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Dan. Listen threes just came in for last month. We are number one. We just grabbed every key Democrat. Bird. Ago Neto. Is. Good. News your brain, are you mad Do you feel like Bob Vantage. Big Pook. Google. gaveled. Is there, and I'm just guessing here's some kind of medication that you may need a lot of and have taken none of or maybe too much. It is the Thirteenth Day of August twenty. Twenty happy Thursday morning to you by name is Chris. Thanks for tuning in today we have Ron. Johnson as Tommy. Oh could not make it had been lied bristow vacation. So Ron Johnson, Mark Rosen, Zach myself, and double be a cast of thousands and so much to get to. Let's get started with some comedy from Peterlee Jim. Gaffe again again, I'm Chris Hockey. I am glad you are here. My wife is a New Yorker. So she likes the bus, my chops. Taking pilates with her just so she could make fun of me in front of New People. We get there. She's I guess WHO's here my husband I wear the pants and this relationship. I was like, yeah, but I washed them. Just for that little gem, shrink your jeans a little and make you feel back. And there's a female bodybuilder class. Have you ever seen one of those ladies I wouldn't make one her, but she makes. A girly man what's up man? There her name's tiffany but nicknamed or Greg. But I'm pretty sure she's stronger than me because her wait thirty pounds in my weights or purple. Dude what are you bench of Islet? My wife kind of like a gruff smokers voice. She's beautiful picture like a pretty little butterfly just floated down in Atlanta on the back of your hand it was like over gone. First Time I met her I was like, are you talking into a fan? You ever find yourself being lazy for no reason at all like you pick up your mail, you go on your house. Realize you have a letter for a neighbor, the lettering go. Looks like they're never getting S. Pay, too, much energy to go back outside. Stick it on a Euro Hannah, get that to them later on. Right. Now you gotTa Watch Love Connection He. Gets new host on their. You ever have one thing to do all day. You just can't get yourself to do. I gotTa go to the Post Office. I'd probably have to put on pants. Only, open 'til five. Next week. A little more free time. I never have free time. Yeah. I. Don't know about you whenever I go to ever cash machine there's two people in line in front of you get Kinda of fluffy like forget it. I'm not standing here for forty seconds. I got things to do. Some nights being lazy can get you in trouble like you ever not take a shower I'll weekend. Just lounge around then you're running late for work on. Monday. One person it works. Like smoke in here. I wanted to a barbecue on Friday night. At forty hours, stick a shower. How Stephen Colbert mentioned last night that the election is something like eight three days away and he said in Corona virus time. That's three showers. Yeah. No kidding. Am I the only one showering every day. What the hell man. Showering every day I everything. I ate it I don't understand the people like I don't have to go to work I. Don't want to shower who doesn't want a shower I hate that feeling now. Your ass, you dirty. Yeah, there's no doubt. There's the stinky part favorite parts in general just wake up. Yeah. That's the thing I I am not awake until I get in the shower one, hundred percent this I mean this morning I was like the walk from my bed to my bathroom to get in the shower I was the the worst person in the world. We're wishing death on everybody. I was hoping for an asteroid soon, the water hit I was like hey, ain't so bad. This one more time. One, hundred percent. That's almost two decades for me to I hate. Yes soon as you start sharing your like I'm awake might as well go radio that is exactly L. during everyone every morning. That's the number. One question. Right when somebody finds out, you do radio it's like, wow, what's it like getting up? At three thirty or four in the morning. That's the easy part, right? Yeah. Staying awake and productive, the rest of it has. Deer near impossible man I. Know I love when people are like, Hey, I would love free to do something very fun at noon. You want me to do you want me to five thirty at night. Sure. I'll probably be up and got. One Yeah. How about this? How about nine thirty, five bright you meet me somewhere asking us to do something at noon. would be the equivalent of asking normal nine to five or like, Hey, you wanna get together at two thirty in the morning. No that's what I'm sleeping. That's what I'm sleeping the hardest. Out Cold noon. When you wake up usually. Three forty five during the day then yeah. Yeah. That's like after noon. One Ish I'm normally like an eleven to one kind of a sleeper. I wake up on purpose or yeah normally. Yeah. Well, things he when you have a wife and kids if you take a six hour nap, you get riddled with guilt trip. So I absolutely said a a nap alarm and I I hate that alarm just as much to one in the morning. I went to the having some time is worse to be honest with you wake up. You know the sun's shining through and I'm I'm sweaty and gross. I didn't really get a good nap because somebody decided to do something downstairs. For. This right when the alarm goes up at four o'clock in the morning I, I'm getting up in at least GonNa go have fun and do radio. This is a fun job. goes off at one bed means I gotTA GET STUFF DINO? I gotta try to be productive around the house or at least make it look like an burns. Here's the worst thing for me to, which is sometimes even more work just to make it look like your work get up from a nap and a good on stairs and walk into the. Kitchen. And I'm still so tired. I can barely walk. My is way forty, thousand pounds I smell I'm crusty I got nothing to look forward to. And and then you hear this. or You. K. Just WanNa go no. I'm not okay. All I. WanNa do is. Chronic. I just. WanNa go back to sleep forever is that a possibility isn't anything wrong? You tired yeah. Really. Yeah. Let's discuss that. I like when it it's one o'clock in my alarm goes off and I stumble upstairs and it's one O two right And my wife looks at me and asks me some giant profound question about the world or politics or life. And I'll go I mean I don't know like are you going to be tired all Um like God? Up. Give. Me a second our rate. Walk of death in the morning right? Like you said, you're dead to the world until you hit the shower. The again, it's even worse for us in the afternoon one o two and she wants to talk about life but you're GonNa have to give me twenty minutes. I gotTA shower again, start my day which by the way I do a lot for that exact reason. Otherwise, you're the walking dead after and you're not getting anything done when you have to so. Can you just wait if you WANNA see like, Hey, what flavor ice cream do you like I'll tell you WanNa ask a serious question. Wait till about four thirty. I walk downstairs and she's like, Hey, can you help me with something? I'm like Donald Should be ever terrible person. Give me ten minutes I'll be. All right. You're getting this one. This is this is number one frustration with my wife to me, and it's not even close. She will. At some point between now and eleven almost every day. Send me a ninety thousand word Article From The New York Times that has solved the world problems, right? It shows it to me almost always before the show is over. So then we do the show I, don't have time to read it. I'm working we'll do the podcast I get home, and now it's ten thirty eleven o'clock and it's naptime right? So I still haven't read it I. My alarm goes off at one o'clock. I roll upstairs at one zero to like the walking dead and she'll go what did you think about that article and I go I didn't read it yet. You didn't. You've had seven hours to read. Seven our articles. Yeah. So I'm getting extremely good. At Skim Skim Skim Skim. ooh That looks important. Skins. Got It. Did you read that Article Yeah can't believe. She said the thing about the thing. and. Then you know I, pass it off like united sped read. Chapter Book that you send. There's like a low ball, right? Exactly. Yeah. She sent me to super long article about. Hybrid learning in one experts concerned about hybrid learning nationally I found one line that started one paragraph. ooh, that's a nice little thesis statement. So I just text her back and I go yeah I thought it was pretty interesting. The way that he brought up this because I hadn't thought of it like. I know me too and I'm like, yes. Yeah. Yeah I. Mean minutes by. Skimming. Sauce been doing it for thirty seven years right at works half listen and just play the hits. Anyway I could go on all day. and. This is mean, I can't help but I know I mean because I lear- and I'm still pretty awake by the time I get. Home from the drive. I'm barely I mean yeah. I could get arrested. That's how tired I right and then you get to the top of the ramp to turn left on weaver. Lake. Road to go home and the text comes through asking you go to target Oh man and all you WanNa do. Type back. What's really on your mind? Like do you have anywhere to go right now? Right. Realize. I'm out I realize I'm still out I realized that but I also realize you've been in. For the last three days and I know you want your wine? Your wind can wait until naptime certainly. Drive yourself sight there's sunshine in the sky holding you barely well. I know this is all adherent. Good. I. Here locked away. Yeah. Because to your point, once your brain says its nappy dial. Then, even saying go to exits down and spend twenty minutes. That's like an episode of fear. Factor. I don't know if I'm my eyes are going to stay open twenty minutes is the worst twenty minutes of the day were. Go into, go into, get the wine and I come out with a case of wine and all I wanna do is you are an alcoholic we need to talk. To I get every stoplight, get the red light and I hate everybody around me. I turn left in my neighbor. There's people everywhere working in my neighborhood and I know. I'm going to hear nothing but that for Naptime or currently this is updated reference or you're driving back on ninety four then you realize that we exit is close and you have to go. Take a giant loop back on hemlock or something I don't want to be on the road. Going to kill all of you stupid. Because I'm supposed to check for my doctor. He told me this about a month ago. Hey, make make an appointment so we can get it. going. Every day it's just too much for me to call. I'm too tired the column making it's gotTa be digital. Yeah and the whole thing. But every day I'm like man. The general. started the show. Stupid. And you`re Wrong. Piece of mail gets delivered to your mailbox. Looks like. He's second coming to find the right mailbox. Job. God Yeah Man I know I don't know why I'm tired today Matt I woke up tired. I'm I was beat today. So today's the perfect day for you bring this up because I can barely keep my eyes open, but I'll come around. But when you get to be our aid, you're almost fifty, forty eight. So Zach and Brian Check. This out I don't remember it's been. So long I don't remember being sixteen seventeen years old and having endless energy I. Know I did we all did we were sixty years old? It's so far back in my memory where I could just go twenty four hours a day and never get tired. What are we doing? Wherever. We're going. Let's do it now all once you get to this age, all you're thinking about is, when do I, get to nap next? And what is GonNa Stop Me from NAPPI How can I sneak a nap and this is made sixteen. Fifty. Even about funding. For example back to. Eleven. To one of the world. At, twenty two years old when I started working here. It was like, Hey, rage against the machine's plan the performance studio. Said Hey, corey great news by the way Ray machines getting back together and they're playing performance duty at twelve, forty five. Forty. Five. Talk. So pissed who something? You're right. Give me a favor before you walk out the studio, you cut a five second. BET is a great. Great Porn. Exactly. Exactly, the gap age gap again joke. Wild liners just say, Hey, is cory co power to using the wild on the fan still have done that. They are out. It takes you. Twenty seconds a log into the computer right the program to edit a liner takes two seconds to lower so you are ready to record within thirty seconds. That's a one take. We're not reiten. Moby. Dick or basic. Hey. Listen to the power to morning after nine right here on the fan. Now back to wild hockey that's it. Then it takes twenty seconds to MP3 today go Abbott Right the whole process is a minute and a half. Point Birch. Else Cut Liners screwed the wild. Shipped off to a different station I'm not doing a five second. To Chad's point. Or to to to our point if Chad emailed us at five twenty in the mornings at pay cut this line because we need to run before the show I'd be why do we could do like got time I got nothing to do talk ten minutes before the show starts at nine one doing a five second liners sounds like. You WanNa, meet the devil, slowing down my naptime. You WanNa meet the devil wake up from a nap. This is me I wake up from a NAP check my email. It's a sales rep going. Are you still at the station? You're four hours late news. Yep. Yeah. It's three. I'll just hang around to you need something. Lucky. No. Driving Home I'm almost maple Grove Hey. Sorry just got the script. It into oncoming traffic. So. But if you're we really road, if you're at your exit, you have to these posse spot start tomorrow you're going to be like son of a bitch, right? Right. But to our point can wrap up the whole conversation if I'm in the parking lot downstairs. Walking to marry her. Watching to my car and I get that text like, Hey, these spots tomorrow can you cut this quick sixty second commercial the idea? Back on the elevator. Cutting A. Take me four minutes. I. I don't even want this account. Just last week. This is super inside radio. So true I'm just thinking. This is gonNA. This is just a sick fragment you and I. Will come down like, Hey. So and so really thinks that you'd be a good fit for their company I'll. Thanks. We try it out. I bet you ninety five percent of sauces and doors. Anymore. Clive's. Do Commercials at nine zero one. The. People that are actually doing the commercial and paying for the advertising great. People. It is the idea that you told me before the show. Hey, can you cut these at nine one, one, hundred percent I'll do them before I leave. But if you ask me after the show, I've already mentally checked out. And that's my Gosh. Boating endorsement. was about three examples I won't get super specific I. Don't WanNa truly out, but there's about three examples. Over the last three or four years where I've had a prospective client. That's like on the brink, right. But if it's GonNa work because it might be a conflict with a different client I, have it's a weird line in South Seattle. And then I think you are the last person that would make sense for client. But. He's just the safety net right? Here's the here's the giant. What's the? What's the fishing show? Cat. These these basically giant out of the back of a deadliest catch boat. In a bad mood. Gets me riled up on the. Saint Thomas not the same thing I seen the Fisher House the Fisher. House I know is a huge part of recovery for somebody like my husband for them to know that their family members are being taken care of that's a huge burden off of them so they can concentrate