95: To Preen Or Not To Preen: Friday, May 23rd, 2020


Good morning millennials. Welcome back to the morning host. It is a nice enough Friday here New York City the beginning of a long weekend for a lot of us. Hey Claude hey you dirty. I'm doing okay. Thank you so much for asking ominous happy and bright Friday morning here in New York City have left my house. You know in two weeks and whatever you know. There's really nothing to say anymore. There's nothing to say anymore but I'm excited that this weekend is different from other weekends because it is long weekend. We're not doing a show on Monday. We should have been camped host right now and for that like might become. We'll have this cloud over it of like the camp CBS' Aren't happening that are happening in a parallel universe. But not in this universe But I'm excited for a three day weekend in the queue. Yeah no. It's like a three day weekend in the queue is like. I guess cause like you don't have to like setting alarm or expand your day zooming but I don't know something about it. Makes me even more sad knowing that the potential because if this was a regular three day weekend like I would be hitting the town? Oh my God we would have big big plans I actually. We would have been an toast. We turned his plans of them. All I know that's really killing me and like now. My time hop is giving me so many like camp does feels and it's devastating yeah. I hope that I'm able to get some sunshine this weekend. Maybe another sunburn. That would be so exciting. It Really I. My son has faded but the memories have not and I'll never forget my time in the sun and I would. I'd like to go back there. Yeah that's the thing about memories. They never said No. No unless you're like me and they always stayed 'cause you don't remember anything right or but like the good ones day I feel like now. It'd be a good time for me to remind everyone that might comedy special is available for pre letter on I tunes. It's available at the Lincoln. My Bio on my girl with no job instagram. Thank you to everyone who has purchase it and left to review. If you WANNA leave review. That'd be great. It also would be a great time for me to remind you what today's word of the day is. Oh yes. Please Preen P. R. E. N. Preemies vibes the definition being of a bird to groom bill especially by rearranging the Barbs. Barbuda's of the feathers and by distributing oil from the European guile Gland Mariam. One day word of the day for Mary Webster is not GonNa work for us because these are too obscure rewards like there are still so many words that we don't know that are like actual real big words. We don't need to be learning about birds of a feather faulk together. Okay but that definition is like really weird the other definitions make more sense. It's to dress to smooth oneself up like to primp or to make oneself sleek so like. I don't know I'm GONNA hit the town. I might as well preen myself. That doesn't sound Nice. Like if I'm going to say preen and I'm two letters in I'm going to say primp not totally. Pren- is like such an unnecessary word. But we don't argue with Merriam Webster. I Dunno she's sometimes like she's a funny one but I feel as though we need to consider our sources. I feel like the Merriam Webster. It's like she's been doing that for years now. So she's like all out of words and we're just the beginning of our word of the day so they could have more accessible words okay. I'll look into an APP for today. Let's at least try to get premium there. Well I definitely preened myself up this morning. Because it's just it's been like my my current crotch in the queue. Is you in my hair lipstick? Makeup like it's just something to do. I I think about two months just forgoing my looks and I got over it. Pretty Fast Yeah. I've not gone over it. That's like the one benefit of quarantine for me as I never really liked doing my hair and makeup so not having to do it for zoom makes me feel better but the fact that like year now on this. Glam like moment. I'm sorry you're not on this preened moment. It's a little annoying because it's just only highlighting. How ugly I am and how frizzy. My hair is No I mean like I disagree. I think that you look great. And at least you're not like stuck with Malik sick on at the end of this and having to deal with that that's true having to deal with the consequences of a matlab sick but to each their own cloud in it just at the end of the day. It's whatever it takes to get used to no judgments. This is a judgement free zone. Well it's really not but who's judging you know like not me like I spent this show judging other people. That's like the whole premise of the show. Oh I guess I guess yeah So for those. Who are tuning in. We're going to recap real housewives of New York today which aired last night and this week's episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills. That was on Wednesday. That we didn't get a chance to recap yesterday so those will be at the end of the show in addition to delivering everything you need to now. Yeah and I think I think it's time we can get right into it. Let everyone out on their long weekends. Fila fabulous barbecues. Fire pits will parties. Whatever you guys are doing those of you who don't live in New York City. Plus you jealous of you okay. So let's get into it without further ado. Here are the stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toasts. I've to say great. The first story is really some big music. News definitely framed how? I got ready this morning because rain on me. Lady Gaga Arianna `Grande Unleash Diba monsoon. Their new song is out. There's been a lot of height. We know the Lady Gaga record comes out soon. I think it's next week. But in the meantime she dropped her Arianna Collab- and it's a big long and it doesn't disappoint in my no. It doesn't disappoint by any means. I just thought it would be like a little better. It's by no means a bad song. I just have a very high bar for Lady Gaga. Especially when she's in her element like dance club rate music and to me. The the song just lacked a little bit of like substance. There