Not So Super Showdown - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 263


Here comes again lunch will be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs APP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery. WHOA this vanish announce table fates on how are you? I am exhausted Tim. I tell you what I had a very very busy weekend. <hes> I of just returned to the Great State of Missouri Specifically Kansas City Missouri <hes> I went on vacation with my significant other and her family to Orlando Florida to a nice little place that we call call Disney world and I tell you what it was G._M.. Packed with fun to have and we had all the fun <hes> got there. Thursday night came back Monday night Tuesday off to recover because there's so much fun that I had and now we're here on a Wednesday night recording. The best podcast recorded on a Wednesday night tim but before I get into my things I want to hear about your things. What were you up to or not not a whole lot man we do? We did go see some family friends. I think that are not old family friends but just friends that we hadn't seen in about a year <hes> Nicole knighted like <hes> you know and so we wind gusts couple <hes> and so we did that but we also did the shows <hes> comedy shows <hes> you know at the comedy club and Emo Phillips was in town who email Phillips's. I know the name but I really couldn't tell you anything else yeah because he's eighty so you are a little little young for that. <hes> big name unkind disappeared for Awhile homered stores that and he's just not getting back into it and he was in town and he got a standing every single show that's five shows I sit there and watch them to and every time the crowd standing right which is not what you typically get out of there just super funding is really off and really weird <hes> but very funny and then local Guy Jeremy Smith who's being a joke mania <hes> which we're GONNA go next time they're putting on a joke mania their comedy club may we'll go down there and have some fun down there. I have a little over there at the comedy McCain the city it's a wrestling themed gross battles and stuff like that <hes> <hes> Jeremy Smith Fan show so he was opening for Ema Phillips and that was fun <hes> other than that man we did <hes> swim trunks <hes> for soccer. He's trying to for the Premier League so we did a pretrial. Try Out evaluations tryouts this weekend so right uh-huh uh-huh going on serious premier league right. He's trying out for that <hes> the first time so we'll we'll see how that goes right and I don't know how we don't know anything about this place. You know how it works works so we shall see but other than that just living life in avoiding the rain and all that yeah I tell you what the rain was definitely welcomed in Florida because they were so hot. I would've killed for an hour of rain. It was one hundred degrees every day that I was on vacation so disneyworld was almost like <hes> just finding shade that was essentially the goal everyday wasn't necessarily to go on all the rides it was just to get to the shade and <hes> we did all the Rights Space Mountain so I've been to Disneyland twice and now Disney world so three Disney theme parks three times. I've been to Disney theme park. All three times speaks mountains broke all three times time ninety four ninety six two thousand nineteen. It's broke every and it was broke. All three days Thursday Friday Saturday some you should give ric flair call. I wanted to do down board. I think I was like fix this man all this ride longest line yeah. He's a King Space Mountain but you know we did all the fun things. You know what I will say about Disneyworld first off. I've never seen frozen and there was a frozen sing along. All moms know the words which makes sense rent but I like the froze the frozen it's an experience there's no ride there's to stand up comedians essentially and they tell you the frozen story except for they leave the aiding kind of open ended so for you to fill in the blink for me. I didn't know what happened so now only have to go see frozen this weekend with my niece and nephew future niece and nephew because they're emily's decent nephew so I was really I was. I liked that song. Let it go let it go. That's a fun one odysseus. This is good at what they do in in those animated movie here's here's the two things that I was disappointed so they do a great job. First off of separating all of the big attractions across all the parks to make you spend one hundred plus dollars to go to each one so like one Hollywood studios has star wars toy story <hes> and frozen and in the magic kingdom has your traditional Mickey Goofy Donald <hes> in the rides and an animal kingdom has lion king up <hes> in those things it's an essentially zoo and I think the other Oh and then epcot has a guardians of the galaxy and then finding Nemo so they do a good job of like. You're not getting everything anything here right at this time so you know I was learned first off you learn how much Disney owns right. There's just so many opportunities that they still could kill like as far as merchandise and things like that and on top happened that remember they just acquired marvel all of that so now you're you're going to get Spiderman Iron Man <hes> Captain America Thor and all those guys speaking of Disney. I was just speaking with G.. Bill for the show longtime listener Sir <hes> he will be coming through Kansas City August and was asking some things to do and after I listed all the standard things I said Oh also fun note <hes> while Disney famously I drew Mickey Mouse based off of a mouse here in the studios is working at kind of gave him the run out of that story. <hes> and I was like the building currently is you know is there's like a campaign and try to make it into a Disney Museum. I was like but you can go drive by it. It's around thirty seventh truce. I was like I highly recommend driving by keeping the doors. There's locked but yeah ju a mouse in History Oh here and drew Mickey Mouse and then all of that you know I actually took a picture of the building because they have a little Walt Disney thing on the side and in a bomb was like uncle and man thank you and I just walked right back in the car not getting into a fight here but what I was GonNa say about Disneyworld <hes> the two things that caught my attention is one and I'm just going to little tangents then we'll get into the wrestling thing but one is <hes> you know I understand. Frozen is a big thing. Monsters INC is a big thing and Disney is for the seven to ten year old. I understand that right like hundred percent. Get it however the nostalgic aspects of Disney. I feel like we're not representative more. There was no lady in the TRAMP. There's no Pinocchio for me. My favorite Disney story is kind of a lesser known one. It's the sword in the stone. If you remember that that's my favorite Disney movie nothing there except for some mugs that you can buy some coffee mugs and I got some coffee mugs of grumpy and up dog up dog but you know the dog from Doug. You know what this is a sign of you getting old well yeah it is and then the other thing about Disney that I think they could definitely capitalize on is because nostalgia astrologer is like a huge seller right. Look at W._B.. Has a retro section and I'm speaking specifically to wrestling right now but you know W._w.. Dot Com or shop W._W.. Dot Com has specific nostalgia right. Look at what we're GONNA talk about here in a little bit undertaker and Goldberg they were relevant twenty years ago right Nostalgia Nostalgia. They don't an in my opinion take advantage of their T._V. Properties because think about how much they own him just the T._v.. World Oracle family matters boy meets world to Panga and Corey didn't even have their modernise theme things out of that right yeah they can make a classroom with all of their you know <hes> go to like yours locker yeah Mr Feeney's classroom and cool that would have all the famous classrooms or settings of all the famous Disney various high schools right and you could even go with a up-to-date current shows because another thing that still huge today modern family is a Disney owned show. You have America's funniest home video. You have shark tank. You could pick your own idea and see if the sharks take Your Business Society like their T._v.. Properties I was like this. This should be here. That should be there. Tom This is this is great. Great example another great example of why now Disney should hire team Amac as well as W._W._e.. And that was leading me into the next thing that I did this weekend and actually specifically today I have heard your tweets private senior tweets. I've heard your voice. I have heard the cries and I have came through at least on my end and I applied for writer for Road O. W. E. Road at the Pencil and put it in the mail. Oh they asked me like so you know you I applied. I linked in thing where all this so. You don't have to work history. Remember talking down. Just you know I don't know do background. Check on me but there was a little part where they're like. Why did you apply for this position and I was like like look? I'm not kidding. You probably wrote fifteen paragraphs. Oh here's another I put in how there's team ex-tory time on this podcast I wrote how I have books from elementary school with me and my friend John Madden writing storylines about the four horsemen I have. I wrote everything in there. I only think in wrestling storylines when I watch football game I think how the bad guy I'll I wrote. He'll but I was like all all of this stuff. I mean as I should. I