Special Edition: #PandemicSelfCare with Kathleen Hanagan


Welcome to the healing place part coast. Space with inspirational stories of hope. Along with practical advice for your healing journey. Your host Terry Walbrook Trauma Warrior Writer Speaker Blogger. Therapy dog, handler and founder of the same as fumbles of hope project. As a survivor and thrive over Terry's mission is to shine the light of hope into the world by interviewing insightful guests from across the globe. Please stay tuned at the end of today's interview as we honor our sponsors. The healing place. PODCAST is a fiscally sponsored project of fractured atlas. Now. Here's your host. And Trauma Warrior. Terry well brought. Welcome everybody to a special edition of the healing place podcast. I have been. Interviewing past podcast guests, many of whom have joined me on facebook lives and great collection on the facebook page. If you go to facebook the young place podcast, I will try to put a few more out sporadically not on Fridays at seven pm but I'll stick them out here because these are all interviews. That I'm conducting to address. Pandemic Self, care and other care and things we can do to keep ourselves palm in order to create some grounding for feeling a little off center, and then things we can do to help. Others during this time and such an uncertain time in our world so. Yeah take a listen. These are really quick anywhere from fifteen to thirty minute conversations. Just to touch upon. Each of my guests, philosophies, insights and wisdom in regards to. Self Care and other cares until next time. Remember be gentle with yourself. Thanks wishing you health and safety. Hi everybody. It's me again. I. Am back in this tie I Here with Kathleen Hannigan who has joined the on the podcast before and I am just thrilled to have her back with me. Still Welcome Kathleen Daiki so much terry so good to be here. Yeah, absolutely sorry I'm trying to shriek down a screen so I can see us there. We go now I could see. had like four different pages going on so. Yeah, we're here to talk to people about. Is Hope infused stuff and. Coping Skills Zunes strategies. We can utilize during this crazy time in our world. This tool choose time. You're the first thing that comes to me. The chaos we. Were just talking about the chaos, and it's in the fields right. I mean so whether you have the news on or not effects, everybody and There was a statement by NICCI. He said unless there is chaos, you cannot give birth to a dancing star. And and so I like to focus on the dancing star. You know like where we're headed which we don't know. We don't know facts yet, but. My heart of hearts and I am not alone I. Know that we're headed. Toward a a! Much more equitable world. How? Some people call five D fifth dimensional consciousness which. Has Qualities, kindness and truth in Lavin. Gratitude. And energy sources that are unlimited that have been on the planet for a long time. You know so. There's a lot of good coming. This of Is a lot of rough road head to. So I have. Lived my life. Of. Embracing mystery right, and so I love the unknown, and I will admit that this this unknown has me a little rattled, you know. but Many people and I've found over the years in working with many people for thirty years that a lot of people don't like the unknown. They're terrified of it. Particularly if you have. A lot of anxiety festival. You're wired. And let's face it. All TRAUMAS are anxieties ramped up right now. You can't not be. But what I know is that. We. We are evolving so. Evolution means change. And evolution means forward movement. So essentially all changes alternately for the better. It doesn't always go on a straight line though right. And principle actually to live by. Is that all change alternate better depending on how we work with? It. How we! Approach it. And You know. There are people that are intuitive, and there are people who. You know predict the future they tell you about your past lives or that. You know there's all kinds of wonderful teachers on the planet and have been for Awhile now, right? my round has always been the emotional wrong. That's where I. It's like second nature from to be in that realm of as a psychotherapist. And as the oldest of seven children, and having a very challenging father and having to deal with. My own strong, very passionate nature. And the emotional realm. Is Not something that. People have focused on much. Until. We know like your your work your podcast. It's really wonderful in that it does, and so I I've been champion of your work. Thank you do that. And that you know there's the cognitive and there's the there's all the different things that we can deal with. The emotional is what allows. That's what makes us mammal. Are Olympic, systems right and. And the emotions of fear anger sadness, shame joy all of them. They're all important. People mostly like just the good one right joy. took. Peace. An and in this culture. We've been driving. The big machine has been you know. The pace was unsustainable. Let's