical anesthesia first year. So basically, my third year residency. But my second year of anesthesia training I was up at our children's hospital and I haven't been feeling bolic's had some sort of upper respiratory infection but nothing that I wasn't going go to work for because obviously, we work through anything. Oh. Yeah. I crave gastroenteritis because I'm like. If I have that exactly I never got it. Yes is just enough under the weather that I didn't want to be at work, but not so much that I couldn't be so I went and I was assigned a day of ent, which basically consists of a lot of super fast turnover cases. So especially, at a children's hospital, this can be a day of literally twelve or fifteen cases because they're super fast. It's like tonsils and Adenoids or a lot of ear tubes. Ear Tubes are literally about a fifteen minute case and we we don't intubate the kids we just mask them. And so it's totally noninvasive zero blood. There's no idea and I was. Masking the kid there in the middle of the case and I passed out just. Pass out cold in the operating room could boom. Yeah. My Gosh, right. My attending wasn't in there at the time because they're not all the time they're running more than one room and I was perfectly capable of doing this case and I'll operating rooms have emergency system. So of a patient is coating, you hit the button. A bunch of people come running in. It's a little bit different from the code system and a usual hospital because you don't want the entire co- team running into the are swift it's for the itself. So the circulating nurse didn't know what to do. It's the code button I come to on the floor of the operating room with all of my attending standing over me staring at me. I am more you. Mortified and I felt it coming on I. Think it was probably more of a Vasil Bagel than anything else like I was a little dehydrated from being sick or an annoying taken some sort of cold medication that probably didn't agree with me. So I come to on the floor of the operating room the patient was fine. By the way. Did. I luckily passed out away from the anesthesia machine and not into it because otherwise I may have had a head injury. But I'm laying there embarrassed and I'm trying to insist that I'm totally fine. I'm just a little under the weather can I please just help some juice and go sit down and they insist that I have to get on a stretcher and go to the emergency room and I'm like, no, I'm fine. I. Just like I just need to rest and drink some juice while they sent me to the emergency room, which again mind you is a pediatric emergency. Room. And you like I'm huge. Right well, and the gets worse because if they wheel me to the emergency. Room. And they get down there and one of my best friends from medical school actually did her residency at that children's hospital I used to play volleyball with a bunch of them. So insanity as the pediatric resident, who's a guy on the volleyball team I play with and I'm like. High. So go through the whole story, the my vitals and they're freaking out because my heart rate is forty something because I'm training for a marathon and being a pediatric hospital anything less than ninety makes them go haywire. So they get an ekg which freaks them all out because my low heart rate, and then of course, being a young female who passed out what you have to get the. Tiles. Yes so I get up go to my pregnancy test I'm walking back to my room in the Er with my urine sample in my hand. And the chair of the Anesthesia Department who is being very kind. He was coming down to check on me which I appreciate he's the nicest man in the world. He also happened to be the president of the American board of anesthesia at the time. Wow. So mocking backs my room, he's coming to check on bump into him. I'm holding my urine sample I'm now even more and more. So, glad you didn't spill your that one I know, right? I wasn't pregnant by the way. So everything checks out but they're still really up in arms about my heart rate and I'm trying to insist that I'm a runner and this is fine and I just need to go home rest and I had this upper respiratory infection and they're literally talking about ambulance chasing me. So the Children's hospital at the time was about six miles north of Armenian hospital downtown. And they're talking about ambulance me down to the main hospital and I'm like I don't need that bill I'm fine. Right. To insist that you stand down at this rate. I think the other issue is that I didn't really have anyone to take me home you need to go home they're not gonNA. Let you drive off right I think even ridden my bike to work that day for whatever reason. So the pediatric resident who had come to see me called my friend that I knew from medical school and she happened to be in clinic and he's like Hey. Can you come down and help her out to think he knew that I didn't really need to go to main hospital. So he really did a favor without telling me. So she came in and they agreed to release me of she would take me to my regular physician to follow up on that. So thank goodness they let her out of clinic it all ended up working out in the and. Other than the fact that I was