put this in their who gives us. She you shoot the shot right. Because what are the you'll be like. Oh fuck this. Here's the other thing here's the other thing I had to shoot my. I shot on that because the drop downs for the other parts of the application. I wasn't measuring up so it's like how much experienced you have composing reality T._V. Like none. How much experience do you have have writing for prime time television? Well fuck it so I went. Hey Dana warriors writing and she can't ain't even spell warrior so that is you know that's type people writing for that stuff. I'm kidding. I don't know she canonize sheep's like Nice lady taking shots because I want her job but yes so I did that also caught up on sports crazy sports weekend. Andy Res Junior upsetting Anthony Joshua Day yeah well. Here's the thing just my you know armchair quarterback. I've boxed for a few years. Never Professional <music> opinion. Anthony Joshua kept his lead hand down next to his hip. <hes> really has like super-quick hands so just that combination of fat guy with fast hands and buff guy keeps his hands down. What would you think's GonNa the happened right and on top of that India Rees is super tough and Anthony Joshua a gold medalist from two thousand twelve other than the Klitschko fight really doesn't experience opposition so the first time you feel like we'll wait a minute this this isn't supposed to happen and if you watch the fight he had that look many times where is this is happening this and and when you don't know how to deal with opposition sometimes you crumble and so I think that perfect perfect storm of super tough fat guy with quick hands and arrogant front runner it's clipped and it's going to happen also in the world sports my friend Anthony Smith <HES> <hes> one his fight in the you have seen the main event of U._F._c. fight night and Stockholm Sweden and I watched as an N._B._A.? Finals so gun sports in <hes> watched the annex t which we can talk about if you want to do them before we take because after the break we're going to talk about the next big event that everybody's waiting to see right. Oh yeah the super showdown yeah <hes> for gay journey pro journey pro. That's what everyone's talking about all right well well. Everybody should be talking about Jeremy. Why did you see the his thing went viral with with Paul out from this friend of the show? If you haven't seen it and if your friends with me on facebook go find it on my facebook page or your search germy war emails ask we'll we'll send you a link to somewhere online table show just emails and he went viral with the lady booing them and then he pulls a chair out from underneath there and she falls right on her ass love it. It's the best <hes> yeah I mean yeah. It was or anything else. You need to ramp up that you did. Did you stab homeless anything no not yet now yeah. It's only Wednesday you know I've only been down for twenty four hours so on a guy already set himself on fire. Yeah I hear side note the so I fly into town right. I'm getting acclimated. Get off the plane driving around getting some odds and ends things done applied good for a passport so that go on my honeymoon next year did that ahead of time so because you know takes forever <hes> as I do all that stuff driving back home fucking guy apparently according to the news but I saw the car on fire gets into an argument with his girlfriend says this is fucking bullshit drinks kerosene lights themselves on fire including the caller in the middle of the road yet and I guess the friends had to get out and just so they apparently weren't aware this is GonNa Happen. Yeah what a nut so and that's right like I can throw a baseball in hit where that car caught on fire from my house. That's the Nutjob Weirdo neighborhood I live in which I love but it's a fucking zoo out here. I'll tell you what but yeah that was about my fun week in a nutshell. Do you WANNA get into any general pro wrestling topics before we take a break one big story would say the Jon Moxley Jon Moxley now after for his age e w debut had his first official match. I believe <hes> outside of the W._W._e.. Umbrella for new Japan pro wrestling. Obviously this is Dean Ambrose that we're talking about if you're not hip to his new name <hes> Albuquerque new name is Jon Moxley and as I mentioned he was wrestling in new Japan pro wrestling against juice Robinson <hes> the new Japan pro wrestling <hes> United United States champion was I didn't I w G._P.. United States champion and like. I don't know how that works over there anymore or ever. I think this is the best analogy that I think I understand and again. I'm a I'm a cash right. I'm we don't fact check and I'm very casual viewer of new Japan per wrestling when it's convenient on access t._v. or something goes viral but I believe the item you G._p.. New Japan PA- wrestling thing is very similar to when W._C._W.. Used to have the N._W._e._a.. Heavyweight champion but it was essentially the W._C._W.. Heavyweight champion. I believe that's the correlation elation here we go to I w G._p.. Is the initial ISM of new Japan progressing governing body the international wrestling Grand Prix there you go so something yeah I wasn't too far off but anyhow so Jon Moxley had his first I <hes> match against juice Robinson. I watched it as it happened earlier this morning really good Jon Moxley different look which I was. I was very happy to see he wore like M._a.. Compression shorts <hes> didn't have anything that dealt with shield kind of look to m mack but black is Kinda just ride an anarchy symbol. Yeah had a little bit more more grit. It wasn't so wacky Dean Ambrose whereas like I'm I'm going to do this or in your face a little bit more for lack of a better term raw brawler. If you will yeah brawler types status or style I should say and I was really like it. I like juice Robinson. It seems like he's I've been doing really well again. I've only seen a handful of matches of his new Japan. <hes> but Jon Moxley won the title bowed to everyone then tried to beat up the young boys as he walks out and put some photographers because apparently that's what he does <hes> those that was really good. I showing is now the only man to hold the W._W._e.. United States title which was the w w you know what I mean a U._F._O.. And the G._p.. Style nary go. I like it yeah so does a good I showing he he made his presence known and kind of a statement. I thought those early earlier made <hes> in the match was even before the match right when juice Robinson takes off his gear to get ready for the match or you know gets ready for his wrestling flea match Jon Moxley just flip them off right to space. I was like okay this. Let me <hes> transition out of this in a little bit more than we kind of talk about the you know we we don't have everything we have all the tools to talk about this yet so maybe we hit more of it next week but at the Oh seventy-five was on twitter and by the way if you're on twitter you can use Hashtag tweet the table and I might be saying your name to like the oath he said after listening to talk as Jerko with Jon Moxley I would not be surprised if for young as a new far gimmick and Siberia Siberia Vince is the problem and W._w._e.. Hashtag truth table and bring that up because <hes> there's also now this talks Jericho is put out the resurrection of Dustin is it Reynolds roads rouses. It used to be Reynolds Banal. It's what he called it on the episode either but you get the idea and <hes> and I've only heard about twenty minutes of it but he brings up that he was trying to pitch this match that went over like gangbusters you know <hes> between him and his brother and they kept saying it's not good enough to be on stage at Wrestlemainia and his point was even I can see I'm paraphrasing but if I had seen wrestlemainia shoot they put on their thing right so like like some like how does that that that means Vince doesn't like those guys and nobody many different right. That's the only happens because other people were competent to know that that would have been dam sure fine at least in the Middle Wrestlemainia and it would have been a great match. Everybody will liked it yeah. Of course they did. Cody Rhodes versus the big show for the Intercontinental Championship. You can't tell me goal does versus Dustin Rhodes couldn't happen also or cody Rhodes couldn't happen also like come on it was stupid. It's really weird but I did listen to so here's fun side note so I've already listened to the Takas Jericho Jon Moxley Interview Wade Keller did a two part interview with Jon Moxley where that one I think is actually a better interview than the first one. The first one was a good like Jon on Moxley's just going off like this is what's on my chest. This is what's in my heart here. It is the the Wade Keller to part interview had a little bit of that but it also had a hey I want to ask specifically about this and I want to know more about this and in that one John was more like hey. I don't know the answers but I know that the answer isn't that right like the third hour of raw is too much what you know. There's a lot of money in it. What would I do different? I don't know I wouldn't do what we're doing so he was more measured and. <hes> fair I guess to W._W._e.. And the Wakil Learner view but I was listening to Wade Keller interview and I got on the airplane to come back to Kansas City sit my seat you know emily's to my left this big guys to my right and there are no devices or whatever but fuck that we're going to do it anyhow so I put on play for Wade Keller and then this guy flips over his phone and he gets play in its talk