on their therapies. Just having that assurance that no matter what is long as we were there for Anson that someone would be there to take care of us. Took so much weight off our shoulders. How can you help go to fisherhouse Dot Org? Pro Pay. Tax. Plug in that tank, we deliver propane straight to you extend your. Dose through that's. Pain taxi. Pentax dot? com. Let's cook in this weekend. If really is your plan, then make it easy on yourself. GO TO PROPANE TAXI DOT COM enter Promo. Code. bbq Ten for ten dollars I barbecue tank exchange delivered to your door. It's that easy with propane taxi. So you can focus on family friends and fun going to get paid. A. God. Anyway. He's back tomorrow. Some Zakhir but this has been the weirdest week. Tommy's not in today either bright lot of vacation this week it all just kinda overlap but Ron Johnson going to be here seventy nine. And then in Rosie O. be here still too. So Zach Bran Chris. Ron and Rosie, we'll get through it. Oh. Yeah. We got lots to talk about today. Well how about we come back from sports the the end of an era now officially with the Minnesota Vikings. Player, officially now moving on yet we'll talk about that next. Like this band more than anybody else in the world. I just love tonic man I don't know what it is. One of my bucket list things is trying to get this guy have a writing session with me loves him natural now. Emerson, Hart's his name is the lead singer, the main guy And I have a friend WHO's a friend of his and and he does writing sessions with like real writers and I'm GonNa see if he'll meet to. Just do it to see what happened to you know what I mean why not be in a room with somebody that you admire like that if you can figure out a way to do it. That'd be cool. Yeah. That'd be cool. Oh. Complete left turn and you probably know this because you this is something you would care about did you know that? Tom Morello. and. The Guitar player for us to be a band together in high school. I did not know that know that how about this to Qatar player for two was the Bass player and Tom Morello's band in high school. The Guy the guitar player from tool. Moved from California to this little town in Illinois where Morella lived and they joined, they started the band together small world. How `bout that or two of the biggest bands in the last race guitar players up there generation. Man Morella was on there's a podcast, the rolling stone podcast. and. They write the articles but they record the interviews and they just go and you know why not we'll just released the interview to. Without saying, this is a smart some bitch man yee Tom Morello to Harvard absolute critical science major man that was one of the great bitch from a month ago when people were tweeting and basically saying, I'm so tired of these rockstars thinking they know everything about politics. Well, maybe my Political Science. Major from Harvard would probably give me the ability to speak on. Subjects. Pretty. Good. Yeah Who's WHO's like the last twenty years Morella was Jack White maybe the name they actually talked about that who they say Jack. White Jacqueline. They mention and that there just isn't a guy right. Exactly. True there isn't a person now and Tom mentioned that early two thousands like fell in love with the girl and for sure seven nation army and stuff that's been fifteen twenty years in some of those songs right and you can even say that they're the same generation almost. Almost about but Tom said, you know what It all die on the mountain of trying to continue to make the guitar. You know important and a viable thing, and he said people said read the beginning of the nineties when we were about to become rage against the machine that guitar rock was dead because people could create it on computers and sample and computers, and he said my answer to that was I'm GonNa, take my guitar make it sound like your computer. Right? He talked about in this interview medifast he's got a book coming out the reason he did this interview which I can't wait to listen to but he talked about being in his. In his. Dorm Room at Harvard and his You know obviously, he was into heavy metal even like hair metal I was know almost the same age and as a kid he was in the really hard rock and heavy metal. He said he was the only black kid wearing spandex pants. And his high school So he had a roommate who was deeply into classical music, and then of course Tom was in the deeply hard rock. And said, he was playing attorney got really bored. He's getting really frustrated and he started messing with the the knobs on guitar. And his roommate came out of the kitchen or whatever, and into the room and said, did you buy a keyboard? Are you trying to kill me and Tom? Yeah, the did kind of sound like a keyboard and he said from that moment on, he did everything he could to explore what he could do with his guitar to make it sound like it wasn't a guitar and that's what he did. Remind me again like when when guerrilla radio came out like Rolling Stone magazine I said that they added instrument ex yeah. I forget which instrument they say I think they added a they thought they added a synthesizer right don't remember I thought it was even weirder than that I thought it was a weirder instrument and synthesizer and it was just Tom on guitar him yeah. It might be during the solo here. The bridge I don't remember, but maybe it wasn't guerrilla radio, but maybe was a song off on. Something where it's but there is a Weird Guitar Solo. In the song. He said that it was this song I'm telling you the whole interview but. It's Tom Roman right? He said. When they I wrote killing in the name of it as an instrumental. Sit in fact, the first few times they played, they played an instrumental. And then which absolutely shreds but obvious yeah, exactly. Accepting yeah. The Game Changer. But well, let's ask me to youths Rianne. Zach you guys are still both in your twenties. Who is the guitar player of Your Generation I was thinking about that a lot as you're saying that I mean John Mayer I know I talked a lot about him but he really deserves a lot of credit. He really is like a student of the guitar, but he's kind of that same generation with Jack. White. So I can't really think of anyone now is probably someone younger that means frankly The first one that comes to mind just because. I don't know I it's hard because a- Iraq isn't like it used to be as like in the nineties. So the first one that comes to mind this is sinister gates. Sinister. Events seven multi great player. He really is don't know if he's got the credit he deserves right he is one of the he's probably the best guitarist I've ever seen live but maybe that's the whole point though is that If you and I are rock man and sound like you know we as Chris but if ninety nine percent of the public which banned you're in, then you can't really be that guitarist if a generation is a ten out of ten right even if he's that good. We just don't have iconic guitar players anymore. Yeah. Like we did in the seventies eighties nineties maybe even early two thousands. Rockstar relieving is. I mean Shawn Mendes getting there but okay. Well, but there are guitar players that you would know to start players who knew that Adam. Levine was guitar player. You know who to be honest with you for a long time who knew prince. Guitar. Right I mean and that's you don't. This next if you can figure that out in the next six minutes, what's what instrument it was rolling stone. This little part here in a second was. An enraged at a break in the news at this was just Tom on guitar this. Start. Some time. What better place in here. What better time than now? Golly Gee? I know. I'm always surprised by. The percentage of the doesn't really like this and I get completely cool everything's. Right in my wheelhouse just I know I literally feel it in my spine, I do I. So good. Anyway I tell you about podcasts like that all the time but when the Morello book comes out. I can't wait to listen to it. I. Can't wait to listen to. Stay. Pretty good some sports because people carry sports. Time now for front page sports presented by Ryan to see a criminal defense riot. Defense end of an era for the Vikings because Everson Griffen has signed a one year six, million dollar deal with the Dallas. Cowboys a three million dollars base salary three, million dollars roster bonus possibility at forever's in four time Pro Bowler, ten seasons with the Vikings seventy four and a half sacks with the purple. That is fourth in franchise history he is thirty two years old. According to what a couple of reports to it sounds like the vikings were in the MIC and Seattle too which is interesting because to me that means it was down to one of two things right opportunity or money. At that, want it when you're thirty two in your fridge and it has to be one of those two things right? One hundred percent. Am I gonNa ever play and what are you paying me right? Yeah. Yeah I'll tell you I am. I that guy you know. He was always so friendly and so nice and he he's such an intimidating guy. You know we did that on Vikings connected to three seasons ago we did the Tattoo thing where you know they and talking to him and about his tattoos and how much thought he put into them and how much they meant to him. I really gave me an idea who this guy would have been without football just a really good hearted guy who'd been through a lot man a lot of things he went through his youth. I like the Guy Lot I really did I. Hope I. Hope he does really well, we all know the struggles he's been through I I hope it continues to go in the right direction. So he's got a one year six, million dollar deal right in front of him. Zach and get you some money maybe not six million but zach get you some money back and get you. Money Corey the fan and wicks and jewelers grand your hand with our national cash contests Texas keyword money. Now get to two, hundred, two hundred to enter. That's money that you want her to. Stanford Standard Text Message and data rates apply Zach how do you feel that you know sauces back tomorrow? This has been your four days to really get a jump start on the twenty twenty, one city award. I feel like you've had a handful of moments right? The elevator bit yesterday where we basically sent you on a wild goose chase for twenty minutes trying to find Marnie goellner. Put you on the map a little bit about father, your mother father. was arguably one of the three or four best jokes of the year on this show. Absolutely made us laugh super hard but clock's ticking right you have less than three hours of radio time before sauces back I wanna ask you about this rage thing I the only thing I can mind is. Harmonica is that could be Ebi. They thought it was reminding. Aby sounds like ours. Yeah Right. So did he correct them and say no, that wasn't harmonica that was a good time yes. It may be was the her mom I don't know maybe they can find. Well, then we'll go. We'll do that. That sounds right to me either way I would have. Twat the twins won the twelve to two over the drug. Ghani's with a bunch of home runs to from Buxton one from Snow Kenta Majeida six and two thirds five hits, two runs, five strikeouts look it up on your phone. They're twelve and seven now broncos seven nine. That good Alexandra S-. Ghani's now that I know that we have an affiliate Wisconsin. Ma'am. It's just what I said it in the past felt passive like the drunken S- counties yeah. Like like you were saying it behind their back right now it's right in their Territory crew, right right. Right. Yeah. twins are off today there at target field tomorrow to take on the Kansas City royals at seven ten. They go. Cool. I'm watching right now. Trenton inside if that's the blue uniform desert that's a great uniform for sure. But it also looks blue to me I think I'm getting colorblind this well, somebody just take me out to the past I gotta address to show you later you can tell me and color looks okay that's weird. The Blue Draft Yeah I. got it. Oh. Bought a new. The Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to keep their first round pick. They had the option to give it to the wild either this year or next year part of the Jason's occur trade they are keeping it this year. Was It fifteen Zach pick well yeah. Pick fifteen. So whatever they're keeping it. Yeah. So, then that means though the wild I believe get. An unprotected crack at the penguins next year's first rounder. So they will probably be better than they were this year because they got upset around one. So we'll probably have a picking the twenties but it and Crosby Malcolm I'll get hurt me but we have a top ten pick next year. One can only hope a one can only hope for significant injury. Catastrophic for all of those guys including Jason. Wow So the wild fans actually have to cheer against Jayson next. Year Yeah. Home. Safely Out of the bubble, right he's either in Pittsburgh or here probably should over there and see if you want me what dedication you are really something although again, even though we like the work ethic that's not going to win the award jokes and entertainment is GonNa. Win You go into the house right now and knocking on the door to see if he's there. Is something I think you're willing to do because you're a hard worker but city pages guy's not gonNA care. Charms. In. If you leave it's advantage brand. She's got three hours. In the spotlight back before your back and sauces, Barry Somebody left the door open you know. To open you gotTA. Watch that. Man. Can be arranged, Thursday. Of course let's teach these kids. What you want me to do. I may have crossed the head of. I really respect and I love Tom I really like audio slave. Trade a while I'm the same way I like like audio slave rage. Obviously guerrilla radio. I'm I get palm but I like Chris Voice more than like Zach This is so much fun. I will say that we do have a range of our generation who is that and it's About for even set. Yes. Take our so similar. And its iron bow these times. Today. Probably needed more than than ever. So I like. Wanted to say. Yeah. Lots of fun. All right. Ron Johnson joins it seven. Martin. Rosen about seven, thirty, seven forty or so this is the power to show. Fan. Bad. It's twins on the twenties powered by weeks in jewelers discover the best selection of pre owned rolexes at Weixin Jewelers. Byron Buxton hit two home runs. The twins routed the brewers by a score of twelve year last night Milwaukee Mogul CEO no. The also young well Marlin Gonzales went two for four with two RBI Nelson Cruz. Any both walked with the loaded basis for Minnesota, which is now split the last four games to get to a twelve and seven record by the end of the fourth any by the way Kim restarted for the twin at least one hit. This is one of those six days in sixty that the Minnesota twins will have off. So they don't play tonight, but they will play tomorrow Jake arteries in the mound for the twins. Jake Junius. For the royals of Kansas City at Kauffman, stadium tomorrow, and that was twins on the twenty s powered by wicks in jewelers. Minnesota's Swiss. Watch experts. What are you laughing at? Did I miss something. I don't know though. He's Not Watching Tomorrow Yesterday I loaded and if you don't mind. I told you I think on the after party. That I found I went down the rabbit hole andy on parks and REC Chris Pratt Chris Kreider Andy. Dwyer. Is the character and somebody wants you to if you don't mind look it up. Chris Pratt from Minnesota originally, because