Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #113: Ape Crazy Nights


Support for this podcast comes from. Cdw in dell technologies at cdw g we get the migrating agency to a hyper converged. Infrastructure is challenging me switching. Decaf gotta do it to it. Slowdown frowned cdw. Jeez experts can help simplify your transition. From legacy to hyper converged infrastructure with dell. Emc solutions that offer speed and agility. Have you done it. Is it done yet wounded annette. It orchestration by cdw people who get it find out more at cdw dot com slash dell emc right and they need a by talking about it back on yes. That's right. Robin accumulated podcast. That was a number one thirteen. We are back to talk about two movies today. Featuring must see tv standouts from nine thousand nine hundred ninety six featuring primates in dunston checks in an ad and here is a man who loves must see tv so sell on animals here. He is the great akiva winter. I thought i was going to get primate superfan. Are you a primate superfan. I don't even i mean. Are we in the trust tree here. Yeah like i barely. What primates are yeah. What's the primate. Primate is a all we went back and forth on the name of this podcast. A couple of times. It was supposed to be your rob makita. Are monkeying around. That longtime listeners. Zookeeper mike christians. Is that i actually. These are not monkeys or apes so we rebranded ape crazy nights here as we were talking about to nineteen ninety-six films with must see tv famous people and apes. so what are year nineteen ninety-six and we'll talk about it all here today and we are very lucky that we have a great correspondent here with us that she has a emotional connection to dunston checks. In for some reason we will check in why of course from american ninja warrior. Recap here is lebron leader. How are you hi. i'm great. I feel like primate would be like what they say is like best friend in australia. England he's primate. make the catch on. That's good yeah. So yeah. I'm great i in my writer with only podcast with rob about things that start animals gum on quite a roll here or you. The animal media correspondent yeah. Apparently i also would not be able to. I wouldn't say monkey my wheelhouse of animals. But i like them into finding ape versus primate versus any of these other things. But i think they're really cute when they're real. Yeah i don't wanna get a bunch of mentions. I think it has to do with. They have a tail or not. But maybe we can get to the bottom of that here today. Last time out we talked about the star wars holiday. Special liana boris. We had a lot of fun last week. And i was watching dunston checks in. I was finishing it up this morning. And i was watching it and my kids came around and my son dominic asked me. Oh what are you watching. Marching this dunston checks in for robin akiva needed podcast. And he said oh. That's perfect so now. A kiva can tell his kids that he watched a movie about gorillas two weeks in a row. Oh that's right. Oh that's right last week. We want how does he does he. Listen to this podcast no no. I just told him that you made the observation that you were watching the holiday special with your family and win lumpy and itchy on the screen. Your kids we're asking you dead. Why are you watching this guerilla movie. I believe if i'm not mistaking our guest was as star wars averse as i am an recently watched all of them but i think she was in the same boat as me. Is this really. You watch all the storms. I am holding my baby. Yoda water bottle. Yes i have seen all of the star wars movies as of quarantine and by all of them. I mean i skipped a two-thirds of at least two of them java the did not like skipped all of that and then the one where can get bad hidden. Christine goes bad. Gary earth that we don't like things that are too scary on this show. You're in the right place ads. Which cut out some parts of both of these films that we'll talk about today. Horrifying and south counts okay. I was thinking it was a year ago. Probably this weekend. That you and i watched watch some holiday films with our with our song. Yeah works home-loan to second movie with them. Also i don't think so. I think we just watched home alone sale along with our with our eldest sons. And we podcast about it. And i think people seem to like him for some reason we both hated it and did not enjoy ourselves podcasting with her sons. Yeah yeah yeah. We didn't invite them back this year. Maybe next year. They're thirty. Great or whatever i i also was telling my kids how you had watched up to home alone. Five win kids and their minds were blown. The fifth one is called hormone five. It's just like a abc family movie but the worst they get the crazier they go a spoiler. Today vein died laughing at both of these movies. My son fell off the couch. During dunston checks in ed after ed they said it was the best movie they'd ever seen. Checks in is hilarious. Yeah but but not ed. I mean they. They are such if there is any sort of slapstick. You can put any kid like seven or under in front of that movie and they'll die laugh. They're not really worried about like it's rotten tomatoes score all right. Well let's get into this. We've two movies to talk out here. Sweet yeah a lot of homework to do. I like last week. We were like. Oh yeah let's just do. Both movies are great and then it was like hold on. I have to watch too. I have two of these movies to get through before we get to the podcast tomorrow. My wife i was going to be able to say you honey. Do you mind if we throw dunston checks in on tonight. You think she would like that better. Maybe should you have tried ahead mantech baseball. Yeah maybe more hot guys in the at least alexander will there is. There is a romance situation. At least going on there's really it's more of a rom com. No romantic lead at all in dunston checks in that kid kyle and dunston did have a lot of chemistry You can tell that they got lot. Non-fat yeah okay. Let's say what dunston checks in lead. I guess let's start here where that this is a very important film for. You could use the backstory on. Why dunston checks in. Why why does that really stand out as a very important move in your life. Yes so this is probably one of the movies that i've seen the most times in my life. This movie came out when i was olive one year old but for some reason my parents had it on. Vhs and you know you like you guys know like you put on a movie for your kid and suddenly was like the only thing they wanna watch and my brother is ready and a half years older than me and you know very conventional boy you know. That's the kind of movies that he likes so it was really hard for us to agree on movies that we both wanted to watch and this is one we just loved. So we've watched it so many times. When i was a kid and then we lived together when we're adults and would watch this just hilarious film. That has really stuck with me to the point. That i famously have never seen seinfeld and one time i saw my parents watching seinfeld when i was little i was like. Oh it's the guy from dunston checks in as if like good for him like he really name working alexander. The guy from dunston checks in as i know him. We've actually covered a lot of jason alexander. Not just seinfeld of which famously akiva. And i went through the entire run but also kiva that we covered the jason alexander episode of criminal minds. We're going through whole. Imdb bit by bit He had a crazy wig in this movie. Weeks are a bigger part of the other movie. We watched today But he does have hair he does have a week but it's not a plot point in this noticed that he normally doesn't have hair then he normally doesn't yeah. We just fine felt ready by the time this comes out so this is by the way. Imagine like you're on the number one show on tv and jason dispense his whole summer filming. This i mean for lita like imagine slumming on seinfeld films and check this is like yeah deepen the run like this is what season six season seven of seinfeld dunston checks in according to wikipedia did not check in huge at the box office. It costs only sixteen million dollars to make this only brought in nine point nine million dollars which is going to be. You know a few weeks of salary for the core four eventually. Jerry take some random pro like this is faye dunaway. Rupert everett peewee. Herman is in this movie. This is a movie that i think. America just wasn't ready for rather than it not than having any major flaws was ahead of its time. Yeah i do. I think that this movie. I think if the gay community got a hold of this movie would be into it. I feel like this could really be something that stands out as an icon classic and many communities it just really was something that before the advent of streaming people really couldn't get their hands on dunston checks in. I do feel like it has some solid jokes. Despite the fact that i've seen it maybe twenty times. I was thinking about earlier today. I probably couldn't quote a single joke from this movie. Not a lot of quotable lines but it is very funny. Rob can i saw this. Movie comes out the beginning of nineteen ninety-six. Where you all your oscar bait. You know the beginning of january for the next the area let me. Let me read you the top ten from the box office that week. Okay all right well of monkeys. Don't be a menace. you mean apes. That's right i for nights. They'll be minutes. I remember commercials for i. Don't remember grumpier grumpier. Old men don't be be a menace while drinking gin and juice in the hood is at it. You're central ninety now grumpier. Old men is for toy story. One is five heat jumanji waiting to exhale bio dome to see this movie opened thirteenth at the boxoffice. Yeah are you sure keep it. It's not don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood from january of nineteen ninety six. That's what it is. Yeah it was also a movie of my childhood that scared the absolute daylights out of me. And i'll never watch it again. It's really like the the rock and kevin hart version. I think that one is less scary. The from the hard rock hotel from dell. That's right they like that one better because you. Are you calling stephen back. Tweet joke on twitter this week all right. These movies are hard to find. Also so we're going to take you through so i i'm assuming most people did not go back and rewatch leader is that is that fair to say that my being presumptive that people don't own this already. I mean this was something that like. My whole family was very happy together around the fire and watch on christmas yesterday. When i say guys i gotta watch trucks. Everybody was killed and not sarcasm. My family loves this movie. So i'm imagining that. Every person in america especially over personal to listen to this podcast did watch this yesterday homework. Yeah i did. I did post as i do before we watch movies. If anybody has any takes doesn't check in her. Ed please. Email me please. Email them any post that on twitter. Okay and your inbox was flooded. I will say. I got zero zero response. I'm in the history of the podcast. i don't understand. I was christmas week now. I forgot when i posted it that it was christmas eve. To be honest. I literally didn't remember. It was christmas eve. People were like. I schedule like an among us game for thursday night. We were like all right with why. It's slow on twitter today minerals. Oh it's christmas. So maybe maybe you know Forgotten gotten where it was but the Yeah nobody watch along with us. I'm gonna guess that people will not have hot takes on this but we have to explain it to them. Because i think they're missing out on some yeah. I think that's part of the fun for people who didn't get to watch so majestic hotel is run by jason alexander. I never even got his character. Name it's robert grant. I thought it was that. Yeah rupert everett. Who's in this movie. Can i ask a question to both of you. yes where we're is. This hotel located new york city. I asked this exact same question and by brother pointed out to me that there was a taxi cab outside that had like an apple on it. Okay there's almost no effort to explain that right. Like i was thinking is trump gonna show up homo like is there because they don't you know or it can be chicago. Wish like home. Like i thought it was tocacco young but we competed canadian american movies so i wonder if they film this in to around door vancouver sounds about right. Is this supposed to be a famous new york hotel. This stand out to you it does. I will say my kids were pointing out and watch both these movies with my kids back to back That it did seem a little bit. I guess for lack of a better word like shawki writings on. Maybe it's with twenty five years of experience but it doesn't seem it seems very small first of all like the lobby seem small. It doesn't seem like the nicest hotel in new york city. That's about to get a six six star. That's their big goal for the movie. They're going to get a star Yeah it right. Am i crazy lead. It doesn't seem like the nicest hotel i've ever seen. I don't know like. I feel like old movie hotel. Sorry i don't wanna got listen movie like movie. Hotels are very divorced from the reality of actual hotels. I feel like this is like it communicated to us that it's a nice movie hotel because there's an eighteen minute opening credit they're polishing things other. It's nice leader. Doesn't life at a hotel seem very glamorous to work at a hotel from dunston checks in. It's almost like that every day. It's like the start of the. If you were going to be opening up a opening night of a play at like all right places everybody get make sure that brass's like every everybody's like getting everything ready like every single day mixing very exciting. Yeah it's a the hospitality. Industry is like mostly sort of straightening your bow tie and falling into cakes so this really captured that very well. I mean i feel like it was a nice hotel like on the outside the new yorker hotel was like way bigger like kind of art deco keep. I don't know if we need to disparage hotels in dodson checks in like are you. Mr moneybags is not a nice hotel to you earlier money. Yeah then no. It is a nice hotel. And i think what are the interesting parts of the first of of the of the opening in this movie versus the next one is like juice really just the fact like the scene where they're they're like no televiser. There's so much more attention to detail in the opening. Fifteen minutes of this movie than there ever is at any point net back. You know what. I mean like you could tell like. Oh because i at i. I don't know which one you watch now. I we tell them over a much higher quality of film. Then ed which is crazy when has budget is insane. I know we're not up to their yet. Yeah budget will blow your mind all right so all right. We're getting everything ready in the hotel and we're seeing a life in the lobby. Oso from beetlejuice is here that either you know who osho from beetlejuice. I've seen beetlejuice. But now i don't know who you're talking about. The guy that i thought was night. Yeah i guess so is poor. Man's wayne knight akiva the guy who essentially the comic foil on the whole movie. Yeah that i. I know him as being beal juice. That's the only other prominent on his. We competed page. Yes and sad news. he has a was competing anytime. Okay very very seriously yeah. Was it monkey related incident. No hopefully sell a tough tough later in life fire in his house and then he fell in the. Yeah yeah really good in this. And he was also in beetlejuice with catherine o'hara who was at home alone. Two which was on robin acumen. Podcast back a christmas message. We got it back And so hit the kids. Are these the two boys that i referred to them as the older one and the younger one but they have names. They are Brian and kyle kyle is the younger kid leader. What are they up to here. They're doing some sort of a prank with the fountain. Yes this movie walked so that the suite life of zack. And cody could run. Which is two boys getting into hijinks. I think what they're trying to do is they. They like the bellboy being yelled at by the managers there pranking the manager by. I don't know turning off the fountain and then turning it on when he goes look at it or whatever but they're trying to get. They're trying to avenge the bellboy. Who has yelled at by the manager. Okay a prequel that happening to happen moving. Get caught in their jason alexander's them. Kyle's dad they were yelling. Poor like whatever you know. They're they are really like men of the people. Brian in in the hotel right landlord though tell essentially well know that dad. Apparently i don't know if this is common in the hotel industry that the dad seems to like live at the hotel sort of like that when i used to live in the dorm like the guy who ran the dorm he lived there also. I didn't know if you worked at a hotel. You also live at the hotel. It's the case in sweet life. Zack and cody. So it has to be true. And i think that these people have some sort of curse where they can only live in hotels because at the end. We're going to have to live in a motel six. It's like well. Why don't you just get an apartment. Yeah why they have to dunk on motel six also in this movie. Oh that'd be nice. And then you end up spoiler alert if you're gonna watch this movie living in another hotel and they have no friends during the movie. There's no there's no mention of a friend like they just live. Their friends are like the fellow workers in the hotel. Motel all go to school there. It's just it's just hiding all day long. Yeah hotel hijinks. But they say a lot of things could be worse than living in a five star hotel. They really establish movie. This how many stars is hotel. Have five Upfront a what. Yeah so all right. There's a whole incident that happens and the kids are getting in trouble. And we establish you the jason alexander that he has dinner with his kids and actually this. I thought some poor parenting here from jason alexander. There's one point akiva. He hands a knife to his children and says here here. Why don't you just take this knife and just stabbed