his Jericho Jon Moxley and I've bumped him when I was like this he goes no shit and I was like again. This is a two part he goes really I finish yours and then go to this. He's like Oh do that so cool as right and then started listen to podcasts so it's a cool moment <hes> listen to part one apart to definitely listen to that I would definitely recommend and then as you mentioned I was unaware that Gold Dust Dustin Rhodes Dustin Reynolds whatever calling him a did talk his Jericho one so I'll have to check that out there plus thing. I don't know how long Jerko sometimes does things but he starts off with the interview which he as the non which is better than they used to do. All these like talk is Jericho baby is just get to the fucking pointed to the interview and like he's talked about. You know what I mean like a bunch of crap <hes> before we moved too much on a lot of esteem behind this they're planning making the third hour of raw now. Get a little more edgy back to the old thing. What do you make this? I mean it's clearly not going to be enough. I don't you know what I mean Edgy Wise. I don't I don't know man. Don't go bigger. Go Home Right. Do the whole fucking thing yeah. That's what I go bigger. Go home or get rid of the third hour or what you mean by we're getting edgier is at same Zane in the third hour said E. W is that what we're talking about like. What are we doing yeah so and I'm glad we're talking about all these interviews because I want to bring something up here Tom? This is this is are. We have a quest now all right Tom. We're GONNA make this happen. someway new the listeners a home. We're going to help us. This is the first year hearing of this so you're going to be a little surprised but I know you're going to be on board. What's I lay this APP? This episode two hundred sixty three of the Spanish announce table right. Obviously the next big episode would be three hundred right so that's a big deal right to seventy four hundred yet but we're wrestling fans here and we're arresting podcast so just beyond three hundred. There's an even bigger marker right three six thirty right. That is fifty three weeks away from now now Tom. We have fifty three weeks to get Stone Cold Steve Austin to interview on Episode Three Hundred Sixteen. I mean you gotTa pull this off. We gotta get fans ball. We've got to put on a A. I don't know what we're GONNA do. We you gotta come up. Maybe we find maybe fans. Give suggestions on a unique way to to to convince them or hook him yeah. That's the question is asking the five questions right. You know what I mean Cinco per figure this out. I don't care if I gotTA drive to Texas and Chevy. You have a microphone myspace. We'll figure that can go anywhere so that's the Bible Shawn Michaels. I'm GONNA drive anywhere in the world to meet stone cold. So what are we got Hashtag. Maybe we'll come up with the HASHTAG yet. Still we got a year right yeah. We'll figure this out. You guys give us some ideas use hashtag table on twitter <hes> anything else before we so when we come back from the bring me we'll we'll cover an X._t.. Takeover what we thought about that right <hes> thinking I if talks do start from the grace of God started happening but things get a little bit delayed we might not do a couple episodes so that more than a year right fifty. Thanks so yeah we will take a break. We'll come back. We'll talk about takeover. twenty-five 'cause I thought it was really good and we'll cover that and then <hes> super showdown coming up so get our picks get are are somewhat reluctant picks. I guess W W super showdown when we come back to the Spanish now stable fun fact twenty eight of the first thirty one consecutive pope's were murdered. Well now the Spanish announce table Tom. It's been awhile. I think I should remind June the listeners we've got an Amazon link on our website Spanish table Dot net. We sure do do Amazon where you can get any everything from homegoods to you know those on fish expand Y- okay yeah I was gonNA say lavish gifts. They have it all yeah. Amazon doesn't pay taxes but they'll give kickback if you go oh through our Amazon link and buy something through the Spanish non-staple dot net click on the link at the top and then as always you are not affected at your price point but we do get a little bit of a kickback which is great for us us and great for you because the more money we make from that we invest into this podcast win win for all parties involved spence announce table Dot net clicked Amazon link right at the top and thanks in Spanish announce table tried this weekend saw inex- takeover twenty-five which was kind of neat in that it was presented out like a standalone thing typically. These come like the night before big W._W._e.. Pay Per view but this one this was. Hey czar deal. Would you think well here's my first question. This deals with math. I had a big long discussion with emily. <hes> as we are in Disneyworld where I get confused but I WANNA make sure I'm correct or I'm wrong so they said this is the twenty fifth anniversary of Inex- takeovers correct the twenty fifth takeover but like Russell made me at twenty five they said was the twenty fifth anniversary but in my mind and maybe I don't know how numbers work but in my mind wrestlemainia twenty six would be the twenty fifth anniversary because if you do the first thing that's not the anniversary. That's the like I'm not born at one years old. I'm <music>. I'm born at zero and I go to one right so isn't the first thing zero and then the next time you do. That's the first anniversary of the show you just did the your previous the in averse serie of it yes whereas like always bothered me about Wrestlemainia to only five 'cause. They're like the twenty fifth anniversary. You're not again I was like I don't think that's right but again so you're thinking like birth to one is because you're now one year old because you've lived a year but an events like that it's I mean there was the first one it's a little bit more. Just this is more just this is only the the twenty fifth takeover they've done. Yes now. What I thought about well first off? Let me put you overhear Tim. If you really want good in-depth writing about an takeover <hes> and also Ron smackdown which will get into our superstar showdown picks <hes> re Tim Stotts instant reactions on Spanish now stable dot net tim wrote an article inex- takeover twenty-five he wrote an article about the last episode of Raw also wrote an article about this last episode of smackdown so please check that out share it with brands. It's really good flight with the website is off again. That's why I was like better. Start putting stuff up on the website and I'm going to go back in doing that stuff too because I forgot about it for a while. Remember you know we don't fact checker. Stay consistent. We do it at our leisure. Thank you for listening going. It's pay pal wink all the website by the way exactly sixty takeover twenty-five. Let's say this the first match CH- Matt Riddle Roger Strong Yeah. I don't know if there's a better way to kick off the twenty fifth and exceed takeover than that match that match hit on all levels that is the style of wrestling wrestling that I like L. is watching it. It made me realize or it emboldened me to feel the way I do but that style of wrestling is my style of wrestling so I know I caught some flack about a W._W._e.. Nothing gene with the Lucia rose and young bucks match and as I just don't like it and the reason is my style of wrestling wrestling is this big huge <hes> collage of different shapes and images and stories and moves and all of that for me the style of wrestling that I like a little bit less slapping on die but the style of wrestling that I like is Matt Riddle Rodrick strong that to me is pro wrestling two thousand nineteen and I just love loved match. What did you think I definitely it was great mansion and I kinda even mentioned that we've always often talked about cameron his face microphone in his Mouth Rudder Showings not doing it for us but man he made riddling like a million bucks here he looked off can sell was one of the main takeaways I took from this? I was like riddles. Dunkin strong look store raw so they <hes> yeah yeah great again it involved of Matt techniques but still brawling and there was still you know what I mean. After cardio they're running around felt like they were just hanging out in the middle of the ring and his writing is hard heading. It was believable it was it was viral tirol ready. I call it as a I moved. Can you could put it on twitter and it would get re tweets kind of thing. It felt like if we had a legit fighting organization that was in a ring like this like this is more of what the guy in I mean like <hes> if I mean like there'd be less throwing people against the ropes obviously but you say like this'll be more of the when they were stand up fighting with each other. This is more what it would look like well I can suspend disbelief with this type of match and not get taken out of the moment when for example deluce grows and young bucks and I don't mean to pick on that match but again like I mentioned last week when what's his name nods at the other young buck to do the move that just takes me out of the the moment the spot the reference to hold your meanwhile run up the Ring Post rundown the thing I saw that again and I was keeping that in mind that you'd already said that when I just thought yeah why didn't the luther brother just like as he had him by the hand like why didn't you just shove him off the rope like why did he wait dragons uh-huh and one of my favorite pro