I think I've told you before my tattoo artist is his second cousin and my tattoo artists from up by the Canadian border. Virginia Minnesota Right? That's right. Good Place. Yeah. So I mean they're literally family members of his probably listening to the the power, but now we think your your cousins. Cool. Just. Like the rest of the world does yeah but my Gosh, was he? He delivered a line, a played such a Stupa Guy. You can hardly believe it's the same guy from all the other movies, guardians of the galaxy and stuff. It's hard to believe you know like this. Here's Andy's list of health issues leading else bothering. NOPE Well. I mean Yeah I've got a weird rash in my knee pit area and my tongue on this. Doesn't taste anything anymore sometimes when I walk my ankles make like a weird rattle snake sound what else things that are far away from my eyes are fuzzy I once eight twix with the wrapper on it and I've never seen the rapper come out also have swirled every piece of Gum chewed for the past twenty five years. and. Broke my own way over here to. Fix Me. I can be with thumb, don't have to give you referrals for specialists for the other thousand things. Of course when he holds up his hand. Is His hands lick enlarge purple off I broke my. Brilliant Too. But I couldn't deliver that line like that most people can't. Here's his list of. And these list of secrets I once forgot to brush my teeth for five weeks. I didn't actually sell my last car forgot where park did I don't know who Al Gore is at this point I'm to afraid to ask. Two Percent Mill I. Don't know what? The other ninety eight percent. A baby my head was so big scientists experiments on me. I wants through Beer Swan, and then it attacked my niece Rebecca. Love it. Here's A. List of broken bones, you have two broken bones in your right arm and foreign hand this aside that hurts. At the fractures and like to keep him overnight for observation. You can fix me in the next ten minutes. Sure. I'll just advance medical science thirty years. Great. Great man to Mount Rushmore comedy. Is One of the the four best comedies of all time and find it's so good. He finds the differences. Found all three differences. Those are two completely different pictures. Just, but that's great. I'll say it again though because I know I've told the story one bad this. Parks and REC panel after the show is over. Yeah and. They were I. think it was. Was it Michael Sheriff Forget who was talking about the genius of Chris Pratt that obviously a lot of that's writing but that they all think we're allowed to try to Improv and shoot lines once in a while and there was a time that I. Believe I, remember he was looking at possible symptoms of Leslie Amy Poehler character. And He was on web MD and as the camera pan past him. And the characters walked past his computer he said something like it says that you have internet connectivity problems. And Staff at parks and REC basically said, Chris Pratt b-brian being next level because that's about the most clever joke possible and he just winged it. Because Andy of course, and that's it's such an in character joke that's something Andy would believe that Leslie has. Internet, connectivity issues. Before clever. So good man. Yeah. I truly think that show never got the credit. It deserves. Because It felt like an office rip off because it started. Two years after the office did something like that right office having started five. Parks and REC was what seven eight? I think. So I think it was very soon. Two, thousand, and nine nine. Okay. April maybe makes more sense because Rashida Jones was on about season three of the office. So that does make sense because then she she. Her character is essentially written off of the office, and then she moved on to parks and REC was A. Main player until basically the last season. Great. Show great show just fantastic and you've been reading that Rob Lowe Booker. Terrific parks, and REC. When he joins in season three, I think with Adam Scott that that's when the show completely changed right when those two jumped on it was a game changer. Totally Different vibe that I guy that the guy that plays Mark Brand Danna which I forget the actor's name first. Year and a half two seasons whatever it is just didn't work. Yeah. Once they moved past that dude, it was ten times better Paul, Schneider Yeah and he wasn't bad. Just his character just wasn't. He's a good actor. Character didn't lead to a lot of comedy. Depressing almost, we were talking in here about music a little bit ago and how there's so many opportunities now to make your own music and released it to the world, and it's possible for a lot of people to find your music. But in a lot of ways, it's if it's harder for people to find your music like right now, you have to actively look for new music because there's so many different Giannis Jonah's in so many different places to find it. Okay. I think it may be the kind of the same thing we were talking about this the other day. There are so many there's A. I can't believe the amount of television shows and television series and movies as well. That you can stream on all these different systems and stuff like that, and if you just one time look through the comedy list on Hulu alone. There are literally hundreds of shows you've never heard of right and I wonder how many of them were missing out on that might be genius like parks and REC only they're just mixed in with the rest of it. You don't know anything about. It almost has to go viral, right it's. GotTa be massive word of mouth to keep it in the right person as to find it, and so this is great you to do a super controversial video of its music video like Cardi B. Meghan be stallion like you did for Waffles and pancakes for sure what's the? What's the? What's the band of Waffles and pancakes? Stands for what's the band that dot did the treadmill. Video. Okay. And Yeah they're great. Great. Big. You've gotTA listen I've got a podcast listen to because they talk to the lead singer of the band about the videos and he said people talked I'm talk about it. As if we do that to get our music heard, what we're doing is expressing herself in multiple John of art within one four minute packager. He said we're not just thinking. This is how somebody's going to hear our song. We're saying, what else can we do with attention? We've got their attention. What can we do with and they've done a hell of a lot of cool videos which I need to actively source or look because there's so much more than just than the treadmill song. Not GonNa do that anytime? Soon. But. Now. If you WANNA see smashmouth. That's true. Rain we're going to talk to. Because apparently yesterday they tried like an arena show in England socially disincentives Kobe because each. Group bought a little. Probably Eight by eight square and they had it. It was like patio and there were patio spaced out six feet apart and to be clear is a festival arena. It wasn't an arena outside was okay. I'm sorry I didn't see any picture just saw. The Guy had noticed nobody I'd heard it but somebody may be Andy. Heard of you know who was. Written down somewhere but apparently, it was a very successful experiment because. I the one picture I saw. Just kind of showing you what the pods looked like, but they were all full everyone that I saw so. I mean, there you go. There's an opportunity to get outside watch festival, but still be socially distant. He'll do what really matters this Gordon stats around the world sports change your life something else in Ron Johnson thirty minutes now power. Welcome back departure morning show by the way A. Heads up and props to the listeners as they've been. Telling. Some young guitar players that maybe the guitar player of their generation and Brian. Brought up a name that somebody brought up on twitter. Gary Junior I mean, I? I do love this kid but again, the fact that he didn't immediately sprang to mind. Tells you just that. He's a fantastic guitar player who deserves a great spot. In the Guitar Lexicon of the twenty, twenties and beyond. But there's not a giant hippie would say that's Gary. Cartwright. Less you listen to the Patriot Morningstar you hear all the time. is such a sweet Dan. Nudity only my own. That's so good. You just loses cool. Well That's a burden. He's married to a model to is he really half? Through bad. See this chick. Lost interest in guitar plane. Very. Though, see your guy that whenever you want. To man whenever since. Google any like male celebrities name like the first thing in the auto fill is ser white wife. She's pretty. Open for kings of Leon His grace no kidding. Yeah they were amazing to. He's great. Mrs. This is getting older too but what about guy from us? Again You know it's funny. Andy from Fargo just reached out for that. Exactly. I don't know his name though. Is it Matthew Bellamy Gasoline, lead singer, and Guitar? And I throw another name in the hat for it Mark Tramonte. Alter bridge that the way he can. Yeah, he's Great. I love the things he does I really do and he's got a a crapload a Hitman from Creed Dalton brazen and even as new record thrill. Great. Still, kind kinda niche though right doesn't feel like a voice generation caucus. Does it. Yeah, there's I don't think there's a generational petar. Loan. Kurt. Yeah. They're about to release a live. What is Christina Aguilera about to release? Talked about Powell's apparently I know. But how about perish and his band nickelback? He says, he knows what's happening tomorrow because parishes tight with those guys but they have cryptic tweet. Something is coming on Friday, right? It's Friday August fourteenth and. Picture of their name of their band. But then Christina yesterday two days after she changed your life. Just tweet a picture that said Friday with like a kiss in a heart and a tank top. Maybe. She's going on only fans on Friday. Then she is the guitar player averts. Integration. She can take all of my money. Here's some money. How quickly would you sign up for that? If she said I'm going on only thing starting tomorrow. As soon as I read it, I would quit the job. The price be for seventy, four, thousand dollars in Chris would pay. I'd have to go to the ATM I'm. Just. I'm very curious. Okay. Well, let's do it. Okay. Let's do a real hypothetical here. Okay. One of those were I want an honest answer. Okay. I'll do my best for sure. If. There were nude photos on only fans dot com, Christina Aguilera right now. Yes, and the only way you could see them as if you paid for him so it's not like you can just use x password because that's going to have it for you have to pay for it. What's the maximum amount you would pay to see? Christine Aguilera nude photos. She posted. So this is not like a hack job. This is a consenting adult choosing to show nudity. And honor. Answer on sleep because you asked me to do that, honor her on her giant. And, you know I. But con contrary to plug. I'm not the Horny old man that you guys me. No not at all. And do I get to keep the photos or do I only get one time? It's a subscription, so I can't give you get to keep them. Subscriber totally guess you could screen shot rabble. Let's just for argument's say, okay, this is not something you can share with other people. So this is not an investment where you can be like well, I could pay for it and show. This Joint just and just morbid curiosity. How much Is the most you would pay for. Are we talking one picture? How many pictures do you WANNA. Pay For here in this case. A Baker's doesn't. Day in a video, a week, a video, the video. Now he's going to empty his bank account. Let's go back to the out just the picture. It's the pictures. Those four pictures you lost your mind over two days ago. Yeah. Those were nudes Gimme the number. I'm trying to be honest and not. Fifteen. Thousand Dollars. No seriously and also I would probably, I probably. Curiosity more fun way. Fifty Bucks. Yes. One hundred bucks. Yes. Two hundred bucks. Yeah You hesitated though to fifty. This is like a pornography auction. Yeah. Eleven that now I think to fifty might be the top today go and I don't know where I know come out Chris. No I'm serious that might be the most I pay. Bubis out there he also has to if this is your only chance to see her. Very curious. Right and if you don't pay for it, you never get to see her there's no other opportunity. She's never gonNA pose anywhere. You again, in this hypothetical, you're not allowed to use somebody else's photosynthesis. With, you I understand his your one shot right? I understand completely. But the way I sit right now. I figured I'd go my whole life without seeing him right and it's a great opportunity because I'm very curious in this week was about as close as you've ever right based on her own twitter, right? Right. and. Maybe once she removes the shirt, their cross eyed and the they're disgusting I don't know. tied. Though I. Get it right I don't know why carrot that no. But I'm still curious even if they are is any part of you factoring in. What's the most you're going to have to explain come next tax day when your wife says, why did you spend two hundred fifty dollars August on some random website and you have to explain why? was. Curious. You're really hitting the raw soar right now. Because otherwise, the number might be higher than two fifty but I, I caught a little hell yesterday for the of all things the the apple bill, the I tunes Apple Bill. Because apparently have subscriptions to all kinds of junk apps and stuff like that. Yeah I just don't care. The old, the old Rooster came home to roost or whatever the hell you say this year and You know, and then I had to get indignant. It'd be like I'm using those for work and she's like you don't use only fans dot com for work and I like you don't understand the show obviously. I'm writing all that off. Yeah of course. You say you're one. He's righty take. Writing Yeah. I don't know Man Zach. What's that? How much did you pay to see? Christine Aguilera naked too much. I'm not a big like Britney Spears while I suppose you don't have to pay see that anymore Apparently. Fifty fifty, one, hundred, I don't I'm not a big Christina air flow. Dudes, are he just said I have no interest but I'll give you one hundred by. Bill Gates over there. Right For me three months my salary. I take out a second mortgage on. She's really not my thing. But what do you need that come? What is The exact average but what do most the ladies only fans charge for like nude photos is at twenty bucks a month is it five bucks a month up to say there's a lot of the times they'll though it'll cost ten bucks to subscribe, and then you'll get like the hand covering the nipple thing and then to see the actual nude photos, you have to like tip 'em or they'll send you a private message with A. Blurred photo that you have to pay a certain amount to unlock. So it's a lot of time at the two step process to see anything actual Nude. Or topless it's it's it's sometimes worth it. Don't you love that when we asked Zach it's not like well, my friend said. He can give us examples of when he got. No Way. Careful out. Now if you're doing research who'd write, this ought grade-point. Search. well-done. Yes. What really matters is brought to you by our friends at cultivated CB. That's right. CULTIVATED CBD DOT COM. Thank you very much k. a fan is the code for ten percent off your online order. Slightly breaking news that I think is kind of interesting it's. Very, very minor, but it does matter to the Minnesota Vikings. Pj Hall. Remember the traded four him from the Vegas Raiders Erase Seventh Rounder, a conditional seventh round, but then he failed his physical. So he got sent back to Vegas and then they released him. Well according to feel that Yates on twitter he signed with the Texans. So. For, whatever reason with the Vikings being uncomfortable with him with physical, right? The Texans are saying welcome aboard. So more second rounder PJ, Hall Defensive Tackle is a Houston Texan. So they just signed him give up a set of their own. Biggest released him but seventh rounder to us, it means nothing to reconvenes means a lot which I don't quite understand but whatever. Just. I. Lottery, tickets in the seventh round. Point is though is. I think that's fascinating that there was something that said. No to the Vikings no thanks vaccines willing to gamble with whatever the Vikings noticed. Curious to what that was. I don't know if we'll ever find out what really matters is this in China some police officers prefer geese over guard dogs. Because guard geese are more territorial and have better eyesight. Dr David Whiting. I mean. Mean, sense pitch terrible, and pupo lot everywhere. Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren shot down the idea of Nebraska plane outside of the big ten. He said quote no not NBA a member of the big ten. So basically now you can go and play a non conference schedule. If you WANNA, go play another schedule this year but then good luck being a part of the big ten moving forward, which is probably the exact right answer. You're threatening to leave. We'll go ahead and try it and we'll make sure that that happens right. You're either in the conference of you're. Not. So Good Luck to coat frost in Nebraska was the matters though is the the number that will bond said the other day was three, hundred, thirty, eight, million dollars a year, the Each big ten team gets from the television contract. Bam from the television contract what? Can that number even be rights and pretty sure Holy F. That sounds high to me out divided from three, thirty, eight to the teams. Take check it out if you would find out which and maybe it's for the the T. the TV contract that they signed. But it was a giant number. I do know that so that whatever it is, it's the kind of money that will keep you in the big ten unless you get a better offer I guess. Yeah, it distributes about fifty, million, her her per. So maybe there's yeah there you go. So for each team yeah I, see what you're saying. It's a split of that for your. What really matters though is this. Numbers, my thing New York City has a larger population than thirty eight of the states in the United States New, York City itself. A larger population than thirty eight states in the United I was thinking about that like if you're on the local news in New York City that's like. Pretty much national exposure. Yeah, you do something. Stupid. You'RE NOT GONNA get caught for you know I don't know naked in front of supermarket. Millions of people are gonNA see that here. Couple, thousand. People accidents actually all depends on who it is I mean if. If. Frank, vacillation gets naked in front of a grocery store in Amelia and reported on this show. That would probably go viral Alberta report that seems like a conflict of interest I think you have to let her do it. I think to be happy to. Yeah. I don't know some dumb son of. who better not even think coming home. Naked again outside the Picnic Wigley. He's not even invited. Earliest target I, forgotten piggly-wiggly man is everywhere back home piggly-wiggly and village pantries. That's what we have. Village. Pantry. while. Pantries is a weird where it's just too close. Yeah we also had village panties as well. You know there was a dropbox granny panties. If you needed panties, you could just grab the neighborhood. Granny, panties. I were I. Don't know what I wear. Fifty Bucks on only fan. So I will mirror he'll blur out a picture. I make you go through another step back this gonNA give that away. I'm worth something I'm worth something on my. Singing baby. You. Sixty nine cents. Would that help deal? Okay. My term probably the cowboys signed Everson Griffen to a one year six, million dollar deal four time pro bowler here at the Vikings he is. Now a Dallas cowboy sounds like device were in the mix. Yeah. Don't know to what extent but it wasn't a a done deal that he was gone. It sounds like they were still interested just couldn't come to an agreement between him and vitamin A cowboy what really matters. Have you know yeah. Why not? Yeah. Right. I thought he was going to go so I'm not surprised that he's gone but I don't know. The packer was interesting. There is reportedly interested packers would have been fun. Yeah. I don't think I've done this before, but at one time beer was classified as a soft drink in Russia. To. Its carbonated for I'm saying Yeah Right Right. NHL Playoffs last night Vancouver five to over Saint Louis. Vancouver leads that series one zip that hurts still Philadelphia to over Montreal Philadelphia's up one nothing Colorado three zip over Arizona. Colorado is up one nothing in that series the islanders Mark Perish for two over Washington Mark Parishes Islanders are one zip in that series and Boston four three over Carolina. Charlie. COYLE, and company up ones if in that series what really matters though is this I love. Christmas. And this. This I think I've actually found a Christmas celebration I'm not into. In Slovakia. They have a Christmas carp. That lives in the family bathtub for a few days before they're eating? You get a car let live in the bathtub for a few days in a really frustrate the hell out of it. And then you eat it is fish tastes best wins frustrated garbage. Yeah. Yeah. They anything about anything. They literally any throws and. I've never known people to eat carp because it's so hard to find any meat that's edible because there's so much mud junk in there. My sources say sauce won't eat it right? Well, you know what they say. Shaken. carbs lead anything else they will. About that little kitten or boy. Yeah probably whatever was left over. Yeah. The twins one twelve to over the drunken Scotties they hit three home runs two of them Byron Buxton? Who is just Awful the first what two weeks of the season or so and now the last I don't know four or five games. He is unstoppable. What really matters is this right? So Female Ferret. When they go into heat. Go on. They stayed that way until they break there. So if if they don't get it on and it's been four years, they've been in heat that entire time. Right. The problem is. They get so horny. That the essence of increases until they have aplastic anemia and die. For they literally get so Horny, they died. Wouldn't you be? Like the cockiest nude in the world, you'd like Oh now you want this. You really need this thing here. been. Heat for about four and a half years you about dead their grandma just once I wanna feel like a ferret. Right just once. It'd be nice if some gals almost dying. If she doesn't happen. I needed so bad. I you do. I, don't know I feel like making you die. Could the ferret like take care of that itself like. I mean their arms are really short and they don't have finger. Oh, the worst. You need fingers. Lord strong. Take. Well. We know that's not the case with humans for. Horny you could die than crucial would have died thirty seven times by now. and. I'm right there with. We got to save each other's lives. I. Need a second purple heart. Not GonNa leave you. I'm fine hawk. John just. Coming to theaters this. Horny. John. That actually by the way it's something saving. Turns Yellow. Wouldn't say. He's so. I do something looks dramatically wrong you. Go to the doctor. Adults should not be yellow. This is not the simpsons. I don't her. Was Super Horny Benign? Six. All Right Ron Johnson joins next, we'll go through the news in a second. Rosie should be hearing about forty minutes or show or so we'll do headlines in the eight o'clock hour this as power trip or on Fan. Fan. Our Twenty Twenty iheartradio music festival capital one fell fan wall contest. And iheartradio present are twenty iheartradio. Music. Festival. The biggest music festival of the year score your fro- seat with a virtual ticket be part of music history on the capital wall. One Fan will it's an interactive video experience with our superstar lineup. When you look up on stage at your favorite artists, they'll be looking right back at you don't Miss Your once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of music history the festival feature beats yes. Coldplay Cain Brown with special guests could lead he irvine. My goes long are you gonNA tally Cyrus Thomas Right. I should march download and open our free iheart radio APP and listen to iheartradio music festival radio what's happening for your chance to? Play a concert. That it are you done reading gun to the win also part to hear. This Tom Morello in Portugal, the man. Very. Interesting. We. A good friend on the phone. Before we go into news, his name is mega for. And he's calling from Baltic by the sea, which is just off the coast of England Yup nailed. Eddie. Off The coast of England swim guy to work. Yeah I got, I love that. One of my favorite things to do after the show is to go on the twitter and see how many things I've said wrong. But specifically when it comes to English stuff because I'm almost always only about twenty percent accurate about things. But how accurate was I about the idea that that Socially Distance Concert wasn't England and my right about. Was it actually over there whether you're at Yes it was in England Gotland was actually staged up in Newcastle. As in the fall, reaches of the North East of England. So you weren't anywhere near it then so you did not go. I did not go unfortunately and. My family did because my mother's family are all from Newcastle Jody's as we like to call the geordies like they're they. have their own specific way of speaking you guys would probably struggle to understand I would love to hear them some day. I'm so who was the artist or artists? So the autism performed it was. is from that area. It was the first GIG. Basically, this has been set out by the owners of the indoor arena that is in Newcastle. So they set up on a rice strike hosts racing type similar to kind of. But up there and you're right, they have like platforms for. Families or social bubble was allowed to run out to come together and England up to five people per view impactful, five, hundred viewing platforms. Each has alcohol and cleaning products. So you can clean stuff oil there and you can older drinks and food to your platform. Wow and and as far as you could tell, did they sell out of tickets? Sold out. Two thousand five hundred people turned up and they enjoyed it and it's not just going to be music. They're going GONNA have. And comedy So Jimmy Carter and Bill Bailey are planning to play ballerinas well. Awesome. Ability that reminds me that name remark. Did he have a hit with inaccessible meant that I don't think wrong guy. Bill Bailey I I'm trying to place the name. He's he's a comedian music. Yes exactly awesome. Why let's let's get them doing that kind of thing I mean that's awesome. If you can sell that many tickets in, it's a safe outdoor venue like that. That's great You need a big old area to get that many tables and people who are willing to be from the stage, but we'll take it. Exactly stunning nothing, right. Yeah for sure. Thanks. Bye. Now, guy like. A British guy, a random British guy named. Dandy. His point. We were talking about the distance concert that they did over there. Oh, follow a British to just called in, and now he's my friend. We we know these. Words that go. I think he went to to find us. So yesterday that was a fun twenty minutes for him trying to find Marnie we could probably do the same thing today I don't think he'd get away with it twice I really. Do some. Hope I didn't eat them I. HAVE A car. Did you though. I did come in the door and then I got I tried to figure these errol's. Wb by was like where the heck am and then I realize Roseanne, there's no left turning Arrow either feed just keep going and. So. Yeah. So there are now Eros on our floor as a our companies on the brink of semi reopening, right? Some people are going to start coming back to the office of small percentage, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's almost like an Ikea floor plan. They all want you to go in one direction well, that doesn't work. When I come in the door in the morning. I come into the door and it tells me to go left to studios. Right. I'm not doing six laps to get down to the studio now. And then when I leave the studio or when I leave the building. The way that I go out, they don't want me to go out that door. They want me to do the full lap and go out. The other door would've acts looking for me I'm sure is the but. I'm sure that he is. One hundred percent runner you saw today okay I'm good. Thanks. So my alarm went off and I had no idea why? I feel that way a minute to realize. Oh. Shut off. The first time. And then like six twenty went off again and I'm like what the why my long gone off. Thing juvenile phone. Yeah. Do you ever do the Labor type in what? especially if it's an alarm that you're not used to say here's why you wake up. In Yeah for sure, I didn't know you could do that. There used very simple. That's a good idea. Yeah. Because when I looked at my phone, I'm trying to figure why was going off and I didn't go to sleep like three thirty. Yeah were you doing playing video games now I? Wish I was working word. Yup. That's suck. We've been doing mass and and hand sanitizer and stuff. So I was trying to help eating prairie put their packs together last night a little bit Jeez Yeah. Not Bad. We come in. I'm good. All right. Can you later? No I can't. We have a bracelet sale today and he Dina let's man. Hey Zach there's Ron we found him. Yeah. He's right here I. Find that was the market they found him. He followed the wrong way. Yeah. With the wrong way. Matt. We didn't look happy you know. So give us the the candidate even know. Do I didn't know about the Martin. Of yesterday out what's the update with with your daughter fundraising? So we're headed to dine at a a out to weed out the address after three Ron Johnson on twitter tweet address because I don't know I have no idea is in Linden hills never heard of it but we're up to about one hundred and thirty, thousand, hundred and forty thousand dollars we just partner with terrible coffee. So August Twenty Ninth Caribou from nine thirty am till eleven thirty, they're going to have their truck. So they have a food truck searches new. Yeah. Same Base I made same patient nut didn't know that but they have a food truck. In so one so they're going to send it though to Chanson. And we're going to be a big Lake Susan part but I'll tweet it out to our be at a park with care. But when they're going to sell coffee and morning treat on a Saturday morning, I mean what person doesn't WanNa. Get coffee on a Saturday morning anyway. So you might as well do it for charity You'll be come out and have a smoothie ever coffee have a low taser recall pumpkin spice might come back. I don't think. So don't quote me on that I am not serious I know Pumpkin spice does not exist right now for all. You. Serious coffee drinkers we're going to sell bracelets. We're GONNA. Do a low race walt for kids is like a half mile dealer on the