me in the back because that would be. That would be a more efficient way to do what you're doing to me. I've never said that to my kids. I'm too afraid they would take up on the offer He also we haven't really mentioned is a single dad. It appears that the mom is no longer with us appears. Dialogue is literally like you. Remind me of your dead man who died. They said they said dead. I 'cause i was wondering why it was implied. I i remember thinking. This was pretty heavy handed dialogue where they're at the kitchen table and the kid is like what. If we got stranded on a desert island had to cook or whatever and he's like you think like your mom. Did i ever tell you about how your mom thought back. When you with your mom. Yeah he was like saying good night to her photo next to the bed like took off. Couldn't handle the fast paced life of the majestic. I guess not because. Do you feel like that. Any actor has ever had less onscreen chemistry with children. Jason alexander dozen this movie with the kid. I guess that's a good point. You don't really feel like again. He's the the way the movies is set up like they're rarely together. I don't know if they're filming schedules. Mostly different. Your kids have major roles in the movie. But i agree that rarely together. There isn't a ton of chemistry. And i'll go further. I don't think there's a ton of chemistry between the two boys. I think younger kid as like a star turn and the older kid who doesn't even have wikipedia page if you wanna know how well his career and after this brian graham sack the kid who plays. Brian is first of all of like a very indeterminate. Age like he has a crush on a much older woman. Who is at the hotel. I don't know maybe that's why it doesn't go to school. He's like he's graduated high school. He's like he's out my daughter every time he came on screen whispers herself. He's not cute. I do not like he's not cute. She was very upset she liked the little boy was not interested in the older guy at all. Really the kid. The little kid. Kyle is so much younger than i always think. He's going to be so i think it's hard for him to have chemistry with anybody but also i think brian they were trying to do sean for Roy meets world just like kind of went a little askew. Because he's doing some kind of weird kyle. What are you doing what you have a new york accent and nobody else does. Do you think they tried to get for this movie. Tried to get the jt's and and macaulay culkin's and all those people. And they just couldn't get a name like because they have faye dunaway. They have jason alexander it at his absolute apex. You think it was possible that they try it for the big names couldn't get him. I don't know maybe they were trying to do like an introducing thing I always wanted to be like introducing in a movie rob movie at the well. I i think at this point. It's probably too late for me to get introduced this episode. It's introducing little broom internet. It could be like that. Put that on. The graphic whatever makes the graph. Don't make us a remake the graphic on our operation. We gotta get like graphic questions on tuesday. Now well run ship now. Try try to be a we're going for you. Know being a six star podcast. That's right that's what we don't know who the mole is evaluating. That would be funny. Like who do you think is trying to give like. We have to figure out like slash well. I was gonna say that. I was hoping that we will we could do. Is that for all the podcast critics. That are out there that they shouldn't go to itunes and say that this should be a six star. Podcast not bad. That's not bad for our podcast. All right that's good. Yeah okay the the kids. They are very interested in man with a crate. Who shows up and his name is lord rutledge lido. Do we know what a lord rutledge is the lord of at the circus. Apparently they do have a lot of those in in london piccadilly. I don't know but he he's seems to be a quite the schmoozer we get him talking to all the old ladies saying there's only so many generations of inbreeding that you can handle the weirdest got into a conversation ever so like he's probably the lord of something but i don't think it's that hard i think you can buy that title now. Yeah is he a real lord or is that a fake title so that he can Be able to rub elbows with the rich and famous and steal their jewels. I mean was the internet thing back. Then the first google search in this movie like the all the high tech securities so. I'm guessing he could. He could make all kinds of fake. Id's he might be a lord. I think the british royalty can be pretty scammy. Yeah they throw they throw around and it does seem like he came from the circus right. That's the picture implies that he broke dunston and his brother out of the circus broke them out of the circus. Eighty burkitt's no. I think he had an act with dunston and samson. You remember what happened to your brother. Sampson do too. Busy murder dunston. yeah think. That's the implication that hawk name that he has because because nelson liked to play games food for dr dark. We also don't eat dunston for a while in this movie. Yeah surprising the film. I think clocks in under ninety minutes. I think it's it's a hot eight minutes know. Movies should be longer with a nine minute opening montage. Also yeah and like maybe the last five minutes are credits like this is does not waste anytime. Soon and risk flip flying talk about star turns jumps in gave us an amazing performance of those movie. A dunston does he get introduced us. Say sam like he gets credit at the end of the movie. Right the my yes they they credits them the or anything. He also which makes me believe that he's not in. He's not in a lot of movie These of the dog movies of the nineties went through. I think the same few dog. But i don't think i don't think Dunston really when there's also a dog and this movie is neil mcneil gets credit. I was like four feet tall to be. Yes yes so he does have an that as akiva mentioned and r.i.p sam. He died actually all this week in history. Born december twenty third nine hundred eighty nine died december. Twenty four twenty ten age. Twenty one off you could just go to bars Anybody in this movie. Who isn't dead. Can you stop reading. He's with us. Bummer baywatch akiva. But he never was in another feature the iranians baywatch. Yeah oh he was yes. According to this and it also listen to this leader. Did you know that he had an odd quirk. Sam the iranian thing he passionately disliked bare feet and would chase anyone from his enclosure or spit at them if they were wearing sandals or flip flops the art into that come on. Oh okay bear. He passionately dislike them. Well that explains why there were so few bare feet in this movie. Five star hotel. You probably wouldn't have a lot of flip-flop wears for it is. Yeah that is. I would like to watch documentary about. How does it have to be this movie in particular like how they got him to act because they do get them to do a lot of things in this movie. Dunston is a real animal for people. Were not watching this movie. Unlike our second film. Mike dunston is accurate. Yeah he's a real animal and he's like actually performing the there and then once in a while we'll monkey not his head. I have spent my whole life not thinking in king about how they get dunston to do those things adamantly anti animal cruelty so i think this is just a really good actor so dunston also smokes in this movie. Akiva lord rutledge legis. Smoking and it looks at dunston he. He's going to try it out to the he's not a great role model. I it's funny. Because dunston johnson going to be like this lovable monkey. You know nothing about the movie and it comes it. You know the movie starts and it's like oh he's like he's not a bad guy but he likes starts off on the on the wrong team. He's like Controlled maker but he turns it around. Johnston any abused. Animal will have behavioral issues dunston not only smokes but apparently has a longstanding habit because lord rutledge says. I thought you quit. So he's nobody ever said dunston was a role model. It was the nineties. It was in the nineties. It was a little know casual smoker. Smoking multiple packs with fine. Then we could you explain the ownership situation at the majestic hotel and The dubroff family right. Yeah whatever. This bra i i mean i can explain how the movie posits it. I can't really explain it in light of like the ending. So this is like the owner jason alexander the manager and she comes in and she's like we're going to have this crystal ball which is the event of the season. It's got the biggest cake you ever saw. And where abouts like what. We're all getting ready for it. And that's why just now zander so uptight about his kids like not as soon as you guys behave well and we get through this. We'll go on vacation. This is hades kids and so she doesn't want him to go on vacation. You want she wants him to stay and get the six star. Whatever but i don't really understand the situation because then at the end when she like disgraced mr dube raw shows up and seems to like have some other young lady who likes dunston. And he's like no jason alexander you stay and it's like what is the relationship between the do bras here. Now that's interesting. That's a good point. Maybe there are some because he has another woman. And i sent mrs brought to alaska which would be a strange move to send your wife to alaska because she was mean to the manager of your hotel. So yeah maybe it could she. Could he be her dad. Like i don't know that's what i was thinking too but for those. If you don't know. Mrs bras fay dunaway. Who like as not like elderly. But she's not like super young. So i don't really understand the situation but she's the villain because she doesn't like heads and all she cares about is is the hotel and jason alexander. Work work working. Yeah i nervous by way still with us. Yeah i think they are supposed to be married. I think that that we're trying to make it work. But i just think it's weird and they're married. Maybe he is. He was like so disgusted by the way that she treated jason alexander that they divorced and he moved on could be. It could be open marriage. You know it's possible. Yeah and as part of the settlement ninety cents to alaska. Yeah the settlement is. I don't know. I don't know i'm not sure. But he sent to house and you get to go to alaska the five zero telling alaska also lead the family just alexander and the boys are planning a big trip next week to the ever popular family vacation destination of bar. I mean i. Rich people probably go on vacation to barbados. Is jason later like motel sixty. It's i think implication of the end of the movies. That bali's much nicer than barbados. Right is the. I don't know what they're saying. I've been to barbados. i don't know. Yeah strong popularity. Maybe the elite. My question is if if the what's called the what the ball called again crystal ball. If it's the biggest event of the year why is the manager of though tell thing he's going on vacation during the biggest event of the year after you'd he just needs to get show ball he's gotta get wants him to stay after so that he can be in the magazine photos when they get the six jar is and is this like right after christmas because they talk about christmas at the beginning of the movie really. Yeah the beginning. They mentioned something about like for christmas. Something something happened. I don't know. Because i thought i don't know why i thought this would be a christmas movie. Also yeah. I don't know it can be if you. I think that they had mentioned that. Mrs. do bro had fired. Somebody at christmas time was just like a character moment. Is that a is that a a good sort of management's also where she says to be jason and basically like if you get a huge raise and if not you're fired like the movie trope anybody see that in real life where like you're either getting massive raise or immediately you're out of here depending on this one thing that's completely out of our control. Yeah that's that's how all service jobs work every day when you go into waitress. They you either make this amount of money or you're fired. It's actually like really you make that amount of money. You're the manager now Yeah yeah actually. Also if you kill the manager you become the manager so it's like a lot of politics that go on there all right. We're seeing a little bit of that What goes on behind the scenes at the hotel and brian. The the older kid that lee he has a relationship with the head of security because he's kind of like watching Who's coming in and out of the hotel on the security cameras. Little bit of you know not great. I think from brian. So there's a couple moments in this movie that don't necessarily hold up watching women bikinis on the security cam. Not necessarily something that would hold up. Also i've felt that. What was the name of the beetlejuice guy. Oto lionel spalding. Shaddix isn't real name. Okay i got so many names. So the fans that question before but anyway lionel felt like the heart of most of the comedy in this movie was like a fat guy falling down which is not necessarily like the most progressive form of comedy. But yeah i don't know really like what the i they just wanted to be like. Oh like brian's a horny teenager that's funny right but it's just sort of like we need to establish that. He's kind of a scumbag. Yeah i think that's really. His only character trait them. A character trait those. Like what if he's really horny. Basically yeah i mean it's not an unrealistic character brew by the way rob. The seinfeld stands will get on us auto. Who is we said is really glenn. Shaddix was herald the landlord in the apartment season two. Oh yes yes i do. Remember that So going back to dunston we see dunston. He gets beeped. Laura rutledge to go and steal jewels from mrs della croce. Am i pronouncing that right leader. So if you haven't seen this movie dunston as a jewel thief. I guess we shouldn't have that. Very the lead lured rutledge hosing as a guest at the hotel. He is tall but he he is there to steal tools to use dunston to steal jewels from people. Yes the is very high tech system on his computer where he can hack into the mainframe and all the where everybody's jewels are registered in database. Dunston sneaks in through the windows because he has a monkey and steals the jewels. In and fanny pack so akiva dunston has a fanny pack to help him. Carry his jewels in dunston. Had instead of a fanny pack cargo pants. Do you think they would have been mercilessly mocked but he would have gotten a lot more jewel than fitting the fanny pack. I mean from just misses della croce alone. She had so much stuff he couldn't fit that anybody leader dunston when he gets into the room goes On on a few different directions here one especially disturbing part was when he finds all of mrs delic- roaches fake things including her dentures and then drinks the water from her dentures. It's the very first thing for some reason. So this is really confusing. Because the you go into it thinking like oh dunston is like trying to sabotage lord rutledge because he takes like a piece of gum. That's wrapped in like really shiny paper. So it's like oh like either. he's really dumb. And things like dunston is a badge loyalty and just take anything shy anymore. He doesn't want to be bad so he's just taking like Like the top off of like a really nice ogle. That's just like glass or whatever but then you see him drink the water and drink all the perfume and stuff and waste a bunch of time but then he does take all of the gills food. It's like you're trying to establish like he's still you monkey but also he's joel thief. Does he drink champagne. Also in this movie or making. That could be bad. Remember thinking. Sam payne i remember dunston somersaults into champagne bottles. That are set up like ohling balls at bowling. Yeah i do think he does. Drink champagne i think. Maybe when they you know they just on that one day. What about monkey years. Oh that's true. What is the ape drinking age. We know that question. Yeah alright he steals everything. He hits the jackpot. He goes to the roof and runs into the the younger kid. Kyle who is walking the dog of a oto aka lionel spalding. The dog's name is neil. it does seem as though neil tries to commit suicide. It really does. And every time i watch this movie. I'm like oh yeah. I forgot the dog dies put. The dog is fine. Dog jumps off the roof and lands in garbage which like then oath though is all upset about it and on center so mad and it's like maybe don't trust a six year old to watch your dog yeah akiva also people soon very great falls in this movie yes The kid falls like zillion flights at one point. I think it has a big fall. Yeah nobody dies. I believe if i'm not mistaken. No one dies in this movie. It's okay if you jump off into a building and land in like if you fly fill like a trash bin with towels. I think if you if you twenty stories but land it landed in a laundry basket hotel obviously famously. You do not die. It's a kids movie. But they have one very well. Placed holy shit permed jason alexander out when he sees the when he sees dunston for the first time That's that's another interesting point right The star of the technical like the star of the movie and dunston do not meet until the end of the move. Yeah i guess that's part of the plot. Maybe didn't want to work with the monkey like me. That was like this selling point of like all right. We got this big big this comedy you come in. You're all the scenes with people you never have to see the ape until the one seen it works very closely with that monkey though because he was like really all over him when they're fighting trailers are at opposite ends of a lot like you'll never have to interact with him at at like food and beverage putin's with dunston that is true. He does have the moment in the bed. Yeah it's pretty intimate asleep. And he thinks that it says kid in bed with him and it's actually just a giant monkey ape. Sorry we see at nighttime. Where the the younger son kyle. He's peeing in both of these movies. We're going to see a