wrestlers currently and of all time same Zane is notorious for that move so it's not like you know. I just can't stand that say. Museum does a little bit of that as well but again going going back to this match. I thought it was perfect way to get everyone going to get the crowd hyped to not do gimmick things to where other people couldn't do it later in the night like they did everything that was good right. There was no table spot. There is no chair SPA. It was a wrestling match to where then the next match ladder match they could do that kind of stuff and it would be it would catch your attention because it was the first time it happened in the night. That's great because boy so they hit a home run. Then then the the very next pitch was another home run in this manner match this was amazing and the storytelling and it was top notch even having Jackson Reicher come out there just destroy everybody and then everybody'd be like fuck. This guy like I honestly I thought the guy that looked the best out of all of them. Including the street prophets who won the match was the forgotten son Peter this guy fucking shit. He's such a villain. The villains beat them up and he's such a bad S._e._M.. Beats everyone. You looked like he would like. He's the type of guy that would be cannibalistic eating you while raping you you know what I mean like. He just like an evil maniacal monster. You know the vibe that I got out from him. It again forgotten sons. I'm not too familiar with I know they're dastardly heels that we don't like and one of them was from the tag team that had Alexa Bliss as the manager Buddy Murphy in it but the vibe that I got specifically typically from governor or what's his name Jackson Reicher Jackson Reicher is again. I go back to EC W 'cause too easy. W that's my holy grail so say what you want but follow me here. The vibe that I got from Jackson was was the same bye-bye got an EC- W with big Dick Dudley where it was like the Dudley boys would wrestle you in the Dudley boys would do all the dastardly things but you better hope to God that big DICTA doesn't lose his fucking temper and getting this ring because then you really have held a pay and big Dudley never wrestled for title but he always fucked people up if you push them around and it felt like he was the silent leader of the Dudley boys and I kinda got like I'm hoping and I don't know again too much of forgotten sons but maybe you could do that with Jackson where he's the leader. He doesn't wrestle all the time because he has a team that doesn't forum but if you do piss them off like you said he's a cannibalistic fucking. Eat Your asshole out fuck. You know I am that is exactly the feel I get from the little I've seen of them also right like that. He is just like this almost cult leader where he doesn't have to say much people are just like what do you think of it or follow right like he's just <hes> yeah and in mismatch <hes> just the the latter spot where the U._K.. Guys are or when they suplex was yeah they suplex forgotten sons right <hes> when you had the latter on their things I just I mean that will make me stand up out of my head device Sitos like Oh my God because I thought they were going to Suplex with that ladder on the neck until they threw it and then it almost took out Colorado early and the street prophets are so charismatic those and ask you something the known and maybe I missed it and I've watched the street prophets every time of get gotten the chance to as far as I I've known of their match on inex- t I know that they were the tag champions and evolve for a while but the Red Solo Cup. I think it's cool. I like it. I have a red solo cut myself. What is it signify knowledge party? I think it's just party. I don't know if they've ever specifically addressed it. You know what I mean. I think there was a story line where somebody took it right. If I'm reading yeah I don't know I don't watch enough weekend week out of annex t <hes> typically. That's because we're doing the show here in winter on or you know that night but they are just I mean they are swag bottled up. I mean they are just us. They lead the room in the party wherever they go and it's just I mean like you can't be like I wanNA fuck and be like these. I want to go with this. Guy's going and hang on a red solo cat right. I thought the celebration I thought the match was great. I think <hes> the finish was amazing because I like that you know the Shelton. Benjamin jumped from the ropes to the ladder actually in this case finish the match hate when you do something that cool in it's a kick out at two or it's a someone else pushes the Guy Oh ladder nice touch for the forgotten son who got hit that he keeps like flailing and trying to reach for the for the thing as he's falling that was a nice touch the work that out well so I really liked to finish but my favorite part of the night going back to the Red Solo Cup is how the street profits go into the crowd and they obviously planted all of the these Red Solo Cups but he raises the Red Solo Cup and then sodas everyone else around him again going back to w it felt very reminiscent except for this cool and not crazy but when Al Snow would throw up the head and the whole fucking crowd would also throw up their head. It's a whole like we're all in this together kind of thing. That's those little details that I think just add so much to a story or or character. We've talked about that. Progressing has to live in the cool and these guys are undoubtedly like nobody even people who don't like enjoy the things in the music and the and the party lifestyle no that those guys are the cool guys right. No Oh like okay those guys right. They're doing things that al no but I want to do it with them because they seem cool and I wanted to be cool like yeah. It's great yeah and I think after those two starting matches the energy just Kinda got sucked for what probably was a decent match. That just didn't feel like it had a whole lot of two for me at least was the dream and breeze I mean I thought it was good match but I think I was just so off. The high of the first two. I think that has something to do with it and I also think the type type of crowd for annex t is not the nine year old that needs a superhero thing right like the formulaic A._B._C.. The type of crowd inex- fee draws is the smart people or the smart that are listening to this podcast or going into wrestling news dot com right and when you see current champion Tyler irks me current champion velveteen dream verses main roster rejecting tyler breeze with no real. It's huge impact. You're going to like well though the team dreams obviously winning this and in our picks last week that's what we both said you know velveteen dreams when so that has something to do with your expectation. When you start to watch the match you just go okay? This might be cool but we all know velveteen. Dream is walking out of here what the title because there aren't GonNa give it to the checked. I did like the Selfie at the end right so the handshake shirts whoever's like scripting out these is ending to the matches and other next got a nice touch. I'm GONNA give it also has to deal with the characters themselves. I think if you ask tyler breeze or velveteen dream hey of these guys fought and you know they respect each other at then what would they do. They wouldn't handshake they both know that they would do a selfie or some type of model pose. Are you know they know their characters. Yeah <hes> <hes> yeah yeah I mean outside of that. I mean I I feel about it. I mean I like the dream a lot. I don't know what what they're going to do with tyler breeze. It does feel like they've got to the same character now. I don't know what they do. Maybe they do an ebony and everything and make a tag team down there. In the next day right the models be worthy shit <hes> then you know one all of them turns on the other one and then that's you can get enough story out of it to where dream and then make his main roster debut because again he's the one that they're gonNA take off well. Yeah I just worried about like so then they come up right and then fund on it goes back and he's like what the hell the head right and then but then I worry about the dream getting comedy in a well he's kind of you know in on the main roster and everything we heard from Jon Moxley and take that for you know what it is but everything we've heard from every main roster person that we've you know her to shoot interview on at also what we see with our own is building dream is going to be a comedy off the dance yes so might as well make teen dream the leader of Fun Dongo in Tyler Breeze and have them <hes> just model agencies what the dream actually is it works well as is he's two thousand nineteen INEX- version of prince you you know what I mean like. He's just right like in. That's why that works. You can't fucking sensor that at all or work they would just enjoy for what it for for what it is now you know <hes> and then bays he's Ler Sarai women steamship match. I just Shayna baseler is awesome. Sure is not bad. Don't get me wrong this good match I again. It was like what what are we care. I think e Oh sure is better than Oscar. I think as a Japanese wrestlers female wrestlers that they have she's the money one. I ask fuck off. I don't get Oscar me sky pirate one that they Brag Harry saying yeah. She's she's like this is the one she can do. The same moves. She's got to say look. She's more charismatic to me. The way that I would start booking shane obeys lawyer though because of how shallow the women's division is is I'd stop with the it's one girl