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The. Hi, I'm Ian. He cocks. I'm Courtney Miller Shane top. And we are smush a YouTube sketch comedy channel. But this isn't that? This is our podcast ketchup Shane. Join us each week where we'll have a revolving door of guests Courtney iron every episode though. Right. No. But don't worry about that. We'll we'll discuss. Okay. Well, who are the guests? Then I don't know yet. Anyway. And why can't we be in every episode because you like this Shane away? Hey, very targeted. Okay. Anyway, we'll discuss YouTube drama current events spill little T here. And they're talking about whatever's going on our lives and give you a bunch of unwarranted advice. And I'll be brutally honest about how I feel about not being on every episode, and I'll be brutally honest about my body. Please don't don't trust my nipples listen to smash cast you can find us wherever you're listening to this teaser.

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