kyle. He goes to the bathroom and he's holding like a spider man and dunston is like pulling the spiderman while the kids trying to use the toilet. Yeah that's mostly how i meet. Most of the monkeys thousand. Yeah not that shock. Might my sons were like this. The kid actually have to be peeing. They were very very curious. You know he doesn't watch the day. After but i guess he's about to touch monkey for the next three days so. I'm not sure nobody's really gonna be clean just doesn't believe Kyle that there is a a monkey in the bathroom. And then he sets up a bunch of traps of with fruit and then dunston just raids. Everything he goes into the bedroom. He sleeps in the bed with jason alexander and leaves with the videotapes. Yeah the tried to catch him on video but dunston stole the video camera. Yeah yeah and they end up. Taking dunston takes everything and then they end up going to go look for him Because there's a fight with a lord read this is where my notes are getting a little a little spot here. Lita yeah They have to find dunston. Because kyle at one point sees lord rutledge like you mean to dunston and so. They're like he's in trouble. We have to find him. But at this point brian. His older brother's still doesn't believe dunston is there. He goes with him. Because kyle's like i'll do your torius for two weeks or whatever so he goes and they try to find dunston so they can rescue him from lord ratledge but nobody will believe that lert butler is a bad guy because they think that he's the spy from the lake agency that's gonna give them their six star treating him like he's like a god so they won't they won't stand up to him including jason alexander rub. The kid says to his brother. Also like i need three months allowance. Also as part of this like to ca- which had me thinking. Because i have a bunch of kids. The kids get allowance nowadays leaders like she might know the answer. Is that still thing for people. I got i got was a was born in the nineties. So maybe it wasn't ninety saying saying allowance until i was ten years in fifth grade. Wow their parents sent her to work. I don't know i don't remember. Yeah like my my kids. Don't get i don't ever like they never like. Hey my friends if they need something you know. I need to go buy something. You make a decision. But i don't know if kids still do getting allowance. I wonder whether that's from where it's from or why it's not like when it stopped. You're like i don't know it was like as we become more of a cashless society. You feel like you don't have as much just like a cash around the house. The amazon your kids five dollars every week. My my niece who's Was saying that her grandmother is not my get not related to me gives her amazon password. They call on and she could just buy whatever she wants. Wow from her. That's like the modern day allowance. You just get grandma's on just buy whatever you want like the graham is on. I know i would. I would do. I'm going to ask them and ask the late. I was on a zoom with her this week. I should have been like. Hey grandma's grandma can't be that hard to guess lord rutledge you get hack owner. Grandma's account hack into anything. It's funny because ninety-six like this is like do you remember your internet situation in nineteen ninety-six like where you on aol. Even i think my parents. Aol yeah but this is like so advanced like all whatever he's doing on the computer even just having your own computer like. He has a laptop in his room. Which i'm sure cost like ten thousand dollars but still like that was pretty advanced. That's like futuristic technology. domain cost. Ten thousand dollars nine hundred ninety six. I never i know you've never saw laptop in one thousand nine hundred you know i mean like i don't think there were a lot of you couldn't just like walk into whatever stores sell computers. I think you really you could. Yeah whatever computers scores of probably like out of. I think it would cost about like twenty five hundred dollars for a laptop It would be expensive. But you're not talking like this is like so. What is this alien technology that you have now. Do you think the majestic had wi fi. Like how is he getting on there. They probably the plug into the like a phone lines there. Oh god down so hard. It was tough. It was tough not easy leading. I wanna talk about the situation at the majestic health spa. Because i think there is. There are some health code violations that are going on at the majestic health spa name one well that it seems as though one of the patrons of the massage parlor is asking for services that i don't believe should be offered by a five or six hotel. Well mr tele croce didn't come on. This vacation is not gonna stop delacroix shea. Pretty sure anything can happen with. William matt massage room. Yeah kiva did the scene in massage room. Go over well with the children but what happens again. Well oh i thought you were talking about the the. What's it called room. Yeah so that was a little bit awkward. I was just being my boys in there. So i think they were. Maybe like too young to to like you for it to bother them so they were just laughing like the idea of the monkey was jumping on the but stuff was little gave right. So mrs della croce is getting a m- sasha from like a hot masseuse guy and she asks him for the special oil leader. Yeah it's it's very muskie notice stash special oil. He goes to get it to get it. Meanwhile dunston checks in and checks into the massage room and goes right to work. He seems like is he trained in sensual massage. Maybe there's some shiatsu training from yeah. He'll sort of jumping on her back smacking her button. Which is what came of that. Monkey doing stuff. And she's loving it. She's saying just saying to do it harder and she loves it she loves it so then dunston checks out and then the masseuse comes back and he's very confused about this whole what's going on here. Yeah because she she kisses him on the mouth because she thinks that he has initiated some some adultery and then cuts away. We don't know where where the the sort of like grab the person's face in boom end of especially in i guess it's more of a pg movie thing maybe like you know how far we go in here but yeah Dunaway definitely had. No nudity wasn't invented yet in the ninety s. I'm saying i'm saying. Oh you mean because he's not saying. I mean in general i feel like this guy is gonna be down for it. I just think. I i just i just think that like it's a pg movie we've been grabbing. Someone's face and tell them no. No no. i. I just met. The i met the cut away. I meant the smash cut away from. Fifa the direct oriel transition by the speaking of the director can cooperate director. I don't know if Guys recognize his name but he is basically. The main office was directed every episode by somebody different but he directs the the pilot and the finale of the office and a bunch of memorable episodes in between these more. tv guy. now but at this point is doing He's he's doing future film. I this may have turned them off. Removes only those one more after this. He i mean tv. Nbc must see tv. There's so many connections here he actually. He did The petition the beast. Did you ever see that right. After this with fran fran drescher. I believe i heard of it leading. You never saw that. I know you're the beautician and the beast that's its fran drescher is a Is a beautician. Who like goes to like a fake eastern european country to like help out with timothy dalton's kids aramco. Okay well if the country is probably at christmas and he did Sister to the traveling pants came quote. I love those movies. All right things are going to start to take a turn here as We're gonna bring in somebody specifically to handle the dunston situation and that is going to be paul. Reubens here a rare non pee wee citing here for paul. Reubens lead a. Are you a fan of paul. Reubens in this film i in this film in peewee herman maybe not so much in life based on some news stories about him. Yeah i was a huge peewee. Herman van when i was a kid so i love him in this movie. I think he's really funny in this movie. I it's way more threats of gun violence in this movie than i remembered on this. Watch but Yeah he's he's the hotel on call. Monkey hunter get a while since his last call. I feel like all although although he tells the story about a turtle that he saw so maybe he's just like an all swag and he's he he's an exterminator for like nine bug animals also need an exterminator bug animals. They have this monkey running around a new york. Paul reubens is not doing the lot at this point in time that he ends up. like after. Like the the heyday of peewee. Herman he's only in a couple of things he's in a. He shows up in batman returns as the penguins. Father then he's in. He does a voice in the nightmare before christmas. He's in buffy. The vampire slayer a. I think this is the movie not the tv version. Nine hundred ninety two and then it's three years since the last thing he did and then he shows up here in dunston checks in in one thousand nine hundred six what he had the indecent exposure thing i for some reason i thought that was after this. But that's in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one But i believe he has a second scandal later on which is not mistaken so yeah. This is the very short period in between his scandals. But i guess yeah he was laying low and this is like you know like you say he's not he's not appear character here he barely. You know if you're not a big peewee head. You might not even know what. Tim ready rock in one episode. He said he's back now. Right i believe he is he is uncanceled does is that correct like right. Now he'll be like yeah. He's in a lot of things he's working. He's got a lot of working quite a bit. Paul reubens yeah yeah this is distinctly on peewee like is very i think he's he has the most like obviously comic relief for all in this movie though besides the literal monkey He's brought in to take down dunston literally with a gun. The gun it's crazy. Yeah several different kinds. He's got his tranquilizer dart gun. Yeah yeah maybe. This movie is in new york city. I don't know okay. The ninety four different a heat claims that a lot of people are flushing. Orangutangs down the toilet. That's where they're living under the sewer. I think factcheck even in my hotel. I don't think toilets are big enough for that. Lead at this hotel seems to have quite a extensive like a conservatory. Greenhouse jungle area yeah as dot com and in new york. I don't know yeah. I haven't seen it. It's got a massive natural habitat of apes. Maybe maybe in the middle of hotel really. Nice hotels conservatories Yeah okay they. There's a chasing the. The peewee is coming. after dunston. they get chased into the base into the basement. Dunston gets glass in his hand at one point. Also we have a great scene where like a twelve year. Old basically does glass removal from monkeys. Like come down. Johnston like. I'm trying to work with you here. And the and the o'brien it could easily be twenty eight brian. Yeah i don't know again. I don't think he has like doesn't have a wiki. I'll check out check if we could get his age but yeah he may be an adult but it is funny that he's just sitting there pulling glass. Sat of rub. Have you ever do that as a dad. Have you ever asked last night now. One thing i did one of my kids stuck up his nose. And then we get the tweezers out for that. I think it's like one of my like my wife. I'd say once a month has to take less at a. Somebody's foot or something like that. My dad has definitely have to take foot before. But he's a doctor. I think great. Yeah yeah see. This is why dunston the monkey hates bare feet. Okay through the glass story out and if ever right no flip flops. Eight fifteen in real life for graham sack Right so kiva here. We go we have to figure out a place where we put dunston okay. Because he can't stay with us. But hey i started something. We're living in a five star hotel. We stay in our room. He could stay in any of the rooms and so they check him into the hotel under look up a name in the yellow pages. Did you catch this sure. Yeah what what they. Oh i don't remember the exact. Yeah it's fake vietnam using. Yeah yeah like vietnamese. Names are funny. Ray akiva i think of you that the the name is n. g. o. c. i. I did catch that. Yeah it was close. Yeah i think also by the way that it's good but why is this hotel of any vacancies. The week of their biggest week of the year which is not doing great job at this level. Like the presidential suite yes egypt themed presidential suite yes and sphinxes and the boys go up there with dunston and then leader do they have like unlimited room service just because their dad works at the hotel are they able to just over room service twenty four seven with no charge of well if they checked him into a room on the back end of the database that they somehow have access to because i guess his dad has like grandma security sort of just log in they must have like. I don't know put in a fake credit card or something and then they can just charge it to the room. I really don't know the answer to that. I'm also a little concerned about like the full size bottles of alcohol which does drink. I haven't dunston opens champagne here. Yeah so maybe dunston has an idea that they can use. I'm not really sure. They also like are able to get him into the room via the elevator when he's in a wheelchair wearing like a hot and polio blanket but his whole face is like your l. visible in the lady in the elevator is like given him a luck like that one ugly guy. Can i make a guess that they tried to mask more and the monkey was not having it all right fine. No face covering the monkey was like. We will not put a hat on. You know what. I mean like because they do have to deal with the call. The monkeys agent. If he's not listening so. I wonder if it was just like all right. We're not we're not bothering here like it's it's going to be very stupid that like obviously anybody can see that. It's a monkey but we're not. We're not dealing with from the startup anymore. He's had a long day. That's true it is hard to get animals who are close allies for johnston. The he does well not number editor. We'll see in a few genes. Yeah so we get everybody up to the room or ordering a lot of room service. Akiva you once famously. Said that people do not order banana splits anymore but Dunston is here to prove you wrong. I did i say that death. What this one thousand. Nine hundred six yeah. That was the height of the really the heyday. what's they had. We were at ben and jerry's in minnesota and you said that people do not order banana splits. Grandpa order split. Yes grandfather we yes. We had a full ice cream tournament with thirty different flavors of ice cream. And he ordered a banana. Split to go the one of the funniest things i've ever seen split to go wild. It was. What did he have a chimpanzee back in the hotel that we were all saying that it's possible that is that is possible. We gotta japan's the next movie. Yeah i did order. Banana split thought. When i was a kid in the nineties. And this is the thing but it worked because my brother's favorite flavors vanilla. My favorite vanilla chocolate favorite flavor was chocolate. My dad's a strawberry. So is it makes more sense. Split up leader. Paul reubens is going to bring a dog into the festivities here. Is this a special like a rang. Tang hunting dog. Yeah so both of the movies. We're gonna talk about how bloodhounds so maybe that's sort of the natural foil to a monkey. A monkey is sort of. Like i do what i want. I am an independent animal and a bloodhound is very loyal. They just track for for the person. So maybe it's like their natural enemies but yeah he's brings a dog because we don't have enough animals so lord rutledge he's going to hack the system. He figures out boy. Mr nagai kids ordering a lot of banana splits. He realizes that that's done. Stand that's his. Mo to order banana splits from service. And so that they go up there. He ties up the kid kyle in the bathtub and keeps. The kids are in distress year. By the way. I did i do love when he figured out that they were ordering while the banana stuff. I liked it sight. Gag where you see like ordered like baked banana like all the like crazy like different banana foods. Chicken soup with banana on the side. Made me guess. He's on the phone like yes. You heard me bananas Thick city just go to like any fruit store on the street. You get enough bananas. The last year lifetime. I yeah they they tie up the kid that is messed up. I do like the movies like this at home alone. Where like this stakes. Are that the bad guys willing to kill a kid to get. What he wants won't happen. But i liked that the like. It's it's like very clear like he will murder this child. Just you know if it if it gets them. Needs to Yeah would he have gotten away with this leader if he would have just killed kyle here. I mean jason. Alexander doesn't seem like a very hands on dad so i think it would take him long enough to find and report the missing child that would be able to get away lord rutledge. I don't really understand why lord rutledge is still there e gets all the jewels. Why does this leave after that. He should have aborted the mission. I agree he could have left and been fine. I mean i guess because he doesn't have johnston. But i think at this point johnston's a lost. Cause right. did he get the jewels back from dunston. He got he got everything in the first movie is so much much it's good. They don't remember. Yeah and it goes to the roof. And then he's trying to get back together with dunston. So i'm not sure that anyway. Dunst in spots lord rutledge He tries to give him a hug. Laura legit is going to take him back in but then key the he pulls a mike tyson with the vendor holyfield and bites lord. Rutledge is ear lorelei. I think gets off easy here. I was expecting his ear to be ripped off. Yeah i think. I think a monkey or chimp or whatever since big thing as big as sam could probably take off in the year without Without flinching is this pre. Mike tyson biting evander holyfield's