was no real like waiting for something to happen. It was still a good Song Jim but I just thought I just. I don't know my expectations were a little higher. Yeah I really liked it. I didn't really have expectations because I assumed that it was going to be over hyped in that there was no way that the lady Gaga Song that winds up dropping is going to be everything that I needed to be so I kind of leveled expectations and when I heard it. I was just so excited. I think it's so good but I've only listen to it a handful of time so I don't know yet and this is how we felt about stupid law like I listened to it a few times. It seems like a nice song. I don't know how to live with it yet and stupid love like so much better than I ever thought that it was after hearing it a few times so. I believe that this song will grow on me. Think it's exciting. I think. Now this music really symbolized like a point in the queue where it's like okay. Now we are turning towards. I dance and that anthem music like we are going down. A positive road yeah. It's very hard for me to evaluate music upon hearing a song for the first time like I feel like some of my favorite songs in the world. I listened to and didn't like in the beginning. It's I don't understand people who can listen to a song it'd be like it's amazing or it sucks like. I don't know how I truly feel about a song until I have heard it like five or ten times. No I completely agree. And that's what I don't understand. Music critics like you album reviews the album. They listened to it. And you just don't know a song until you know how how sticky it is in your head yet or like how it's built like I just. I hear a song and listening. I'm not entirely sure where the first starts where the course ends like you need to live with a song especially in album. I agree with album. Critics like that's the hardest job in the world and at the same time. Like just critics in general. Like art is so subjective. Like what makes your opinion more valuable than mine. Yeah and time. It's so funny I like I've been. I was listening to reputation last yesterday. And when it came out when the whole album came out we love the whole album. There were some songs that were that. We love more than others but like the songs that I didn't like I think now are the best ones with the most times if all love even but what you made me do. At the time it was kind of a letdown because it builds and builds and builds. And then it's like not there but the songs not about the chorus and just takes some time to develop that wisdom to appreciate the song for what it is. No and I don't want to discourage you from ever saying positive things about Taylor Swift. But I don't think Taylor Swift has ever released a piece of music. That isn't phenomenal. Except for look what you made me do like. I think it's just not a good song but I think that there was meaning behind it for her like she just needed to get the message out like she didn't really care about anything else other than what the words were saying. So I'll allow it and I know some people like an saying that this is by any means like fact. I'm just saying might have been in like I think it is bad song. I just think it was ahead of its time. I think we hadn't heard from her in a few years. We were so like when we got song firm her. We didn't know what their reputation era was going to be. We just came off ninety nine. And that's what we got like this angry sort of song and it took us years almost to like figure out this song and now with those years in my pocket like I think that's always so amazing whole album is just like it's a like a love eight. It's a song about. It's an album about cancel culture. Like I can't think about as anything else like I think. It is so person into the times like she was a crusader against gansel culture before any of us even had the word canceled culture in our vocabulary. No I completely agree. She is truly like an artiste and a a philosopher. And I'm getting to a point in my life where I think that reputation might be my favorite album. People are having that experience. I've been hearing that a lot within the fandom. I'm so happy for you. I love going on a journey with music. It's like because sometimes like certain albums while they may be good like you can't relate to them yet you're not at that point in your life or you're just in a different place but sometimes like a lot of music especially Taylor swift like her. Music is evergreen so you can go back in her catalog and like go back to something that you might not have understood when it happened. But now you're living it and you can relate to it you know. Yeah it's just it's so good and that's why so. That's where I'm at with music and even though I like this lady Gaga Arianna Guy. May Song asked me in three weeks totally like I love and then s though well like I love how well as me in three weeks and then asked me again in three years. We'll do. I'll make a mark my calendar. Perfect thank you okay. Are you ready for our next story? Little Development from Mary. Kate Olsen's divorce saga because she's a headed to the Hamptons in three hundred twenty five thousand dollar rental. Excuse me Oh oh. I'm sorry that made. It seem like the car she was driving to. The handwriting was three hundred and twenty five thousand dollar rent on like. I don't even know what kind of car you could rent for that. But you can rent a house for that yes. I'm sorry that was confusing and also like maybe she is in a three hundred twenty nine thousand dollar car but I know she's in a three hundred twenty five thousand dollar house. She is headed to elect hamptons rental for the summer. Sources told page six. She just lost an emergency petition for divorce. In with seeking to continue using the couple's Hamptons home as well as grammercy apartment and in East Forty Ninth Street address. They live on forty ninth street. It's not very like Sheikh for America. Take she's a soho girl. Forty ninth street is just a random street like no matter where you are in New York. City streets are random on the east side popping on the west