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Dear Bobcat Ep. 11: Welcome home


Welcome to Deere. Bob cap the podcast series from Ohio today radio where we ask how university alumni to write a letter to their first yourselves and read it on stage or in the. What would you say if you could go back and give that naive younger? You some advice? Reassurance. Or words of warning. Ryan Boyd used his lighter impart to answer a question. He got a lot in college. Why did you come here from Colorado? He read this letter live on stage at the Deere. Bob caravan at Athens Khasaminova during homecoming weekend. Thank you. Deere. Bob cat. Welcome to Hieaux, both the state and the university. This is it. This is your new home the next four or five or like a years. Yeah. And you're going to love it. But let's be honest. You were just in a twenty two hour car ride with your mother so anything at this point feels like a really good situation. Barillas eighteen year old Ryan you have no idea. How lucky you are from Denver Colorado to Athens, Ohio people in Colorado will actually never understand that though. They would never understand why someone would leave the rocky mountains to come to southeast Ohio and beyond that people in Colorado will never actually understand that. I'm not a Buckeye. Right. But that's a totally different story for totally different time. But at the end of the day young Ryan, this is your home. So when I sat down to write this letter, I struggled a little bit with what direction I might take. As I try to talk you through what the next four years might look like I figured on one hand, I could lecture you a little bit about what it's like to find academic success at Ohio University. But then I realized that I really didn't learn well in that style. Which is why attendance numbers weren't good as a college student Ohio University. I also considered that I could possibly give a sneak peek into some of the really cool things that you'll do over the next handful years, for example, you'll live in an apartment with six guys on Palmer street, and you'll study all the time and no. There'll be three Nate's of fill a Jake and John. And they'll be better known as huggy. Kitty, cat cogs the general tethers and Philly Chaz. I know young Ryan even for an eighteen year old mine. This sounds really stupid. But you want to keep those guys around you'll be on live television. You'll be on radio shows like all the time. You'll follow the football program all over the country. Make sure by the way that you stay up all night and drive. Depend state pretty worthwhile trip. Believe me. Not wanna get carried away talking about those specific instances, but it did allow me to kind of come up with three pieces of advice that I'll leave for you as I as I construct this letter, the first of those pieces of advice is to pay close attention to those that truly impact your life while you're at Ohio University, your wacky roommates, the ones I just mentioned they'll have you Christmas Caroline down. Palmer street in the middle of summer. You and your best buddy. Kevin Noonan will form an iconic broadcasting duo and you'll forever rule? The Peng tables of Athens, you'll become a tour guide, you'll meet Molly. Liz and santia. There really is not a more fun group than these three. And eventually you'll meet Meg she's a Pittsburgh sports fan. So in a lot of ways, she's actually the worst. And at one point in time. She might take you to a Steelers game, you'll get hit by one of those terrible towels for hours and hate everything about it. But but somehow you'll look pass that you'll see that. She too has great significance in your future point is people. Come and go from your life all the time. So the important thing to do in college is to is to sit back and enjoy those that truly impact the experience that you have and it goes beyond those shenanigans. Right. It becomes more about those that can impacts you beyond those four years that you spend at Ohio University. The second piece of advice that I have for young Ryan is to say yes say yes to any opportunity this presented to you at Ohio University. Now, I understand the general theory of this can be a little bit dangerous. Right. Imagine like one forty five AM at CASA maybe a little bit dangerous. If you say yes to the wrong thing at the bar, but. But in most cases, saying yes is a pivotal part of the college experience. Do you wanna be on live TV as an eighteen year old? Yes. Absolutely. Do you wanna learn a bunch of random facts about this school as a tour guide that you'll never use again? Yes. Absolutely. Do you want to be a speaker for incoming students to help them as they as they are in college or in high school and trying to decide what school they go to do you want to speak to them about that experience? Yes. You want to do that. Well, how university is special young Ryan because of the opportunity to grow a lot of different ways. And without saying yes to new and different things. You'll never have that opportunity to meet unique people and develop in unique ways number three third and finally eighteen year old Ryan you become a great storyteller goes back to the intro tonight. And you need to use those stories for good for how university for society, whatever it may be. You were blessed with a great voice is this something that you enjoy doing you talk. Maybe too much some of you are probably thinking. Wow. This guy's been going forever. But you were blessed with that ability. You enjoy presenting and speaking in front of people, and you understand the value of storytelling the impact that can be had by telling a great story and that for so many people and for us included is the experience at Ohio University. It's a great story waiting to be told. So the last piece of advice that I'd leave for young Ryan would be to take those experiences