Academy Awards Edition! And My Top 5 Movies of 2019!


This in both the the album. Gosh that is Jack White. And I'm a believer from the Joe Joe Rabbit trailer. The first first one in it is maybe one of the coolest songs I've heard in two thousand nineteen Welcome to the Monday morning critic podcast in the Academy Award Oscar edition in my top five movies of two thousand nineteen so everybody has a top five list. I get it for movies or top ten lists and everybody has a podcast now. Wow so I get that too in. Time is at a premium you know. I value the people who listen to podcasts. I value their time. If I'm going to put something out there I believe there's quality in it. I believe I'm not podcasting to hear my voice. Eight hearing my voice. I'm podcasting because I enjoy speaking with guests. It comes from and I said this a million times it comes from a place of passion passion in my heart. I really love doing this and I don't WanNa Waste People's time you know on the way to work. I've been thinking about this and I've been you know I work a few jobs in one of the things that I really really who I really enjoy listening to on the way to work Howard Stern and without giving you my full rundown over think of Howard. I'll break it down very simply. He is evolved. I think think no matter what field you're in if you're an actor director if your podcast or if you're a coach wherever you are I think you have to evolve. I think you have to look look at your product like many times. I'll look at it. I'll listen to and I hate my voice like I said but I'll listen to an interview. Only God that was a horrible interview. Sound was too loud. You're asking the same questions the fifth interview in a row. So that's why I try to evolve in shake things up I mean slowly but surely I think I'm getting there. I mean I have a lot of work ahead of me. I realized that but like like I said I value my listeners. Time I believe it's a premium and you know I do believe what I put out there is is is worth your time. It's worth your endeavor but but anyways my point about Howard stern is that he's evolves he. He hasn't stayed the same over thirty or forty years. You know he was the shock jock now if you listen to him he his his advice on anything it could be exercising or food. or how how. He handles his spare time. It just everything. That man does is so well thought out in detailed. I'm just envious of that. You know when he does call himself the king of all media he is he is the best interview on a plane. I mean he was interviewing and I think it was a show from the past. He was interviewing Miley Cyrus. Who I could careless about? I mean I don't hate her or anything like that but I could care less about the interview when I pay attention attention to a show like that I want to hear what Howard is asking. His guests like what is he getting. And it's it's just such a free flowing wealth auto clearly. Oh he does his homework or some of his staff they worked together in those meetings at Howard's always talking about nick craft the questions but they're so well done and it's clear how hard he's worked and his staff is working is he's just such a genius he so phenomenal interviewing and and I guess my point is in a long way. I I just feel like you know if I'm going to crash and burn I'm going to do so by putting putting effort in hardened to it in so far you know three or four years later podcasting. I think I've done a decent job. I'll put my. I've said this before. I'll put my guess quality against anybody and I and I feel like my podcast is certainly worth people's time. So I wanNA thank you for the time for listening and downloading the PODCASTS and coming back that it does mean the world to me so On that end I thank you. I am recording this about an hour and a half before the Academy Awards start. It's about six twenty five eastern right now on Sunday night. I am recording this with the hopes of getting it out at least before the Academy Awards telling you what I hope for giving you my top for two thousand my top five thousand nineteen and give you my thoughts about what I'm about to see in an hour and a half so it'll be interesting to see how close I am. I do have some great interviews coming up so stay tuned for that Before I get going if you guys want to contact me it's Monday morning critic on instagram Indian uh-huh MDM critic on twitter. Monday morning critic at those are three ways. You can get a hold of me. The podcast available everywhere. stitcher apple podcasts. Whatever I usually posted on instagram? If you're looking for a quick Lincoln certainly said that available on facebook too so check those out. Hopefully you'll find it interesting. I'm really looking looking forward to getting out some really quality content in the near future. You know I have a lot of great interviews coming up and hopefully you appreciate that. So thank you for those of you reaching out appreciate it all right