here. I think it's right before. I think that that might also be nineteen ninety-six man. Ninety six was a great year providing las fighting going on in nineteen ninety-six. Guess yeah all right so then dunst in kyle. They're on the run. They're getting out of there. They're going to go to the ball. It's time to go to the crystal ball leader time to go to the crystal ball where nothing can go wrong. Everything has to go just perfectly for the old majestic And now everybody's dressed up. It's the crystal ball the social event of the season. We also had another like shorter. Montage leader of jason alexander like cutting like a one string off of a thing. He's like Measuring how far away. The cup is from the plate. It's sort of like the even more boring version of like when somebody is trying on dresses in your like thumbs up dow. But he's like looking at appetizers. I feel like i'd be very bad. Rob working like extreme luxury services like this. Like i'm not very exact you know i'm i'm trying to hit home runs but sometimes like i'd be very bad at the plate needs to be like or and a half inches away from the fork. I would be terrible Homerun save that for the next move for their talk. Okay so the kids. Go back to jason alexander. They're trying to tell them about what's going on. I j cells. Angelina had a very muted response to learning that the lord rutledge tied me up like i feel like he's like he he did that. Well all right He will punch him later for that. But i felt like that. The initial response i thought. Was you know very tepid at best. Yeah i mean. I think part of that is jason. Alexander's are really bad parent. And that's been established kind of over and over again but also kyle. I also probably wouldn't believe a six year old told me that. There's a monkey and the hotel that i have yet to see proof of Like this guy. I hate like hide me up or whatever but this is why it'd be a terrible parent so if one of your children told you that a Another person had tied them up. Would your reaction be. I mean just like tell my wife and then she did the sheet their lives. I feel i yeah similarly. Yeah i think that'd be like okay. Well let me see. Maybe there's another side to this story But we're my my wife. My wife was like instantly like person on site. It's sometimes you kids will come home. And they'll say like all right. The teacher called me whatever it was like. Well what did you do. Yeah yeah right now. Bernie down Yeah so yeah. There's there's a whole battle that's going to end up Ensuing this is where things are starting to get a little fuzzy for me leader. There's a lot going on. Yeah so the. The main thing that you need to know is that there's a bunch of different parties that are searching for dustin. So kyle and brian dunston. Kyle and brian are searching for dunston Because they want him to be like safe. Lord rutledge just searching for him because he wants to get him back Paul reubens is searching for him to kill him and jason alexander such so that like whatever the crystal ball goes well because now zander now also is aware of dunstan because fight in the conservatory. So yeah there is a lot going on. Everything is like trying to go well but doesn't going under. All the tables other people are diving under the table. And then jason alexander and lord rutledge start having a physical fight in the kitchen during which they use a lot of different like. There's like slapstick. They use like a giant whisk. The lord rutledge is gonna smash bottle of wine over his head but he's like no that's like a really nice port or whatever like ooh and then puts the murder a child but draws the line right. That's why i wasn't sure if he might actually be a food critic lord rutledge maybe he is and it's just not your lord kiva. There's one point. All of the party going. That i thought was very interesting. So there's a woman who's wearing like a a mink stall at the and it gets commented on a couple of times Paul reubens talks about it says that yes a mink. that's part of the weasel family But then another partygoer is very upset about this and she tells the people at her table that how could somebody wear for ver. This upsets me. Greatly and i carry around photos with me to show you the process of making. It has like a handout for her table. And maybe in modern times. Maybe you could bring this up on your phone. But i thought this was Absurd picked you does. It doesn't really go places right. Because then like her sort of storyline ends in two seconds when the monkey hits her under the table and she assumes is our comedic foil okinawa. What's been day and slaps him. Okay so first of all. I always carry pamphlets with me really. I wouldn't you know absolutely not. I don't carry handouts But so i felt like this would have made sense if it was like. Oh those poor animals. I respect all living creatures. And then she like saw. Johnson punched him in the face would be funny. What have been the joke absolutely. Oh i respect and love all animals and the she thinks that she's being sexually harassed by ortho. Yes yeah but yet he. Yeah but that is funny right because it right if she looked under the table and so a dunston. That is a great moment of like. Do you really all animals because he got a monkey right now by your feet. Yeah yeah does she like it. Doesn't that's a good point doesn't really pay off in the unexpected. So when you think there's going to be a joke on those not true. The highest level of common joke at all the writer of dunston checks in did not really go on to write many other. things Nothing else that you would really know. i found that my hobbies we started a college afterwards. Medical kyw comedy yeah. I'm maybe it's i think the movie is interesting because can cooperate such a pro. I think you could argue. This movie is better directed than an israeli leader. Said there's a lot of like funny moments but there aren't a lot that but that are more like gags which are probably more likely to be put in by a director versus the actual dialogue which even cheese. Maybe the big fan of this movie on earth at admits to aren't a ton of great one liners. That's a good point. Act more direct director centric than writer. Centric Jason alexander is going to end up Getting fired by. Mrs do bro. That they're also going to be the tranquilizer dart is going to go off and hit. Oh who's gonna fall into. Mississippi bro and knocking her into the cake. My missing any of the big story beats here for the big finale by making fake until it's like actually cake and then it's something really gross like the cake looks reportedly discussed. Yeah itself plastic until right like they didn't big this enormous cake. It's like a fake cake amend and then there's like stuff in this cake once you bill so on and then like the next cover them in icing well yeah. All movie cake is just like sculpted frosting. I think the only other thing. That's like a big beat in this final sequences. Brian coming into help his dad and his dad. That's my boy Well so the idea of jason alexander. Winning a fight seem so unlikely like rupert. Everett would kick jason alexander's. Let's be honest. Like rupert is winning this fight you songs. There's not so big. I don't know how funny also route ever at the bad guy in this movie is about to blow up right. This is right before my best friends wedding. Which is like his biggest star. Turn a year beforehand. Yeah they couldn't have got him a year from now. probably this is about to be as big star. Turn as i was going to say. I was surprised that he was in this one. I revisited this as an adult for the first time. Because obviously when i'm a kid i don't know who like any of these actors are and i have now seen my best friend's wedding and he's like so lovable in that i feel lying movies. I don't think but it's weird. He he does a really good job and this is very terrifying. Yeah i agree. okay. So ultimately jason alexander. They're they're fine. They're gonna they think that they might end up going in a motel six. But mr you bro. Ends up hiring them to stay on but he has a different idea. Wants to go work someplace someplace else. Going to go working bali. Yeah so like dunston is going to have to be sent to a zoo is like where 'cause they sound like. He can't live with us wherever. Tell that to matt leblanc. But he says he can't live with us he has to go to the zoo. And kyle's all sad but then james. Now's lenders like i wanna work somewhere with less responsibility like this is my dream job. I've done it so they go to bali which is like where orangutans live probably. I didn't google it but probably they did. And don't send gets a wife and a kid and like still all his hijinks at the majestic ali. Yes what's the rank tank situation in bali. A good question like how did they get him there on the plane. I would like to know too Like is this a private jet situation like hotels paying for them to go private. Because i'm not sure if you could just check in you know. In orange tang he checks in. That's what he does akiva. he's in. He lives literally what he does. That is thing. Arenas are only found in rainforest of borneo and sumatra indonesia. So i think the question at the heart of both of these films are due. Primates have free will to be able to do whatever they want in human society. the answer. Yeah we both of these films. Ask that question. It's a much different answer. I think in ed first of all is one of the interesting things about both. These movies is like. He's not a dunston commission but he's insanely smart. Doesn't always knows what you're asking him right. You like i mean he. I don't think he can't read or write. He's like yeah that we know it does make a noise at the very end. The movie doesn't really make any noise as a lot. More noises as makes edges much more noisy but Dunston is at least as smart as like the smartest person in the movie. More like the second smartest question. There's nobody who's even like mildly intelligent. Maybe the little boy kind of smart. I don't know but there's there's almost no smart it is. I guess like most slapstick movies. It is a movie filled with people who the boy. Maybe this is something that is only a trope that's only applied to like female like little kids in movies. But i will first of all. I don't like when kids movies. So this movie i was routinely. I probably only loved this movie so much. Because i saw when i was a kid i hate especially when kids are like super precocious and i did like that. This kid was like like a kid. He wasn't super smart. And i feel like maybe that's more like a little girl trope and we definitely see that ed especially cloying interesting. The best example that super precocious kid in a movie. Well it's not a friend her moeny now it's not her any That's like a kind of a different thing. I don't know they're like at school her i. It's like april in gilmore girls Or something like that. It's just like when when a little girl is like super like i. I read books. Like how do you learn that word. Whatever most kids in any tv or film or are terrible. I hate when they spend time with anybody who's not an adult on a tv show. I mean it's hard to get them to do things you want also right like me. We talked last week about a couple of weeks about family matters. And they just like would randomly right off a kid because he didn't really bring anything. It's of the kids show but if it's a show for adults we don't need to spend time with the following the lives of the kids. Yeah and dunston checks in his first and foremost for adult film about a hotel that you can go to for sensual massage and stuff. Yeah alright referred in fat week at the box office if they had just put that tagline. Is there anything else that we should make sure that we touch on in terms of dunston checks in an actress had to agree to have a monkey liquor face in this movie. Yes and i'm interested in her still sees guacamole facial. And i've seen big ed do this on onto ninety day fiance's of your own avocado face mask. Yeah interesting getting some sort of spa treatment. Which has green stuff over face and cucumbers and dunston licks her face. And she's like. Oh is that a new. Like i don't know technique or whatever. I'm just interested in that. Actresses actresses compensation agent. I did have iphone. The older son on twitter. Maybe we should have had him on. What's one question that we can ask them. Maybe we could have sent him one question on twitter. I mean is. There's something we need to ask the older son leader. Has you know. I've ever really thought would have this opportunity. Did he go to sam's funeral did he keep in touch with sam. That is a good question. I think that's dark like we used to do this. Sometimes on seinfeld and uncurbed we'd like tweet at a person who wasn't like a price because obviously if you tweeted jerry seinfeld can answer your tweet. It like a one time guest star. Who has five hundred dollars. They might yes. Sometimes it'd be very nerdy questions like an episode season three twenty two. When you say you're going so i do wonder if we're like so. The monkey from does checks in that you keep in touch with afterwards. I feel like i'm getting getting does bryan. Have one hundred something like that All right let's talk about ad that we should with the whole of the movie that we need to talk about all right. Ed dunston checks in january nineteen ninety-six release date march fifteenth nineteen ninety-six. Beware the of march. If you are matt leblanc so a second huge must see tv star films. A movie around life with a member of the primate community. And that would be ed. The chimpanzee who plays baseball. I didn't realize this is this. Like deep impact versus. Wanna get in when we have like the to asteroid movies in in like right in a row. We're volcano versus dante's peak. Like this is to monkey movies. Squaring off at the box office. Same your friends with benefits versus. No strings attached famously. Yes this is I can tell you right off the bat. Who won this movie a shut up. Tim asks us if we could name the. Mvp of these films the most valuable primate. Yeah is there. Anybody voting for ed or we or is it a clean sweep for dunston first of all dunston more lovable character than ed. Yes it's also. A monkey is edison animatronic robot for most of the movie right. It's it's not a real. I thought it was someone in a costume for part of it but i a person in costume and sometimes scary. I'm so angry that i had to watch this movie. So the friends cast famously. Does not fare well in films like matt leblanc is gonna find some film success in jennifer aniston. Has you know she has like a couple of hits along the way but probably more misses than hits over her storied film career. Not counting murder mystery which we watched a couple of months ago We've also talked about her in leprechaun as well but here we have matt leblanc. He also then was in another film also which was also kind of a bus very early on in the friends run. Lost in space was going to be the follow up to this. And that i think was also a bus not to this level but i think it was a bigger budget and then also nobody cared. This budget is twenty four million dollars for nine hundred ninety six. That's not like summer blockbuster. But that's like second tier. This you know is like a legitimate movie. That a studio is is like relying on to make money this year or a million back right. It made four million dollars made a sixth of its of. Its but i'm sure it did. Great international budget was towards. Malibu hair. day is the blonde in this movie. Hyper nets let me just also retract. I thought lost in space was more of a bus. It actually did make money at the box office. So i apologize. Eighty million dollar budget and one third box of lost in space like it didn't have sequel or anything like that so i think it was a sixty s. Tv show right. The did a movie off of more peak franchise and it did not turn out to be To be that. but it wasn't a total bust. Unlike ed which the budget was twenty four million dollars and made four million dollars at the box office. Hard to any can i. Can we start off the beginning of this movie. I i was very confused by it. I'm not sure if lita is familiar with the movie rookie of the arab. You've seen rookie. Right yes lead. Have you seen it. I've never even rookie of the year is is a one of the charming baseball movies from the mid to late nineties. Where a kid Has an accident and then discovers that he can basically throw the ball faster than any pitcher on earth is like a thirteen year. Old named enron gardner and he basically sums up the travel cubs and yada yada. Nineteen ninety-three phil. Yeah okay ninety-three basically the beginning of this movie is matt leblanc jack deuce cooper and deals do they call them. Deuce or coupe during the movie has never any form of organized baseball before. Not in the pros not in college not in high school. Not in literally. But yet he's obsessed with baseball. We're led to believe and he goes this open tryout and he can throw he throws the high heat they're blown away by what by How fast he can throw fastball. They signed him to this like somewhat reputable minor league team. That's i think like a spirit. Like belongs to majorly russia's the santa rosa rockets yes and then that's like barely part of the movie. Like you think we're going to be along for this ride with matt leblanc. I do not believe until the final pitch. The movie matt leblanc ever throws a strike in the movie right. Every single pitchy throws his head some hard hit balls tossed artist as a joke. That's his first game at every single time. It's just not being good at baseball. It's if i choked. If i showed a baseball game today runs. Yeah. he's a bit of an edwin windy as in that he's got great stuff. It's just a hit. A ball for long home runs but he he throws hard and he has. He has a great arm rocket arm. A question anything about baseball Is there a real is cut day a real thing whereas oh okay like yes. In in a major league team will cut people. I do not believe that day. And i guess to a lesser extent of minor league team would be cut people but not thirty days into the regular season. The cast