completely mortified the chief residents both texted me later that day. Are you? Okay? Is there anything we can do? Can you work tomorrow and it was like I am fine. You guys so needless to say and I'm sensing the fact that you don't like to be the center of attention. I mean I'm GonNa, see geologist we tend to be okay with not being the one getting all the glory but certainly in that situation and then like I'll never forget you know after the dust settled and I went back to the Children's hospital my fourth year residency may see three year and I'll never forget I was in the day everything was fine and in walks my attending he's like I know who you are. You're the one who passed out like Bringing it all back. Thanks Yup. So. Yeah. I thought it went down in history, but it all worked out in the end and now it's something that I can look back on and laugh at and I story to people and they they certainly get a kick out of it. My Dad's a neurosurgeon and he has a scar on the bottom of his Chin because when he was in medical school, they were drawing blood on each other the guy that was driving his blood messed up in the blood started going everywhere. My Dad's stood up to try to I don't know do something and he hit the deck. He's like that took me a while to get past. The fact that you're the one you've passes out at the sight of blood. It wasn't because I saw the blood that was because I stood up and riot. Vegas I have this really embarrassing overactive vasovagal reflex, which has embarrassed me probably every ten years my entire life It's just so annoying. So to the listeners who don't understand what that is if you get startled or if you're in pain in your heart rate amps up, then there's this reflects that your heart can turn on that slows it down a little bit. I. Guess It's really designed. To keep your heart from beating out of your chest or keep your heart from going so fast that it's inefficient or your vascular system and my Vase Bagel reflects is bossy and overbearing, and so it'll lower my heart rate so low for like no good reason that I have to pass out and the same thing happens my dad's so yeah, I'm like, Gosh I hope my kids don't inherit that because. Really, inconvenient. I'll feel my heart rate go down to thirty and it's like I'm I'm toast. Stop It. If I can put my head real low rate, get the blood back up their own everyone said to me to a They kind of assumed that it was the sight of blood or something that made me pass go you're going to be very good anesthesiologists. Kidding those like I've done a ton of body cases. There was no blood involved in what was happening. It was just a totally out there coincidence it was a case of coincidental timing. It didn't even matter that I was in the. Yeah. Exactly. It could have been standing in line at the grocery store and the same thing would have happened. Totally yes. I've overcome that I have not ever passed out in the operating room again. So make sure you hydrate. You know it happens I. Mean this is one of those things that our body has built in mechanism to level are muscular system. Should we need to be level because brain does not tolerate a lack of oxygen very well yet at the top of our. Society just got down. Right. Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry that happened to you but I'm glad you can laugh about it now. I know I think to probably take a good month and that I was able to be like all right. We're just GONNA get past this. something. That happened and you know what? Like if there's any medical students are listening this half of the people I've seen so many medical students come into the operating room and you're standing there for a long time and it does get worm under the lights on if you are a little bit off and you haven't eaten at something to drink I mean it happens to a lot of people. I've seen attending editions step away from the operating room table for whatever reason and I always say it's more important to recognize that it's going to happen then to pass out flat into the field so. It happens medical school is a really really crazy time where you're requiring totally unnatural things of your body as you never know when you're gonNA eat sleep or drink right. But yet you're required to be on the top of your game every second right and I hate to admit it but one time I was in the Va and we were doing a really long. No I don't think it was in the was in Vegas and we doing a really really long case and I was retracting the liver and it's it's hard. It's hard work. Yeah. And they were switching. This was what it was such a long case and I can't even remember what we're doing on any of the details but the such a long case that literally the O-, our team switched out. Yeah and here here I am a medical student I'm just still there nobody cares nobody thinks to care about. The way it is is what will we signed up for exactly and I was so tired that I literally fell asleep had a dream woke up and had not moved a muscle I was like I was looking around like, oh. My God Oh God. was full of adrenaline and then I was fine. But Oh my gosh, it's just who I could have I. didn't see it coming I'm so glad it didn't hurt me