all right. Let's do this so as I mentioned before. Everybody has a podcast now. Everybody has one now and I would say of that. One hundred percent podcasters. I would say say twenty to thirty percent of those. PODCASTS are actually listenable where you'd want to come back again. Writes like a restaurant Yate there once was a good. Would you come back again. Yes I would consider that eight good podcast. I believe my restaurant. My podcast is one where yes you would go back to eat again. There might be some slight bias behind that comment. But that's what I think And I'M GONNA. I'm a really harsh critic of myself. So that being said I have a guest coming on his name. Is Nigel Block. It's already the interviews. Already been recorded I have to some editing with some bouncing echoes and sounds and I have to edit it. So that's coming out this week module block is a fantastic cinematographer. He did the he was is the DP for the director of photography for Peanut Butter Falcon. He did a lot of work on Lord of the rings he his his amazing amazing filmography. So as with many guests I was listening to an interview that Nigel was doing. Another podcast and and I'm GonNa get this podcast named the host's name out there because I do want to give him credit he was he was in this the listenable twenty to thirty percent. He had Nigel honesty about a a year ago. And this podcast was so frigging good. The questions he was asking you could tell he so well-spoken you could tell get a love for cinematography movie making like when I listen to this pocket and like this guy loves what he does so to hear that. 'cause I don't always hear that and there's a couple of time I had. That are atrocious. It doesn't come from a place of love looking for a place a passion. It's just like why are you doing this like it doesn't even it's so unlistenable. As opposed to this podcast. I was listening to where he had Nigel Con. The guy was so good. And I'm going on the next episode. I will release that. PODCAST and the podcasts casts podcasters name because I have to give him credit he was so good and interviewing Nigel such it just so refreshing to hear another podcast or not the famous ones. I'm always talking about. You're not howitzers on a podcast. But you know him. The Joe Rogan's in the World Bill Burr. All those famous podcasters Adam. Corolla the little independent guys like me and people like us. It's nice to see them. See People like me just doing a great job. With what what they believe in what they love. It's just I love it. So Yeah my next interviews with cinematographer Nigel Block and I. I'm going to give credit to the podcast sir. WHO's interview I? I listened to before my interview with Nigel and getting some information and just really interesting thing. So I don't WanNa podcast so that being said everyone also has has a top five two top ten list and I would say forty six now since I've eight nine years old. I've been watching movies my whole life in washing over and over again. I'm the guy who went through. VHS tapes over and over again. I mean I think I went through like three field of dreams. Three or four of the natural Shawshank I blew through a lot of that. I just my point is I. I love movies as as many of you have noticed. Stand you know movies and TV race. Me Don't get me wrong. I I had two parents. Anybody could ask for like I am so fortunate that had that I had that I have a mom I have like like it's beyond words so I'm so happy with that but I'm also the nerd that was like that locked himself in the basement and and watch TV and watch movies at forty six years old. I make my way to the theater once a week to get up on things in my spare time. I'm watching shows keeping up with things so I think I don't WanNa see him an authority but I think when I say something thing. It's not just a flip comment. I see a lot I watched the Oscars now. And there's a Lotta these like guessing and pools and whatever with people that haven't seen any of these movies I just. I don't know what it's like before going into the NFL playoffs. If you don't follow football year in your betting on who's GonNa win the Super Bowl to me that lacks a little bit of legitimacy. So I don't know I think my top five list has some credit to it and the way I look at it is not so much what I think the top five movies of the year art. I look at it this way. If somebody had five movie passes in knowing what I know they said I need five movies to go to. These are the five that I'm going to name that I believe Steve are worth your money. Now that's not saying if I had to go to ten. There's a whole `nother category but I'll keep it short and I wanNA keep this podcast episode short and sweet. I I look at it my head is when I give the top five. What what would I tell somebody else to either? Spend their money on or use a movie pass on if they can only see five so that being said here are my five movies. I'm going to start with one