list. Where everybody's like that. I hope they get it in the middle of the season. They wouldn't do that in the middle of overproduction. Be like all right. Half of you're gone so we we've all seen the movie. Let's just at least give this synopsis. Here of what of what. This film is about for people. So matt leblanc nine hundred ninety six. We're going into. Is this the the tail end of sees of season. One ninety four ninety five so there's a back end of season to a friend so maybe he filmed this in between season one and two. And we're going to have ed as akiva said rocket arm. Signed to a team team is struggling for notoriety or something and they end up getting a new. What is supposed to be a mascot. Which is named ed. Which is a chimpanzee who is mickey mantles. Chimpanzee do. I have that right kiva. So far you're He is a team mascot but he's insanely good at baseball. He plays third base and a great glove. Goodspeed got a great plate discipline and he was going to bat by the way in the entire film walk only appear. He's more of a monkey hit home. Know why they why they sort of. He's a little bit of like a more of a ray. Ordonio says type fine insane glove in the field and he's mickey mantles a chimpanzee and he's roommates with matt leblanc. He because they drew straws for who on the baseball team has to take him and so now has to be roommates with him. This movie also came out with four airbud which i could not believe because there's literally a scene in this movie whether like shortly. The monkey can't play baseball. They're literally like there's no rule against it which is a lot of air by. I think that's in the commercial basically there but Yeah that's funny. It is interesting because it's not a real monkey again. He never has to hit. He's like the fact that he never has to swing the bat. He does walk. I believe is only plate appearance in the film. Yeah like matt. Leblanc is like at the beginning. We're like oh this is like a matt. Leblanc piece is going to be all about matt leblanc. But then malibu go pick up the monkey from a bus station. Like if he's supposed to be such a big deal for these minor league owners they never like you know the owners have nothing to do with the monkey. The the monkees completely under matt. Leblanc's like he's as roommate is to drive him everywhere. He's like his only friend. The owners these evil owners have nothing to do with this monkey. And then they've a monkey playing third base and they somehow cannot monetize it at all basically other than like having people come to. The ballpark stands for the santa rosa rockets. Why does it the monkey pitch. That's my question. Why does he have to be a third baseman. Can't competition blocks. They have to be best friends through. Are you critiquing this. From the writing of the film or you crew be critiquing. The manager of the santa rosa rockets is good point. They can't both be pitchers that wouldn't make sense for the plot. But like i'm just asking why the santa rosa ragas wouldn't have the the. Yeah you the monkey throw so fast burns a hole in your club. Yeah isn't he. The monkey should be catching well. It's not a bad idea. Could never steal second on the monkey grabbing a referendum. What yeah i saw. I do want to talk about this one. Why is it in the. Why mickey mantles monkey play third. We'll you wouldn't you think the mic would have feels are fielder. Also he's he is a model just one second up to just. This movie sucks. Well we're trying to fix it. Lead a monkey. The not only is the monkey. He wears a yankee hat. The whole movie likable unlike like ninety percent of the country now hates this month immediately. They're not like the yankees franchise right minor. League teams usually have aaron organization at the oscars. Yeah he gets under the dodgers so extensively it's the dodgers tommy lasorda in the climactic scene in the movie. So i like. I would immediately would freeze this monkey out in the clubhouse. If he's wearing yankee hat also we mentioned the name of this film. Which we've talked about this before when we talked about the basketball film eddie. Also nineteen ninety-six such a banner year for terrible movies a also nineteen ninety-six film. Ed terrible title for this film. Terrible monkey playing baseball. Ed what do we call it. Nice what should we have named the movie Anything else iraq it. That's why he's the mascot. Or whatever like i don't know i walk. It's not a bad name. I just i feel like. I can't overstate how uncanny valley terrifying this monkey is not. I went into this movie being like how to lovely christmas watching dunston checks in wake up this morning. Watch another little monkey movie. Because even though i know it's gonna be like kind of a bad movie like whatever i think is a really cute. I'm gonna love this as soon as i saw him as like. I don't think i can do ninety more minutes of this so much. The monkey is not likeable in this movie in the way that dunston is a of character. It's just this movie. Is the odd couple with baseball and a monkey. And that's like case that it's too silly. yes that is true. I guess like the oscar is matt leblanc and the felix who messes up the house. Ed the monkey oscar because they are both oscar kennedy through oscar relationship. Like it's like. Oh this guy who is like from the farm in oregon. Matt leblanc is like middle america armor. This whole thing is very like american patriotism propaganda in that like the reason i. He realizes that the monkey isn't so bad after all. Is that the monkey like scans for the national anthem. When he's watching the national anthem channel on tv which is just the american flag waving and the national anthem. You'll get channel. Yeah weirder than that was right before that. The monkey is flipping through the channels and is watching friends to q. Two q exists in this universe so we are to believe that matt leblanc is just somebody who looks exactly like matt leblanc and nobody ever dies hair. Blonde like listen matt. There's gonna be a scene the movie where we see rachel for a split second so you cannot. It'll throw people off too much. You look much like joey marcel. So that also they have the problem here for matt leblanc's character in the film. Rocket eos are deuce that he is just over thinking everything that he just thinking too much about baseball now that he's found this new pastime hobby of being a pitcher. He thinks about it too much they call it a choke. Itis is what he was diagnosed with in the film. Their manager coach chubb calls john. Chubb freight greg character chubb and then but then you compare him to head who is much more of like sort of like a. He doesn't over think anything at He's more of like you know. See the ball. Catch the ball. And really yeah. That's and if if deuce could somehow end up being a little bit more like it could change his career around. Yeah it's very like matt leblanc. Just needs to lighten up and is like when is the last time you had fun. It's like he literally is hung over from going out drinking the night before. We're supposed to be like. When does he make time for fun. He can't ask this lady out because he's always thinking about baseball and we we're never given an explanation. Why this person who has a you know a naturally gifted as never played a single second of baseball in his life. Too busy overthrown. He's good bad. Why showing up. The thing is father's like have fun and he says of course they're going to baseball. How would you know you've never played baseball other than maybe a catch with your dad. You just said you've never played at any level including literally why he shows up to this to this tryout. How does he know he's good like his dad told him good. Everyone's dad tells them they're good baseball. Yeah that's a good question. He's just trying to make up for lost time. Yeah i don't. I don't know it's it's very strange They're they're another crazy thing about. This movie is that the announcer is also like the play by play the play by play also the loudspeaker guy in the stadium. Yeah he's general. Air from our jim o'hare for parts of the wreck is being demolished. The entire movie inside the stadium by the announcer completely criticizing. Like oh it's deuce again like he's going to give up other homer. I've never seen that happens in a lot of movies. But i've never seen it in actual baseball. Keeping what do you think of the deuces. Make up similarly the to pitch pitcher. Here's a starter. Do they need to eventually convert him to a reliever think he is more of reliever. Yeah i don't think you should be starting. That's a good point. You've got one and a half pitches. They make fun of his curveball. This it doesn't curve you. Probably when he gets the end of the movie spoiler a. Nobody should watch this movie to be fair. No one should go back and watch this film. But if you if you are a spoiler by the way has a two point seven nine which is half of dunston checks in which is like a little harsh. I'm check world. War six percent rotten tomatoes which is just like insulting infinity. More than this movie would use instant checks in where yes. Yeah twenty four million dollars. They could have made a good movie here. They chose not to the same monkey. I guess they could never monkey play these fall. But i'm not sure if my kids did like it. This movie by the way was so bad. It was nominated for a lot of razzies. It was the wrong worst screen. Couple was matt leblanc. The mechanical chimp. it did not win worth couple where screenplay world wars picture. Because striptease starring demi moore won some some of and pamela anderson in barb. Wire one a bunch of us. okay. I a hot girl is trying to act again. That's true monkey. They're out there as the director of this film. Bill kuri if you think he's like you dabbles in like a sort of low Sort of low grade fair. Something won an oscar for movie about a common thrilled stories from the quilt. About the aids quilt. Oh he's coming off that and he's like what should i do. I guess i'll make a monkey movie. That's demeanor would ruin my career like really heavy book and then you're like oh i just said read like something like eight. Let's kind of movies one for me one for them. You make the documentary. He makes a lot of vietnam. Docs alzheimer's but then he threw in his one movie. One go at a major. Hollywood motion picture was in serious social issue of not taking monkey seriously as baseball players. Viz a lot. Also about ed's bathroom habits in the film a lot about how it goes to the bathroom first off kiva should should edit be wearing jeans. It's a big problem. Because ed always needs to go to the bathroom and he constantly wearing pants which seemed completely unnecessary baseball. Maybe okay he needs to wear a uniform. That's the moves that will not like it. If ed does not wear uniform when he plays baseball i get that. Yes the apartment. I don't know why he has like he goes up. Like stinks up the bathroom early in the movie. One point they what do you call it like him in crossing swords. I don't remember what they do. Not cross swords. I do not believe happened. They use it the peeing one. That's i forget what they call it crossing the streams kind of way that were involved in the making of the no question. There's there are certainly. They didn't let women on set for this movie. No there are two women in the movie. the their downstairs neighbor and her and her daughter who thinks matt leblanc has a nice but yeah can i play scene from the film please please. It's a movie referring you didn't allow here is here. Is ed just deuce returning from a jog as he does and He's going to have a run in with the the love interest in the film's daughter. Yes all right who so out of place. It's the trickle weird thing it's like you could possibly not wanna make it with my mom. Is that your sexual. It is new confidence in her mom. Like the only yeah no straight men would ever turn down my mom at a ballpark in a single mother. Gee what a creepy hid. Yeah again is is really trying to get her mom to date. I will say the mom who i think is like a legit tv star. I think she's in chicago. Hope which was like the knockoff version of the are back then but really does not and again like you said. There's no women in the volvo. Make this. It's not like they're giving right now like but you. You have zero. I'd say my caring about her is zero on zero to ten scale like do not care about the relationship but her daughter is like a mildly entertaining but but only in how bad of an actress she is and this is basically the only woman in the movie. Yeah snake now homophobic because she follows up that line with like it's fine if you are Yeah but i do know. That's the only reason why you wouldn't be interested in my amazing. Yeah yeah oh akiva. She's on star trek discovery. Like i saw a recent picture for. I knew i knew her from somewhere. She's a real career. I think this is not a does not want to work. So ed you calling head battle. Matt leblanc's character ends up going on a date with the woman and They leave this little girl. And ed the chimpanzee together lead. Who's babysitting whom i don't care. I think it's supposed to be like veil. Look out for each other. Because she's precocious and we know that is like responsible or whatever and then they just like destroy. The house in eight eats one of the i think. Seventeen montages asamara where they just like music playing and they destroyed the house and then music is playing on. They clean up the house. If this movie had no montages this movie would be eighteen minutes long. it is all von. Taj is wake. We had jason alexander eyeing the tablecloth length. But that was like maybe one of the and the rinse service thing but this is like they've got people cleaning. They've got people practicing baseball. They've got people bonding with their monkey. Powell's it's just like every other scene and also a lot of monkeys destroying property. Yeah in both films. Crime and jackson and this movie. I'm like gonna take thirty hours the clean and this is so much damage. Yeah boat wing from every chandelier in every ceiling fan. They could find. It's crazy ed. And johnston their thing so at one point during the montage of it is going to wear a lot of costumes and then He recreates madonna's early nineties. Look from the blond ambition world tour. I believe he has the the cone bra microphone. I i mean he. He looks great. The premise for why there's so much Sort of connex fashion for them to wear. The little girl is like my grandma was like batty or whatever but like grandma was like really nasty back in the day. Oh no let's say she'll so many likes slutty outfits also. Jim caviezel is a member of the himself. Yeah could not save of coming family so ultimately bad news we kick off the third act with ed has been sold somewhere else. Akiva details on this. I think yeah. He has a briefcase of cash. She says he sold again. This movie makes little effort. I wonder if they just ran into time. If they're like maybe either. They ran into the the budget cuts. Twenty three to twenty four million dollars. Were like the animatronic. Ed stuff or if they just like oh matt leblanc needs to be back on the friend settling next week. We need to finish this up on the one long rap and twenty minutes the yeah it but it doesn't make any sense the we. There's no sort of motive for like these bad guys. We don't know what their plan is. Other than. maybe the circus circus because he is an outfit yet but he had the cost so much money to buy him because he's a baseball star like shouldn't this be a couple of million dollars. Minimum doesn't like very high value. Right now she's a baseball. Sorry because a montage of all of the covers of magazines famous. Like there's no way you could just like if they stole him. That's one thing. There's no way you could buy him for less than you know. Even whatever's in that briefcase even if those are hundreds like ed should have a lot of value right now. The dodgers wanna sign. Yeah akiva this film. I think asks a very fundamental. Sports question is being sold for cash considerations considered kidnapping. That's a good question. I think also like the bad guys in the film. The team owner's son. Who was like this. Weasley loser esque character like again. We don't know him enough to really care like we know that he's unlikable just 'cause that's canada tommy lasorda mates and and the bad guys are like we've just don't at least like we saw it on some checks in like we get. We don't know what the real motivations other than just greed rupert effort hasn't dunston checks in but like you get to know him like you. You might not like him but you care about him as a person. The bad guys in this movie are non zero dimensional right. We know nothing about. They're just like they're they just like this movie. I don't want to say should be longer because it should have been shorter right what they could have at least given us a little bit of back story on like who are the bad guys. Why do we care. There's obviously no drum. Because you know that matt leblanc and add are gonna come out. You know the winners in the in the scene where matt leblanc steals at back from the from the robbers even really rob him did they. I guess they paid for him yes. They're just visiting turkey he was. I mean the the film could ask. The question are chimpanzees property to be bought and sold but troy. Maybe mellow blankets the thief. He stole a chimpanzee which was purchased by another person. It's true like they're probably come after him if they're not dead. I don't think anybody in this movie either but mean his girlfriend talks him into saying it was a kidnapping. But there's also this is another nineties thing. We've talked about four. There's a lot of fainting in this movie. Like ed does like a mock faint even when he when he finds out that they gave him. Mickey mantle's number seven like they're not bad. yeah it was a big mickey mantle. Fan him in these ninety s movies and shows had a lot of fainting. And now you could bear. You barely see any fainting in twenty twenty mock fans. I don't know if somebody who faints lot in real life. I feel like a pack. Okay fine leading