versus the other girl I I'd cut that out what I would do is almost what they did with Oscar and almost back in the day with Goldberg where it's. It's no longer who I'm taking on. That's that's second to my story. The story is check out my dominance right so now I'm beating girls in a minute now. I'm being girls with the submission. I've never done now close by K._O.. Yeah now I'm I'm doing too. That's the story I'd started telling make them tap out to a specific. Yeah you know move so good. I'm GonNa do a blindfold match. I'm so good I'm going to do fill in the blank where like Ed whoever the opponent is. We're not tuning in anymore for that. We're tuning in because like what can this girl can do everything. What does it this week? She's going to set a timer for a minute and she's not going to retaliate at all for the first minute. You get saw the offense you want. I'm only going to try to protect myself right back for one home in it and then she still beat the Shit right that'd be unique in Deir to see that let's go with but this was and then he sure I snapped and did a bad ass move with a chair and I was like well. The Falcons all this leading up an end of the math. I got his own well. I like to Shane Obeys lers comment on twitter where she said you know you boomy for the same actions that the ocean I did to me but when she does it to me you say you know don't ever stop or whatever it was. It was the I think they were saying that you deserve this. You deserve it but the hypocrisy that <hes> Siamese aim talks about on the main roster was a little bit what she talking about here. I thought that was great. I also like her cell job of after the be done afterwards and I mean the restaurant pick her up and she shelvin the ref off and just looking around like what are the fuck just happen here. You know what I mean. She couldn't like she was initiate pain but also like how in the fuck did that happen. You know like beating the fuck out of these people then all of a sudden fucking on my back what the fuck up here yeah and again and I said this in the article which you can find on Spanish nouns table Dot net but I keep saying amy tunnel like they just need to bring her up now but no they don't because what the fuck would they do in annexed t like it's weird. She's one of the best heels they have under their whole umbrella. I feel like and yeah that she's not on one of their main Rosser just odd in it just feels weird but but there's so much of constipation up on the main roster that it's you know. We didn't even see Naomi and they only I think is the best W._b.. I again. I think if you have four brands that you're running now n._F._C.. Tool five live the two main rosters right for brands that they're actively running. If you split your brains up properly your four top people will be spread across those brains you would have one of the top guys on annex t you guys onto five live but hey what do I know. Why do I know what do we get the next to you supposed to be that intermediary somme you pull that one out but whatever N._f._C. Championship Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole Bay Bay a little bit surprised Saddam cogos over you know mostly clean will say here? I mean well. It was I mean did he wouldn't. I didn't feel like there was no. I don't remember anything off the top of my head yeah. He won right clothing and he'll. He'll don't get me wrong but he didn't laugh hit him with the title with the REV was looking highly yeah. I think it's going to be an interesting story to tell for Johnny. Gargano remember before all <music>. This who's the champ because Tomasa Chop Zao Gargano and CIAMPA. We're going to the main roster so now does that mean Gorgon who's going back to the main roster because they have plans warm too because how do you he if anyone can. It's him but how do we come. I'm back from losing the title essentially clean to the dastardly. He'll that's the interesting part of what I WANNA see. The other thing that I think has to happen. Soon is Adam. Cole is just too fucking cool like there's there's a difference between being the Kevin Owens he'll where we kinda like him but he still does enough things that I wanna Boo and now Adam Cole the whole fucking crowd yell and Bay and the boom and all the shit it like he's a baby face. Now you know what I mean so we just need to do the whole and again he c._W.'s my reference point but the whole R._v. De Checkout fucking cool. I am no one's cooler than me. Don't you know it and we all go yes. It's like you don't have to you don't have to do the this town sucks bullshit like that dated out. You know he'll thing but just keep them the same and have the he'll start wrestling them. That's what I want. You just Keep Adam Cole in the undisputed era the exact same we're going to start chilling cheering him consistently and then he goes against the forgotten friends real and then you're not doing anything different for the undisputed era but now they're baby faces because fuck yeah. We always wanted him to be baby-faced. They can walk that line. You just have to book around it right. They do the same characters in and be either towards just who's the protagonist antagonists but it's it's getting to the point white were overwhelmingly. Adam Cole getting cheers right. We're all doing baby like I said we're all doing. The finger the thumb to the head saying boom were all doing <hes> fucking cool shit and the hand signals like twelve year olds. It's like Louis make him a baby already. I agree but that was interesting in I mean I thought it was good show. They always knock those takeovers out of the park. I'm GonNa Watch this Knicks inex- team because that's where we said it starts to go <hes> all right like is there enough juice to keep his going week to week. Yeah Yeah I annexed takeovers as a standalone show have always been awesome have always been great. The weekly shows have never been anything disliked but it's also never been apppointment viewing. There's been only a handful of times where they've made their weekly. Show something I have to see an announcement debut a match something but something has to happen with their weekly show for these takeovers for me to really get home. Let me pose a tweet the table to you at be underscored double underscored de says so we can give the bucks shit about being to fake but Gargano has his head spiked on the floor and kicks out to word word is cool that Hashtag with table. I am not the biggest Gargano in the ring fan. If I mean gas for that same reason I've same I've enjoyed every single one of the Champa Gargano matches because I feel like they're a little less that Redman's it. There's other matches. I definitely feel it's a lot of that young style right. It's the I'm over here. I'm over here. Hope Mahan Jump Spin. Oh we both miss kicked. Oh I ducked under oh right like like okay guys. I get your all fast and quick again again you can do you can matrix great well think about how Revolutionary Dean Malingco and Eddie Guerrero are where essentially they created the fifteen move set you know that counter the counter the counter the counter and then we stare at each other in the crowd goes crazy they started that twenty five years ago or something and now we're still doing it with the young bucks and Gargano and CIAMPA Ricochet Osprey and all this shit I just think about how revolutionary de Malingco and Eddie Guerrero Oh and the Ramos psychosis of the world art because they really started at all of that yeah I mean I think we ask them guys those people that they list as their yeah definitely I. I'm hoping that as is the pendulum swings back to more believable violence from pro wrestling that we can stop with the I hit them with three as any kicked out to like fuck off one of the things 'cause I always think about again because that's where my brain is is. If you go back to e c w one nightstand with Mike Awesome and Tanaka they fucking do everything horrible to each other right. Tanaka got a power bomb to the outside through a table but J._B._l.. Up there was giving them shit and the first thing he did with every big move is he just throws his shoulder out and he goes out at two because he knows that look the craziest coolest fucking doc and move doesn't end it and that's where again going back to that ladder match with the street profits that I thought was so cool is a fucking cool move. That's not your finisher ends the match we need to have a little bit more more of like the viral moment ends the shit. We don't need kickout it to brace it less predictable. I I know you're trying to sell stuff and you're trying to to ping things in people's sub-conscious hair her but like it irregular fight fighters don't have a finisher because that's not how fight works. It's opportunistic right like you take the moment as it presents itself in you strike however you can yeah Dan Henderson was so Torius for only doing one thing and that was a huge overhand right and he would knock you out if he won with that over handwrite eighty percent of the time but the other twenty percent was grounded pound or a submission or it was a verbal tap from strikes like there were things that he could also do maybe not predominantly you would also see him finish matches with to agree with a guy who does like the fancy himself as the smartest guy in the business a lot. Jim Ross <hes> he's right because you slow it down a little right like then you'd have to do so many of these moves. They're more believable. When you do like you're saying it doesn't have to be five hundred moves and then I see the finisher seven times and finally we you know what I mean? It