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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition. Watch what happens live with me. Andy Cohen as Kimmy Schmidt. She escaped her mole woman past and I'm pretty sure he invented the podcast. It's watch what happens with Ellie Kemper and Marc Maron now Evans is everybody. I'm your host Andy Cohen and the rubble clubhouse with two season comedians warning you not to play our drinking game unless you're prepared to spit but first gust is very talented star of unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt the office whose book my Squirrel Days is now available in paperback. Go pick up a copy squirrel friends. Please welcome Ellie Kemper and those to one of the most successful podcasts on the planet clan. You'll find him in the center of the Van Diagram of people who've interviewed Barack Obama Sharon stone and carrot top movie sort of trust is in select theaters now say item Mark Marietta you ever met the first time the first time right outside well very good very exciting and I want to say congratulations. You're acting second address. I think we're I think it's working. It's not actually maternity Lebron making it with Super Cue and guess what you may wind up being a class mom which brings me to our bartender. She is the author of you've been volunteered a class mom novel out on Tuesday. She also as Gilman's wife she knows who takes longer and make up Kelly or Ryan. Laurie Galman. It's rotten right is Ryan. I knew it no the APP crunches and the hair yeah. Let's get started tonight was the second part of the real housewives of New York City reunion shocker Ramona was added again. Watch Harry and I are like great friends when we did kissing kissing in cousins. I got a little too much to drink. He should I responded. We had that only with Anderson on your body. It's when you're really feeling yourself. I'm feeling showing your ass. You're really into your body on changed mark. You have had a ton of absolutely incredible on your podcast. If you don't mind I have some questions about some of our favorites okay so Barack Obama. You are understandably nervous before interviewing him. Did you have any oh my God. What did I just say moments when you were finally with him no but he did he actually he got? You got a lot of pickup for that interview. I mean the president of the United States said the N. Word in my garage right. Yes it was in context when Robin Williams was on twenty ten yeah what stands out the most for you now about your conversation with him well just that it was just the two of us a and when he's just alone one on one he's very shy very thoughtful seemingly somewhat sad but <hes> there was no he didn't entertain at all so it was just really what a sweet guy was interviewed Lorne michaels entirely fifteen. <hes> now you finally got to ask him about not casting you S._N._l.. was there anything that you didn't get to say that you wanted to or were you. Were you trying to be professional in that moment. Well he really took really really went out of his way to explain it to me and I really SORTA had to believe it but there was part of me. That was sort of like well. It's still you know why not right Roseanne Barr. She was <hes> she was on twenty. What's the first thing you would ask her if you had her on the show today what happened right so Paul McCartney as a beetle I mean he's he's a living legend? What was the most normal thing about him? <hes> he was <hes>. There's is nothing normal about right I mean but he was <hes> he was. He was very <hes>. There's nothing normal. Thank you mark before we get to your questions for Elliot and mark. Here's what three things szeswith tonight I at least as sunny disposition already makes me feel warmer than my pre show frus Kilo flight which is just three tiny rescuers but since mark is known for his more biting humor I wanNA try fun experience experiment with these polar opposites. It's time for a dose of Clubhouse Thous uppers Downers Ellie. I'm GonNa give you a crappy situation to make better mark. I'm GonNa give you some positive scenarios. I want you to give the Debbie Downer treatments. Your family planned a surprise party for you but somebody spilled the beans and ruined. That's Okay I love beans and now there's more food to eat mark. You're nominated for an academy award for best pants or something you miss your flight home by I five minutes and there are no flights until tomorrow. I Love Airport restaurant mark. You just want a billion dollars playing the lottery. If they lost it hosted a dinner forty and now all your guests have food poisoning. They are going to get so skinny mark. Everyone keeps lavish you with compliments on your new haircut but I don't like it. You know what it's like to visit. Reverend Second Marc Maron is one of the Oh gee podcasters with his show w with Marc Maron and something we both share is that we keep souvenirs from interviewees for example he kept the Cup Barack Obama Madrid from and I kept Lady Gaga Pee without her knowledge and turned it into perfume there it is the urine perfume and while we all let that dichotomy sink in here's what let's see how well my gossip let some lesser known podcasts sink in with real pod or total total fraud. I'm GONNA give you two potential podcast safe. It's real or fake. Nanna pearls of win wisdom needed Danda but don't have one Nanna pearls here to answer all your questions about cooking crafting relationships and more is it real or fake thank you we can fake news fake discussing all the things that matter like career goals religion and the greatness that is Dick Pitney like penises. I think that Israel I'M GONNA subscribe. You ought to know a journey through the story of Jewish people got that Israel that Moore Mandy Moore problems deep dive into Mandy Moore's acting projects every one of them would have been better without know everything that many Moore's in his good that is not too far this contestants duke it out for the title of ultimate farthest by demonstrating their best fake tooth sounds. I hope that's real that is real a lot of airtime finally. Compound every day that I have to comedic talents like Elian mark in the club outside thought they could