the wacky and the great as far as professional development academic take all of that. And make it into a great story that you can then share to better the university to encourage a young kid end up coming back to a how university you're coming to university for their college experience, and as you continue professionally saver that skill that something that can convince it you in the long run. So that being said again, Ohio University will be the best four years of your life. And thank everybody for listening in to my dear, Bob. I ryan. Hey, how's it going? It's good. Good to be here. Thank you for writing your letter. It was great. Can you tell me why did you want to write a deer bobcat letter? I think like many Bob cats. I think I look back on my college experience as being something that was so positive but started with such uncertainty. You know, I come from where I do being across the country. And and didn't know what to expect coming in as a freshman at Ohio University or even coming to the state of Ohio. So I think for me it's kind of cool to reflect on where I started. And then where I got to by the time, I graduated from Ohio University. So, you know, it's just the passion for this institution. Does take you back to that first day, and I experience and it's fun to relive that. Well, why did you come to a high? Oh from Colorado. What brought you here in the first place. Yeah. Sometimes it feels like maybe I put up like a dart board had a map on it. You know? And I was just throwing. Art, sad it, but. A lot of it came down to the journalism school. You know, I I was one of those seventeen year old kids that that did the online searching and infound journalism schools that fit my interest. And I was also really fortunate I grew up with a a single mother and didn't necessarily have the resources to do a lot of college searching and traveling in those types of things, but I do have family in the Toledo area, and they were really kind, and they brought me out paid to have me come out and visit and see the school and the experience was outstanding. I mean, like most people, you know, you see the campus and you fall in love with it. You know? So I'd already been accepted and thought. Wow, this is great journalism school. But I don't think I'll see it, you know, before I calm, but I I had that chance, you know, to do that right at the very end of my senior year before I made a decision, and it was it was big a big change for me in that decision process. Sure. So the friendships you made here sound like they still mean a lot. How of those evolved over time from Christmas Caroline down. Palmer street in the middle of summer to whatever they are today. Yeah. I it's it's funny. How you kinda grow up with these these friendships, you know, you all are all of us have grown into our new lives and in new places, but we do everything that we can to keep in touch. And and keep you know, I think part of it is trying to keep those memories and in trying to not necessarily relive them in the ridiculousness that they were but being able to get together as often as we can to to share the memories and and look back on how positive those days were. So that's one part of it is is having that still personal connection with those people. And I still see them as much as I can. But the other part of it is is understanding how relationships change, you know, and in how people do go to different places and are in different stages of life. You know, and you have friends to get married in in friends that. Get into different professions, and it becomes harder. But we're all constantly changing. Our the way we interact because of that, you know. So maybe we don't talk as much as we used to or don't sees each other as much as we used to. But I think the relationship is still as strong as ever in just its own unique way. And I think that's a cool thing about Ohio University as well, as you know, that the people are a big part of what made my experience here, and I'm really thankful that the relationships have been lasting, even if you know, even if they're not the exact same that they were when I was here. Did you leave anything out of your letter? Anything more you want to say, wow. I think the hardest part of writing that letter. Pete was that there was so many stories I wanted to get to you know, so many great memories that I would have loved to have been able to highlight. And we had so many great speakers that night. I felt like I don't wanna hold anybody up because they are also captivating to listen to. But you know, I think as you're right. Eating it in in thinking about that experience. It's you know, how many great stories there are. And also, I think how many people there were you know, I mentioned probably some of my best friends in the world in and my girlfriend and all of that. But I there were so many others that I could have gone to and and so many mentors in in great professors and those types of people as well. So I think if I had you know, all day to sit in in ramble on about this stuff. I think I could find great stories and great people because that's the type of transformative place. This is. Today. Ryan works in relations that are high university continuing to connect Bob cats back to the memories and friendships they formed at Ohio. Thinking about what you'd say to your younger self? We wanna hear it. Right. Your own to your Bob cat letter and Email it to Deere. Bob cat at Ohio dot EDU. A record it by calling seven four zero five nine seven one thousand. We might just feature you on a future episode. You can also visit Ohio today dot org slash Deere. Bob cat for more episodes of the show or find us in Google podcasts. I tunes in Spotify. Deere. Bob cat is produced by Ohio today radio and record it at WBZ studios in Athens, Ohio.

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