happens if you so it now you can tell the story easier. It's about the story or you could just surprised me with the new move that makes me go like wow that's cool right. It can be wow that's cool and it ends it. I don't need I don't need feels sometimes sometimes and this is more of a general statement about pro wrestling as a whole but I don't need finisher two one two three or schoolboy roll up. I feel like those are the only two ways to finish a matches all I got him by a roll up one-two-three. Isn't that crazy yeah yeah. That was crazy. When one-two-three kid did it's razor Ramon on raw in one thousand nine hundred ninety five or whatever year it was another one? You have to use sparingly yeah. We don't need either roll up or finisher one to Gimme something different <hes>. That's why I thought the Kenny Omega Chris Jerk match was so cool as because Chris Jericho did a spitting back elbow he names it Judas Affect or whatever the fuckers fault any Wednesday match. That's fucking cool. I don't need Matt. I don't need the whole crowd road to camp three because they also are in on the fucking thing they can be surprised to. You know like I agree and so yeah I do feel that with Gorgon aside. I don't think you're wrong. There Be Double D. I mean unless you're a less you're saying it's okay. We should also be giving the Bug Shit Shit but I disagree Shit Yeah <hes> we won't hit Ron smackdown much because we want you to go to the websites fish unstable dot net read some of those and it was all lead up to super showdown anyway and that's what we're GonNa really talk about but we did WANNA hit on to a couple of things here the firefly funhouse which we don't think we'll make much of an appearance at super showdown boy. It got a little bit weirder this week I loved this was the fucking crazy <hes> peewee Herman Weird Shit though the thing I immediately said emily after we watched the segment because I make her watch with me because you know their ha but the first thing I said. Is that something that would be on adult swim. Yes you ever watch adult swim one o'clock warning and it's like I love but it's weird as shit and again. That's a human cartoon with the fucker watching it felt like peewee Herman's two thousand nineteen adult adult swim cartoon show. There's just so many things there's like a a pig vomiting up. It's Ebola fluids I think and then they're like Yeah Husky. The pig is Husky hair as the host says the fucking devils and then he dancing at that Wyatt. Jim Shirt has great which is for cell on Shop W._W.. Dot Com which I thought was funny and then the other thing that I think is really low. Key fascinating is it's all being voiced over by bray why it's Zayas if he has voiceover people you can tell that spray white's voice trying to be Vince or trying to be a witch well and then they snuck the one thing in there where it got duck for a second right like the again that's at adult swim thing we're like was funny any order book in a real cult leader. I don't know the Hell I'm looking at here. I thought it was crazy. Crazy cool fund loved it as fanny pack was awesome <hes> shirts cool. I might get the shirt just because fuck it. It was so oh left field interesting again. I don't know how are we going to get this to the ring yeah yeah. How are we going to get this to? The ring is a very cause to someone come to him. Does he go to someone I can think of one person firm to go to yeah because who well someone keeps cutting these dark moody promos says I want. Let's just get the shit in because you know nothing's going to challenge with do it so yes and no but the problem is your both. I think they both got plans for those guys to be on the up so you can't really I mean you don't need a Finnish. Just hadn't bump into each other. That's what I mean yeah. I'm a little the Alastair blacks of he's good right like he can his his conversation like the the promos he's cutting or good dislike. It must supposed to kick behind this guy. That's just like hanging out here in the dark room until somebody will show up confiming mhm go like would you go fucking. Pick a fight yourself out like shut. I think it's building to that. I think it's someone come fight me. Someone come fight me okay cool. I gave everyone the opportunity for one person to get this ass whooping gateway you all are fucking. He comes out there and Yellen coves coming to all of you right yeah and you just the way I would do that. Excuse me the way I would do that. Is You. Do the comedy Gimmick Make Twenty four seven thing where the battery oil you know lumberjack bullshit that they did this week and they're all fighting lights. Go Out Alastair Blacks in the middle of the fucking ring and everyone gets murdered. Everyone gets murdered. I ah lay out my idea for the twenty four seven title in in one of the articles up on pension unstable dot net also yes you deal yes but that's what I would do. I would have him and then Dan from there again. Maybe I'm getting too too to far ahead of myself and into the woods a little bit but just applied for the right to position so I'm getting into it but this is what I would do three more weeks of Alastair Black demanding someone fights them knowing fucking does it then you do the twenty four seven thing where they're all on the ring are truth in allies doing like a tug of war thing lights go out middle of the ring sitting as he does. His cross-legged style sits Alastair Black everyone kind of looks at him. He does like backroll or a front role to get to speed essentially gets to a speed. Everyone gets fucking murdered. Everyone gets stuck in chicks clears the ring he standing in the ring. We're all like Dow was fucking awesome desert sauce on that you know 'cause you'd have them. Do all the like the top level bullshit moves that he can do and then that's when you have the fuck in witch from these firefly fun houses laughing and invade paid black and you go what the fuck is vast and then you don't mention it for three weeks then you have fucking bray why go to raw and then he fucks with Apollo cruise or someone and then again another four to five weeks later Alastair Black. Maybe fucking does something in the firefly funhouse. Wait a minute was analyst your black and then we get the payoff at a huge pay. Per View is Apollo crews on the <hes> is he the new Hawkins and that guy just yeah well. You know who's a real hawkins. It feels like Sammy's aim. Tell me last time he saw museum win. Leave him when he came back to this hades fun to see same Zane. He lost a thin Baylor so tell me last time scenes things you want to match yeah good <hes>. Here's something our last week the table that is is an interesting thing that I hadn't thought of yet and it may lead us in the Super Shoda of Katie. First Lady at Kitty First Lady says unless something happens at super showdown. There's a story here that Biggie was once in Sigler's corner when he won the world title in two thousand thirteen and that is not been addressed address yet again unless something happens Friday has take tweet the table. I think that'd be awesome wouldn't that be is so super showdown Biggie Health Dolf win the title Yep Hugest fucking story they would have going yeah because guess what Kevin Owens actually didn't hurt biggies me big aegis faked it because this was the plan the entire time to get Dauphin the picture and then him and doffed back together again yeah and then even uh even the Zane and could be you know I mean running with them even like that could all in part of the plan the whole Biggie <hes> you know the the whole big. Oh like all part of the plan. Oh now it's a faction right. It's doll biggie <music> Owens Zane. Yeah I love that that even just biggie Dolf yeah as a great story to tell to just say yeah and big ease whole whole motive is yet it should have been ziglar and not Kofi Kofi. Were never good enough. I was the one that always had to carry you. As soon as you get the title I get forgotten about you. Replace me with Kevin Owens relief. I'm going to people who stayed loyal to me and you know who stayed loyal to me disguise and then you go back and you show when Ziglar one title from del Rio and you say look who was the first guy to celebrate with Ziglar it was me we've always been tight. We've had our differences but we always best friends at the end of the day or something something like that and then boom. That's what you say yeah. That'd be great. I got another theory of what Friday means. Let's get in to get into the title picture specifically. Let's not go chronological so let's go into. I because I've got a theory. The Seth rollins Barron Corden match first off Hootie GATT. What do you think about this? I think seth rollins would win this unless he made out come away with it if they somehow do a money in the bank think I could see them off but I definitely don't think Barron Corbin wins the universal title. I definitely agree with you. However I think we get something to this effect very similar to have Monday went where <hes> seth rollins is beating up Barron Corbin? We get brock listeners music right seth rollins <hes> looks to the big screen or whatever the megatonne whatever the fuck recalling it Barron Corbin then starts to get over on him because W._W._e.. Loves the schoolboy roll up <music>. Seth rollins still gets the school boil up and then as he wins he still looking at the screen. Nothing happens right so brock listener. Just what the focus eh break listeners just fucking with me. Put that come on you said Friday you're going to cash in and then you get Paul Heyman to walk walk out and you just laughs and then he goes back to the back again