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You are listening to this podcast added to the House in association with the fastest closing in a well to the cycling character right and watch in twenty nineteen as a partner education. I and Kenyan Sharam Stage Sixteen today. Well Chops his whole. Isn't it's often sultry in them. Where are we? I just said where we are well. We're outside of friendly baugh where we recorded our press conference last night. I'm we've come back here. Having initially tried to record our podcast outside an Irish bar called your people weren't very friendly there where they lying. There were another Irish either the <hes> yeah I I must say I got a little bit <hes> angry <hes> to say the least you know these <hes> unfortunately fortunately <hes> as you might have experience as a tourist in the south of France from time to time you come across and I'm very sorry to say that's quite frequent. <hes> on some you know bartenders or restaurant landlords not very been polite and kind of pushing you away because the table is dressed for dining and you're not supposed to be having bureau that sort of this is unacceptable. You know if that happens to you just leave the place and and you'll find there's lots of places as as well and it's unfortunately having been bought the restaurant owner myself. I know that these practices are rife and sometimes you don't take physical checks on just leave the place with your feet Francois Soi seen Francois so angry about anything and I'm wondering whether it's a combination of factors temperature Francois's been wearing shorts this afternoon again. Ordinary strictly enforced on the boats about gazette <hes> that <hes> you know over three nine. That's that's when over forty one. I said he's a limited over. Which I you know it's allowed where salt so? It's my last chance to add them. Actually maybe we'll talk about later but gas for the end of the week is where will table. I think we're all wilting our way. Francaise will today in the heat and it was a sprint stage. They fail fast finished by Caleb you in the winter the only thing faster than Kim storyline obe I needed to say in order to make that was a neat segue into Uh. I'M GONNA bite to say the only thing fasten Caleb today was the sale of Stacey Snyder's mugs. Oh the second batch of cups went on sale today and they sold out in four minutes. He's been getting shorter and shorter the the window of opportunity to buy one of her a beautiful at second podcast monks which have been sold at the on the tour and we'll also have well to raise money for good causes on this occasion West Levin Cycle Park New Cycling Facility in central Scotland and also David Carey Scholarship Fund who memory a young boy in Virginia who was a very keen cyclist on who very sadly died in June this year after a loan by the Fund has been setup his name to to help young kids who wouldn't otherwise be able to cycle take part in cycling activities so to really good causes on a lot of money raised for them and it's all thanks to you listeners and the response to the cups has been well. It's been very gratifying hasn't it. It's been wonderful to see the enthusiasm to to buy them and to support the good causes unto beautiful objects as well well. The thing is Richard. You said this earlier I completely agree with you. The Way Stacey has documented the making of the cops and these beautiful homemade objects. They're all you you know individual. They contain the quirks of being an individual unique handmade product and well. The only regret is she can't make enough over them. Seemingly I mean if they sent out in four minutes. Dimond is <hes> is obviously from from you. The listeners and we hopefully repeat this yeah. Why not why not? There's obviously demand there. We're sorry for everybody tried to get one and we're very pleased for those who who tried and did get a who enjoy owning it on with the stage wjr then Lionel it was <hes> well strange today starting and finishing name. Am I think the tail up no one over to you well. You're right Richard. It was a strange day for us so much to second rest day in a way or perhaps a first rest day because we traveled over from walk yesterday so rest day off with four truncated. We didn't get a lot of downtime yesterday but today with the the stage going out from name and out into the countryside back into name it gave us an opportunity to have well. I had my first lunch in an actual restaurant since Brussels not aging in motorway services or eighteen in the press room that was a real treat off the two and a half weeks. I'll have to say I thought this is still the top Taylor here the race itself. I can summarize enough handful of sentences. I were five riders in the break. Laws back of Dimension Data Stephan Rosetto coffees Alexis Guja of A._G.. To our Lucas Visnovsky of C._C._C. Paul our lean of total direct energy. They were out in heat all day. They were caught with only two and a half kilometers to go oh and then came the sprint and it was another impressive finish by lotto she dolls Caleb you and who wins his second stage of the tour and Lotto's third in all he was ahead of Elliott Viana and Dylan Groenewegen and Peter Sagan the big news on was a Yfu sang lying ninth overall this morning crashed with around twenty eight kilometers to go and he is out of the race and so everyone shuffled up a place on DC tomorrow a more demanding stage goes from in point guard up to gap and the gateway to the Alps as they say it's the fastest quizzing in a well tool the almost cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a partner education education fast and Kenyan shoreham. Thank you very much indeed ktar headline sponsor Rafeh on reminder if you want to own beautiful peddler Ducharme t shirt or Cycling Jersey or Casquette Taraf C._C.. On you'll find the second podcast podcast range of clothing there we will be a awarding up pelata Sharm t-shirt again this week at the end of the week. I'm we'll be looking for nominations of writers deserving of the pedlar ducharme awards so keep your is peeled on sending your nominations to us please line on