Hey podcast listeners to catch up on the news stories that you need to know join me Gabriel Sunday for the Sunday show. It's like the New York daily with full-blown musical numbers got some violent. He's the drugs marijuana's Coleman politics sex we got gay sex and some straight stuff to hurt enough and even some of your favorite guest stars stop and buy your monsters the chickens out wherever you get your podcast go the Sunday show Sundays. Sometimes Mondays Onstar Burns audio. It's all it's all just I'm gay politics America's gotten kind but we're not gonNa let it go down like that because we've got a dumb gay podcast down I'm gay political podcast. We probably don't have all the facts but we got opinion. We'll probably backtrack. Dom Gay podcast Adum political podcast. Uh It's ocean. It's all shit social. It's Oh shit yeah I mean I don't know I- extreme I am extremely shit. This shit is the this shit is T- argue. MP What I don't even out and recording will well every bad yeah welcome to dumb gay politics. I'm Julie and I'm brandy and this is very recap the week in politics. We're recapping big brother which is it is officially over. It's been such an insane week. I mean big brother first of all happy Jewish New Year. Oh La Ah Tova Everyone Happy Rosh Hashanah happy new year Jewish new year now the Jewish brethren of yours out celebrating. They've got streamers and they've got the apple they are doing it. They've got the housing Leon released then our by shallow Oh and then they said three happy ten thousand one hundred thousand two or how many years I'm that's a good question. We do that every Jewish Jewish new year everyone we figure it out. What Jewish year is it now? According to tradition that he calendar started at the time of creation which is a fake thing is place at three seven six one. BC The current time of the Hebrew year is fifty seven seventy-nine. It was so close fifty twenty two or something so case anyone's wondering the year six thousand will be September two thousand nine hundred twenty to thirty nine. We we'll be dead. Okay Oh God I'll probably be reincarnated as like a rabbi the excellent abusive or being abused for my abusive use of state now we will I mean in twenty ca can't even met anyone who's got. Let's say about Earth is going to be on Fi Vieille apple say like infinity and I'm like don't you know don't so speaking of abusive people big brothers over it ended this week the unstable misogynist with I'm quite sure genius. IQ Won the Shit unbelievable. I mean I didn't even throw in racist but let's say let's call him. Prejudice okay prejudice. We WanNA WE WANNA bring back `push. That's I think that's that's fair. Yeah I think it's more I think that is even more fair across the board yeah well. I think that racists gets overused. People have their prejudices does and their privilege right right and it's being mislabeled. This motherfucker right was a garbage bag and he won okay so congratulations relations to Jackson Mickey. What kind of fucking name is that? That's already annoying for anyone who watched big brother and whatever I just have to say like you know he listened he played the he played the game game players. That's novice that's ever been born and he should go work for the CIA. He should go in the military. He needs to go brief. He should take his five hundred thousand and go do online investing in sit in a room gonNA basement and never come out and play around with your five hundred till it turns into in two million rate which you don't ever work with anyone certainly not just misogynistic prejudicial right and he it was so pretending to be upset that anyone call him sexist like wouldn't if I ever talked to a woman in a non respectful way all right they all wanted him to win though because because then that justified they're losing there is no way so it was a key he went to the end with his his quote. Unquote girlfriend in the House can't wait. I wonder if you think they're still together. I'm giving them that they are not. I think he will milk it because those persons second go around and do their inner Eurasia and they'll to try and get on your shows so we want to officially thank as we did last year and Morris who's a deep role dog and podcast contributor. IRV doesn't reach the books she changed our lives at Big Brother and we've gotten to watch toxic people with a lot of money right in and it is it's riveting yeah and by the end and I definitely it definitely channeled my rage for the summer. 'cause I was able to the L. and be be grossed out and now I have nowhere to put my rage to put it on a person who works at the Eagle Markelle Yeah I Barbara had my co-dependency. I took the life feet in the bathroom. I in my laptop on the TV. When I was making the bed without the live feed and then there's a point in time where it all just turns turns and there's only four people there and you're just like you? I will not okay we if you guys fancy the saying I don't need your notes Babe. We have officially run out of those shirts yes so he played a small re portent right right a reorder because God knows nobody has the pockets to be doing a full fucking twenty-five in every size reorder so no we don't if you want it. Get on it on preorder. 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You're going to get out there and they're an hour long each so one of our favorite Patriot subscribers Jemma who is British British and let this point. She seems like an actual friend right. I don't know if it's because we partied on down to the break on with Andy. Unease or vicious Eddie British person seems like the homey but Gemma's been. We've been no JEMMA for awhile. She you guys might remember. She did gay guys in their feelings. She sent us some gifts separately sands note because she needed to subvert circumvent customs charge right now you got I've got three of the best pairs of socks that have ever laid physically they are so comfortable and they are Tamie that feedback remember when we put we both felt them and then but I never had them on my feet. Oh you need to put one on your foot. They have one has cats us. Which Julie is like an old spinster? Oh I was like look at the one of them has coffee on it coffee cups which is also so gemma as you know perfect on her second back in cup and then one has like eighty squiggle perfect to love and their and their pink which I love for doc so hot pink and men love to do that Iranian listen I my own slash woman slash man and I can wear hot hot pink socks. If I just to next I'm going to ask you what you identify as put slash woman slash man and then they'll go first thing. Is it a phantom slash woman slash man. I'm going to say if they go. What's the first thing I'm GonNa go magic slash the first thing is blank slash woman slash watchman so then sent me a care like a little? It looks like a makeup bag. It says I crave star damage. She told me it was for or my pen like I'm gonNA use this she. She has a newborn baby so she's all thinking of putting school supplies in here right pen slash office supplies slash crash but you know it's for drugs right now what I will use it for and it's black which I live especially for your purse or anything because everything else gets dinge MHM. I'm going to use it when we travel for any travel. You put all kinds of accoutrements in little bags. Yeah Yeah like whatever you want bag away vitamins. I do and Baggies and then you say when someone says what's in the bag you go slash vitamins slash rush accoutrements. What else fill in the Blake Blake thank you jemma Ma'am how are shared male lover Jason Moss? I can't wait to impregnate him. I can't wait either. I hope the baby's Japanese so he says Jonas Brothers t-shirts one black one one white which we will assume our for the Jonas Brothers concert that we are going to with him which is in less than a month dear Jason and we are going to wear the shirt to the Hollywood bowl and you need to wear yours as well because even though all three of us will clearly be the oldest people there we will be I fucking Nick Jonas while high on every drug and we will absolutely need to be in matching thirsty ease. That's right that's good. I'm going to go like what are the seventy year old Jonas