and then that's the end of the segment we what the fuck was at that was weird right so now let's get into the second match Kofi Kingston versus Dov Ziglar so I'll tell you I picked because it goes along with that story line you get Kofi and Dolf Ziglar do a five star. Whatever you WANNA call that match right seven finishers kickout six finisher kickout Blah Blah Blah after a long fought victory yeah after a long fought fight <hes> Kofi Kingston keeps his title right? I'm the champion. No music heads brock listener comes from the fucking crowd goes into the Ring F- Fives Kofi Kingston. When he takes that title and goes that's what I meant by Friday yeah I yes? I do think the swerve of the money in the bank cash in is that it's on Kofi if it were comes soon with these two teams I I do think that <hes> I I wouldn't even be I wouldn't even be shocked if long-term story plan for W._W._e.. Again is to have a unification where it's the universal versus W._W._e.. At summer for slim yeah and I I still out an idea there to some of the <hes> the articles on there that you should check out there. Yeah I <hes> yeah I don't know man <hes> as far as that goes with covy and Dolf off titles yeah I do think they're going to. I think there's a unification coming at some point is what I feel like and I feel like it's GonNa involve rocking that money in the bank. That's my dealing with all of it. There really is all right. Let's run through some of this card <hes> who so's revival Russo's. I think it was mostly just because I think those are the best and I just want him to win. Everything why I think they're the best and I think that if you've been watching just paper views alone it would make no fucking sense they can beat the smackdown tag team champions but can't be the non number one contender tag team on raw. They what the fuck is at about so. I think they'll win this as well. Lars is gonNA destroy the Lucia House party which just I mean come on like this past week we saw the arm wrestling competition between on and Bobby Lashley and it went back to the old school days of you know a big John Stud problem orndorff and all that stuff and that's great and I like to a lot but this just screams like this is a waste of our time. We all know it's GonNa Happen. Yeah I did like Lars finally speaking and giving us a little nugget right does not like being called a freak right now. You can use that that aplenty moving forward right yeah make him simple make him the hunchback Notre Dame where we're fucking sympathetic to this guy. I don't need to see a Goddamn big asshole burr like just make me fuel sorry for him on how to use that even with him still is a heel and the not liking you know what I mean the term freak to get some genuine heat on stuff like that but yeah I mean. I think you know otherwise I yeah I. I'm tired of the BRO because I'm Grazie is mash man <hes> broad stroman and Bobby Lashley Bobby Lashley with everything right no Braun Bronwyn everything remember the first time they did this show it it was Braun strowman holding up a fucking weird title for that fifty man batter oil and the next year he won another guy. Damn big thing Braun is Braun is the Saudi Arabian Andre the giant. You know what I mean like for the Saudis audio use their Andre the giant fifty men better oil but I don't see any listing of like who's in that thing now everyone that doesn't matter of course anyway yeah. I don't think they've listed names just so they can figure out who they can actually make they can come up and yeah. It doesn't get sick because they drink the fucking water or some weird shit. <hes> yeah stroman wins Roman reigns Shane McMahon Roman reigns with yeah. I like Shane McMahon and in charge and using guys. I'm a little worried that like drew McIntyre is not the guy they need to be using because he doesn't need that extra. You know what I mean like. He's we would if he was more the focal point right. If Shane was if the battle was Roman reigns and drew McIntyre Shane's egging it on us like the Heenan would write different story but this is Roman Shane and he's just he's Tyson Tomko <hes> you know what I mean like. It's just not working for him. Yeah the the tweak that I would make with this is make Shane McMahon the final level ultimate boss and the storyline and not have Shane be so eager to get into a match like hey on your boss. I'm not wrestling you again. I and I remember I don't fight you yeah and then could be to up. We've seen it but I don't have to Everett. He does the spear and all that stuff right like I see what I can do to you. I've wanted to you know but every time shame gets you no challenge dramatic. She's like you're an idiot you work for me. I don't do that but you lead it to a point where he has no choice but to fight Roman reigns right but I would make I would make drew McIntyre two things one I would hearken back to the shows in one when Vince McMahon said he was the chosen one I would go back more to that. Were Shane was like my dad sell something new and so do I you are the Chosen One and the second part of this and this would take longer than just Friday but I would have to wear Roman reigns almost couldn't get past drew McIntyre like Shane was was taking all of his focus that every time he wrestled drew McIntyre he lost because it was shame with a distraction or Shane with some type account down to the final boss he can't get to the final boss so that when he finally does beat drew McIntyre you're like Holy Shit. He really beat drew McIntyre and then now there's only one thing left to do buddy and it's fucking fight then Paul also then leaves drew McIntyre looking like a soup cream bad ass right like this yeah you have you know like when brock listener and Braun Strowman. It's also happened to gets buried by all loved furniture thing. That's the type of match that drew McIntyre should lose is a last man standing while he didn't really you know get these it was that his hands retired or something so believable. When that guy stands to anybody else here like yeah he should fucking the ship out of everybody yeah so I would make it more video game? Ask where drew McIntyre's that level that you took forty tries to finally beat and after you beat the game it wasn't the accomplishment of beating the game it. It was the accomplishment of that one level that took her so much that you beat the boss in one soupy like Shit. It took me the second guy fourteen yeah exactly all right Intercontinental Championship Fin Valor Andrade. I don't care what so ever like. I forgot this as a thing I don't. I'm not behind this at all either <hes> but it's been ballard no yeah Andrade wins. I think with the title let me go well. I think they said that fins the demon here because it's wrestlemainia policy say the demon yet nearby yeah so the demon always wins which again you're undefeated as the fucking demons. Why don't you just stay Goddamn Demon? Why would you risk why would you wrestle? Is anything else if you're fucking undefeated as demon dumped shit <hes> uh but I think the reason this match is not the focal point that it should be is K.. Fabian it or you know shooting here. I think fin took some vacation time and that kind kind of killed the storyline outta sight outta mind. Don't tell me day excited in Ireland or something <hes> well. We cover Kofi. Doll you think cove is GonNa win but get cashed in on. He thinks he's GonNa win. I Kofi he's GonNa win. Although I wish they would swerve Dolphin I think seth wins Ooh what have Dolf wins and brock cashes in Dolf. It's like fuck you bitch. You had this moment deny all because then yeah like the new day could ride off ziglar about that and then you'd have the new day and then Dolph Sammy Kevin Owens could fuck and take them all right yeah yeah then and then dolf would have more legitimacy to like this spot should be mind you ask guys and then fucking him and then like Brock's even like what are you going to and he's like a Shiite well then maybe he tries to scheme something. I see there's so many angles you could do that. They just don't it feels like they just don't China oh triple h Randy Orton okay so the moment when they almost broke on his balls comment was fun like goes like all right that was fun to watch and triple. H recovered well right had his own little zinger back right. It's like honestly to burden fucking <hes> but I guess I duNNo. I feel like triple. H Wins because they think the people Saudi Arabia WanNA see triple. H You know right is fucking Harley out of there something yeah. I you know whatever I think you know what I mean. I either going to go yeah. I'm GonNa go Orton just because he's still an active air quotes pose yeah <hes> triple H is lost in Saudi already right. He Lost Johnson on the show told you you know I don't know if you caught this but this is supposed to be a wrestlemainia equivalent. Show Termoli Loses Wrestlemainia too. Well you know who doesn't undertaker <hes> he's taken on Goldberg hate. I kinda. I I even say this article but that Goldberg's about was not as bad as I thought it is going to be. His promos are way better than his first run right now that he's a guy yeah and his promo compared to undertaker was like and he looked like a fucking straight bad ass fucking zip intervals like Shit. I kind of want Gobert. Go be discussing yeah. I liked it. It's GonNa be undertaker but I live right yeah. It's going to be under <hes> but for what yet I typically never did like Goldberg. I mean that's been well document on on the show too but I was like that bad Gobert House that was good in my opinion. If this was the Goldberg in Ninety eight I'm team W W this