side. That's true but forty nine. Forty nine is just interesting but it also depends like is she by the UN or is she in house kitchen. She's east forty ninth street so she's more U. N. Turtle Bay Vibes. She just like a post. Grad millennial living in Murray Hill is America Olson. A Turtle Bay Queen Way. This is. Maybe it's just like a property that day own an investment property. Wait I'm sorry. I skipped over the first half of the sentence. Well I said it but I didn't register it. She was continuing using the she was trying to use. The couples Hamptons home as well as their grammercy apartment. And in East Forty Ninth Street Address. So they live in gramercy they have a place in. Turtle Bay Instill Weird Still. But that's not where she's been living as commuting to the row office from Forty Ninth Street and for those who may not be familiar with the New York neighborhoods. There's just certain neighborhoods. That like where you live says a lot about like A. That's why I feel a lot of that doesn't translate in real houses of New York like if you don't get it why everyone's so annoyed with having to go below canal street like if you live up town like you never go downtown and forty ninth street especially on the east side is lovely. It's Berry residential. It's very It's actually quite a affordable so it just is weird like most rich people in New York. They either like on the upper east side upper west side. Soho them big lofty now. Tribeca like certain areas are chic for celebrities. Forty Nine Street. Turtle Bay is very much like a post Grad after College Murray Hill. I'm sure you've heard of Murray Hill. It's similar to Murray Hill. It's not particularly like edgy. Your fabulous it's just like a nice place to live and when Kate Olsen. I don't think of her in Murray Hill but maybe because her husband's brother was some sort of and maybe they may needed a place by the UN. Maybe yeah. I was thinking that too because he was a diplomatic vibe. Yeah he was a political figure. Yeah that is just so interesting but no I think. She was primarily living in gramercy. At where like Theo? Living in the sack if you're watching on youtube the is about to plop down in the sack. He's finding his art plop he went. Wow that was beautiful to watch. Are you so proud? I guess I mean he just continues to shake up my world every single day like literally. Last night I took a shower at with the and we sat down on the TUB and I cut his feet like he had so much. Areas hasn't hasn't gotten a haircut in three months. My Tub is now completely clogs literally with with dog hair. I don't know how to get rid of it. I can't call handyman then. Took a shower this morning. The show his dirty shower water is filled up to the top of the bathtub. I'm glad that sucks. Speaking of Harry creatures though Little redheads update because we talked about her hairy legs on this show. Ad Nauseam Dana. Got Rid of her leg in to say shaved because she actually mayard. Oh a good product. Yes she was concerned that like a razor would just break in the face of her legs so there and she. I know that I actually said she. She's a billionaire but she was adamant about using their and the and it really worked for her and I think she's like converted to using their for everything which is into when when I was in high school. I tried using narrow wants. It smelled so bad like I remember. We share about him. I stunk up the whole house. It's a good product but there is a fatal flaw in the smell. It's an interesting product because it's kind of a great idea but why don't more people use it because I've heard a lot of people having negative reactions to it like if you have any type of sensitivity when you're when it comes to your skin like you're breaking out and you're getting red dots and it's your legs feel like they're on fire? That's me. I have every sort of sensitivity when it comes to Mason. Yeah when I used it. I was so self conscious about my upper lip in like middle and high school and I wasn't allowed to do anything about it so I like secretly bought Nair at Dwayne Reed and tried to near my lip and I did get quite a burn from it because I left it on for too long show Now I just wax it all the time when I also have it right here in this little facial hair remover from Amazon. It's called the Something and it's fabulous. I use it all over my face. Nice very nice okay cool. Well Oh this next story some interesting news. Some interesting like industry news They want to get your thoughts on John Krasinski. Show some good news cells to Viacom. Cbs following a massive bidding war. So jonkers t started this feel-good web series In the queue and apparently it was for sale and there was a bidding war and now it sold to buy Com. Cbs and the series will have a multi-platform showcase across all the conglomerates brands through the actor writer producer and director. Though the actor writer producer director will no longer host it so He won't be hosting a show anymore yet. At like the idea of some good news just Mike. This revolutionary idea that is now sold. I can't explain why this bothers me so much but it just I think if I were to even try to explain why these types of formats like even miley cyrus bright minded which they all have good intentions. I'm not saying any of these. People are bad people they just set out to like make positive content and do good things with their platform and I really respect and appreciate that to me. It's just like stain your own fucking lane. It's like they're generally fucking a huge digital shows there are that don't get bought by by Viacom and have been going on longer than just the quarantine like it's just. How is anyone in the digital space every supposed to get ahead when celebrities are just like taking over? Hbo Max she has a cooking show. Selena Gomez like they're spreading themselves so thin an bothers me so much. I don't know if I'm just jealous. Which is very very possible. But it's just like it seems so hypocritical to me where it's like. There's two types of celebrities like traditional celebrities digital celebrities. And I think for a while and there