others t shirts with their eyes crossed. I know how to sing and dance with fourteen champagne bottles littering glittering their Hollywood bowl box. Is this your Musica. What do they do up there? I don't know if we all don't get into like a drill team. Style uh-huh intense I fuck with Nick Jonas. It's a fail like I mean I'm going to make him like nobody look away. Nobody look at Joe. Nobody look at fucking will bill. What's the other one's name Joe Neck Ch- Elisha is it with with another j well? We're not people are like you are as we speak. Our tickets are being pulled away like I. I don't think you should be going to the concert. I'M GONNA at number right now. No one cares about what's his name married to the random. Now it's all about nick really yeah and then Joe and then Elijah Joe is clearly the mastermind behind this current album yeah so we're kind of taking him in plus. He married that old bitch from thirst. I clean their own game of thirst. That's what that should be called game averse good one good one. I always think it should be Nick Joe. I I always think Zane correct. That's from one direction des Yeah. That's great and I want you to keep thinking that and I won't you keep thinking it while we're there hip assane to wear a shirt wear and be like I'm so excited for the concert like Jimmy Laos loves Jane Yeah Okay so we did get and I know no one likes for us to go on on deal with it. Fast forward your shit so we got and Adore orbs Dow. I mean okay so kate. Vogel Vogel is she is a Patriot star yeah and I always we finally have her picture because she sent her picture for the drug day up. I want to tell you that I always wanted to pretend it was kate Voegele the station and I held on that even though the last name is spelled differently where you would. I don't know if you know her Cape but we're like man Ma'am are big fans of her because we will get down with like a lesbos style lyric feelings cornball moment the Johnny item on your him singing head under while John how Johnny Google Castle go ahead so kate. This is what we want you guys to do for every person that that has sent us a gift but has not sent your picture for the drug then you are banned from sending on another fucking thing in here until you send your pick so here's what Kate said Hi Julian Brandy Coffee Grinder girl here. I want okay number one. I want to stop you okay. That's perfect for when you send your your postcard. Go ahead and say what you'd send instantly. We never let me say speak for myself. I will never forget that. She said the coffee grinder now because I see her face right. It's now pictured with the coffee right right and I like that already. Doing it okay good. I wanted to send another gift but I'm following the rules in sending this for the drug then I again. I like when people do what I say as well. Thank you kate. Yes these are two of chickens beyond say and Ruth Baiter Gins Bird Ginsburg. She's holding a chicken so well well. She's holding to and that's cares about an all. I care about is Kate's face. That is what I need. My daughter looked like she I wanna man wants to fry up the chickens. I wanted to take her. She's fucking adorable yeah. I just love that she has and she's holding it like adorable. I want a pet hat. Chicken beyond say was killed by a coyote since we live in the wildness of central Massachusetts Ruth however got bit but recovered just like her namesake aac beyond the lookout for a book to satisfy conspiracy theory souls. I mean so she sent us. A book called the enslaved Queen a memoir about electrcity and mind control. This is exactly the perfect note. The girl is Goddamn adorable. She's holding God Damn adorable bird and then then. She told us what she sent before center picture then sent another gift. We want this to go great. Don't forget the thing at the end. which is the other day now yeah we've been? I have been off my fucking rocker doing conspiracy theories and I don't know if it's all the drugs I do do or what but I'm everything is a conspiracy. It's really getting on everyone's nerves. Please don't let that deter you from the Patriot guys this codes or do one. I see that I'm too much then I pull it back but I'm glad kate at least sees me. Supports me lookout enslaved queen too yeah and we thank you for the book and we think picture we thank you the most for your picture because now we know and we see all the time and though it it isn't Kate Voegele who sings the sad lesbian music slash pop. It's better is better shareholders the chicken Sir yes now. It's time for I of the store put up on the walls. Chicken the shit off of the Washington put it down on the floor in a glass bowl. She'd take so fuck and put up on the wash in this week's. I of the Shit storm can be described in two words. That's right. It's while impeachment inquiry impeachment inquiry which that's right well whatever speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced last Tuesday you say that she was officially launching an impeachment inquiry within the house an impeachment inquiry is the first step in the impeachment process us. I didn't know that did you. I did not me though they have to do. An inquiry it means that six key committees in the House that are already investigating trump will continue can you to investigate for any high crimes and misdemeanors that trump may have committed under the umbrella of the impeachment inquiry so I guess normally you'd go and be like okay. We're going to start doing an impeachment inquiry and you wouldn't already have seventeen committees committee's already investigating you since he's already done been having investigating him for two years and they're just like kicking. Keep doing what you're doing but now we're looking for something to impeach teacher and I'm like we're all ready doing that. I mean they kinda were but now they're going to do it officially and they're going to be like you know when people do when writers in a writer room let's say for the TV show that put up a board with all the cards. I like to imagine then they now. They're like all right you guys. We have all these index cards. They have wall. They can't even fit in in room anymore. But now they're like. We have to open up another room and we're going to post the articles of impeachment and here's where we need to put now the index cards all need to go rather than one act to whatever rather than just like money laundering tax evasion collusion coercion sexual assault we're going to do here's the articles of impeachment what can fit where and how are we gonNA do what we're GonNa do is and then there's one asked to kill another government to influence the twenty twenty election. They've got actually that's it exactly. That's an impeachable offense and that's what you did so now. Fuck your money laundering. We're looking for every single this piece of evidence that proves or leads to or backs up that you asked a foreign government to help you win the twenty thousand and apparently the entire House and Senate needs more evidence than actually hearing it from his own mouth sir. You're the press conference Ma'am that Nancy Pelosi gave announcing the impeachment inquiry which of course was last Tuesday moments after we hosted the podcast great love it when the entire thing we did is pointless old news. Why should anyone listen? I'm sure when we looked to see if we have the fourteen listeners that'll be one that listened yeah so the press conference though should have been called pimp each mint because Nancy Pelosi is gangsters faulk. I mean I'm pretty sure I was on the toilet with the door cracked and you were playing playing in the other room or that might just have been talking back and forth about it but it is heartwarming okay. That bitch gives addressing down like a God the American queen she drags you reads you with composure. Yes doesn't raise her voice is as you think she could be talking about baking. She could be talking about how she enjoyed. the one that you got her yeah for I mean her doubles game so here's a clip and we could have played a lot of it but we're GONNA play. The clip that we felt like was the most like boss Bitch Yeah Yeah I can say with authority the trump administration's actions undermine both our