one but like nobody's nobody's looking out for you. So you just have to kind of look out for yourself right? Here yourself a little bit. Yeah. What do you have in terms of life hats for us today? Obviously, I have four small children to feed who eat a lot I am pretty crazy about eating healthy and make most of our meals and stuff and with my crazy call schedule on just not always knowing when I'm GonNa get home whenever I cook a meal and do a lot of meal prep. But anytime, I cook a meal that I know can be frozen while Lake Mary Cheese Angela's any sort of casserole I, double the recipe and then I. Freeze half of it. Nice and it's a lifesaver because number one, the kitchen getting dirty the first time anyhow. So to just double ingredients, throw it in another pyrex dish than throw it in the freezer. I, can tell you the number of times I've come home from work exhausted and been like I. Don't feel like cooking. You have a chest freezer in our basement. I can just walk down to the freezer grabbing meal thought and where it goes euro dishes zero us so I would highly recommend that anybody. Awesome. Especially, if you know MOMS, I feel like moms who are pregnant and having kids are i. was like, what should I do to prepare them like freeze meals freeze yourself meals that's such. A good advice you're thinking, Oh, I'm just going to have a baby. I'm going to be home and able to cook. Well, you're not feeling good. You're race Ostad and that may be super demanding more than you can even know, and the other thing I see all the time to is people saying, well, what should I give so and so for like a second baby gift or a third baby gaff when I had. My fourth, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law spend today cooking and they came over with a freezer full of meals and they shoved them in my freezer and it was a godsend. So that's what I always tell people. Yeah it was amazing like I didn't need more baby clothes I didn't need any. This is what I needed. I needed food need help like concrete. Yes and so that's what I. Always Tell People I'm extent food give him Pinera Gift Card and that's what I do I when people have the baby now I took them food I cook one meal to eat tonight and one meal to put in the freezer. That's awesome. You know I think is another really good baby gift is grocery delivery yes. You live in an urban area Schimdt s-h-i-t is one of the companies of course I have access to that and you can get groceries delivered from anywhere like yeah. If you're on vacation you're staying in a hotel suite, you can get groceries delivered to your suite. So your instinct cartoon I think they deliver from target Walmart all those places. Yeah. You can get anything you can diapers and stuff it's almost like Amazon prime for yes even I In the middle of nowhere do my groceries now on WALMART DOT COM in. An ice schedule it to get to work at I'm like if I'd have this when my baby's. Life would have been easier. Fresher. What have you been lovingly that you think the listeners might lead to you. So I have two things. The first one is a book that I. Actually just started reading last night. Called the lot eighth actor and I heard about it. I was listening to reach a Hollis his podcast because I'm a podcast listener in the car when I'm commuting. I. Get bored with a radio. So I listen to podcasts all the time. Is Listening to reach Hollis's had cast rise and she had David Bach. WHO's the author of this book on He's a financial adviser by training. But now he's gone off and done a lot of his own things right in a couple of blocks and it's basically like teaching people how to think about money differently, and the book is a super easy read. I'm almost done with it. But as physicians we always say we don't get taught finances Ya when we come out with all these loans and you know I'm lucky I have a business minded husband and we have a financial adviser, but he dumps it down to a way that I can read it and be like that. Totally makes sense and it's called the law tape factor because it follows this young girl, she's twenty seven who is struggling with their finances. She lives in New York City, and she meets this gentleman who owns a coffee shop and he starts teaching her about money and he says, you know if you want to buy those, it's Your Law Tae factor basically saying you know add up all of your extremely expenses in a day you buy coffee every day a muffin everyday you're buying you're buying water that's like twenty five dollars. If you put even half of that into a 401k pre-tax, like this is how much money is gonNA end up being after X. amount of years and again. That I know but it was just put in a fashion that it really made sense to me and I think for anybody young in college who doesn't understand money who doesn't understand the concept of a 401k and pre-tax versus post-tax or even how a small amount of money I'll make a huge difference over a long period of time. Really Good Buck, and like I said, super easy read all finish tonight probably highly recommend. Okay. That's GONNA be my new. We're having a gift theme here. Apparently that's going to be my new college or high school graduation gift guests