interpret the work of some of my favorite unintentional comedy legends known as the Real Housewives of New York City so here's what signed for another installment of Clubhouse playhouse we're going to you're doing a scene from the season nine New York reunion Elliott you're going to be playing Bethany Franko mark of course you'll be tackling the role of Ramona singer stepping over to the green screen and we will see how this goes. We've shopped for your all your you're getting into always happens and seem today's both systems were waiting for the elevators. You Walk Right in front of them and did not acknowledge either of them. They're below you by your standards. I do not look at people as below me treat staff nicely well. I what where's it. Oh I disagree I treat I treat people very nice well. You treated my sister who you've known for four years look. I didn't know who she was. You've you've been at my pool with her serving. You drinks listen. You know what sometimes I go into zone. They didn't even say hello to me. Why didn't they say hello to me? Intimidated US ZIP it. Why are they intimidate? You got your tents hanging out. You're on it here. You got crazy got chicken in your purse your show she's crazy. I am what I am enjoy enjoy that animal. I don't look at you. I sorry I don't look at it that way. If you do find and see over that same crowd crowded don't feel like I did Ramona justice. I don't even know her. I feel like you were wonderful. I feel like you were wonderful and guess let's say a quick call Jonathan from Chicago which question hi Andy <hes> I just wanted to say I thought if these New York amazing I mean they're union <hes> anyway. My question is for alley and that is reaching to Sally struthers before things Gloria in on the family you thank thank you for watching that. You were brilliant. Thank you for saying it was I was so honored to be included in that. I did not reach out to MS struthers and maybe that's for the best because I don't know she might not. I do hear from her. I didn't hear here from different but it's such an iconic role you know you. I've never done something like that before. So you feel like you don't WanNa bother anyone but that was such that was really that was thrilling. Yeah Watch absolutely love character she. She didn't episode of Merrin Sally struthers didn't she's. He's like a trip man. I believe funny so why would love to possible Beverly Hills housewife. Let's go to Christi Texas say Christie. What's your question? Hey Andy my question for mark. Have you in James Have you in James. Franco over are made up since your awkward moment during that live w t f podcast show me and Franko James Franken had yeah we had a weird <hes> tension yeah. He came on the show. I think we we we made up. It seemed we seem to get along pretty. Well yeah so that that's done. It's good yeah. The beef was squashed. Yeah I think I think it was a misunderstanding. I thought I was being an asshole and and <hes> being an asshole. I know I think he was being the ASS. Let's go suzy from New Jersey a susie which are questioning handy love. You congrats on ten years watching everyday. Thanks my my question is for Ellie Ellie. What did you think trump being inserted into one of the final episode of Kimmy Schmidt? What did I think of trump you know? This show is sort of it's written so far in advance that it's hard to keep it's hard to anticipate what will be politically relevant or not against trump is like sort of will be relevant for the next little while the <hes> so I think it's good that there was some politics and started. I'm trying to come up with a very fair answerable. Were you happy with the net flicks ending Yes yes and in fact we just finished shooting an interactive special so there is one final finale in another Sabrina from Seattle Sabrina. What your question he andy? I'm so excited to be talking to you. All <hes> is four mark mark. I would you ever consider having Jon Stewart on your podcast or would that be two tenths Frio with you really pushing me what I would do it if he would do it but I really think that ship has sailed. You know we're talking about trouble but <music> but yeah I I'd be open to it. I think I gotta come and whatever he has to say to me right right <hes>. When was the last time you spoke to Louis C. K. to be right right before this the stuff happened right before yeah and I haven't <hes> he has not we haven't spoken? Would you have him on the pod. Yeah I mean I I guess I would. I would have to have him on to <hes> you know if he wanted to handle it young I wouldn't I wouldn't be able to have them on just to talk about his new standup act right right <hes> l. e.. Justin wants to know the biggest purchase. You made your net flicks cash on my endless Netflix. Yes the biggest purchase. I like to shop at century twenty one so I feel like that together my face and everyone knows until you bought century twenty. One Nets weeks part three of the New York Reunion. There's still a lot a lot of friction between Hashtag counts and friends. Here's a sneak peek Luanne. You've said Multiple Times that you think the ladies are jealous. What is it then? Why do they not leave me alone about this category? It's like hey watching ladies. Are you jealous always about her school. I haven't even talked about that. She didn't know all right guys. It is Gametime is going to be character on glow. Maybe a fixture of the female wrestling world but if you don't know the wrestling trivia tonight they are about to have a ringside seat to a male talk show host getting his ass kicked which happens all the time. It's time for a rumble in the clubhouse the door her professional wrestler Nikki GonNa Work Market Belliard W._W._a._F._l.. Wrestling announcer Paul will read wrestling Trivia questions both of you for every incorrect answer Nikki will perform a wrestling move on me here. We go try to get them right. Paul what's our first question alid which former pro wrestler star of the Nineteen ninety-three movie Mr Nanny. There's no other choice. No it's obvious so nine hundred ninety three who wrestler that was starring in movies at that tall come out. Thank you next question ball park which of the following is the real name of a