still is. It's like if your digital celebrity. It's like you're not really that a-list like you're always a step below but now it's like these traditional stars are just coming in and taking our jobs. Yeah I I agree with what you're saying. Something about this just like rings annoying to me and it's not even it's not even Chelsea thing 'cause like obvious like it's just to complete even though I'm like advocating for digital web series which is technically what we do like. I just not thinking about ourselves at all But it isn't when he comes in next one show one day like there are so many different digital shows and like it just and there's this massive bidding wars if he's reinvented the wheel right like ninety two web series not to mention. It's not even the most original idea and I don't even know who had the first idea for a positive but like to me. This sounds like a rip off of the tanks good news and she's and was literally just built to positive news out there like there's so much negativity on the Internet and people love it like it's only been around for like one or two years but it's grown. It has millions of followers and to me. This seems like a fucking rip off. I completely agree when I when I first saw his show. I just thought of tanks good news and now I agree like he didn't invent a web series and he didn't invent like talking about good news so why is this. Such a revolutionary idea media conglomerates are clamoring for no and the more that I think about it the more. I realize it's entire thing is a rip off of like tank Sinatra's entire brand. He does all these videos like. He talks a lot about mental health and he has a huge focus on like positive. News and here comes Jonkers inskeep stealing tanks. Good news is job. Yeah well John Gruden's he won't be hosting it which is like wait so then why did you buy it like it's not a new idea? It's just a famous host that people like so you're not even gonNA use the famous host people like scenarios. Just going off of this old idea that you didn't have to buy his show to have this idea maybe they will get Ting Sinatra to host it and then all would be. Oh yeah to me. This is this. Whole story is just indicative of how antiquated certain media companies are like they can't even be forward thinking and the only way they'll ever do something like celebrities attached to it like there are people who fucking love John Krasinski. I don't even know if they would watch his show like I hadn't even heard of S G N until Tiktok made. They did a huge partnership with him and he was like the first video on. Tick Tock like the ad when you open the APP. So I hadn't even heard of it until then so tiktok invented John Krizan Skis. What you're saying. Essentially I wish I could put into more clear. Words like why this bothers me so much and I'm so curious if this bothers people as much as bothers me because I can't really explain it. It's just like stay in go. Hey you know. It bothers me Alternately it's a show about good news and I'm sure it'll be good but just there something here that's like get out. Yeah LE- Joe Leave. Get Out rain now seeing end of S G and it's to an account late but John to be on La. Okay this little trail for you. I ready for an x Ray. Because it's fucking hilarious. Is Mayhem a twenty? Five Year Olds Sephora employees from California has been fielding calls and texts meant for Elon. Musk for years now having been given his old recycled cell phone number by. At and T. Lindsay Tucker says she's received calls from the IRS texts with blueprints for a bionic arm and requests to by Tesla Cyber Truck. She says her phone blows up every time musk's in the news for doing something controversial and she has to convince people she's not Elon. Musk is the hilarious story. I love this story because you know what I've always wondered like I actually read a story the other day that the Kardashians are now on in a process of getting a new phone number every week. And it's like where do those old phone numbers go because phone numbers are only seven digits in certain air after your area code? So it's like at some point we will run out of phone numbers. Yes I guess. But they're getting one every week. I mean I don't know if that's true. I just read in some blind because that seems like torture Oregon to reconnect with old friends. Which someone happy birthday no totally. But I guess it's like it's a need to know basis like if I need to you happy birthday. You probably have many phone number but every every week that seems extreme. Maybe like every month or yes no. It's just this is fascinating. I've always wondered about it so I wonder if anyone old phone number. We'll know your phone number is so old that it was probably its first phone number yet. It is interesting in loving. The mask is a great one to have but I'm sure celebrities getting phones all the time. Therefore they're all numbers go up for grabs share. People are just calling and Colin totally. This is so interesting. How did she get? How did the story come to be like? How do people know this? It's an NPR. I don't know if she like. They found her that she came powered. It's just do you think that this is the first time we've ever reported from NPR. No I think I've accidentally here before because sometimes like I got this story from my newsletter and day links PR. So sometimes it yet. If I get it from my newsletter then I'll just go to their source really funny okay. Fifth and final story. Kelly RIPA has been secretly been filming. Live while quarantined in the Caribbean while seacrest was forced to take off time due to suffering from exhaustion his morning show host Kelly. Ripa has been picking up the slack from a house in the Caribbean each sixes told Ripa and her husband and their three kids have secretly been quarantine away from their Manhattan home for the past few months. She's been filming. Abc's live with Kelly and Ryan from an island highway friends are staying at the family's NYC abode while Ripa and the family are away secrecy domain from his La home. A source told them that the family was already in the Caribbean when the