face it right now. We were all saying that this can't be. If one client said it three weeks ago ten, said it. I meant it unsustainable case, right? and. When you're at that pace, you can't deal with your emotions. Are. Motions don't go that. That fast we just get into instincts of survival. We get into fear. And so the fear has been driving people to to make enough money to do this to do that. And now all those distractions are gone for many people. And for everybody, really be out even if you have a job right now, there's nowhere to go out and have A. Restaurant or meet friends for drinks or anything and. With, those distractions gone. People are having to face their fear. And their sadness. Looking at all the suffering and they're. The feelings of panic. Triggering things for people that have already. Sustain trauma. In spill. It's a big remembering. We're remembering what it feels like to be human and. We have to actually. Deal with that fear now because we can't take it into the future. For Change to happen. We can't take it into the future. Right in where we are now all we have been always been creators. We are co creating a new future. That's beautiful i. read I read something. Today? That was just so beautiful I. think even shared it on the facebook page. podcast page was. that. were. We've all taken a step back and sitting inside of our rooms right in our homes. In our space and it's no, it's no longer about what your sexual orientation. What's the color of your skin? What religion are you? What are you? Democrat Republican independent it's. That we're all human and we are Rancho human race in this together. and. It is just a a moment to take pause and look at how much where connected. Oneness it's the it's the consciousness ominous. Magin itary that we it took this I'll just got. It took this for us to like collectively. At one time get it. Yeah we are so. I mean. Quantum, science is taught us this for a long time, he. Two electrons have been connected to be oxidants of the world and they. One affects the other. We. We live in a quantum field. Where were? You I'm everywhere your everywhere and everybody is. Right it's it's hard for the mind to wrap it rough around that but but. The heart. Has No problem. Now and it's just when you when you think about it as energy. Just uniform fascinating how intertwined we all are with our energy that in that ripple effect of energy that we put out into the world. You are with time to reflect on what want to. And and there are I, don't know how it's been for you I. Mean I've been pretty good? But I had one day last week. It was actually Friday. And I had seen a lot of clients that whole week. And it was a lot of panic going on. I crashed. Friday, I felt like. There was an elephant on my chest. And then I heard from a friend. I have an elephant much. She had it Saturday. Then I heard another. So have you had the elephant on your chest? Raise? Really I've not had it yet. Like warding off the elephants. Well it, it just lands right, and it's like. Yeah, we'll. Depends I think I had not slept enough right and yeah. It's easier for it to happen then. But. It was okay with that and I said No. It's okay to have those days. Yeah Yeah. It's It's part of this. It is part of it, and I think that's the message we want to relate to people is that it's okay to be scared. It's okay to be angry. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to be. Curious of what what the future holds. And that. It's honoring where you are and then helping yourself by finding strategies to bring yourself back to a place, calm and centering end feeling grounded. and. That's the that's what really needs to focus on. And so I'll I'll share a little bit of what I've been doing. Yeah, I have I live with a really really good friend. And I, do we? We do a lot of work together where we run women's groups together and things like that. And and we're really in sync some super lucky. To have that right and so she said. Last week. She said I've really wanted to take on Joe Dispenses course. Is I want to want to go to the big events like that. He has a week long thing and Joe is wonderful at helping people rewire their brains. Basically, he said whatever the feeling is that you have? You can't think a thought. That is any bigger than that feeling. So if you're angry, you can't think thought bigger than anger so you to shift your emotion, but you can also. Buy going dropping inside and a quiet place. You can think of greater thought and then your emotion. Go right so. She said, why don't we? We get his course and then we can do it every morning during this time, so we get up early in. It took two hours every morning. And we have twenty three videos to go. We've done five right, so we undertook a a new like. Of Learning. That is actually helpful to what's going on, so it could I think you could take. Course of learning on an anything could learn to play the UKULELE, but any. Arab issued also said that's been really awesome and. Unser Joe, his techniques are helping so learning