saints ag. Yeah i wanna say like often like yeah. I like more than the average bear From humans but like from like something like in a movie like the like something hasn't been happening or is it like a medical condition word for. Yeah yeah it's not like seeing conrad birdie john mayer consciousness. It's got the sight of blood fame from like erie situation sometimes. So yeah but i can't say that Fainting is a ninety s experience. But it is weird that it's represented that way. I just don't think see cinema and film much anymore because it's been replaced with every movie shows vomiting now and. I don't know why i used to be fainting and now it's throwing up you're saying like edgier i don't wanna see anybody from it heated. I'm with you now that you bring back the fainting. When you see mickey mantles also know why was he so impressed by mickey mantle. Like his dad. I guess so. I mean are you the dad of of an animal if you own them like dogs dad I have not. But i m my dad's mom okay. So you're saying he. Mickey mantle was his dad and then it gets mixed probably dies right before this movie. So that that's why he's available on the market and mickey mantle died in one thousand nine hundred five so that we wouldn't have had a godparents like i feel like i have prior arrangements for my dog forum wise. I don't think my dog would get sold the mascot of a baseball right respectfully you probably like You might have had your act together. More than mickey mantle did. Thank you so much. But also i think in dunston checks and rupert everett keeps saying like dunston. Come to daddy. So i think i think it's pretty common to say like your your animals parent Okay akiva do you think that mickey mantle was the a right athlete to pick to be the person who is the owner of ed. Why i think they did it because like he just died. What are they gonna do over this. It's not realistic that it would be like an older baseball player. Because how long can the monkey live. I think it'd be more believable. That a pedro martinez is monkey pedro. Martinez isn't even famous yet. At this point it's only ninety six. Like you'd have to be like nolan ryan's monkey and the but no one ryan who just retired just making up names. Yes we're making. Andy van slyke. We're we'll make make a pirates for leader leads from pittsburgh. Andy van slyke events like Time so ari bond ronchi having among the keys to surly the have a month a day. Yeah get him. Griffey junior or having chimpanzee on was back all edgar. Baseball's that's where he's known from or anything else anything else on ed ed the deuce in the climactic game of that ed gets out of the hospital. He gets to the stands the human hospital human hospital. Yeah that was good morning. japan. Go to human hospital. Em saved through the power of prayer. By the way. When i keep saying this movie is like really like pro middle. America is saved through a sang. The national anthem trusted and be through the girl. Praise for him and immediately you become better. Yes he was on the brink. He's done that store. And then they were able to rip the wires out of him in the hospital and take him to the game and still win ambulance. Yes and the doctor faints. also here. Yeah akiva so do. He's been throwing heat the whole game. It's the ninth inning. And they're questioning like boy. You can't keep throwing one hundred for nine innings and they have a what a one run lead. Sending back out there. Shades of matt harvey Twenty fifteen yeah. Chubb is. Chubb is the who's twenty fifth terry collins. Yeah yeah yeah. Actually i send them back out there for the ninth. Tommy lasorda is here. Yeah who by the way as of this recording still alive. Yeah even though he he actually kind of looks good in here but if seen recently he's he's not doing as well. Yeah but i think yeah. It is funny. Because i like the one baseball celebrity. They get in the whole movie like most movies. Like this would have a host like little giants or whatever like you get twenty appearances from from famous people. This movie again with a twenty four million dollar budget got one retired manager. We're not getting any like activates. Women say this is the first baseball movie. I've ever seen the sides so baseball baseball. Yeah so is is. You're telling me this is not good compared to baseball movies. No i think i think i. Yeah i mean. Is this even a baseball movie. I guess not really. Yeah yeah yup lee started podcast where you just watch baseball movies like. Is this better than ed. That's the question you're trying to answer at the end of bed. Nope and they should have worked. Name ed in this movie also keeping you came out and said the time lasorda is not looking too good at right now. He's ninety three years old from like he was never like the picture of waiter every time. He's on twitter. People say like that's what death looks like. Nobody gets meter comments. Then tommy lasorda twitter. Know anytime there's a picture of him at a game. Like i'm not sure he's still alive like he truly looks like a dead person while he's walking around More power i think in the last month or two is not doing as well but okay but shout at the tommy. Maybe we'll see. He's looked like for pretty much exactly the same for fifty years but he looks good and no. He looks decent in this movie. He was like yeah. I think he took a turn for the was right after ed. Ed bite of been as he is. He's the guy who the scout kind of. He's the dodgers manager. You don't explain. Who is the non baseball fans. But he's like the guy who signs up. He says coup whatever he wants which is by the way at all. General managers. Work like this. Nobody who knowns ever heard of giving millions of dollars to play for the dodgers. He's recently been in intensive care so Thoughts and prayers for tommy lasorda teasing. Ps to tommy l. I yeah and the basically the baseball part of the movie ends with with coop. Throwing his first strike of the entire game against the star player who they have to throw her if he throws a curve yes to explain like why is the star pinch hitting in the bottom of the ninth if we haven't seen him since the first hitch in the movie where it's point. Yeah he's he was on injured reserve and like oh and now he's a magically better in the ninth inning of this game so going to bring in the star and yet breaks him out major league baseball kirk. Call him coupe and robson calling him do through reducing his nickname. Nobody calls him. Jack is nicknamed the sign for throwing a curveball in baseball real. That's the yeah. That's real is that is that true. I mean that is accurate but is that really why. That's his nickname. More to do with the sharing a bathroom like number two maybe jersey. He baseball behind him. You get hit with the pitch if you were doing that out. If you're a fast enough. I think i might be onto something here. Let me coach better manager than the guy who gets us to pay knocked off twice or whatever. His job is a big pay humor also much bigger than ninety s. The now there's no issues about guy because somebody has to pay gets knocked off in the mirror and that's not a bad guy whereas alexander never gets his pay knocked off point a the managers in things right. Yeah i've seen him around. I believe you also has a was on wikipedia but yes he is in a lot of things. Yeah what we're announcing people's passing. That's how we people passing on this show. There was a i mean. He made an eighty five years to old in this movie. Jack warden is his name. Which is like an old guy. Named named jackson was once a child. Oh i feel like the other thing we kind of glossed over was sort of like the mysticism of this movie does a of like luck. Based sort of like magic or spirituality. There's a horse shoe. That factors unfairly thought was going to be a plant in pay off but was just a plant in and dead and they fly the the child in the but like flip a coin. Yeah the baseball players are very superstitious. Yes they're gonna flip a coin to see if their players are going to be successful or not and blogs coin lands directly on its side. And so it will decide blah blah blah. If he's going to be either a bust or make it to the hall of fame. Which are the only two choices direct. The what i did like about the film is that ed doesn't trade in any of that superstition at is just purely about the that. He's gonna just go off instincts. He's not an caught off. Yeah a the problem. I guess is for deuce for coop. that he's just. He's working too hard before the didn't daniel murphy have that akiva where like Is taking like nine hours of batting practice before the games rep to be fair. This guy has no experience like he should be working hard. This is first year in the minor leagues or its first year. Even the throwing a pitch like it's amazing. Even those stand on a mount should be working hard. He just needs to have more fun if somebody take india's out to disneyland when they are back open as the dodgers real minor league affiliate is this real. The santa rosa rocco remained up team. And that's also the or they'll just switch the everyone's minor league affiliates because major league baseball got rid of a lot of them but i don't think they have modesto maybe as that s right. I'm not sure is this. Aaa this feels like single-a right. It's like a small stadium to me. This is low. Looks like would you. Would you really bring this deuce or coupe guy to like a higher level of the minor leagues started his career. I don't think is coop going to be protected in the rule five draft. Do you think about the what about. Yeah i am really open tryouts for minor league teams and also like they signed him right off the bat. I it's a good question. I guess like the lowest level. It's not inconceivable that they can have short answer is yes. They don't send people from the lowest level straight to the dodgers unrealistic. It does him just like i feel like this movie might have some plot holes so i wonder if you were going to sign like a minor league free agents like i feel like that. There is like some sort of a process for that. I don't know if you could just say like open tryouts in this guy came a times. The movie like this would have shady agent right where his agent like sells him for whatever and gets a lot of the money the draft right now. I guess he's like a veteran free agent. I'm not sure how it works. I don't know all right. H in this movie made mardi the you're onto. Something ed is his agent works. That's all they all moved to. Everybody knows that within the first week of a relationship you better be ready to move to a different city with them so that they have a kid so though he is going to go to the dodgers for whatever amount of money he wants and a the last scene of the movie is the little kid and her mom and matt leblanc and ed all moving down to la together in like or whatever. So i feel like they're starting their lives together. And no mention of ed continuing to play baseball or doing something for the giants. Like tommy lasorda. Extended goes to the game to see ed. I am coop like he says. Where's ed and then it's not there so i don't know what ed's future is. The i guess. Ed is an agent. What if reboot entourage. But a monkey is the agent. That sounds great As long as real monkey and not this animatronic nightmare. Yes yes we don't really know also shout out to a longtime listener. John john johnson who sent me and my family Christmas gifts This past week Including The entourage film on blu ray disc which had been long wanting to add to my collection. Thank you john. And you re give that danny sister because he might like that yes inside. Shrek smell i think is where i'm gonna keep that. That is by the way. Speaking of shrout hewlett we get to the mail bag where you talk about tracking the mountain. You guys gonna do shock. War story yeah. Yes okay all right anything else about ed about the dunston checks in on this very special episode of our a. n. a. p. e. Oh no. I'm upset that these two movies were put in the same category most set that i had to watch. Ed really didn't like it. It was one of those movies where i was rolling over the time stamping like. There can't possibly be forty five minutes. The however done syntax in holds up tremendously. I can't recommend it enough. It is like we said a hot eighty eight minutes And it's a real monkey even if you don't like the movie like it's very cute. Monkey doing very cute things. I think maybe are inherently less ugly than chimpanzees would like was an animatronic like chimpanzees are just like not that good so yeah i would. Highly recommend of the nbc. Nine hundred. ninety. Six must see tv lineup. Starred movies with We're short. there's a third right. Kramer had a run in with a i. Don't remember what type of primate it was at the zoo. Were inside feld. Yeah yes and i believe. Helen hunt has a monkey movie. Also but it's from the eighties sent that to us. And there's this movie called most valuable primate which were mvp which is like a monkey pitcher which got happens happens after ed sort of trying to capitalize on the earbuds stuff Yeah i mean. I can't be sure that there's not like some drew carey monkey movie out there. It seems like maybe something he would do when he was on third rock from the sun. But i'll keep an eye out for it. Okay alright uncle. Tv anything else in terms of our All monkey review now. I think we're in agreement. That dunston is the most valuable primate of this episode Listen sometimes we liked dunston checks in less overhead. But it's called the movie diaper like we have to you know we can't just watch quality films like dunston checks in really examined. The you know what went wrong with the world. Yeah right lee anything else that you want to add about these films. No just r.i.p sam. Yeah all right. Are you gonna stay for the mail bag. Absolutely okay. all right so we're going to take a quick break. We're gonna come back. We've got a mailbag. How how full is the mailbag akiva wherever full. You need it to be okay all right. So we've got some pitches. We'll talk just like deuce cooper. We are better than one and a half pitches coming up when we come back on. Robin akiva need a podcast support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. 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There's gotta be some baseball chimpanzee pawn sitting right there for the taking akiva albo primate which comes out a few years later is a very good is a very good chimpanzee. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. They had they had that there was sitting right. What about like mic. Like you know something. Like that. Making mic like mickey mantle. But the monkey. I dunno. I think he's a morgan everything. Everything's better than. Let's start from that like any. Any suggestion is upon. Yeah it was terrible. We'll have a good one. Yeah all right. Well let's see Send us your tweets all week long but it. The let's dive into the mailbag. Let's set the stakes for the mailbag to start rob because this is technically a twenty twenty episode where spinning the wheel twenty twenty one and we each have our veto veto one suggestion one wheelspin a year and it's the last episode of the year probably recorded about fifty this year right. We barely skipped Haven't used or veto. And so i think like we almost have to use our veto today right. We have to even if it doesn't come up exactly what we want. Yeah i mean but even if it does come up like even for number one thing comes up. Oh you'd be we have it well. Why would you do that then. I don't know what our number one when we get to the list. We could say like what are number one. Well this is what i wanted to do. But i don't wanna waste this veto all right spin again. Yeah i don't know. I feel like we have to. I don't know if neither of us use the but also it would be trolling. I say my number one idea is shark week or whatever and then it comes up and you're like no vetoing it. There could be. There's a funny. Trolling sort of veto. Fight over the veto. All right what do you have in the mail. Pack uncle okay. We we had a bunch of stuff. Let's start with mike from chicago. Okay you want the. He wants to add a movie to the michael jordan. That's a good question. I don't think michael jordan lives in chicago. I think he lives in north carolina space jam that he lives. Michael jordan lives in suburban chicago and space jam. Right as i thought he lived in north carolina. But i might just be mixing it up with his jersey. What's warner brothers. Made a warner bros. Which movie companies could it be. Mike ditka dadkhah. Yeah i think he to. Lot of podcasts. Wonder brothers made like there was a big deal when they when they put all their movies on. Hbo max yes. And i think some people were like maybe they're bad. And then with the wonder woman sequel came out. And i don't watch any of those marvel movies but yeah seems like everyone on twitter hates today. So what if that space jam to movie. Which isn't in the same. The sopranos prequel in the space jam mooney. What if that's because we do have a bet on that we will get good reviews very excited for that space jam to thinking thinking new. All those movies were terrible. And that's why they threw them on. Hbo max because they would bomb the theaters. Yeah yeah i show that to them recently and they really liked it. I'm not sure why but they loved it. Yeah no i think. Space jam holds up well in college and was supposedly surprised. Yeah not a fan of the hbo max so far okay book. It's very hard to log into that first of there they. They don't own anything that i wanted to see. And then i started watching everything on. Hbo max hbo mac. What's on hbo. Max wonder over nineteen eighty-four yesterday. I know i don't care about superhero movies. I don't know. I feel like every time i'm on. Hbo i'm like oh they have. They've got they've got that so now i started. Classic showed have like sopranos in cd. The wire fine episodes that were watching. That was on prime. I don't know. I started watching the west wing over thanksgiving and i was like twenty one episodes of the west wing and then it was like west. Wing is leaving neville. I gotta get season one in before they