shelter in place order was issued in March. They made the family decision to stay put. Despite her tropical location RIPA has made it no secret that she's struggling amid lockdown tearing up on air as she told how she's missing her parents and dealing with unruly youngsters. Who Won't hug me which I keep reading? No I just want to know what the point of the story is. So she's been lying this whole time in like pretending that she's been doing live with Kelly from New York is just now coming to light that she's in the Caribbean and are people mad at her for being in the Caribbean. This is the first. I'm seeing that. She's in the Caribbean. She's been lying saying in New York. She probably just like she's on a couch. And we don't know every crevice departments you just assumed she's home turns out she's been in the Caribbean and they were there before the order which is kind of funny to think about because I think when the shelter in place having so many people were like. Oh my wish I was on vacation I would just stay in. Just be on vacation. But like three months later Jay Cutler and Kristen Malaria Yay just WANNA be home. Yeah no totally. I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to take from the story but what I have taken is that every time I read about Kelly Ripa I roll. My eyes like all of her news. Stories are so planted. Like whoever's do PR is fabulous because they magazines all the time with the most irrelevant like Kelly Ripa and Mark. Suelas pretended to their daughter into thinking that they were getting to verse. Like there's always these dumb stories and it's a great like a mechanism to keep her relevant because she's in the news all the time but like I just like I'm over her like an over her and her like that all the press and her and husband like are always turning up for themselves and now the use the kids for everything kids graduating kids go prom kids this but I just. I don't Care Really. I read by and Marcus Wills Daughter. Just graduated college. You'll never believe what Kelly graduation no it's like. I barely care about marketing sales and Kelly. Ripa I don't care one iota about their children. No but like I honestly we need their publicist like they are everywhere. Everywhere overexposure then. That's when like the public starts to resent people so don't realize what's been going on. Yeah they don't realize that they've been infiltrated with Kelly. Ripa mindless news. No yeah that's that's what it is. It's mindless I've never read a story about Kelly Ripa. That was actually substantial. Or that really made me no more about her to me. The most interesting she thinks she ever did was storm. Offset and not return when Michael Strahan left and to me. That told me everything I need to know about her. Yeah I totally agree. It's just like I know John. He has some good News Kelly. Ripa show some mindless news and that works can like clamor over it like I I I. There's nobody whose name appears I scroll by Faster Than Kelly Ripa. I just know that whatever the story line is it's not important. It's not substantial. It's not meaningful thought provoking like it's just silliness. Yeah I completely agree and I hate to tear down a fellow woman in media nickel out of control. But you're not saying anything negative about her like you're smuggling. Yeah she just like hardworking. Ot Yeah now or her PR team. Someone is just out of control and they need to. Yeah I agree well. I'm jealous at. They're in the Caribbean me to Sounds lovely Should we dive into our TV? Recap SEGMENT BECAUSE I've only gone beverly hills. Yes let's get right into Beverly Hills. It was just a pleasure to watch. Did you agree that episode of Fabulousness for Erica? Like her Chicago thing. Her House. Tom Girardi. Yes Tom Being there and like all of the girls like meeting Tom and just listening to. Tom was really something special. And you could tell that like they really. All were impressed by him. Not that they would be But I also felt like a little silly they are. We're like schoolgirls like sitting around the principles. They're no literally felt like when you go to your friend's house and like she's at her parents house and like you have to wait in the lobby like I mean in the living room like for them. And you're like hi. Mrs Smith are yeah. I totally felt like that weird schoolgirl vibe for sure but I just love Tom. Girardi that I don't care like I just need more content of him and they didn't need him to meet Erica's friends. Because I think Erica. Goes Sam for a lot of advice in just like him? What young women? And He needs the context signal Garcia and Denise and Dr Theodore for ten minutes in the background and he's just like on a mission and I hope he gets. He needs to go. I agree I absolutely love Erica's glamorous. It's not what you expect for. Erica Jane but it's as easy and I didn't have a deep enough appreciation for the outside of her house before and like those two massive palm trees like I just didn't never really took stock of those palm trees and in last night like the palm trees were just say so fabulous to me. Yeah and the the production really them up but from the bottom so that the whole picture of the house the dark. It was quite stunning to me. The nothing happened before the dinner party like it was just a lot of honesty silliness and I was getting a little bored until they arrived at the dinner party because that was really everything of the sort now i. I'm struggling so hard because to me like I'm just on everyone side except for Kyle and Sutton but sutton really does have a legitimate. Gripe with Doreen and jury won't let it go and now all I felt bad for son because all the women like even Lisa was like I didn't know what you're GonNa do like it's making such a mountain out of a molehill and I actually feel bad for certain like an Lisa ramping at my daughter's event like one. She didn't do anything Kyle said she didn't do anything so don't act like she did to like you. Don't invite the women of your cat of you're crazy. Show cast to come to an event if you're honestly concerned that they might have a scene because they're