something news a good thing right now, And obviously connecting like we've had families zoom sessions. With, kick in. My Mom, and who's going to be ninety, and she's very safely tucked away with my sister. and. My sister's them. You know my brother, so that was that was nice. We did that Virtual T with people! You know lighting a candle every day. There's a candle going I. had that before love it? Again Candle Yeah. I have I go get them at the Latin store, and it's our lady of Guadalupe as on their so expedia reminds me of the divine feminine of the mother and holds us all. On. Every morning when I wake up I. Say thank you and I feel. While still warm feel. The arms of of the divine mother around me. That really helps me. Not. Eating super well. You know staying away from alcohol. You know even though like last night we had wine here. I drink it right now, but it's not. But I purposely didn't even bring it because. I just don't think it's what's needed at the moment, but I think the I haven't I haven't been drinking. But I we were in the grocery store and I was like a beer looks mighty tasting. Your right. Okay. It's fine if you do but I you know I'm I'm GonNa be sixty eight soon so I figure I'm not afraid. About my health. I'm really good about that, but really it's about everyone else and the world. So so sometimes I cry. And I've cried a lot. I let my friend hold me in that. She had day that she was needing to grind now I held her and we. It's not like it's like anything specific. It's just you know. Like, checking in with what's going on here, how many you know again? It's honoring its honoring your emotions. It's honoring where you are with us. And that's very important in in a love that you said connect because spoke with someone earlier today, who she her emphasis was on connect connect connect, and it's very important that we do stay connected, I love the idea of virtual, not yet I. Have to do that. Yeah, yeah, you can have with somebody going to have a meal with so a really good friend is gonNA. Come over. She's been hibernating, so she's GonNa come for dinner Thursday. And we have a friend of Florida, so we're GONNA have. You know put the Zimmerman and have dinner together. Yeah, if the. Reaching out to people I know who are alone do that. Yes. And you know I I. I don't know is questionable. Should I do work with like helping? Elderly get food or anything and I think there are a lot of people doing that, and I have clients. So in focusing on the the immediate that I have in my life used to be. A lot for me to do there But also. Know it really dropping down into the quiet and. Getting really still and. Drop into that place of trust like Rhino. that. I both trust myself and I trust. I trust humanity. Like. I'm not saying I trust our leaders or anything I. Say I. Trust the goodness in humanity. Yes and that. We all made it this far and. Whatever happens with the economy you know like. Mom grew up in the Great Depression. I heard a lot about that and how they got through. Got Through helping one another yeah. And, I just was going to say the helpers, and how many people are stepping up and being helpers? Which is beautiful to say? Yeah, I love so. How do people get a hold of you in touch with? Join on. People can go to my website. WWW dot. Kathleen Hannigan DOT COM. And feel free to email me are also my book. would be great to read during this time because it's very hopeful book and. It's called a love. Seat the template for birthing new world. I've been very involved with burning this new world, so I'm somewhat excited about this. Right now that it's happening. Ya Yeah. So, you reach out very I even set my clients. You know just he need to just check in. Send an email or something and. I. Have No problem. Sending the message of hope to people 'cause I. I, keep it alive in my heart, and I think that's what we have to do. Right absolutely so anything else that you WanNa touch upon or let people know of. That's happening in your world before we close out. Well I have a eventually going. GonNa. Have a wonderful course. Come Out, program called. Divine, him in school. And and it's a mystery school to help. With this. This awakening that we're all having come for the new world and to find your place in it and. Many, many many new things come in so not out yet amid the in the process awesome. Yup Exciting contemplating podcast which I'm cheering on and say. have been an I'm GONNA. Take you up on the offer to pick your brain about that. Because I think it's time for that yeah. I love it. I'll be your fan so yes. Thank you Terry for doing this. It's really wonderful. Yeah, it's well. Thank you for joining me I, so appreciate why love your energy in your beautiful lights, and what the message you send out into the world and Yeah, I just really appreciate you being here with me today to talk about it without the. It's an honour. Thanks all right everyone until next time remember potential gentle with yourself. Take Care bye-bye.

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