of the ones I saw in two thousand twenty but it's a two thousand eighteen release that I will be cheering like hell for tonight in. That movie is Joe Joe Rabbit. I absolutely loved Joab. It is in my top five and I'm not giving us specific civic order right. It's just here are the top five. I went back and forth so if I had I I really kind of battled with a tie for number five because I with my first one because I really a beautiful day. The neighborhood would be if I had to go tie would be here but I give a slight edge to Joe Joe Rabbit it both movies. Believe it or not are kind of the same in the sense that both are just about humanity and kindness and just love and I know it's weird to say that about joab movie who a kid who who's make believe friend is Adolf Hitler but the movie has such an enormous heart take a great soundtrack phenomenal acting. Sam Rockwell is another stratosphere at this point in Taiko. It director who also plays Adolf Hitler in the movie is I absolutely like so caught off guard with his performance. Like I mean he hits a home run at two different roles hormones director and then he hits hormone is playing Adolf Hitler. I mean it's just so so well Diana writer for that matter I mean he is so immensely talented a breath of fresh air on what we do in the shadows is also a vampire movie that he's done as well also. There's two kids in this movie. That are so good. This movie just makes up on you and I had a tough time deciphering between this movie. Joe Oh Joe Abbott and Beautiful Dan. The neighborhood I mean. They're so similar as far as the message. They're trying to send about humanity. Eighty and just valuing people valuing life valuing what people should mean to each other. They're so similar in in that way. And I really hate separating East I want you to know that I hate it but I would absolutely recommend a beautiful neighborhood it because it's so damn good Joe. Rabbits snuck up on me and I hope it kicks ass tonight. I hope it cleans cleans up in every award is nominated it for a long shot to do really really well as long as the Irishman doesn't win. I'm good I mean. I don't cheer for bad things to happen to most people but but I just. I'm not a fan of the Irishman. I'm not a fan of this movie in any way. I think I've talked about this before it is so overrated. I do appreciate that. It's a good bye to these or a you know as far as acting together you know. Pacino Deniro PECI pitching him out of retirement. He he does a great great job. But you know it's just. I'm not cheering for the Irishman. Any way shape or form. I didn't care for Martin. Scorsese's comments on marvel movies or superhero movies. I thought there was way out of place. Robert De Niro is really weighing on me in every way shape or form in the last couple of years so anyways but Joel Radin would be an number five if I had to go with a tire six. I do not want to rule out a beautiful day in the neighborhood which I've done review on a Tom. Hanks so good. There's so many people involved with that. That have done a great job. The other movie I wanted to bring up not going to say it's four but my second one is peanut butter Falcon. I thought the movie was is the most overlooked movie right when you're ignored by SAG when you're a SAG awards ignored by the Golden Globes. And now you don't get anything for the Academy Awards. It kind of bothered me a little bit because this movie deserved something Michael Schwartz and Tyler Nelson. The two directors deserved something. I mean this was their their passion project. Shiloh is so good in this movie and start saying that the Shah is a top ten to fifteen actor. We just stop who start giving him that credit like he's no longer this guy. Let's assume as crazy that can kind of act. He's a fantastic actor. Let's just leave it there like he is so goddamn good. It's ridiculous and I don't think he gets enough credit for what is abilities can reflect. I mean he is just so good. I mean gene in the interview that I've kind of tease a little bit about this coming out this week. The cinematographer I had Nigel Block said Shaya comes was off the plane in his role. Ready to go I mean and he was so wrapped up in invested into this movie. So many people were you. Had you know the the boy with Down Syndrome Zach and God's again who to such a phenomenal job. I was hoping for a nomination for him and a peanut butter fom get really screwed. I mean movie. Visually looks phenomenal. The sound is great. The acting is phenomenal. I just I was really really disheartened that this movie was ignored by everybody. And it's I'm really starting to get worried about Out those people with votes. I'm starting to think there's there's many most people have a SAG card. I think I would like to feel the responsibilities. The ones I know when I talked to on occasion definitely watch what Dave vote for but I wonder how many people actually watch what they vote for. It just seems