move. And then i had to like log into. Hbo max and then it took me like nine different tries to get different devices logged into hbo. Max it was a whole thing matt. Leblanc gotta see matt leblanc pre and post ed. Did you quit the show. The west wing a good season one cliffhanger to see what was going to happen with bartlett beach had right. Like i wasn't a big deal for me. Yeah wailer. I never really watched it so far. So good okay. So mike from chicago says why. Don't you watch season three episode. Seven of hanging with mr cooper. Why the episode episode features can explain. Why now leader is young. And we do get accused of of liking boom shows. I don't know if this counts as a boomer show but it's it's not really it's just hold on this great lead. Have you ever even heard of hanging with mr cooper cooper deuce mr cooper. We'd recommend titled for this because he's a monkey so he hangs around the way better title for. It's pretty good and with dues. I've never heard of hanging with this. I think you. Are you a basketball fan. I know we know you're not a baseball fan about smelting union. College basketball team the pittsburgh. Why did you say pittsburgh. It's a basketball movie. Said pittsburgh starring dr j. rob. You're familiar with this. I am not the basketball movie that In pittsburgh in the seventies does them on season three episode. Seven of hanging mr cooper would features former. Nba star reggie miller. Reggie miller leader us. Cheryl miller sister brother not a fan. We don't like him but here's why it was directed by our boy. Mark linn baker even as a cameo in the episode and markland bakers friends with ethan's on on if the first episode of the snow and said that he extra. Mlb check it out. We never heard from again. Yeah but so. Could we get mlb if director of the with that. I don't know. But i thought the season three episode seven flow chart is like a. Do we love the show. No like is there a great guest attached to this episode. No do our the listeners of this podcast. They dying to hear us. Talk about seasons. Ripped seven of mr cooper. No so why this as we haven't hit one reason to do this. Yeah that's fair now. Listen i these aren't i didn't i'm not mark from chicago i'm just the messenger. Is it mark curry. Did he send this in. The cooper is mark. I i like that show someone island know. Listen excited matters and that went down. Nobody was excited for family matters. It was one of the most highly anticipated fishbowl ideas that we had and we had shot hell as a guest. This lead us in the officials go mobile yet if we vetoed girls with her on the show. That'd be very funny today. Yeah allred weight. And so on. And i didn't throw dunston but then we came up with We didn't have view but that would have been would have been nice okay. This idea is called. Dnb we're really testing Leader was ninety stuff right now. This this iago where i'm gonna keep it. This is my favorite podcasts. Ooh that's a good way to get your question answered. I didn't see god cass. Go to robin roberts website that concentrates recap leave it at. I tunes says david matthews band. He didn't very formal. I ever been full-time time. Y'all have been mentioning him a lot lately. And i thought you should do an episode where you bring in. Dm be expert aka myself to teach you guys all the ones that is the mp like that you know. He owns two wineries. You guys could make a podcast about spice girls you should be able to make a great Podcast about the nba. Even if you hate this idea please look them up. Look up his net worth next time. You get the chance on the podcast. That people underestimate how famous he actually is reading. I don't think it's net worth in his fame or totally connected. He's just you know very successful musician with a rabid fan base. I was hearing about the time that they dumped out the sewage from their tour bus and got in trouble. I would like to hear a reset on that story. 'cause i don't know on that and you hear him. Save is not as famous as this person. Thinks he is is because my best friend. Sam will dunston the chimpanzee. I was yeah so every time. I mentioned john mayer. He thinks that. I'm talking about dave matthews. So i didn't people don't be aids. Can't can't keep them say idol. I couldn't even name dave matthews song leader. One set a tweet that was like i don't know that between harrison ford. I was a great one. It made me. You can't say that harrison ford and who. I'll never i don't care which is what i don't know tell me of is just seeing that tweet. It was amazing. Yeah this probably not. As big of an age difference people would think would is really old. I don't know the the president of my university who to be at university to be a to be the president you kind of have to be rabbi and sort of a scholar so doesn't leave a lot of time on so he lived next door to harrison ford and like the colleges like no apartment didn't know he was. He needed one of his grandkids. Day what do you think is the age difference between clint eastwood and harrison. Ford say. Clint is eighty six And and harrison is seventy two so you put it at fourteen years so it's actually a smaller. Clint eastwood is ninety in harrison. Ford seventy eight. Wow made is really old. He's still acting. He's taking a new indiana jones. I i've never seen any of the usually the kingdom of the crystal skull in the crappy movie diaper on a bath. Gels that in theaters of arable. I think go to the crappy movie diaper listening. I was in high school and all my friends were going. And so it's like go. And i've never seen any indiana jones movies. It's really terrible and either harrison. Ford i don't know which one yeah. I'm not against that movie Can we test see what people have to say of content this week. I think he had it is don. We'll be pro shiloh. Buff takes in talking about the kingdom of the crystal skull on a good week to tell people to watch the silo. Buff movie adam from la. Says i have an idea. Corporate nap auction guest spots on the on the podcast or mailbag were mystery. Items described loving detail by rob into guest anal- for charity. I don't think it's a podcasts. Or maybe could go in a variety. Pack episode also have another idea so called. Robin flew in this episode. Robin and cuban panel of guests. Liam murder mystery game where any one of them could be the culprit. I believe someone is putting together robinson. Murder mystery good idea. what's the auction. I understand what we're doing here. I just auctioning off spot on the podcast For charity we wanna do that to an auction. Office that an episode. He said it's not an episode. He said it's just like a segment to various guests quarter we auctioning off will sign seeds. We'll get jordan keilor's to sign a seeds baby shirt What could auction that off. All right let me. I ask for is for tweets rob right now. I said let anybody has a good a good pitch suggestion on the fly. People are stuck at home with their parents may be or by themselves. Let's see if anybody has any creative ideas right now. And travis payne says what about robin determined. The best decade to try to figure out which ten year period of their lifetime was the overall best considering sports. Tv technology events inspired by chester. The ten year period does not need to be a typical decade nineteen four nights a decade. Who's this fan. You thirty to have added leader. What's the best decade and doesn't have to zero to ten the next nine determined. It's whatever wherever we put the cutoff the ninety six. Am of you're saying that war is it or is it. Eighty seven ninety six. I think that this idea is just going to be. It's like whatever decade was like the best for you. You're for it sure. And if you're born ninety six. Are you do identify with the nineties or you really miss them. So you're more of an office person. I feel better. I was born in ninety five asking me or in general. I think like i am sort of like. Oh i'm ninety kid but what that means isn't really like the things that were in that decade. It's like what you were old enough to be cognizant to experience like ninety s because remember stuff from the more their remember stuff from the actual ninety s so all the aid and you're seeing the os you know because we said the odds never really caught on. I don't know people call it the odds. I like the os i say. I don't know. I like the tree those. I haven't heard that our kids are saying. Yeah i can tell you guys. The kids are saying anything. Yeah why do have kids. They're younger than you. Someone wanted us to rate our listeners. Twitter handles rob strong thinking also. Yeah we already give haley strong. She gets to attend. It's not her fault. She want the underscore. She stuck with underscore familiar with lease sort of twitter. Handles robert leadership basically puts in her. Last name is brilliant and she puts a lot of real. Can you just explain to the listeners. What you do with your twitter handle. And then i have an handled. The handle is always later tweeted. My display name is always a pun on Brill and sometimes that'll be timely so like during halloween. It'll be like this broiler brewery clinton during the if i can't really think of anything is just whatever i want those face. Br ila things like that right now. It's the very hungry caterpillar. there's a lot of things right with bro. I am all interphone the fly. We could try and pitch a few ideas. And maybe for new brill names or for this idea to give people new twitter bios So if you have any. I'll go first. I'll drop a few okay. Yeah so they have to have brill. Brill from america at an okay. Maybe i'm just going to name three that i've already seen broward. Fillmore has not been dead. Driller grill more. Like it'd be millard. Fillmore it's double twice romar girls rumour girls and brilliant our baby i like also said why is that said you ever see that movie. Okay implied in the name that the spoil the movie for everyone who's gonna watch it speaking of clint eastwood. Yeah then who wants to be a brilliant air have not done brilliant dollar baby Brought by the end of the we need a good Brill punch-up from you know. Okay rob is good. I like what leader does. I like the change of this planning. I think that's Fun and then. Just keep the twitter name. The same. don't like it. If people are changing their twitter name a brilliant nilly all over the place. Yeah really is not bad. But i guess that doesn't really sleep. I don't think i've done that. Yeah this is a good one to lead. You have any ideas for us where your twitter handles no for the mailbag the mailbag word. If you if you have any twitter bios. We're all ears. I mostly here to judge. Other people will advocate for anything jewish. I'm rooting for anybody. Jewish oh i see. I should've i should've asked for jewish them the leadoff for years. I've been trying to get rob and it's not very practical. During during the pandemic to eat jewish foods will sort of do. I know that it's been done on youtube. Buzzfeed type stuff like give robs a bunch of jewish foods and have them taste them but rob hates food and podcast. The food on podcasts always jewish food. And then they're like oh it's gross. What's the point. Yeah so either i. I'm eating on a podcast. That's what i don't either either. The only way it's good is if you give me something that's gross that nobody that nobody would like and then it's like everybody laughs at me eating something gross or then it's like like a two hour bar mitzvah like having do all the milestones of bar mitzvah goals and say yeah like mike. Candle number seven is for this very special guy that you and then Be people who've been waiting with baited breath. Who is going to be coming out that they on your candle robbed. That was basically. I felt like i was added bar mitzvah. And then i also pick out what song they're going to come out to then Do you have about mitzvah theme. Did i have a theme. I did not no. I don't think anybody in my school. Did the like not an alley. Just a friend of mine. That sort of actually. I had a friend who's her theme was amazing race. It was more like travel games or whatever but almost nobody did a theme jeff the rob mets theme once and it's the off season. I don't know that'd be. Yeah what. I'm into right now. Maybe the west wing theme theme though maher emperor. Yeah the nerdy kid in your school. West also been any ninja turtle content. I watched every single. Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie in the last two months every movie. Every movie shows I don't know if maybe i'll try with like 'cause i'm not sure if they would like the turtles there in the background there watching cheaper by the dozen tonight and that was a big hit. They like stuff. Okay nick says this is ideas called among us. Here's an idea. Inspired for the wheel by the game among us mighty was that there'd be five to six guests on the podcast and one two three them would be the impostors you train. They're given a theme and they're trying to pitch a wheel idea. Based on the theme. The crewmates are trying to pitch. Good ideas the impostor imprint parentheses s would be trying to pitch bad ideas at the end of each round. Robin akiva deliberated who they think. The author is intrusive to eliminate the next round will begin with a new theme at the end of the game. Whichever idea robin akiva choose not to eliminate from the game automatically goes on the wheel. The bad ideas shouldn't be like ideas. Ob total off with the listen to but thirty two fans level ideas. Hope you guys like the idea boy. I think that this is fun. I would say that could this be a mailbag and not an episode to the manga mailbag. Yeah so if we if we screw up the mailbag. Nobody's but if we screw up the the main course. I feel like that. That's more of like a like the good Among us mail bag. I wouldn't do it again. Okay it's what's five guests. Let's say who are coming on. And they each have to have five ideas extensively. They keep ninety five ideas or because we're voting them out. It's much less than twenty five because we're voting. It's more like five four three two one all right all right so maybe they gotta come in with a good one to start so really throw us and then we'll vote on and then we'll vote out the person. Yeah what happened. What's the impostor pitch here. What do you mean if the goal of the is to get on the wheel right. I guess getting on the wheel also i mean well do we have to then put through one of the ideas every round over just voting and we're voting the the the. What's the impostor because everyone is goal in theory is too so. Why wouldn't the impostor just pitch. Good ideas wouldn't that make positive. How are we. How do we so. I think it's a very good idea. The game element of it. Yeah need Little bit of a tweet. But i'm happy to do this. I think it is a very good idea. The impostors job is to get bad ideas on the wheel not to getting like they need to get in bad idea. The we begin the ideas. Is that possible like we're like the impostor doesn't chew showed up timur someone with someone gave them. Williams contractor can play jazz. Come up with their own ideas imposter than the other. Four people were pitching the idea. They're trying to get a bad idea on the wheel and also there. The impostor ideas are veto. Proof that will we we. We may not realize the real time. It's a bad idea. But the impostor has done such a good job of conning us. We think it's a good idea. We realize oh no. Oh i liked that terrible. Maybe the next time. There's not like a natural super long episode although we didn't think this would be a super long episode and is one of the longer ones The then we do among us mailbag and a couple of weeks about the among us mail bag. I think it's fine. But i agree with akiva that. Why wouldn't the impostor just like pitch idea or a bad imposter. Okay that's fine but like they good ideas about ideally says objective. They say like ultimately that was a really bad idea. Even if they don't think it's bad idea bad idea would maybe have to be voted on. That's what i'm saying. They're not even. How're people voting on. We're not knowing what's going on like a committee of people who are making the bad idea and they and it's not their idea. They're just the impostor who has a plan into me. The impostor gets a list of like here the five bad ideas but they have to spin them and make them sound like they're good ideas. Do you have to fix them up right. I think that's okay. We get you and also for that. But mr among us himself. Yeah does the mail bags. Stop as soon as the vote. The imposter when we voted the ambassador that we go right to the williams. Yeah okay excited for the fourth rob. If you've been playing in the among us recently not recently a fourth level so yeah do you play the among us. I will go on kirsten stream among us one of those games that i just like to hang out with my friends. Don't actually very much. Yeah well because the titan steelers strategy and hurts who's just trying to Okay do you wanna go to. Do you want to go to the the wilson because we might be along with vetos. Okay all right. Let's go ahead and fire up the wheel for this week and let me just get that open. Okay here we go. Let's talk about the first episode of twenty twenty one. Can you believe it after everybody said all this like twenty twenties terrible. They'll be twenty twenty one. Everything will be fine. That what they're saying. Now everything's gonna be fine. I'm excited i keep it wrong. It's just a year In the forget yes. Santa twitter team that twenty sixteen was the worst year. Ever if you remember 'cause a few celebrities died so twenty sixteen it's add two thousand six hundred twenty sixteen sixteen. I think that made people pretty upset. Besides like david bowie dying but brother. Ot yeah that's it was. I think that's what people are mad about. And twenty sixteen but then two thousand seventeen like was somehow worse. People like all twenty teams even worse than meam went away for eighteen and nineteen. They came back with great. I no complaints about national. Yeah so but if you notice twenty twenty you know twenty sixteen happened already so yeah i agree. Twenty twenty one. We're do