always having seen and that event Delilah Amelia was so lovely but I'm pretty sure that they were the only people there so if they had like popped off it wouldn't have affected anything and maybe their clothing line would have made some headlines because there was a real house fight like on the end of the day. Nothing happened and even if something had happened it wouldn't have been the biggest deal of all time. There are some events where these ladies cannot fight like. It would be so rude and so embarrassing. That was not one of those events. I completely agree so on the open my today the are just flying. The air pods are like we are done. We are working too hard in quarantine my air pods work like literally said in hours a day in the Q. And they used to work like seven hours a week. Maybe Homa God. That was hard for me to Bend Down Under my desk. What I what I was going to say it was. It's hard for me to choose sides here because Kyle so on the right side of history when it comes to sutton and she's like the only one who can think clearly but then she's also being like an animal to everyone and to me. She totally crossed the line and was so unforgivable when she literally just like lashed out at Erica who was barely involved. It's because you don't have any close friends like are you kidding me. That is such a season six narratives. Yeah I agree. It's like using the one she shared with you once against her. Not Cool Right. That's why it's so fucked up when you share something with someone and you're vulnerable and then they use it against you in a fight like that's the most fucked up thing but you know what's bothering me and I'm not unkind him very much on like to read side but keep saying like is for Kyle to admit that she teddy have a different sort of relationship and different set of standards. Okay so like say Kyle were to admit that. What does that change? I just don't get the point of this whole argument like you want her to admit it so badly. And then what everything's GonNa be okay? She can continue doing this with Teddy. Like what's the point almost yet? What's the reason? So she's knowledge is it and then what right like you or do you want her to change how she behaves? Towards all of you in apply the same set of standards take that she does. Geo I understand maybe wanting that but some friendships are just different in some people. Bother me and other ways that other people don't and that's just course seeing human but I think to read is is responding to Kyle just randomly coming for her at Teddy's event and really thinking like maybe if we weren't Teddy's event like Kyle wouldn't have tried to put me on blast. Maybe if he was teddy the one showed up Layton Glam. She wanted to be able to teddy like when when she was being scrutinized. I'm sure she was just comparing like. Why are you doing this to me? You went to Teddy. Yeah but now. The argument has just gone down this path of like. What are we really fighting about? Just so that you admit that you guys did breathing exercise together in that. You wouldn't do that with someone else like this big fight for. It's getting off the rails a little bit. Yeah I'm curious why Denise's really Gung Ho for for Kyle this season. It seems like they got off on the wrong foot and they can't get back and I was like honestly I would. I would dislike. Kyle to if she came to my house and made fun of my ice sculpture. And then like what's calling me like fake for showing up in Glam when like everyone shows up Glam but it seems like she's really unhappy with Kyle like she wants her out. Yeah it's I don't know the reasoning behind it yet and when the girls were in the car and I absolutely love Gar- sal and I thought every point that she made was so on point when they were in the car and they were talking about. Kyle like yes. It's not a nice thing to do. It's kind of like mean girly but when Garcia and we've gone to this place when we watch. Tv shows like it used to be the meaner you were on a show like you are our hero like know when they would go after Danielle Staub and now ten years later. It's like you can't say these things about the it's just change which I think is pretty good because we're getting to nicer people but with ourselves was like. Yeah we're being county but that's what you do is real girlfriends. It's so true. That's what I do with my friends. Like if someone is being like a shitty friend or a bitch like or someone like yeah. We're going to talk about it because we're real with each other and we just say how we're feeling. We don't like filter everything that we say. Yeah I mean what Garcia said about. Kyle's Alpha was mean because I didn't think it was so terrible but coyote and deleted something. What did she say? And also I wasn't talking about her making fun of Kyle's healthy because that's how nice I was talking more about them just talking about Kyle's behavior like she talks at us not to us like they were getting catty in the car but like in a very real way and that's what real friends sound like party. You leave a party and you talk about all the weird things that happened. Of course. Kyle said Garcia snickering. My outfit is hideous. Stretchy purple boots with Pink Sutras Dot dot dot that her stylus picked for her. I select great. I thought our trade and I loved her The clips in her hair. I just like I think maybe if she showed up in address of duty I would think it was fabulous. I just love her and I just think she's right like I'm just going to be on to me. She reminds me of Arca. Jane like I trust their moral code and I think that like whatever she whatever side. She ends up on whoever she ends up arguing with like I just believe in her but she knows what's right yes but I do need her to get in the mix a little more like I think all the ladies really like her and thinks she's fabulous but she keeps getting personal with the viewers In her home or with her friends but not with the ladies yet so these worlds to come together and these things take time. So I'm not I'm not in any rush. That is what she is missing from the cast. Because I haven't seen she's gone a