part you know those games right now are raising money in our neighborhood with their families and grandma GRANDPA and you know, Hey, would you pay twenty bucks me to walk park wants or run whatever Yeah that's it, and then we're GONNA we're working on something now with she does actually have a call. She goes like eleven We're trying to work on some with them enduring a bracelet sale at shields. As. Well, as them carrying, we're GONNA do a LOCI. So this bracelet I'm wearing. We're GONNA, make one of these in Cameron's favorite three colors, and then we're gonNA sell those as well. dame the money's going back to charity Loci only donates like a buck. So we to do it ourselves. We we are getting from them but if we ship ourselves and actually take on the project we can end up donate like four bucks. So it's like four on four hundred percent more doing joining. Generously. The cause is awesome, but I'm just super excited for Cameron because this she's going to remember this the rest of her life. And it was. A game changer for. Downtown I. What a cool experience? No, it's it's It was cool to me and and I met I don't know his name but this place is called wrong goes auto shop and they were right next to O'Reilly's in O'Reilly's bird now, which, of course, his spot burned down but he was told like fifty grand he needed to reopen. So we gave him five thousand dollars plus we went out to his little event and so abrasives as well And then we're going into sanctuary church sometime this month as well, and we're going to sell bracelets right in the heart of Minneapolis there right across from like a cub foods gas station it is boarded up so we want kids to be able to see that to go actually helping yes. He what you're helping the is gonNA come out for that one. Honestly being in Minneapolis I hope more people come out A. Sanctuary Church is a really nice church but again see that see the community see the people directly affected by this who don't have a gas station don't have a targeted anymore where you can go down and you know I think we're gonNA steal a food drive down there two people can bring gang goods and other stuff but I think that's cool just to see it for the kids to understand how important it is. Not like we're not just doing this for no reason. Yeah. We're in the suburbs so we could easily just go back to our lives and say, Hey, here's a check and we're gonNA keep moving on. But I think I want them to have that memory of It wasn't just about a murder of George Lloyd? It was a host city was hurting some idiots were involved to we know that but you know there there's work to be done in you know why not do it if we can get. Kfi News with Chris Hockey presented by firefly credit first news item has to do with this Zach thank you Chris the fan in wixom jewelers. WanNa put a grand in your hand with our national cash got does text the keyword home? The two hundred, two, hundred to enter standard text message and data rates apply now back to you Chris. Thank you. Police are warning residents, Talka- that thieves are targeting their mailboxes. Police say they've had several reports of male being stolen from residential mailboxes where flags are up the thieves? No they will find something inside if they see a flag up so. Residents are advised to especially when mailing a check to just drop it off at a post office or an official USPS what's the point of the flag? That lets the yeah I don't know I. Guess they're gonNA open it up there goodness. Yeah. But they may not have anything for you say may not open it up if they don't anything for you. Oh Yeah. They could think that it's the mail from the previous day that you haven't picked up. If there is like right he's. Never done that I don't trust that you don't. I don't trust putting the Mexico and through my mailbox to know to take stuff. I don't know why. I've never done that. You drop it off I, drop it all. People who have recently exposed I should say people who have been recently exposed to other corona viruses like the common cold might be milder reaction to the novel Corona Virus, that Causes Cove nineteen a new study found this month immune systems in about half a subject seemed to remember past exposures to corona viruses giving them a leg up when responding to covert one, thousand, nine Dr Anthony Fauci the nation's top infectious disease expert says that that could be why some people experience mild symptoms or none at all while others go to the hospital or even pass away. Interesting. So get sick I. Yeah. Got It. Is Weird we're time to be alive. Let's go to a daycare. To men with chainsaws. Are under arrest after threatening beachgoers and Canada. Police in Toronto say officers responded to reports of a large brawl at a beach park but found two males covered in blood yelling at surrounding people while carrying weapons. Footage posted to facebook shows the two men charging bystanders while wielding chainsaws and shouting about being hit. Thirty, sixty two were involved in earlier fights then returned to the scene with power tools. Witnesses say the seem like right out of a movie. No word on the identities of. Can't imagine super sexy swimsuits on a Canadian beach now I'm guessing that was two white guys right I. would guess for Canada. Yeah. True but I mean black. Like if you beat me up, I'm not grabbing a chainsaw. I guess just not was not the first thing I'm thinking about grabbing my knife. Check. But chainsaw like you like or maybe they were power worker guys and they just had in the trunk. Yeah, right. That's that's weird intimidating though. To have on the power trip presented by all around property preservation I'm coming around I'm grabbing a change, the twins. They won last we'll talk more about that twins twenties. The NFL's reporting that it's covid nineteen positive-testing rate is under one percent leaks. It's well under the threshold to avoid operates at team facilities at zero point four, six, percent ten fell has conducted over one, hundred, nine, thousand tests and the rate includes all players, coaches and staff and that was. A hoax no no. The Dallas. Cowboys are signing former. Vikings defensive and Everson Griffen NFL network insider. Ian Rapoport. Reports. A one year deal where six million dollars last go round. About twenty minutes, Vikings News. We'll get your take. On Everson leaving for Dallas. Thank you radcow by the way Sean McDermott will be has signed a five-year extension with the buffalo bills keeping their through the twenty twenty five season. What about Kevin Mcdermott? I don't see anything he was in the he was in the starter at least digitally. Really. Show they showed how his wife flipped their condo into a nursery when they had their daughter. The show the renovation that you know it's wasn't really baby-friendly. All the cool changes they made felt like I was watching HDTV, but it was our Guy Kevin McDermott. Little like a condo slash loft. Sasha look into that man he's got to get out of apartment. Sweet ass. Kind of Mukti have maybe paid for McDermott's should have with all of our endorsements that we give him especially with he and we you know right exactly. I'd be a little sauce out there. The big twelve conference reelected Ron's reaction idea of a baby sausage. Can you imagine. I just think would you say saucer the baby I just think hangover would alley. Right have you been? Off. Zach the big twelve conference reaffirmed its decision to press Allen College football and other sports on Wednesday joining the Athletic Coast Conference and the southeastern conference's taking the field amid the coronavirus pandemic. The move comes one day. After the Big Ten PAC twelve announced, they would not be participating this fall There's a chance that those two leagues will push their seasons to the spring, but that remains to be determined the masters Well, they're not GONNA have fans this year. All three majors. This year of the Year of cove nineteen will not have fans and he's don't take be silenced figures be the most deafening at Augusta national when the Masters is played November twelfth through the fifteenth. New Churchill downs officials expect less than twenty three thousand fans will be able to attend next month's rescheduled. Kentucky Derby Nonni women here today under updated health and safety. Plan. Spectators were not allowed for the Churchill downs spring meet but the track is Senate in June that the general mission would be limited to the twenty six acre Infield for the Derby and finally the big ten conference shutdown a fall football because the pandemic please everybody in the League and the University of Nebraska made it known if not, adamantly that's still wants to play and guess who also wants to play. North Dakota. State. The Oscars playing a non conference game in Lincoln Nebraska. cornhuskers originally scheduled hosts, South Dakota state on September nineteenth. But that game was scratch because you know the big ten, they said a canceled game so. Basketball to yet by the way not yet. have. Not Been discussed. Yet what do you think? Ron. Sorry I was looking at a tweet about the guy from London he's a real person. So yeah, Andy. Yeah. Confused. We do the virtual root party what three or four weeks ago. A whole bunch of psych essentially on zoom call. And Marnie Gilmer was very confused why some random British do the part of it I would do I, would be too but Nebraska they're stupid. Just. Got It. They go I mean there's I mean seriously the like you can't just go to another conference. Like it's like your wife saying, we're not playing a day and then you think you're gonna go to some other lady's House you can't do that. No that'd be nice for the fall. No, you have to sit there and wait until spring and do that. Now you gotta stay with your wife. You cannot leave conferences but what if your wife says she doesn't want to be with you but you still say Today. That right now what does she likes football but not with you great. If you. Don't think they told her BRASSICA they. Hold on how we can figure this out but we get it Nebraskan Arcana in the the boat of if we don't test, we don't know we have it so. that's why they feel like. Okay. Let's just go do this. We're not going to test anybody. So nobody has the coronavirus. Let's play football. Just. Wait like let's wait a little bit I. still agree like put players in the bubble is play football. Like bubble school online plays in football. Bubbles working for two sports it certainly chiller NBA. Claim they are frustrated in mental like Jaylen Brown I saw that he's mentally frustrated right now he said, and then Stephen as suggested conjugal visits. So See Brandon all comes back to you people. Yeah. You go your ruined the tall. The power wanting show with Ron Johnson it is on the fan. To cafe. It's twins on the twenties powered by Wicks jewelers discover the best selection of pre owned rolexes at Weixin Jewelers. The twins defeated the Milwaukee brewers last night by a score of twelve to two Miguel L. Went Yard while Marlin. Gonzales went two for four. Byron Buxton had not one but two Dinger's while that's makes him a frigging nature right to twelve and seven. Salamanders. Everybody ahead by the. Marlin was a hit. Everybody at the. End of the fourth inning So I was really good game for the toys. Directive. Wants to sketch so bad really does watch Zach go from normal to the Sirius radio. Voice. Do can flip on the switch though we've said that. Zach. You think he's either asleep or maybe dead, and then it's like, Zach, do sports pay twins. Flip the switch. G. Right now he's fallen asleep. Didn't that happen in like didn't Alan do that in hangover where he likes. rambled off something. No that was. A different feral in The one where they go to college. Yes. Right right. Right. Yeah. That's Kinda was actress local. Jake order easy on the mound tomorrow. Good. Thing called Shake Judas or genus or Janus I don't know. I'd that's been around. Dinger's up at Janus. Janus. Could, be yeah he's French. Was Twins in the twentieth. Thanks. Weekend Jewelers. Minnesota Swiss watch experts. Jane. Showed it Did you see in the prep today Corey, the list of personal hygiene things I did the average person? I want to go through these because a couple of these just fascinate me free Colbert or these are right now so Right. Just. So we don't forget because I don't even know what you were saying, but off the air like half an hour ago, he said we were. Brother bears well to I do need still worth getting. Very smoke. One Minute don't you don't Fifty don't remember. It's it's almost over we do that all the time. That's why I always like. You gotta tease what does next in the show and I go superpower trip we don't know what's. We might send Zach wild goose chase unless it's eight fifteen and Friday. We don't know what we're talking about next segment Alan Right and I'm GonNa Forget in that five or ten minute break what I teased did you really leave the building? Across the street to the parking ramp by the the showplace icon theaters up there on the top. Five in the fourth force, I had no reason to not believe lied to me before he loves a why wouldn't you say go outside income to continental diamond originally it sound like why not just caller does she? was a distressing situations. Yeah. Why not call I didn't you call a great question? Why did you call it? We didn't think that. Millennial. Guys. Texts. Follow. Calling her never came to my brain, my head. When I was watching that I did see last night on instagram. I was wondering that like just caller it's a great point because I never thought of either. except. Thought it'd be like where the hell are you at Marnie Get off your trampoline. I sent her picture instead. Go I go left or right right Pitcher. That is. So we're. Today I'm glad you pointed they just text each other nonstop instead of just call they can get into a full blown text argument would nudes. You argue with a new surprise take standard renewed. Take. Don't get to take that. Throw the gauntlet down you know. Boxing it to Dinger's last night. Okay. Here we go. All right How often do you shower daily sometimes twice a day right I'm like every other day really you tell yeah I don't do anything my wife doesn't like that either but if I don't do anything or not about to have sex I'm not taking a shower right? Well, I'm GonNa tell you right now if I didn't shower everyday, everyone would know it I'm thinking man Stinky Stinky to sit in the house do just doing nothing I accumulate odor I suck it in from other folks I don't know what's going on way Never, mind reading you. I. Mean I'm a stinky man not though I bring plenty of buses with you. You're hot and sweaty. Arts are the ones with what shower is not gonNA help Fart. Since. Mel. spart in the shower unless sometimes after I, need a shower. I'm once a day I'm every day once a day man. Bran hobble you. Every other day from situation. Showering, too much. Skip a day showers on Monday I shower Tuesday. Do. You always wash your hair when you shower no no no maybe twice a week wash my hair black. You can't do that anyway. Really no women black especially they don't wash their they can't watch their every day. No kidding. Yeah I. Didn't know that. I did. Black girls can wash their hair everyday. It. Shower cap is just the way our hair is made up it doesn't work. It doesn't you can't. They don't like the white girls, wash their hair, and then blow dry and day. Essences. Black woman in herbal essence like they wear a shower cap and then they only wash