Gobert they can talk and back to nineteen ninety eight physicality reality simplistic and not over ton right like get your jockstrap strap that thing on tight right right. I was like Oh shit and I don't think that was a line written forum. He came up with said end with you're GONNA kick his ass all right well put jockstrap on what the because it makes zero sins except for a meathead former football player and you're like well yeah. That's probably something the fucking said back there when their circle jerking. I Dunno yeah not bad so maybe I'll check this out. I don't know that this is one that will catch the whole match or anything because you know it's for us here and the states. It's on during the workday. I'm a fucking working on. Put this on my second screen my second monitor under and having enough and probably watching it and right if anyone asked I'm doing you know type on my fucking computer. The trick is pull your notification screen down headphones in people and pull the notification screen screen down real quick and all that you've got to text from mom right. It is probably from me more likely but hey you know probably some stupid gift that I sent all right on that note Tom. What do you think anything else before? We close this up before we close are super show down <hes> I tyler right no van I mean this week wasn't bad. I don't think raw was bad. I don't think smackdown bad. I don't care about this. Saudi show the bid rumor is that there could be potentially a women's match because it's been reported that both Alexa Bliss and Natty <hes> flew out with the rest of the male roster so maybe we see that I guess that's cool. I mean for progress it. That's what we're GONNA say. It is <hes> need Jon Moxley. I was excited about that was pretty cool. I hope he doesn't turn into took the indy version of A._J.. Styles where you just never loses now you know I think he's GonNa take on the bad boy. Joe Legionella think he wins that <hes> which is cool and that Promo that he did on Joey Vanilla where he's like Oh. Do you think you're the one that wants to die like you. You WanNa die in the ring that was before I was here as crazy as be. We're GONNA fuck and find out we said this I think leading into we're doing our picks. Thanks for all in we said cody the hottest name you know on dependence on the independence or I think we've said biggest then we determine what does that mean right but boy dean ambrose came out gun in for that real quick yeah well. He did yeah he did the W._W._e.. Burial in the two thousand nineteen way to do it right because the way we got so exhausted of the W._W._e.. Burial was the way Damien sandow did it on impact where he's like. I'm here to make an impact because I was held down by those guys over here and it was in as geared is standing a ring by himself and it was microphone was like we've heard this nine times yeah yeah Damien Sandow. The Dow is also Christian cage was all so rhino was also a Jeff Hardy and T._N._A.. Like we heard it but dean or John Whatever we're GONNA. Let's start on John. John did it like hey people. Listen to podcasts that can be a little bit more shoot. Long form won't be so awkward. I won't do it on my own because that means it'll be yeah won't be lines and it can go viral right. He did it the perfect way and then these videos these promos that he did the first one where the paradigm shift then the smoking one Joey Danila the end in a promo he cut on Joey Danilo where it's like Moxley wrestling news is oh shit and they get. I hate to pick condie young bucks. I really do don't but the worst one was the young bucks. When did you see that these dumb fucking idiot this is the thing I don't like about like there to Meta? It's too like the melter driver right because we all know Dave Meltzer is stop being so in the bubble what they did in this quick little ten second promo is nick put out a fist and Matt was like Oh Yeah Yeah Okay and he put out his fist this and they're like eager and they're staring and then they wanted out the camera and Jon Moxley standing there and he's like guys. I'm not doing that and then he walks off because they wanted to do the shield thing and it was like hey that's what we're trying to get away from right like again and the bubble bullshit that what drew me in the interest is you guys the build up to all in and then double nothing and I and <hes> which I think is what I meant to say earlier when I call it all in <hes> is it presented itself as the cool alternative and I don't mean here's the problem with the word cool in two thousand nineteen is everybody's got their own definition for that right the comic Makonde kids have what they think is cool right. We've got to come over the new term for what I described earlier about. The street profits where everybody knows. They're the cool fucking guys in the room right right. That's what double or nothing and all in was presenting itself. Ask you guys are nothing close to that. When you do shit like that right that's nerdy dorky which learning Dorky can be calling the nerdy and Dorky realm but that's not what you guys have been presenting fas- over here right right like I've been led to believe this is the cool shit over here does going right sticking your fucking food? Well my my my aggravation with it is hey weaken address the elephant in the room that is W._w._e.. And that's fine and we can poke fun when asked right so like when cody Rhodes talked about how ugly the twenty four seven championship is. I get it right like that's GonNa get some clicks and that's relevant but let's not make take everything like we're not them like you're not supposed to be then but you're not supposed to tell me that you're not then that makes you not fucking cool. When all you're doing is poking the bear? Well yeah when you're like avenue. Make Fun of them. You're destroying just drawing attention to like Oh so you're not the big dog here right like you're the right yeah and again. It's a nitpicky thing but all the Moxley promos that one was the weakest and it's because it just was a dumb stupid stupid shot that didn't need to be taken. You don't have to go this far but there's a reason W._w._e.. McMahon don't mention their competitions right because while the fact that guy you're yeah yeah right yeah you just giving credence credence to the other fucking thing so just be you and be like Oh shit. This is fucking cool. That's wind because what if somebody news catching the Senate's never heard W._W._e.. Right and you keep mission enough. They're gonna go what and then they go. Oh my God look at this thing. It's fucking three times the size it's an international traveling circus. I love the fuck these other people all right cracker barrel bullshit could happen you. There's a reason the mainstream is the mainstream. Here's another thought I have real quick quick before we finish up here. I cannot wait until T._N._T.. Gets their hands on the fucking production of a w because again. I like what Jon Moxley described as I didn't have to get clearance from fifteen different people do a promo. Just did it in thirty seconds if there was a little thing you know messy here. That's fine because it's genuine. That's what it looks like and I agree. That's one hundred percent right however you're fucking skits like the young books did with the cracker barrel thing <hes> here the fucking wind more than I hear you talking. That's a problem that's that's laziness right now. I'm okay again. I'm okay when you know cody's being interviewed viewed backstage after his match with Dustin and you might see in the background. Tommy Dreamer walked by right. That's okay because again traveling circus it would make sense. There's not just you back here. There's everyone flight. I need to do one see what showing to hear what you're saying and number three most importantly but the other two are very important but three need to know why you're telling me these things things like those are the that's the Trinity Promo. I want to know why in care kind of one in the same I wanna hear it and I want to see it. It's all fucking things. That's only three things you have to worry about well. You know what I wanna hear what I WANNA see Tom is all of our fans ends <hes> sending a suggestions <hes> media blitz on how we can get Steve Austin to interview on Episode Three Hundred Sixteen of the Spanish announce table three weeks away <hes> in the meantime go check out the website Spanish announced table Dot net for the fresh new articles <hes> this will also post youtube videos of the podcast <hes> that kind of stuff <hes> anything else Tom for we get out of here man now man. I'm good that was my little mini. Rant is every week after hate on the young bucks. That's it's my obligation so I did it. What percentage of episodes are that? You've said something negative about the young bucks. I wonder if it's seventy plus early on. I was trying to like this really for a while alright. Thanks and I was kind of like dad whatever but then when I did the whole pro wrestling isn't a sport thing that's when it took off so good couple years I'd say forty five percent of episodes have at least one young bucks dig and I'm okay with Eh all right well. Let's see what happens next week. When we return to the Spanish announce table fun fact the XBOX xbox three sixties red ring of death was such a widespread issue nearly thirty percent percent consoles failed in two thousand seven repairs cost Microsoft more than one point one five billion dollars the Spanish announce table five our T. with caffeine caffeine from green tea leaves? 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