national security and our intelligence agents and our protection of whistleblowers more than both. She's smiling this Thursday the acting. DNA will appear before the House Intelligence Committee at that time he he must turn over the whistleblowers four complaint to the committee he will have to choose whether to break the wall or honor his responsibility to the Constitution on the final day of the constitutional convention in Seventeen Eighty seven when our constitution was adopted Americans gathered on the steps apps of Independence Hall to wait the news of the government our founders had crafted. They asked Benjamin Franklin. What do we have a republic doc or a monarchy Franklin replied a republic if you can keeping our responsibility is to keep it rich inch and this fucking ginger bitch you just for men fucking loser when she spoke of the deny which is the director of National Intelligence and the hearing and said Thursday that has already passed that was last last Thursday so I did not cast an eye upon the hearing but someone very special did and that someone is you so what the fuck went on? It's the same kind of shit that happened even with Corey Lewandowski. It was like yeah. I'm not gonNA give you. You know I I don't I'm. I'm not GonNa talk about information that I talked about with President. Sorry and they're like Oh but can you just say. Can you just say this. Can you just say this. Did you talk talk to trump. Did you go talk sit down with President Drought and Lake. We know you talk to the Great uh-huh and like we need to deal with it yeah I can't. I can't really tell you I'm not going to discuss any kind of private conversations. I've I've had with the president. I'm sorry so he never gave anything up. No now okay so give the quick recap. A whistle blower came forward about a phone call. The trump had with the president of Ukraine in the phone call. The Ukrainian president was looking for four hundred million dollars in military aid that was allotted to the Ukraine by by US Congress trump basically said that he would get them the help they needed but he wanted them to investigate Joe Biden son as a favor for today. Ah Yes as a favor. The transcript of the phone call has been released and what the whistle blower said is exactly what happened it amounts to a quid pro quo and that is an impeachable events. It's so I thought that the deny like who the fuck is that we've met. We didn't even know that he's also the acting deny because right all the other ones fired fired resigned whatever or style so but I never even knew that was the thing I thought that he was holding back the transcript of the call yes and he did and and he did that he did release it to them. He released it to them. They finally decided that they were going to release it to them but basically what part of the Kerfuffle is. This is the intelligence since chief so and this is within the intelligence community so unintelligent person had to go to the intelligence chief and be like I'm coming to you under the umbrella whistle blower. Here's this information rather than this chief going to either keeping it in the investigation internal and private he went and to the president which you don't do. That's like saying if I say this guy raped me I can't I don't we work together. I I can't deal they go to the rapists and they go listen. She sent raped her so we need to talk about yeah. figure it out because what happened is and he's saying that he had he did everything by the book bullshit so because what happened is the whistle blower heard the call and the whistle blower had been or didn't hear the caller whatever the whistle blower knew about the call because for at least a month the trump's personal lawyer Rudy Guliani had been going back and forth with Ukraine it was a complete and utter like calculated move to get help from the Ukraine but they they took every iffy exchange done between trump like for that one phone call was between trump himself and the president of Ukraine. Hey this doesn't even count the ten times Guliani met with some other Ukrainian Goule that was all but this was directly trump and the president of Ukraine now now everyone around was yet. You Kinda fucked up there now. I don't think you should have done that on that call plus because he's doing it in front of a group of people and he's doing an article that everyone in in their goddamn uncle. Tom Knows fucking monitored and he's so they're like Jabre. You fucked up there and he's like oh whatever so they take take the call and they take all of the evidence of the call and they put it onto a private servers that only a few people have been completely to hide all evidence of the call so the only way anyone is going to to get the call out is by flapping their lips and telling telling the plane the telephone game but they hide every piece of evidence now the whistle blower at this point or the person who informed the whistle blower because supposedly the whistle blower or wasn't there now. I believe there was a blower was there but that's a different story because I'm like I said I see conspiracy around every fucking corner and everyone's lying so johnny. They're all liars so johnny has it. Wasn't this one anymore you only listen to the beach around so the the person who everybody standing there who secretly against trump or anybody who is listening on the call in that exact moment because there were people who probably heard it live who are tapping on in like he's making a call get on there now well according to Shit on the phone on him. He's making a call according to not well first of all we know that there's people physically in the room and according to the good good fight the CIA is tapping into every almost every single they've watched me change and shower and heard me and you talking about pizza getting getting delivered and Times this week and if you don't think that someone isn't monitoring turing every phone call that the president makes score and the president and the and he knew that he even knows that he's like I never would have done Matt. Do you know how many how populated those calls are but he did because his fucking he can't keep a hold of his asshole and he runs it runs away with him and then he's like and then he hangs up and everyone's like yeah that was and he's like Oh crap. I think that trump is so calculated that even when his asshole runs away he's I do believe leave that when he hung up the phone he was like what I didn't say anything illegal in say the words I quit riding me and he's like and I let me see who the rat is yeah and he's and and that's why I think that the whistle blower did hear it or was there and they're trying to be like saying it's hearsay someone who doesn't look immediate company and blame them right for the leak so who who so they basically took all the evidence hit on a private server and then waited and now said whistle blowers like this is never gonNA come out unless I make a the report and tell someone it's going to hide. You can't leak to the press. We've got to do an official because whistle ski or She Iskar. They're going to get killed so that's what they did they because they knew it was a hiding so you guys are dealing with two things here like okay. Before Julie plays you bitches. She compiled the bunch of clips of like the Republican talking heads defending trump and getting dragged on every cable show. That's the other part of the story that you all need to know is that not only did trump. He already did an impeachable offense by telling somebody they can get their four hundred million once they do him favors and help him with his election now got another element where they're covering this shit up and and his fucking fat tool book and Boyfriend Oy friend Attorney General Bill Bar knew the phone call was a blatant abuse of presidential power and was an impeachable offense and helped cover the whole thing up and end it is William Bar. It is Bill Bar Attorney General Yeah. That's why the former Attorney General Jeff sessions has been kicked to the curb side right the rest of the trash goes because trump wants a fucking bro in there. WHO's GonNa do whatever he says? Bill bar is a garbage pay will say that for the second fucking