their hair when they're either going to get it done or right before they get it done. Yeah Harlow. Shower cap though right now great low if your butt naked with shower tab. Your sexy. Yeah. There's no doubt about it. John Rancho. I don't know if I can John. You're telling me you'RE GONNA look at Halle Berry say Sour Cap I'm good. News search term I think I might like in more other about it. Like a grandma that's. Already showers. How often do you change your underwear? Daily every day. How How that not normal that has to be the I mean I don't always wear underwear. So then but what if I yeah, why do you wear it? Why would you unaware every day? You don't have to man my testicles must hang lower nears. These, things would just shave if I didn't wear undies all the time. I should try not wearing underwear. I've never tried to go out on a limb. Gave me just. Start with a shower. See what happens where shower keffer? Just, once act where's our Hours sometimes I change under in the middle of the day. Yeah I've done that. brought an extra pair to Fargo last week just in case things got crazy. We noticed a you are does a shower. And a mask. Always always had my grandmother my hair like if you wear clean underwear case, you go to the hospital. We were all told I was told that for sure. You've never told that. No, I don't care if you make. Hospital. Reasoning the embarrassment factor, it's if you have to go to the hospital quickly in an emergency situation, you don't want the doctor to see you have dirty underwear. But again, we're the nurse. The funny joke is always that if I'm in a car crash, I'm GonNa have dirty underwear. No matter what. Right, right is is the reason you don't wear into war just in case you go to the hospital run. But look up. I'll turn my car. It depends what you're wearing right if you're wearing sweatpants, you could probably get away with no underwear. You're wearing jeans. How can you go jeans inaugural? No no not the Geez I'm just saying like if you wake up, you got on shorts, just go to the grocery store. You know what's weird and I mean this I'm always very especially in shorts or sweatpants conscious that you might be able to see my shape. Yeah. Pants. John Gray joggers, Tigre joggers what are they? Lingerie lingerie for I thought you said, sorry. I thought, it was a new brand. Okay. Janus. Thirteen percent of people surveyed do not wear underwear I'm going to try to change them every day I'm not gonNA wear. No good for you. Means, though where's weapons these canceled work? Those. Sweating. Zipper. That's all my. Zippers. I don't Lululemon shorts. No they they're like the JC Penney version of it. Okay. Look good on them. Thank you Chris. I, it means a lot. You're welcome. Zach get his legs on the table. Member ex very flexible name surprise. JC Penney still living. Place Holes JC Penney. Sears I'm in big bag because you go to there and you go get pants and they're not three thousand dollars like go to. The cold you can go navy and get pants and aren't three thousand dollars. Yeah. That's great. I love to Kohl's and they bring you up at seven hundred dollars and then they take all the discounts off his three. In the receipt is like ten feet long and they're like, here's two hundred dollars Kohl's cash. Four thousand dollars. In spend your two hundred dollars in Kohl's Kohl's cash three weeks from now for an hour and a half. It's they give you the smallest possible window to cash Lausanne. Like ten dollars call cash. Because I had a Amazon Return So I showed up and they give them my thing to send back to. And they gave me ten dollars, Kohl's cash for showing up. They want you to come. You know one lie I tell every day at least once a day. Yeah I'll take I'll take that survey. Whenever they give you. The survey, you get ten dollars. Gift Card you get free pop I'm like yeah you got a great service. Thank you wad. Trash. I can receive Rosie Rosie. I can't live on the Radio Rosie. Begin for you. When I was driving in me up. Yeah. Right up let's get a break. You get that right away the also a non underwear where're likes to go command. Command suggest Vikings News is next. We'll get Ron Johnson's take on Everson Griffen being a Dallas Cowboy and. So. Much more about how this NFL season's GonNa Work in the Code Era Johnson and Mark Rosen per vikings news next on the power trip. Come to apply. No matter how hard you try you stop now? Back seven, forty nine relates let's get right to this. Time Four Vikings. Presented by. RADCOW. Excess. Thank you to radcow and thanks radcow Everson Griffen. Me Forget about the way we have to circle back to raising its machine with Ron, Johnson? Okay right. But when we went to break playing down Rodale. Ron just goes. He just say. Those people haven't seen a brown skin. Man's their grandparents when I'm like, yeah the rapper and the guitar player black just so you know. Black guys and rage against the machine. So It's not. It's not it's not as races. It sounds like rail. Now you've basically admitted you have almost no knowledge of. None we can change that but more importantly. News. Quick should've how old are you if you don't mind me asking just turned forty no kidding. Yeah. May Be Right. I would think that you would have run across them the locker room somewhere anyway no. For Real it's Kind of music that man you know. If I've heard it working out and again just listened to that. Yes. I don't like you can like you can bench press. I might have heard it. I'm pretty sure because we used to do the round robin deal where one guy picks next guy picks and it was always honestly it was funny because you could tell when a black guy white guy pig. And then the white guy will get excited when he picked like Dreyer, some ellen ear by this is my song yeah. But. Yeah. It Never I. mean if I have no idea, they were no clue we'll change that. Aye Rosie Good Morning. Against Machine. Fan. Got To. Well that's my business the end of an era because Everson Griffen now, a Dallas Cowboy Ron your thoughts on the one year six, million dollar deal that signed with the cowboys I mean he's at the end of his career. He does have some I think there's a lot left tank. But they had the money. I think that's the key. The Vikings. I mean, honestly, looking at the salary cap and all the stuff we've talked about They weren't a huge opt out groups that everyone going to get a bunch of cash back from is you besides Michael Peers? That's the only. Relief they're going to get. So I mean when you're looking at Alvin Cook. If that's your goal, you can't you know I'm pretty sure whatever they offered Everson if it was to have three million, you know honestly if if if they had offered him six, I still don't know if he would've took that I mean my my thought is if the Vikings are few three in Dallas offers you three, you go to Dallas because you're upset that the Vikings dinoff you more you know but you're willing to take whatever another team gives you kind of a deal. but that was a good fit I mean we saw with Dallas could be what they're gonNa be you know the offense they have ever? They're just say, Hey, come in like second third downs rushed the by force I think that's a good move for him such with the Vikings out of like to see him back because I mean that saints game was kind of a thought a prelude to what we could do this year with him put them in in the three techniques spot. Kicking down you know some of those other guys like Joe Johnson and using the net capacity keeping a file dinner bone outside but you know Rugged. Lifelong NFL seventy four and a half sacks fourth in franchise history forever. Beyond the stats I mean as run knows he brought a lot of energy to that locker of not just on game days but during the week and you always want guys like that, who continually are fired up I mean the the Johnny Randall kind of mentality of going to work every day and I think that's something that permeated the Vikings Locker Room with avenue I look at. Again I'll say this Rondo, the NFL this this just in it's a business and I think the Vikings were pretty much convinced that was not gonNA come back they. They may have made some last minute overtures kind of feel feel a little bit and see if he's willing to come back at discounted price but I think that at decision was made months ago that in all likelihood he was not going to return to the Vikings because there would be another team. Interesting that we're doing vikings news literally one month from today, the Vikings opened up against the packers. US Bank and the. Questions I have I still have not clarified on how various teams are handling. Any fans I've heard different stories. Jerry Jones. Said we're opening up and the packers have said we're going to have ten to twenty thousand. I haven't heard a word about the vikings ticket situation. I'm wondering if ticket season ticket holder heard anything I know they just sort of gotten the camp we're talking a month away and from the US Bank stadium and I still don't have any idea that if any fans will be allowed in my sumptuous has no Florida, I would be too because I. Think it's a state sort of mandated situation as well. When you talk about crowds when you can't go to concerts can't go to movie theaters ankle. So why would you be allowed? Any fans would be allowed to US bank stadium but I haven't heard anything officially it looks like most NFL teams are going to be fan lists. Vikings are one of them. I I think that's going to be the case the lions are used to that anyone. Well by the third order they are. Making thirty minutes ago, PJ Hall, the the defensive tackle of the Vikings traded for seven round pick to the Vegas Raiders. Then he failed his physical. So he went back and they just released him which they were about to do before the Vikings traded for him. Anyway. According to Field Yates this morning he's signing with the Texans Lau. So he failed his physical here. We don't know what that means but the Texans are saying we'll take him. For a second round hasn't worked out for the raiders in the physical could be so many different things though I could have been not to the weight. They. Thought because a trade is different than just a sign when you're cutting, you're on the street you can show up with no pinkie toe and teams will take you when you're trading for somebody. You WanNa make sure we're getting exactly what we said we for several round pick and again we know regrets his picks before several round pick. This is what we expect of this guy when he showed up who knows what he looked like you know what he was telling them you know no clue. Just could have been a bad day on the treadmill. that. Doctor made clear him cry very loosely. You may just go out. Is Texas so Thank you. Football for them the other way I mean we saw Friday night. Saying that absolutely killer man I watched that again, the other night you're smart city blue wasn't cringe when you Friday night lights a little bit. Yeah. It's. It's heads the ask a little bit. Both the Varsity Blues too. Yeah. That group yeah you know the big big boy and you know. It's big. Lou Billy Bob could you imagine if that was your teacher? She was a stripper. Yeah. Yeah. Easily imagined that Corcoran. That actually was not hard at all. You got to go back in time watch North Dallas forty. Nine. That's one that. Nickel. Dallas it was Debbie was never mind North Forty Texas North Dallas. A book based. Nick Nolte was. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah okay. Shot up before the game and. Four days? Yeah. He was a singer who the black curly hair. Country Singers Robert. He acted as the quarterback in that only. Ever. Now. What the Hell is. Anyway, we'll take a man I haven't thought of that movie in years frozen. That was that was the first one that kind of broke that mold of the inside look at what what happens yeah. You break your whole body in his. Next the eight o'clock hour power care morning, a feature headlines, Ron Johnson Mark Rosen, and more. Power morning show on the fan. Hey everybody the power morning. Thanks for sticking around. It's eight Oh to mark Rosen added Thursday. Ben Lever Tommy Olsen. They're both on vacation Ron Johnson with this of course, corey myself in sausage out Zack and bb or here. Rage, against the machine on a Thursday. And don't forget twenty four hours from right now will be releasing the next tell teachers. I should say in the state fair t shirt line for. KFI In. So. That's a big thing. Sola Butler t-shirts this week. Thank you for that. Her shisong. Probably heard the term. Bob. It's the mine is some of those who work forces are the same that burn crosses. Wasn't originally that. No. But I've heard this on the mood Remember which one but it was that part that done don't. Step Up. The dance move really. At the. You know the you know the story with that. For you with the knowledge here. So the original Eric's were some of those who work Congress. Are the. Fern while the record label when so he just wanted to. Play live. They say that way yeah. Think Chris Cornell covered it with obviously, and he's saying the original lyrics so Fund Trivia their. Tarmac David. That's David. yeah quarterback in North Dallas Forty nineteen seventy-nine movies we were just Looking at clips from that movie over here. Yeah Nick Nolte it's all. Cool. Stay up to seventy CM. They were. Like it could lots about the seventy. Just get stoked. It's Only a couple of different letters. Is Was it John Matuzek in that movie. He may have played a role in it. I don't know because it was it was based on it was A. Basically. Basically The Dallas Cowboys Dallas. Don Meredith. Peter Gent says, there is an autobiographical. Book semiotics autobiography movie but You know based on yeah. This is what happens behind the scenes. Painkillers. Steroids take the neal man here in comes anti. Kademi award in nineteen eighty five. That's right for what was that fine film called Bob. Dole. Needs time for fan five. Builders and remodelers. Thanks bill doesn't mean and thank you. Thank you. All of you, the Minnesota twins beat the drunken S- Connie's twelve to to Byron Bucks and finally woke up rosie a bad start to the year. But all of a sudden he's crushing everything he has been the home runs last night hit one. My Ada went to six in two thirds five hits, two runs, five strikeouts look it up on your phone. Yeah, I think. It was an easy easy indicted ballpark for the twins after a frustrating loss the night before, and now it kind of makes sense and it was kind of inside baseball wide. Rocco. Ball Deli. I think uses bullpen the way he did the night before you know throwing out think both trevor Mantila Rogers even though the pitch the night before that because I, think he felt like last night was going to be kind of walk in the park with the pitching matchup and my ada pitching and probably not needing the use those guys and having a day off today So it makes a little bit more sense maybe he's smarter than I thought. Anyway it was. Yeah, it's great to see Byron Buxton in that kind of grew right now and and and season such an important cog in this baseball team into snow getting his timing back. He'd launched one I don't think that ball still going through the breweries out there in Milwaukee, but really narrow it down at. That's true. They're everywhere sitting there at Miller Park in south by the river. He's living in a trailer park, the river. The Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to keep their first round pick. They're not gonNA, give it to the