wrestling move Sean Michael Sweet Chin Music or Chris Jericho's body Bob and drop which is the real one. Yeah Bobbin dropped its sweet chin all right. What do you got what? What do you got in this? The rocks catchphrase raise. If you smell what the rock is if you smell. I don't know this if you smell what the rock is your to close. Its cooking alerted the two. What do you do one more all right which former pro wrestler dated George Clooney was it stacy keebler or Nikki Bella Nikki Bella hearing sir? Thank you so much. I just broke my arm mark. How much of the movie was improvised like I heard most the entire movie really about ninety nine percent of the move? How you kind of work with a Framework Lynn Shelton the director and writer Co Writer? They do like a script slash treatment fifty pages. There is definitely a story so we improvise within that story but the whole thing was improvised <hes> <hes> let's go to Corrie from New York Cory. What's your question? Everyone <hes> Elliott my question for you. I I want to say you are amazing <hes> but to be honest. How do you get when people ask you about an office reboot and what are the chances of it? Actually what are the chances of it. Actually I love it. That was a great way to ask. If it's actually we're going to have yeah it was how do you get and is unfortunately. I don't get annoyed not at all when people ask but I don't think there will be so that's a sad answer but maybe like a reunion episode. That would be fun orchestrated unlike other together. It's time for my Mazal Jacko. Since both of my guests were born hilarious. I thought I would let them do the honors eligible Mazal of the day for us. We're just making you work. Okay I do yes. I have a muzzle of the day so my mother day. I'm pregnant. I'm feeling the baby kick. I'm feeling very maternal. It's great but what I really love is exploiting my pregnancy on the subway. I stick on my belly real big so everyone has to give me their seat. I suddenly can't I'm having trouble lifting. Could you definitely like I'm. It's mark. I can count on you for a good solid Jack. Ultimately what's really been irritating me. I can't stand the use of the words on brand. I don't like when people talk about themselves as a brand and whether they're doing something on brand like the content. That's the other thing content for things that do people do creatively. That's their content. Why isn't it there are? Why aren't they a person creating art and I think that if you know me you know that that rant that I just said is very on brand for me? They just provide some wonderful content. I WANNA take Ellie Kemper Book my squirrel as you could see mark doc marins movies sort of trust in select glow is coming back season three August ninth on Netflix. Laurie Galman is behind. The bar across mom. Novel is out next. stews daybreak. Yeah congratulations twisted from Michigan is on the line. Hey what's your question. Hi Andy Hi hi mark. I question extra mark so you've had over a thousand episodes of your w t f podcast all time worst guest you guys I you know I get very diplomatic about this because oddly even the ones that are uncomfortable with. I I find it interesting because I don't know really know other people that I talked to so. I don't know that there was a lot worse. Yes it'd been difficult guests there. We got some. We got a question for you about one of your podcast episodes that I was unfamiliar with. I Guess Yes when you had gallagher on you. Confronted him about his homophobic and kind of racist jokes stormed off yeah that was weird because it was I was on the road. I recorded it in a hotel okay. I just found out he was in town and I'm like yeah. He's part of comedy history. That'd be an interesting thing and I was really not you know indicting him. I just ask him. Why was he doing that and and you know didn't seem wrong to him or whatever and he just got all if say like I know what you're trying to do you know and that's a good gallagher impersonation by the way and he gets up and just storms out of my hotel room and I think what what's really the funny part about that was? I'm just sitting there alone but I still had the Mike and you can hear me go. Oh come on gallagher but by the way what a great moment for the people kept wanting me get t shirts that said that on Gallagher Jefferson Nevada Hey Jeff. What's your question? Hi Andy Hi mark. How are you great good? I'm big Fan. I just wanted to congratulations. You're having phenomenal year thank you you're welcome and my question and we're ellie getting what is your reaction to John. Krasinski becoming a huge action star with movies like Jack Ryan and quietly and did you ever imagine Jim from the office would get so hot. What if I was furious? I was like I am so angry. He's an action star on. I love it. He's the nicest guy there is <hes>. I think it's great that he's Action Star but I think it was pretty hot when he was Jim from the episode. Everyone adores I mean he's like he was like the hunk of the office. I watched the show before being on it and that's how he was known office so I don't think it's such a great leap it from he was Hunky and handsome. Why am I talking last call that I changed from Delaware Aware Hey? What's your question? Hi Andy Love You you hi Ellie and my son Charles sewn in a crush with you on the office. Oh I'm his John Krasinski. That's Nice <hes> mark. I was wondering what were Your interactions like with Joaquin Phoenix on the side of the joker and what's school method during the filming was wondering it seems like an intriguing person astronaut. I'll I'll tell you exactly what happened. <hes> I had to do a scene with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Deniro and I met Robert Deniro and he was very nice kind of shy you know not not a big talker and and and Joaquin was pacing over there addresses the joker and it was made clear to me that you just sort of leave him over there. You know you don't approach him. Don't don't don't even they didn't say like don't right. Maybe he's not a good idea. He's saying who is deep in right right all right. Let's leave it there. I WANNA thank Ellie and mark dot COM night everybody.

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