time uh-huh Nancy Pelosi literally went on record and accused our Attorney General William Barr of having gone rogue in order to protect the president is it. That's just not done that. That person is for justice. They're the biggest. That's the top lawyer in the country. He's the lawyer for the people he is. Not The lawyer for the President Around Rhode. y'All are done went wrong. Our lawyer has decided to go with the like another client yeah one other client with the perpetrator. I want so in so the the thing one of the things in question that now I read the transcript I read and watch the hearings I watched the hearing I read the transcript I also read the whistle. Blowers transcript hill sound like we don't we're talking about so the the phone call is completely now again. We don't this transcript could be summarized it could. We don't know if this is the real transcript the reason why the the main reason if you go it's just a couple of pages. It's a quick read trump in the phone call asks him to look into crowd strike and you collusion and all this shit however in which he he does do in the transcript but here's where we get and this is the impeachable offense is right here. It's these words he's talked. Talk Talk Doc. He goes the other thing. There's a lot of talk about Biden's son that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it it sounds horrible to me. That's the main thing yeah he brings us for favor he asked for and so just I want everyone to hear that so you understand that when people are going he never said that he didn't and say this. They are blatantly lying. He does ask for it and what what any saying people know Yes for people are saying is that he never ever said all get you the aid when you can deliver me information on Joe Biden's son and they act like they act like us getting getting pizza delivered is actually US getting pizza delivered. No one who's doing something shady goes ahead and just spells it out like hey listen an Marlon Brando. Can you go cut off a horse's head and put it in someone's bed. It's like you don't do it like that. You know they go has landed did thank you for my birthday gifts right or yes and and the way a Mafia. Let's say let's just keep going with the Godfather. How did it work in the Godfather? Hello Godfather Hello. How can I help you? I need you to do me a favor. Okay thank you you know what an F. I and I really appreciate if you could do me this favor and I hope to someday be able to do and show you my gratitude to you and that is also in this so no one saying if you do this I'll do that they go. I need you to do me a favor. I'd love you know what we would love to work with you. There's anything you can do for us. It's all over this phone. Obvious Code that I can fourth grader knows what to do. I mean it's obvious. CBS So now what's going on is the Republicans are doing damage control and they're putting out all of the biggest Douche bags on the news but they're going into CNN MSNBC to our Melbourne Balloon Anderson Cooper. They're trying to be like what it's cool. Don't worry about it yeah but it's all rhetoric it's all regurgitated. They're all doing the doing saying the same thing so they've canvas every cable news show with the with the rehearse script from some fucking political. Pr Spin Firm and and they have all stuck to it but this is for the first time in the time that we've been doing this podcast. I have not seen Cable News. Hosts get so bent out of shape deep as they are with this because of the blatancy of the lying yes asses handed to them time and again Kellyanne Conway telling Anderson Cooper alternative the fact right in his asshole clinches up say a word or he laughed. He's like what what he's talking about. It's happening and now it's just like they're done. They're sick of it. Yeah don't look me in the I just don't so what you're going to start with okay that she's going to stop with a top start with the top of the POPs which is Jake Tapper. His hair was on fleet. It was pomp. He's fucking. He got the volume that he needed he had it was just just going honey. There was it was all he needed. He sat there and he was he had the biggest dick. This Republican named Jim Jordan. What a senator from where I go hi Oh he's the biggest right? He's one of the biggest I should say every one of them is the biggest but he is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the fucking Congress. I we'll swear when I'm talking about him. I'm sorry mom but he is. You are disgusting. LS Just saying seasoning out I do now Jim. Jordan is the asshole that he was an assistant coach at Ohio state in the in the eighties. He was an assistant coach from the wrestling team. Okay that tells us all we need to know with all due to the one half wrestler listening to this probably woman anyway but still going to get offended that we're talking about wrestlers. He he the wrestling team the men's wrestling team was sexually abused by the doctor on that at that at that that the Ohio state athletics right so the doctor was they'd go in there and be like yeah I sprained my pinky and he'd be like dropped trial and why you gotTa touch my Dick and then he would and they leave him and be like yoga this doctor out of touch my fucking balls out of frame pinkie so some of them were laughing it off and they were probably just dealing with the trauma drama of fully getting their Dick Molested by some idiot and they would talk about in the locker room. However went down the molesting doctor was an open open secret and there was no way old? Jim Jordan didn't know now ten Ohio state wrestlers have come forward in their like forties and fifties and we know they're embarrassed. They don't want to come forward and be like hey my name's Mike Sullivan fumbled from broken peaky and like they have been they all came forward and said Jim Jordan's a fucking snake snake he didn't retire. He didn't step down. He denied it. We hate his fucking guts. You might as well have jacked them all off himself. Fuck right off there. Were those were ten girls. He'd be done yeah he would he would be done and it's like you know what you want. Because obviously you want to make a wrestler fucking choke a guy in the parking lot. Hey maybe they did but but I know when you're in college and you don't WanNa lose your scholarship or you don't WanNa lose your place on the wrestling team. You just go who cares it probably fell on you know and they didn't say anything right and and he deserves to be fucking hung out to dry beyond and he he if you've watched any of these hearings he'll pro. You'll recognize recognize him right away. He's always the one who is talked about touching a dick. His trump's Dick is so deep into this guy's throat and now that's not a Hama Alabama is sucking the life out of trump. His life force is being sucked like a hoover from this guy you did or House asshole ears eyeballs. He is a living breathing Dick sucking environment tapper now and ahead and stuck it in the other. Yes now let me tell you th I'll say this as the lesson the group I have never been so attracted acted to jake tapper. I have in this particular moment he is he he every panty dropped in the plan. I don't care what you're into every man every woman every whatever you identify as the Panty the boxer though whatever dropped because he fucking ruled gang this definitely a highlight career acting director of National Intelligence says that the transcript backs up what the whistle blower says and we also found out that the White House did in fact take the transcript transcript and put it in this secret compartmentalized and a compartment in computer server took to block anybody else from getting so those are the two main charges and they're both through your both through you you know why they put it in the in the in the in the in the classified server because this administration there was there was a study jake right here done by the by the Senate in two thousand seventeen more leaks in the first I five months state security leaks in the first five months in the trump administration any other ministration. They should be putting everything in there with folks around you her leaking information. We remember the call to former prime minister