along with you know you can get that book and then you can write him a check and the check can be the bookmark like here's the many and here's some advice on how. This money. The proper thing exactly exactly and it's and it's the Nice thing is that it's it's very digestible amounts of money. He's not saying take a thousand dollars and put it aside. So it becomes he's literally saying twenty five dollars a day. So absolutely I'll link to that book the show. Yeah for sure and then the other one I was going to mention I'll just mention this really quick the podcast reconciling medicine Doctor Rene Paro does it with her husband Dr John Farrow they just talk about. How they've quote unquote reconciled Madison with their lives and how they've managed to find balance and they talk about a lot of other topics while they talked about the OPIOID crisis a couple of weeks ago hover really nice report with each other and they're fun to listen to and so it's a great podcasts for pre medical students who are kind of wanted to listen to people's journey through medicine they have personalities, but they're very upbeat on that medicine to calm I feel like there's a lot of downtrodden. How and the just are really trying to put it in the context of a lot of this is what you make of it. So it's a nice listen. It comes out on Friday mornings. It's called reconciling medicine and I would give listen. Awesome. Okay. I'll linked to that one in the show notes to do you think if somebody's not in medicine that would be interesting to or is that more niche for people who are in Kim, go both ways and you can certainly pick and choose. I mean, they talk a little bit of medical school on how they may choices and residency and the couples match. The first season was a little bit more about their journey to where they are. Now they're both attending physicians. This season has been some other topics that aren't necessarily just related to medicine. So yeah, I think it could go either way if you wanna hear to doctors talking about something that's going on right now right probably be a really interesting. Yeah. Even for a non medical. Yeah. What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? It's more of a life lesson. I had this attending when I was a thirty year medical student, WHO's on my internal medicine rotation. At the VA which I hated by the way, I'm not an internal medicine person but I get props everybody who is but at any rate he used to make us. Sit Down at the end of the day, and we would do paper rounds just go through and talk about all the patients and one of the things he always said to us is as we went around, you have to tell me one thing you learn from this patient, and of course, as a third year medical student, you're racking your brain for like the most significant medical piece of information at this patient has taught. You know they're all I learned all about craton scenes from this patient or what substances from this patient, and he always said, no I don't want you to tell me something you learned medically I want you to tell me something the patient taught you. So it's really more of a lesson of the idea that everyone has something to teach you and it was really hard to do because you wanted to focus on the medical side of it but it was more like this patient taught me humility or this patient taught me how to die peacefully or you don't like these things that are really big lessons that are hard. To put a grasp on as a medical student because you're trying so hard to learn that Madison. This is always stuck with me. Sometimes, you have to step aside of really look at what someone's teaching you even like your kids rallied you'll you're catching there's so much. You can teach me the joy UC in life for the we you see thing sitting just this idea that. Everyone has something to teach you. You just have to look for it and that's always stuck with me like I'll never I'll never forget sitting in that room in the va every afternoon and you would try to be like Oh my God. I have to think well, the streets Tommy you're trying so hard to learn by the Senate dwell and get the A on the rotation. Looking back on it. It was a really good lesson his you start to see those little things that that make you remember that patients are people too, and they're not just a number on the paper kind of always causing you to go back to the human side ex exactly. Yes. I think we can remember that in just all of our interaction back to the Latina thing. When, you drive up to a coffee hut and you're ordering coffee from someone just to look at a person in terms of being someone who has something to teach you who has a wealth of human experience that is different from yours. Super Valuable. What is one surprising thing about you nobody would be able to tell just by looking for five years after high school and throughout my college years I worked at a summer camp for kids with disabilities northern Wisconsin. You know so many people who are going into Madison work in the lab or they do hospital volunteering but. had. Worked at this camp, and so I started working at the year after I graduated high school and ended up working there for five