wild wild. We'll get their first rounder next year now well, she'll be. As part of the Jason Sucker trade right. Then still it was the final piece of that trade. Jason's back home. He could probably call in any time they're done. JAREN SOUTH DAKOTA Are they? Yeah. Okay. I think they're lamping only. Really. Wow Carly text me that last night. ooh. I get that I text. Because, we were invited her to the niners she wants her daughter to come out. So Bracelet so Cool And then she's like Oh, we're taught to. Let me know next time? Yeah. I did like busy did like the lamping trip was set up before the penguins were knocked out. One of those Jason's like. Having a great time when they get knocked out. Around one and it's A man I got to. Disconnect and just kind of get my head straight melt you're coming with US and South Dakota. He's been in a hotel room two three weeks now probably will. Go Home Sleep in his own. Song tent roughly the too much. I'm sure. A BIG TEN Commissioner Kevin Warren shot down the idea of Nebraska plane outside of the big ten he said no and then he said not and be a member of the big ten. His point is basically you go rogue good luck getting back the big ten I I want them to try just so we can kick them out like I I want them to try that like that would be a fun I mean it's twenty twenty. We might as well end it with a bang. You go play and then watch Kevin warned break up which you kind of brings up the discussion. Why was the breast Giver Loud in the Big Ten to begin with I mean. yeah. You're right I know the answer but yeah, we with Rutgers Maryland but. Kind of they look a little foolish about the whole thing right now it's just let them go. Let's get Iowa state in the. IDEA. Why not Saint Thomas. We go nobody. ooh But Zach. I loved Saint Thomas in the big ten Tommy's again. It's twenty twenty. It's a weird year. Why not get really they? I mean they would give regards as you've records again you're right. Yesterday was so weird like Caruso St Herman Cain was tweeting I saw the head and then I'd. Signal when I saw the tweet when rex rex Chapman tweeted above his tweet and said, sorry, I'm not trying to be insensitive but aren't you day? I was like confused I had to Google way he is dead. He died. That's what makes even more. He tweeted about the Kamala Harris by down could basically be a train wreck going dad guy is tweeting his political tweeden people's tweeting funnier because. I didn't realize variety worked from hail. Connection down there. Pretty good somebody else's like the Kevin swayze take your phone. Easy. Patrick swayze. person. Driving down wants to go on. Talking to talk about ways. Patrick brother though that was an actor. Yeah. What the Hell's that guy's heavy is don. Sounds like. Is it. Does your. God was born on August his birthday three days ago. Didn't you? Why don't we stop the show and celebrate on Nair whatever the? Party I can't name one film. Warm he looks just like Patrick swayze but worse. But like he's been in a lot of fights et. Truth he's one of those guys roadhouse Oh man those look like this is that he's an actor. Yeah he's. There's no nice sweet. Say What? It is like if you see Dan ways pictures, you would think it's an ugly guy trying to win a patrick? swayze. Patrick swayze now. Oh My oh wow. That's That's cold. CEO tweet yesterday. Herman. And fourth was it a relative of hurricane because he had the blue checkmark? Parody, ause daughter says she was going to carry on but. They need to change it to. please. She said, she put on facebook she was going to carry on his legacy or something and dad would have either going. It's not how. You everybody was mad about we have a blue checkmark because we're twitter has confirmed that it's you you're or tweet too. But I can't get a blue chakma right no, you don't get to carry on his twitter legacy. No. If you want to carry on his legacy, do it elsewhere right you don't get to tweet when the guy's dead work that way remember remember just a couple of months ago. Funny. But I was just thinking the next tweet was like man is coughing this type Lockley. Humor. Man I miss. Earth. Ground when he talked. About everything. Before Don. I should've worn that mask and tell say said I miss earth like he died and went to they buried them Amar's or well. They sent them to Mars in that space base again. They're. Going to be the first guy to go tomorrow guys twitter. Really Cool. But remember a couple months ago twitter had to reverse course because they were gonNA, start purging. Dead, people's accounts. And they stopped they had to because they because speaking of legacies, there were people that were arguing, well, my my such and such relative passed away. But I have ten years of his or her thoughts, searchers radios like if you delete that I. Zena piece of them. So I would say deleted I was just like stop the don't Let. Up there. Don't cut it I can access it and see it but no one should be allowed to tweet from it. Just add r.i.p to their handle allow whoever is John Johnson who wants that handle who's still alive right next to the checkmark put like a skull and cross bright. Dead tweeter that really brands laugh. Yeah, oh. That's brilliant. I that was a button bar. No no he's the only person that laughs at my jokes anymore. We don't have any wipe does jokes God. We just meet. One joke. No. No. In fact, that's one of my favorite jokes that doesn't get a laugh. I walk around the house going do remember when I thought when you thought it was funny because we've been together for almost eleven years. She has to really go back to think of the last time she laughed at something I said, it's probably been almost a decade. Have you tried the naked man the watson naked man what the hell does that mean you just walk in the House and just get butt naked stand there is just like a tick. Tock Challenge. Boy It is but and I guarantee you a chuckle. That workout well for you it's humor. Was He the one thing either you'll get a laugh or you'll get six so either way it's a win win one PM What is snap. It's a callback you gotta listen to the whole show. After one bell's like wait there's a time to get naked. Awesome. Can make you. Know you don't. You don't wreck nap time for the power to Ono. Eleven to one even for sex I mean. I'm GonNa say it again, Zach. You don't mess with naptime. Maybe. Snaps or so if your wife was naked, you would still take a nap time is. Eleven thirty. I fell asleep half an hour ago. I'm sorry. You said if my wife is butt naked. I'm taking a nap in three minutes. I. Get the. Second What's more likely that my wife is button naked today that Herman Cain tweet. She'll be but naked, you just won't be home. Maybe Hermano tweet about. Sports Update? That was that was. Good. Sports cats I Rueda. Part. swayze. Spending Don I just saw a movie that he was the bad guy I swear to you I did he's always the bad guy because he looks like a bad guy looks like Charlie Sheen a little bit somebody's. Charlie's not gonNA like that. All right headlines is next. Ron. Johnson is here Mark Rosen is here this. Hour trip morning. Jonathan before we go to break me I talked to you please but he looks like he's ready now. H. Twins on the twenty powered by weeks and jewelers discover the best selection of pre owned rolexes at wickson jewelers. Byron Buxton double be doubled up the brewers with a couple of homers says, the twins routed the brewers last night while the to the final at Miller Park Nagorno he also went yard it when they get this rosy was saying earlier might still be going four, hundred, forty, two, feet mark Saltzman two, four, two, rb I was a great win for the twins now have a night off to celebrate and have some fun before they get ready for the Kansas City Royals Tomorrow Night J. Just, come concern dolphins dolphins don't have anything on them. is on the mound for the twins. Hugh Janus is on the mound for the. See related to Yohane Amos suspicious. Yeah. Strangely enough they share a first name and last name it's a weird thing. He's joining US Joanna us. He's out. He opted. Not playing. Doing this. Time Four. Presented by Michelob Golden Light. Yes. Ron You said, you liked this bit. Oh. Yeah. Because I always liked especially when you get to the weird stuff, I like to think of my hair like was that a white or black person? Yeah IT'S A. that. We better not play round you played the game. Here. Oh. Airplane. White or black. Guys about equality. You guys can chicken out world. We're comfortable playing this game. Here we go. Story. Want is a white guy. You don't give it away. Guest. How many words in before everybody screams wake I ready. Walmart. The biker rally in Sturgis. Finish it down so Rally Sturgis. Week was so focused on validity in denying the corona virus, that one bar hosted a contest to see who could sneeze the furthest into the crowd. No you're making you're making has. True. Story Definitely why? Why guys wait? Even. You know it mind. How do you measure a sneeze like who? WHO DOES STUPID PEOPLE Like. Did they quit like food coloring in their nose first and then sneeze and see where? This the purpose of that even if it is aid fake illness, don't sneeze me. That's gross. Any time that is correct. A woman in Pennsylvania was arrested after she towed her son and his friend home from a long bike ride using a towel of the tow line but then her son fell and got run over by his friend. Bicycles. Yes. It kind of water skiing on bicycles though behind a car. Towing, tolling the sun in the front with a towel line son falls and the guy in the back bike runs over the stuff. That's any. Any rate, stupid. Yeah. All right. All right A guy in Florida was was busted for driving one, hundred, thirty, two miles an hour. WHOA. With his six month old baby in the car. Pulled Up Rommel let you take this one. That's Florida. It could be anything it's also Florida. Are. If, you just Google Florida Man Yeah. Best stories ever pop almost always posted today is international lefthanders day. Again. So what do they get to do? Stupidest famous left and right Obama Sandy Koufax. Flanders. handers day we use our left hand today. But. I'LL GIVE IT A. Day to celebrate left-handed people. My favorite basketball players left hand it. was. That James Harden. Core, just the one I loved you. McCartney is How would you know that the way he plays guitar and Bass? A huge misconception that in Montoya's left handed and he's not, he's not the man in black also not left handed. He's inferior. CAIN parter. Parter parter both of us are. Killing, it. Maple cream orioles are coming back this fall. There you go. Rosie. It's hard pass. Maple. Tree Morio's the person decided that as white. Company India is giving women listen up brand for you. 'cause you're a chick. Accompany India is giving women up to ten days off a year for menstrual pains and cramps I. Love It. Penn days off a year. that. Not, Maher? Twelve days. Thirty eight once a month. Yeah, which sense I don't know. I'm tired of women getting. All. This. Fisher price released a toy set called my Home Office where kids can. Like their parents. So it the phone head that coffee, Cup, Laptop, it's twenty, five Bucks Times. You can pretend that you're working from home like dad wine bottle and the. Stories couple of years from now going there, there's a thing called. The office besides the TV show that we used to go to we used to get a car driving more and get a cup of coffee and go to the office in for what the kids are looking and go what does that. I don't understand what that is. No they don't exist anymore. Let's say wedding. That's a cash grab. That's just people right now. Let me do that old boy building office at home with their legos. That's fun. I like legos. Man. Bill something fun like Batman or they did. They did a haunted house done all that board the avengers they did. They did that. Naming things. We are currently in a Dr pepper shortage and people are about it and Dr. Pepper. tweeted quote. We know it's harder to find Dr Pepper these days we're working on it. Hang tight, and then Herman Cain some. Some kid crying. I is insane because he thinks Mr better than Dr. Pepper. Wrong. But. Anyway. If you're looking for Dr Pepper apparently, it's hard to normal get it to Dr. Any sense at all let's stop bottling it. A guy in Lima Peru is recently looking through Google maps because he's bored as hell? But. He was looking through Google maps and he spotted his wife sitting on a bench. With, another man's head on her lap aw Google maps. Yep. He confronted her about it and then she admitted she was having an affair and they're getting divorced lets you do with the body? We can do. I don't usually it's the other way around. My sources say. Dan Google maps. Right, sauce and NCWA exact says there will be March madness in twenty twenty one. I don't know how anybody can guess at at this point though clearly that's the plan but whatever one person at least says yet happening well, they said last night on PD they're thinking of doing the bubble. We've had August madness. We've had if they have March. Bad Is. Right they'll have every sport in the world going on if everything goes on scheduled but. Think about long ways away might as well just pay to college basketball player to sit in a bubble. Yeah. Yeah, we're not. Ninety six percent of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween let their kids go trick or treating according to a recent survey or if they did according to trends here are the top ten. Or Twenty twenty. As of today, we only have two months sneaking up on us. Horror movie characters obviously. Michael Myers. Video game characters are big this year they're expecting a lot of fortnight halo in Super Mario costumes this year. Everyday. Heroes like doctors, nurses and police officers. Okay. Frozen characters stolen. The Mix. Tiger King costumes. The kids know about that, right? That's an adult making. That's an adult. That is going to a party thinking they're super creative. And you're gonNA realize immediately how out of touch with everything you are if Halloween had been April first right? Everyone would have had tiger king costumes. Carol Vascular would have been that Bitch Carol Basket Bitch? Pink you. You're welcome Rosie. Say at the right thing ever watched that you're not missing now you're gonNA it was awesome. But now it's too late. You can't go back. Say Anyway, it was a waste of time as a guy, he's wrong. It wasn't. It was not a waste of time I. enjoyed. It is unbelievable I. Still think that if you haven't seen an hour, it would be a fascinating thing to watch least a couple of episodes maybe. With everybody though I need to be sober notre either either either way through two episodes and you can just watch while you drive. What? The rest of the top ten wonder woman characters, birds, ray characters like Harley Quinn skeletons, zombies, and politicians basically route all the top ten any there you go. I just wanted to bring it up. His tiger. Kingston the mix. David Blaine next big trick is GonNa. Be a curious George. Trick. I heard it's been a while since he's done a live. Yeah, what do you want to call it? Is You're, GONNA highlight. So some people are calling curious George and people are calling it the up trick because he's GonNa float over New York City with helium filled balloons. Non by the hand, the stunt is happening August thirty first and will air live. On Youtube. Woody, make him. I don't know. I don't know about him as a guy, but as as a magician, he's awesome. He's had some weird allegations