of Australia. Here's what it says it has affected the trump. Administration has been besieged by leaks at a level that far exceeds that of any other minute. I recognize you guys. Don't want facts coming. You Know No. No you gotta protect them the leaks if I'm the trump administration I'd be putting every communication in this in this accurate information. The leaks are of accurate information jake. You don't like the guy who I was GonNa believe the Guy who had firsthand knowledge and it was on the call presidents Alinsky who said he wasn't pressured or the guy who didn't have we have seen in the wizards dripped got. That's what I'm saying the guy who didn't have firsthand knowledge and is and had a motive against the president according to the director of national intelligence the transcript is in alignment with a whistleblower complaint. We all see it. We all see conversation. Zielinski wants military aid in president trump asks him to look into the Biden's. I can't believe that that's okay with you. The alinsky brings up. He wants to drain the swamp and his country like the president is doing here. The predecessor do me a favor. Can you figure out what happened. In Twenty Six. I thought we all cared about what happened in the two thousand sixteen election and then and then after Alinsky says this important sentence in addition to that investigation I want to do all investigations in an open and candid way the only then does the president bring up. My guess is if you ask the American people when they look what happened with Joe Biden's son what I don't. I don't know what happened with Joe. Biden's son he got paid fifty eighty thousand dollars Jake thousand dollars and for several years now project said there's no evidence of wrongdoing vice president son gets paid fifty eighteen thousand dollars a month in gets hired by a company. If you have industry he has no experience in and Oh that's fine and all you folks in the present Democrats. Oh no problem here. Go try telling that taken that message to the American people don't like fifty thousand a year and when they see the vice president's son getting paid fifty thousand a month in a field an industry has no experience. I wonder what the one hundred didn't those board meetings so he just looking at his phone check out the sport in May ten wrestlers Alpbach and then when the company that's paying him that money uh-huh under investigation guess what daddy comes running to the rescue. The vice president is state run out what happened I prosser that's not what happened. The European Union the the Obama Administration International Monetary Fund Pro Clean Government activists in Ukraine thought that the prosecutor you're saying not prosecuting correct. You're saying Joe Biden didn't tell didn't tell you that prosecutor he I think he did he did at the time was the guy was not prosecuting anything and that was the government of the United States here West. Joe Biden told her name you say here are the facts here. The facts job did Joe Biden. Tell them to fire the process because it wasn't go up corruption. He wasn't wasn't going after corruption. Did they do understand what I'm saying wasn't talking about the company that had hired Joe Biden son for fifty two Ukrainian that investigation instigation was dormant and was dormant. Joe Biden's son get paid fifty thousand dollars a month in a field in an industry that he had no experience in those are three breath. Ask saying that the children of presidents and vice presidents should not be doing international business deals. I'm all for it but you're setting a standard that is not being met right now. Dow else telling you what happened. Joe Biden said car this prosecutor or you're not getting. You're suggesting that Biden should it'd be fired to pretend in impress. That's not what happened. You can't in one breath say he had nothing to do with the business the company and his texting sports scores on his phone and the next ex- breath be like his company is getting invested. I mean in the rest of your clips that you have. Everybody loves to call it Hunter Biden's company. The moneymakers sat on a board Gordon took his fifty grand a month and by the way I stop listening the minute. I hear that I'm like US making six hundred easy year. I don't know why I didn't get his number hunter. Biden clearly had some problems in his life. He's like there's one hundred by NASA problems so fine and he probably got on that board because of the his last okay parentis admitted this is about the resident exactly impeachable Bullshit Shady Fuck light and he's not trying to find out what happened in two thousand sixteen elections because we you know what happened in two thousand sixteen elections and whatever butter Biden did during that time had nothing to do with the election so it's total bullshit and smoke and mirrors and the fact that he's bringing up Joe Biden. Should I mean ever do not do not see it. Sir Like Joe Biden is his biggest competition and the twenty twenty election and he wants to go oh and get dirt and if you in the last year I believe he's had Guliani they've been desperately desperately desperately trying to figure out how they're going to spin this in order to bury Joe Biden. They started with a bitch pretending he kissed her on the back of the head so that was really pay and look at that. I mean that is that person. That woman is oh. I mean that is such bullshit died in squirmed in-depth. It didn't matter it wasn't true so now they're turning over every stone looking for every single thing and of course I mean all these people are glad handing. There's tons of nepotism going on. It's been going on the dawn of time. Keep looking find something except for with Elizabeth Warren but he's a private citizen. He's not in the government at all senator. He's not the vice president. He's not doing anything and it has nothing to do with with the administration right now other than the fact that he's running against and it's right. Let's just say for the sake of it that that it's very convenient venios that Hunter Biden was getting fifty thousand a month for three years he went ahead and made his millions and then he then all of a sudden the presidency turns over and Ukraine A and he steps down it's shady fine. Just let higher Christopher Steele to roll into Ukraine and do a dossier on Joe Biden. Go right the fuck ahead ahead and do that. The president doesn't get to sit on a phone call and say we're going to send you four hundred million dollars. That Congress told me to send you four months ago. If you do me some favors here and that is what he did. We're not here to judge and jury whether Hunter Biden Joe Biden. We're doing shady shit. Maybe they were but it's not the president right to sit in that office and make other countries dig up dirt on Joe Biden or find dirt or create dirt or whatever it is so that he can win in two thousand twenty the Rephaim. It's okay to do that. The president and get doesn't to do that. We don't know what happened with Hunter Biden and maybe it's all shady but it doesn't fucking matter. Trump has to go because what he did is wrong. He's not allowed to fucking do that. Period now representative Lee Zeldin who's the Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee goes onto on Erin Burnett on CNN and and she we've never seen her. Go lose her cool or whatever and again same talking points same shit same shit. It's it's like they were given a typed up script. It's crazy you. Could I mean this. This is not new information as you point out. The tape of Joe Biden saying is is hardly breaking news now through January Kan.. Of Two thousand eighteen but this is not something that the here's the thing if you don't have any problem whatsoever with the vice president under the direction of he said the president of the United States threatening to withhold one billion dollars if they don't stop prosecuting his sons competent thousand congressman nuts the Seattle. I'm not saying that that's why he did it in that is false. There's no indicate indicates that in any way okay what what I'm saying is that he wanted that he was threatening demanding that the state prosecutor be fires right was the prosecutor and what I surgery center