dementia fool sighing. I the race <hes> he's not broken anything. Apparently we saw him being delivered to the medical van near the press center where he was scanned and so on and there were scenes there with his his wife <hes> with united site in a couple of TV crews trying to to film what was going on and she was getting extremely angry. I mean it was very hot. <hes> I'm sure tempers were fraying has not but scenes as I say I said the medical trump but I guess <hes> disappointing moment for her on for Yaacob fool sighing and not one that she really wanted to be on camera of course not but I can understand the other side of the story as well. We often see see those images. Don't we on T._V.. Over a writer entering or exiting the X ray truck which is normally down the near. The pressroom isn't on yet but if you're if you married to the writer who is going to be checked I imagine in pretty uncomfortable to be followed by T._v.. Cameras but that is the kind of Goldfish bowl of the Tour de France isn't a and <hes> well. It's part of life on the tour. I just realized that we see even introduce you properly tonight. Francois only at the start with the you seven so you say where we were that said sorry you spoke to Yaacob full sang the finish yes so well actually when obviously as usual crush happens to to arrive or especially prominent one there was quite a quite a crowd of our colleagues on the bus not preying on on the casualty but just to to get to know what our body was and how it happened because <hes> have been quicken we couldn't and sit so lost Michelson which is usually the the guy we talked to the team director wasn't there obviously it'd been to <hes> you know hospital or to medical checks with the so while we waited for for you know for his teammates. To come back to the bus I mean most of them waited for him and try to to see what they could do to you know <hes> take him out of trouble and fortunately they were told to go ahead and leave him behind because they obviously realize we love our buddy was sought to pillow Bo was actually just behind the Yucca foods on when the crash took place while this is what he had to say saying that crash just in front of me and <hes> three or four riders threats to the various were crossing down narrow roads and also the asphalt was didn't do nothing he went straight to the barrier anything he has a broken something in the hunt huge play for the team obviously yeah but if he doesn't move in in the moment for sure he has something serious and now important positive that we are not going to Ooh she finally were fighting and leads to try to maintain up then and game some positions day by day but <hes> now greg going to change a auditees. Obviously he didn't have any any adopter yeah for sure said Something Broken Peyot Bill Bal there of Astana boss climber apparently on his way to Bari Morita next year to who caught with Mika Lonzo we believe but another crash today was <hes> <hes> involving Darren Thomas the defending champion thing that was missing from your Taylor via top Lionel. We got your Omelette for lunch but we didn't get Gary True. I guess the defending champion is being on the floor law three times but I mean it was <hes> as I go. I very very light one. It was it was I mean it was a strange on like he ran into a corner on a roundabout with a big curb and it seemed like he peddled died then hit the curb with his pedal flipped his bike right around any foul quite heavily on some speed to me like it would be a crash rates. Maybe not pay up a bad injury but the shock of that will be something that he he certainly feels tonight on in these last days of the tour of the recovery is so important that you might just have a slow bearing on on how he recovers granted the same tell you you have these what we call infringer luck of the winner owner and <hes> well which which means basically the when you're on form and and and doing alright crushing and you know you don't hurt yourself whereas when you're on the downwards per spiral you <hes> you you crush and you hurt yourself and I was you know obviously the case too bad crushes one put him out of the race. <hes> you know Astana had been doing so well for the whole season. All of a sudden you know coming to kind of crisis and now you know so obviously the beginning stage wins. I suppose the main goal now in maybe tomorrow as early as tomorrow which is good state for them. <hes> whereas you know Garin Thomas felts a couple of times on the tour felt on the tudors fell to the Swiss as well and re well reasonably you know without any serious consequence which is probably could be seen as as a good thing you know well we can't continue without focusing on the state winner well you and less here a little sign for the law to Saddam bus which I got to just after he crossed the line so some signs there from outside the law to Sudan Boston were law them well gas and V._I._p.'s are they had a couple of sponsor nine cents on the day so maybe they were people connected with the sponsoring companies they'll become siddall law through next year and but there was champagne bottles being open and lots of cheering for the right as they return. They're having a really good <unk> fronts. Aren't they belting Tour de France. That's the third stage win again. One Senator Yan you and one in two lose again today. They've had to poke could on Jersey since champagne country on the show that have Tim Wellens. I've been very prominent breakaways and the wind for you and edgy him ahead of the other sprinters. He's the first one to not your second wind in this tour and I think it was quite striking to see the overhead short with you and a bike lengths ahead but well ahead of the other three who are all in a line via Negroni Reagan and Sagan and so you can say you know he's sort of head and shoulders above the rest in the final two hundred meters particularly when you consider that he not got the benefit of a full on lead out tray and he doesn't really need one today he came through what straight through the Middle Ralian was certainly the fastest there was no dispute about it's interesting passing