in the past but. Upload cartoons. Twenty minutes in kill the mom off the grandma. Yeah thirty, five, hundred, thirty, five, hundred, five, hundred balloons to make a man float won't. We. All float. Here, we do. A quick anniversaries you go. Thirty eight years ago today Fast Times at Ridgemont. High. Wow. With, one of the most famous nude scenes in movie history. Yes. In the cates getting out of the pool of. Your thoughts, Rosie on that specific. Daddy's enjoyments yet is joining us. I think. The remote control probably hit the pause button. Times see but you got drawn. To, and that came up, I didn't see fast times at Renault Way Law School right? Were they having a party at a pool like it was kind of going crazy. No? No, no no. No. Just thinking of Animal House. Here's another. Earl in the pool. Yeah he's thinking of the golf movie caddyshack. Down the slide yeah. Yeah you know Weirdo. Right I know exactly what you're talking about but Phoebe cates gremlins so. Phoebe cates to me in the eighties was in the guy that got out of the pool topless show is. Gal from grumbling she's still married to Kevin. Kline is that right? Yeah. So that was thirty eight years ago today this man in the world twenty, five years ago today Yankees Hall of Famer. Mickey. Mantle died after a battle with liver cancer he was sixty three. Thousand Great Mickey Mantle. Stories. Last, but definitely, not least. Matt stone and Trey Parker. Twenty three years ago today on comedy central debuted South Park Crazy. Nineteen Ninety seven I was a junior in high school. Right you're. Massive deal it was and For the fifteenth time on the show that the first year or two South Park. It really was just about how did Kenny Die In the fact that you know nine year olds were swearing that's what it was. It wasn't that creative. It was just kind of offensive to be offensive. Now it's super, smart. Even in one thousand, nine, hundred all when Kennywood Areso death and they would say, Oh, my God, they killed Kenny. We lost our minds. We thought it was the coolest cartoon ever. This was. To issue. So yes, after Beavis and butthead started to kind of. So we transitioned right from Beavis and butthead right into South Park. When hurry you said that you gotTa make, mental story all, I just I. I was thinking about the context of honestly came out went over because I was thinking about in the context of being fans right now and the frustration of not being able to go to target field this weekend beautiful weekend with Kansas City Mickey Mantle was in town years ago I got a chance to go to a lunch with him six people and he was About He tells the story about how he had this recurring nightmare of being outside of the Yankee Stadium looking in the ballpark and seeing all his friends you know from eighty four Nelson. Howard. Roger mears playing, and he tried to burrow his way into Yankee Stadium and he couldn't get in to play and the ultimate frustration you break out in sweat while he was sleeping because he'd just you know he was frustrated because he's knees had been shot by then he couldn't play baseball at at any kind of level anymore after at. The actually retirement but I thought about the context right now with sports because it's fun to watch but I feel like we're on the outside and we can't get in and that's that's the tough part we can our sports we can't actually get into the Ballpark as fans to to watch him and it just seems odd it seems different in this part of the world we're living in right now. I'm so upset right now, what's that I just got a text from Abbott Right now asking me if I can get a copy of receive from dinner you had with making man. He. Alone. Donaldson's paid for it. So that's All right one final segment with Ron. Johnson and Mark Rose Rosen this is the power trip born in. Gary. Leone. Too. Morning Show final segment eight forty three on the nut. Rosie's here Ron Johnson's here. Korea Myself Saucier. Be Back tomorrow trying to go for four in a row on that initial game and what does the seventy five hundred how much we do not even know up to seventy, five, hundred it was seven grand last week. Grabs, you are not eligible nine. Take a shot that what would you guess tomorrow the initials yeah. Go for it. DM. Bowl. Final tomorrow. Fifteen. Seventy five hundred dollars. If. You only get one guess that you're changing. That's their only. Run yes. Sir Action Questions for you. About your football career might that's an answer sn. Okay. Cool. Make stuff up to if you I will all right around you were drafted to the Baltimore Ravens. was in that same draft one, Ed Reed was the first round pick up the hall of Fame Self Tell me about at read. He was a good guy. I mean we we came in together. So my experience, my rookie year. With people have heard the stories of like you know the coach causing to the off is bring your playbook Blah Blah and then they talked to you in the NATO you may team or a we're going to different direction billick me and Edward Last, and so we were the last two like sitting in the lobby. So billy just Oh, both of us come in. So that was kind of a sigh of relief because I'm like there's no way. He's GonNa, cut me with Ed Reed in here. That would be rude be a great. Value Hey we're keeping ed but hey, what? Was the first round. What if our I guess? One of you made the. One of you did not. Sweat for a separate. Oh, he started the last game. So pretty sure he knew. Okay. If I started last preseason game, they're trying to see how I fit in with the stars. So yeah. But so how how dynamic dude behind the scenes because on the field he's it's hard to be super entertaining as a defender. Dion was. Ed Reed is my all time favorite defender Yeah and we got the ball. It was about what it felt like a ninety percent chance he was returned and even those numbers don't work in the findings would he would pick it off in the end zone and you would hear coaches yelling get down down and he was bringing out. No No. I dumber. Four seconds later, he's like thirty yards down the field. Like Patterson eventually even if even if he caught it. Into, the, end zone it. Patterson you gotTa let them try. It was ED prepared because. So our lockers was me Ed Ray Lewis and so I would see ed you know I mean we have people where in that same corner through like it was I don't know how I ended up over there. Travis Taylor and todd he brand stokely like that was our kind of area for one reason though too because we were all clean like we would we were the guys that had like tape on the ground and say, this is your backyard. If you're crap is all over the place kick, we'll kick you out So we Kinda had they were joke that are. We had like a nice community where our lawn but it was you know trade cameras borings you gotta make up stuff But ed I would watch him like he would always be sitting down talking to ray every break of where it's you know to it as the middle real two a days to practice. We're taking our little nap before lunch and then we're going to. Go back on the field eggs like he's over there. Talking to Ray Playbook Coleman half I. do this. What happens if this if you move here was this and he would even come talk to us. Hey if you're going to run this route, what are you know? What? What, what are you most likely going to do like he wanted to see that he wanted to see the head nod he wanted to see. Like. If I'm running a post and travis has a big like what does it look like and that's why he was so good at guessing because he would watch certain things that normal guys would watch because we would always say la if Ben Rothlisberger just looked one second he was a hines ward was down the field et new. He's like well yeah. But I also saw this guy do this so I'm running through. and interception you know so and honestly the Ravens. Defense they let them do it because you got look Terrell suggs off the edge our second year, and so it was more so of you don't have time you didn't have time to the so I knew that too. He's like, Hey, you only have two and a half three seconds. So he kind of backed back out I want that two seconds in his head he's. I got to go somewhere while you're about to get rid of it and he was great at that like instincts were just but he was a good dude though like he would he would call me in the Middle Nile Hey man let's go grab some food or we drove we drove down to DC one time we're we just wrote to DC and we're playing video games in my car once we got there and I thought about that like, why did we sit in the car and play video? Before we went to the club like that was his dumb. But that was you know we were twenty four. What else do you do games in the car until you go into club? We? He would. You know we would always because he he live right in like where you guys playing with yourselves not what ourselves but yeah. We didn't go. We didn't go that far like in the car plan against roll down the windows really. Yeah Man. I just made a great play. Like me him chester Taylor will dams. We're all rookies get. So Bart Scott we all hang out a lot of big names. Yeah, we had a nice group rookies it came in at year. Chemo ought to, and so we would all like you know it was it was the guy that would get emails go by raise house. So we'd all just get dressed. Go to raise house hang out in a beer be like a huge party out of nowhere like we're we're just GONNA hang out at raise house 'cause Ed would always do that he would aim analysts all gold downtown. Let's do they WANNA do a team Which I'm guessing that's that Miami thing you know I. I feel like the Miami guys all those. Way And Santana. Moss. And Clinton all those guys to this day still hang out like that like they are tight knit group and I think that's what it was trying to get with the Ravens and I remember getting raised housing like Holyfield. was just chilling out. Room US lost. Vander confused. He would just have stars dislike came to visit and Baltimore, and they be at his house in the it just turned into a house party I it was it was crazy like Morris Chestnut was there one time Gabrielle Union over there but that's what that's what it was. He was the guy that would kinda rally us to go do stuff. In the locker room he was always talking and he lost thirteen last one thing people didn't realize he liked punt block like he wanted to be on special teams like he made the pro bowl that second year because of special teams. So that was that was his thing. He loved it like, of course, once you get to good look, we're not wasting you on. That first three years he loved that to a he was in all the meetings he was talking to Gerry honor who was by. Your actual teams coach Ozan Abou- Ayman Let's do this twist like he was always thinking football. So yeah awesome. Did you bring that up I was looking at your wikipedia page oeste He's like my favorite. Guys get indicted right now for wire fraud. Are you involved Michael? Bennett again no I'm not involved but like off. Former Gopher and Yeah. They did the doctor scam where the doctor calls you hey, man I'll get you a fifty thousand dollar a breathing machine right but I'll cut you a check for forty six thousand. If you say you need one and then he would reach out to the NFL say this Guy Needs A. Machine or some kind of oxygen machine and they'll cut your forty six, thousand dollar cheque bad guy takes the other four to eight dollars for his signature and yet found that come to find out it wasn't a doctor at all. That was just a whole. See those guys are being that you can google it. They're being indicted for wire fraud too bad. Yeah. Rosy ever been indicted for. Laurie Lambert had. Mind a bit what. Would you want to be a part of? I don't know but. People. Ever think that this is ever going to work out i. mean there's someone whoever the ringleader is this really good scam for you. I mean I i. Look at some of the people in town here have been. You know the Tom petters of the world in I got a big of a couple other ones who are in prison right now and what's that then he hacking hecker and he went through saying I just man I go. What made you think this is going to work. Starting with the burning madoff stone don't you think the answer? Deeper. Right works for a while and you get deeper into it. I know how many had worked for when people cut zero. cavs. Clinton is going six million from doing this. Man Maybe I should have done that you need to machine or not me. Do. Four gay yeah. Have you ever clicked on one of those links rosie whereas like, Hey, here's pictures of Carly Click here. No. No I have not. A really good question. please. AMC theaters plan to open August twentieth. It's going to happen hundred theaters open across the United States and they're gonNA have some cheap tickets, second run movies but when sets ticket. Something tenant though do we know when that's no? Let's see. Movies plans to screen as part of the opening mutants. The New Mutants August, twenty eighth Christopher Nolan's tenant starting September third okay. On the way, we should watch it together. Not Good. No thank you I appreciate the August twenty eighth right yeah. Yeah No. Third. The new mutants from Disneyland September third. Tenant how they're going to monitor your own people were each each theater ten is GonNa be good. It looks wait your no one fan your for Nevada. I'm just a movie. Okay. This movie so much I know I'm gonNA movies by myself. Yeah I love one movies. Q. Four o'clock movie perfect aunts to hang out with I. do like the midnight Thursday once the Shirley like when they've before, they come out or you know the earlier ones especially the avengers. Like I would I would also there right away oh yeah. Looking forward to that opened up game won't be long now man but the wife and kids to bed the movies. And read. Video Games before the movie starts. Sounds like fun. Be Twenty four again, high five Morris Chestnut. Well won't be long guys were a month away from saying Rosie. Who Do you? Think's GONNA. Win this week in Vikings versus panel. I know I know it's such a weird. Make a prediction now by the way? I'm actually. Patrick one. Boy Yeah. It's one month away no preseason games no real exposure. We're GONNA have a lot of preseason of the WE'RE GONNA. Try to do as much as we can radio station obviously building up the Vikings what's happening out of TCI as they kind of get full board, full contact practices and. and Go from there but it is definitely everything is operatives in include the NFL because it's going to go literally one month from today, the Vikings will be opening up against the packers. Abe Rianne. Yes. Hi. Ron. Speaking of Air Rogers though. How come men like Aaron Rodgers don't get like. The label like Halle Berry got like when all these guys kept breaking up with Halle Berry he's Lost Olivia Munn now Dan Patrick at what point are we gonNA say? He's damaged like something's wrong with. The Jennifer Aniston of dudes. Just. No. She I don't care who breaks up with her she's yeah. No. He's just he's damaged some like there's gotta be something wrong. Well. It's pluses relationship with his family. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe everybody hates like I've always heard that like if a guy doesn't like his mom beware when you date him. Well Aaron hates everybody everybody hates him especially the people listening right now in Oakland Wisconsin. Everybody's MOM's. Especially when the real estate. This was tomorrow at Eight fifteen in for next power back tomorrow five, thirty, nine.

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