tennis fear and all of our allies thought that this guy was a corrupt guy so what we took credit for it that is Dan Status on corruption and was replaced by somebody else soft on corruption except the person who was replaced with soft on corruption with someone who is not the individual who was I was prosecuting his sons company okay again but I'm saying that that investigation was already dormant under the guy that you're saying he wanted to get rid of because of something that wasn't doing so that doesn't add up either nor does that matter right so there's there's that there's the Republicans are doing fifty thousand a month tutor hunter hundred job by job. I tried it's like it doesn't matter she should be going trump trump trump trump trump yeah and also Ivanka dawn Eric Leira all of them are or international business and are under some kind of scrutiny or controversy or something that has been what about a shady sister who's on the fucking appellate court. Are you had to step down. They investigated her shady fucking lies and then Jake Tapper makes the point when he says like you can't. You're worried about one hundred getting fifty two thousand dollars a month and sitting on some board meanwhile it's like what is Eric trump junior know about running a nonprofit which we know he's money laundering from which is already they're already investigating and trump which has done it a million times Ivanka's in China fucking putting children in sweatshops and has copyright laws being every which way but loose don. Jr. Is a slum Lord hotels in their play. I talk about nepotism. It's clear and present. There's no it's it's laughable. They're talking about Oh. The daddy comes in and I'm like honestly honestly sounds like you're telling a story about trump dodgier right in every way so now we got Anderson Cooper who also doesn't get those panties in a bunch usually know an Anderson and Cooper has on Rick Santorum one another bucket of Com yeah and then there's Kirk Kirstin powers. WHO's one of like she's like an international affairs expert? She's written a bunch of books and Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah limits. Okay let me just read read this the president and the other thing. There's a lot of talk about Biden son that Biden Stop Tossing Giuliani right well by the way mentioning Leilani is talk that he knows that Giuliani is talking about right eating in with Ukrainian officials in Madrid and in Ukraine and elsewhere and we know what Giuliani skulking about she's talking about the I understand but if if you look at what he asked the favour about the president's spoke at length then he's the thin this is the second part of favorite not. It's already said that there would be nothing wrong with it if they did it. I mean th th they've admitted to doing this rick so I don't even understand the the other thing. There's a lot of talk about Biden's son really there is a lot of talk among whom Biden Stop the prosecution and a lot of people wanna find out again the president's go to there's a lot of people wanNA know. There's a lot of people wanna find out about it. The President Attorney General would be great. Biden was around bragging that he that he stop stop the prosecution. If you can look into it it sounds horrible to me. Yeah I would say this. I would agree with you that is bad judgment. I agreed that the president should not have said that lease suggests that the president was somehow creating a quid pro quo or brokering or asking favor to do that. I think in misreading trump's how's claire do it has rated Ukrainian. Presidents head is hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid that he needs to fight an ongoing war in his country. He knows that the president knows that you're saying in order for there to be a quid pro quo the president has to spell it out and say by the way I've Stop Stop the aid I'm holding up in the Congress passed it on a bipartisan basis and you do me this thing on crowd strike and you know my conspiracy theory about the two thousand sixteen election the Oh by the way Biden Biden if it's not a favor because he he brought it up because the Ukrainian president brought it come on rag they've been I mean just like they can't you just just have to just spend an hour online that you did and they got it. You compiled the best clips and the least wreck Santo horrified the fucking like take decency to be like look. It was bad judgment Jim Jordan he just like a wrestler. Just fucking God his cauliflower ear to the Matt it would not fucking given and would not admit but also Anderson Cooper did the right thing by focusing solely on the call yes like and also so by it known years back none. 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This is the part of the show where we tell you about things in the news that you may have missed but they're too tragic for us to ignore okay so that was an intense and heated shit storm but this is kind of a continuation of that story so I mean it is a continuation okay so after all of this shit came Kim Ki came out about how trump pressured the Ukrainian president to help him win the election with the Joe Biden Bullshit facebook book literally within a day that that all came out within a day that all came out it all came out the week the week prior but on Tuesday Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry so that's when it's shit came to write facebook old Mark Zuckerberg finally wakes the fuck up and shuts shuts down a popular pro trump facebook fan page called. I love America BARF BARF the fuck Barf life which just so happened to be run by none other than Ukrainian. I love a facebook page called. I Love America aw run by Ukrainian right. I mean you don't really need to be a scholar a Rhodes scholar to put the pieces together here. NO AMERICANS GONNA to make a page called I love America and if not gun doing and if they do okay but the fact that Ukrainians are doing it says it will I mean they have a phone call. He got he's The godfather I have a favor okay and then you know that's when Zuckerberg shouted down but when within the last month when in Guliani was meeting with Ukraine and trump had the call suddenly this this pro-trump facebook page starts to come alive again uh-huh and they're recycling Russian fucking memes that were out during the two thousand sixteen election all the Russian memes and the messaging suggesting they start recycling them and now Mark Zuckerberg trying to act like that pinged off some alarm which it didn't what happened was the impeachment inquiry pink dolphin alarm and all of a sudden Marceca workers like get on it. Anything that we found out is coming out of Ukraine. We need to shut down before we get involved and become accessories because we knew facebook. Look knows who the fuck where they're fucking. Pages are being set up from facebook page with one million followers is out of Ukraine. They know in the minute. There's a there's drama and the president's GonNa get impeached. facebook knows they're going to be dragged into it. So all of a sudden they shut the page down pretending up what's wow we just found this page which is has one million followers more it receives more views than USA Today Okay and is run by ten individuals based in the Ukraine. I mean so they pulled it down. Because now decided memes are popping up which are like veterans earns love America Immigrants Don't picture of an old fucking haggard fucking veteran who's probably homeless but they don't care and then there's like a picture of Donald Trump and it's like do you support Donald trump like one of those click definitely yes maybe donor whatever like surface surveys fixer vic surveys service and then they're gonNA compile all that information they did this trick where they so in two thousand sixteen with the Russian fucking troll farm one one of their things that they do so they'd have all made all these memes all these like they pretend that it was like a pro hillary me right right but it would be to stoke like right whatever racism and you know about Muslims or black people or immigrants or whatever but they pretend it was pro hillary and then they show her in this light as like an apologize or for behavior like Hillary and