because in India the other in his previous victory to the will of the Green Vegan and anyone clear this time <hes> I mean I I haven't seen the details of of the sprint but it seemed to me that it just it. Just you know made a sprint I it it didn't take anybody's will just sprint to the finish line was the fastest which is even more impressive to win in different fashions. <hes> of course he looks a little bit style is quite reminiscent of McGovern issues. I mean even mccamish himself. <hes> you know paid tribute to to you in and saying are similar inside they were you know kind of dimunitive not not not that powerful but more more based on velocity than on strength and power and and let's face it I I in my opinion these two victories. You know we're waiting. We're expecting a lot from Caribbean as as as as we said <hes> anymore when you want in this first stage is to Franz debut blue was kind of delayed I mean he could have started like much earlier but now with these two victories can of established himself as probably the men to beat you know while you mentioned Kevin Dacian biased quirk of fate in two thousand and eight companies one in both to lose name he also won in <hes> where was it not bone and a chateau rue the tour is not going to those places this year but you and you mentioned his delayed debut in the Tour de the front and if we think back richer to our live event in London back in November December twenty seventeen might white kind of revealed Caleb you would be going to the tool to make his debut from Richardson Scott in two thousand eighteen and then that didn't happen he was he was really kind of left out of the lineup because of the focus on on the D._C.. And that paves the way for you to move to Lotto Seattle so out the finish I spoke to the boss of Lotto she dial Mark Sergeant and then his old boss Matt White or Mitchelson Scott just to get that <hes> thoughts on you in the second stage win. Can you explain how you sign Caleb you and because this time last year he was not writing Brown to commission start left him out of that team. I was quite sure that he would be one of the fastest wins for the future coincidence I saw him and I told him what I thought about him and he was thrilled also by the team and doing for him from there it okay and all that I was right. I'm you've had some big sprinted in the last ten or fifteen years Robbie McEwen Andre Gripe. Can you compare to those guys yet well. He's <hes> his difference. If you compare you have to compare compare with acuity because he's also very aggressive on <hes> looking for the wheels he wants and Nomi has done today lost I think and he <hes> he made it all by himself up. So you start. It's way too early for him but he he manage to get a great. He's much modern sprinter because he doesn't need lead out train of five or six guys loud really but they were there. They were making the tempo so he's he can do his thing. He wants to do it by himself the train and and that's where you so <hes> so good. They didn't have the fastest in front of him so he went for anyone. That's the most important today on how about pirates now that it's calm but have some oxygen in front wunderlist this lofty you guys have to make quite difficult decision with Len Caleb you and go sprinter. He's calling because couldn't into what you wanted to do but when you see him win a couple of stages away he's won them. How do you how do you feel what do you think I'm happy for? Arm but he he's a great guy. He's worked very very hard to get where he where he has. There's no there's no bad blood there at all. It's it's a business decision and he can't do you can't do both things properly. Let us at all done due general calcification. They've primary focus is around the classics and so it was a great great detained for him to go to. We're going to different track J._C.. In all in all three grand tours and also will to rice in general every will to arrest we go to where we competitive to taught win it and now with the reduction team sizes from nine to eight and sometimes eight two seven minute rosters. You know trying to have a sprinter support crew climb is doing J._C.. Either do it properly if you tried to do both things it can backfire but it just shows the ride Aleve and find the team that can accommodate them. You you start to see the best of them a hundred percent and look at the end of the Caleb one everything but the size of the font on our team we had developed since he was twenty nine thousand nine years old and had the same wrought through airports Amy Walter One and the so <hes> it was the last book for him to take and congratulations shoot that I I think what caused team car. The back of the facts lease P._k.. For reminding us to tell you this episode about Turano coverage is sponsored by the what atom we've spoken in previous episodes to Dan Bigham the hoop what Mike Track team and we mentioned how stable the what bike atom feels so we wanted to ask Dan what his experiences these were and whether the stability the what like atom helped win trying to do effort maximum walks they've gone about looking at how does apply throughout the bike and whether needs to critically brace that in quite why platform as well see getting rocking he can do obsolete full gus sprints not not worry about that as we did the White One K. challenge is a facebook live video somewhere and Johnny Pizza Two thousand one hundred on it and batting moved yeah. There's not an issue that's all it out perspective and just a couple of years ago when we were into every time we dean sprint shot when he makes stunned on the tip I so make sure you rip you. 