so political like websites are coming out you know now are reputable websites are coming out with. You know. I don't like this actor. I found this movie boring. They're they're giving something personal. That should to be voted on a public voice in other words. If you're an actor you can say sure. I loved this movie. I love them but we but to say this movie was boring into be critical and then go under. Anonymous seems just cowardly to me like I just hope. Sag voters take the responsibility seriously. A lot of people were very hard for these awards like some people. Never come back back to this stage again right the Academy Awards or a big thing and some people. I mean there's been actors that have Renee Zellweger tonight. She'll me they are. She hasn't been here in like twenty years. I think or it's been a long period of time. So so people come back over a lengthy lengthy period of time so people will come back at all so that really I just hope sagged borders take responsibility seriously in Nazi peanut butter and all that movie with Shiloh Buffalo. He's a big piece of this or piece of that. I'm not GonNa Watch that I'm Ignore that that's so unfair to him because he's the guy is a passionate actor he so honesty super supremely talented. I hope I hope SAG actors do right by each other other. I really do and and give every movie the the attention that they deserve right. I hated the Irishman and on a personal level. I could care less what Martin Scorsese thinks of marvel movies. As in what Robert Deniro things politically but I would still give everyone that worked really hard of movie the attention it deserves and I. I hope that's what goes on. I hope that people don't look at Shiloh often. Say Hey you know what I hate him. That guy's crazy he's this he's that he's whatever it just completely ignore that that would be so unfortunate to me if that's what's going on. I hope politics doesn't rear. Its ugly head. Hoping hoping part of Sag means that you're honoring the craft your honoring that piece of work and I hope that's what people do because I know the people I talked to do. The SAG voters talked to are taking very seriously. I just hope most people are like they are because i. It's scary when Internet. Reputable sources are leaking comments. Comments from Sadler's I I can't I can't do that. Bothers me a lot. So peanut butter falcon big disappointment deserve the nomination. It's in my top five for the year. No doubt what about it This movie has a heart and soul to it. That's almost unmatched. Please peanut butter Falcon I I I can recommend enough my third on my list. I again no order just throwing them out would be Ford versus Ferrari Christian Bale Matt Damon. My God This movie is I feel like this movie. People people feel like you know Christian. Bale is one so much that you know what the nomination is enough right. Because in some cases with movies and actors the nomination is the award right. Ebbing nominated is the recognition. It's not winning the award. I don't know. I think this is such a big budget movie. I don't want to call it. Underrated underrated or overlooked. But I think it is like I was watching this movie. I probably three or four times. Now they're over the weekend. The weekend came out. I don't know I feel like the nominations not enough here. So if Joe Joe Rabbit doesn't win I'm cheering for all things for versus Ferrari really loved this movie win. I just Matt Damon and in Christian. Bale are just so good at their craft. And I know I'm leaving a ton of people out right with these movies. I'm talking about just the headliners here but there's so many people involved I get that just really really well done movie. It's not you know. Race cars are racecar. RACECAR movies are a funny thing because I love. I'm obsessed with them. I love days of thunder. I loved rush. You Know Ron Howard's Racecar tribute movie. I love for versus Ferrari race card. NASCAR movies are kind of a funny thing up Talladega Nights. I can't leave out because as a sport I hate it. I can't stand watching it. But as when they're made into movies. I love just focusing on the driver's the competitiveness like I love it so Hollywood I love the Hollywood version of what they've done to race car movies. But as a sport if you call it that the turning left for four hours not a big fan I mean I i. I see boxing movies and I love boxing. Boxing on I'll watch it and I love Rocky Cinderella Man on and on it but it's such a strange thing with NASCAR I so my favorite movies of all time are some of the ones I just named and I can't. I've never watched an entire race for NASCAR or Formula One. And it's not the belittle those that are involved. I just. It's just so boring but what Hollywood is done to it as made it interesting for me and made it passionate for another reason why I love movie movie making and watching film so the next movie very similar very well known movies getting awards getting