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Kennicott Alaska


Welcome details of ghost towns of the West. I'm your host Ken Chrome Today. In responding to Roger a WHO lives in in Anchorage Alaska and wanted to know more about the ghost town of Kennecott well Roger kind of cottage located in the Valdez Cordova area and is what remains excellent once active coppermine the minds are actually located about five miles above the buildings that make up the town most of the structures were built in nineteen nineteen eleven which accounts for why so many are intact despite the elevation of seventy seven hundred feet and a lot of snow as recently as the late nineteen eighteen sixty service an attempt to remove or by air but when it proved too expensive the owners ordered the town building torn down several buildings were destroyed but most remain intact the town of Kenneka wants echoed with the sound of hundreds workers to support the families as well as the single gold miners there were businesses and trank connection but in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine the town was abruptly abandoned by its citizens who have most of their possessions by by the Mid Nineteen fifty saotome completely abandoned at its peak the mines produced over a hundred million tons of copper unlike many mining communities each Kennecott did not provide the minors with alcohol or prostitutes those forbidden pleasures were provided by nearby village of McCarthy which grew into a major towner zone with the school hospital salute and of course brothel by nineteen thirty eight copper veins should played out the mind shut down the town was abandoned but the town of Kennecott McCarthy paint a vivid picture of historic mining era of course all ghost towns aunts have cautionary tale. Most of them were built around mines. That makes them dangerous. They're unmarked wells between buildings. The buildings themselves can collapse without any indication that they were unstable. If you do decide to enter a mine roger dressed appropriately warm warm clothes element boots not tennis shoes curious flashlight water extra batteries always and always tell someone where you're going. When you expect to return now. How do you get to Kennecott while you take the McCarthy road which ends at a footbridge across the Kennecott river four and a half miles from the town of Kennecott to get to Kenneka walk across the bridge that Kennecott can only be reached by flat. There are no shuttles. Services are limited. Once you begin your journey along the McCarthy road at seventy seven hundred feet you can expect to encounter snow portions of the road may be subject to warshaw shall for heavy rains camping is allowed near the end of the road lodging is available at both McCarthy and Kennecott but reservations are recommended mended and there are several restaurants but they do shut down during the winter and there you have it watching drop me a line. Let me know all about your adventure. The ghost ghost town of Kenneka was produced here at night owl sound studio and brought to you by book savvy studio the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and I'll creak press writers. There's with treat if you have a favorite ghost town. You'd like to know more about or a planning a trip to a ghost town would like a brief history of that town or a map. Drop me a line email your request to kick K. Chroma g mail dot Com and remember you can listen to kiss nist and mysteries is every Monday Wednesday and Friday Tuesdays and Thursdays Tales of ghost towns or the old West. I'm crumb. Thanks for listening.

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