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I WANNA see your numbers because he's number sound power. No Mile and I don't doubt the WOP I gotta I doubt you I did feel though even with my mediocre wars it didn't wobble. There was no rock-solid very steady and the other thing about is its footprint so to speak. It's very small you can push away into the corner of the room when you're done with it and really takes up very little space whatsoever. If you'd like to buy what Mike Atom you can do so what dot com and you have until the end of July to get one hundred pounds worth of sigma sport vouchers with every by atom purchased go to what bike dot com slash T._C._p.. One hundred and Music O._T._C. pay one hundred when you check out that's T._C.. Pay and the number one hundred before the break we heard from montage of lots of Saddam and Matt White of Mitchelson Scott Caleb Ewan as suggested Ni- went on the leasing. He's never finished the grand tour. This is the furthest he's ever been in. A grant started four before three geos three Jiri. I'm one VUELTA. He's never never got to the end and that there were some whispers that he may be off the stage. <hes> not would not would seem silly and I wouldn't with this chance opened up a third a third stage on on on the shelves Eliza and he must be delighted to to be here and to be in this art form because I you know to go through the new team. <hes> it was a really I think it was a really important season for him and for his team because he was sep into the shoes of Andre Gripe will those are big shoes to fill on very different writers aren't they. He's very diminutive Caleb Ewan and he's he's a huge gorilla boundary gripe will but you know for him to seize one-season Gio on here is is fantastic for him and for his team you spoke to their well their new new new manager yeah definitely <hes> John Long and I well. That's exactly the question asked him what what next I mean. You know. <hes> that that there's a bumpy stage to gap tomorrow it. Could you know which could very <hes> very well fine for tomorrow Gaynor. Tim Wellens to to keep chasing <hes> K._O._M._O.. Points and also <hes> longest seemed to imply the immune would go all the way to Paris in spite of apparently Lee ferry very hot mountain while we knew the mountains in the Alps would be tough but apparently they going to be very cold and stormy as well so <hes> could Calabrian survive <hes> these these Alpine ordeal <hes> <hes> well. Let's let's listen to join us to say. Confidence is important for sprint so you think that now thanks to these victories. It can go a level higher. I think that the confidence is there. Since the beginning of the season we have seen that that we are totally totally focusing on on those statements for him and that the seven writers which are on the tour of France are totally focusing on them on all those stages weasel the exception and that even if he was in <hes> into trouble <hes> in the stage today's I go doc that would be real. We directly stopped all team to a to wait for him because we knew that just after as we have more one more opportunity and and you say that guys like these were not Willens Thomas against they were taking six guys to bring him back to the Peloton into be sure that they can survive the civil to finally three shorts probably stormy stages in the Alps. I it'll be a matter of survival enough yet. No it will be survival not only for Kelly by people but first. Let's concentrate tomorrow. We have an ice age we have to gap may be an opportunity for breakaways. We'll see so. Let's take stage-by-stage final word on Caleb you and before we move on I'll refer you back to Adam. Blinds lives interview with them. which was the first blind interview series? It was really fascinating to learn by versatile writer. Caleb Yin was in his youth. You know he's not just a pure sprinter. That's obviously is his specialism now but he was a guy who has a a generic twenty three writer climbed with the bachelor them and hit a funny story about the world championships thing in Florence where the commentator confused with Colombian. He thought that he was a Colombian writer just because he was climbing moralities is quite diminutive. The Colombians are similar similar build so there's more to Caleb Ewan than just the final two hundred meters of a race so you know he's got every every chance of making it to Paris winning on the Sean sleazy once again going back to the cavendish comparison. I mean you remember how bad mawkish felt. Every time you know is <hes> climbing abilities. Were put into question you know. How could we forget Marquez racing again today returned to racing or is it tomorrow <hes> he's racing this weekend? We know we've gone overall battle to concentrate on the next few days. Not We're not really sure maybe what to expect tomorrow. It's a sort of transition stage setting up to huge stages three huge sages and they all S- really is it. I'm lost track of the days. Tomorrow's widened saying the so then Thursday Friday. Saturday are the baked days in the Alps the finish today I spoke to heavier architecture. The coach not many aunts who looks after Agan Bernal among others. I just wanted to get from him. A sense of how Bernales had into these crucial stages because there's been talk about you know of any else got it right in terms of having their writers come to the boil at just the right moment in these sages. Everybody knows when it's going to be decided Thursday Friday Saturday perhaps out today. Perhaps the turbo we decided on the final climb enemy. Here's our tech on Bernal. He's still young right this second grunter but he's a very. A strong position in in the final week how busy physically at the moment yeah he's feeling okay. No I think one of these strengthens their recovery. We Solange as well the third week he was doing a really good job for the team. This year is <hes> is pretty much the same nokia feeling well well. <hes> recovery arrestee yesterday was really good for him this morning. He looks really really well so were looking for the last week to the heat as well. I don't know something is something that will find now now. Maybe he the race too much with the heat but he likes both when he skied and also when he's called he lays both extreme conditions because he thinks that he said the race can be harder on when you when you feel good you want you want to raise now. It suits really well to him Saturday and Sunday the modernization apprentice was he performing there at the level. You expected from him. Yeah I think he was for performing really well. If you see how extraordinary people