The Parable of the Knights of Dude


I just wanted to talk a little bit more about this. And then we've been beating this to death but The Obama speech. I listened to it several times and and it really struck me. As kind of odd the way he talks about Taxes and financial situations within the government. He Act like. It's kind of a dirk. Look into the soul of wet. Boba believed that all of the money in the United States. All the money in the world belongs to him and it's up to him to Dole it out us as he sees fit right when when you look at the way he. He uses the words in his speech. If it's really striking to me how he says it's GONNA cost US trillions and taxes. When when that's not the cakes who's US exactly and I don't know you know then. The people that have the wealth confiscated from them whose children had to pay. All the debt. Back to us is right. It's funny that his ideology is so set so ingrained that That he can use words like that and and it passes and nobody pays attention to that stuff. Well I won't say nobody. Please don't say nobody or no one You're talking about semantic arguments. Though are the nomenclature of the one. Of course President Obama. He is of course the one and the way that he uses the words well. This is very common amongst liberals to use the terminology Us We we the one I hate the most. Someone should write a book with with the big giant we on the cover w e e right you can even use the we gouverneur Morris as script of we the people on the original version of the Constitution and put the GHOSTBUSTER. Strikeout sample over it. I want to hear we anywhere. Who's we way why way who conscripted me and as well how do I get involved in the we? Louisa lawyers a socialist term. Well we a collective is term. And most instances you don't have much of a choice and joining the collective now. Let's just say that. We had a voluntary collective. Let's just call it the knights of the Dude and as you Mike as Knights of the Dude Saturday we had made it our goal to uh a radical consumption of less than four dollars per six pack beer for men that were employed right. This was you like this. 'cause don't you? I like it too. Now let's just say then for pooh-poohed in giggles and in order to accomplish our goal that we had determined that we were going to need. Let's just say two million dollars just to do it in the state of North Carolina. Now if way we're actually trying to judiciously do this without compulsion then way would then be responsible or would then have to go and what have to get people to voluntarily give us. The funds needed to get to the two million dollar mark. Then way could distribute the booty so to speak to those man who were consuming sub-four dollar per six pack beer on weekends now. And that instance there at every step of the chain. There was voluntary action. What he what dude? Von would call human action. You chose and I chose to form the dudes of the roundtable to address this This problem we would not left one other part up. We would only advertise service and ask those that. Wish to participate in it to voluntarily. Show up at some location to receive their subsidy for their less than four dollars per six. Pack Beer So they get their subsidy naked by seven dollars. Six Pack Beer. If you're with me so far at every stage of the exercise there was voluntary ever there was Schuman action. Now that's a we that I can live with the way that I can't live with and that I reject and I don't wish for my children to live under. Is the we where you're not given the choice where the we was a group of guys meeting any city council statehouse congressional chamber and then they decided that the rest of the we's out here needed a fork over? Let's say one half of one percent of everything we earned so that it can do exactly what you and I did and then they decided that. Wait a minute now. We're going to have to hire people to do this. And we're going to have to pay them benefits and then this you could follow the exercise out. But it doesn't work without the compulsion of the government being able to tax.

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