recognized. I Love Quentin Tarantino's passion. I think he's I just love his perspective and where he comes from in his what he feels about moviemaking. I remember reading about how used to work at like a blockbuster Mr or VHS store and that's kind of where questions love of movies originated in that blockbuster in that VHS store just going through movies like how do you not love that. How do you not love that? So that being said I have to include once upon a time in Hollywood. I love everything about this movie. Leo In especially Brad I pay Brad Pitt Fan. People don't remember this Brad Pitt. Early on was kind of people may not me other people made him sound like a joke. You know he's gray looking dude dude. Who can act kind of mocked film in Louise to some degree? Sorry like Brad. Pitt is a phenomenal actor. I'm so happy he's getting all the Kudos in this In his speeches are even ten times better like he is universally loved like in the same way like Ellen Degeneres says like university loved at some degree and I feel like Brad Pitt is like like that people. Just love him. He's poking fun at himself. He's giving these really awesome speeches and I'm pulling for him tonight as well. So yeah I mean if I had to categorize is it bouncing will replace your guys from trying to get this in by the time the award start. I'm cheering for once upon a time in Hollywood namely Brad Pitt tonight. I'm cheering for Joe Joe. Abbott and I'm cheering for four versus Ferrari. So that covers at least half the movies I think but seriously I think Brad Pitt is just come from us. He's just a phenomenal actor. I love to meet Joe Black. I loved him and just so many things. He's done fury with show against Shiloh buff. So he's done so many things I really. I can't say enough about Gwen Tarantino Bleed Art of the CAPRIO. I mean I'm not gonNA. He's just so good and everything he does as well. So yeah. I'm just Brad Pitt I I have. I have a real soft spot in my heart for him because I've liked him since day one. I've always loved all of his work and it's nice to see people saying good things things about him. People appreciating him because he is talented he and his so good in this movie as well. I just it's just a it's just a wonderful movie if I have to tell you to go see once upon a time in Hollywood and you haven't seen it already chances are you're not the biggest movie Fan but hopefully you can get to a rented soon because it is so good. I mean the movies like this should not how she your first time. Viewing should not be. Netflix should not be on Amazon. Prime should be on Hulu. I mean these are movies. You have to go and see Joe Joe Rabbit. I saw very very late and I think a week or two later was available on I tunes. But I'm the theater experience. Nothing compares to it. Nothing like don't get me wrong. I I own a ton of movies in my iphone on. You know by the way side. No- here for those of you. That buy movies on I tunes. Do you know that they could take the movies away on out out of your phone without you knowing. And they don't have to say anything so if you spend ten bucks just say on a Titanic and then I tunes for some reason stopped carrying. Titanic you lose. WHO's that money straight out? ENYA lose movies. Well read up on it Google. I tunes movie. They can take it away anytime from you. And that's a little bit disheartening for me because I'm watching movies on the treadmill. I'm watching movies everywhere. My iphone is is my you know. That's that's command central right there. I'm watching everything out of that. So yeah that's just a little disheartening. But anyways really happy for Brad Pitt really hope that he gets the recognition that he deserves. Tonight love him. I know he's been. He wanted to Golden Globes. He wants SAG. So there's a shot here. He could he could make three three so i. I'm really cheering for him. And I and I love Tarantino's passion Yes so a lot of good things here so coming into the last movie. I peanut butter on my list. Once upon a time in Hollywood would four versus Ferrari Joe Rabbit on the outside looking in a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Tom Hanks's so good as Mr Rogers. Boy Boy I sneak have created a top six list not a top five list. I get it but I'm going with my top five. I'm giving you my concrete five. The last movie I I loved this movie and I get really pissed when people should all over this movie I hated it makes me furious. I get irate. And they do it all the time. I was watching a website that deals with sports and I know the guy doesn't watch many movies. He does pizza reviews. And that's great because she's a phenomenal. Talent Awesome entrepreneur talk about how much he hated needed. This movie like are you serious. Like you definitely don't watch a lot of movies and that's what bothers me. Most is when people that don't watch a lot of movies give feedback. Oh that sucks. Oh that was really good. Well how do you know that