was in the race and only the climbing the power they produced and <hes> health as they went. I think him he superformula well. He had a really good numbers. We are hoping to have the same as we keeping the Alps I mean altitude a factor as well and he comes from Bogota with two thousand six. Hundred Meters is on a factor in his favor this week as well. We have so I think he when <hes> racist going up to two thousand meters is GonNa be a benefit for him because <hes> as you said he lives at twenty seven hundred meters ovation in hip Akira in Columbia quite a few kilometres during the two difference of <hes> two thousand meters so we hope he's going to be a benefit for him and he's going to perform really well at this. Did you can win the Ter- who's GonNa win the for a high turnout I think he's one of the gangrene and jeers world so <hes> for last as long as a we have the winning teams we're Happy Cycling Podcast and the twenty nine hundred to the France is supported by fainting sports science books fueled by science. Thank you very much indeed science sport for their support of the cycling podcast and you can get your twenty five percent off. SCIENTISTS POURED DOT COM with the Code S._I._S. C. P. Twenty-five S._I._S. EP twenty-five are reminded to the scientists are running a finalist competition to win a day in the team any team. I ended the Vuelta or the tour Bresson. It's your choice. You will also win four hundred pints spending money transport and two nights accommodation. There are some great runners up prize as well and that to enter the competition. All you have to do is go to scientists dot com forward slash sign up sciences sport dot com forward slash sign up good luck with that now I was mentioning the the stages that we've got coming out lionel but more detail on those yeah well tomorrow stages of atypical stage to GATT. We always know what's going to happen in. There's always a climb what six seven eight kilometers from the finish finish and then a descent down into town could be one from the breakaway unlikely that the riders will be particularly active not least because they're on any bone seconds on that final climb tomorrow the next stage on Thursday to value our Asia is really difficult. It goes over the Cold Avar which is two thousand one hundred nine meters a code Zoa which two thousand three hundred sixty meters and Nicole Duke two thousand six hundred forty two meters and there's a time bonus on the top before aw descent down into that said that's a real difficult stage then on Friday. The stage goes to teen is actually pretty short one hundred and twenty six point five kilometers. If you look at the profile these are all way to the Cold Deli's around that bonus seconds on that climb and then climb up to teen the finish which is not that difficult coming as a summit finish that will certainly you know whether we see action on the penultimate climb leading to that well we'll we'll have to wait and see and then on Saturday it could as we've been speculating all day rich could come down to the final kilometers of Delta in the before that we've got the Cormet de Roselend and then climb climbed valter any than a brute it goes up really for the last thirty five kilometers of the stage and the last eight or nine hundred meters probably not dissimilar to the new that they did on lap launch the bill fee in the first last week. We were talking morning today. Browse for about the you know the tactics here and when I was talking to him he was saying problem. Here is Julian Felipe is is ahead and he's the first not that has to be cracked. They have to put him to the sword soared by setting a fast pace somewhere on on the climbs but of course no one wants to do too much because the whoever cracks the not somebody else may greedily come along and they need the contents of the not ahead of them to get allergy. I suppose my wife this morning he <hes> he presented the ALA fleet loss over an hour by the time we get to Paris. He says the explosion is going to be huge says it's coming might I interestingly Olof. Leap probably didn't go for a ride at tall on the right stay on. He didn't do any press off the stage today as required by the the the right in the day off tonight I can make discretionary well application to the organizers to not do the media stage winner. It has to go but but the Jersey stays in the euro for for a long while things on ten days and maybe is it the case probably <hes> as you know can say no to one while I didn't. I didn't know that I don't know we'll see anywhere they 'em. It was also interesting day brill's for <hes> really tip Timika Landa. He said he's he's the one guy who who has the ability to attack on climate sustain a getaway now we've I've watched and thought well is he being allowed to get away because he's a bit further back overall but according to Brill's for is you know he has. He has a sort of ability that I love writers. Don't have any still I say threat this. It's morning I was talking with our other journalists to magnus blackouts. You know the Brian Throw <hes> German writer which you know we all <hes> like very much because he's nice talkative I think with all the Shaam <hes> and we asked him for his one top three in Paris said Mick Alumna I mean without any hint of an as he tation so yeah I'll be off. Everybody has had the impression that we were always talking about Tim O. Pinole losing one forty but London also lost as we are now eight to nine in a crash and it was it was one of the one of the guys in the Pyrenees I mean the the there was obviously the the most <hes> <hes> you know mostly efficient climate in appearance but meek Alumna was was was pretty close in terms of the results I heard somewhere I can't remember where the list of who performed best on in appearance in in terms of Simon and London was just behind Pino where obviously Simon years he didn't do so badly because he went to stages as well so May- maybe a laugh is predicted with the men on the on the way down and London men on the way up and another another very important factor I as mentioned before I had a look at our weather forecast