little deep with Erica but I need her to get deeper with the cast. I think her telling Kyle that she feels glazed over by. Kyle was her was her trying to do that. Like trying to get more involved like I don't feel like you want to get to know me but at the same time kyle did tweet like we. We had only known each other at this point. We only met a few times like so. You can only get so far in a certain amount of time but I agree like I need her to divulge more in the group. Yes and now for Sutton who is really like just finding a warm little spot in my heart I just. I think she is a really nice woman. And she says what she means and she's very sensitive but I don't think the cheese link in the first few episodes when she was doing stuff with the seating cards in like just being sort of like it wasn't any sort of maliciousness at all like she's just socially awkward and I will always relate to associate awkward queen. I agree I think. Production like set her up a few times to say cringing things about found shit and all that and they just I and I knew when it was happening that she was probably being stitched together poorly but I just thought it was funny. Now that I feel like I've gotten to know where I feel like. They definitely like set her up to be cringe in the beginning. Yeah and I can forgive all of that I. I'm looking past it because now every time I see her she's just like a different woman to me and even in the car when teddy was like getting carsick to Sutton's reactions like she's just an interesting woman. She doesn't say what I think. Someone's going to say and I appreciate her. She's very different from all the other women. I agree actually felt bad for teddy at that like the way Kyle and sudden reacted that could have been a little bit more nurturing to a pregnant woman. Who's feeling nauseous? Yeah I mean. I felt very much sympathetic for teddy like these long out in the front. They need to start like they need to break up Into to Catholic the ones who live near each other in the one to live across town near firm each other because like these long car rides are making me queasy agreed. Now let's talk about New York. Just well I'm GONNA surround high because they did something different last night. I watched New York while I repainted my nails and doing some not giving all one hundred percent of my focus to New York like wanting to change my life but like doing doing fifty fifty made the episode a lot better but it was also agree a decent episode right or maybe was just because I was doing my announce. It's definitely better and it's because something's happening or at least trying to happen that I feel like has been necessary for Awhile. And that's terrain to being held accountable for being a horrible friend and saying some of the most unforgivable. Ramona Jugular Things. And we didn't even get close to that because to me. Last night's episode was reflective of how unreasonable during the is and like how she will never be held accountable for anything that she says but it was starting to happen like everyone kind of realizing like I've I. It's it's funny because I'm out I'm I am now this season for the first time starting to like durant because for the last few seasons. I've just thought she's so unreasonable. She drinks way too much. She says the meanest most horrible things people and kind of just this past from everyone 'cause she's like unmanned cool but now it's like I'm actually only starting to like her now but it seems like the group is kind of onto the She's really been the one for the last few seasons. Like really stirring up the drama and sang some of the most mean hurtful things. Yeah I would agree anything. Leah's really the perfect person because her during a seemed happy mutual respect. I think he is the perfect person to bring a lot of this to light. Especially in Defensive Tinsley I enjoyed the Russian bath house. That looks like so much fun. Maybe everything just spun right now but that ginger vodka looked so good it looks like a legit spa like where you will go and get legit treatments. I don't now I thought I was literally dying. Everyone's reaction to the outside of it began just like a place where you get a happy ending and inside was better than what I thought and I was glad that everyone liked job headfirst into the experience like come on productions paying for tape. Spa. Let's go to the fucking carlisle but I like that. She got the ladies out of their element. No I don't I liked it. I thought maybe it's just 'cause it was Leeann. I like everything that she does for. Sure you know. I'm not going to. This is her favorite spots my favorite spot to now. What do you think about Ramona pulling Sonia side and telling her she needs to lose weight? Okay obviously that is not acceptable period but these women. I mean this keeps happening. These women are from like just a different time. You know and like even though there are some of them around the same age as the real housewives of Beverly Hills like the real houses Beverly Hills are very much like a like part of the culture. You know they're on social media. They're very much in it. Like they know the way the world is now but like Ramona does not. She lives in the time period that she arrived in. They all live in the past in the past. Maybe that was an acceptable thing to save your girlfriend it when I heard it. I was like Ramona's going to get so much shit for this but I feel like she said it in the way that like your grandmother used to be like. Oh you're on Java's salad like I am not by any means defending her but to me I agree. They don't exist in this world. They don't know that like those are things you don't fucking say no and they're not even concerned with what our viewers going to think about this. And that's what most of the time makes the show so great they're legit being their selves for better or for worse so obviously that is not an a a thing that is acceptable to say period. But these just live in a different time period Where things like that where things that you said and Sonia is my fucking daybreak because she literally was in the