terrorists or whatever the fuck so what this the Ukrainian insight did was take those same memes and then they would do a trick where they take a camera and start it to the side and then video slowly to come focus in on the mean so now it's not a meme. It's a video so now you've got all these videos up and down the side of the page which are actually you just cameras filming the means but you guys honestly it's no accident that trump asked them for help to win the election. That is what the request for Joe Biden's son information on Joe Biden's son the request for investigating the twenty me sixteen meddling basically saying look how they did it in two thousand sixteen right and go ahead and started on up and the genius of the Genius socity of trump up and his disgusting garbage pigs. Is that the one thing they're good at is they understand and I hope I can articulate this correctly. Maybe you can help me. They understand understand that we have to be covert and how we ask for this help and we are going to ask for help and we are going to try and be mafia about it but because we're being listened to so we have to even be more covert than that so we know this shit happened with Biden. We know that they need help. We're going to like what am I like. They're they know they're doing and they know how to get the message across and it's not just that but they know how they're going when it comes out how they're going to spinning out so it's all plants in case we get caught. This is our failsafe for when somebody because we because we're basing it in like what could be what could be trouble for the other side anyway because it's not just like asking for a favor they have to base it in something where they could potentially make it make the other side look because they did something shady blackmailing them whatever so of course facebook the tragedy and travesty that it is shuts the page I love America then there's like several off-shoot accounts where they go back and forth and they can share the memes and their whole thing thing is they do cute puppies right fuck in an immigrant and the trump family and you know bad bad bashing emigrant rhetoric and then like the trump trump family so facebook shuts down and makes a you know a point of being like we went ahead and shut down but then never take a stand on whether the pages are government actors that was like the thing is we're not gonNA commit to whether these are government actors and I'm like okay. I loathe loathe everything that corporation stands for and I'm like okay well. You don't want to say whether it's government actors but who other than their government or our government is going to pay ten individuals to sit in a room and create you know memes in support of trump. Although are these people who works shake their independently wealthy. They're philanthropists. They said hey guys can we do s philanthropists in the Ukraine. Let's get together and let's help. America get trump because we want to help the world out of the kindness of our heart it they're clearly clearly paid by someone with an agenda and the only agenda that anyone would have would be government related. That's it period. Hey here's what I found found Q- question. Are you happy with the racist President Answer No. We replaced him with President trump what wonderful Q. and A. It's just obvious that it's connected. It's so grotesque and so if you guys you know I know nobody needs my my ir n just unquenchable paranoia and fear ear and anger and disgust for facebook. Everyone's gotten it but if you want to know that the threat of fake news and Shit like this is so it's so dangerous and so real on facebook and it is so still happening that facebook book has literally. This is a fact it's news another tragic piece of news facebook has created a special division dedicated to inventing a software that can detect hacked deep fakes deep fakes are videos that use artificial intelligence to dr like existing videos in order to create fakes they go with whatever lying narrative they're trying to tell so it started in porn where you know whatever on fucking porn hub they WANNA be like sex tape with Natalie Portman and and then they've got this very realistic looking sex scene where they've put Natalie Portman face on someone and then whoever she's dated in the past on the other person they're so realistic realistic and so hard to detect and they are so dangerous to every single thing we value if you think we're in a culture war. Now I mean it's like the amount of videos that I know that the Republicans Will Dr. We didn't even need to Dr fucking album by the pussy that existed that this Kinda Oh shit will happen and so facebook knows they are everywhere on facebook everywhere and so they've now created this division to try to detect these deep fakes. They don't have the technology they don't have the software. Currently I highly doubt with their voluntary contests that they're holding because they don't WanNa put facebook who makes one hundred million dollars. A minute doesn't WANNA put two hundred million dollars into creating but God damn technology. They want to hold a contest for everyone at you know. Mit and cows you know UC Berkeley so that they don't have to pay any money. This shit won't be even ready by the end of the year much less November twenty two absolutely not nope but just lets you know how how inundated and rotted facebook is. There's no corner her of that safe no. I don't care look you puppies. You think you're looking at cute. PUPPIES TURNS OUT SWEETIE. You're looking at I love. America and Ukrainian probably fucking got that puppy puppy from a fucking kill me. Don't let cute puppies full. You know don't now it's time for so there's that yeah all right so this is the part of the show where I give Julie the job of finding something good. That's happening somewhere out there on the political landscape. She hates doing it and every week. We never know what we're GonNa get this week. She was having a hard time finding something again and against my better judgment it is suggested again which like why can't I just bug off something for her too so I'm sure this little tidbit made its rounds owns all through social media so we'll come as a surprise to no one but regardless about this is actually a story that Ma'am meow had already done on a so. There's that and that was the first time many of us had ever even heard about it at all so I'm insists that she claimed her proprietary rights over this lady and use the story again because to me mammal invented this story. Thank you so tell us tell Hellum what you're so. There's that is for this week all right well we did or I did or we did or whatever we did bring light and it was impossible. God I mean nothing thing this week however because all I wanna do is hide an instant hotel and look at Machen Janeane and they're insane unseen hotel. You know what I mean all the only thing that's shining a light however this girl now we talked about her. She's the girl from Sweden. She's sixteen. She's a climate activist and she's the one who went on the sailboat yacht and sailed for two weeks you know to show that like what we're doing to the climate and the environment and how terrible air travel is how to get off of she. She wanted to get off of Sweden and to somewhere where she could do more work with the climb on it but she couldn't get off of Sweden without a plane or a yacht so she she didn't just go on a sailboat for two weeks to show the problem with climate she went on a sailboat to sail off of Sweden to go somewhere but like that just isn't done you don't take your weeden needed to light you know England right right but she did apparently she did and then she is been giving it giving it and she's he's been giving these speeches and she's gone to the UN and she she's been she's been trying to bring reality and and exposure to the real crisis that we are under now the fact that she's sixteen she also has asperger's which will get to a little later not that it matters I however she does say to her for her own self. She has revealed that because she wants to be sort of a person who stands for being a person person with asperger's who is mental health awareness living in shame