to know how to dress in the since I wore shorts to there. I'm afraid is probably going to the last hour wear shorts because songs are predicted to towards the end of the stadium are in gap up and then the the the three next days I mean the the big plays in the mountains look to be absolutely grueling in term of weather forecasts big storms heavy storms the temperature going down and on on the on the on the Trucial Denver Vertebras <hes> that the maximum temperature scheduled for the time being is twelve <hes> with an starting at like six in the morning so <hes> I mean if you're going to go to the last stage around US Alpine find stage you know take your on Iraq and and and you know winter gear because it's going to be very very very cool and cold around could plus <hes> rainy so this could affect really the outcome of the weather gods smiling on people Pinot because we know he doesn't like the extreme heat he wouldn't want to be climbing and this sort of temperatures woody today who knows I mean what's the possibility of a stage being shortened because of the weather or even even on our. Let's not speculate. I know I'm just contemplating idea of the race the for the win thirty years after nineteen eight thousand nine in the closest finish ever and the race for the Yellow Jersey coming into the final climbing five writers six riders May Sill having a shot at winning. I mean imagine could happen. We'll talk about it again and <hes> you know because today's talk about way but but you know I I know the the Clem too well doing very well and all these valet going up from Mucci because I as as you know I covered Alpine skiing a lot and it's civilian well and the once again what one regret we could have the from the fact that we missed some Duma learn on Chris Room on the storefronts <unk> because what we as we go up to the Vertebras we go would normally kosher there and that's where you have the Olympic Board you know for ski jumping so I I mean I it. He would have been familiar tearing seeing Oh. What's the connection between drug login ski jumping? I Dunno curveball there are we are we thinking feature Rhino no no on the team bus outside the team bus nickless Roach team somewhat Miko. How was your restaurant restaurant very absolutely did nothing you didn't rod you guessed it off course yes sorry but that that's included in doing nothing? No we did a an hour and a half in the morning. <hes> actually extra probably a bit less but an hour and a quarter just kind of find a nice coffee place in the center and then you kind of stroll back to the hotel in the afternoon was more about <hes> you know <music> as a as stupid as it sounded ass couple of weeks for so hectic that your suitcase just kind of slowly distorted becomes a mess so I just kind of took my time reorganizing my rain bags and reorganizing the suitcase making sure everything is nicely folded. You're not going to need stuff out. You're running back these next a couple of days pretty warm down here. You used to these kinds of temperatures comfortable yeah of them <hes>. I don't know I mean I've never complained about the heat the French off the Irish off. Maybe <hes> used to the rain. You've got to the past oppose folk world again yeah although you know I think your buddy does it apps and as much as I've been living abroad for almost twenty years now since I was fifteen <hes> I think my load rain. I slowly disappeared. What should the poor being for you could come to Mulan being here would be a very very different race for you guys? How are you kind of <hes> you know managing that? Could you kind of have a free rein. Did it kind of lack of definition sometimes no not at all <hes> the teams strategy is very very clear here. It's every day we take it. As a one day race we go to sage with a better cards so the strategy is more clear than ever <hes> obviously it's a hundred percent different strategy if Domos there but the plan is clear and the thing is it's. It's just not an easy plan the sick to you know when you go for stages you find yourself fighting against the top products were also going for sages and it doesn't mean when you try and win. His Age actually GonNa Win One <hes> obviously it would have been very different with <hes> rotting in protection of Tom and making sure keeping keeping in position riding from in the mountains. It's a very different tactic now we it's all about using everybody strength in <hes> in the best way possible on the particular say for example when there was four of us up the road you today while Nick yes and case sacrifice themselves south put me in the best position onto the climb Michael took over on the second part to make sure that we're going to rise to get at the bottom of the line most as I've been doing that work for Michael Riding in the front two thirty eight ago. There's not nothing about saving energy for the next day because we kind of trying to shared load and work as a team is towards this goal of trying to win a stage you wrote a tour ten years ago changed much since then can you can you think back to two thousand nine and unrecognized with different yes and no because I mean psyching in general has evolved not only the tour so it doesn't change from one day to the other so it's kind of progressively changed. I think I've just <hes> kind of sunk it in without really paying attention. I mean ten years ago. This would have been a skin tight Jersey the jerseys in two thousand nine look woman baggy and the Pike. We've all kind of <hes> back technology. I guess you don't notice because it's always evolving yeah. I mean that's true that a couple days ago for example I posted a throwback photo from two dozen ten when we did a terminate and I have <hes> you know have the Speedo on the front with the cable going around to fork. My Jersey is a little bit baggy. My sleeves rope to hear much of the so higher up than they are now and I remember when the I think it was garment at the time came on the shelves visa with the skin suits and as I watched this election and then now everybody's running a road suit or whatever they name it but <hes> it's very similar but I think