hallway. Be Like I love myself. I don't care if I'm fat on skinny. I'm great no matter. What am I? Guess Sonia Sit. Aim love that but I feel like I know the episode frustrating. Because there's not clear alliances like everyone like the that shown you took during the side for the first time against Raimondo. Was the weirdest thing ever but then it was like why episode the series is like so dry like they're desperate for content. Why did we only see Sonia throwing up in the ban in a flashback? Yeah oh I don't know also. Sonia made the decision early this season to take during this side matter. What because of what she's going through An eighteen like this association like Richard and their past and they both have that and I think she just has made the decision like whether it comes intensely or even Ramon in Alex. She's going back for so during because she thinks that deranged needs it. And and I can respect that. I really did like how Ramona though it went against her code stood up for Tinsley into during render. You are being mean like this is something I've been thinking about. It's bothering me. Like you have a very mean streak and of course turned. It didn't take well to that but I was really proud of Ramona. Just for doing for saying the right thing. Even though like she's saying the wrong thing she's always saying the wrong thing and then a lot of we. She's like the matriarch of the show. She's the only people respect her opinion and I was shocked that she took Tinsley side. I was shocked that she stood up for her at the Bath House and then also again in her apartment and I was glad that she went outside and made amends with during in Tony and brought them back because nobody needs a divide like that but I think Brinda so unreasonable like she should just be given pass and by the way I am so sympathetic to like what people go through and how it changes them and affects them as friends. And you can't always be the best friend to someone because you're going through your own shit like I respect that but to be so fucking and say some of the most vile things to Tinsley like my gum longer than your relationship. You're only do things on your back like such bucking mean vicious things. I don't think that going through a break-up or trying to go through that doesn't give you a path to say such mean things to people. Yeah I completely completely agree. Also the mean things during the was saying to Ramon in her apartment like you couldn't land of boulder and that's like when Ramona and I think that she has really thick skin because she dishes it out and she takes it like she says crazy shit and she receives crazy shit but like you just watched her demeanor change where she was so hurt. Like obviously. That's something that upsets her And a friend would know that. And that's what she's saying. Jaren goes for the jugular. She knows what upsets you what your insecurities aren't that's exactly what you did to among our inner fucking apartment and that scene in the apartment was fucking wild. It was giving me like season vibes where they would just like cheese in stand around and just fight with each other now. They like go to fabulous places to do it 'cause this show has just a all but in the beginning it was just like come over. Let's fight and with all those random Milton conversation with all those random lady standing around like it was just insane to watch. Well that's what we have to talk about because as much as it was a better episode than usual it was completely ruined by lease. She was bothering me so much in the hallway like following the cameras around. Come on. Let's go inside come on. Let's go out here want. Us Cigarette. Shut up. You're not the referee of this fight. No she kept like chiming in. It's like let the conversation go where it needs to go like stay out of it. I guess ultimately I'm glad she brought them from the hallway into the apartment because like it would disturb the neighbors. Let the women be like. That's what this show is. You just put them down and let them be and she was just really interfering way too much and I need her to like. I need the point in the season when they realized she's not a full time cast member to come when they like stop including her and everything and I absolutely love Leeann and bite her to the bath house me to does she go to Newport. Next week Rhode Island. I don't know I didn't see her there but doesn't mean she wasn't there. It was better than usual. Jeter and next week looks really good to Newport. Yes so I don't feel as disgruntled as I did last week so I will let this one. Just go to bed. Yeah me too It was a good week for television. And I'm going to spend the weekend reading more. I think because I spent last weekend watching. Tv I just started new book. That is so interesting looking at enjoying it already. I'm having a little bit of regret for not choosing a further redheads but it's about vampires so I know that's not like everyone's thing no it's not but unfortunately I'm having a Wifi issue. Where like you're really blurry for me. So I'm just GonNa wrap this up okay. Okay 'cause she did separating her hand really hurt and she's ready to take the long weekend so let's do it. Thank you so much for listening to the Tosa millennial morning show where we go Monday through Friday ten thirty eastern time on Youtube. So if you're watching us on Youtube please feel free to subscribe and get this video with those up. We're also available as a podcast anywhere. Podcasts can be found so that spotify stitcher public radio IHEARTRADIO CASHBOX. All the places. It's whoever you listen to podcasts. The morning totally five-star view about how beautiful studying smart we are if you're looking for more content we've tons episodes of our podcast and video blogs about our patron channel. Patriot dot com slash morning host. We also have brand new episodes this week from all of our TNN shows so follow at toes news network updates. Make sure to priore my comedy special available on Itunes for preorder. Right now you can click the link in my instagram. 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