if you have nothing else to compare it to like if you're watching movies once every two months and you're like that was really good. That was really bad. Like there's no standard or point of reference to compare it to. I mean the only people should be talking movies. Are those that are there. They're watching movies all the time if you're not watching movies all the time and you shouldn't be talking movies. I'm sorry just I'm just really adamant about that. You just can't think of a podcast. It's very clear the host doesn't watch any of the material Israel has his guests are and whether it's a movie or TV show maybe want occasion but he uses against writing service. That's something completely different it is. I'm listenable and it's a little a few reasons one because the host but two and mostly because of this is because he doesn't know what he's talking about. I can't do a podcast about baseball and not have her watch the A game all summer. I get really furious when people comment on movies and they really don't do their homework they don't do the background research much. Like some of the Jaguars ars I've been hearing about lately. It just bothers me anyways that being said this movie. Yeah I don't WanNa go off on a tangent. I'm going to get get myself. Another hard issue ended up in hospital for over a week against so anyways this movie I thought was so good I hate reading. You know the Internet is so toxic. I ate it and sometimes I get sucked. Backed up into it. You know we have those star wars fan boys and Marvel Fan boys that are ruining things and wanting to rewrite movies. I've talked about that on numerous occasions but this method it's such a big heart to it and movies yesterday directed by the supremely talented one of my all time favorites. Danny Boyle Homage Amish Patel is in it. Louis James. This movie is so good and it stuck with me. I saw earlier in the early spring of two thousand nineteen. It really puts a interesting thing on the table. Right interesting question. You know how much influenced the Beatles have and now I don't WanNa ruin the movie for you but it. It doesn't just stop there. It goes into what is relevant and our culture and and would be the same without some of the things that we have in our life our lives that we that we so you know our our pop culture are our standards of entertainment. You know with things change. It really puts an interesting discussion on the table and it has one of the biggest surprises prizes. I guess in an ending that I've that I've seen this year I I loved yesterday. It was in my top five from start to finish. Some of these movies creeped in in and at the last minute I would say yesterday was in it for the longest amount of time. I've really loved this movie from the moment I saw and we had me in tears. Here's like I I left the theater. I'm like I just don't get how people are not talking about this or how somebody call it boring and I get it. It's all subjective. I forget it you know. My favorite color is green. Years is blue. You know we're both not right. I mean whenever I mean we think we think but I just think yesterday was not given the proper do it is so good. A master director some phenomenal actors. I loved it. I guess you're has a huge heart and you'll there some movies. You don't wait week for Netflix. For this was one of them. I felt like in definitely movie. I felt it didn't against property when in its respect there's other movies I wanted to touch on if I was to expand span my list beyond five. Here's what I thought was really good this year. I was really underrated doctor sleep. Dr Sleep was so oh good Joker I WANNA you know. Sleep on Joaquin Phoenix. I love him super talented guy. I think. Probably a good human being as well rocket man. Dan was in and out of this list. I love rocket man. If I had done this podcast. Four months ago it would have been my top five but it's definitely my top. Ten loved hair. Negative things a phenomenal actor. Huge future ahead of him. Just a great great movie parasite I would put my top ten. We are looking at some groundbreaking stuff happening in that movie. And if you're one of these people that decide whether they want to watch or not watch based DON subtitles. That's a scary thought for me like some of the best movies of all time have subtitles. That's like me saying you know what I can't watch movie. That's in black and white. That's just too much for me. I mean does sound really ridiculous when you think about it was parasites got a lot of things going for it including their amazing director. Her Bong Jun Ho. Just look at a guy that is groundbreaking There's one right there parasite fantastic jewel. I like a lot a lot on Netflix. Small documentary called. Tell me who I am. I had both guests on my show. I wouldn't put it in the you know. Obviously obviously Academy Awards are base. Most movies short films. That's more of a documentary. I loved that this year the