summers and we'd served kids with cognitive disabilities. So let don't syndrome kids, blind kids and then also deaf and hearing impaired kids. So I actually know a little bit of sign language. My skills are very poor right now it's just not something people ever thing of anybody doing i. Think they probably don't think these kinds of camps exist and it was obviously a great experience because I spent five years working there. That's funny. Now, because one of the girls that I was her counselor when she was six years old is now married and we kind of keep in touch on facebook because she interestingly grew up like literally two miles down the road from where I live now and so it's just kind. Of A. Neat Full Circle to see how she's thrived and she's doing great. She has gone back to work at this camping for the people who have been there really is a profound experience and something I'll never forget and I'm glad that I dead even though it wasn't the typical pre medical student thing to do I think that's a great little golden nugget for people who are considering going into medicine if you don't. Have time to fit something into your school year that is a volunteering situation how enriching would that be for your life and for the life of the kids at camp of you could just spend some time volunteering at or even working that wouldn't even have right on tiered position at a special needs camp what a great. Yeah. Oh that's awesome. One I think it also goes to show that you don't have to do. The typical thing I mean, I, think. So many people I have to work in the lab I have to do the volunteering to do this. And really gave me something to talk about an interviews where I'm sure that people interviewing had heard about a million people working in a lab at something different and it makes you sick out in their mind a little bit interview medical students anymore. But when I did, it was always that person who had a little bit different of the story that you remembered because everybody else's cookie cutters. So it's actually a stick out a little bit. That's a really great idea. Wonderful. Well, Sarah. Thank you so much for being with me today. This was really fun. It was really fun. I'm no longer a podcast Newbie so I feel good about that. Now you're a pro and I think you're a natural and so I definitely think it's a good way to expand your readership for your blog. Excited tell the listeners how to find you online. My blog is just my name www dot Sarah rack m d dot Com and I blog about mostly about being a working mother but within the context kind of fitting in workouts, how not to feel guilty being away from your kids healthy eating that type. Of, thing I'm also on Instagram and that's also Sarah Rack md and then I also have a facebook page for my website is rack md finding your fantastic I kinda double post on instagram there just to put it in both places. So if you WanNa find me, that's where you can find me and I love to answer questions about being a mom and a moment medicine and working, and breastfeeding, and nursing, and pumping and all that great stuff. Thank you so much for listening today's episode of the fancy free. PODCAST. I just love talking with. Sarah it was so much fun to reminisce about medical school and medical training, and if you happen to have someone who is considering going into medicine share this episode with them, you can just go to whatever podcast APP you're using, and there's usually a share function where you can just text. Or E. Mail the link to the episode right to the person because I think she had not only some really fun insight into training but also some good tips as far as things that you can do to set yourself apart when you're applying for medical school, make sure to check out the show notes for today's episode Number Fifty, seven at fancy free podcasts dot com slash episode five. Seven to get all the links that we discussed today's show so that you can learn more about, Sarah, also listen to the crazy I date compilation episode at Fancy Free Podcast Dot com slash date three to find out how Sarah met her husband. She tells that story on that episode and it's called thirteen crazy first-aid stories. Next week on the show, we have Audra powers who you may. Remember from thirteen crazy for state stories. She told us a story that can find the most amazing coincidence with the best for state, and that is just a story not to be missed. But on her feature episode next week, she has a funny story about a parking lot fiasco when she was trying so hard to make a good first impression and you're gonNA love hearing more from Audra. If you have a story to tell email me at not fancy fancy free podcasts, dot com, and if you want more connection laughter and sharing, please join our fancy free facebook group. We have so much fun laughing together in connecting over there. The question of the week this week is have you ever passed out and if so what happened I'd love it if you've followed fancy free podcast on instagram until at least one friend about the show this week have a wonderful week and remember no one is a Spanish as they.

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