it was two eleven. I think it might have been when the garment guy showed up with a skin suit on the last day under saying what's this case short sage but <hes> where are you gonNA put your food and and to be honest <hes> once I've tried the the road suits I found another that because I've kind of broad shoulders and I just felt that without having to shop stripes <hes> I was able to breathe better and largely I mean this tour is open is probably the most exciting tool for almost thirty years do. Do you know if that will feel not when you're in the race do you do you feel it's an open race and anything can happen and the end. Could you tell me who you think's going to win and it's GonNa take a lot of energy over the next couple of days to get rid of athlete but I still believe Jake. Although I think today the best Climber Independent on Gary Nicklaus route so your latest victim Lionel so am the wish seems. Have you still got to do. I haven't done one hundred zero. I haven't done by v SMA haven't done total direct movies MMA tennyson that wasn't outside the team sat with something very similar was hang on. Where did you take place on interviews? Take place very key distinction between doing an interview outside the team bus and doing outside the team but I should have taken the nickel roads victim to outside team. It is a little bit like cheating because every time you don't know who to interview good to Nikola Road because his is nice looks four or five languages and I wanted to do Wilco Kelderman bathing not here so yeah difficult difficult to try had to do <hes> somebody F- education. It's very difficult very difficult. Games use the F. Education first because they arrived late. They had to get a police escort into town on time they arrived with only about an hour to go and <hes> that meant they they hadn't had that team meeting and then they had to sign on and I'll tell you I'm I'll try them another day but that would be ironic wouldn't if I got to go to the end of the regime hadn't managed to have a word with somebody from AF education I it would be <hes> we'll finally tonight. I'm calling link occurs from the Associated Press A._p.. John Lester tweeted <hes> a series of tweets this morning by his great great grandfather are really quite incredible story as a link between his great great grandfather and today's stage and I thought I would going ask him about today. When we met at the press center the fringe banana an Englishman a Frenchman and an Englishman yeah well put tell us the story that you posted on on twitter today well I'm here at the race covering the Tour de France for the Associated Press and it so happens that today they went up and down a hill where my great great grandfather was cycling back in nineteen forty eight from a football match in which store also went through today and on his way down the hill well he had an accident and suffered a fatal head injury and so we were talking about this last night with <hes> you know mom and other members of our family and you know because they will going out they will out there today basically pretty much where he had this accident and Hamill Ducas <hes> actually has very interesting sort of personal story? He was a French Protestant pastor which is like a priest during the war and actually worked to shelter Jews from the Holocaust so he was providing people with fake identity papers back to baptism papers and save some Jews from from possible execution by the nuts is afterwards in one thousand nine hundred ninety two he was recognized by the Ad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem as being amongst the right chesser basically people who non-jews who during the war had helped Jews in this very dark time in their history and so yes we ended up talking about this and it just struck me that this is very much a story of the tour because every day. The race goes past some little thing that will mean something to somebody. It strikes me when we're driving on these roads and you see the little memorials by the side of the road of people who've been killed in car accidents or motorbike accidents and this just today it happens to be a story where the where it happened to touch my family so that's why I tweeted what I did and it also turns out just to make an even long story longer that Hemel jackasses son hct was in the French resistance and he was executed in nineteen forty four <hes> while his dad was also you know as I said before <hes> doing his bit to and sometimes the father and son now both on the Yad Vashem Memorial <hes> for what they had done during the war Robert would be your grandfather's brother earlier. I am old. You did not do forty eight. He was my great great grandfather. My Mother's grandfather Hobart do cass was my great uncle. It was nice today because of Emerald Yukos's his only surviving child is now ninety-three Anne she lives. It's right next to where the race Zoom Pasta. Her kids came out to the race. <hes> route which is at the top of the hill where they're great grandfather was killed and my mom's <hes> was down at the bottom of the hill it kind of had a very personal feel very personal sort of family sort of field you know today through does it doesn't it. I suppose as you say it shines a light on places villages buildings hells and puts them in the in the spotlight for a day and analyze these stories till almost have new life breathe into them absolutely because you know this is the only sporting event that actually moves around right you go to a football match your in a football stadium. The tour is going through. People's lives going through people's history is going through people's towns villages right past their houses every single day and so basically it's it's a sporting event that goes right into your front yard right into your house right into your family history <hes> and that makes it so unique under feel special to be able to tell this this family story again as well and through members suppose as being a special day for me today and you know to be honest with you. I mean this is a story that I've heard many times since growing up and but