most overrated I thought was nineteen seventeen. I I liked it a lot but one thousand nine hundred. Seventeen appeal doesn't come so much with the acting as it does with its cinematograph Ramos. Director her CNN days and Roger Deakins. That's the appeal to nine hundred. Seventeen and saving private Ryan is the standard of war movies. If that's like a ten not at ten or nine and a half hundred ten by comparison I put nineteen seventeen at like a seven. And a half. If you're basing on the cinematographer director mediate but yeah I I thought nineteen seventeen was a little overrated. I I don't cheer against things and cheer for other things but I hope nineteen seventeen doesn't win in every every movie. I'm mentioning. I highly recommend I stand by all my recommendations because I've actually seen the movies unlike other people I've seen what I'm telling you to watch and I love it right so so some other other appreciated movies that flew under the radar a little bit Captain Marvel seems to be taking a Lotta Shit for some reason. I liked that a lot. I really lead like bright burn. It's very superman-like but it makes you. When I say Superman you know raising a child? That's fallen from the sky. You know from a young child to an adult. It makes you wonder you know or what would happen if that child grew up evil and it's not necessarily a villain but it. It's it's the superman spin of what if life right. I Love Bright Burnham Mustangs Academy Award Worthy but. It's one of the better movies I saw this year. I liked double a lot. People crapped on it I'm not sure why but I really liked Dumbo. I think people are a little bit hard on Tim. Burton with this there was a good movie. overrated the Irishman. Has You no. I'm not gonNA say that again. I thought uncut gems a little overrated to be quite honest with you Adam sandlers a phenomenal actor. You'll never you'll never not sell me on that point I get. He's one of the best movies of all time he was so good in it One of the best performances I probably should say is more accurate statement. Lion King unnecessary remake Hustle I'm good thanks. I thought knives out was a little overrated little bit good movie. I I love Ryan Anderson. I am not big on the The WHO done it. Let's go through piece by piece kind of clue scenario death. More personal than against subjective It's a really well done movie and Ryan Johnson's a really really good filmmaker but it just not for me. It's just not for me in any way shape or form last year's winner green took so much shit other forget spike Lee other people crapping all over it. I really hope whoever wins tonight that there aren't people in the audience that are going to take away from that moment who we have no business doing that right like like beyond saying Jay Z.. Showing up an hour and a half late for the Golden Globes. While there's somebody up there getting an award like how disrespectful is that so. I hope there's nobody that takes away from anybody's moment today and I really hope there's people that just think their parents they thank you know a religion. Thanks the people they love. I hope we can say from politics. Because I've just about had it with Patricia. arquette up you're talking about how awful you know. Politics politics are at this point. I just it's a real turn off for a lot of people I have to say. Everyone's allowed to talk politics. I get it and I get. It's a huge stage to do so I don't know but just there's other other pressing oppressing people you can talk about those you love growing up. Who meant who meant the world to you? There's other things you could bring up in that moment. A mentor an acting coach a loved one. You've lost that meant the world to you and believe in you and no one else. There's so many other things you could be talking about. Yeah the environment and needs attention. But I just don't think this is the place to do that. Like it comes across as phony. Just my thing about the environment do your thing do it. Don't just make it about I'm up here. People can really person because my thirty seconds to a minute. I'm going to talk about the environment and then not do anything about it the rest of my life because that's what it seems like a lot of people are doing. I just really hope that people don't again one takeaway from the moment and to use the moment appropriately appropriately again. What is appropriately? I I don't think politics is in that stages is the right setting that just my two cents in full disclosure. There's a few movies move movies issue. That came out that I just will not watch based on it. Maybe this is being ignorant I'll own it. I refuse to watch. Cats are refused to watch men in black. I refuse to watch anything with Tyler. Perry at the end of it I mean I I was looking at stuff online. Apparently that movie had no editor This year Angel has fallen. I'm all set. I'm just some movies I just can't do. I mean I. I just feel like if if if the