okay. So what date of two thousand twenty one. We'll people start saying that. It is the new worst year ever first time. Something bad happens like january third off. I think people are gonna stick to it and he says lucians. Everything's going to be going great and then like we've been waiting on that. Yeah so here's my prediction. Like something like mundane will happen like We'll lose like some sort of like athletes celebrity like january third and then like the twitter jokes. It'd be like damn you twenty twenty one but then maybe by like february people will be doing it like earnestly. Yeah because the madeiran vaccine like a six ten. Oh no no no anti vaccine jokes on this podcast. I like something. Legitimately bad happens that year. If you six i think that's like a fair trade hundred this six toe. Well take one for the six toe inherently bad. Would you not want to toe if you could get free one balance. I've pointed this. I've ever mentioned this on the show. Don't show it i. Third toe was already bigger than my second tau. My third toe is already like. I say like you're still growing. I'm saying already like already in the sense. That if i get a six. Oh it's already a mess. That's what i'm saying. My third my six toe is going to be added on top of my third. It's going get even whatever that's called the big guy. Yeah that's it and then everyone else in the world it's like go order. Whatever kiva bigger than the other toes. I don't think it's normally oh. And then and then the second toe whatever the middle finger till the middle toe is bigger than the second toe. If you look at your feet it is not these thin. I guess it's the captain of my checking so basically socks and slippers of him way longer on my big toe but i wasn't appropriate so basically you take your shoes and socks off and give somebody the finger basically give someone the finger with my toes. Yeah well never heard this before it would be would be would be on pinky side of the thumb side in the middle. I'm fine with mister medina. If that's if that's what it takes were okay Yeah i mean if i have a preference. I'd like to have the six toe to next to the pinky. Like i feel like i would not want the new toe all the sudden to be like adjacent to my big toe straight out that way that i mean. That would be very problematic with shoes. What are we saying no to third ear. I think we're we're offering. You're sure no problem. No thirty years just for show. You can't pearson. It's gio thirty or many piercings. Even begin with i'd do. We're longer hair like you could probably hide it. I can't placement. You didn't say where it's coming in one of your ears. It's like blowing. I mean that's fine. Myers overseas get covered. It's a steelers to right. It's going to get covered. Say it's a great time to be eleven three games in a row to have a tattoo on on that last. Not i don't have to sell my my my house. I thirty two Okay do you want to season three episode. Seven is in play point flip. We have the crappy movie diaper. We have people's choice crab move diaper not in play actually for the next week this week so it can week off people's choice. Can the crappy movie diaper be in people's choice. Yeah sure we have prices right. You watch like ten shows and movies the last few weeks. I don't think we're going to pick it but it's allowed to. You are a shark week. Okay spinoffs our trash rob. Even the game show. That's in quicksand quicksand. If it doesn't get picked by the end of january it's gone. Rene ex headaches talk we have the sequel mechanism that's the census and off campus match game. game show. Hdtv shows are trash. Okay robert akiva gets get tracked okay. That's getting sharad. I so yard comes up yes. Ait gen z trash best. We keep it. Was there anything that we talked last week with. Liana that needs to be added to the wheel week. Ever was the show that got no. That's no best week. Ever was the show that chapell had pitched chapelle show where chapelle basically gets the pick. Whatever he wants yes did you talk to him about it. I did not. I forgot to talked about talk to him about it. He had not listen to the mailbox. Surprise but he seemed up for it by the planet though. Let's give another we kind if he hadn't what about leon his idea of the the best of a certain year from os. I think we need a little bit. We said we needed a little bit more sort of direction for where we're going to go in there and i didn't get you can. I can work on. That will make a couple of notes right now okay. Was there anything else that we greenland in the last time. That's where we came. Well that's where we're bay should change the name to. I love the and honor of leader. Okay all right. So i know in called fixed. Listeners lives that speak of people who were pitched ideas and certainly do not know that they were pitched starring taryn arms. Yes okay. Darren bent on this one time one time. Yeah he was here and we. We sucked him into being at rob's house or like you have to come on the show right now Yeah all right. Leader is earning. You're rooting for I remember shaking my head. No at a couple of things i mean. I don't know we'd ahead of visceral disgust to would not be. I don't care. I don't like it. I think they're really boring. But you know maybe it's just not for me. I'm not a home home or garden. Owner and lead also rooting for gilmore. Girls and or desperate housewives and the fish. I believe she pitched if. I'm not mistaken. Desperate housewives pitched i don't know if you're attached but yeah i i'm rooting for a for gilmore. Girls so you guys can right in front of my very funny we have. This video vetoed all right here. We go spinning the wheel. Represent one fourteen. Okay akiva spinoffs. Aw trash okay this. This is jason. Read pitch this We fleshed out idea I do. I think we're watching joey. The blonde yeah. I'm watching are embarrassed of joey or ed. Neither his super proud. I mean they both. They cut the check in for both ears. You know what i mean. It brought him home and garden and joey. Joey probably probably had so much money off. Also i don't think he made that much money on ad. I don't think so. I think he must make a million an episode for that. They wanted to. Who's making a million an episode on france. I mean i'm saying like joey was was a cash cow. I am looking forward to this idea. But i don't wanna. I don't wanna not use the veto by the way speaking of the guest veto we'd a good pitch. Let me come into play for next week. Because there's a twenty twenty one idea. Yeah hitch was if you veto the show. You're off the podcast for the rest of the year so no guest is going to use it in january or february would come october or november of guests can use their veto. Because what do they care. They're probably going to be on again in the next. I'm the last guests of the year. Well this is. It's four twenty twenty like that you don't like it. Yeah but you can leader. You can card. Just you just veto each have a veto and we lose it. If we don't use it right now. I think it would not change. My life tremendously go a year without being online up so This week here. Here's the here's the thing. Yeah i think. Even though i am looking for this idea. I wouldn't veto it in a normal week. It's like what could what could come up. It could be worse than this. There's definitely worse ideas on the way home and trash ito. Let's spin that wheel again. I wasn't. I wasn't gonna veto the way i've been looking forward to it. I wanted to talk to jason. I wanted. I wanted to that podcast. If it comes up again is eligible or is it off the wheel for the week. I never oh boy. Okay all right. We've last year. We vetoed the movie. Eddie says keep as like. Oh well i got push the button here. I didn't come here. Not push the button. Hasn't been on the show. Maybe we'll find something for jason. Read next leaker this. we'll see. let's spin the wheel again. I cannot use the veto okay. David. we're not save it for spin number two here we got like. I don't care if it's a bad challenge. I'm gonna show i got. I can't take my challenges with me. All right screw all right here we go. Maybe you should penalize the time out all right fine. I don't have any more time to spend number two for episode one fourteen season three episode seven right. We we could do the fishbowl first and then veto it so let's see what's in there first okay. Let's see one veto state on the. Let's let's see what comes up. This gilmore girls. It's my favorite moment in history of the show. I'm just saying. And i don't have a veto so you can only blame her up. And now let's go to draw. Boy meets world my buddy mattie game and is he attached he is attached. Mattie geoghegan is attached to this. Yeah okay he will be very mad if we yes. What do you think. But we've watched like twenty weeks in a row we've watched. How's he feeling about the podcast. Lately i feel like he's been a critic these back in now that i'm on it Yeah i haven't been listening because he is. I don't think he's listening. Because matt was for many years like the king of like coming at us with snark. He has not done that in many months. Listen people don't have commutes now. i'm not. I don't blame them but i've not heard from that about this show in a long time. What you just loves every week. it means. he's not listening now. he just turned over a new leaf. Decided not to be a hater. And i was going to be on since new favorite favorite podcast again Gotta have him on lee. Here's the thing. If if i want to know if you weren't on the show this week would even find out that we've vetoed it. You know what i mean. We've got group chats. You're not going to snitch. You're not a snitch. No i wouldn't. But i'm sure he would find out and i i cannot stand by and And not defend or. You're being a good friend here. When i think used veto them but again. It's rob's veto mattie fresh and four your rate tv show people. People will be excited mood. But i do think we've watched a lot of tv shows and movies the last month after a generational bridge. This is my generation to your generation. Boy meets world is where we connect. Mary is going to be so excited for this from mary. Yeah is going to be so excited. And you'll you'll have all of podcast house after you negotiate with terrorists. Now i look. I'm not gonna turn down a that. Oh i only watch a twenty two minute sitcom for instead of two full maters about a monkey. That was a one time in one hundred fourteen episode thing we torture. That's fight to do. I think i think that a lot of the episodes. There's no watching. You could pick up something that has zero minutes of good. But i feel like that. You want to use the veto. And i'm mad at you for vetoing. The last thing so boy meets world it is of all right so i played us out of a potentially better episode. But this is. This is a good idea will not regret this and this is even making it up to me for making me. Watch ed yes Meets world these in three episodes seven. And is there anything special about this episode. Where people just want to talk about mr bini. Say no pressure consequences An audio documentary. That took dozens if not hundreds of hours to make to open twenty nine hundred tobin two thousand twenty so no pressure on the first episode of two thousand twenty one to be better than oral history. The sleepover podcasts leader. Does this mean anything to shaw and quarrier on the humphry juicy topic for their video journalism project when their exclusive scoop ends up getting janitor. Bud fired the boys. Must face the harsh realities of the media. Yes i do remember this episode. I don't think there's anything particularly amazing. I can tell you about it. But i remember this episode which means you know. Probably get one solid scores on. Imdb seven and okay with leader. You don't tell matty fresh twenty four that he came up and we'll see we'll see how long it takes them to find out that he's he's next week's episode because maybe tuesday wednesday rolls around. He's not there and we could still twenty twenty could use veto in the middle of the week. I would suddenly now think that. I would start to be a bad friend. I've minutes i do wanna test. I do want to test mattie and see when he finds out that came up on the but we shall we see if he's available. Maybe he's busy next week. You know that this is sue an argument. Why we we should not have more vetoes because You just like that do veto. If i liked to do the veto i probably would have done it once in two thousand twenty. Yeah until december twenty six I gave the for boxing day. Here we are again all right. All right boy boy meets world season kicking off. Twenty twenty one. Because i don't wanna read all week from all. The people love meets world beloved for me to veto. It's off the wheel. We kick out of the fishbowl. One point and i think matt said like he quit. Podcast quit listening. Did he quit. What if we if we kicked it out. But we i think you guys. He's like studying to be a teacher right now. He's he's phenol. Don't come on next week. I'll teach them how to be a teacher. Quit right in like being teacher bashing my sister is very busy man. I'm sure she's still list your hater. Should we get a a custodian on the podcasts. Next week to give us janitor buds perspective. China allegedly stolen. Yeah okay all right. Great job here today. You know we've covered it all talking about everything from dunston to add to the mail bag and more lead. Is there anything else you wanna share with us. Just you can all me on twitter. Is that what we're doing. We're doing pugs plugs. Or whatever else you have coming up you can follow me on twitter outlet. A tweet eighty. You can follow me on instagram outlet at ground. You can go back and check out. My pat covers with rob of the premier. Finish watching the pack. Did you get no. I went all the way so the whole show. Oh why didn't i watched so much of it. Before i knew that i was going to be able to pike about it and then i was like kevin. We gotta stop watching the pack cast. And i still haven't watched it. Because i'm still holding out hope of and i don't know if there wasn't a lot of people like the podcast like i haven't seen a lot of buzz. That was not related to the podcast. That's where taste makers Do you ever speak of a home loan to which was last year. We've talked about last year. Do you ever yell named kevin. You said kevin do you. Ever like you'll kevin and i'll i'll start just for you. Look at home by accident if you ever home alone you just the l. forgot kevin. Oh yeah you can check out my pet coverage you can. You can fall my dog on instagram at. Pg h you blew through that. What's what's the name. Instagram asi expelled. Sassy cassie c. A. s. and what. What's the second word hassi. My dog's name county okay. So i'm the first one. Why in the second one tonight eight. Yes fassi. Pg h like pittsburgh. Oh pg hsa in private instagram okay. Yeah that is install so this is the one that she lets people know. Is my dogs instagram. You can follow her end. Check out our american ninja warrior coverage from the season. And sometimes i'm on. Twitch dot tv slash karen armstrong on tuesdays subscribed to thank rich jackson. Thanks for coming on her. Also one of our longest episodes. Yeah i mean. It's it's up there. But i don't know if it's like i don't know if it's a top ten long episode. I keep promised me at the end of twenty nine thousand nine. That i would screw honey. I was word our tasks. If i listen i did say well. If you if you're equally listeners might remember we were supposed to do a holiday It's sort of a christmas hannukah movie. I thought we thought i thought leader was the perfect person for that. We we'll jan. Which is the term we use to like basically give it an artificial amount of huge spots and basically only time this podcast history. It didn't work. We started doing a row. Gave it a zillion. We got unlucky and then And i said listen you come on in two thousand twenty now. Full the truth six eight. If if it didn't happen this week next week would have been two hundred spots the pittsburgh trivia and we would have gotten her on technically still at twenty twenty episode because the wheelspin. Yeah i watched those two terrible hanukkah movies and was like i'm already to go. What was worse ed. Or either of the hanukkah movies that's worth. Ed made me like upset in a way that i can't really communicate really didn't like it. The hannukah movies were terrible. But like i had lower expectations. I thought ed would at least have acute monkey. We've thought about going back to the well this year. I discussed leader. And i believe the word people are using reviews for. This year's movie was antisemitic. It was like so bad about two weeks after hannukah ended. Well then. that's the first one although this is a hanukkah theme name came out two weeks after us this podcast but it was worth the wait. Leave year to have Rob yes kind of plug. My three and a half podcast. Yes you may the third to fans we got a football stuff. We didn't nba preview. This week That was fun. We did an ngo is taking the week off taking the week off but the the energy is taking the week off and but we did. We did an episode last. We're getting to the end of season. One and robin podcast. That's this yeah. Make sure subscribed of course be sure to leave us. A six star rating over at rob has website dot com slash r. a. n. a. p. Thank you so much for those. We'll be back with boy meets world next week first. Podcasts of twenty. Twenty one for robin akiva. nita podcasts. Take everybody have a good one. Bye think we really need park cast. But i need your help. Can we finally seal the deal. I think we do need a podcast. That's not enough. We have nothing if we don't at least have a small idea or this weekend. Let's just pre tend. Lead we know will be coming up next looney and uh i got one more podcast to do. Mary's happy i can. I got on podcast. I'm just happy that again to do with us. a cave. I'm sorry but you know it's all in good fun. I never expected. we'd all be objected. Now this new podcast has begun. You think that i am. I plan abs- to fans. Thank you need to talk august.

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