never really spent the time to <hes> as I did today <hes> to sort of really dig into his family history and I hadn't actually realized personally that he was on this memorial in Jerusalem or bear either either and there's there's a there's very little swimming spot that the ride is actually should've stopped off today which is about a kilometer away from his house and when I used to go there as a kid every day to go and swim in this horrendous heat I used to walk past Roberts <hes> This is a War Memorial oiled with his name on it so he always kind of been present today. SORTA gave me a chance to sort of really dig into this story and I was kind of surprised myself so yeah it has been a very emotional so you looking up old pictures on on your computer there. You're writing stories about working. People read the story that will be on on the Associated Press Wire and A._p.. News Dot Org which our website <hes> and those photos for my dad who's kind of like a <hes> history hoarder of our family. He's been gathering together loads of photos and it's that when I sent him a message today photos of him on Hobart and sure enough. He's got a whole bunch of them so hopefully they'll be on this story as well as Joel Master set a very typical sort of twitter fronts story a lovely story on the A- precious day for him and his family which was nice here about. We should wrap things option. Shouldn't we fellas ahead for dinner. In name. We had a lovely dinner last night <hes> overlooking amphitheater in name <hes> with a few colleagues from the pressroom and roundabout this evening. I'm quite keen to type something just something nice and simple relatively early night before we we move on again for these final few days in out because well the tour is all coming down to the last few stages now. Isn't it so we need to be. We need to recharge batteries Japan feel. That name has allowed us to do that. It's been lovely. Yes bar the band service. It's been a very pleasant Forte Ariza so here hasn't it. Francois absolutely more yeah name is quite a nice little town. I mean if you come in the area. Korea I actually last night where we're dinner in at the top of a new museum called museum row if you're into Roman era and you like you know archeology and all these you antics things that we know you need a re nine old monuments in the town but his new museums ap apparently absolutely gorgeous and and while the restaurant was nice as well. I'm just GONNA mention theft in the restaurant. Last night we all loaded are starters and Richard and I had ordered the same starter <hes> Buffalo Mozzarella with <hes> some local tomatoes and a little bit of Pesto and well Richards is always dr around on the table when the started arrive and he he encouraged Francois to steal my starter but what was amusing welcome to swap them the starters yeah so I had a small portion but what was amusing was then Hannah troop who who you may remember co hosted the explore series with me last year and he's now working for education I she swooped in to swap earth even smaller starter with one stone me at backfired horribly actually I I I was I was left with a very meagre starter indeed so once again you come to come to name avoid they. The the restaurants I kind of mentioned there are very nice wounds and once again tried to music row Disa- great plays you're and you're just in between Montpellier great place and Arles which is also a brain in place to to come and visit an any few into you know this kind of the south southern atmosphere miniature in atmosphere and you like you know what we call. What Michael old stones you know the kind of monuments from the past you have a great one listener kind of taunted me saying <hes> given the the stage today we'll be going through vineyards all they can you recommend wines and you mentioned Kostya the name which the winds in the in the area of him we had actually concealed Anima Rosie last night which was quite good actually but to be honest I if we're talking about red wines at go more for the ones in the multi region unlike big Lou <hes> are the mini were made of Canyon the in in in going to carcassonne or even the red ones near nearer to our he should go to our our salary mutiple this his area try out in Milan Henry Millin? That's great ones as well but the plus if you go for Roseanne Nim not from named as little village Tavil is probably the most the most famous rosie in the world so there we are <hes> the the the the little wine lesson that was that was supposed to be giving. It's just been given an going back to my beer. Well Yeah. Hopefully we'll be nice rosa tonight. We're in rosy rosy country rosie weather's it sounds like Neem is about to kick into party mode abandoned about to start playing here. They were little bandstands around town lost night so live music was kind of drifting through the streets pleasant late Cynthia Law Yeah Forego Daunting Today on my Austin Cycles Ato folding bike. If you want to win one of those sign up for a newsletter cycling PODCAST DOT COM and then through the newsletter you can enter competition. Tell us why you should win. This bike is a beautiful carbon-fiber folding bike on. We'll read a few more entries for tomorrow night. I think before we go some thanks to France the podcast and reminded that you can sign up as a friend of the podcast at the cycle pump gas dot com. Most recent episode was lunch with Dave Bradford. There's lots more episodes to come including <hes> audio diaries from the Gerusa by Taylor wiles and lizzy banks who WANNA stage. They're not not becoming sin on. I I think lots of other episodes exclusives friends podcast coming as well my thanks to those who've signed up recently Timothy Main Nigel hartill John Lyons Jonathan Lewis Sabe Ramsey Anderson Schneider you and Jenny Craig COMERC- Not Tennyson Cokes Michael Chertoff Joe Tickets Lee Chapman Jonathan Cuts Nicholas Russin and a big thank you to Susan Taylor Michael Stuart Adam Nash Susan Ross Paul Gaining and Sarah World. Thank you fellas. Thank you Richard See you tomorrow. Well see now but Dr <music>.

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