right so there's that at first of all sixteen and she she gave a speech recently that I was obsessed with and I think it sums up every single thing that's going on with the environment the problems the what we're GonNa do do what should be done and for people who are not teenagers who are not kids we forget even though we say all the time like the kids are going to have to deal with it the kids you're going to have to deal with it well. We didn't really don't care yeah good right. I liked what you said about her. Though you said because because she has asked Burgers or maybe not because of but she's obviously of of a higher intelligence operating at a higher frequency than most of us yes she's able bowl and she thinks like a scientist when she hears these facts and figures she's able to compute it really quickly and whether because of her in spite of having ass burgers she she she gets field with filled with fear because they're reality and the urgency of what we're doing to earth hits her more than us where someone's like in Twenty Twenty fifteen and we're. I don't even realize that's the past I'm like Oh my God that's weird what's next. What are we and she's like? She immediately understands not not only are we all fucked we are we all fucked. She herself is fucked because she's only at that point. She was only fifteen right. She is conveying a terror that she feels not just from feeling but because she's got the facts to back it up so what she wants us all to feel is that same terror aurore right she and her generation and the generation that will come before her is after is going to have to live in a way that she is we've only seen movies about we only watch and sci-fi we only whatever she's experiencing it in a visceral way that made me feel terrible terrible made me feel powerless made me feel at the same time thank God she exists and if generation and maybe the AOC's his bridge can bridge the gap. Maybe the Earth Santa chance but the way she she she talked about it really made me feel yes terrified fight but also hopeful and that's why I wanted to bring her back for for this segment so I wanna play some of her speech okay. This is what really got a AH. This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean yet. You all come to US young people for hope. How dare you you have stolen in my dreams in my childhood with your empty words yet? I'm one of the lucky ones people are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all what are you can talk about is the money and of eternal economic growth. How Dare You love amazing movie? Yeah like we're at the beginning of a mass extinction like and we all talk about it always talk about it the green new deal where we we'll talk talk about it with brush it off to the side but her passion and her fear it's real somebody let somebody sees the fucking alien begin they get abducted and then they go back in their bed and they're like there's aliens walking around and everyone's like oh come on. You're insane the she like you said and it really really made sense to me like the motherfucker can see and feel and live in the reality of being at the beginning of a mass extinction seeing only early fifteen she recently turned sixteen and having you know eighty years left in this hell and she's only at the beginning and probably is is going to be like just at her fucking prime when the shit hits and she's like great great yeah exactly right. It's almost like she's a Prophet Prophet. Yeah yeah that can feel it and sees it or sees the future and has been walk through the fire and it's like bitch I did I took the telephone booth both to the future and it is not good and we need to fucking get it together and now and she bested in the delorean honey busted in the delorean and she's she's saying like okay fine. Yeah it'll be expensive. Yeah coal needs to stop. Yes fracking needs to stop. You're going to lose jobs. You're going to have to sacrifice or we will will die. Do you understand if we don't sacrifice now. We will die so and you know who doesn't care people like Mitch McConnell who already has some fucking a terminal disease people like bill bar like trump they don't give up and that's the other thing too and I think that is also reflected in how she feels is that they don't care and how offensive is that that someone that you're feeling like I'm being fucking stabbed tiny little knives until I'm going to to bleed to death and die and you are standing there watching it death by October kind of anything how fucking horrifying as convincing people that are older than her parents to sit and be sit in and make fun of her and just not listen and this is and Laura Ingram and all these Fox News people are making fun of her like Oh we're going to child is going to tell us what to do that okay. I guess we can't eat anymore. I guess we can't travel anymore and it's like maybe oh you can't maybe you need to figure out how to save the fucking planet for your kids or your grandkids and you're making fun of them. Like how how fucking horrifying is that and then the results is that trump tweets out this shit against her and is like he sees as the speech or whatever and by the way he was at that climate conference he stayed for fifteen minutes and he left such a fucking piece of shit and then he tweets at her while he re tweets. It's her video of this speech and he says well. This kid seems to be a happy. Go lucky little girl. She looks like a great time with a bright future. How nice to see and it's just just like wow so in her credit and to her credit she took that she made it her twitter banner which I thought was great since then taken it down but she had it up for a couple of days and she's he's just showing her sense of humor and being like fuck you trump anyway? Fuck you trump so there's that yeah so that's it for this episode of Dumb Gay Politics. Thank you all for listening and thank you to those of you who have already pledged on the Patriot on page. WWW dot patron around dot com slash politics. I know I bug on every week and I'll never stop until all of the fourteen listeners signed the fuck up. I've been my angry feelings and I've been really patriotic as of late with my nonstop ransom buggery but it's hills and valleys right that's right. That's right breathe in breathe. Oh four long breaths listen. I'm we've all been in our angry valley and are angry. Tidal wave allowed to have that so if you're you just stick with us and after that title wave comes. There's going to be a WHO knows what maybe it'll be a depressed one. It'll be a sad one. Maybe it'll be happy one. They'll be a retail ridiculous one. That's life where human beings and we are going to be annoying earn alive some twenty five hundred years so don't forget to go to Julie Liam Brandy Dot Com. If you want to buy shirt we are officially out of. I don't need your notes babe and are only ordering a small batch so hit the website and pre-order. If you want one they should be ready in about two weeks and as always it's been real and it's been fun but mostly it's been gay and it's been dumb and impeach or PIP peachy and in Preachy Pimp Impeach Pin Preachy card you do see maps mom hand out little broad died when you knocked. He taught you whether Ken don't get song out by the way launch. Don't judge a book by Hi. It's not much of a man by a lot of day by a aw transvestite sexual thing and let me play with signing black won something visual to we could take an old well Steve Reeves move. I'm glad we caught you at home. Could we use your phone. Both in a bit of a hurry right right. We'll just say where we are then. Go back to the car. We don't want to be any worry well. You got caught with a flat world. How about that well babies? Don't you panic nine nine Seymour a satanic McKEN justice terms it sucks ooh aw don't you stay for the night only be a bite. I could show you my favorite obsession. I've been making a man with blonde hair and a Tan. He's good for relieving tensioned justice sweet transvestite from Sexual Transylvania in your transit bus it sucks yeah so come up to the left and see what's on the slab. ICU CIVIC with an but we may be array is really to blame so remove remove

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