people that are making somebody's movies don't take it seriously. Then why should should I so. Yeah some of these movies homage Ez pass on and I can tell you mentioned Howard Stern earlier in in in Leslie Jones the former. SNL CAST member was on Howard it show and she was talking about Ghostbusters and it was really just a a great. I'm not Lizzie Jones Fan. I don't find funny. I don't don't find her comedy funny at all. I'm not a big fan at all. But but I've really appreciated in loved what she was saying her earn. Howard we're having this discussion and Leslie was talking about how she was in? The all female reboot ghostbuster in movies work in general all because they're great movies. GHOSTBUSTERS was special one. Because of the time why. People continue to remake Halloween and they continue to remain. I mean there's talk for another joker movie and people are continuing to beat down these. There's another sorry make. There's another Halloween. It's it's like enough but anyways we're not going on a tangent on unnecessary remakes. Leslie Jones was talking to Howard and she's in the all-female movie ghostbusters. The all the all female reboot the one re that completely bombed last year. And it's tough I think to be `situation because you cannot remake. A classic very rarely do remakes ever work and they don't work when you WanNa make a when you WanNa Base Komo movie based on who you want for your cast versus the story itself. So I don't know I just anyways there were having a discussion Howard Stern Leslie Jones and she was like I was so honored to be in this movie. You know and she was really proud and I totally get that. I get what she's trying to say. You know she was talking to Howard our she said you know. We're all done only wrapped. We thought we had a really great movie on our hands. You know so I don't know I. I love the fact that she had so much pride in the fact that she wanted it to work. Obviously her heart was in the right place. You get absolutely cheer for her in wanting into work and her point to how rose you know I caught so much hate for this us. Because there's there's this thing where people think they own movies. They own generation. The Own Franchise Star Wars ghostbusters. You fill in the blank here. And they were so bad to her online. Leslie Jones like you know she said to Howard. And I'm paraphrasing your shoes. You know I had so much pride in this you know all female cast ask and I was getting such awful comments online from other people such hateful things said and then I would click on the profile of these people saying awful things to me. Online about the ghostbusters reboot the all-female ghostbusters reboot. She said I would click on some of these people's twitter accounts our facebook pages and it would be a guy I with his daughter a father with his daughter a husband with his daughter. Saying the most mean spirited things about that the all female cast and I can tell you. That's the problem we're having today. Is that the fans think they can manipulate the movie. The fans that they have grown beyond the movie itself the product itself off and I just think it's very very dangerous ground and if you do get a chance to listen to that interview is really good like I said I'm GonNa be Mosey Jones Fan. She's really loud. I don't think there's a lot of creativity behind it. It's it's not for me but I really loved her sentiment. You know like I have these fathers of daughters seeing the worst nastiest things to me and ah she's right. She's so right because they should be cheering for her. They should be cheering for the female cast. So I've kind of appreciated the conversation again Howard's creativity ativity in in facilitating wonderful conversation with Lesley. It's just it's just interviewing at. Its very very best so to recap my five that you should see. Eighty five movie passes and you haven't seen anything peanut butter Falcon four versus Ferrari once upon a time in Hollywood yesterday and Joe. Joe Rabid of it Tonight I will be cheering heavily for once upon a time in Hollywood I will be cheering for versus Ferrari and I will definitely be cheering for for Joe Joe Rabbit. I hope you guys got something out of this Sorry for the rambling. I was trying to get it in before the Oscars as we speak. Thank you so much for listening to the Academy Award addition stay tuned. I got some awesome interviews coming up. Drop me a line if you want Monday. Morning critic MDM critic on on twitter. Monday morning critic on facebook on Monday morning critic on instagram bunch ways to get hold of me Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. And just know it's it's really well received my end and means the world to me that you've taken time out of your life to listen to what I have to say means a lot. Thanks toxin. Thank you a it comes to In a Sir comes taste yeah. Long uh-huh will but in Gosh more

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